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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 29, 2021 11:00am-11:29am PST

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so did mine. [80's music] what? i was an 80's kid. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. right now at 11:00, the clooin cleanup after this week's rain. no significant damage, but look at this. pg&e truck took a ride down a hill. complete wrap-up of all the weather and what you can expect this weekend. thank you for joining us this midday. i'm kris sanchez in for marcus washington. blue sky, a welcomed sight before our next wet weather pattern. this midday live team coverage on the weather as cleanup is under way and our big storm of the season passes through, but first a brief break before the next weather system moves in. meteorologist kari hall is
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tracking that and the weekend forecast. we've been dying to get out for a little walk, kari. it's been rough. >> yeah. we can do that now that the sun has come back out. and we can see from our live camera from san jose, it's be a beautiful morning now. few lingering showers outside the sacramento valley, widening out the view to see what else is out there, the next storm is right there off our coast and will be moving in, starting in the north bay by tomorrow. so, as we look at how much rain we measured, this was huge. a lot of us got more rain with this one storm than we did all season long up to this point. and getting over 10 inches of rain at the santa cruz summit. morgan hill from this one storm reaching six inches of rain.
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fremont, redwood city, reacing over two inches of rain. we're seeing two inc san jose. oakley reaching over 2 inches of rain. so now that we are getting a chance to let all of that soak in, temperatures are still pretty cool. and we're going to only see it reach into the low 50s for today. we'll talk about the timeline of that next storm as coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll maximize our time off. thank you, kari. santa cruz county throughout the area this morning, residents who live in burn zones are hustling to make sure they are ready for the next storm. sharon katsuda is along highway 17 to show us the wakeup call everybody got this morning. hi there, sharon. >> hi there, kriz. a mudslide is making everyone wonder if more mud sleight slide also happen in their own neighborhood. just after midnight on valencia
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school road wiped out a pg&e truck, saying the employee, fortunately, is okay. the roadway gave way when the unit was out there, trying to keep the community safe during the storm. locals are concerned all the rain in the burn scar area will lead to debris flow because there are few live trees or plants to hold all the water. they're using today's weather to quickly make repairs. >> if trees fall that are like these big branches, they call them widow makers. if those fall and damage your roof, you need to take care of that as soon as possible, even if it's just throwing a tarp over it and putting some bricks down there until the next storm. so, yeah, it's a lot that you have to do when you live out here but we love it. we still love living in the mountains. >> reporter: just yesterday, homeowners who had to evacuate earlier this week due to possible mud slides were allowed back in their homes. they saw little damage so far,
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fortunately. now on our drive up here to the summit, we saw a car spun out in an accident. we saw debris and so, do be careful when you head out on t storms. reporting live from highway 17, sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. [ bell tolls ] >> all right. we're talking comic relief at the opening bell but nothing funny about what happened with game stop. game stop shares trading as low as $2 a share not that long ago. same stock, though, now in the hundreds. good for investors, very bad for people who bet against the company with short selling. scott mcgrew, one of our viewers wants to know, does game stop get anything out of this? >> yeah, that is such a good question, kris. we got back to that on twitter and also here, the answer is no.
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companies don't actually own stock in themselves as strange as that sounds. the long answer is, it can, because the company can print up new shares and sell them. normally this is very frowned upon because it dilutes the value of existing shares and has the potential to upset investors. but in this case, the price is so high and so disconnected with reality, it couldn't hurt. game stop could use that money to pay down debt, for instance. the correct term for all of this is secondary offering. it's pretty rare. tesla does it, fairly often actually, but it's generally frowned upon. the other player in this drama is robinhood. that's the app that so many people are using to buy game stop shares. robinhood's ceo was on cnbc this morning, trying to explain why yesterday the company actually barred its own customers from using robinhood to buy game stop shares. >> really in unprecedented times and in order to protect the firm and protect our customers, we
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had to limit buying in these stocks. >> in anything that the ceo may have had to say about that, a few people out in the rain protesting at the menlo park headquarters. tens of thousands protesting online. securities and exchange commission looking into what's going on. and congress may well hold hearings. buyers running the price up aren't breaking any stock rules or laws. the short sellers betting against the stock aren't breaking any rules. short selling is perfectly legal. they made a whole movie about it called "the big short." whether or not maybe robinhood has some liability here, we don't know. >> we know you'll be watching for that answer. thank you very much, scott. also, new details this morning on a covid vaccine. this one is the johnson & johnson vaccine.
