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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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saying about a santa clara sheriff's deputy. right now at 11:00, detected in the bay area tonight, and two troublesome new strains of covid. what do we know about them? >> more hope on the horizon, johnson & johnson's one-shot vaccine, just weeks away. >> it helps you not to get
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covid, if you get covid you will have a more mild -- >> plus the stunning accusation, a local sheriff's deputy facing charges after saying he was ambushed and shot in the chest. prosecutors saying he made up the story. a state of emergency. governor newsom taking action after the powerful storm wreaked havoc in many areas, this highway stretch will not be open anytime soon. and a much needed night out like no other. >> we are both nurses, and we have been down in the pandemic, so to be able to come to something in person, it just feels good and exciting and hopeful. >> we have a smile on their facts. the sundance film festival in san francisco. we begin with the breaking news at sanford. doctors detected two new strains
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of the virus from the uk and brazil. until now the uk variant had been found in southern california, and it's growing evidence it could be more deadly. health experts expect it to become the dominant strain by april. and the brazilian strain is different than thep p 1 mutation. it could reduce vaccine effectiveness. the south african, variant, by the way, has not been detected yet in the bay area. it's a single dose from johnson & johnson, and early results indicate it's not as effective as moderna and pfizer.
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tonight we talk to the experts. >> a new vaccine in the pipeline is welcome news for counties struggling with supplies and as new variants develop, experts say it's likely we will need an annual covid-19 shot. >> johnson & johnson says it's weeks away from asking the fire department -- fda approve for emergency use. compared to moderna and pfizer vaccines that are 95% effective. bay area dr. rodriguez. >> it's most effective, 85% effective in terms of preventing severe disease. >> the pfizer and moderna
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vaccines both work using mrna to teach the immune system to recognize and how to fight off the coronavirus. johnson & johnson's vaccine transports these into the body using a type of virus that causes the common cold. the new vaccine comes as new virus variants are raising concerns. to battle the changing virus dr. rodriguez says in the long term we will likely need a yearly shot. >> we will probably have to have yearly vaccines, perhaps, yearly covid vaccines to address the various variant that are arising. >> as experts consider the future, marin and sonoma county health officials are focused current vaccinations with limited supply it will likely take until the end of february to vaccine everybody 65 and older and until june to get a shot to everybody that wants
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one. >> a lot of questions here. among them, will we have a choice when that johnson & johnson vaccine becomes available or will our health care provider just give us a shot, and i asked a infectious disease specialist. >> i don't think so because what is happening right now is that we just don't have enough supply, like you just said. anything that can increase the supply is going to get us all to a point of herd immunity when the whole thing slows down on its own and then we can have outbreaks here and there. we can only get back to normal when we get people vaccinated. really, i'm not sure that a choice will be given. >> we have reached a new milestone here in california. 3 million vaccines have been administered in our state.
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two weeks ago that was 1.5 million, so with a have doubled that. what about specifically in the bay area? in san francisco, 97,000. that means 8% of people in the city have gotten their first dose. 2% have gotten their second dose, meaning they are fully vaccinated. and the county says that's about 65% of its allotment. 8% of people living in the county have gotten at least one shot and health leaders say it's still not enough. >> basically need twice the amount of vaccine that we have now. if we don't get the vaccine, it's going to take us longer and people are going to have to wait longer. >> the bottom line is we have the ability to give the vaccine. what we don't have are enough vaccines provided to us. >> supply, supply, supply.
