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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 3, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, both topped with slow-smoked bacon. ♪ get both, only at jack in the box. effective next wednesday, all businesses of know any type are allowed to open 100%. >> texas governor greg abbott ends the restrictions. at least 13 people are killed when their suv is hit by a semitruck. police say 28 people were riding inside
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the police officer accused of murdering george floyd. the controversy over why some dr. seuss books will no longer be published. and our kerry sanders goes in search of how people will spend spring break amid a pandemic "early today" starts right now i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. the state of texas is pushing back to get normal the governor plans to reopen with nc is warning against a rush to roll back the restrictions. >> reporter: texas and mississippi declaring they're back in business, eliminating masks and allowing all retailers to open at 100% capacity. >> personal vigilance to follow the safe standards is still needed to contain covid. it's just that now state mandates are no longer needed.
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>> reporter: states like massachusetts, pennsylvania, and kentucky also easing restrictions, allowing larger crowds in smaller venues restaurants, high school proms, even las vegas pool parties are set to reopen with fewer mandates >> once everything kind of stabilized, it was like, okay, maybe i can go out now and i feel comfortable. >> reporter: but comfort could lead to complacomplacency, warne cdc. daily cases and deaths have ri %. the numbers nowhere near the deadly winter surge, but no better than the summer spike. and withday, sometimes conflicting messages. >> i am really worried about reports that more states are rolling back the exact public health measures we have recommended to help protect people from covid-19. >> while so many other states have been locking people down, florida lifted people
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up. >> our thanks to miguel for that report. the push to get more americans vaccinated is gaining more speed johnson & johnson is going to get some help from one of its rivals to ramp up production. president biden is moving up the timeline to when all adults will have access to a vaccine. jay gray has more. >> reporter: as the first doses of johnson & johnson's covid vaccine are delivered across the country, we now know much more of the medicine is on the way. >> we are now on track to have enough vaccine supply for every adult in america by the end of may. >> reporter: a competitor, merck, will soon be prodiucin the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> this is the kind of collaboration we saw with world war ii. >> reporter: in an effort to step up the supply of medicine that to this point has been lacking >> anything that will speed up delivery of
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the vaccine to states will improve the vaccination rates and help protect us as a nation. >> reporter: protection desperately needed as many communities now begin to ease restrictions and safety protocols. >> it's time to lighten some things up. >> reporter: but doctors warn that could open things up to new dangerous strains of the virus. >> we're going exactly the on sit way of what we should be. >> reporter: after a peak of 250,000 in january to 70 cases in february, the latest data shows an increase, more than 2% up nationwide. >> i'm deeply concerned about the shift in the pandemic. >> reporter: a pandemic still far from over. jay gray, nbc news. nearly 52 million americans have gotten one vaccine dose including dolly
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parton ♪ vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine i'm begging of you please don't hesitate ♪ ♪ vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine bus once you're dead it's too late ♪ >> she got a shot of her own medicine her shot was the moderna vaccine which she helped fund with a lofty $1 million donation. nbc tracie potts joins us tracie, we could get our first glimpse of that ambitious plan today. >> reporter: yeah, phillip. this is sort of his second chance at his shot at moonshot which he helped. this time president biden says he wants to end kangser as we know it, sitting down today with a bipartisan group to talk about
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legislation to end cancer this comes after friday's announcement that two white house offices will be involved in developing advanced research. of course, this is near and dear to the president's heart. his son beau died at age 46 from brain cancer, and while that's happening he's keeping a very close eye on and pushing the american legislative plan the covid relief bill that gets its first debate and an initial vote today. >> as the country faces a series of historic challenges, we must meet the moment with a historic response. >> this is a wildly expensive proposal, largely unrelated to the problem. it is my hope that at the end, senate republicans will unanimously oppose it. ove this forward it only requires a simple
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the tiebreaker here. phillip? >> if it is split, down the middle 50/50. tracie, thank you so much. the ntsb is set to launch an investigation into a deadly disaster on a highway. at least 13 people were killed when the suv collided with a semiat the u.s./mexico border they were ages 18 to 53. >> reporter: a devastating scene in the wake of a catastrophic car crash near the u.s./mexico border 13 people dead and a dozens injured including teens as young as 15 in what officials are calling a mass casualty incident involving an overloaded suv and a semitrailer. >> it's a very sad situation. >> reporter: authorities say the crash happened tuesday morning when this ford suv was t-boned and
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shattered by a mavis semitruck. >> there were multiple people on the roadway as a result of this collision. >> reporter: they say 23 people were inside the suv that was designed to carry eight. >> obviously it was continental meant to carry that many people. >> reporter: police confirmed it was not a border patrol pursuit prior to the accident. the ntsb confirmed they'll be on site to begin an investigation into the fatal crash frances, the ntsb confirming they're sending in investigators to take over part of what's happening on scene here part of what everybody is focused is that maroon ford expedition designed to hold seven or eight at most and 25 were in there at the time of the accident late last night investigators confirmed to us most of the seats inside the vehicle had been removed aside from the
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passenger and driver side all part of the investigation. >> all right steve, thank you. a 5-year-old girl is in the fight of her life nearly a month after a crash involved former kansas city chiefs linebacker coach britt reid he was driving his pickup when he slammed into the vehicle 5-year-old ariel young was among those injured. she's out of a coma but unfortunately cannot speak or walk. >> unfortunately we've learned ariel will have permanent brain damage if there is evidence he had blood alcohol content over the limit, he needs to be charged. >> brit told police he had two or three drinks and a prescription for adderall toxicology reports have not been released.
