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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 1, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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♪ first the fda approval, now the johnson & johnson covid vaccine distribution begins immediately. the battle to get kids back into the classroom rages on with many school systems still at odds over what is safest tour strunt students and workers former president trump's cpac and the doctor in a zoom court hearing for a traffic violation in the millddle of surgery. plus the most challenging of
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golden globe awards ever staged coast to coast, it's monday, march 1, thanks for being ewith us i'm frances rivera >> and i'mlip mena the latest web in the fight against covid has just cleared another major hurdle >> we have 12 in favor >> reporter: the cdc has signed off on a recommendation for use and distribution of the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine. now under fda emergency use authorization for people 18 and older. setting the stage for doses to start shipping >> interim recommendation passes >> reporter: that means, millions of additional doses will soon be speeding across the country and into americans' arms johnson & johnson now joins moderna and pfizer vaccines already available.
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there are differences with johnson & johnson, instead of two doses, only one shot needed. and vials can be stored at regular refrigerated temperatures, rather than the subzero temps required of the other two. >> this is a vaccine that works. >> reporter: the white house is making a full court press urging americans to roll up their sleeves for the new vaccine with clinical trials showing it to be 72% effective, compared to rough any 95% efficacy with moderna and pfizer dr. anthony fauci said despite the number, the vaccine works. >> virtually 100 protective against hospitalizations and death as proven by the trial >> reporter: a point he underscored on "meet the press." >> all three of them are really quite good, if you go to a place that has j & j and that's the one available, i would take it
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i personally would do the same thing. >> reporter: johnson & johnson promises to ship 20 million doses by the end of march, 100 million by the end of june so far more than 178 million americans have gotten one dose of vaccine the wait is grueling and hoping these doses will make a department in lines like these. >> doing all the research and anything is better than anything >> reporter: which states will get the vaccine and how much, the white house has said the rollout will be much like the rollout of the other two vaccines for example, if a state is about 2% of the nation's population, then they'll get about 2% of the available supply phillip. >> good to see more help on the way. >> some large school systems will finally open for in person learning today our catie beck reports on one school district where teachers are pushing back >> reporter: teachers in montgomery county, maryland,
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stage a last minute protest against returning to in-person learning on monday >> we want to go back safe we want to go back >> reporter: the teachers union argues just not yet, saying the system is unprepared with resources and safety guards. you think this reopening now is premature? >> yes, definitely the plans are not in place >> reporter: since striking is illegal in maryland union leaders fear some will leave the system for good. this year, members voted no competence on plan to return >> schools can safely reopen >> reporter: but it didn't sway the school board >> and that is unanimous, thank you. >> offering all educators to be vaccinated before they open the schools would have gone a long way to show how much we care for these most valued people in our community. >> reporter: administrators say they have gone a long way to protect their school community >> they're excited
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>> reporter: at this middle school, principal joe beetleman points to stations, less cleaning four guys, less surfaces touched >> that is correct >> reporter: initial list, more than half the school will remain virtual. some students by choice, others by design, to keep class sizes small. under 14 students in a room. >> normally, this is filled with books, however, it's turned to just two classes >> reporter: montgomery county is the 14th largest school district in the country. normally, they have about 160,000 students enrolled. on monday, they'll start phasing students back in the door weren't of the largest school districts in the country to try it a few days a week other major school systems are facing challenges, l.a. won't open until all staff are vaccinated which may not be months and others between the unit and
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the parents. the cdc says they've met the benchmark spent millions of dollars, it's time to come back. are you feeling anxious about monday or confident? >> a little bit of both. >> reporter: teachers penchant with problems. one that they hope to mend how that learning should happen still under debate catie beck, nbc news, olney, maryland president biden is set to meet with mexico's president today as his predecessor returns to the public eye. former president trump spoke at cpac last night and strongly hinted that he will run again in 2024 according to the cpac straw poll 55% of attendees would vote for him in the primary, and 68% want
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to see him run again let's bring in our tracie potts. tracie, this could be a preview for 2024 >> reporter: though, he certainly gave hints that he would be on the ballot again in 2024, even that he would be campaigning against some republicans in 2022, next year, he called out a number of republicans, there were ten of him who did not support him in the last impeachment vote. he claimed credit for the vaccine rollout. he talked about the election, still claiming and suggesting that he won the election and he talked about immigration and the situation at the border, suggesting that the new biden administration has reversed what he did, and not in a good way. >> in just one short month, we have gone from america first to america last you think about it, right?
