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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 4, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PST

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new concerns about safety at the u.s. capitol forcing lawmakers to wrap up their work ahead of schedule as they debate changes to the newest stimulus plan that may lead to future californians receiving payments. ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ >> you may have a chance again and sooner than you think, the bold new promise from governor newsom ahead of baseball season and how the giants and a's are responding. "today in the bay" continues now. cracker jacks. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. going to have your weather and traffic coming up in a bit. right now, our top story, the push to get more injections into the arms of teachers and staff across the state. >> that's right. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live at the levy's mass vaccination site in
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santa clara and more school reopenings in sacramento today. a lot to talk about, crist. >> lots to talk about and know a lot of parents are listening. teachers are getting vaccinated around the bay area, ramping up, going pretty well for the most part but also school funding could get a shot in the arm. let's talk about what our lawmakers are going to vote on today. that is that california school reopening plan, $6.6 billion total, but $2 billion set aside for schools that reopen for the youngest students and most vulnerable by april 1st, this is money set aside for safety measures so that it makes things a little bit easier for schools to say yes. there's also $4.6 billion package that would include closing that learning gap, learning loss that students had over a year of distance learning, that one is not tied to early reopening. we will follow that for you. today and tomorrow, every shot at the oakland coliseum mass
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vaccination site is set aside for teachers and school staff, including custodians, cafeteria workers and such. the coliseum site can vaccinate up to 6,000 people a day. now san francisco's teacher vaccine plan was initially held up because there is still no set plan for return to the classroom, but now san francisco unified has the first set of access codes from the state for teachers to go online and schedule their appointments so perhaps a different story today. in santa clara, teachers have been getting vaccinated here at levi stadium and the county fairgrounds since they were eligible last week. this afternoon santa clara county educators will gather to push for safe reopening which includes vaccination, which they're already eligible for. we'll have to see what they have to say about that. that's going to happen at 3:00 this afternoon. now in all of this we have heard of some teachers opting to not get the vaccine even though they have the priority, although at this point it's not -- we can't
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really tell how many there are and what the impact will be on their particular return to the classroom. in santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." you know, those vaccination updates are coming fast and furious these days. here's how you can keep up, start your vaccination journey. head to to see if you're eligible for a shot and where you can get one close to you. this morning, changes to president biden's stimulus bill means about 2.5 million more californians will not receive the next round of direct payments and if you do get money, your payments may be delayed. "today in the bay's" tracie potts has the latest on that and the threat to the u.s. capitol forcing lawmakers to actually finish some of their work early, tracie. >> yeah. they wrapped it up last night on the house side, marcus, because the f extremists and trump supporters may try to storm the building again.
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>> the bill is passed. >> reporter: the house of representatives scrambling overnight to approve a voting rights bill and the george floyd justice in policing act. >> we cannot accept this epidemic of injustice. >> reporter: both votes were scheduled for today, but the house rushed them through after the fbi and homeland security warned of extremist threats to attack the u.s. capitol again today and remove democrats. conspiracy theorists believe donald trump will return to power today, inauguration used to be held on march 4th. the capitol complex is still under heavy security in place since the january 6th riot. 6,000 national guard troops remain in d.c. >> that mission continues under its current form until the 12th of march. >> reporter: the house shutting down early to be safe. threats to lawmakers are up over
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90% this year. >> people are deeply concerned about what potential threats could be out there. >> reporter: the senate is working today, debate on the american rescue plan could be delayed ten hours. one lawmaker will force the clerk to read the entire 700 page bill first. >> it's not about language. it's about it being in public in terms of what this bill is and isn't. >> reporter: president biden has agreed to limit direct payments to americans erng $80,000 or less and couples earning twice that. tracie potts, nbc news. oakland's coliseum, opening day for the a's now just about three weeks away, but will fans be there to see it in person? right now, things are definitely looking up. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live this morning on the other side of the bridge near the giants oracle park. we're talking all things baseball here. sounds like the governor is
