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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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grounded in oakland and centered around safety. the saving of lives. >> the big of estimate challenge of facing opd's new top cop. >> the news at 6:00, starts right now. good friday evening. >> things are developing quickly. we have a lot of new information about the race to vaccinate people across the bay area. let's start with santa clara county, no 49ers, we told you that and thousands of people will be flocking to levi stadium, beginning next tuesday. that will be the largest sight in california, vaccinating up to 15,000 people a day. more help on the way. the pentagon said is it will deploy that are than 1 thousand troops to support vaccination centers. they are expected to staff it in the oakland coliseum. at least initially.
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another good sign of progress. good sam, removed the over flow tent from the parking lot. this is what it looked like back in in december. the hospital said that it removed the tent, due to the fall in cases. it never had to be used. and speaking of the causes, here is where we are right now. this map, tracks the percentage of people who have gotten the first dose. the countys in orange, have is more than 10% in the population with one vaccine. you notice only one county is in the red. 9% of the population has gotten a dose. everyone else is in orange. the most with 13%, you see there. 13% is, right there. contra costa county, everyone in orange. san matteo, san francisco and marin county above 10%. a closer look at santa clara county, this shows the cumulative number of doses.
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the blue bar is the people with the first doses. the green bar, everyone that received two doses. and more than 200,000 doses administered and this is what health officials want to see. this number continuing to go up. >> raj, gym owners and the mbs are on putting maximum pressure the allow workouts in doors on gavin newsom, one of the largest gyms made aespe dte and determined plea online. we have more on the mounting pressure and how one south bay gym is defying the rules. >> the head of the wig big planet fitness chain went public with a plea to the governor to allow gyms to reopen. but with facilities such a this remaining close, other gyms are operating in defying of the state order. it's business as usual here, but it's not supposed to be open in doors t gym on capitol avenue is defying the state rules, racking up more than a half a million dollars in fines from santa
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clara county. management have declined to comment and some members did. >> it's like we are opening up restaurants and you are out there without a mask eating, what is that doing compared to being in here, you clean your equipment and you have your mask on, what is the difference between that and a restaurant? >> that argument was used by the head of planet fitness. urging the governor to allow his 155 california gyms to reopen. along with err on supporters, he pointed on out that his california safe fitness plan calls for more social distancing and around the clock sanitation. if implemented, this plan, the california safe fitness plan would have the most stringest requirements than any gym in the united states. >> what interestingteresting, y >> the transmission is high in
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the community. and again the state has been clear on what is allowed in the purple tier. >> are they going to continue to be fined if they stay open? >> we will look at all avenues moving forward and that includes fines. >> reporter: the governor has not responded to our request for comment. nbc bay area news. thank you, so, we are talking so much about the mass vaccination sites that are starting to reopen or are already reopen p here's the updatd list. golden gate fields the oakland coliseum, levi stadium. the county building in san jose on burger drive and the santa clara county fairgrounds. let's go to the mountain view and peninsula area t mountain view community center, up the peninsula, and san matteo center. the mosconi center opened this morning. people 65 and older as well as health care workers can get
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their shots there regardless of health care coverage. appointments are required and people are going through today, a lot of people simply relieved. i want to be able to touch my grandchildren. i was not able to hug my daughter. and that hurts so. and i am ready to get on with my life. this is devastating for grandparents and their relationships. >> a lot of people can relate to do that. health leaders say they expect to vaccinate 5,000 people today, the goal is to get up to 10,000 shots per day. >> saying no to the covid vaccine. a new report said that nearly 800 santa clara county sheriff's office employees have refused the shot. report was present presented during a public safety committee meeting. a team from the sheriff's office said of the more of 1800 sworn and civilian staff nearly 800 did not want the vaccine. many of those employees work in the jails. and some board members were
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surprised by the information, they say with so many employees not getting vaccinated, it hampers the county's ability to control outbreaks in the jails. well, it took longer than connected, and today the san jose police department graduated the latest class. 42 recruits, including ten women, received their diplomas and badges. san jose police officials say it's the longest running class ever, because of the pandemic. recruits trained for a year instead of six months. >> it felt that some days it was never going to come and that it was not good morning to end. but we pushed through and i'm happy we all stuck with it. and now we are graduating today. >> congratulations to the new academy. acting police chief said that this was one of the department's most diverse classes ever. we have new details about the man accused of threatening
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to shoot inside value fair mall in the south bay. hunter title has been charged now with felony weapons charges. he has not been charged with any criminal threats. the 21-year-old was arrested earlier this week, police say they got a tip from santa cruz police officers that title was threatening to quote shoot up the mall. he was live streaming on snap chat. he was found inside the mall. police say he a loaded gun on him and the search of the car found a loaded assault rifle. >> the new police chiefdyo do a make the city safe. >> it is really my honor to offer you the position of chief of police of the city of oakland, california. >> the announcement, came on social media.