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america last there's no better example than the new and horrible prices on our southern border. we did such a good job, it was all work nobody's ever seen like we did, now, he wants it all to go to hell >> reporter: trump's criticism comes as president biden meets today with mexico's president where the situation at the border is certain to top their agenda phil. >> trying to re-establish relationships there, tracie, thank you. let's turn now to southeast asia and the escalating violence in myanmar that nation has seen one of its deadliest days violence has escalated ralph sanchez joins from us london tell us more about what's happened at the demonstrations. >> reporter: frances, phillip, good morning it's been almost a month since
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that coupe in myanmar. and it's taken a bloody turn, by far the bloodiest day since the co coup, they want to see democracy restored the biden administration is speaking out about what's happened in a tweet, secretary of state tony blinken condemned what he called abhorrence, and he talked to speak with one voice on the issue. the u.s. has already impose smd sanctions on the coup leaders in myanmar, but we're expecting more sanctions this week according to the white house finally the ousted democratic leader of myanmar appeared briefly in court this morning. that's interesting because we have not seen her in public since she was removed from power
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by the military a month ago. according to her lawyers she's in good health even though she's lot a bit of weight. frances, phillip. >> all right raf, thank you the officer accused of kill george floyd, barbed wire and concrete barriers have been put up around it the hearing is set for today to reinstate the murder charges jury selection kicks off next week and opening statements will begin march 29th let's turn to meteorologist janessa webb looking at flooding good morning, janessa. >> hi, good morning, everyone. this flooding continues we started to talk about it last thursday and it's been consistent all weekend long. five to six inches already that's why flash flood watches
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there stay in place. 15 million across areas of the deep south to mississippi valley under flash flood watches even though some of this moisture is starting to make its way into the northeast, no watches have been posed for this area we'll continue to watch the winds there. going to stir up across new york city, all the way into northern new england where we could sees orleans, 85 degrees for tampa. a lot of sunshine across florida. continue to watch storms for southern texas we'll take a look at that week ahead coming up. >> all right thank you, janessa coming up, the red carpet goes virtual. we'll have all the big moment. not acextly what the doctor ordered. the surgeon who appeared in court midsurgery
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leading the news, vanessa bryant is urging the los angeles county shirr riff's deputy to publicly identify deputies who shared photographs of the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and their 13-year-old daughter bryant said redacting the duties' names was a double standard and the deputies should be held accountable. bryant is suing the sheriff's department over photos take at the crash site they have not responded for request for comment. a fraternity under investigation after a 19-year-old died this weekend. after a night of heavy drinking adam oaks passed out at the delta ki fraternity house. the fraternity said they were devastated by the news a medical examiner has yet to release a cause of death
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a gofundme has been released to help adam's family raise funeral expenses a california doctor is under fire for a courtroom appearance. he pearled before the judge live on zoom from his operating room where surgery was happening. nbc's blayne alexander has the detail >> reporter: it's not what you typically would see during court. this video shows a doctor wearing scrubs, appearing in a virtual california traffic hearing. >> hi, are you available for trial? sounds like you are in the operating room right now >> i am, sir i'm in the operating room, i'm available for trial. >> eventhe commissioner overseeing the hearing can't believe it >> the last i'm mistaken, i'm seeing a defendant in the middle of an operating room, appear to be actively engaged in providing services to a patient, is that correct, mr. green >> yes, sir. >> i do not feel comfortable for the welfare of a patient if
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you're in the process of operating that i would put on a trial. >> i have another surgeon here doing the surgery with me. i can stand here and allow them to dot surgery also. >> not allowed i don't think so, i don't think that's appropriate >> reached by phone, when nbc news asked about the newspaper article, he replied. and the medical board of california expects doctors to follow the treatment of care it's the latest. this dentist went viral showing him standing on a hover board extracting a tooth and this doctor after being on youtube, after performing a procedure on a patient the doctor apologized for the
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tiger woods broke his silence after last week's scary car crash. he thanked many players on the pga tour who paid tribute to him on sunday. golfers like rohrer rohrer and patrick reed donned red shirts for the last day of the wgc championship just like tiger does tiger added liked seeing the red shirts and a new month on the upside, plus what are people willing to live without in order to travel. let's ask cnbc's karen tso good morning >> frances, good morning strong signals for the dow to start march. and dow up more than a couple hundred points and improving closer to that session last week, investors are rattled
4:21 am
by matching bond deals saying bonds have backed off this morning as investors, wave off investment fears the travel bug for many at home. search website trivago has spoken to many would give up the big three, love, sex or money to travel one in five said they'd be willing to dump their partner in exchange to take a trip soon be wary, when the borders and skies open up, perhaps it might be worth book a free cancellation trip now. >> i wonder if you throw in your cell phone how people are willing to, very interesting, karen, thank you >> very revealing of truth in relationships. still ahead, the big winners and best moment at the gdeoln
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the technology is so great, you're never going to be able to tell the difference. it's going to be smooth sailing. >> you won't even notice [ laughter ] oh, i miss you, my love. >> tina fey and amy poehler hosted the 78th golden globes. and in the hybrid and impersonal ceremony, health care workers sat in the crowd jane fonda accepted the creasele b. demail award. and daniel kaluuya won for his
4:27 am
role in judas and black messiah and dan levy for schitt's creek. . >> in the spirit, i hope this time next year, it reflects the breadth of the television community to be made today >> just like a film in television, black representation is vital we must have black journalists in our organization. >> and jason sudeikis won the globe for a musical series and "the crown." chadwick boseman took the win for the best motion action drama. and his wife had this to say in his behalf >> i want to say something beautiful, some inspiring, something that would influence that little voice inside of all of us that tells us you can that
4:28 am
tells you to keep going. >> plus, prolific tv writer norman lear accepted the carol burnett award for his career >> as i think about you and laughter and the joy of our parallel careers, so glad we had this time together >> and i just think this year, there have been so many, you know, reasons to stay home, so many of us sitting and watching more television and films than usual. >> all of those shows, great to see. some of them we've never heard of, some of them we got recommendations right there to add to the list. >> the movie of the year, really great. pop icon lady gaga has been reunited with her beloved french bulldogs after that harrowing ordeal koji and gustav stolen at gunpoint her dog walker was shot, ryan fisher, in the hospital after
4:29 am
being shot in the chest. those two dogs were returned by a woman who said the two dogs were tied up in the alley. lady gaga offered
4:30 am
we have, uhm -- >> right now, it's 4:30. >> -- 12 in favor. >> right now at 4:30, a new arsenal in the fight against covid-19, a third vaccine is hours away from rolling out across the country. the doses set to arrive in our golden state this week and the new plea from health experts for you to take what's available. and making a push to protect her community, a bay area girl working to raise awareness about a recent string of violent attacks against asian-americans. pl -


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