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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 11, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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coast and rain will be spreading in. we've fired up storm ranger and we are going to be tracking this throughout today, but most of the rain moves in late this morning into the afternoon. if you're home schooling in petaluma try to get the kids out early before the rain moves in later today. we'll time it out for the bay area and the forecast coming up. mike, how are you timing out the commute? is it still looking good? [ no audio ] >> we're going to wake up mike's mic in a little bit. when the trump impeachment trial resumes today, house managers prosecuting the former president will continue to lay out their case. >> "today in the bay's" susan mcginniss live in washington with a look at what we can expect today. susan? >> hi, good morning, chris and laura. house managers or the prosecutors in this case will
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wrap up their side of things today. we don't know if they're going to use up all eight hours of the time they have allotted but we are expecting more dramatic video of the type we saw yesterday. this is after an emotional day yesterday. senators who were witnesses to the siege here at the capitol on january 6th in a way living through that again. >> house managers prosecuting donald trump continue presenting their case today after showing dramatic video wednesday of the january 6th insurrection not before seen publicly. the video rekindling memories of the horror for senators and the nation. >> i'm angry, i'm disturbed, i'm sad. >> they came, draped in trump's flag and used our flag, the american flag, to batter and to bludgeon. >> reporter: house managers detailed donald trump's efforts to overturn the election. >> we were getting ready to win
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this election. frankly we did win this election. >> reporter: alleging the riot was far more choreographed than it appeared. >> there was method in the madness that day. >> they believed that they were following his orders. they said so. >> we were invited by the president of the united states. >> reporter: telling after egging on the mob watched the violence unfold with glee. >> president donald j. trump ran out of nonviolent options to retain power. >> reporter: some republican senators noted they were not impressed. >> there weren't a lot of surprises. we were all here. words are pr free speech and he never intended to provoke the susan mcginniss, nbc news, washington.
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>> stay with nbc bay area for live coverage on the trial. nbc will air a special report when the coverage begins and we will stream it on our app. another international covid variant coming from south africa has arrived here in the bay area. stanford researchers discovered one case in alameda county and another in santa clara county. both involve international travelers who quarantined upon return from travel. so far there is no evidence this morning that the variant is more deadly but it has been said to be more resistant to the vaccines that have been approved. california's latest daily case counts is down about two-thirds, the peak from last month. bay area infections are nearing 392,000. more than 4700 people in the bay area have died. finding out who can get the vaccine is still very tough so nbc news and our parent company comcast nbc universal trying to make it easier. the site plan your
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is called a one-stop shop getting you the information on when, where and how to sign up to get the covid-19 in your area. the robinhood trading app getting attention as everyday investors take on wall street's elite but the menlo park based company faces a lawsuit from a midwest family that suffered a personal tragedy. suicide. "today in the bay's" susan is here to explain the allegations and how robinhood is responding to the allegations. >> reporter: the company is devastated by the death and what's claimed in the lawsuit. the family of alex kearns claims the 20-year-old last year saw a negative balance of $730,000 in his trading account and believes that was the sum of the money he owed. the family said kearns tried to reach robinhood to clarify what he saw but could not get through to the company and took his own life after leaving a note
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expressing confusion over the financial loss. >> and i realized that someone that i love opened up his screen that has a user interface that presented them with their perception of an obligation that didn't even exist. >> reporter: the family claims robinhood targets young investors without them understanding the risks. next week robinhood executives are expected to testify before a house panel on exploring trading turmoil in gamestop corporation and related stocks. the company says it is working to better educate its investors in the statement it says, quote, robinhood making it a place to learn and invest responsibly. that's what they're claiming in the statement this morning. reporting live in menlo park, i'm sharon, "today in the bay." as a reminder if you or someone you know is struggling there's help available 24/7.
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call this number any time, 1-800-273-8255. you can also chat with a counselor online at suicide prevention cleanup efforts will resume this morning in san francisco bay where about 600 gallons of oil spilled this week. an underwater pipe from the chevron refinery in rchd leaked fuel in what's called slush water mix over about two hours on tuesday. so far authorities say there's no sign of impacted wildlife. more people are taking a stand to stop the violence against oakland's asian american community. one group of volunteers is patrolling china natown. video from one recent attack shows a 91-year-old man being shoved to the ground violently. the violence is sparking anger, even drawing the attention of hollywood actors like daniel wu and daniel dae kim and they put up a $25,000 reward for information to help police find the people responsible. one man is now in custody tied to at least three cases.