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>> thank you, yes, i accept. >> ron armstrong, a long-time veteran of the oakland police department said he is ready to take the reins of the opd. >> i am glad to center around safety and save enough lives and understand how important it is that young people in the city grow up in a place they feel safe. >> it's the first time we have had a home grown police chief that was from the community. >> they had say armstrong is the right person for the job. buress said that he knows the community and the ins and outs of the department and hitity the ground running. >> he has the capacity to think through issues. he doesn't panic. he is a clear thinker. he understands the competing interests that you have to work through. so n that sense, he has breadth. he wills also face incredible challenges the city is grappling with a surge in violent crime.
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unprovoked attacks on innocent people. robberies and murders are on the rise. >> just for january alone, we have had 15 murders, the highest death toll in oakland in january in 20 years. >> at the same time, the head of the oakland police officers association said that the cash strapped city has slashed police resources so severely thaits made combatting the wave effect ily, near impossible. >> being chief of police in oakland is the hardest most difficult, host challenging chief's job in america today. >> armstrong said that he will do all he can do to help make oakland safe. he will be sworn in on monday morning. in oakland, jody hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> well, despite the pandemic, it was a notable kickoff for an fran's black history month. it was an online celebration led by the city's african-american, historical and cultural society. it safely distanced
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from san francisco leaders. the key note speaker addressed 2020 as a year of two pandemics. covid and racism. >> out of all, this life is the road map of the future? perhaps a better future. by recommitting to our deep founding principals regardless of the darkened skies. we must pledge our allegiance to freedom and dignity. >> this year's theme the black family. representation, identity and diversity. >> up next, racist slurs and other hate speech hits an elite school in san francisco, the demands from students as they fight back. >> and taking aim at one of our world's biggest polluters the silicone valley company doing eco friendly flights. we will show you how it works in our series, climate in crisis.
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and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, warming temperatures for this weekend, i will get you all ready to go coming up in seven minutes. >> in honor of black history month, we are honoring change makers, african-americans that are making a change right now this. week, we honor dr. kim rhodes, when covid hit, she learned that some communities had higher rates of infection and she sprheaead the first pop-up test sites. this week'ses change maker is dr. kim rhoads, your community thanks you.
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name brand snacks tons of meat, and where did you get this imported cheese? hello? grocery outlet bargain market. want some peanut butter with that? no thanks, just us. more beef for less bacon. don't be jelly. ♪grocrey outlet jingle♪ raise a glass... to savings! new accusations of a racist culture, one of san francisco's most elite high schools. students at lowell high said that there's a history of problems on campus. here is nbc bay area's christy smith. >> there should be zero tolerance when racism or
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discriminatory acts occur. >> reporter: today members of the high school came here with students from other schools to denounce what they call a culture of racism. >> ongoing racism at lowell high school, we call the community to come in solidarity and hear our demands and call for action. >> reporter: there was an incident that was described after a virtual anti-racism lesson. it's a virtual sticky board, so pornographic and racist images were put up there. >> reporter: the principal promised to hold that person accountable, but the students say it's the latest in a series of incidents over years. >> i is have learned that there's a number of students that are our particularly our black student population that were targeted with different situations.