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he said he they can vaccine 13,000 people a day everybody in that county could be vaccinated by august. here's a story, a sheriff's deputy accused of lying about being ambushed while on duty. it happened almost a year ago today in unincorporated morgan hill. >> it was a story that gained global attention. a santa clara county deputy targeted on a rural road, shot in the chest with his body camera saving life, and deputies swarming the scene when this call came over the radio. >> shots fired! >> a large overnight manhunt turned up no results. >> deputy said it was late at night had he pulled over where he was patrolling to go to the bathroom and when he returned the car driving by fired several
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shots at him, and a year later detectives concluded that story is made up. >> we are disappointed to hear these allegations, and it's very disappointing. >> at the time the sheriff's department feared the ambush to be a hate crime because deputy gill is also a sikh, but on friday morning he was charged and book into jail on vandalism and filing a false police report. >> it does not represent the deputies that put on this uniform and go out and security community. >> gill had been with the department since 2015. multiple former officers tell us the last thing the badge needs is another blemish and they hope it's not true. gill remains on leave until an internal investigation is completed. new at 11:00, governor
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newsom declared a state of emergency in monterey and san luis obispo county. here's part of the reason why. part of highway 1 literally crumbling into the ocean. that's the highway there that just collapsed. it started yesterday afternoon. this is near big sur. mile marker 30 year big creek bridge. it's about an hour and a half south of carmel. you can see by our map, thankfully nobody was driving on the road at that time. the area still very utable. chunks are still sliding into the pacific ocean. large landslides also forcing the closure of trails in san jose. park officials tweeting this photo, many areas of the park remain slippery so if you are heading out in the next few days over the weekend be careful. it has been a long time since we have had friday night lights, and parents and coaches
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and students beyond frustrated. today they filed a lawsuit that governor newsom immediately lift restrictions on all high school sports. earlier this week the state said sports with low-risk exposure could resume but today advocacy groups including let them play california announced the lawsuit and made a direct plea to the governor. >> i miss the big meets. i miss cheering everybody on. bottom line is, i just really miss my sport and i would love to just play one more season. >> it's more than just missing sports. they say it's also about losing potential college scholarships. state officials told nbc bay area they have not yet been served with the lawsuit and only said they will continue to make decisions on the health and safety of all. how about this unique opportunity. you don't have to go to utah to
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be part of the world's famous sundance film festival. sundance has come to san francisco. >> this is the world premiere of a british horror film called "in the earth." it is a virus that sweeps the world. >> we are just here to enjoy the night, you know, and it's refreshing to be outside again after the many lockdowns. >> for these two the escape from reality is just what they needed if the subject matter of the film is a little too familiar. they are both two intensive care nurses. >> i don't remember the name, but i chose it because it was going to be creepy. >> some events are continuing to be scrubbed, and the organizers of the sundance film festival
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decided to get creative. >> it's 28 independent screens across the country participating in the unusual sundance film festival event this year and it's the only one in california. >> and because this is sundance, you never know who will be here. >> and rita moreno was here in the audience. >> and they partnered with ft. mason, and all ticket sales goes to the local venues. unfortunately all screenings at ft. mason for the festival are sold out but you can still watch them through the online portal in the comfort of your living room. >> pretty cool to see, a break from the rain and giving people a chance to get out. it's cold but dry. let's bring in jeff. happy friday night to you. we made it to the weekend, my friend. >> you, too.
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we definitely did. it's not going to be all sunny all weekend long but no heavy rain. i want to show you what we are tracking out here on the satellite radar picture. we have activity developing at this hour. we will talk about the next storm and when it's rolling in coming up. and then a mystery unfolding in the bay area. a missing man's body found in a field, and we will hear from his mother and a member of the law enforcement that may have seen him last. and then the scramble to give out shots in the middle of the night after a freezer broke.
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a lot of questions, how did he die and how did he end up in a field. a mother of a biotech engineer whose remains were found in a
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field. here's the interview for us. >> i can't. just leave me alone. >> robin rose has been waiting three weeks. zachary was 27 years old. >> he was a wonderful man. just beginning his life and career and it's gone now. >> back in 2018, zachary rose left his lab in hercules and came here to the home of his former boyfriend, san francisco lassiter. lassiter called 911 and reported rose simply walked away and left the door open and his cell phone and wallet left behind. >> i need to report somebody missing. >> who is it to you? >> my partner.
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>> but his mom said the zach he raised and knew would not act that way. >> he would not walk anywhere involuntarily. >> this is not the first time somebody close to lassiter disappeared mysteriously. police questioned lassiter in both cases and have not ruled him out in the suspect in either one. they searched his home again last week. while lassiter would not talk on camera he told us over the phone in 2018 he was a victim of a smear campaign by homophobic police. >> i just want justice for them both. i want to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> crystal travis said the finding of rose's remains makes her more convinced that her
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cousin billy did not die of heart problems or obesity, and the report was inconclusive saying homicide could not be ruled out because of blunt force trauma to the neck. >> never did i believe it was an accident or because he was owe beast, nobody could convince me that it was anything else was a homicide. >> meanwhile, robin rose is preparing to bury her son in his home state of arkansas. >> i do want to find out what happened to my son and whoever is responsible, for justice to be served. >> we appreciate his mom talking to us. if you have a story tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or simply visit our
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website, nbc bay if you are heading to lake tahoe, good news. the roads are open and the snow is epic. you can see the cars there at donner summit. chains not required at this time. here in the bay area snow capped mountains in many parts of the bay, and sky ranger at mt. hamilton. the storm bringing us several inches of snow to the higher elevations. it comes with danger, though, that car to the left of your screen almost goes down the cliff side there. a lot of spinouts in the snow and rain. more is on the way. first, let's try and enjoy this weekend. jeff is back with us to tell us, you know, it's has been a long week, hasn't it? >> yes. it has. we had all the rainfall this week and last week was the dangerous wind and everybody is just kind of ready to have weather we can go outside in.