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>> the whole neighborhood is under siege. people beat you up, beat rob you every day. at least 10 to 15 cases just within a few blocks here. >> adding to the concern friday is lunar now new year a time when families give each other cash and some fear they could become victims using the atms. developing right now, former stanford employees accused of stealing hundreds of university laptops, mercury news reports eric casnadal da sold hundreds of stolen laptops costing the school over $2 million. his sister worked at stanford and say she would buy the computers and her brother resold them along with an accomplice. prosecutors say for now only casnayda has. charged. a new report lays out the missteps ahead of california's destructive fire ever.
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the national institute released its conclusions on the campfire which decimated paradise in 2018. the report includes recommendations like limiting wild land growth on major roadways. meanwhile as expected recent wildfires will impact this year's wine country grape harvest. the report volume wise the 2020 hit a low we haven't seen in a decade in part because of the impact of the wildfire smoke. taking a live look outside in san francisco on this thursday morning. a pretty sight. no rain right now but that should change in a matter of hours. kari hall has been timing it out for us. what are we looking at, kari? >> well, yeah if you're about to head out the door have the umbrella for later today. we're starting here at 1:00 in the afternoon with light rain covering the bay area. it does get a little bit heavier for parts of the north bay as we go into today.
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some of the pockets of the heaviest rain won't arrive until later this evening right here at 7:30. we can see there will be some heavy rain sweeping on through but it will be clearing out by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. what else is in the forecast with two additional storms in a few minutes. mike gives us a look at what's happening with the morning commute. >> that's right. take a look out there, what's happening at the bay bridge. we'll take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where things are moving smoothly. there was slowing. i was worried it was going to affect the metering lights. they did not turn them on and traffic is light here. the issue as we look at the map was a slow roller getting off. there was a disabled vehicle and there was slowing from treasure island towards freemont street. that's where they exited the freeway. a smooth drive just picking up the volume in the altamont pass. >> speaking of getting around, how about scaling things down.
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undersizing uber. next on "today in the bay" the office space san francisco's uber is ready to leave behind and the impact the pandemic is having on the company's bottom line. >> facebook thinks you would like to see fewer political posts and more baby pictures. we'll take a look coming up. >> the popular jeep ad staring music legend bruce springsteen pulled from airwaves. we're going to tell you what the boss did that is causing the jeep maker to part ways with the star. 5:10 this morning you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:12, if you are planning to head to the sierra this weekend let's check out alpine meds do and squall valley. we will have good travel conditions for tomorrow after light snow comes down today and you will ski with snow falling on saturday and it clears up on sunday. call ahead for the covid-19 dplooins. we'l few minutes. >> all right. looking for those changes and looking for no changes on the roadways, but we will have some work that continues at the golden gate bridge. the southbound side looks fine but from spencer to the span a few lanes blocked by a crew still doing their hard work there. they should clear over the next halfour. scott? >> good morning, mike, everyone. happy thursday to you as well. facebook would like its users to
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see fewer political posts, maybe more baby pictures. facebook will start experiments with slowing down the distribution of political posts in brazil and canada and then maybe bring the idea here. of course, the question becomes, what is political? is sharing an article about someone who stormed the capitol political? probably. is raising money for the family of the officer killed at the capitol political? that's a hard question for facebook to answer. they've got hard questions ahead. twitter says it will ban donald trump forever, even if he's running for president next cycle. even if he wins and he's president for four more years. a commentator on nbc yesterday pointed out if trump had twitter right now he would probably be hurting his own impeachment case by live tweeting it. >> hid in the inside and emergency escorted away because of fear. >> that's one of the video clips played by house prosecutors at the second day of the trump
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trial. they got it from parler, for all intents and purposes doesn't exist anymore, but you may recall computer users were able to download parler's entire database of content and user information. parler left it exposed. that's been a treasure trove for house impeachment managers who have an unfettered look inside of all of the parler conversations. the head of the fed jay powell warns the economy faces difficulty ahead pushing stock prices higher because investors expect the fed's interest rates to remain low. low rates, more money in the em. we'll get the latest jobless claims in 15 minutes. best buy says it will cut jobs and cut back perhaps on the numb of stores. now the thing is sales at best buy are up by a lot. people in the pandemic buy new tvs, video game consoles,
