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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 28, 2021 11:00am-11:29am PST

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and my mind just feels sharper. i would recommend it to anyone. it absolutely works. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. right now at 11:00, the second round of rain is here, and, boy, is it packing a punch. the rain coming down over most of the bay area creating dangerous conditions for drivers. if you look at the radar, you can see the rain isn't going anywhere any time soon. we have team coverage across the bay to bring you the latest developments as they happen. thanks so much for joining us for this midday news. obviously, winter is now in full swing. the downpours continue to pound the region. and right now it looks like there is no end in sight.
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you can see the rain coming down hard in scotts valley, and it looks like it knocked over some garbage cans there, but it is more than a nuisance. the rain is causing mud slides and spin outs out on the road this morning. kari, i saw inike it is just squatting right over the bay area. >> right. but then there is other areas from san francisco on north ward, and they're like, what are they talking about, it's pouring? because they haven't seen that much of the rain. but we are starting to see it slowly moving across the south bay into the east bay. but the south bay has been the main focus with this system coming through right now. all of these bright red shades on here shows us storm ranger is picking up on some moderate rain fall. so it just adds up on top of the rain fall totals that we have already seen. and we have also seen some of
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the pockets of heavy rain across parts of the south counties. for the east bay, we are seeing that rain moving into the tri valley as well as moving over toward discovery bay. so there is still a steady rain in some spots, but the other friend will be for this atmospheric river to push to the south and left behind that will be the scattered showers that will pop up and may also bring in thunderstorms for the afternoon. this is the view looking at 580. we are seeing a very slick commute. mike, this caused a lot of problems early this morning. is that still going on? >> yes, kari. well, obviously because you are showing the rain is still going on. let's show it to folks. this is actually the best camera has looked from this camera for 880 near auto mall just south of there. let's look at the map. the arrow shows where that camera was. and then i circled a crash on
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680. a single car spin out often happens in slippery roadways. to the north, flooding on local streets. but as we zoom that camera out, look at that stretch of blue, diagonal across the screen. i put on kari's weather data. let's do it again. we will zoom out and show you the blue there and show you the weather data with the persistent rain that comes along that stretch. a little flooding along the peninsula. it's been a mess today. >> it is, mike. we spoke with one chp officer. he says that on this shift far for him, it's traffic collision after another. he says people really need to slow down. case in point, this is a big rig or what's left of a big rig that collided with an suv early this morning. this wassen eastbound 580. the driver of the big rig was taken to the hospital, is
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expected to be okay. the other driver got out of their suv okay before the suv burned completely to the ground. chp believes at least one of those drivers was driving too fast on these wet roads when they collided. it's a reminder that during the first big rain of the season, a lot of oils settled during the dry months resurface and make the roads extra slick. >> they just need to slow down, get to where they're going, plan a little extra time. if you are going to be late, you are going to be late. it is better to slow down and be a little bit late than crash and be like this. >> and this is video from the earlier morning hours before the sun came up westbound 580. we were headed to a pileup under the 680 overpass. that pileup was quickly cleared out. but, you know, one thing i noticed driving up into that scene was the number of people who were tailgating other drivers and in one instance
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cutting them off. you just got to remember when it's raining, you just got to slow down. reporting live, bob redell. >> you see them all the time and you want them to hit the brakes a little bit. thank you, bob. with this city downpour, there is growing concern about mud slides and debris flows in burn scar areas. live in contra costa county to show us the trouble that's already popped up. >> reporter: that's right, chris. we have had heavy rain here in the past hour, but now we're finally getting a break. now we just received some good news out of santa cruz county. they are holding a virtual news conference. and the spokesperson just before that news conference told me that fortunately there have been no major damage from mud slides or debris flow. but take a look. in monterrey county overnight, debris slammed into this house taking down trees and a pole nearby. we saw similar damage also from
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tuesday night's storm. 50 horses had to be rescued and two people were injured when debris flow from burned scar areas crashed down into homes and bars. last night's storm also caused flooding on 101. chp shut down both directions. several vehicles got stuck in the water. and businesses such as this barbershop in lafayette are finally reopening this week and hoping for the best, this crazy weather. >> no. they really want to come and get their haircut because they waited so long for us to reopen, you know, through the holidays. they really need haircuts, so we're hoping they come out in the rain. yeah. and they support us. >> reporter: now, this time lapse video shows how the rainy weather is sticking around with occasional blue skies to tempt people to go out and get that haircut. out here live, napa county and santa cruz county on high alert
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in those burn areas. reporting live, sharon. >> thanks, sharon. so in the last couple of minutes, the san matteo county folks says their evacuees could return home. so what you're looking at now, storm packing serious weather, but it's not the same for everybody. on the left, eight inches of snow along geysers road in sonoma county. on the right, the road to mount helton is closed because of snow and ice. and that road closure is expected to stay in place until at least tomorrow morning. so just enjoy it from afar. and this is what happened to a family in union city. wind knocked that tree down over their house. a branch crashing clear through into the room below. the family is okay thankfully, and they are at home today. if you are looking for the latest forecast and conditions