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willing to play ball on this one. >> yes. good morning, laura. things are looking good for those baseball fans or just someone wanting to get out and do something outdoors, watch an event in a stadium. the covid numbers are trending down which is a good sign. some of the bay area counties have transitioned from the purple tier to the red tier and some people are already looking forward to what would be next which would bes the orange tier which would mean time to play some baseball. now at a press conference on wednesday, governor gavin newsom indicated that mlb could welcome fans to outdoor stadiums this season, explaining his office has been working with teams and the mlb. that sentiment of developing plans and working ahead also expressed by the oakland a's office. the a's are selling tickets in pods with the anticipation of fans returning and masks in that situation would be a must. this week the san francisco giants released a statement saying the possibility of a partial opening is encouraging
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news, but the organization is waiting for more guidance. take a listen to what governor newsom said about the return to stadiums this baseball season. >> if we all do our job and don't let down our guard, i have all the confidence in the world fans will be back safely in a lot of those outdoor venues. >> reporter: what metric has to be met for this to happen? under the current state guidance, teams and counties in the orange tier can have up to 20% capacity. so far none of the counties where california has mlb teams has the orange tier. we're quickly approaching opening day. the giants will open the 2021 schedule on april 1st in seattle again the mariners. host the co rockies april 9th at oracle park. opening day against the houston astros for the oakland fans. we want to get medical perspective of some of the risks
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associated with going to a baseball game in the midst of a pandemic. we spoke with ucsf epidemiologist who said that baseball in april is possible as long as there's -- the stadium is not full, there's social distancing and vaccine rollout continues on time. so he's looking pretty optimistic as are some of the folks in the governor's office. fingers crossed it's going to be a matter of time. we have to wait and see for this situation. live in san francisco, cierra johnson, for "today in the bay." >> thank you. san francisco hitting a new road block. this plans to house those hurting most trying to make it in the bay. the chronleeporting some homeless people preferring to stay in the hotels even if a longer term opens up. city support of housing leaders say 70% of people in hotels are turning down other spots. san francisco leaders have pledged not to evict anyone from the hotels, but the current
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federal funding runs out in october. new this morning, some good news when it comes to san francisco's central subway project. in spring of 2022 after a year of testing. the project is four years behind schedule and roughly $300 million over the original budget. the central subway will extend light rail from cal trains to chinatown. lovers of great heights are rejoicing this morning. the ferris wheel in golden gate park are set to give riders a round again. the 150 sky star observation will only open to a few -- actually for a few weeks before the shutdown brought it to a halt. more good news for you, a four-year extension for san francisco's observation wheel was approved. the city says that will spin until 2025.
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all right. we will have a chance to maybe get on it there too. that will be cool. i can imagine the heights up there and the view that you must see. the beautiful bay. that would be nice. kari, what's the forecast looking like today? pretty beautiful as well? >> absolutely. we've had really nice weather and as we're home schooling today, an opportunity to get out in the backyard will be later today when the temperatures reach into the upper 50s here. cool to start but we will see more sunshine as our temperatures today reach into the mid to upper 60s. we'll talk about rain in our weekend forecast. >> let's take you to the map where you see actually one, two, three, four, five bridges including the antioch bridge, but the arrow across the bay bridge shows you no delay. the biggest volume traditionally. san mateo and the dumbarton
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bridge bridges moving smoothly. the live look westbound there on the right side we have the issue, the disabled truck with a trailer that has been cleared from the high rise. good news, smooth drive, back to you. >> thanks, mike. no longer looking, coming up, the vow google is making that could trigger an online advertising shakeup. a young woman once asked what's in a name? she was talking about a boy, but we could be talking about cars too. we'll take a look coming up. and being first lady comes with many perks, around the clock room service, air force one, but dr. jill biden admitting there's one thing she doesn't have access to at the white house that most of us can't go without even for an hour. the big reveal coming up next.
