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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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your favorite movie theater. >> i think we're all feeling a little bit better that it's going to stick this time. there's a light at the end of the tunnel now. >> three bay area counties lifting restrictions in six hours. >> i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm janelle wang. it is a promising step forward in the fight against covid. president biden announcing there will be enough doses to vaccinate every american adult by the end of may, two months ahead of his original prediction. raj mathai will join us with details on the president's optimistic outlook as three more bay area counties are sliding into the less-restrictive red tier today. it's not the only change in the south bay. the county is lifting its mandatory ten-day travel quarantine, effective tomorrow. >> that's huge, the news thousands have been waiting for.
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the county's ten-day quarantine order about to be lifted. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live, and travelers have to be elated about this. >> reporter: some travelers i spoke with are so excited, they have already booked trips to mexico. starting tomorrow, people returning to santa clara county from more than 150 miles away no longer need to quarantine for ten days. the public health order and travel quarantine that has been in effect since late november is lifted. and some of the travelers we talked to have some mixed feelings. >> i'm glad to see it. >> reporter: why? >> so people can get out, you know. like for me, i can't wait. i mean, i've been stuck at home for a year. i'm excited about getting out. >> hopefully they're being safe about it. i know everyone has different, like precautions they take, but obviously, it would be just to
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take the safer route and quarantine. >> reporter: while quarantining is no longer required, public health leaders say it's still strongly recommended. and some people we spoke with this afternoon say they're not taking any chances, even though it's not required they still plan to quarantine at home after they travel. reporting live at san jose int airport, marianne favro. nbc bay area news. >> as we mentioned, san francisco is getting ready to slide into the red tier, starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning. the businesses you see here can welcome back customers inside. now the biggest changes include indoor dining. fitness centers can also reopen indoors at 10% capacity. city leaders and businesses are optimistic this reopening is just the beginning of good things to come. >> we're in the red. now i know in the red doesn't
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sound that great, but it's great compared to where we were. >> reporter: with pier 39 as a backdrop, london breed announcing that the city's covid noums are good enough to move into the red tier. changes begin tomorrow which include indoor service for a number of businesses such as movie theaters, gyms and restaurants. >> these are the reason we are able to gradually reopen. it's because people in san francisco did their part. >> it's been a challenging year, like a rollercoaster. ups and downs. every week has been different. >> reporter: bob is a restaurant operator at the pier. after a year of furloughs, he's obviously excited to bring back indoor dining. >> ah, i've been waiting for that day for a while. we had it for a month in october, and it was an amazing feeling. this time around, i think it's going to be a joy of relief.
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>> reporter: unlike june of last year, he's optimistic this reopening will stick because of the vaccine rollout and low rates of hospitalizations. the mayor agrees but reiterated the importance of continuing safety protocols to ultimately get back to a normal way of life. >> ultimately, we're in the red right now. but in a few weeks we'll probably most likely be in the orange. >> reporter: however public health officials say think want to take a measured approach when it comes to moving the city into subsequent tiers, and they say that really all depends on successes and challenges of the current reopening. in san francisco, pete sur ah toes, nbc bay area news. >> what they need to do to do it. to move to the tier, cases must have less than seven cases per 100,000. and keep the number consistent for two weeks. let's start with contra costa
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county. at the peak, they 47.3 cases per 100,000 people. now they have 9.5 per 100,000. it's good but still way above seven, which means it doesn't meet the red tier qualification, but it's getting closer. contra costa county will have at least two weeks before moving into the next tier. to move into the orange tier, cases must be 3.9. it means another two weeks from getting into the orange tier. crushing disappointment for some 90,000 sutter health patients seeing vaccine appointments canceled. they haven't received expected deliveries of the vaccine, so they are canceling first and second doses. those do for second doses will
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get priority when vaccination begins. they happened to check their appointments online and noticed the appointments had disappeared. the ceo of the good samaritan hospital is stepping down. joe deshriver submitted his resignation saying he had decided to pursue other opportunities. the move comes after good sam faces criticism for vaccinating several los gatos teachers at a time when only first responders and people over 75 were qualified for the vaccine. good sam says it thanks deshriver for his leadership. he's expected to remain in his role for the next few months as national search for a new ceo. congress is investigating cases of people jumping the line for covid vaccines. we reported on the san francisco-based provider, one medical. three bay area counties stopped providing the vaccine after
