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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 2, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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but you still need a reservation to stay there and a reminder, some services are still not available due to the pandemic. so just plan ahead. such a beautiful place. great getaway. well, right now at 6:00, back in the red, today seven more california counties are expected to escape the purple tier, allowing indoor dining to return and gyms to reopen. bay area counties may be on the list. we'll have a live report next on what this may mean for struggling businesses. school districts up and down the state may soon face losing out on cash if they choose to stay closed. this morning, there's one big question, will the governor's new pressure on schools actually work? we're aity with aing the first johnson & johnson vaccine to arrive in the bay area. this morning, we are tracking a delivery now en route. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues now.
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it a terrific tuesday for you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we'll get your forecast in a bit. first to washington and "today in the bay's" tracie potts. more and more people getting those vaccines, johnson & johnson will only help the supply now. what's the latest on delivering the vaccine out? >> right, johnson & johnson the single dose vaccine we've learned that the bay area should be getting 380,000 doses this week, maybe as many as 1 million by next week as they start to ship them out to states across the country, trying to add to the amount of vaccine that's already out there. onical toll hill lawmakers finding more money for vaccine distribution, part of the covid relief package they may debate within an initial vote tomorrow.
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no republicans signed on to the $1.9 trillion package, but dc democrats have concerns, too, why president biden is making phone calls to senate democrats again today for the second day in a row to try to address some of those concerns, that it's too much money, it's too big, and that the $1,400 checks are not targeted to the people who need them most, trying to deal with the income levels to qualify to get those checks. president biden is trying to hold his caucus together because they can't afford to lose one vote with a 50/50 split in the senate. we'll stay on top of that and the vaccine distribution as that debate gets under way this week. back to you. >> certainly a lot going on and people are definitely looking for that assistance. thank you, tracie. today is shaping up to a big day for more businesses awaiting the chance to reopen. several bay area counties including san francisco, santa clara and napa are all on the verge of moving into the less
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restrictive red tier. cierra johnson, a lot of business owners are thrilled. >> reporter: a lot of the business owners going to wake up and have a lot of work to do to get their businesses ready to reopen with fewer restrictions, that's because some of the counties going from the purple tier to the red tier and that will be more business for those individuals. the businesses including restaurants, gyms and movie theaters operating indoors at reduced capacity. restaurants at 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer, movie theaters reopen at 10% capacities as can museums. retail stores are allowed to bump up their capacity to 50%. now these three counties, san francisco, napa and santa c off able to resume their modified business operations on
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wednesday. business owners are hoping this will provide a much needed boost in business after nearly 11 months of opening and closing. >> i'm hoping it's going to bring more people in, as long as they're not scared to come out. you know, they got the vaccination coming in and hopefully we got people that want to come and sit down and eat and support us. >> reporter: it is important to note that this change from the purple tier to the red tier is big news for schools as well, legally schools are allowed to resume in-person learning if they haven't done so, once they've been in the red tier for five days so we will continue to keep an eye on what school districts decide to make that transition from virtual to hybrid in-person learning. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, cierra. 6:04. governor newsom unveiling a new plan to get schools to reopen and it includes new pressure to hit critical deadlines. he's hoping $2 billion is enough
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incentive to get districts to reopen schools to their youngest and most vulnerable in just a matter of weeks. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in san jose with a look at the plan and what happens next. >> reporter: the governor cannot force local school districts to reopen and providing incentives and maun money is the only way to put pressure on the districts to bring back the students. let's look at the plan and put it on the graphic. lawmakers are expected to approve that plan by thursday offering up $2 billion as you said to help districts reopen by april 1st, the deadline. to qualify for that money, districts in the red tier would have to, rather purple tier would have to bring back students in transitional kinder through second grade by april 1st, plus all of their at-risk students of any age. districts in the red tier would have to welcome back all elementary schoolers plus one grade of middle school or high
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school and as sierra mentioned by week's end, santa clara, san francisco, san mateo, marin and napa should be in the red tier. districts that remain closed, past that april 1st deadline would lose 1% of their share of that money for every day they only offer distance learning. for some parents, they say that the incentives are nice but it seems that money isn't the only impasse. >> there is like this energy, not a positive energy, a pretty frustrating, disappointed, you know, boiling point kind of energy for parents that we're seeing. >> now there is no vaccine requirement, however, 10% of all of california's new vaccines are set aside for teachers and school staff which should amount to 75,000 or more this week alone. you might remember that earlier this week, there was talk of the governor setting aside $6.6 billion for schools, you're