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right now at 5:13, we're making plans for the weekend and let's check out what's going on around tahoe and squall valley and alpine meadows. warm temperatures the next couple days but cooling down as snow comes in on saturday and we could see a lot of snow in this forecast over the next week. some models showing possibly two, close to three feet of snow. we'll talk more about how much rain the bay area will see coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. putting more water in the bank. let's look out to the roadways, 101 through palo alto moves smoothly. the taillights heading north towards san mateo, one lane of
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101 might be blocked. i'll get you more detail from chp coming up. good morning, happy thursday to you as well. we get first-time jobless claims numbers in about 15 minutes. this time last week we were talking about how fuzzy and hard to interpret the data was because of the recent bad weather in the midwest and in texas. might have increased job losses temporarily. add to that the numbers we got from adp yesterday, the paycheck processing company that tells us a lot about job growth. new paychecks are a sign of new jobs and they were less than expected, so bottom line here on a thursday morning, is it's a bit tough to make predictions going into tomorrow's big jobs report when the labor department releases the official numbers on job growth and unemployment for the of february. if they're good that's tough because it may lead some
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senators to question whether the $1.9 trillion stimulus is as badly needed as the white house saysing more layoffs. the four seasons in east palo alto said it would cut more jobs. the hotel is open at more than $750 a night. the san francisco "business times" says a major airline meal provider will cut jobs at sfo after yesterday's news from united it would cut jobs at the airport as well. the head of the company that owns jeep says he's open to talking about ends the use of cherokee after the head of the nation asked him to. he said it's meant to honor the native american people. the u.s. army has a tradition of naming its helicopters after native american tribes. apache, you probably see blackhawks most often used for trip transport and medical evacuations and air support but the army flies the comanche, and
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the chinook. the helicopters when you think of when you think of vietnam are era coy and with korea mostly through the tv show m.a.s.h. those were sioux. >> the more you know. >> interesting. >> thanks, scott. check this out. this is new video this morning, this is of a new spacex rocket. exploding after landing during the first time flight. this happened yesterday in texas. spacex tested a starship aboard a high altitude unmanned rocket flight before returning to land on a concrete pad minutes later. the cause of that explosion is still unclear. >> new this morning, mountainview's google taking additional steps to ensure user privacy, ad tracking technology. earlier this week it agreed to phase out the third party cookies for its chrome browser which enable targeted ads. it's promising not develop
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alternative ways to track you as your surf. the rules apply only to chrome and not to its larger search or youtube entities. always kind of weird when you see something you're talking about come up on an app. jill biden gets candid at a pennsylvania school. >> one student told her she put hers phone away doing homework. the first lady said she could relate. >> i have to tell you, i know how you feel because as first lady they took my phone away. i don't have a phone either. i know exactly how you feel. >> i wonder if they keep the p. nond also discussed the successes and challenges of remote learning and how to improve it. >> i could see how they wouldn't want it to get cracked and i mean not cracked but, you know, someone getting into it but
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what -- you still have friends and family you want to get ahold of. >> yeah. >> but when she's on stage you don't want her distracted. during the inauguration she's texting, don't want to have that happen. >> instagram. >> taking selfies. >> you know, one thing i can tell you is that we know drivers, they're not supposed to touch the phones as well when you're driving. keep that in mind. take you out to the roads and give you a look at the maps there. let me show you how traffic is slowing. around the bay i did get a follow-up for the traffic through san mateo. a look at the maps, north bay on 101 toward kehoe where there's a report of a disabled vehicle blocking your slow lane. note that past the 92 interchange stay to your left and you will be fine. you are just fine pretty much everywhere else. no major issues to the bay bridge. a quick look shows you, i heard that there were lights out on the east of treasure island. i see it's dimmer opt deck but i do see the lights on the deck as
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well. there may be a lighting issue between that tower and the treasure island span but no problem seeing it, at least we can see clearly here on this part of the sky. >> yeah. keep the headlights on, right. let's get a look at our temperatures for today. we are going to see our highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s. it's going to be a little bit feeling more comfortable today because of more sunshine. it took a while for those clouds to get out of here yesterday and there's some more clouds approaching, but our next round of cloud cover will also bring in some rain. we're looking forward to that. as we go through the timeline and when to expect those showers, n late tomorrow night. we're going to stop the timeline right here at 8:30 to show you exactly where the rain is as it moves through ukiah, santa rosa, and closer to napa. see it quickly moving across the bay area. look at that time before sunrise on saturday and the rain is already pushing off towards the
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east clearing for the rest of the day on saturday. if you have outdoor plans this rain is in and out quickly and should not impact the outdoor plans. we have more storm systems right behind that. the next one will move slowly and bring in more widespread rain starting on monday, into tuesday as well as wednesday. it's going to be off and on but looks to bring us a decent shot of more measurable rain. first a quarter to half inch, how much rain we could see over the course of a week shows we could see over 2 inches of rain near the coastline which is needed. trending wetter and cooler. our high temperatures will only reach into the mid-50s for the inland areas and san francisco, dry for the next couple days, but then seeing those quick moving showers passing on by. so we've been focusing on our efforts to swap out single use products for something more planet friendly items and our
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climate in crisis series continues with vianey showing us a climate hack. good morning. >> good morning. let's talk beauty routines. unless these are 100% organic they likely end ups in the land phils. why is that? here's the problem. all of the bleaching and mixing processes used to make these make it hard for them to break down. not only that, get this, it takes 20,000 liters of water to make one kill he gram of cotton. that's about the amount of water a person can likely drink in three years. that's a lot of water to make cotton. a quick swap would be a reusable round instead that is made from recycled material, oftentimes bamboo, and can be tossed alongside the rest of your laundry. that's a quick and effective way to save your pocket some money as well. now, our efforts to cover the effects of climate change are
5:23 am
going to continue and i am so excited and happy to announce i am a nasa jpl solar exactly is ? i will be working with a group of space enthusiasts, volunteers across the nation, dedicated to public outreach, everything from space exploration to climate change, firsthand access to scientists, engineers, astronauts, everything. i'm thrilled to be working alongside my colleague as well from telemundo to bring presentations in english and spanish. for a list of eco-friendly shots and events follow me at nbc vianey arana. i will have more on in crisis. >> congratulations. that's super cool. >> so proud of her. 5:23. this morning, next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds.