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learning that one medical was giving shots to people who were ineligible. a scathing letter was sent and documents requested. one medical says it will fully cooperate. six weeks into his presidency and joe biden made his biggest and boldest pronouncement yet. he said there will be enough doses for all adults in this country to be vaccinated by the end of may. though how will this work? raj mathai has answers for us, not just from the federal level, but this is also coming from the state level. >> that's key. can they get along, and can they get this done, and janelle, all of this is high-level politics, high-level business. for all of us on the ground level with all this, what does it mean? people are starting to book flights. if everyone can be vaccinated by the end of may, then all of a sudden summer vacation is back on the table. here's the president. >> this country will have enough
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vaccine supply, i'll say it again, for every american bit by the end of may. by the end of may. >> how is this going to happen? the biden administration brokered a deal between merck and johnson & johnson. merck's vaccine failed, so now merck will produce a competitor's vaccine. johnson & johnson. both companies will operate around the clock to get this done. the white house is using the defense production act to give both companies the supplies to make this happen. right after the announcement a few hours ago, we spoke to bay area congressman ro khanna. >> he's doing a great job in getting those vaccines distributed. and we are working to give him the resources where he can do that. it will be a huge deal if we can have that done by the end of may. and it looks like we're on track. >> let's bring it down to the
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local level. governor newsom has been brokering deals. the governor in palo alto today and really it all comes as he's trying to fight off that possible recall election. >> i do think he's back on track. it's a tough year. i don't think there's a single governor in the country who's had an easy, easy time of it. these are tough decisions. if you open too early, people are upset, if you don't open early enough, people are upset. on balance, though, i'm completely opposed to this recall effort. and i'm in touch with him often. i was just in touch with him today. our job is to try to get the state as many resources as possible, which we're going to deliver in this covid relief. >> and speaking of that covid relief, it's a big one from the house of representatives and senate, $1.9 trillion is going to go to the senate later this
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week, and back to the house of representatives. they want this all wrapped up by march 14th. $1.9 trillion. still to come, making sure those with disabilities are next in line to get the vaccine. but will they need a doctor's note? santa clara county health leaders tell us how they'll get this done. plus, putting together a plan to bring back the fans. the steps the 49ers are making to make it a reality this fall. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, i'll have a look at what's up for tomorrow's forecast, and our chance of rain ahead and when we can expect more rain. i'll have that for new about eight minutes.
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♪♪ . >> less than two weeks, health care providers can start vaccinating people who have high-risk conditions or disabilities. they range from down syndrome to type two diabetes. what's to stop someone from claiming a special condition just to skip the line? >> reporter: before the pandemic, this was a day in the life of julie savage from sunnyvale, a 39-year-old who didn't let her limb gird many muscular dystrophy. >> it impacts the cardiac and respiratory function of my body. >> reporter: stop her from
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keeping up with her three active kids. >> i probably started needing to use a cane, and then my scooter when i was just before i turned 30. >> reporter: but the pandemic forced her family to push the brakes on all aspects of their lives for julie's sake. >> they've been really careful through coronavirus, because they don't want to be the one to get me sick. >> reporter: with their kids eager to return to school, savage is counting down the days until march 15th, the day when california will start allowing people with high-risk medical conditions and disabilities to get the vaccine. >> i'm still kind of on all the sign-up lists trying to figure out how to get it. >> reporter: today santa clara's health officer said people with the high-risk conditions will be eligible. their caregivers are also qualified. you won't have to bring a doctor's note, but everyone will be required to sign a document that says you promise to tell the truth. >> will everybody do that?
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we know that not 100% people are going to be honest. but for the greater good and the greater population that will be fine for us. >> reporter: over in alameda county, a spokesperson for the public health department tells us people with health conditions should talk to their medical providers first. the county is also planning to vaccinate people in group homes who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. in the east bay, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> if are you looking for a vaccine, this is a very helpful website, called plan your vaccine. go to the site, select the state, your age. and the site pulls up the closest vaccination site to you. the governor was at a school on the peninsula this morning to continue his push to get kids back in the classroom by the end of this month. governor chose baron park. it has been open for hybrid
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learning since october. he announced $2 billion in grant money for districts that opened by april 1st. >> the three most important things would be for all schools to have the funding to check and upgrade their ventilation systems. that all schools have the funding to purchase proper ppe and protective layers, such as plexiglass shields and dividers, and that teachers get vaccinated. >> lawmakers are expected to approve that plan on thursday. tonight there is word that older children may be able to get a vaccine before the start of the school year in the fall. moderna announced it hopes to have the results of its trial on children ages 12-16 approved over the summer. right now it's only approved for people 16 and older. other drugmakers are running similar trials in kids.