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wondering what is the difference between the number that we're talking about today and that number? well, the $2 billion is to incentivize schools to reopen. $4.6 billion to close the gap of learning lost over this year of distance learning, kids learning at home. the 4.6 is not contin tent on schools opening by april 1st. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. tamalpais high school students return to in-person and mill valley school district. health screenings and masks of course will be required. the most marin county schools are at least partially open is many classes doing a hybrid model. yesterday a big day for novato high school classes back for the first time in 11 months. students are doing a hybrid model as well. yesterday only freshmen and sophomores were on campus. one year into the pandemic
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of the owner of a popular san francisco performance venue says his site may not be able to survive. the owner of oasis south of market says he tried to make ends meet with rooftop shows and also tried what he calls meals on heels. a food delivery and virtual entertainment. it may not be enough. >> a venue this size is expensive and in limited capacity, it costs more money to be open than to be closed and it's expensive to be closed. >> on saturday, the oasis is turning to fans for help with a 12-hour telethon to keep the venue open. happening today, we should get a better idea how far behind this year's sierra snowpack levels are. the latest survey is getting under way in just a matter of hours. of course, february we know was so dry in the bay area, we really need some good, juicy storms to come our way so that we could not only have that
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great snowpack but a little skiing and snowboarding, kari. >> absolutely, of course for the recreational activities but we need it for our summertime water, and that fills the reservoirs around the state. as we look at where we stand right now, with a lot of the automatic sensors that we have, the southern sierra is doing the worst at 45%. we're doing the best in the central sierra around lake tahoe at 69% but that's still not good. statewide average at 61%. now we will have a couple of more storms headed our way starting this weekend that could bring the sierra a little bit more snow as well as the bay area some rain. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, you've been watching the roads and breaking news as people get ready to get out the door. >> yes. that's right, kari. the first spot for breaking news is the east shore freeway, san pablo, where we have a deadly crash, sounds luke a pedestrian -- someone was out of their car on the freeway and was hit by a car.
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that's what got your right two lanes blocked here, jamming up traffic from almost back to appian way, adding 15 minutes on to your drive. you can try san pablo avenue to get past san pablo dam road. the on-ramp may be blocked from time to time. the bay bridge kept lighter because of the traffic held there. the other issue is in the south bay, north 880 at gish road, two left lanes are blocked by a crash north of 101. 101 has recovered, 87 you guys will see more traffic as folks try to get around. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. i'm about to do a facebook live, but coming up, instagram wants to you go live. not just you, but all your friends together, too. it's a new feature, we'll have the details next. in business news, news of layoffs, something very unusual about dr. seuss, the futures this morning, we have just enormous day on the stock market yesterday. a little bit of money coming out today. you're watching "today in the
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well good morning. happy tuesday to you. united airlines moving forward with its plan to furlough more workers. united is one of the largest employers in san mateo county says,000 people at sfo will lose their jobs temporarily.
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this follows united national furlough of 14,000 employees last month. the airport recently said it didn't think travel would be back to pre-pandemic levels for years to come. gilead sciences in foster city is laying off more than 170 people in palo alto. vmware is laying off 107 and san francisco's academy of art university has cut 78. tracie mentioned some of the work they're doing on the stimulus and unemployment relief continues in washington. that will be needed as the people continue to search for jobs. good economic news for you. apple reopened all the stores it shut touring the height of the pandemic for the first time in nearly a year. many stores are still by appointment only. the publisher and institution that protects dr. seuss' legacy they will no longer publish certain dr. seuss books because they contain hurtful or offensive content. among the titles, i think i saw
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it on mulberry street, if i ran the zoo, the cat's quizzer, mr. elligot's pool and scrambled eggs super. they portray people in ways that are hurtful or wrong and marcus and laura like every family we're big dr. seuss fans. they're still on my bookshelf, i've got them here. a favorite of mine "if i ran the zoo." a boy named gerald mcgrew wasn't satisfied with regular animals like el gantz and invented the fizza wizza madill and named it the mcgrew zoo so i thought for a second when i saw the news, wait a minute, my parents read that to me, i read that to my boys. what could possibly be -- and you open it up and you know what? the way it portrays certain native people, et cetera, it's there in front of me, the whole time. you know why i didn't notice?