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>> reporter: some recall a walk-out in 2016. >> i say there's community support. more students supported this year than 2016. >> the president of the board of education. >> what we are pushing for is the support of the broader community to address what is happening and that is through an equity, and support that we are getting with the sf-naacp and the national naacp. >> meantime, pressure mounting for san francisco schools to do reopen. and teachers and other school employees say they won't budget until certain conditions are met and today, they outlined the conditions. union representatives held a virtual news conference to announce that teachers will return to school when the city hits the less restrictive red tier, but all when only all is staff are vaccinated. they also say, if employees cannot get vaccinated teachers
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will not go back to class until the city reaches the less restrictive orange tier. either way, the schools say they this need more money to make it a happen. >> real question is, why isn't our society? why isn't our city, state, federal governments providing us the adequate resources to have safe and successful and equitable schools. >> the mayor's office responded with a statement that said in part, private schools in city learning hubs have been operating for months without a single outbreak. the district said that it plans to respond to the proposal quickly. students gathered at the santa clara county of public health. calling for restrictions to be lifted for all high school sport. including football. the state said that sports with low risk exposure could resume, but full contact sports like football and basketball are sidelined. last week, groups filed the lawsuit, demanding the governor lift restrictions.
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now to the climate incrisis series. a bay area company can something for the first time that could lead to a change in the fight against climate change. battery powered flight. much cleaner than the way we do now. we are on the runway. >> reporter: it's not exactly the wright brothers but they made history on september 29th when it completed the first hydrogen fuel cell powered flight of a commercial grade aircraft. the hollister based company made the ground breaking flight in england. six people flying emission free, and they say, it's just a start. >> it's a commercially available aircraft that we have repowered using our engine technologies. >> like electric car batteries the cells powering this plane are gradually getting more powerful and less expensive. they put their cells in to
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already existing planes. if we depend on new aircraft being builtfor zero emission approach, then it will take a lot of time. and if we can go after the existing fleets after existing air frame manufacturers and types, the transition will be much quicker. >> a transition to clean up air travel, one of the ways we pollute the most, it offers a way to cut way back on the single largest expense for airlines. >> and there's a lot of innovators that are trying to tackle the problem. >> that is clean energy saying the environment needs tech support. >> it's clear there's no silver bullet forgetting out of this, we need a thousand. >> one clean flight at a time. >> looking ahead to the future, they say they have plans to be able to fly a commercial jet liner with 100 passengers on
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board, emission free by 2030. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. that is something, it's like a flying he is ting tesla. battery powered so cool. >> we had a beautiful day, how is the weekend shaping up? >> yes, we will be good here rolling in to saturday and sunday. let's look at the sky camera, you can see the beautiful clear skies right now in san francisco. and we did have some breezes earlier tonight at least in the immediate coast line, all in all, pretty calm right now, outside. as you look ahead to tomorrow morning. we will be sunny to start with, temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s. that sunshine stays through the day and we are looking at unfortunately a drying trend ahead, we should be picking up the bulk of our rainfall. but we don't see rain in the next seven days. check it out, we will be close to 70 for a few spots. 69 in concord, 67 in livermore,
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and over to morgan hill and san jose, we will be at 68. and closer to the bay. 65 in oakland and right to the coast line, half moon bay at 62. so, all in all, beautiful weather,from the morning in to the afternoon. we are running 5-10 degrees above our averages. we should be in the 50s for most of the bay area for the highs. temperatures near 70, that will feel good. so, if you are maybe headed out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, support one of your local favorite restaurants, now that they are back open and you are allowed to sit at the restaurant and eat. you can see for the morning hours you will need a jacket up to 10:00 a.m. and once we get to afternoon, you may need a jacket. as we push in to 60s. by monday, i have the clouds increasing and the storm track will get close, i don't think it's going to really offer us shower chances until we hit next thursday. so, all in all, a pretty good
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weekend coming our way in ten minutes, we will go back to our climate coverage and i will have a look at the story i worked on and temperatures are rising pa faster here than the global average. >> and a closer look at the company finding a unique use for food that would normally end up in a landfill and one step closer to getting the covid relief checks in the mail. how the democrats are are getting it done without republican support. but first, we showed you this new surveillance video of the attack in oakland's china town, and next, we will tell you how it's getting the attention of -- of hollywood stars. we are back in three minutes.