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after the 12-16 age group is approved they will move to the next bracket, which is typically 6-12 years of age. the 49ers are calling in unconventional teammates as they figure out how to bring fans back into levi stadium. they are teaming up with four medical experts, including three doctors from ucsf. the group will begin meeting this month. the team expects any reopening will likely be gradual, not only for football but concerts and other events, too. fans say they can't wait. >> so much, oh, my god, you don't even know. like please bring it back, please. >> they want to be back in the venue and know that we're doing things to make sure that their experience is safe. and so, you know, having this medical committee will allow us to lean on the experts. >> for now, levi's continues to host thousands of people a day
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at the mass vaccination site. so far, nurses have administered 22,000 vaccines in 15 days at the stadium. we'll have a little bit more on the story coming up. the deyoung art museum is ready to open again to the public. le covid surged before the holidays and it had to shut down. it will have the u.s. debut of picasso exhibit. let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> that will be interesting. >> weather's go being to be a little bit different, so it might be a good time to go inside a museum. >> exactly. we can't quite do the movie theaters yet, but that exhibit certainly going to be great. you know, we get cloud cover moving in the next couple days
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and eventually rainfallon again. let's bring it into the forecast tonight and you will be able to see today was right on average for a few spots and certainly a little warmer for others. we got up to 66 in santa rosa. the average 63. concord, 71. the average is 64. so above average there. and down toward san jose, 67 and the average at 64 degrees. i think we're going to stay steady with similar temperatures like this. we'll start off chilly. whatever you've got planned, you've definitely got to have that jacket ready to go, so you are good to go. as we move through tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds. we are looking at rain chances ahead. right now i'm pin pointing saturday, monday and tuesday for those rain possibilities. tomorrow's going to be dry, a system moving down the coastline. that's going to bring us some of these clouds and temperatures in the upper 60s. san jose, 68. palo alto 65 and right near the
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coastline in the 60s. on again, off again clouds through friday. saturday, the rain timing looks to be pushed very early into the morning. so i think most of the weekend right now looks like it's going to be dry. and another spotty chance of rain next monday and also on tuesday. now coming up in less than a half hour in our climate coverage, details on our declining bay area rain. janelle, we can blame la nina for some of our lackluster rain totals. we'll show you what we've been finding. and i think a lot of folks are going to see this is not just a one or two-year thing, it's a trend we're setting in. we'll have that in less than a half hour. >> that will be really revealing. thank you so much jeff. we have much more to come in
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the next 40 minutes, including how complicated your taxes may be this year. but do you actually need to pay someone to help you? chris chmura tells you how to pick the right tax preparer, including how to find one four free. a mayor in contra costa county demands more from his police department and is willing to push the boundaries to get that done. plus, dr. seuss has been shelved. several books will no longer be published. raj joinsness about three minutes.
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well, it's not just about dr. seuss. this is about the bigger question in the bay, the awakening in the country. some say it's cancel culture gone too far. others say it's absolutely the right move. and in regards to dr. seuss, we have plenty of dr. seuss books in my house, "the cat in the hat", and "oh, the places you'll go". these are okay. but there are six books deeped
6:25 pm
not okay. here are the six book, and to think i saw it on mulberry street. if i ran the zoo. the cat's quizzer, mr. el got's pool and scrambled eggs super. one depicts african men wearing skirts. dr. seuss enterprises says retiring these books helps ensure that the books support all communities and families. >> i think it's great to do this. we know children are very malleable of and the lessons that we teach them early on are the script that they use from here on out. >> you got to change times. >> i think it's crazy. i think it's excessive. i raised three children on it. there's a lot of motivating, wise words in dr. seuss.
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>> theodore geisel would have turned 117 years old today. and it's not just books. it's big business. take a look. these are the top three, according to forbes, the top three grossing celebrities who are deceased. number three on the list, charles schultz. dr. seuss at number two and number one is michael jackson. so it is a big debate. there are a lot of different opinions on both sides of the coin. but i tell you what, these are classic books. these are okay and will continue to be read in the mathai house. >> you got to get "the cat in the hat comes back." that's the next. up next at 6:30, hello indoor dining. restaurants in santa clara county prepare to welcome back customers inside. there's other big changes coming our way, though. plus, removing one of the most basic coronavirus safety
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rules. the move texas is planning to make next week.