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because i was getting complimented, right? my name was in the book. just a coincidence. i was paying attention to what it meant to me and i wasn't paying attention to how other people were seeing them being portrayed and i'm 53 years old and i'm suddenly like, oh. wow. >> light bulb moment, right, exactly. >> i think we're having a lot of those. >> thanks for sharing that. which is perspective. at least you had that light bulb moment. that's a great thing. thanks for sharing that, scott, very much. it is 6:16. new details on a shakeup at nike. the head of nike's north american business stepping down, ann herbert's departure comes days after a report that her son used a credit card in her name to buy sneakers for his resale company. the report says he used bots to buy the most sought-after shoes once they were released online,
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spending more than $100,000 to stock up on limited edition sneakers so that he could resell them at a higher price. herbert was with the company for 25 years. instagram wants more people to go live at once so it's launching live room. the feature allows four people to video chat in live broadcast. the previous limit was two. insta fwram hopes it encouraging people to start a talk show or podcast, host a jam session or maybe collaborate with other creators. i'm doing a facebook live right now. marcus we have to collaborate on the instagram one. >> that sounds cool. i was talking to friends about that earlier this week. interesting. all right, 6:17. >> let's do it. >> you know we're on it. we're on this one, too. nine months after specialties cafe and chain filed for bankruptcy one reopened in mountain view, new menu items and old favorites. more than 50 closed last year during the height of the
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pandemic. the owners said they really hope to open more locations in the future and so do we. >> there was one within walking distance there to our studios. so that was the excuse. i would walk to go get cookies. you used to go over there too, mike. >> i know exactly where that mountain view location is. i might have to get gasoline for my car the longer way, we'll see. i'll lit you know, maybe we'll post some pictures. i have to change dramatically change directions. breaking news in san pablo, which is jamming up traffic. take tout maps as we look at westbound 80, the crash is westbound 80 just about san pablo dam road and involved a pedestrian. somebody had gotten out of their car, i believe there was an earlier crash but i'll lead that to the investigation. you need to know about a 15-minute delay off of the carquinez bridge through san pablo, past san pablo dam road
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things clear up. san pablo avenue is helping relieve some of that and i don't believe the lanes will be cleared before 7:00, typically the timing we see when the coroners need it on scene. that does hold traffic up keeping it away from the bay bridge toll plaza so not a big backup just on the incline as well as at the toll plaza a bit. the other issue in the south bay, we have better news there, north 880 cleared at about five minutes ago at gish and the quick recovery here, more slowing shows up on the san mateo bridge. i'll bring that to you coming up. right now what do you have for our forecast? >> yes, we're starting out with a beautiful view as we take a live look outside in san francisco this morning and take a look at that nice clear sky, where we're going to see more of that warm sunshine today. overall a dry week up until this weekend, when we will have a chance of some showers and much cooler air, and if you're going to be heading out in the backyard today, check out our home school recess forecast for
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parts of the martinez a cool start but nice warmup later today. it's a repeat of yesterday, we start out cool and head up into the upper 60s and low 70s and that's what we'll see across the bay area. our inland areas will reach into the low 70s in some spots, up to 71 in napa, 72 in concord, and morgan hill today reaching 71 degrees. 60 in san francisco. with our mild weather changes in the atmosphere with high pressure moving away and a couple of storms off the coast. a new one coming in on saturday will have that clearance of the coast to the bay cair. it will bring us some scattered showers but there is another one right behind that, that will rain. both storms are really weak but hey, it's a start. and we are seeing a change in this pattern that could bring us anywhere from about a quarter, about a tenth to a quarter of an
6:21 am
inch of rain, some of the higher rainfall totals will be in parts of the north bay. now as we go through the forecast, it looks good, at least for the next few days, with some mild weather, highs in the upper 60s and low 70s, and then our cool mornings will continue, but then check out saturday and monday, that's when we will have the rain chances returning especially as we go into the early morning hours, we'll be nailing down the timing here over the next couple of days with san francisco, seeing the temperatures in the upper 50s. as we talk about our climate in crisis, we've been looking at things we can do to help reduce our carbon footprint and offering up a lot of these tips. i wanted to show you if you have solar panels, you're generating a lot of energy right now all of this dry weather. for spots like contra costa county, you can make up to 145% of your electricity usage
6:22 am
factoring in average usage with your electricity. we'll see more days over 100%, and that's reducing a lot of carbon out of the atmosphere when you consider solar panels, considering that you're not using fossil fuels. so we have a lot of these tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint on you can see all the tips and what you can do to help our climate in crisis. back to you. >> we can all try to do our part, right, kari? thank you so much. good advice. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> many families are in the market for a tax preparer right now. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how to pick one who is right for you. that's next.