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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a close call for a hiker who fell down the side of the cliff in san francisco, our sky ranger was overhead for the rescue. this was near deadman's point
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around 1:00 this afternoon. that man fell 70 feet. you can see how treacherous this is. the rescue teams worked their way down and got him to safety. that hiker is expected to be okay. >> a pairof actors is putting up their own money to track down the person responsible for a string of attacks in china town. one of the incidents was caught on camera. it happened sunday afternoon. you see a man violently push a 91-year-old man to the ground. police say the same man ran off and attacked two other people. act the tors daniel day kim and daniel woo, are offering a $25,000 award for information that leads to an arrest. they say more needs to be done as attacks on the asian american community skyrockets. >> fsp is hoping that video will lead to the people that attacked a woman and stole her puppy. it's all about the get away car. see if you recognize it. four people took off in the car after they beat up a woman while she was walking her dog.
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it was a bulldog puppy that they stole. you can see the car pull up and the attackers get in and the car turns around and drives off. we first told you about this violent attack last month, and the 5-1/2 month old puppy, chloe, has not been seen since. here is another look at the car now. it's a smaller sedan, possibly a prius, if you are any information, call san francisco police. >> an unusual k-nine ceremony for the campbell police department. >> i k-nine ainsley do solemnly swear. >> you can tell she is not taking down bad guys. she is a therapy dog and 4 months old and already lifting spirits. her field of expertise will be employee well wellness and comfort for those exposed to intense stress or trauma. she is a burnadoodle. >> i'm in a better mood already. >> yes, just looking at her. so sweet. >> up next at 6:30.
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levi stadium will be the largest vaccination site in the state. the san jose leader is praising concerns. >> and helping video game developers of the future. the bay area company launches a black video game scholarship program.
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right now at 6:30, levi stadium is about to look a lot different. no football games or tailgates.
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instead, the largest mass vaccination site in california. vaccinations available to everyone eligible starting next tuesday. >> but leaders in east san jose are worried people in one of the hardest hit communities may be left behind. nbc bay area is at levi stadium with that part of the story. >> reporter: the 49ers released this video today of preparations under way for tuesday's big opening. they will start with 5,000 vaccinations per day. and ramp it up to 15,000. >> this is an important step forward because we are going to fox on the age 65 and older population. >> leaders in east san jose say opening a mass vaccination site is a great idea. but they say ifthe county is getting that many vaccines per day. why aren't they going to the east side. which has seen the most positive cases and deaths in the county. >> i think, if we are going to control those numbers, if we are going to save lives we have to
6:31 pm
make sure that it's happening right in the community where people are getting the sickest, where people are dying. >> we also have local strategies in the communities where we are seeing the high positivity rates which is mostly in east san jose, and south county. >> the county exty -- executive said that a mobile site will open next week on story road as well. this site offers 700 vaccinations a day. >> our hope is to vaccinate error person by the end of the summer. >> everyone agrees, levi's effort is a big score for the county and some feel the pla field needs to be in sdame. >> people 75 and older are eligible to get the shot. appointments are required.