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>> lots of people dabbled in the stock market for the first time. now it's time to tell uncle sam about it. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how to next.
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for nearly a decade, comcast has been helping students get ready. we've connected 4 million low-income students to low- cost, high-speed xfinity internet. we're working with hundreds of school districts across the country to sponsor free internet and laptops. and parents are seeing an impact. and now we're turning 1,000 community centers into lift zones - wifi enabled safe spaces to study. so more students can be ready for anything. i'm trying to do some homework here. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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. more people are trading stocks. apps make it easier and cheaper than ever. >> it stopped mattering about
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making money but started becoming can we destroy wall street. >> secondary motives aside, when you make money selling stock you have a primary duty to tell uncle sam about it. gains and losses go on line 7 of your 1040. first-time traders should get this for the first time, a 1099-b as in broker, that's who should send it to. >> it's not going to go away. the irs knows about the 1099-b. >> reporter: h&r block says you have to figure out how much you sold the stock and deduct the price you paid for it. he suggests getting tax software or hiring a professional. >> you don't want to be in a position where you're trying to figure this out for the first time and you have a complicated 1099 b sitting in front of you. >> if they're not on your return you're going to get dinged. >> dinged as in auditd. what's that like? find out in our next episode.
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>> i don't want to find out. 5:27, find out at some point. coming up on "today in the bay" the top stories we're following including a brutal crime on the streets of east oakland. what bystanders did to help save a man set on fire. plus, outdoor sports may finally be rebounding. details on the new statewide push to get some athletes back on the court.
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours.
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right now at 5:30, getting more shots into more arms with dwindling supplies in some bay area counties, the promise from the state as america's third vaccine option reaches california. that option from johnson & johnson is also raising moral questions for leaders in the catholic church. how priorities are playing into the response from bay area church leaders. is it safe to socialize once you're vaccinated? if you're thinking of going to a big event, we have a big head's up. the new guidance expected from the cdc as "today in the bay" continues right now. it's thursday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we begin this morning in the east bay, this is a tough story, authorities looking for a person who set a man on fire last night in east oakland. it left him in critical condition. it happened about 8:00 on
5:32 am
douglas avenue near the san leandro border. the east bay times reports the man appeared to be homeless and people nearby put out the flames. investigators say the man was doused with some kind of accelerant first. california this morning getting closer to the 10 million mark in vaccinations. health leaders say we're about half a million people shy, which amounts to about 25% of state's population. >> one of the big holdups continues to be the vaccine supply. in contra costa county the wait list is in tens of thousands. bob redell is live in san ramon. the state is taking action. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. soon the state of california will set aside 40% of all vaccine doses for people who live in the most vulnerable of neighborhoods in our state. the state is targeting 400 zip
5:33 am
codes where around 800 million people live, many poor in the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, people who the state has identified at being as highest risk for contracting the virus. the state believes one 2 million of the doses are handed out in the neighborhoods, it will be easier for those counties to move into the lesser tiers of restrictions and allow more businesses to reopen. many will go to los angeles and the central valley. the chronicle reports southeast richmond and oakland targeted for the vaccine doses. here in contra costa county vaccine supply is so tight 34,000 people are now on the wait list for their first dose. contra costa says that's because the allocations from the state has been flat. the county is encouraging people to sign up, even double book at different sites if you can because they believe enough
5:34 am
vaccines will be arriving soon. the county is expanding its reach including a vaccine site that will soon be opening at the diablo valley college campus in san ramon. the cdc finalizing new guidance for the dos and don'ts when it comes to being fully vaccinated. the guidance is expected to come out in the coming days. it comes in the wake of recent bold moves by states like mississippi and texas to fully reopen starting with lifting the mask mandate. dr. anthony fauci this week talked about what he expects the new guidelines to say. >> more gatherings in the home of people, i think you can feel that the relative risk is so low that you would not have to wear a mask. >> at this point more than 80 million americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. as more bay area high school athletes return to the field,