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welcome back, everyone. 6:25. this year doing taxes may be more complicated than more lucrative in years past. >> you may want to consider professional help. consumer investigator chris chmura will show us how to pick a tax preparer. >> each year about 15 million people file their federal tax returns on paper. many are do-it-yourself, but this year with your taxes, there are lots of reasons to seek help. cpa lisa greene-lewis says you might be eligible for deductions or credits for first time.
6:26 am
if you misunderstood the earned income credit and the recovery rebate credit you could short yourself as much as $9,000. greene-lewis recommends using software for a pro to fill out your return especially if you procrastinate. >> people that wait until the last minute, they tend to leave things out. >> if you choose to go with a preparer instead, we have a word of caution about ghost preparers. that's what the irs calls people who do your taxes for a fee but refuse to sign your return along with you. that's a problem, when uncle sam spots a problem. >> then you're the one who ends up dealing with the irs. >> if you have travel with someone doing your taxes, file an official complaint with the irs. there are two forms, of course there are two forms, it's the irs. they are and what you feel they did wrong and then you fax or mail in the forms.
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trending this morning, marcus, do you talk too much? >> sometimes. researchers say most conversations don't end when we want them to. a new harvard study finds when conversations go on for too long it's often because people are too polite to end them and the average length of a conversation misses the mark by 50%. only about 10% end their conversation earlier than desired. the bottom line here, people just don't know when to stop talking apparently and hopefully this story doesn't run any longer than you are expecting. it's over, it's done. >> i don't know what you're talking about. when it comes to covid cases, california is making big progress keeping the infection spread down. coming up for you next, new numbers hard-hit in los angeles is reporting this morning that's giving people of the city some hope. plus recreational marijuana use has been legal in california for some time. so should employers continue
6:28 am
testing for it at hiring? still ahead, what an east bay state lawmaker is saying about it, and more importantly, the action he's taking. a lot more news ahead. it's 6:27. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪ ♪ ♪
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a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance. right now at 6:30, antioch police department expected to release details on the death of a suspect in custody. we're live as city leaders demand answers not just for one
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but two recent in-custody deaths. "today in the bay" continues right now. very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll check the forecast and commute coming up in minutes. we begin with this half hour, bob redell at antioch city hall and bob, any news yet on what the investigation may reveal? >> reporter: not yet, but what did happen yesterday is that the mayor lamar thorpe announced he is asking his chief of police to release all the information that is legally allowed regarding the two recent cases of in-custody deaths. he released a lengthy statement. you can see it on your tv screen, just going to paraphrase. the mayor wrote the release of the information is part of the culture of reform he's trying to establish in his police department here in on theiac and moving forward, is he waiving the ten-day window
6:32 am
police have to respond to public information requests when it comes to high-profile cases and the information in the quinto case would be released by midnight last night. 'not clear how the information is being released as we have not yet received it. the quinnto case refers to 30-year-old angelo quinto, the family called for a mental health crisis back in december. the family attorney alleges that police snatched quinnto from his mother's arms. police jumped on him and the words of his attorney, literally put a george floyd tight hold on the back-is neck. quinto became unconscious and died at the hospital three days later. the second in custody death involves a man who the merck identifies as a 33-year-old from san francisco named arturo kallel. february 24th a lyft driver called 911, and then reported a man in his car was trying to steal his cell phone and took off running by deer
6:33 am