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johnson & johnson says it is 66% effective in a global trial butt require thatanortation. so a good option for perhaps rural communities. meantime, maryland-based company novavax says their vaccine is nearly 90% effective. trials are under way here in the u.s. they say it's 80% effective against the uk variant of covid and 60% effective against the south african variant. california reported its second highest number of covid-19 deaths during the pandemic. reporting new bringing the number statewide to nearly 39,000 people. another somber milestone here i
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has surpassed the 100,000 mark for cases of covid-19. if you live in santa clara county that's about 5% of the total population. ready to pump some iron and burn some calories but outside. restaurants and small businesses are opening to cash in on what will be the first weekend since the stay-at-home order was lifted quite abruptly. bob redell, that was a rough first night to try to reopen with all of that rain. >> reporter: well, you know, indoor dining was able to resume here in downtown pleasanton and other parts of the bay area earlier this week. as you're well aware, that storm came. they're trying to cash in on this weekend -- you hear the music starting here this early or late friday morning, but they're trying to cash in on the break from the wind and the rain. this was the scene earlier this morning a couple of hoursramon,s has opened another still
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banned. locally, this is their sixth outdoor facility. it's underneath a 9,000-square-foot tent bolted to the pavement in their parking lot. they've got weight, machines, cardio equipment. everything is spaced out six feet apart, they tell us. masks are required. there are sanitizing stations. a company comes in after hours to clean the equipment. up to 100 people are allowed under the tent at one time. >> it's all about servicing the community while you continue to build immune system and what better than fitness? fitness is essential for us. we will cross that bridge when the time comes but our outdoor with the equipment is all similar to what's inside. >> this was last night in san francisco. the first night of outdoor dining in that city. the heat lamps are cranked up as restaurants served guests in their buildouts. many restaurant owners we have spoken with said they needed outdoor dining options to make
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up for lost revenue, something that was echoed earlier this week when we were talking to a restauranteur in pleasanton. covid site was closed for two days as storms moved through the area. reporting live here in pleasanton, where we're starting to see the sun break through, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> looks beautiful out there now, bob. thank you so much. covid-19 hitting home for us here at nbc bay area. you may have noticed today in the bay marcus washington has been away from the avenger desk for a few weeks now. and that's because he was diagnosed with covid. this morning, we talked with him about his diagnosis and how he's doing right now. he's smiling. he told us that his case was mild, even though he had chills, high fever for weeks, marcus said what helped get him through quarantine besides vitamins was outpouring of messages from viewers. >> but really the thing that
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really helped me were the phone calls, the text messages and, you know, the messages that i got from a lot of the viewers. thank you to a lot of them who are concerned, hey, are you okay? i haven't seen you in a while. that meant a lot to me. >> he says he's feeling better and stronger now, but we definitely can't wait until he is well enough to be back with us here in person. coming up, san jose police still looking for a top cop. the reason the search is on hold for the next few weeks. also after this month's siege at the u.s. capitol, there are major concerns about security and there's a new push for permanent fencing. although, there is a reason a lot of folks are against it.
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ground-breaking and award winning cecily tyson has died at the age of 96. >> we'll give him a very good life. >> i totally remember that movie. tyson captivated and inspired audiences in all of her work on and off the screen. she was born in 1924 in harlem and shot to fame first as a model but then pursued acting. she was the first black actor to win an emmy for bes actress in a drama. she went on to earn a tony and received the medal of freedom from former president obama. tributes flooded in for her from people like oprah, tyler perry and bill clinton. a little more than three weeks from now, deadly attack on the capitol -- happened three weeks ago, i should say, police are beginning to make recommendations for more long-term security changes there. the most controversial idea, a
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permanent security fence along that complex. lawmakers and the community in washington on both sides have concerns. nbc's garrett haake has that. >> reporter: capitol police manning temporary barricades were no match for the angry mob that attacked the capitol on january 6th. now with multiple investigations and reviews under way, the capitol police department's acting chief on thursday calling for vast improvements in the capitol's physical security, including permanent fencing around the complex's perimeter. that suggestion quickly met with bipartisan opposition from members of congress, elise stefanek saying she would adamantly oppose and jake auchincloss calling it a mistake to turn the people's house into a fortress. nearly 5 million visitors per year taking the opportunity to visit their representative and observe congress in action. while future guidelines for visitors to the capitol remain
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unclear, d.c.'s nonvoting member of congress adamantly against a permanent barrier. >> the last thing we need in our nation's capitol is fencing around the capitol. i strongly oppose it. congress remain. police arrested a west virginia man with a handgun, stop the steal paperwork and a list of lawmakers just outside the fence line. and homeland security bulletin released this week warned of a heightened threat from extremists, potentially emboldened by the january 6th attack. >> i hope we're going through a really dark period in our history but that we can get beyond it and not have to, you know, do our government work behind the barricades. >> the city of san jose is putting the brakes temporarily on the search for a new police chief. short list of six candidates this week dropped to five after minneapolis police officer
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medaria arradondo dropped out, his department under scrutiny for the death of george floyd. releasing a statement saying the search will pause for two weeks in order to bring together a more diverse candidate pool and gather more public feedback. a forum is now scheduled for saturday, february 13th, and should include the current five remaining candidates. a lot of skiers and snowboarders are tempted to head to tahoe. as they hit the slope this is weekend, they had to hit the brakes. 80 is closed from c olfax because of spinouts and blizzard conditions, caltrans posting this video, showing what it's like to have to help those drivers who lose control. those are the lucky ones in the south lake tahoe area. so tempting to drive out there, kari. we know it is still dangerous, weatherwise and,>> yeah. you do want to make sure you're calling ahead to the resort and seeing what their, you know,
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covid-19 guidelines are. let me show you this shot as we are still seeing those beautiful clouds just hovering over the santa cruz summit. it's very nice to see that those clouds are stopped bringing us some rain for a little while. we've been, all season long, saying we need some rain. we need some rain. well, we got it, didn't we? it's also nice to see some sunshine, too, as we look at ocean beach with those fair weather cumulus clouds moving by in the distance. and a little bit of sunshine, too, as we get a look at our view in dublin. puddles in the parking lot. you're seeing that after all that early morning rain we had and a chance to let all that moisture kind of seep down into the ground. here is a look at our high temperatures for today. a lot of those outdoor tonight, you may be making some going to be in the quickly along with those breezy winds. make sure you're bundled up there.
