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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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finally moved in. it's a great old house. good bones, wraparound porch. the pipes are... making strange noises. ♪bagpipes♪ ♪bagpipes♪ ♪bagpipes♪ even the plumbers couldn't help us. nope. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which saves us a ton. for bundling made easy, go to tonight at 11:00, gunfire at a bay area target. the wild and scary chain of events inside and outside this store. >> also, are you ready for a night out in the city? >> the one tier rules being rewritten by san francisco. the changes coming to indoor and outdoor dining. >> but first, jumping the line. a bay area health care provider in trouble tonight.
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if you're still waiting for your covid shot, this story might anger you. tonight that san francisco-based health care provider that said it caters to its members is accused of administering vaccines to members not eligible. >> the city department of health said it not only is not giving to one medical, terry mcsweeney is at one medical. how did this happen, terry? >> reporter: one medical agreed to provide vaccines to people 65 and older and some health care workers. according to the san francis public health department, it failed on both counts. one medical is say national health care provider based in san francisco that anyone can join for $199 per year. it agreed with the san francisco department of public health to provide vaccinations to those 65 and older. in-home care providers and health care workers such as
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emts, dentists and others who are unaffiliated with large health care providers. but tonight the county health department says it found people had received the vaccine who were under 65 and not health care workers. one medical's response indicates a number of doses were administered to patients who were under 65 who self-identified as phase 1-a health care workers but were not in-home support services workers. dph referrals or one medical health care worker employees. because of this and our inability to identify the 1-a status of the cohort, dph stopped allocating doses to one medical. not only that, the health department is taking back more than 1600 doses from one medical to distriblt to other health care providers. one medical said those we vaccinated within the notification in the sfdph specifically said they were eligible. we had permission to vaccine this group and were transparent with sfdph about our process and
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protocols to do so. in an interview earlier today, before the allegations against one medical surfaced, its chief medical officer dr. andrew diamond told our investigative unit about his concern in general about requiring people to show proof that they qualify to get vaccinated. >> a lot of the people in most dire need of vaccination really would not have the first idea as to how to upload something. and by being overly focused on that requirement, we risk vaccinating far fewer people than we need to at this point in time. >> reporter: one medical was allow today retain enough doses to provide second doses to people who already received their first dose according to the county. in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> another grim milestone late tonight. we learned california has become the first state to cross 50,000 deaths. you see the number there, 50,992 people have died from covid.
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one in ten covid deaths in the united states have happened here in california. >> also new at 11:00 tonight, oakland city leaders are calling for change at the coliseum mass vaccination site. it's been open for a week now and city leaders say they are already seeing a stark inequity in who is getting vaccinated. in a letter to the state and federal officials, vice mayor and trevor reed say communities with the most privilege are getting the highest proportion of vaccination appointments while the hardest hit communitiess suffering the worst impacts and harms are receiving the least amounts of vaccine. that is their claim. the city leaders want to change in the online system so that it only provides appointments to people living in target areas. they also want funding for community outreach groups to help sign people up to get vaccinated. at least 500 doses a day to be set aside for the mobile vaccination program that would help the homeless. vaccination site is run by both the state and fema. fema so far has not gotten back to us. >> we continue to follow the story that's caught a lot of
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attention when we first reported it last week. just how many people are actually showing up to get their vaccine and how many people are not. in santa clara county, two weeks ago more than 4500 people were no-shows for their appointments. tonight we have learned even more people missed their appointments last week. 5,000 people. county health officials say these rates of no-shows are normal. they expect 10 to 15% of people who make appointments to miss them for various reasons. however, the county says it has a built-in system around this assumption, so that no-shows don't result in wasted doses. one way the county does that is by overbooking appointments. >> okay, targeting the pharmacy inside target. a robbery and shooting at ate big box store in the east bay had customers and employees running and ducking for cover. tonight two people have been arrested. as nbc bay area's cheryl hurd tells us, a witness was there says it was not the shopping experience that she'd been hoping for.
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>> reporter: target management started letting customers in this store on lone tree way this evening following an afternoon filled with chaos and terror. at around 2:00 p.m., police rushing to the scene when they got calls of a robbery and shooting. we talked to a witness who watched it all unfold while in line at the pharmacy. she did not want to be identified. >> i see the pharmacist with his hands in the air. so i started to say, the pharmacy is getting robbed. i got louder and louder. finally everybody heard me. and after that you heard gunshots. i mean, it all happened within like five seconds, that quick. >> reporter: customers started running and ducking for cover. as the suspects started leaving the store, a gun went off. a man at the entrance of the store was shot in the leg. he suffered a non-life threatening injury. outside the store, the chaos continued. >> people were going ballistic left to right, running into each other.