6:32 pm
>> cases are trending down and the biden administration took action today to keep it that way t white house outlining its first use of defense production act. that will direct manufacturers to produce and deliver more pfizer vaccines and make more ppe, and covid tests. the administration is ramping up vaccinations opening several more mass vaccination sites across the country. when a vaccine become abouts available to you, get vaccinated. you will not only be protecting yourself, but your family and you will be making a major step in a positives way to protecting the community. >> we mentioned earlier, like in california, military members will also be deployed around the country to deliver vaccines and help with the process. the pentagon hopes to have the troops on the ground in ten days. >> well, his first flight as president, on air force one. today, president biden flew home to delaware to spend the weekend with his family. but before he left, he changed his bipartisan tone on covid
6:33 pm
relief. as we see, at thesaid is that he has waited long new for compromise. >>president biden today speaking directly to the american people about the need to act quickly on his nearly $2 trillion covid relief program. >> it's big and bold and an answer to the crisis we are in. >> the president pointing to a slowing recover, 49,000 jobs added across the country last month. with restaurants, retail and manufacturing all cutting workers. >> i see enormous pain in the country. a lot of folks on out of worker. a lot of folks going hungry. >> reporter: his answer includes billions for vaccinations, unemployment benefits ands for n need. >> i'm not going to cut the size of the checks. they will be $1400 period. >> president biden said that he wants bipartisanship, but will not scale down to win gop
6:34 pm
support. >> what republicans proposed is to do nothing or not enough. >> the president meeting with house democrats this morning, hours after vice president kamala harris, passed the first tie breaking vote in the senate. clearing a hurdle to let them pass a bill with no support, the house approving the measure despite warnings on the impact and inflation and the national debt. >> it will not serve morns to pile another mountain of debt on our grandkids. >> they are saying the true risk is not doing enough to jump start the economy. >> back to our climate in crisis, our team of meteorologists have a big role in the climate series, tonight, towns and cities that are being directly impacted by climate change. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and jeff, we talk about regions and countries and now you are looking at direct areas here in the bay area that are being
6:35 pm
impacted. >> you got that right, raj, and you know, when we talk about warping we -- about warming we hear before the global increase. but we are focusing in berkley, and how their temperatures are increasing there more than the global temperature rate. i think everyone listening to this right now will be surprised by what they are about to hear. let's go ahead and listen. >> temperatures have warmed about 3.5 degrees farenheit since the 1800s, with most of the warming coming in the last 50 years. it's more than the world as a whole. the world as a whole warmed about 2 degrees in that period. we have a choice of how much future warming we have. the low end, if we take a lot of action to cut emissions quickly we may only have 2 degrees more warming. so 5.5 total. >> climate in crisis in the trend, you can find the story on our website, nbc bay,
6:36 pm
click on climate in crisises in the trending bar and then click on climate change hot spots there. there all of our stories from the entire weather team, myself, carrie, rob, are all available. so eye-opening data there that in berkley had, they are trending above the global average when it comes to warming. so, such an environmentally conscious location, but it's because if we have big polluters in other parts of the world, it factors in to the number. we have ways to reduce the carbon footprint and it's a way we all help had. head to nbc bay, for more on this and all of the stories we have been covering the entire week. >> thanks so. it's a huge disparity, african-americans are among the leading buyers and players of video games and they make up a tiny fraction of people working in the gaming industry. a group in oakland called game heads is taking on the divide. according to the game developers
6:37 pm
association, only about 2% of people working in the video game industry are black. so game head-s is teaching video game development and creation to east bay teens. many of the students say, they found their career path. the more that i have learned about the process of development, the more that i have learned about all of the things, all of the work, the moving parts that go in to creating video games. i will definitely consider it. >> game heads graduates are making game force electronic arts, riot games and microsoft x-box. >> tonight, tributes are pouring in for actor christopher plummer who died at the age of 91. >> when i first emerged from my mother's womb i was already rehearsing my academy thank you speech. >> he is a classic. plummer was the oldest oscar winner in 2012, for the film, "beginners," canadian born he started on stage, then, it was this movie, the sound of music,
6:38 pm
when he played captain vontrap that launched had him to do stardom. julie andrews said that the world has lost a consumate actorer and i have lost a friend. >> $9 billion from the state unclaimed, could some of it be yours? we will show you how to find out.
