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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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we'll see you at 11:00. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ >> right now, at 11:00. high schoolers headed back to class. bay-area districts, announcing big changes. is your kid's school one of them? plus. it could get the green light, tomorrow. so what could a third vaccine mean for you? how quickly johnson & johnson's one-dose vaccine could be headed to california. also. my teammates heard it.
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their teammates heard it. nobody did anything. >> disheartening revelations from basketball star, jeremy lin, from his past and his present day. and has the nba taking notice. >> it's just shocking. i don't know. i just -- i can't wrap my head around -- around any of it. >> the racism lin says he's experienced on the court, and what's being done about it. okay. get the backpacks ready. school might be in session, soon. livermore schools announcing students return to campus next month. >> other bay area school districts are making the same move. nbc bay area's cheryl herd joins us now no livermore with some of the reaction. what are the parents and students saying, cheryl? >> well, this is great news for a lot of people. preschoolers, all the way through high school students, will be allowed back into the classroom. now, livermore is joining other bay-area school districts, as teachers are being vaccinated.
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friday night lights at livermore high school tonight. a team football practice. a slice of normalcy for students, days before they head back into the classroom. >> i teach because i love being around the kids. and without them there, physically, it's just not the same. >> livermore valley joint unified will start in-person classes next month. that means preschool through 12th grade students will be allow allowed to return to campus. >> i'm actually really excited to go back. it's going to be nice seeing everybody, one last time since i'm a senior. and i just miss, like, just seeing everyone's faces. >> reporter: mariah's best friend disagrees. >> even though online learning is hard, i just kind of feel like it doesn't make sense because, kind of, the end of the -- like, we're almost graduating. >> reporter: on march 4th, pleasanton unified school
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district preschoolers to 2nd graders will be able to see teachers in person, again. if alameda county remains in the red tier for five days, high schoolers will be invited back to school, on march 11th. san jose unified will be opening its doors, in some form, in april. primarily, because teachers are starting to get their vaccines next week. this has been a tough time for parents. dozens of them rallying in cities across the bay area tonight. >> superhappy the other school districts are taking notice and doing the right thing and opening up the schools. and i think this district needs to wake up and get onboard. >> reporter: this rally outside lee high school in san jose. other parents and students gathering, still, waiting for their schools to open. >> what the cdc has been saying about reopening, and everybody's telling us it's safe to reopen schools. yet, our school district doesn't really have a solid plan that
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they have released to us. >> reporter: some parents are just tired of waiting. cheryl herd, nbc bay-area news. cheryl, thank tple and syna can reopen, this weekend. late today, the supreme court ruled that santa clara county must allow indoor services to resume at 20% capacity. the decision reverses an earlier ruling, from the 9th circuit court of appeals. south bay health leaders say, though, they are disappointed in the supreme court's decision. they say, indoor gatherings and church services are still risky. a third covid vaccine has just passed the critical hurdle. an outside advisory panel gave a thumbs up to johnson & johnson's single-shot vaccine. and the final approval, expected to happen tomorrow. so what does it mean for distribution here in california? well, nbc bay area's ian cull spoke with the stanford doctor who voted for that approval. >> reporter: tonight, johnson & johnson says it's ready to ship millions of doses within days. after an fda-advisory panel
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recommended the fda go ahead with emergency-use authorization. stanford medicine's dr. haley ganz is on the panel that unanimously voted for approval. >> we feel that this is an important part of our ability to really fight the pandemic. >> reporter: i also asked what is her response to people worried about vaccine safety or claim these vaccines are being rushed through? she says the global-scientific community has come together, like never before. >> the way that information was shared, in this particular pandemic, was very different than the way it was shared previously. so, it's much quicker. there was a lot more collaboration that allowed all this to happen. so, people really shouldn't be concerned that the science was the part that was disrupted. it was all the other red tape and everything else that people, typically, have to go through. >> reporter: while the moderna and pfizer vaccines may be somewhat-more effective at preventing illness, j&j's version requires just one dose,
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is already effective against new variants, and is 100% effective at preventing hospitalizations and death. dr. fauci, today, again, urging americans not to wait or pass up that level of protection in hopes of getting a different vaccine. >> get vaccinated. the vaccine that's available to you, get that vaccine. >> reporter: j&j says it'll deliver 20 million doses, by the end of march. today, governor newsom says california expects to receive 1 million doses, in the next three weeks. all this will ramp up vaccinations. >> that single dose provides opportunities to bring those doses and vaccines to where people are because those dosesh the moderna and pfizer doses require. >> reporter: a third shot will, soon, be available in the pandemic arsenal to fight covid. ian cull, nbc bay area news. with these new vaccines coming in, there is a new goal for california. to vaccinate 3 million people,