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and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. all in one stop! it's coming back. right now at 6:30, indoor dining will soon be back on the table. it comes as three more bay area counties move into the coveted red tier. the counties are santa clara, napa and san francisco. that means five bay area counties are in the less-restrictive red tier. san mateo and marin counties made the move last week. going into the red tier means
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more businesses can open up. the biggest change is indoor dining can happen again at restaurants. gyms and fitness centers can also reopen indoors at 10% capacity. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us from downtown san jose with some of the changes and the impact that could have on businesses and life in general, scott. >> reporter: yeah, this is big business, jessica. let's start with restaurants, because they are among the small businesses that tell us they're very concerned about the future, even as the county says they can, as of tomorrow, begin to reopen for some indoor dining. the reason they're still concerned is because they have been struggling to make ends meet for so long now, us they've been able to keep the doors open thanks to outdoor or. but others say with so many tech employees working from home for a full year now, their business has fallen. even allowing 25% back inside, they say, may not be enough.
6:31 pm
>> our hole is still big. and the numbers are just not going to add up for us. and we might have to let it go in a month or so, unfortunately. >> reporter: 25% is not enough. >> not enough. >> let's talk about the travel quarantine. that's been lifted. so that could open the door for spring break vacations, summer vacations. that's a game changer. >> yeah, a couple big things that this could mean, jessica, one on the personal level. like you say, vacations, spring break, a chance to see your family more than 150 miles away without having to quarantine when you come back. it's also potentially big business. after all, bay area tourism has really been hit hard for the last year. this would give people from out of town a chance to come to the bay area and dine out, among other things, without having to quarantine first. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. well, getting teachers
6:32 pm
vaccinated. it's the second day the clinic just for educators has been open at the santa clara county fair grounds. they have been a able to get thr shot each day. some say it represents a return to normalcy and hopefully a return to the classroom after a year of online instruction. >> i know my students are nirs have you. >> the county is averaging 500 shots a day but could expand to 2,000 if the supply of the vaccine increases. the light at the end of the tunnel may finally be within view. president biden announced today there will be enough vaccines to vaccinate every american adult by the end of may. the biden administration struck a deal between merck and johnson & johnson. merck will use its factories to produce the johnson & johnson vaccine. the administration said it came up with the deal after j&j fell behind in its own vaccine
6:33 pm
production. president biden praised the two companies for working together when normally they're competitors. >> the more people who get vaccinated the faster we're going to overcome this virus and get back to our loved ones, get our economy back on track and start to move back to normal. >> so what happens once you get the vaccine? on thursday the white house will unveil new guidance for vaccinated americans. it's expected to say it's okay for small groups of fully-vaccinated people to gather indoors. if you are looking for a vaccine, this is a really helpful website. it's called plan your vaccine. the sight pulls up the closest vaccination site to you. go to rolling back a protocol in texas today. beginning next wednesday, all businesses in the state, all, can open at full capacity. the governor also repealed the state's mask mandate. he said with the drop in cases
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and the vaccines, restrictions are no longer needed. yesterday the cdc warned about possible consequences for repealing guidelines too quickly. senators grilled the fbi director today about what his agency knew and did in the critical hours before the deadly capitol attack. testifying for the first time since january 6, fbi director christopher wray faced tough questions from senators. director wray said the day before the bureau received a warning predicting violence. >> you think it's enough just to send an e-mail? >> we did communicate that information in a timely fashion to the capitol police and mpd in not one, not two, but three different ways. >> wray described the capitol siege as domestic terrorism fueled by white militia groups. speaking out.
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the antioch police chief is refuting a claim that officers' use of force led to a death. the family says they called out police to help with a mental health crisis and instead, their tactics ended his life. but the chief says evidence tells a different story. here's jodi hernandez. >> reporter: you're listening to the 911 call antioch police say they got from angelo quinn toe's sister. claiming he was strangling their mom. he was actively restraining him. >> the officers requested angelo's mother to get off of him. >> he was calm. just making some, you know, like, ah, noises. kind of thing. but he was calm. >> reporter: but quinto's family
6:36 pm
insists when police arrived he had settled down. they say police used excessive force, with one officer holding his legs while another used a knee to restrain him, putting it on his neck. >> and the other officer knelt on his neck like this part. >> at one point during the hand cuffing, an officer did briefly for a few seconds have a knee across the portion of angelo's shoulder blades, which is a common control technique taught in california post approved police academies for prone handcuffing. >> reporter: officers did not use a knee to apply pressure to quinto's neck, head or throat, they say. but quinto's family says officers went too far, leading to the 30 year old's death. >> absolutely excessive, unnecessary. it just doesn't mike sense to use that against somebody who is a lot smaller than you, is not
6:37 pm
resisting. i should not, nor should anyone else, ever have to regret calling the police when they're supposed to be people who help you. >> well, nbc bay area's thom jensen is speaking to quinto's family. we'll have more on that at 11:00. civil rights leader vernon jordan has died at his washington home. he grew up in the segregated south and became an influential leader. an attorney, he was tapped to be president of the national urban league while still in his 30s. he turned down bill clinton's offer to be his attorney general. he is survived by his daughter who was with him when he died. up next, the latest snow survey is in, and it's not looking good for our drought conditions. we'll break down the numbers for you.