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all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: jocelyn baker said she saw one of the suspects jump into this get away car. >> that's when i heard this loud bang, like car collision. and then as i parked my car, i heard the woman at the front door, target, shouting, he's got a gun, he's got a gun. and everybody is pointing this way and they were pointing at that guy. >> reporter: the suspect's car a black mercedes slammed into a police car. police are confirming two people were arrested on two charges, assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery. in antioch, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. we have new details in the search for a missing san francisco teenager. her name is caitlyn galeried. she was last seen last week. she left her home and never told her family. bank records do indicate money was withdrawn from her account.
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her father says a withdrawal was made in chinatown, then days later in sacramento. caitlyn is 5'1" and weighs 90 pounds. >> plus smash and grab in broad daylight, this happened at golden gate park. a man reached into a parked van and take off with the owner's belongings. the owner chased them but was able to get away in a chevy impala. >> the next bay area county to enter the red tier, indoor dining will be allowed by next week. tonight city leaders releasing some new rules. nbc bay area's jean elle has more on what to expect. >> we had a really goods late night rush here. >> reporter: they are looking forward to staying open after 10:00 p.m. glen, a change that is likely next week when a state is expected to give san francisco the green light to enter the red tier. a tier that will also bring back indoor dining at limited capacity. for restaurants that means hiring staff back. >> that's the first thing that's
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really exciting to all of us that we get to bring back our teammates. >> reporter: they will have to close indoor dining a the 10:00, outside can go later. three families will be able to gather. inside tables limited to one household. they expect state red tier approval tuesday and will allow people to dine inside wednesday. at novy they plan to transition slowly. >> when we do open for indoor dining, that everything is safe for our staff and our patrons, so we're definitely not going to rush into something at the moment, but we are very excited about the direction everything is going. >> reporter: they plan to wait at least a week. >> of course we're anxious to have everyone back but we can't to keep everyone safe. we don't want to go backwards again. >> reporter: they will pivot from education to citing new health order. remaining you cautious is key to continuing the reopening
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process. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> we'll show you a map so you can get a better idea what we're talking about. san francisco is currently in the purple tier along with six other bay area counties. but a big change for san mateo and marin counties. they moved into the red tier. so what does that mean for people in those counties? well, here's a look at what can open and what to what extent is can. indoor dining can resume at 25% capacity. gyms and fitnesses, 10% capacity. movie theaters 25%. movies and a care yusmeiro 25%, retail 50% capacity. in san mateo county businesses eagerly awaiting to reopen welcomed back customers. you have indoor dining, indoor expanded shopping in salons. that extra freedom attracted visitors from outside the county. >> we heard that gyms were open today so we decided to check out the gym because san jose is actually still doing outdoor.
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so we wanted to get back into the indoor mode. >> reporter: how was it? >> it was actually good. >> now, many people did tell us they may wait a bit longer unless they see safety precautions required and enforced. >> it could be just days away. a third option for a covid shot. an important update from the fda about the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> plus, how did it happen and why. of the red flags being raised about the dangerous stretch of road where tiger woods lost control of his suv. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. tracking some gusty winds on our monday tan peaks. we'll show you when that gets out of here and details on rain, when we could finally see some rain return. i'm back with that in 7 minutes.
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new details from the tiger woods car crash. today an l.a. county supervisor officially called for a review of the stretch of road where tiger lost control of that suv.
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people living in this area, rancho palos verdes say combination of of a steep grade, curves and wide lanes makes it very easy for drivers to go faster than the posted 45 mile per hour speed limit. >> you really have to pay attention to your brake. if you coast, just take your foot off the gas, you coast down the hill, you can easily hit 80 miles per hour. >> no determination yet on what exactly caused the crash. there have been 13 accidents, though, on that same stretch of road since just last year. as for woods himself, the 45-year-old remains in the hospital following multiple surgeries and procedures. doctors say it will take months for him to recover. >> well, cut the police budget and give the money to community groups instead. an oakland community group is renewing its long-standing demand. today the defund police coalition held a virtual news conference. they are pushing for redirecting police funds to community groups or replace police in responding to non-violent calls. like for mental health checks or
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traffic stops. supporters say it would cut down on the number of unnecessary and sometimes deadly confrontations with officers. oakland city council president says it is clear something needs to change, but wants to hear more before deciding what. >> we have to figure out how do we better respond to mental health crises, how do we respond to domestic violence, to homelessness, to noise complaints. >> opponents said the department is already under funded and is struggling to keep the city safe. >> san francisco mayor london breed joining the police chief and other local leaders for a walking tour in the richmond district today. it was part of a show of solidarity for the asian american community. they wanted to hear concerns firsthand from the community. not only about the recent wave of hate crimes, but also about concerns related to the pandemic. the mayor said she wants to make sure she's sending a strong and simple message that hate won't be tolerated. >> don't come to our city with alma that [ bleep ] because we're not having it.