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per week. that is statewide. right now, the california's vaccinating just below this number. so, how do we compare to the reblt rest of the country? this shows the number of vaccine doses given per 100,000 people. look at the yellow line here. this is the national average. right there. 20,000 doses per 100,000 people. those bars represent our nine counties. napa county leading the way followed by marin, sonoma, contra costa, and it keeps going this way. 30,000 doses per 100,000 people in napa county. all the way at the end is solano county, just below the national average at 19,000 doses. what about the state average? california has administered about 20,000 t? most of us do. here's a helpful website. it's called plan your vaccine. the goal is to connect you to what you need to do to secure an appointment. you go to the site. select your state, occupation, and age. then, the site pulls up the
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closest locations where you can get the vaccine. this is also very helpful for out of state friends and relatives. just go to >> at this hour, a pivotal meeting is happening right now in antioch. the mayor pushing forward with his police-reform plan. the mayor was originally planning to take action on that next months. but has him urging the council to consider the reforms now. among proposals, establishing a mental health crisis response team and increasing police accountability through the use of body-worn cameras. >> today's measures if, in my opinion, are common-sense solutions that will provide our police department the necessary tools to do their job, in a manner that will allow for the community to feel safe, respected. >> now, the council did vote to move forward with looking into how much those body-worn cameras would cost and information on the different types of models. well, for years -- >> for years, we have seen jeremy lin blossom in front of our eyes from palo alto high
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school to the nba. but this week, and specifically today, perhaps, his biggest impact. jeremy lin revealing he's been called an anti-asian slur on the basketball court. and he is opening, really, a larger dialogue about anti-asian hate. nba's taken notice and so has warriors' coach steve curr. >> reporter: tonight, warriors coach says he backs an investigation by the nba. >> i applaud jeremy for his words and -- and echo his sentiments regarding racism. against the asian-american community. >> reporter: palo alto native and veteran-nba player, jeremy lin took to facebook. writing in part, being a nine-year nba veteran doesn't protect me from being called coronavirus on the court. being a man of faith doesn't mean i don't fight for justice for myself and others so here we are again, sharing how we feel. is anyone listening? it's not, yet, clear when he was called a derogatory name on the
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court. lin joined the g league in january, after spending more than a year in the chinese basketball league. prior to that, he spent several years in the nba and became a global-fan favorite. he's recently become more vocal about anti-asian violence during an interview for nbc bay area's race in america series, he described one moment as a college player for harvard. when he was called an asian slur in front of a referee. >> my teammates heard it. their teammates heard it. nobody did anything, except, you know, one of my teammates got super-pissed and was like -- and -- and got into the ref's face and said i know you heard him say that. you're not going to do anything about it. >> reporter: the nba has not shared details about the investigation or any, possible sanctions. nbc, bay area news. we have interviewed jeremy lin for years. this time around, we sat down with him extensively. hardly anything to do about basketball. he is now getting up off his hands and talking about what is going on in this country. he's crossed that line of
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frustration. >> and you can see the progression in him, initially, starting to say little bit. over the last couple days, we have seen it grow and grow where he is finally said i am not going to tolerate this anymore and everybody should know. i think a lot of people are fearful sometimes to put themselves in the vulnerable position of speaking out. >> culturally, for many asian-americans, me included, you come from a reserved background and don't really say anything. and i think jeremy stale carries a big weight around the country, around the world. a lot of people will follow suit and feel more comfortable sharing their uncomfortable experiences with race. >> that's what we keep doing with race in america. we are going to have more from jeremy lin. he is going to be part of our next episode of "race in america." that is going to air on march 18th. so we hope that you will join us for that. just ahead. it's raising concerns and fear. we investigate a handgun with a frightening capability. one that police say is turning up at more crime scenes here, in the bay area. i'm chief meteorologist,
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jeff ranieri, tracking some wind for the weekend. i will tell you which day is the best day to be outside. i'm coming up, in about eight minutes. it's friday night. and some people are spending it back inside the movie theater. and popcorn is popping. we'll tell you about the experience, coming up.