valley high. when officers arrived, they said kallel was yelling, appeared to be paranoid, they tried to calm him down but the man ran into traffic, tried to get into a car waiting at a red light. officers caught up with him and used a taser, the man lost consciousness, paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he died. at a meeting mayor thorpe proposed reforms for the police department, including a establishment of the mental health crisis team to better train officers on how to deescalate situations and increasing police accountability including body worn cameras and dash cams. reporting live in antioch, bob redell, "today in the bay." more bay area counties may be on the verge of escaping from the most restrictive covid tier. we've got a live look in san jose and san francisco, two cities anticipating a slew of new reopenings, perhaps as soon as today. right now only san mateo and marin counties are in the
6:34 am
state's less restrictive red tier. everywhere else is purple. san francisco, santa clara and napa on the verge of red tier status. in the red tier, gyms can open at 10%. restaurants, churches, museums and movie theaters can open at 25% capacity or up to 100 people. schools that are not ready to reopen can do so after five days in the red. more signs of a plateau in california's new covid cases, about 3,500 new infections were reported yesterday statewide. this is a huge drop from the highs during the holiday surge. new case numbers also mostly unchanged from the day before. a live look at l.a. right now, which reported just under 1,000 new cases yesterday, also a huge drop from the holidays. positive rates there are now the lowest they've been since the start of the community testing. so far no real glitches reported from blue shield's first day, taking charge of california's vaccine rollout. the goal is to streamline vaccinations statewide by the end of this month. right now blue shield is only
6:35 am
serving a handful of counties none yet in the bay area. blue shield hopes to fully vaccinate 25 million californians by this summer, appointments will still be coordinated through the state's my turn app. new this morning, a screening job applicants for marijuana may soon be a thing of the past in california. hayward assemblymember bill quirk introduced a bill to ban pre-employment pot testing in most situations. californians voted to legalize recreational pot five years ago. lady gaga's dog walker shot in a brutal attack last week is speaking out. ryan fisher recounts his y scene and the calls that one dog didn't get away during the attack and angel for staying with him after that attack. the good news here is he is expected to survive. fisher was shot nearly a week ago after two suspects managed to make off with the singer's french bulldogs.
6:36 am
stherp turned in to police on friday, the dogs were. police are still looking for those suspects. aerospace company spacex will launch another group of satellite, the falcon 9 rocket will carry 60 satellites into low orbit a record eighth flight for this particular falcon 9 rocket. also happening today, a powerful reminder of bay area history is expected to make its debut at san francisco city hall. jock mcdonald's temporary art installation features of portraits of san francisco morphing and blending into each other, each person. inspiring others through ple" humanity. the installation runs nightly march 2nd through the 7th, it starts at 6:30 at night. although we're official
6:37 am
still a few weeks away from spring it has arrived in carlsbad. check out this video here of the flower field at carlsbad ranch at full bloom making their debut just yesterday. popular tourist attraction was closed for almost a year due to the pandemic. mask, health check-in at the entrance and online ticket sales are a few ways to try to keep people safe. take a live look in dublin for you this morning as we get started with our day just a beautiful look at the sunrise there, just outlining the mountains and the cars on the go. just a clear path to a great day. meteorologist kari hall has been giving us the forecast all week, which i've been happy about, kari. hopefully it's going to continue today. >> yes, it's going to be another beautiful day. here is a look at that view as we wait for the sun to start to peek over the hills, looking at san jose. we're making plans for what will be a comfortable day. i know it's cold right now, but we'll see these numbers going up
6:38 am
once again. we're going from the mid-40s to the upper 60s at 2:00, and we're going to stay in the mid to upper 60s for a few hours today before it starts to cool back down once again. so our weather is basically on repeat. we're back to the upper 60s and low 70s today, but i am seeing a change in the pattern that will bring us some rain for the weekend. we'll talk all about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, what are you watching for the morning commute? >> kari, we have that breaking news for the upper east shore freeway in san pablo as we look at the map, talking about the deadly crash and the activity that's still over in your right two lanes of westbound 80, just about san pablo dam road. this is also from time to time has affected whether or not they let you on at the on-ramp there. san pablo avenue is taking some of the traffic backup and adding about 20 minutes to your drive off the carquinez bridge, to the backup at the toll plaza, which is middle lanes and off the 880 overcrossing. it looks like chp is giving an