5:35 am
indoor volley and basketball not there yet. advocates for those sports are trying to turn the tide. mercury news reports they launched a new push and new data restarting indoor sports. they argue california is only one of seven states not allowing basketball. the campaign in the wake of a lawsuit filed against the state on monday. we have a follow-up for you now. bay area catholic church leaders getting dragged into the debate over receiving johnson & johnson's covid vaccine. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops say the vaccine is linked from cells derived from fetal tissue. the line was likely replicated from decades ago. johnson & johnson denies the claim and calling it engineered cell lines. with vaccines in such short supply bay area catholic churches areocused simply getting the shots to as many as possible. >> we know from the holy father the pope that his is asking that
5:36 am
you should get vaccinated right now, that it's a moral imperative that the community is vaccinated, that it outweighs some of these other concerns. >> so francisco and san jose dioceses are not issuing officials statements other than encourage catholics to take any vaccine available. making it in the bay may become more expensive for people just now looking to rent in san francisco. that's because for the first time since the start of the pandemic rent has moved up. apartment list finds while year over year rents are down 26%, they're up more than 1% in february with the median for a one bedroom about $2,000. it's the same story across the bay where oakland rents stabilized last month and rents in san jose rose a little mor 1 house democra a move to regulate policing efforts nationwide after
5:37 am
approaching the george floyd justice in policing act. the bill named for the man who, of course, died last may when minneapolis police officer derek chauvin knelt on his neck more than eight minutes, the bill would ban neck restraints as well as choke holds and end qualified immunity for law elp bolster accountability and it will need ten senate republicans to sign on to pass. for the past ten months we've been having uncomfortable conversations about race and racism in our ongoing weekly series race in america, i will be joining monte pool from nbc sports bay area to continue that conversation. we talked about the insurrection, george floyd, workplace diversity and alliedship. >> racism in our country, it's a plague and there's a war against it and we need allies to fight it and change. it's not going to happen overnight. i don't expect it -- i don't know if i expect it to happen in my lifetime but i do believe that there's going to come a time when we don't let race as a
5:38 am
sole factor in how we think of and look at people and treat people, and, you know, i really hope that it is in my lifetime but the fight will continue and i will be a part of it. >> a tune in for race in america tonight on nbc sports bay area after the warriors coverage. join jessica gary and me on the 11th episode of our ongoing series "race in america" on thursday, match 18th, at 6:30 p.m. find our past episodes on in america. looking forward to it. >> not bad. >> i got to admit -- >> go ahead, laura. >> no please. the warriors what? >> the warriors are marcus' opening act. not bad. >> i'm moving up. >> you should see that marquis.
5:39 am
the marcus marquee. i was saying, i always look forward to the "race in america" special. it's important to cover. but i'm looking forward to the weekend too. kari, what do we have in store? >> a little bit of rain for the weekend but not a whole lot. let's talk about what to expect here as we're starting out this morning. another beautiful day head with sunshine, warming temperatures. highs reaching into the 60s. we will see some showers moving in late friday night, moving out before sunrise on saturday morning. the rest of the weekend is nice and cool but as we go into next week we will have more rain ahead. we'll be detailing all of that coming up in a few minutes. mike, what's going on for the commute? >> well, kari, you showed the nice windows into the future. let's get this over with and look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will take a live look, it's great. it's great right now. no problem. mo metering lights. right what we expect. look at the map a nice easy drive, we see the maze and across the car key nas and
5:40 am
venetian bridges. disabled vehicle getting away from the bridge but we'll check on lane status. back to you. >> thanks mike. the push to recall governor getting closer to a ballot vote. who is bank rolling it? the new details and how one bay area city is near the top when it comes to funding. in washington this morning speculation, some thought, that president biden might have been a bit too optimistic about that vaccine rollout. we'll take a look. plus, the fierce social media debate going on over people's crowning glory. which side part do you come down on? back, forth, the middle? i don't know for this guy. we'll talk about what's trending this morning always straight ahead.