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well, following some breaking news on capitol hill. this is a live picture. the house just passed president biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic-relief package. now, it is early, saturday morning, there, in washington. the bill includes $1,400, direct payments to most americans. an extra $400 a week in federal unemployment, through august. and also, billions for schools, states, and vaccine distribution. it passed, largely, along partisan lines. 219-212. it now heads to the senate for approval, where the provision to raise the minimum wage is likely to be removed. tonight, we investigate a particularly lethal handgun, the police say, is showing up in
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more crime scenes here in the bay area. >> some of those guns smuggled from as far away as utah, including one that was used in a double murder within weeks of coming into the state. investigative reporter, jackson has more. >> reporter: this is the fn 5.7 pistol. gun-control advocates tried to get it ban more than a decade ago but today it's not only legal. police say it's been showing up more and more on bay-area streets. >> when you get this type of a firearm, it really raises everybody's antenna of concern and fear. >> reporter: what worries law enforcement officials like san ma day yoe county district attorney, is while legal, is capable of firing piercing ammo. >> it's a scary thing because it can go right through the protective vest of a law enforcement officer.
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>> reporter: they've been linked to more than a dozen crime investigations in the bay area. including the murder of rapper in september. richmond authorities believe the hip-hop artist was essentially hunted down after posting on social media at this corner. his sister says her brother was a force for good in the community. >> everybody loved him. everybody listened to his music. richmond is empty without him. richmond has been very empty without him. >> reporter: she says her 29-year-old brother was attacked after he wept out of his apartment to get a soda. cutting short a career that had been inspiration to a community that's lost so many young men, including his own father and brother. >> i think that the guns in the street of richmond has gotten ridiculously out of control. when does it stop? when does the gun violence stop? >> reporter: a month before the slaying, police found two 5.7 handguns in east palo alto where
11:17 pm
two young men were killed in an apparent drug deal gone bad. one of those was traced to this gun store in utah. firearms records show a las vegas man bought it just 46 days earlier. >> and to think that a firearm purchased unlawfully in utah, ended up at a homicide scene in california is very disturbing, alarming, and it motivates us to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: john is the outgoing u.s. attorney in utah. his office is prosecuting nelson on 11 federal firearms trafficking related charges. nelson has pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer had no comment. huber says nelson had no-prior criminal record, and thanks, in part to a concealed weapons permit in utah and allegedly lying on purchase application, was able to buy more than 280 guns. many, destined for california. >> people perceive utah as more of a gun-friendly state and it probably is, politically,
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compared to california. and that may add to the image that maybe it's easier to get a gun here. and thern, you know, transport it to other places. >> reporter: eventually, huber say said, sellers became suspicious and alerted federal authorities. so far, investigators have tied 38 of those guns to crimes across the west. huber told us, he is most worried about the short span between when the guns were bought and when they were used in crimes. like, that double shooting in east palo alto. >> the shorter that window, the more alarming that is to us. and in this case, we have time to crime, from two days from purchase, up to a few months. >> reporter: in richmond, a memorial still stands where he was slain. his sister and her mother have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from far beyond the streets of richmond chronicled in his music. >> i didn't know how much impact he would hold. not only just me, with just people in the world. >> reporter: nbc bay area news.
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>> now, if you have a story for jackson or anybody else in our investigative unit, you can call 888-996-tips. or you can visit our website nbc bay >> we have come to the end of another challenging week. let's try to put a smile on our face. bring in jeff ranieri. talk about some sunshine. what do we have, jeff? >> we have got some really good weather mixed in between a little bit of wind here. i think, overall, the weekend's going to look okay for us. so, as we take it right into your saturday morning forecast. you will see, mostly sunny skies to start. yeah, it's going to be cold to start but it's the morning, after all. 40 here for the tri-valley. peninsula, 43. and looking good in the south bay at 41. east bay, san francisco, and also the north bay, more of those 40s to start. we have got the mildest weather there in san francisco at 48. now, the change we are going to undergo as we roll through tomorrow. it's all about a system dropping down across the waste west. it's almost identical to a pattern earlier this week and basically, that storm system's
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going to bring some -- a lot of snow to the mountain west. but we are going to be on the dry and windy side of it. so do expect sunshine but again, wind in the mountains. let's get a better fix on all of this and you can see, 8:00 tomorrow morning. our wind here, 6 to about 17 miles per hour. not too bad at the lower elevations but watch by the afternoon. as that orange-to-red color expands on the map. that is wind gust of 30 to about 45 miles per hour. again, in the mountains. i think it's going to be a quick burst of wind. once we hit saturday evening, we'll see some of that wind tapering off. and then, more of that wind starting to diminish as we head through sunday morning. temperatures, this weekend, not too much different from what we have been used to lately. 65 in santa rosa. looking good in napa at 66. oakland, 65. more mid-60s. san jose, also into morgan hill. now, with the breezy conditions, he allergies definitely could be bugging you. if you are headed out interstate 80, some great traveling
11:21 pm
weather. squaw valley, alpine meadows. teens for lows. they are open, ready for business just check ahead for those covid-19 guidelines. 244 trails. on my extended forecast, we are dry all the way through thursday. then, there is a chance of some showers by next friday. only a 55% possibility. but things are trending up, after that. for maybe a couple of systems to move in. and that definitely would be some good news. upper 60s here for the inland valleys for daytime highs and upper 30s to low 40s for those morning temperatures. so, jessica, raj, everyone at home, if you have brunch plans this weekend. sunday is going to be the best day. so don't cancel those plans, all right, raj and jessica? >> i'm not cancelling anything. >> she has a champagne brunch, i know it. >> 100%. >> oh, that sounds so good. >> 100%. >> happy friday, jeff. >> just ahead. a big night. a big night for the big three. movie theaters, yep, back open
11:22 pm
in just a few of our local cities. but the experience is a little different. we're going to take you inside. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone. tonight, we have all new show with queen latifah, paris hilton, and music from the network, who are definitely not green day. plus, thank you notes. it's a great show, tonight! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ discover new lines— in the stylish toyota highlander and 36 mpg highlander hybrid. toyota. let's go places.