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freezers to store the groceries. they're having all of it done online. they're shipping it or picking it up curbside. rarely do you see the scenes we're showing you right now of people going into the store. i think of the things in this room i bought at best buy, showing up and popping the trunk. i don't see why i would change that. it's easier. >> we have to adopt and find jobs somewhere else. thank you, scott. uber is also trimming down, they're putting the brakes on some of their office space. the ride share company looking to sell up to 300,000 square feet of its new san francisco mission bay campus. that's according to the business times. uber would be just the latest company downsizing the bay area presence. uber's revenue losses were down in its latest quarter and made up for fewer rides with boosts from uber eats. the boss is facing all new fallout. >> "today in the bay's" marcus washington joins us with more
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and we're talking about the boss boss. >> absolutely. we're learning this morning bruce springsteen was arrested back in november for dwi in new jersey. this all comes and now automaker jeep is responding to that news by pulling the super bowl ad starring the rock legend. according to a spokesperson for the national park service springsteen was arrested in november in gateway national recreation area, also known as sandy hook. there has been no comment from springsteen reps. social media has caused actress gina carono to lose her role in man da lor rin. lucas films says it cut ties after posting messages comparing the local political climate to nazi germany. nbc news has reached out to her for comment. and today the legal fight over britney spears' fortune and daily life is scheduled to return to court. this comes days after the
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popular "new york times" documentary raised new concerns over the pop star's well being. brittney's father james spears has been her conservator since 2008. that grants him control to manage financial, legal and even social affairs for his daughter. that could change today depending on the outcome in court today. chris and laura. >> thanks, marcus. trending this morning, color the golden arches orange as in hi-c orange. remember that when they used to serve it. mcdonald's is bringing back the popular drink after a four-year absence fans even have special website tracking the restaurants that offer it. more grownups are buying happy meals because mcdonald's now has a pokemon themed happy meal that comes with trading cars in high demand. money talks. cards are selling up to $1,000 online. some locations are limiting the
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happy meals you can buy at once. if i pull up i need three. >> but if those grownups are buying those they're going to be hungry because they're not big. let's check in with mike. >> you're going t big if >> good morning, good morning. i have many friends, many over 25, older than pokemon who want that meal. let's take a look and see how traffic flows at the green level and that's great around the bay. zoom out highway 84. also notice northbound heading up in toward brentwood and byron a little slowing typical around this time and lasts about ten minutes. we'll make sure it clears. no problems towards the bay bridge across that span a smooth traffic, across that richmond san rafael bridge a smooth drive. 101 north 101 off the bridge with the overnight road work there or at the san rafael exit
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that continues tonight through possibly november or december. that's a long-term overnight project. ngs are looking good no dry weather as we get a look at the approach of this next storm system coming in. we can see some light spotty showers approaching the coastline. we have storm ranger all over it tracking this rain as it moves in. right now some light showers moving in to some of the coastal areas in mendocino and sonoma counties. we have three storms headed our way over the next several days and all of them look pretty weak. we're not expecting any major problems, but it's good to see we have an active weather pattern headed our way and we are going to see some waves of rain, the first one starting to move in later today with the possibility of anywhere from about a half inch to maybe closer to three quarters of an inch of rain by the time we get
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through saturday, especially in parts of the north bay. but most of us staying around a half inch. the sierra will get a foot of snow this weekend but through next week with another cold front and storm system coming in we could see up to about 33 inches of snow in total over the next week. really good news there as well as here in the bay area. our temperatures are staying seasonable as we look at our inland highs we will see waves of rain coming in every other day. today, saturday and monday will be the days to remember that we will see some of those showers passing through the bay area. and now we turn our attention to our climate in crisis. we've been talking about all of the problems we've seen for thed things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint as well as reduce your waste. a look at one of your climate hacks, what is it? >> that's right. moving forward on thursdays i'm
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going to be showing planet friendly swaps for things around your house. check this out. >> from begins to drawers, stacks of these, paper bills can become more than just clutter around the house. think about it between water and light bills we throw away a lot of paper. researchers at the university of southern ind says the average american tosses 13,000 pieces of paper a year most is mail. most of it actually ends up in a landfill. >> hey, vianey, time for your climate hack. what can you do? companies offer an efriendly option you can do from your phone. that means instead of getting a physical piece of mail he would get an e-mail or text alert instead. green says switching to electronic bills you could
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prevent seven pounds of envelopes and bills being printed in the first place. if everyone living in san francisco, for example, got their bills electronically that would save more than 5.7 million pounds of paper in just one year. for more climate hacks and information, follow me and check out and i'll see you guys on social for more climate hacks. we will be back right after the break. stay with us.