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if you want to come here and enjoy the city and show people respect and treat one another the way you want to be treated, that's what we're about. >> well said. so how can you help? nbc bay area, telemundo 48 and our parent company comcast have partnered with the bay area-based asian pacific fund. we will provide money through grants to organizations working to stop attacks against asians. if you want to donate any amount helps. we put a link on our website, >> number 3 the country appears close to having a third covid vaccine. the fda said the johnson & johnson shot is safe and effective. more than 45 million americans have now received at least one vaccine dose while about 55,000 remain hospitalized. nbc bay area's ian cull has the details. >> reporter: tonight the fda endorsing the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's a single dose that can be
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stored in a refrigerator, final approval for authorization eua could comfrey. >> if the eua is granted we will waste no time getting this lifesaving vaccine into the arms of americans. >> reporter: johnson & johnson says it will ship out 4 million doses immediately, and 20 million by the end of march. the company says it's 72% effective in the u.s. in preventing covid symptoms, much better than the yearly flu vaccines. it's below the first two, pfizer and moderna. experts say the most important statistic, it was 100% effective in preventing covid-related hospitalizations and deaths. >> all the vaccines have data we should be proud of and be excited about. >> reporter: ucsf infectious disease speaker dr. peter chin-hong expects the eua would increase supply while pfizer and moderna say they are on track to administer 3 million daily doses by april. >> it's super promising. two weeks ago we were seeing why
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open centers when we don't have enough vaccine? i think it was important to open them up because once we get the supply in, we'll have the infrastructure. >> reporter: and today rite aid said it's beginning to vaccinate people at some santa clara stores. to find out if you're eligible to get an appointment, you can sign up at the website. >> it's one block away, convenient for me. >> reporter: more places to get vaccine with doses on the way. in the south bay, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> let's check in with the vaccination progress. 10 million have been shipped to california from the federal government. 10.3 million arrived here in the state. 7.7 million doses have been administered. so what does all this look like here in the bay area? we've crunched the numbers here. this shows the percent of people who received one dose in the bay area. take a look at contra costa county leading the way with 21% of its population receiving at least one dose.
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same for san mateo county. other counties, marin county 19% as is san francisco county, and lagging behind is santa clara county, the biggest county in the bay area with just 16% thus far. jessica. >> people can get the vaccine in san francisco. they are vaccinating tier 1-b. teachers, child care workers, food service, emergency workers. napa, san mateo and napa have vaccinating the same groups. santa clara will start doing tier 1-b on sunday. and there is a new vaccination site at gilroy high school. it is up and running. santa clara county health officials say the new site will be able to vaccinate up to 2,000 people a day. health officials say gilroy is one of the hardest hit communities in the country and -- in the county, with more than one in ten people contracting covid-19. appointments can be made through the county's website sec free or you can call. nbc has launched a website, plan
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your vaccine. you enter your state, occupation, age, out, exhale, talk about our weather a little bit? let's bring in jeff ranieri as we head into thursday. we are almost at the end of the week, jeff. how are you doing? >> almost there, you guys. you know, we're monitoring some extremely gusty winds up across the mountain peaks. you have to go 3,000 feet and above to see these really extreme wind gusts. you can see what i mean here. mount saint helena up to 92 miles per hour. real quick burst of that. mount diab low 67. most of us in the lower elevations we average 15 to 30 miles per hour. and we're on a downward side of this wind event. our wind advisory expires at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. so, again, for the northeast and the south bay, a higher elevations, you still could get
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wind gusts here at least over the next couple of hours. the general trend as we move through the day will be that windy system moving off towards the east, and then we'll see this area of high pressure over here bump in a little closer with sunshine, a few clouds and that dry weather moving back in. you can see for tomorrow morning we're starting off pretty good, 42 in the south bay, peninsula 43, tri-valley at 40. jacket weather in place. whether you're up early trying to get a head start on the errands to the grocery store or go on some sort of exercise, got to have that jacket. over to east bay 41. san francisco 46 and low 40s in the north bay. temperatures warm up a couple degrees here as the windy system moves out. we'll see things warm up about 3 to 6 degrees. that will put us back to 69 in concord, 66 in san jose. but your eyes are probably going right up here to napa ahead of there tomorrow, some of the best weather going to be there with 70 degrees. my extended forecast does show here once we hit saturday, i do think we'll get some more wind
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in the mountain taun out of the northeast 15 to 40 miles per hour. that will linger into sunday morning. i think sunday afternoon the wind would calm down. you can see in san francisco daytime highs in the 60s, morning lows in the 40s. across inland valleys similar temperatures. 60s over the next several days and low 40s for the mornings as well. you'll see in my long range forecast here, i am looking at march 6th through the eighth, a 65% chance we're going to see a storm system bring us some rain. so, of course, we'll have more updates on that in the days to come. i have to say, jessica and raj, the top of the show, i think am i correct, i saw you both inside of the studio separated, of course, with distance. it was great to see it. you guys look magnificent. >> this is the closest we've been in a long time. 8 to 10 feet apart. >> exactly. we're in here, but we're rotating opposite from each other in here. yeah. >> we miss seeing you. >> looking good.