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watch your speed. where red light cameras will, soon, light back up again in the south bay. >> plus, it's the first day of march. will the weather come in like a lion or lamb? meteorologist track your forecast. join us monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00. okay. picture this, raj. friday night at the movies. it is back in two bay area counties where theaters are allowed to reopen. and yes, movies with popcorn. real popcorn. >> butter. >> lots of butter and a diet coke. >> not exactly the same pre-pandemic but you know what?
11:25 pm
no one's complaining. here is nbc bay area's jean elle. >> reporter: people are excited to be spending friday night at the movies and even more excited to learn they can have popcorn. friday-night date night, yes. couples and families headed back to the movies. in san mateo and marin counties at the newly reopened cinemark theaters tonight. >> watching indoors and surround sound. nothing beats it. >> reporter: movie fans are excited to get back in front of a big screen. happy to see safety protocols in place. snapping pictures inside auditoriums, where capacity is limited. and some seats are off limits. >> yeah, they had the right distances between the seat -- seating. and each row was one on, one off. >> reporter: not all concessions are available. but popcorn made movie night feel like old times. >> it's part of the experience. that's half the difference between here and at home. >> yeah. we have popcorn. >> that's our favorite thing
11:26 pm
about going to the movies. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> i'm not alone. everybody wants to have popcorn. >> watch a movie. up next, show you what draymond green did tonight. something special. >> and then, happening now. lady gaga's dogs have been found, unharmed. lapd says the woman showed up with the french bulldogs tonight at the police station. it's not clear how she got them but investigators don't believe the woman is involved in the robbery. they were taken wednesday night after thieves shot and wounded the dog walker. lady gaga, as you know, offered half a million dollar reward for the safe return of the two dogs. no word on if that woman will receive the reward. we're back, in a moment.
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okay. you remember, a few nights ago, draymond apologized to his teammates for losing his cool. it's pretty bad. getting ejected from a recent game. tonight, an entirely new draymond. >> rejuvenated. and shared the love. that's the key word tonight. sharing. that's the mood. how can you not smile and have a good game when you are like that? warriors hosting the hornets. draymond.
11:30 pm
he was passing all night. and then, watch on the break. he is going to run the break. slash through the hoop and give it up to wiseman, the rookie. he had 17 assists, career high, part of a triple double. warriors beat the hornets, 130-121. >> how about the athletics? they have been trying to build that ballpark for more than a decade now. remember fremont? >> i think that was 12. >> then, they wanted to move in san jose. maybe, this will will be different, though. here are the new renderings of that proposed waterfront ballpark near jack london square. today, oakland released its environmental report and there are concerns from air quality to noise pollution. >> we were hoping to open by 2023. that's not possible because of the lawsuits we face because of covid. so we are really trying to understand when that can be because we only have a lease through 2024 at the current coliseum. >> okay. the current coliseum, the a's,
11:31 pm
the last team remaining at that coliseum complex and the last team in oakland. the city council needs to approve the project in order for it to move forward. we're back in a moment.
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controversy swirling around the golden globes two days before the big show. director and other stars tweeted the image of a cracked golden globe with the message hollywood foreign press association, not a single black member out of 87. the foreign press association vows to change that. it's also a virtual show, so things could be strange. >> even if it's remote, i get a chance to hang with my friend. >> this is like the world's most expensive zoom drink. >> tina fey will be posting and amy poehler, from rockefeller center. golden globes, by the way, this sunday on nbc bay area right at 5:00 so we should see what will happen. >> it should be entertaining, to say the least. that's going to do it for us here. happy weekend. >> bye! [ cheers and applause ♪


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