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janessa webb has our weather. let's see what's in store. hi, janessa, good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone we're under a quiet weather paper. that's always good news there's a little rain into the carolinas that's going to push offshore this morning and sunshine this afternoon. pacific northwest, i haven't forgotten about you. san diego to the northwest, you do have a fire danger. finally seeing a little bit of rain for the higher elevations. we're tracking snow up condit florida and that sunshine will be out and about. kansas city, 62. st. louis, lower 60s we're on a temperature roller coaster we'll take a look at that coming up.
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>> time mimics leaf these days thank you. up next we have a suspected burglar caught orange-handed. the library, oh, the places they won't go why six dr. seuss classics are being shelved. hey joshie... wrinkles send the wrong message. help prevent them before they start with downy wrinkleguard. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive. yet some say it isn't real milk. i guess those cows must actually be big dogs. sit! i said sit! you never leave the house without your luvs or your big dad energy. because...when you see a leaky situation you have luvs ready for that pro-level leak protection. luvs. parent like a pro. how did kellogg's combine crunchy oat clusters with a touch of honey...
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secret aluminum free helps eliminate odor instead of just masking it. and is made with 3x more odor fighters. with secret, keep it fresh every day. secret. leading the news, another top ranking official and the senate dives deeper into what went wrong at the deadly insurrection at the capitol. yesterday there was a warning about a domestic terrorism threat in the country. >> that attack, that siege was criminal behavior plain and simple, and it's behavior we, the fbi, view as domestic terrorists we've identified hundreds of suspects and opened hundreds of investigations in all but one of our 56 field offices. we've arrested already more than 270 individuals to date. >> the fbi director
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also refuted claims that antifa was at the insurrection a commander, walker, will testify before two senate committees today. police in tulsa say they caught an alleged sticky bandit. a woman facing first-degree burglar charges after cheetos led to her arrest. the suspect sharon carr was arrested. when they got there, they found her nearby. they also found a bag of cheetoes and a bottle of water near ta broken window the detectives linked carr to the crime by the cheetos residue in her teeth. >> she needed the water to swish it around a little bit, that orange. >> now she's in big trouble. now to the new controversy over the classic children series dr. seuss we're learning six sues books will no longer be published because of racist
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imagery raehema ellis has the story. >> reporter: the decision to stop publishing six dr. seuss books comes after they've been criticized for spreading race images. for instance, "to think that i saw it on mulberry street, and there were two lines for eyes." working with panel of experts and educators, the decision was made it last year because the books portray people in ways that are hurt and wrong the reaction was mixed. some your books >> what does it say about what's happening societ recognizing the ills of the past and
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attempting to move beyond that. >> reporter: this columbia university professor said he'll let his daughter read other dr. seuss books. >> if she sees images of herself, it won't be behind walls in a zoo. >> reporter: it's part of their broader plan that supports all communities and families a popular name in children's books, editing its collection to appeal to readers. we have much more ahead including the latest development on tiger woods' car crash. and controversy ahead of the george floyd murder trial y joints st, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™ with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks.