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a horrific traffic crash in southern california is making national headlines. 13 people are dead after a semi crashed into a suv with 25 people packed inside. it happened in imperial county near the mexico border. just after 6:00 this morning, the driver of an expedition pulled out in front of a big rig. 13 of the 25 people inside the ford expedition were killed. the victims ranged in age from 20-55 years old. at least one of the survivors is 16 years owed. all northbound lanes as well as a couple of southbound lanes shut down between shoreline boulevard. they were shut down before 9:00 this morning. police and chp tell us they were dealing with a medical emergency. no word on when 101 will reopen.
6:41 pm
earlier, there was a fiery crash that left a person dead. several lanes closed. officers cleared that crash. turning now to our ongoing series, climate in crisis. five years ago, if you remember, we had a major drought, and we were all asked to conserve water. well, it could be happening again, because there's not enough snow in the sierra. today we got the third snowpack report of the year and the outlook is not good. in fact, it's bleak. so far we've gotten 61% of the snow we should have this time this year. >> the series of storms over the last couple weeks brought a significant a rain and snow. however, these storms were not nearly enough to make up the deficit that we've accumulated over the last few months. >> so, without more snow, if we don't get it soon, we could be back, we could have back to back dry years. not only that, but the drought also means increased fire
6:42 pm
danger, something we don't like to see. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. you've been talking about this. we just haven't had the rainfall we should have had by this time to predict us from that fire season as well. >> yeah, so disappointing. we have had stronger storms in here, and those atmospheric rivers, but they come in those bursts. we'll look at the drought map and the climate coverage. i'm back with your entire forecast in about six minutes. many families are in the market for a tax preparer right now. i'm chris chmura. we'll show you how to pick one.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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chris chmura is going to
6:45 pm
show us how to pick a tax preparer and maybe even get help for free. >> each year about 15 million people file their federal tax returns on paper. many are do it yourself. as a diyer myself with many home projects i deeply respect that. but this year with your taxes there are a lot of reasons to seek help. >> i love helping people save money on their tax. >> lisa green lewis says you may be eligible for big deductions or credits for the first time. if you misunderstand two credits, the earned income credit and the recovery rebate credit you could short yourself as much as $9,000. green lewis recommends using software or a pro to fill out your return, especially if you procrastinate. you don't necessarily need to pay someone, this year many may
6:46 pm
qualify for fry file. >> it allows people generally with incomes $72,000 or less for this year, that's the income stipulation, to file a federal income tax return for free. we have a word of caution about ghost preparers, people who do your taxes for free but refuse to sign your return along with you. that's a problem when uncle sam spots a problem. >> you're the one who has to deal with the irs. they prepare the return, you sign it, unfortunately, you're responsible for it once you sign it. >> how do you know if a preparer is legitimate? the same way we recommend you look up a car mechanic or home contractor, you've got to check out your tax preparer. ask the for their preparer tax identification numberer. >> every tax preparer has this.