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good tips. >> coming up next the top stories we're following today including coronavirus and the classroom. is a new statewide plan for reopening schools coming soon? governor newsom's battle playing out. california's critical shortage. a live report on the mass vaccine sites shutting down because of a lack of doses.
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right now at 5:30. facing a shortage, live reports on the mass vaccination sites being closed across the state due to lack of shots. >> we expect to receive more reports from labs detecting such variants in the coming weeks. >> experts assess the latest fast-moving strain of covid officially identified in two bay area counties. ahead in a live report, what they're saying about the people who were infected and how that variant was identified. >> we're firing up nbc bay area storm ranger because more much needed rain is on the way. meteorologist kari hall is timing it all out for us as "today in the bay" continues right now. at least we're clear right now this thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez. marcus washington will join us coming up. mike, sounds like you might be busy because kari says it's going to be off and on like the
5:31 am
metering lights. >> yeah. we're going to see that rain coming in later today. we're right now off so at least the morning commute is good. the evening commute all bets are off because we will see the rain rolling through and we are going to see scattered showers starting out by early in the afternoon for parts of the north bay getting heavier later this evening. mike, heading out the door now, you want to make sure you grab the umbrella for later. >> that's right. kari, we'll plan ahead. right now things are in the clear on the roadways well. the green sensors indicate lighter volume and i will take you to the bay bridge, an on ramp getting away from san francisco on the eastbound 880 at 7th. a crash sounds like it happened right there should be cleared quickly. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll watch both sides and all sides of the bay. back to you, laura. >> thank you very much. meantime on capitol hill, house impeachment managers
5:32 am
building the case against donald trump that he incited an insurrection. they're expected to wrap up and trump's defense will followed. yesterday investigators were rattled. many believe donald trump will be acquitted in the end because democratic senators won't have the votes from the republicans. less than 15 minutes, scott mcgrew will bring us analysises on the trial. l.a. county is going to temporarily shut down the mass vaccination site as several of them in fact because it's about to run out of doses. "today in the bay" bob redell is live outside levi stadium and any indication we could see the same situation here as we see in l.a.? >> so far no. good morning, chris. levi stadium behind santa clara started administering about 1,000 doses a day, started that this week. we expect that to continue.
5:33 am
you'll recall the center started last week and the oakland coliseum expected to start soon as another mass vaccination site here in the bay area. cvs pharmacy was supposed to start today, but its vaccination program got pushed back to tomorrow at 100 locations throughout the state including at least three here in the bay area. sunnyvale, south florida and sonoma. the rollout for california pharmacies is limited to 82,000 doses. the goal for cvs is 20 to 25 million shots a month nationwide. that's their goal. the vaccinations by the way are by appointment only. los angeles as you mentioned is temporarily closing dodger stadium and four other mass vaccination sites. this is a temporary closure because it is expected to exhaust its supply of the moderna vaccine today. mayor eric garcetti said los angeles only received 16,000 new doses this week, only 3,000 more
5:34 am
it uses in a typical day. the state of california is set to receive 622,000 doses next week, 29,000 more shots than we received this week. so far as you can see on your tv screen, california has administered nearly 5 million doses of the covid vaccine. that's about 65% of our allotment. reporting live here in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay". >> thanks, bob. taking a live look at sfo this morning, where travelers are being closely monitored. this as bay area health leaders keep a close eye on potential variants from overseas. this week two cases have been discovered here of a variant first identified in south africa. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live to explain how researchers connected the dots on this one. >> good morning. right now the researchers are pointing to international travel. now one of the individuals with that variant is said to have
5:35 am
traveled in mid-january and came back to the bay area, quarantined and fell ill. they weren't ill enough to be transported but they were sick, in fact. the other individual with the same variant also traveled and they are from alameda county, the first individual santa clara county. according to dr. moss, alameda health offices some counties like alameda are working to improving how they monitor for the variants. dr. moss says the county is expected to start receiving reports from labs actually detecting varntsz of the virus in the coming weeks and as the strain first identified in south africa is identified in the bay researchers are looking for other varntsz including strains from the uk and brazil. the question across the u.s. how effective are the available vaccines against these strains. dr. anthony fauci spoke to the "today" show's savannah guthrie about that variant identified in the united kingdom. take a listen.