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we have an update on the investigation into tiger woods' scary crash last week. the los angeles county sheriff's department executed a search warrant for the car's black box. a sheriff's deputy said the warrant was due diligence as part of their investigation and did not consider it a part of a criminal investigation the sheriff's department added there was no probable cause for woods' blood to determine if he was under the influence at the time of the crash. the city of minneapolis is bracing for the upcoming trial of the police officer accused of murdering george floyd the courtroom is getting a covid-compliant makeover and the trial will only have limited seating. only one floyd family member
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will be allowed in at a time the same for darryn chauvin's family >> reporter: this morning minneapolis is on edge buildings are already boarded up, barricades built, and plans are in place for 2,000 national guard troops as derek chauvin, the former police officer accused of killing george floyd by kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes prepares to stand trial. some residents are pushing back against the extra law enforcement presence. >> we had a problem this past summer that was created in large part by the police, and now we're saying that the police are the only thing that can protect us from that. >> reporter: now after an uproar, the city's also scrapping a controversy plan to hire social media influencers to post trial information online. >> we use the term "social media influencer," which in retrospect we're not asking of our
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partners, and it caused confusion in the community. >> reporter: that community is clearly still reeling more than nine months after floyd's deat s are looking to reinstate ae sec murder charge and manslaughter charges he's facing. the court is considering the extra charge. >> we in turn will issue an expedited decision as soon as possible. >> reporter: jury selection is set to begin monday. the eyes of many will be on the streets outside. >> if people want their voices heard and they wish to protest, we want to see it done in a peaceful manner. >> reporter: authoritieses are trying to avoid what happened last summer when parts of the city burned. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, new york.
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janessa is up next to tell us about a spring warmup. and older people are replacing college students on florida's beaches. as a barista during rush hour. and a nanny to a couple of rambunctious kids. now, all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults, with a career that makes a difference. ♪♪ apply today. ♪♪ how did kellogg's combine crunchy oat clusters with a touch of honey... plump, juicy raisins and tasty fiber into one delicious cereal? it took a lot of bran-storming. get it? kellogg's raisin bran crunch. two scoops of delicious. why walgreens? because our expert pharmacists know you and your medications. get their advice on your medicare prescriptions and get back to what you'd rather be doing. who's a good boy leo!
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it is a hopeful sign of things to come once you get the coronavirus vaccine. >> florida is seeing a different kind of spring breaker, the 65 andcrowd here's kerry sanders. >> reporter: they're the original spring breakers college spring break to florida began after the movie "where the boys are." this year because of covid, the spring breakers are back they're driven by covid vaccines those 65 and older, the first in
4:27 am
our nation to get shots, so they're the first to feel safe to travel. >> i think there's a greater sense of freedom. >> in my head i feel comfortable travel. >> reporter: rebecca and mark split their time between new jersey and florida. >> now that we have the shots, we feel we're ready to rumble again. we want normalcy. >> reporter: a study of the pandemic found that those found that are 65 or older, 83% wanted to travel, but most want to travel only to be close to family just like the college kids, seniors on vacation at key west say they're here for the florida sun and fun, just at a different speed. john is due to get his second shot on wednesday. >> we're very careful. we purposefully eat outside and watch what we do we socially distance. >> reporter: also driving the
4:28 am
pilgrimage, cruises, popular with older americans remain shut down not all vaccinated are headed to the beach. some remain cautious, skipping hotels, parking their rvs in florida farmfields where they're allowed to say marty got both shots in new jersey and now he's in the sunshine state. >> it's been a crazy year i think for everybody. >> you needed a break? >> i'm always on a break i'm kind of semiretired, so i just enjoy life as it comes. >> reporter: the freedom to travel to the beach or away from the snow, even sweeter if it means being back with the ones you love. >> i think the greatest difference is now we can invite the grandchildren to come to florida and to stay with us. you have to have family, and that was the most difficult thing to give up for the last year. >> our thanks to kerry sanders for that report. spring break, seniors and
4:29 am
students are going to rip it up on the beaches in florida. >> shot, shot, shot, shot. different types of shots, but it will get you there. >> you can get both. >> that's what we're hoping for. >> thanks for starting your wednesday with
4:30 am
no information, just they had to cancel it. they don't have the vaccines. >> right now at 4:30, nearly 100,000 people turned away. the reason sutter health towed them they can't get the vaccine now, despite having an appointment. plus a covid variant first discovered in the uk is spreading in the bay area. the county where the new case was found. and -- >> we need as many ambulances as you can hand us now. >> a horrific and deadly disaster on a highway in southern california now under investigation. the questions being raised after at least 13 people were killed when an suv


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