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in your area, download the free nbc bay area app. you will get breaking weather alerts straight to your phone and you can access our excluor breed is giving her state of the city address right now. this is not her just yet. we do expect her to talk about the current weather in the city, coronavirus cases, vaccine rates, vaccination rates. you can watch the address on our nbc bay area app. tonight we will bring you a breakdown of her speech during our newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. in the meantime, many restaurants plan to resume outdoor dining today. it will bechallenging. structures to try to shield customers from the weather while still allowing them to sit outside. china live in chinatown is planning a soft reopening tonight. and the owner says he's excited
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to get back to business. >> we have some people on standby that are, you know, hurrying and want to get back to work. so we're going to call them and bring them in. >> but not all restaurants have shelter from the storm so tonight's forecast will mean another delay in getting back to business like the blue light along union street. the owner there says they will likely have to wait until tomorrow. restaurants not the only ones resuming services. if you look up at your screen here, you can see that salons and other personal care businesses can also resume service. outdoor wineries and zoos can welcome back customers as well. but bars, indoor gyms, museums, movie theaters still closed under the purple classification. and that is opening bell on what was an interesting day after that bit of a coup from
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gamestop supporters. the real action continues to be there. the retail video game store giant shares gamestop plunging this morning. some brokages limiting how their customers can trade shares of gamestop. a lot of folks who never had interest in the market are paying attention, too. >> yeah. because for a little while, they were making a lot of money. gamestop shares down 31% today from the open. people who are doing all of this trading are generally using a free to use app -- free to trade, any way app call robin hood on their phones. there have been an astonishing number of trades this morning. robin hood sent out a notice to users that it would restrict the purchase of shares of gamestock. that a stock buying app can restrict what users can do probably surprises amateur stock
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buyers. but the expert we talked to says it's happened before and those free to trade services try to manage their internet traffic by tamping down on trades. >> sometimes it gets a little out of hand, and they have to step in and, you know, and make unilateral decisions to keep their network up. so i don't think that's the way retail investing should work. >> now, in other words, you're getting what you pay for when you trade for free. now, robin hood is restricting the purchases of stock, but you can sell your positions in gamestop. that's what a lot of users are doing. like i said, down 31%. we have tried reaching tout to robin hide. it appears they have taken their entire phone support system offline. what caused all this in the first place? professional investored shorted or bet against that long suffering retail store by driving the price higher those amateuring were ruining the professionals bet. they teamed up as investors to try to teach people a lesson,
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they said, about shorting the stock. none of this in individual pieces, chris, is illegal. so you can short a stock. you can mess up a short. it's called a short squeeze. it's just how they work. but in this process, they have really messed up some professional investors and they have lost a lot of money. >> yeah, they have. they have gotten a lot of us talking, too, in rethinking how the market works and what our role will be in it. >> you know, i think it is a little like watching laws getting made when they talk about the sausage. >> nobody wants to see the sausage maker making the sausage. that's true. so we are now 175 days away from the summer olympics. but with the pandemic ranging on, folks wonder should the games still happen? to make the olympic fire continue to burn. plus -- >> as we take a look at storm
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ranger, we're finally seeing that rain clearing from pal low alto and sunnyville. still raining in san jose. we'll talk about what else we can expect and look back at all of the rain and snow we have measured coming up next. and kelly clarkson is sharing the story of this couple who went the extra mile to help a homeless man in their community. they helped him reunit with his family after 20 years. you know i'm going to be crying at 3:00 when i'm watching kelly clarkson right here on nbc bay area this afternoon. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, california live. followed by access daily. then days of our lives at 1:00.
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it's capturing, lighting up again today, tracking all that rain pouring over the bay area. organizers of the 2020 tokyo olympics are trying to reassure the world that the delayed games can happen in july, despite the coronavirus pandemic. but they are said to be looking to washington for an important vote of confidence. nbc reports from london. >> a strength propelled by hope. >> reporter: staging the olympics during a pandemic will need strong support, especially from the u.s., so says the japanese games organizers according to a new report. but so far president biden not weighing in. not even officials say during a call to japan's prime minister. american swimmer and two-time olympic gold medalist knows what he thinks. >> i think this is an event that shng as many people into a stand as we
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can. if spectators have to be international olympic committee accepting there might not be spectators. if there have to be spectators, could there be fewer events? >> the essentials are the field of play and a fair and safe competition. you know, we want not to destroy any olympic dream of any athlete. >> reporter: the tokyo games, which was supposed to take place in have already been delayed by a year because of covid. olympic organizers insist they're not asking whether the postponed now set to take place in july go ahead, only how to get 10,000 athletes safely to tokyo with testing and social distancing even during the iconic opening ceremony. >> united states of america. >> reporter: their plans or play books under daily review. but they have some red lines.