5:36 am
>> the sobering news it does spread more rapidly. we know that from the uk experience. the uplifting news the vaccines we have, the moderna and the pfizer and very likely the ones that will be coming online soon, seem to do well against this uk variant. >> reporter: now dr. fauci said the next steps to slow the spread what is we've been doing so far, stepping up the public health measure of masking an practicing the social distancing combined with vaccinations. he said those two together should help slow the spread of that variant. now it is important to note that the cdc is requiring all international travelers heading to the united states to present a negative covid test that was taken within three days. it is also important to note that the cdc has updated a list of tier level risk factors for the countries, meaning different countries and where they stand in the risk levels. i will share that information on my social media pages as well as
5:37 am
the information about that negative test needed to travel internationally. we're live at sfo, cierra johnson, for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. 5:36 right now. california is showing more signs of progress in the pandemic. yesterday the state reported a two-week average of nearly about 14,000 new cases. that is a drop of nearly 27,000 from last month's peak. at least 45,000 people sadly in california have died. total cases are approaching 3.5 million. many californians this morning wondering if governor newsom will deliver on what he calls a $6 billion early action package for school reopenings. we heard him talk about it earlier this week and suggested an announcement could come as early as tomorrow. his previous school reopening plan now dead in the water. some bay area school districts are stuck with their unions unwilling to agree on reopening classrooms without vaccinations. the issue has come up for school
5:38 am
districts including san francisco and districts in berkeley, other districts are waiting for more guidance from the state. let's get fresh air, head outside. at least through a picture, right. taking a live look towards the bay bridge in san jose right now. clear right now, a little chilly, but kari hall has been tracking when this rain is set to return. by this afternoon, kari? >> yes, for most of us it will be this afternoon. we are starting out with sprinkles around from cloverdale on 101. getting ready to head out may need a couple swipes of the windshield wipers but most won't see the rain until later today. we're dealing with dense fog in the north bay but heading out in the backyard for home school recess in petaluma it's going to be cloudy through 11:00 and then the rain starting to arrive by noon. we'll time it out for the rest of the bay area, that's coming up in a minutes. laura? >> benched.
5:39 am
next on "today in the bay" the reason one nba team was refusing to play the national anthem before home games and the action the league is now taking. plus this morning we take a closer look at that question, when am i able to get the vaccine? there is now a new way to get that information and get alerts on any changes cutting down on some of that stress. i'm going to tell you all about it coming up. and for our special bay area black history month series, we honor musician and singer and songwriter jimi hendrix. he lived in san francisco during the 1960s. his apartment as you may know is now a tourist destination and known as the hendrix house. among his many career accomplishments the musician headlined the woodstock festival in 1969. my mother-in-law was there. his band was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in
5:40 am
1992. "rolling stone" magazine ranked the band's three albums among the 100 greatest albums of all time. we remember the sounds, the life and legacy of the great jimi hendrix.
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and comfortably shop over a million square feet of in- stock flooring! our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. all in one stop! visit floor and decor in person or online. right now at 5:42 if you have plans to get outside in san jose get out early. we will start out with some clouds but rain won't arrive
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until about the early afternoon hours. getting heavier this evening. we will talk about if rain helps clear pollen from the air that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. we're looking at clear on the bay bridge if you're heading there, there may be an issue. the span looks okay getting to the lower deck out of san francisco, we have a crash blocking a couple lanes right now. the toll plaza is clear. we'll update you on these aspects coming up. 5:43. we want to get you breaking news. latest jobless numbers out first-time claims hit 793,000 more than analysts expected and a slight decrease from last week. january's unemployment rate last week was 6.3%. on the first day of the impeachment trial house managers showed video that horrified the american public. on the second day video that reminded those inside the building how close they came to harm.
5:44 am
scott mcgrew was really surprising to see. >> it was close. a change in strategy on the part of house impeachment managers tuesday reminding us how bad it was, reminding us, wednesday reminding the senators who will deliver donald trump's verdict how bad it really was. an extraordinary well done, well-organized presentation but together by stacy plasket showing the attack on january 6th. we've seen the video from the outside but house managers showed security foot annual from the inside as the invaders breached the windows and doors. we saw vice president mike pence being hustled down a set of stairs by secret service as the attackers headed his we heard again as those trump supporters called for pence to be executed. >> trump's supporters had erected a gallos on the lawn front of the capitol building.