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>> thank you, jeff. up next, it's the end of an era. silicon valley saying good-bye to fries electronics. >> and happening now nearly a year after the pandemic forced disneyland to shutdown, at least one park is getting prepped for a mini reopening. disney's california adventure will be open march 15th through april 5th. limited admission. you will be able to dine and shop. it includes parking and $25 dining card. we're back in a moment.
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covid's still a threat. and on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first. ignore proper ventilation or rates of community spread, and the virus worsens. fail to provide masks or class sizes that allow for social distancing, and classrooms close back down. a successful reopening requires real safety and accountability measures. including prioritizing vaccines for educators. parents and educators agree: reopen schools. putting safety first.
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looking for the bite, the search intensifying for a coyote after five attacks in contra
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costa county. they are actively patrolling in lafayette. using cameras and traps on private property hoping to catch the coyote before it bites another person. there's been an increasing number of close encounters including this one spotted two weeks ago. it is unclear if the animal on this video is the one that's going around attacking people. >> after more than three decades in business say good-bye to fry's electronics. closing all of its stores, the chain launched in sunnyvale back in 1985. it became a clearing house for all kinds of electronic items and a gathering place for techies. in fact, many people we chatted with today said fry's helped them start their company. fry's has seen sales continuously drop over the last several years. it's a legendary spot. >> especially the oz tech temple one. >> we're back in a moment with draymond green, whatever did after the game. he became back out onto the floor. we'll show you next.
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okay. everybody knows it. it's all about the shoes. >> you have expensive shoes. >> but these are really important shoes because these are from an nba star. >> used shoes, sweaty shoes, but still sweet. the washington wizards in indianapolis, draymond green
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comes back out of the locker room, gives his high-tops to that kid. he'll have to grow into those shoes. leading the break here, nice pass to andrew wiggins. we go late in the fourth quarter. this is a good game. the warriors up by just one point. draymond, watch, drives to the hoop for the big slam. warriors beat the pacers 111. they improve to 18 and 15 on the season. >> he's in a better mood. >> he's without his shoes. the sharks game tomorrow night against vegas is postponed. here's why. tomas hertl was placed on the nhl covid protocol list. it's unknown if hertl has the virus or was exposed to someone. the nhl reviewing and revising the sharks schedule to figure out when that game against vegas will be played. the sharks are also supposed to host the blues on saturday night. we're back in a moment.
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to defend against dark forces attacking your organization, you need to see in the dark. to have the wisdom to understand multiple cyber threats. the precision focus to end attacks instantly. on computers, mobile devices, servers and the cloud. join the world's leading companies in our mission to defend. cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere.
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finally tonight, the iconic cliff house in san francisco is closed but now there is an effort to save some of the art. former owners plan to auction off the restaurant's art in two
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weeks, but local art experts say the pieces are too historic to let go. they're asking the community for help in hopes of raising $150,000 to stop the auction. the plan is to keep the pieces together somewhere in the city where they're available for the public to see. the clubhouse. >> many of these places like the cliff house that are closing are part of our history. >> i know. >> they tell the story of san francisco, so we need to somehow preserve it. >> every tourist comes to the cliff house. >> and local as well. thavgs for joining us at 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪


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