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6:40 pm
a rental research firm is making a forecast, it sees the bay area's falling rents will continue their downward trend. the rental marketing firm said that it could be years before the leases return to prepandemic levels. san jose's decline will be shorter than san francisco's, lasting a year. while san francisco and oakland could see a decline lasting twice as long. they warn everything could change sharply starting in august as more workers get the covid vaccine and end months of working from home. >> it's that time of year, the
6:41 pm
time to check if the state is holding on your money. this week, the are controllers office, announced that it has more than $9 billion in unclaimed property, $9 billion. that includes uncashed checks, wages, stocks, safety deposit boxes. the state has launched a new online database to check if you are entitled to the money. if you are, you need to file a claim to get it. we put a link to the base on our website, nbc bay >> liquor laws are among the many things we have seen changed by covid in the bay area and now it's possible that the relaxed alcohol rules could be permanent. allowing restaurant patrons to continue to drink on sidewalks and in the so-called parklets is all part of the bill sponsored by a san francisco state senator. they say, it would make recovery easier for struggling restaurants and bars and it would make it easier to create pop up dining spots and catered
6:42 pm
events after the pandemic. >> okay, we have made it to friday, i have been sneezing a lot. the good news is that means it's sunny and things are blooming, right? >> yeah, you got it right. i have got a plum tree just outside the window there. that is starting to show some flowers and a lot of other things beginning to bloom. so, allergies could be a problem. that is it this weekend. really beautiful weather coming our way. a detail where we will get close to 70. coming up in a few minutes. and a company's dull response to a knife issue and a photographer who needs exposure from us to fulfill their obligation to the customer. i'm consumer investigator, nbc bay area responds to both cases next.
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. our consumer team likes to do this, get people their money back. and of course, bring smiles to their faces. let's bring in our consumer investigator. >> reporter: good friday
6:45 pm
evening. both our respond and responda teams are resolving cases. we just helped a woman in san jose, she paid a photographer almost $2,000 but that photographer didn't deliver all the photos as promised, some of them were missing. so she contacted us because the photographer had gone dark for months with no response. however, after arlen made contact the photographer made good and delivered all the photos as promised. jeff in fremont contacted the nbc bay area response team because he bought a new knife sharpener and paid $120 and it stopped working. jeff said the manufacturer was not responding to him, so he contacted us. we contacted the company and it's swapped. jeff's knife sharpener with a brand new one and it works. together our teams have cut miles of red tape and saved people millions of dollars. close to $5 million since starting in 2016. perhaps we can help you in
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english, 888-996-tips. in spanish, 844-408-4848. have a great weekend. thanks, chris. well, now, to climate in crisis, we have talked a lot this week about how bay area tech companies are workering to make a difference in the fight against climate change. tonight a company you know well, from your kitchen is also in the fight. let's bring in again, our business and tech reporter, scott budman. >> reporter: well, tonight, we move to food. and a company that has been in the bay area for 100 years. dell monte, putting climate change on the top of their list and here is how. more environmentally friendly packages that you see when you buy the products. but also, what we don't see is how dell monte is cutting down on food waste. and this is a big problem. 1.4 billion pounds of food are wasted each year across the globe. that food ends up in landfills. which creates methane, a
6:47 pm
greenhouse gas. now they take the small pieces and package them up too. instead of going to waste, they go to the people who need it most. >> and we can those, we can quite a bit of it in on our modesto, california, facility, and we give it to feeding america and that helps the fight hunger globally and across the u.s. we donated 7.7 million pounds of food to feeding america in the past year. >> that's a lot of food going to food banks, which is extra important now, with food shortages on the rise due to the pandemic. as for packaging, dell monte said that it recently cut back on plastics by 33%, so more of what you see is recycleable. u can see the stories about the local companies making a difference on our website. you can see them all on nbc bay
6:48 pm in crisis. >> did we make it to the weekend? >> we made it. we made it. and jeff will do running and jogging this weekend with and i will be walking briskly. >> i have to do something outside now. >> yep. you are going to do some outdoor sporting events. golf, maybe. >> maybe. i'm playing basketball with my son. so, i'm going to either twist an ankle before i see you guys next week. >> going to be nice all weekend. >> we are lifting the barbecue. >> or, yes, better, jeff, better. >> we have got, yes, some really great weather whether you are firing up the barbecue, you are going hiking or walking or jogging. the weather is really going to cooperate nicely for you. so, let's go ahead and get you outside to the life high definition camera network. we will take you to san jose, city lights shining bright. currently 57 and we will have the colder 40s coming back. 10 and 11:00 tonight. so, that's going to set us up with chilly temperatures come tomorrow. i did want to talk fast about
6:49 pm
why we are seeing the pattern. it was this time last week, when we were just getting over the atmospheric river, a 2-8 plus inches across the bay area. and now we have high pressure back, and lanina can be blamed for it. it developed a couple of months ago and its notorious for building in the areas of high pressure that stay for a few weeks and push the storm track off to the north. and that is what we are seeing right now. high pressure often does bring the warmer and sunny weather. and that what's is on the way through tomorrow. so, we will start it off with chilly temperatures. 41 here for the south bay peninsula, 42, all clear. and for the tri-valley, cold and country to 40. more of the sunshine over the east bay and san francisco, and the coldest there through the north bay and we are looking at 38 degrees. temperatures through the day tomorrow do warm up pretty good. a few of us will be near 70 degrees tomorrow. yes, near 70. gilroy will be on 69.