6:39 am
update i think there should be the coroner arriving any minute now. once the coroner arrives, another half hour at least for that investigation, so i don't think this will be cleared before 7:00. we haven't gotten any update on it that. slowing on the san mateo bridge westbound 92, ten minutes of slow traffic. i saw a flashing sign truck, i think that is cleared from the span again, whatever happened overnight or whatever they had to clear has been cleared safely i believe, but watch for the cone zones and the flashing light. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next, we told you with the sack ten mow doctor who attended traffic court hearing via zoom with a patient on the operating table. this morning, we have new details on how the it are is handling that traffic ticket. new pressure this morning to teach civics the same way we do s.t.e.m. in school plus let's take you out to the big board this morning, the dow is up again after roaring ahead yesterday. . plus aaron rodgers making a
6:40 am
new $1 million donation. how the money will help people in his northern california hometown. it's all next. it's 6:39, a lot more to come. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. 6:42, follow-up on the san francisco plastic surgeon whose zoom traffic court appearance got national attention when we period during an operation. "the bee" reports dr. scott
6:43 am
green paid the fine for speeding and fine to avoid a second hearing. the judge quickly rescheduled to allow green to focus on his patient. the state medical board is investigating. green did not respond to "the bee's" latest report. a live look in las vegas this morning and good news, nevada has not seen a new covid related death during the past two days. just under 5,000 people there have died over the past year from covid. >> that's great news. we've got a live look from phoenix as well, arizona also showing signs of improvement with no new covid deaths reported yesterday. nearly 16,000 have died but the sun is up over phoenix this morning. president biden will order more sanctions against russia today. >> scott, this after moscow jailed one of putin's political rivals. >> that's right. washington today will officially accuse, marcus, russia's fsb,
6:44 am
their spy agency of poisoning alexey navalny. he didn't die as you'll remember. instead he went to germany for medical treatment, returned back to russia knowing they'd probably put him in jail and that's what they did. the biden administration is expected to announce sanctions today, the first for the biden white house and they may include >> the director of the fbi and what his agency knew about threats against the capitol. director christopher wray is expected to testify, this is one of several hearings looking into what happened january 6th and how much warning various law enforcement may have had. a government-funded study commissioned before january 6th attacks says better civics education might help reduce the amount of discord in the united states. the study funded in part by the
6:45 am
education department will be released today with a road map for civics lessons for school students. the report is expected to say the teachers should concentrate less on things like dates in history and this more on what makes the american experiment and american institution so great. as one teacher put it, right now, we teach american history and social studies in a way that would make you good at trivial pursuit but doesn't necessarily make you a better citizen. let's end on a happier note. "the washington post" reports this morning business owners near the white house are seeing a lot of the first lady, who just pops in for coffee and pastries and other things. one business owner said he was so caught off guard he forgot to take a picture. they've gotten better at it. a few weeks ago jill biden her own picture getting macad the ir we'll have regular hair style on twitter. we'll talk about civics and all kinds of things, follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. president trump and former
6:46 am
first lady melania trump received the covid vaccine before leaving office. nbc news confirming that information through a former trump adviser. not received whether they received pfizer or moderna's injection. president trump and melania trump tested positive for covid-19 in october. 6:4637 happening today. tamalpias students return. health screenings and masks will be required. most marin county schools are partially open with many classes doing a hybrid model. yesterday was a big day for novato high school students, back in class for the first time in 11 months. students are doing a hybrid model there as well. yesterday only freshmen and sophomores were on campus, next week, juniors and seniors will return. governor newsom unveiling a new plan to get schools to reopen. he's hoping $2 billion is enough incentive to get districts to reopen schools in just a matter of weeks.