5:45 am
is another group of rioters chanted "hang mike pence" as they stood in the open door of the capitol building. you can hear the security alarm through the door in the background and you can hear the mob calling for the deaths of the vice president of the united states. >> it's the first time we the public have gotten an idea of how close the attackers came to reaching america's leadership. members of congress know full well but were reminded by the videos. >> i'm angry, i'm disturbed, i'm sad. we're reliving this. we lived it once and that was awful. and we're now reliving it as a more comprehensive timeline. >> house impeachment managers trying to show the attack was not about political party, it was about one branch of
5:46 am
government, the executive, turning forces on another branch of the government, the legislative. we also saw for the first time body camera video from one of the capitol police officers as he was beaten. you can see a hockey stick fly up in the air and down on the officer. one officer died after he was struck by a fire extinguisher and another suffered a heart attack after he was beaten with a blue lives matter flag. in all of this reuters reports a significant number of what we might call traditional republicans, law and order, free trade, low deficits are thinking about forming their own new set of right political group led by some of the same leadership in the bush and reagan presidencies. names under consideration including the integrity party and center right party if they form a faction they may call themselves the center right we are monitoring everything that's hpening in the argument
5:47 am
prosecutors. >> get 100 million vaccinated, the pledge of the biden administration in the first 100 days in office as millions more vaccines are being distributed across the country. we are seeing a rise in the questions surrounding when and where to get the vaccine. this morning "today in the bay" anchor marcus washington has information on a new site to help navigate this daunting process for a lot of folks, marcus? >> yeah. laura and kris, finding out who is able to get the vaccine can be tough. the website will not determine who will get the vaccine but when it is your turn it's going to help the process. this is a partnership with nbc as well as our parent company comcast nbc universal that site plan your launching today is called a one-stop shop. once the site you're on that site you will be able to log in your location and information that will determine when you will be eligible to get the vaccine. >> it will lead you to where you can go, what site you can go to
5:48 am
and keep those updated which is more important so instead of you having to constantly go back it will notify you when changes have been made. these are important steps to make it easier because if it's easier for you you're likely to get the vaccine. >> and dr. torres says really this is a great resource for a lot of people and it could help people actually get the vaccine because it's going to make it easier moving towards vaccinating more people. another great tool on this website say you live in california but you have family, loved ones that live no another state. you're actually able to log on and find out information for that family member or loved one, like me in california, i have family intennessee, my grandmother has gotten the vaccine but my parents i can log on and see when they are able to get it and get alerts and inform them and get them to that location. a great tool. if you want to know more about this website it's going to be on the "today" show this morning, great way to find out what's going on with that and keep up to date on all those benefits.
5:49 am
laura? >> good to help out everybody as well. thank you, marcus. the nba now pushing back on the dallas mavericks' decision to stop playing the national anthem. the league released a statement requiring all teams to play the anthem before all games. mavericks' owner mark cuban are telling him they don't feel it represents them. they did play the anthem at home last night for the first time. fresh off winning the super bowl. players got on boats and rode down the river yesterday. a lot of them without masks. the part when brady decided to throw the lombardi toss it to teammate cameron brate. thankfully he caught it. devin white was caught carrying the trophy on the field while riding a horse.
5:50 am
we had the world series trophy come through here, we weren't allowed to breathe on it. >> oh, yeah. they came with gloves and the works. same thing with the stanley cup. >> we with didn't win it. he's won seven. he's pretty confident in the tossing. >> yeah. the rules still apply, brady. let's check out that forecast. >> all right. we're starting out with a lot of clouds moving into the bay area, but we know that rain will be here later today just a couple of spotty sprinkles for our morning. if you're like me and suffer from allergies it's been bad. we have a moderate amount of cedar, ash, elm and pine, pollen floating through the air, mold is low. many people wonder, does rain help clear pollen from the air and the answer is yes, at least temporarily. we do see the rain kind of pulling that pollen down and a light steady rain is best and it kind of brings it down to the ground and breaks it up into
5:51 am
smaller pieces rather than having clumps of pollen flying through the air at high distances. the good thing is that it -- does clear the air but mold can start to come up. we need the rain and we'll take it and we're going to start to see the rain first in the north bay by 1:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon. spreading into the south bay. mostly after sunset later this evening. we will take a break from the rain tomorrow and our second storm system comes in early on saturday. at this point it looks weak and doesn't look to bring us widespread heavy rain, hit or miss scattered showers and on sunday we're clear from rain but another one coming in early on monday morning. so tracking not one, not two, but three storm systems set to move in within the next week but the good thing is that none of them are particularly strong and will bring in beneficial rain over the next several days.