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tomorrow's forecast,we start out chilly and if you are exercising, have a jacket and maybe a couple layers. early sunshine in the south bay at 45. we will have to contend with clouds filtering through and lingering for the morning. not the sunniest start across the bay area. won't warm up a whole lot for the day, and if you have a jacket you will need it for the afternoon. 57 in concord. you are probably very happy to have dry weather down there in morgan hill and 56. you had over six inches of rainfall the past three days. there will be a slight chance of a spotty shower in the north bay but that's about it. it's from a storm system developing and eventually coming our way. i will have more on that but i do want to take us up to tahoe.
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notice by monday and tuesday another one to two feet of snow coming on in so we are not done yet. that brings me to the next thing here, you can see by tomorrow afternoon we get some rainfall developing just offshore. it's a storm system that can bring us a few spotty showers in the north bay tomorrow but overall it's stalling out and will hang out here all weekend long and once we roll into monday and also tuesday, we are going to see the chance here of one plus inches through the bay area. looks like the better bet of getting one inch and higher would be up towards the north bay and the east bay and south bay in the orange color. as we roll through the next couple of days, rain returning on monday and tuesday and then full on sunshine next wednesday, thursday and friday. let's bring it to the inland valley forecast. we have daytime highs in the upper 50s and low 60s this
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weekend. morning lows staying in the 40s next few mornings but next wednesday we will be down to colder upper 30s. so not a bad weekend coming our way. i think i will definitely convince darryl we got to do takeout or hit a restaurant up saturday or maybe sunday, too. we all need a break and it will be a good weekend to support those local businesses. >> yeah, takeout for months and let's go out to a restaurant. have some fun. >> you, too. not just tom brady representing the bay area in the super bowl, and we will introduce to you two other bay area players on the buccaneers. we are giving out money as part of a grant, and submit your application at
11:23 pm innovations. climate is crisis. a bay area company making strides to fight climate change.
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a scramble to get people vaccinate in the seattle area. doctors rushed to meek sure doses of the vaccine did not go to waste after a freezer broke and nearly 2,000 doses of the moderna vaccine were in jeopardy of being wasted. it happened in the overnight hours, and they started booking appointments from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. to make sure they could get the doses out, and yes, all the doses were administered. thousands of renters across the bay area are breathing easier tonight after lawmakers extended the state's eviction moratorium as it was set to
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expire. governor newsom signed that today and it will prevent landlords from evicting tenants who paid 25% of their rent. and the state is also offering to pay 80% of tenants' rents if the landlord agree or delay the remaining 20%. the super bowl between the buccaneers or chiefs have three local players on the bucs. we'll tell you about that next. happening now, moderna asked the fda for permission to fill vaccine vials with up to five extra doses, and sources tell cnbc about this plan and the move comes after the fda allowed pfizer to add an extra dose to vials after pharmacist figured out a bonus dose could be
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extracted with the right syringes. we'll be right back.
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well the road to the super bowl goes through the bay area. we know tom brady is from san mateo, but he's not the only local player suiting up on super
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bowl sunday. and then this guy was drafted by the bucs in 2018. he goes 6'4", 370 pounds. he's now prepared to play. he was a running back and occasionally a quarterback. > it takes a village to o raa chilild and i thihink there's's of people out there that, you know, really helped for me to be where i am at now. >> no matter what he does on the football field, once you get to know him, he's that much better of a person. >> that's his head coach at milpitas high. we have tom brady, and veta, and
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then we have one from dublin high school. good luck to all t
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finally tonight, valentine's day is around the corner and san francisco is getting ready for love. giant heart-shaped sculptures installed today outside the union square, and they represent how we all have been pulling together during the pandemic. this project started in 2004, and it's put on by sf general hospital foundation and it raised money to help patients get help regardless if they can afford it. that will do it for us. for everybody here at nbc bay area, thank you for joining us and have a great weekend. ♪


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