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find a place that has those heat lamps. that may help out quite a bit, especially in san francisco. as we look at what's ahead, we do still have some busy weather here we'll be tracking for the weekend. maybe very early morning showers moving through. but then it's mostly for the north bay throughout the rest of the day tomorrow, some scattered showers will continue for parts of the north bay. so it's a lot of the vineyards, outdoor tasting rooms opening. a heads up that there will be showers throughout the weekend. and then it starts to push into the rest of the bay area on monday. and during that next wave of rain it looks like we could get more decent rainfall totals. it shows up to a little over three-quarters of an inch of rain for san jose, over an inch of rain for a lot of the spots in the east bay and the north bay may see anything from an inch to inch and three-quarters up around santa that already saturated ground. we'll be watching out for that. take a look at how many people
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are on this live camera that we have in northstar. so the people really excited about all of the fresh powder and hitting the slopes. this is a look at yosemite valley. you can't really see much of the rock there. we are going to see, of course, low visibility. some of that snow still coming down. here is the update on the sierra snow pack with this latest round of heavy snow and we're going to see more of it. we are now at 71% of our normal amount of snowfall, just to keep in mind that before all of this happened we were only at about 40% of our normal snow pack. this is really great to see. it gave us a pretty big boost there. once again we have more snow on the way for next week, possibly another foot to lot of ourhere, as t a break today. then some north bay showers off and on throughout saturday and sunday, and then the rest of the bay area getting in on that rain
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on monday. that may taper off with some thunderstorms on tuesday as the cold front sweeps through, you can see how chilly it's going to be. we are going to get some sunshine by the middle of next week. kris? >> thank you so much, kari. the vice president's stepdaughter has a new job. kelly clarkson is helping out a bay area restaurant. laura garcia has more. >> trending this morning, vice president kamala harris's stepdaughter has something new to add to her resume. model. according to "people," ella emhoff just signed a contract with img models. the 21-year-old is currently a senior at the parson school of design in new york city. the agency represents super models gisele bundchen, gigi and bella hadid and stephanie seymour. the weeknd is spending big bucks to make sure his super bowl weekend is epic, shelling out $7 million of his own money to help give the production
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value an added boost. you may not know this, but the nfl does not pay super bowl performers for their shows. the weeknd is releasing a greatest hits album ahead of the big game. should be a fun performance. a lot of san francisco restaurants excited they're finally getting a chance to reopen. today on the "kelly clarkson show," kelly is honoring one, who created his own meals on wheels, calling it stel wra. >> this is the dining room that i built. >> oh, my god. >> complete with cool table, china and real glassware, which might be kind of rare. >> don't hit the brakes. sampling some of the menu and has a big surprise in store. it's at 3:00 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. something to look forward to, a
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>> okay. a lot of us have found ways to kill time during the pandemic, baked bread, caught up on your reading, learned a new hobby. next, you have to see what our bob redell did in the last year, something from a galaxy far, far away. >> happening now, in the race to save the northern white rhino from extinction, scientists producing two embryos, bringing the total to five. the only surviving northern white rhinos are a mother and daughter, both infertile, making them the world's most endangered mammal. the team hopes to be able to deliver their first white rhino calf in two years. we'll be back after the break.
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well, how have you spent the last couple of months at home during the pandemic? our own bob redell is excellent. >> i know what you're thinking. this guy has got a really, really messy garage. i should have cleaned it during the shelter-in-place order. i decided to remake the original "star wars" movie instead, from scratch, using the set i built at home. i calculate that i literally spent hundreds of hours and dollars in trial and error to
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replicate the interior of the rebel spaceship. loser! this mouthwash bottle and a couple of other plastic household items i used to create the spaceship exterior. please sit back and enjoy what will be remembered t masterpiec >> you are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. now hand over those secret plans. >> no. >> then you will be destroyed. wait! not yet. you idiot. >> oh, my goodness. kari, this must have taken him a really long time. >> i liked his -- >> that was pretty amazing, that short segment. we are all needing to get out this weekend. and the businesses reopening.
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heads up that if you are going to the north bay, tasting rooms, there will be off and on showers all weekend but overall i'm excited to get outside, kris. >> me, too. i think we need to take bob outside with us, too. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00.
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