6:50 pm
and east san jose 69 and los gatos at 69. >> let's bringtity to the peninsula. i have you at 65 in red wood city. as we go closer to san francisco, the ocean breeze will keep us in the upper 50s. you for the north bay, have you up on 67 in novato, and check it out, clear lake will be in the low 70s. here's my tip. head to the beach and get the nice fresh ocean brees. sunny skies and we get clouds
6:51 pm
back by monday, saturday will be the bestday for that. and the storm track is moving close by monday. increased cloud cover, drop temperatures and a 50% chance of showers by thursday. 50s by san francisco next week and for the inland valleys we are in the mid to upper 60s and low 60s as we roll through next week. raj and jannell, i have to share work from home atmosphere, you cannot see it, but i can smell it. it's hard to concentrate. it's the meet loaf cooking and its the kind with the bacon on top and i'm telling you, i cannot focus. >> wish we had smell-o-vision. >> guess what jeff will be doing in two minutes. >> eating dinner, enjoy it. >> did you get your burgers and wings? we are less than 48 hours from
6:52 pm
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okay less than 48 hours for the bucs and chiefs to face off. >> you used to be good in
6:55 pm
predicting the games. >> if my team is not in it, i'm not predicting. >> i'm still asking for it. >> oh, no. >> tom brady is playing? his tenth super bowl and his first with the tampa bay buccaneers. >> it just would be cool to accomplish it this time. i don't compare them to the other times, those were all magical moments in my life. >> standing in the way of another magical moment is patrick mahomess and the kansas city chiefs. after beating the niners last year in miami, they are trying to be the first super bowl champs to repeat since brady did it with the patrios 16 years ago. >> what makes it a challenge, it's hard to win one with. and to win two is tougher than that. >> obviously we are here 54 the second straight year and you never know if we will get another opportunity to be in the game. it's a huge deal and we are not going to take any day for
6:56 pm
granted. >> the chiefs are the betting favorite to win. even though the bucss are the first team in nfl history to be playing the super bowl in their own stadium. kc beat the bucs. and another bay area product did not play in the game. he could be the key to helping the bucs defense knock mahomes off his game. >> i said earlier this week, he is a problem. he can stop the run obviously, but he is almost as good at rushing the passer from the defensive spot. >> there's lot of questions. so, you know, that's a lot to, you know, take care of when you play against a team like this. >> he is hoping to get the best present he can think of, and that's a super bowl ring. >> okay, i like the bay area representation, so bucs win
6:57 pm
20-20. >> and there it is. >> have a great weekend. >> bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
hi, i'm mike. jack hired me to tell you about his bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. jack i thought you hired me to be the spokesperson! why choose one when you can have two? my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches.
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somebody capable of so much. >> you want to know what my main goals are for 2021. >> can know first-hand she's capable of. >> the britney conservatorship documentary has arrived. >> and that is when betty snapped. >> dirty john indeed, all these years later, betty brodrick bombshell. >> you have all the odds here. >> will the weeknd's halftime have a surprise guest?


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