6:47 am
>> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live for us in san jose, with a plan and what happens if districts miss their deadlines. kris? >> reporter: this could create quite a scramble for districts like san jose unified that have a return day already set but that is beyond that deadline for getting some of that incentive money. here is what's on the table at this point. 2 billion dollars districts in the purple tier bring back t.k. through second grade students and all at-risk students. districts in the red tier would have to welcome back all elementary schoolers and one grade of middle school and high school by week's end, santa clara, san francisco, san mateo, marin and napa should all be in the red tier. districts that remain closed past that april 1st deadline would lose 1% of that incentive money for every day they only offer distance learning.
6:48 am
now there is no vaccine requirement under this plan that will be discussed today and voted on, on thursday. however, 10% of all california's new vaccines are set aside for teachers and school staff, amounting to 75% this week alone, could be higher than that. the government is pushing for lawmakers to set aside $4.6 billion for schools that would notten tied to that early april 1st return to the classroom. that would address any learning loss that happened over the last year of distance learning, learning at the kitchen table, but the $2 billion that we're talking about today is really to help schools pay for those safety precautions, the ppe, the testing, all of the things that know that i could get my own two kids ready for school back in-person in just a matter of weeks, so we'll have to see what our districts do, right, laura? >> right. we've had this, you know, skied schedule now a routine set up
6:49 am
but i'll be happy when they can go to their math classes in person. had to relearn some things. >> yes. >> thanks so much, kris. with that going on and the push to get teachers vaccinated, santa clara county is opening up a vaccine clinic at the fairgrounds. just for educators. at least 500 deepers and education workers will be able to get their shots each day. appointments will be required this past sunday the county officially started vaccinating people who work in child care and education, the day that clinic opened. the sharks looking to rebound from a tough stretch, losing three of their last four games. last night, at the shark tank, they took on colorado avalanche and after a slow start, they scored two goals in the second period and four in the third. they won the game 6-2, and they host colorado again tomorrow. former cal bear and current envelope superstar aaron rodgers is giving back to his hometown. rodgers donated more than $1
6:50 am
million to small locally owned businesses in and around his hometown of chico and just last month he created the aaron rodgers small business covid-19 fund. he also donated $1 million to help butte county recover from the devastating camp fire in 2018. >> i love that. that giving spirit especially back to his hometown, nice to see. okay, nice to see the forecast, we've had spring-like temperatures lately, kari. what are we in store for today? >> well take a look at this beautiful sunrise, that we are seeing with a live look outside in walnut creek. wow, look at the camera ready, i just posted this picture on facebook and twitter, so be sure you're following me, too, i'm @karihallweather. we will eight get started with physical activity with a jog today as we head out in dublin. it's cold for the start of the day, upper 30s right now, but you can see how fast it warms
6:51 am
up, at 10:00 we're at 57 degrees and 67 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon, reaching into the low 70s. 72 in concord, and 67 in palo alto. these temperatures are a little bit warmer than normal, but i haven't heard anyone complaining, and we've also had some dry weather but there are some changes in our weather pat person that's going to finally allow for some rain to come in. so as we see high pressure moving off towards the east, there will be the approach of a storm system moving into far northwestern california by friday and into the bay area by saturday with some scattered showers, looks like it's mostly during the morning, and then there's a break from the rain on sunday, with another chance of some scattered showers on monday as well as. we are going to see some light rain moving in, not a whole lot here. another one of the storm systems are strong but it is good to at least get some wet weather and cooler temperatures, most of us will see about a tenth, maybe up
6:52 am
to a quarter inch of rain, of course we'll be fine tuning that as we get closer. we're right now enjoying all of the sunshine and warm weather, seeing everything blooming and budding, but of course, affecting our allergies. this weekend, with those scattered showers moving in, hopefully that will help wash some of that pollen out of the air, and we'll see another chance of rain early next week. we're watching all of that, mike, you've been watching some breaking news, and one spot people really need to slow down, mike. >> that's right, kari. i've been following the update there is. i was listening to your forecast as well and i know we're watching for across the weekend but we're looking over here and i did have a correction to make for this live map this just cle lanes.estigation continues as someone was walking on westbound 80 just about san pablo dam road where they were hit and killed as a result of the crash. the backup backs you up for 15 minutes or so. just starts to clear much more smoothly now, again all lanes have just been reopened, west 80
6:53 am
at san pablo dam road. the richmond park way will help you get over to the richmond bridge and more traffic to the bay bridge the backup is mild at the toll plaza and it will build over the next 20 minutes. the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic. in the south bay, westbound 237 at the top of your screen a crash there at lawrence, possibly two, one just past that and that's what's slowing traffic down, headed in through sunnyvale toward mountain view and the arrow shows you the typical slowing north 101, which is showing up as well coming up toward what may be a new crash, you just saw that appear around oakland road. i'll check on that as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, the 49ers have a new plan to get fans back into levi's. the team created an advisory committee to bring back the faithful. medical experts look at health and safety rules and what has to be done to allow levi's to reopen on game days. the last time fans packed levi's, january 2020, when they lost the nfc championship game to green bay.