6:47 pm
>> some are enrolled agents and others preparers. check them out and ask questions about their experience and education. >> it's important to understand who you're going to and what kind of education, what kind of continuing education that they have to take. >> also up front ask what happens if you are audited. will the preparer have your back? if you have problems you can file a complaint. there are two forms. you explain who you are, who they are, and what you feel they did wrong. then you fax or mail in the forms. >> i'm taking notes, jessica. i got to do my taxes. >> i'm goin' pro. i can't do it myself. >> i'm going to make sure i bring that info to my pro. make sure they know all the tips and tricks. jeff, let's talk about a little rainfall coming up this week and
6:48 pm
the lack of rainfall we've had all season. >> that's so right. right on point here. we have just been so hard-pressed to get consistent rainfall here across the bay area the past couple months. that's where i wanted to focus our climate coverage on tonight. so the chart i'm about to pick up, put up here, it's a look at 40 years of data. you will be able to see the green line. that's our average, and can you see there's really only been a handful of time we have seen above-average rainfall. i did the calculations. only 47% of the time have we got above average rainfall over the past several years. and this year it's now ranking as the seventh driest on record. three of the top five driest in 2013, 2015, and then the current rain season in 2020-2021. there was one exception in 1983 when we had a very strong el
6:49 pm
nino. where does this leave us? the drought is expanding. we're 6-16 inches behind for the rainfall season. now la nina has contributed to some of this, but you cannot blame la nina for the past 40 years. head to and look for climate in crisis in the trending bar and find all the stories that we have done, also ways you can help out with the client as well. you can see the system offshore bringing showers to los angeles and san diego tomorrow. but for us, we're on the dry side of it, so we get more clouds, dry weather tomorrow. this will start us off with a chilly morning, down to 39 in the tri valley, the coldest temperature, and otherwise a lot of 40s. 43 for the east bay, san francisco looking pretty good at 46. once again, clouds mixed in with
6:50 pm
sun. i had daytime highs. and as we move close to the coastline in the 50s. saturday, 1:00, the storm system starts to move in. 1:00 a.m. very early in the overnight hours. 6:00 a.m. saturday we get rain chances. the whole weekend is not looking wet by any means. here you can see it on my extended forecast here. that early chance of rain saturday morning. .1500 to .3500 of an inch. then a couple more chances by next monday and tuesday. .500 to a quarter of an inch. we'll go to temperatures in the mid to upper 60s to 59 on saturday with the rain chance and stay on the cooler side as we head into early next week. so again, rain chances coming
6:51 pm
our way. we'd like to see a lot more, but right now that's what we have moving on in. lucy is kind of excited about some rainfall moving in. i know she's looking forward to it. those wet paws. >> i can't wait to hear her let us know that tomorrow or wednesday e. >> she's ready to go with a new haircut. as we told you earlier in the newscast, the 49ers are working on bringing back fans to the game. they were following her because she had beef jerky in her pocket. (laughing) (trumpet playing) someone behind me, come on. pick that up, pick that up, right there, right there.
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okay. it's almost hard to get the words out to say it. it's been nearly a year since california went into lockdown because of covid. now, as the world begins to reopen, one of the big questions for a lot of us is when can we head back to the stadium to watch our favorite teams in person. >> sounds great. today the san francisco 49ers took a big step toward trying to figure that out. damian trujillo explains. >> reporter: the 49ers tell me other cities opened their
6:55 pm
stadiums to sporting events last year like the kansas city the team is confident they will be able to do the same with concerts and sporting events here. it was march of 2019 that taylor swift wowed the crowd at levi stadium. fast forward to 2020, and a much-different scene. the 49ers playing to a stadium full of cardboard cutouts. as covid numbers improve, the team says it's coming up with a new playbook to reopen its doors. the 49ers announced a new teammate today. a group of four medical experts and doctors from ucsf to help come up with a plan to bring fans back safely, as soon as the public health department says they can. >> they want to be back in the venue and know that we're doing things to make sure that their experience is safe. and so, you know, having this medical committee will allow us to lean on the experts.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: the meetings will begin this month so that the team has its strategy ready as soon as they get the green light, not just for football but for all events. the niners faithful say it's exactly what they want to hear. >> i miss it. i can't wait, whatever we can do, i'm in. open it up, let's do it. >> reporter: and concert-goers say it's music to their ears. >> so much, oh, my god, you don't even know. please bring it back, please. >> reporter: the team doesn't have an exact timeline for what may be a gradual reopening. for now it will continue to be a place where thousands gather for vaccinations. so far, nurses have doled out 22,000 vaccines in 15 days. until then, the faithful continue to wait on the sidelines. >> i miss it so much. >> reporter: at levi stadium, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> exciting. >> it will happen eventually, we know it will. >> thanks for joining us, have a
6:57 pm
great night, folks. >> we'll see you at 11:00. >> bye. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. wait, hold up. wait a minute. >> with each passing day, more fascinating details emerge, but it's not interview anticipation that has the queen giggling. >> really? >> her growing boys have britney feeling nostalgic, so what did she realize about this throwback photo? >> i was like, oh, that's not covering much. >> then we go way back with kelly on the set of clarkson gets really down and dirty. >> this is my favorite video. >> inside the mind of cult leaders. finding followers is not as hard as you think. >> everyone can be manipulated.


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