5:52 am
we'll have a chance to let that soak in with those days in between as our temperatures stay in the low 60s. mike, you've been watching the commute. any problems popping up? >> no. traveling at a reasonable rate like the rain coming in. that's good news. my voice has some of the pollen effect. the roadways where we have the effect of an earlier crash and now chp has it listed as activity past seventh heading over toward the bay bridge away from the central freeway. the slowing started to clear and i believe they have the lanes clear toward the lower deck. if you jump at the bay bridge toll plaza, a look shows you the crowd is starting to build at the incline. at the toll plaza we see a smooth flow. >> thank you, mike. happening now the president of the tokyo olympic organizing committee is reversing course and now going to step down. this follows growing pressure over sexist remarks he made last week when he stated that a board with many female members
5:53 am
requires more time for meetings. he later retracted those comments and air on nbc bay area starting july 23rd. >> much more ahead on this thursday morning including a play at home for the oakland a's. the decision outside the lines that may speed up the push for a new waterfront stadium. remember this scuffle involving the president of the toronto raptors and an alameda county deputy during the nba championship? there's been a sudden reversal in the legal fallout. and we'll have more on the confusion over double masking. all solved. up next, brand new this morning, what dr. fauci just said to us about -- said about it to nbc news. 5:53. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:56. you're watching "today in the bay." the cdc says doubling up on your mask more effective than first thought in containing the spread of covid-19. leaders instead of one can block more than 90% of the virus. adding a surgical mask under a cloth mask is said to be the best combo. on the "today" show dr. anthony
5:57 am
fauci breaks it down for us. >> a surgical and cloth based mask put them together and you increase effectiveness because it makes it harder for the tiny particles to get through your month. >> that was dr. john torres. now another recommendation, wear masks with nose wires and the knotses on the ear loops of some of the surgical masks pull them tight for the best fit. the bottom line any mask better than no mask. new details for you an alameda deputy is dropping his lawsuit against the toronto raptors president. you might remember the scuffle in 2019. it happened after the raptors won the nba finals over the warriors. the raptors president wanted to join his team on the floor but the deputy claimed he didn't provide proper credentials that led to the shoving match in the
5:58 am
video. the oakland a's far away interest realizing their dream of a new stadium but a win in court could streamline that process. the a's hope leaders that give them the green light to start building a new stadium at howard terminal some time this year they will have to get the environmental impact report presented and cleared. a judge reportedly ruled any challenges to the eir will have to be hashed out within a 270 day time frame. that decision defeats a legal challenge by special interest rate -- interest groups tied to the shipping industry. >> horses for sale for $1. you heard that. modock national forest service is hoping to sell the horses to experienced trainers. other horse enthusiasts can score a deal. you need at least 400 square feet for the horse, a shelter, trailer an fencing. the horses have a meaningful legacy. they were instrumental in world war i and have roamed the area
5:59 am
for hundreds of years now. >> don't let my daughters see that. right now at 6:00, day three, today the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. house managers will continue to lay out their case using never before seen video to match trump's words to the actions of his supporters inside the capitol building on january 6th. we have live coverage continuing this morning. covid on the minds of many. new variants emerge in the bay area. our complete coverage is next. let the rain come down. storm ranger tracking when it will get to you. kari hall tracking three storms. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. >> we need that rain and snow in the sierra. ski week coming up for some kids. thank you so much for joining us.
6:00 am
i'm laura garcia. >> i'm krz kris sanchez. mike will be tracking the rolls. kari, when will that be? >> we'll see rain later this afternoon but the wide view of all of those storms lined up out there in the pacific and as we mentioned one, two, three storms is on the way and we're not looking at really strong storms, but they will each bring in beneficial rain to the region. this one starts out with light spotty sprinkles for the north bay and heavier later on this afternoon as it moves into the north bay by about 1:00 to 2:00 today. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead in the forecast coming up. mike, how is it looking heading to work? >> overall things are moving smoothly, but heading to work from the peninsula towards san francisco look at this some slowing for a crash that happened recently over there in northbound 101 approaching oyster point. th


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