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they do not want athletes jumping the line for vaccinations ahead of vulnerable people. athletes say, that's fine. how would you be prepared to curtail your olympic experience just to get the games to happen? >> i just need a pool. i just need 50 meters of pool. that's about it. >> reporter: organizers say they're fighting for the games with the commitment of olympic athletes. determined the athletes themselves will get their day in the spotlight. >> how much stronger we can be together. >> reporter: and several countries, including australia, israel and denmark now saying they do plan to vaccinate their athletes and staff ahead of the games. the flip side of that, of courathletes. 11:00, south caroa just detected the first u.s. case of the coronavirus variant seen in south africa.
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there is no known travel history or con next between two cases they have there. the variant is more transmissible and contagious and potentially evading the immune protection offered by antibodies, so making those treatments work less well. experts say they believe vaccines will still be effective against the variant. a health insurance giant blue shield will take a role in the latest effort to ramp up the efforts for vaccine roll-out here in california. the state is finalizing a contract for blue shield to manage vaccine delivery to counties, hospitals and pharmacies. right now, as you probably well know, the state is lagging in its distribution with just about 1/20th of our 40 million people in california getting at least one shot. yesterday the governor signed an executive order to speed up the process by eliminating some of
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the bureaucracy so we'll see how that works out. more counties unveiling dashboards to keep tabs on vaccine distribution. if you want to know how your particular county is doing, we posted links to those dashboards on our website. head to click on vaccination guide. it is right up there in the trending bar. we go to kari hall. kari, that radar behind you looks like a fire hose that is just aimed right smack dab at the station. >> that's a good description because that's what this atmospheric river has been like for the bay area. only blasting certain areas with some really heavy rain fall. and it is slowly moving. it's been going back and forth moving up and down. right now it is starting to push back down. it is moving through parts of the south bay. so let's get a closer look. we have been able to get a of s mountain. it is right over downtown san
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jose. give it a few more minutes. that rain is going to lighten up. it is still raining quite hard, but it is also going to start to get a little lighter here within the next few minutes. but no broke here for the south county. it is still going to be raining pretty hard at a steady pace as it continues to move out of the santa cruz momountains. for the tri valley, we're still looking at the more moderate to heavy rain fall in some of those areas. but then as we look at the wide view of what's gong on here, i showed you how that atmospheric river is rolling across parts of the bay area while the north bay is rolling out. but this time the way it stalled is putting the north bay on the short end of this stick in terms of the rain fall that we have been measuring here for today. let's get a look at some of these numbers and how much rain we have seen. this is just incredible. 9 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains, and it's still
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coming down. and then just on the other side of that, usually morgan hill gets a little more rain shadow, but we measured five inches of rain here. in dublin, three and three-quarter inches of rain. we have also seen rain fall totals in the south bay and sunnyvale reaching two inches. san francisco about an ithere. and for concord, we have seen about an inch and a half of rain there. so this has been pretty good for us, but we'll start to see the rain tapering off by this afternoon. as it does so, we're going to see these off and on little showers popping up. and there is still the possibility that we could see a few isolated thunderstorms this evening, but rain chances will be going down later tonight into the start of the day tomorrow. so additional rain fall totals don't look that high. mostly about a our live
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cameras that we are seeing from south lake tahoe to also some of the ski resorts getting a big dumping right now. i just saw the tweet out from some of the ski resorts and the snowfall totals they have had recently. i have seen one up to 73 inches, but at dodge we have had 62 inches. alpine meadows 57 inches of snow. just incredible to see all of the snow that is still coming down and those blizzard warnings will continue with an additional foot of snow possible between today and tomorrow. and there is a lot more active weather in the forecast, chris. so we're not done just yet. but we will have a break in between. >> oh, my goodness. my kid put out a coffee mug yesterday and it almost filled up. if you are in the market for a new job. professional baby-sitters to look after a special kind of group.
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coming up, the wild group that you could be working with. but first happening now, the former home of emmitt till has officially been granted landmark status in illinois. projected from demolition and any significant changes to its exterior. he lived there in 1955. they left chicago to visit family in mississippi where he was murdered after being accused of whistling at and grabbing a white woman. his death transformed the civil rights movement when his mother ordered an open casket so the world could see what happened to her son. we'll be back after the break. today on "california live," america's favorite weather man is opening up about his weather scare. >> then hawk is here. this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area.
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all right. love the outdoors?b for you. conservationists are looking for the first rangers to look at european buy son, which are being reintroduced into the wild southeast of london. of course you need to understand animal behavior, but they are expected -- you don't have to have worked with bison before. all right. let's check in with kari. we are going to hunker down and wait for more rain tonight. >> yeah. so it is going to be more off and on. tapering off later today. and then for tomorrow, we catch a break, but there will be more rain in the forecast by the weekend. chris? >> we will take it on the weekend, nice and cozy. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is coming up
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most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. right now on "california live," we've got nothing but sunshine in the forecast. america's favorite weather man is opening up about his cancer scare. >> the fact is i was very fortunate, you know. i caught this early. it was an aggressive prostate cancer. then hawk is here, spilling secrets about the new season of "cobra kai". >> it is a good hour and a half, two hours. the mowhawk alone takes two hours. plus, how two sisters are inspiring teenagers everywhere to be strong and confidence. >> we have a girl powerful journal, and we play with


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