6:54 am
coming up next, a quick look at our top stories, including back in the red. today seven more california counties are expected to escape the purple tier, allowing indoor dining to return, and gyms to reopen. is your county on that list? we'll have a live report next. it's 6:54. stick around. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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6:56. welcome back. here is a quick look at top stories we're following, big day for more businesses waiting for a chance to reopen. >> cierra johnson is live in san francisco, one of three counties on the verge of moving into the less restrictive tier. >> reporter: yes, good morning. i can imagine business owners waking up this morning are very excited. it's been 11 months of up and down, open/close for business owners and now they have a little bit more stability as three counties in the bay area joined two others to transition from that purple tier to the less restrictive tier. those changes they can expect businesses including restaurants, gyms and movie theaters are allowed to operate at reduced capacity. restaurants can operate indoors at 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer. movie theaters can reopen allowing 10% capacity, and museums can also open indoors at 10% capacity. now san francisco, napa and
6:58 am
santa clara county also join san mateo and marin counties with that transition of tiers. they will officially be able to resume their modified business operations on wednesday, we had a chance to speak with some business owner, they're excited. it's been a roller coaster ride for them. now, it is also important to note that transitioning from that purple tier to that less restrictive red tier is pretty significant in terms of schools, this now means that schools are legally able to resume that in-person learning five days after their county enters that red tier, so we'll continue to keep a close eye if any districts decide to make the transition from virtual learning to hybrid virtual in-person learning although we'll let you know and provide you those updates as they become available. so a big day today, another big day tomorrow, as they are officially able to have those expanded services. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay."
6:59 am
>> no doubt a lot of business owners will be busy setting up. antioch is taking an unusual step to strengthen the public trust in its police department. city's mayor says he'll soon release all information that's legally allowed to regarding two recent cases of men who died in police custody. one involves angelo quinnto who died following what his mother describes as a mental health crisis in december. the other involves arturo gomez khallel died in exchange with police using a taser last week. a live look at the weather outside the door, meteorologist kari hall. >> our weather is on repeat but we'll watching out for rain this weekend. mike? >> great news, the crash we had, which is very sad, deadly crash, has cleared san pablo dam road, recovery toward the bay bridge toll plaza but you see a lot more traffic there over the next 20 minutes. back to you.
7:00 am
>> all right, thank you very much. that's going to do it for us. >> this is a live look for you out this morning as we get started with our day and also we want to remind you that 29ers beat the packers there. we'll see you back here tomorrow. morning. good morning. hopes and fears. the first doses of johnson & johnson's single shot vaccine expected in arms today. a much-needed boost to the rollout at a critical time. as the cdc sounds a new alarm. >> i remain deeply concerned about a potential shift in the trajectory of the pandemic. >> this morning, growing concern, as the recent drop in cases and deaths nationwide stalls. why health officials say now is not the time to let your guard down. breaking overnight, new accuser. a third woma


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