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good thursday morning. another day of sunshine but we're watching some storms well off the coast that will bring us a quick shot of rain by late this weekend. if you're going to be along the coastline this weekend watch out for sneaker waves and rip currents. beach hazard statement up through tomorrow. we'll detail when the rain comes in, coming up in a few minutes. publicized. we know it's going to be right about this time. 101 right at the spot that crosses under the 680/280
5:44 am
interchange. traffic is starting to move smoothly but how the south bay and the rest of the bay is. just working on tweeting out this information to you, breaking news into our newsroom the latest weekly jobless numbers, nearly 750,000 americans filed first-time claims, slightly below analyst forecasts and nearly identical to last week. the white house got those numbers just a short time ago as well, and more to come tomorrow. >> scott mcgrew, tomorrow morning, we actually get the labor department's take on unemployment. >> yeah. in the mix of all that as well marcus throw the stimulus, the senate's likely not going to vote on that until this weekend. the jobs report comes out tomorrow. mr. biden has already backed down twice on the stimulus. the white house would say he's compromising. the latest reduction in the number of people who will get the $1400 by lowering the salary limits. a really good jobs report
5:45 am
tomorrow, if it were wonder if the stimulus as badly as the white house says we do. president biden this week said that we had very good news about vaccines. >> here's what all this means. we're now on track to enough vaccine supply for every adult in america by the end of may. >> now almost immediately governors in states like texas and mississippi told their citizens they could take their masks off. it's possible biden's good news is leading some to believe that pandemic is already over, which was not what biden wanted people to think. he used tough language about that. >> the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking that in the meantime everything is fine, take off your mask, forget it. it still matters. >> knee an dra thol thinking. 56,000 americans were tying nosed with covid the first time
5:46 am
yesterday, the population of gilroy, 1554 americans died yesterday, almost the exact number of people who died when the titanic sank and the exact same number died the day before that. the transportation department inspector general said elaine chao used her office to benefit her family's shipping company and the ig made a criminal referral to the department of justice which declined to investigate. chao was dot secretary under president trump. her husband is mitch mcconnell. there's a qanonrumor about how donald trump will return to power today. talking about that on twitter. i will be on twitter only with facts. @scott mcgrew. >> thankwith new details of who is bank rolling the effort to recall governor gavin newsom. we looked at the sources for all big money recall donations, 92%
5:47 am
of cash is coming from instate donors. irvine provided the most donations totalling more than $600,000. newsom's old stomping ground san francisco in second with one third and l.a. in third, a few thousand dollars behind san francisco. the city of l.a. becoming the first to approve a hazard pay hike for store workers. council members approved that last night and like the measures passed in other cities it applies to only large grocery, drug and retail stores including target and walmart. san francisco leaders will take up the pay hike discussion next week and it will remain in effect for the duration of the pandemic. san jose's plans to revamp the area around deerdon station got larger. according to the mercury news the 80 acre google neighborhood is now being expanded to 262 acres. city leaders are also now
5:48 am
promising nearly 13,000 new residential units over two decades and more than 14 million square feet of office space. the final blueprint for the area what side you want to set that part. >> tiktok all over this one. gen-z debating the millennial crowd about the best way to wear your hair. lots digging the center part as if it's something new. probably a little too young to recall the farrah fawcett center part days. some of them are trolling millennials who rock the side part. on the "today" show one beauty expert will break down both sides and get to the part of the matter right after "today in the bay" at 7:00 a.m. i don't think that guy looks good with a center part. just saying. >> do whatever you want to do.
5:49 am
for me this i have to -- it's real. i promise it's real. take a look at the forecast for you. a nice day to step outside and have fun, kari. >> don't even worry about styling your hair today. the wind will blow it around. they have way too much time on their hands. a look at our home school forecast as we look at el sorbrante. our temperatures will reach into the upper 50s and a lot more sunshine for today. we are going to start to see more clouds moving in as we go hour by hour. once again dry today. most of the day tomorrow. by late tomorrow night we'll start to see the scattered showers popping up and see them first in the north bay and then continuing to quickly move through the rest of the bay area by saturday morning. i think by sunrise on saturday, the rain is out of here and we will continue to enjoy a nice
5:50 am
weekend. you will notice it will be cooler, the temperatures will struggle to make it into the 60s for the next several days. there will be another one right behind that. it's also going to bring in much needed rain for the first part of next week from monday, tuesday, wednesday, we're going to continue to see the wet and cool weather that we've been missing out on from the past month or so. how much rain we could see, the possibility of getting a quarter to half inch of rain, that's with the first round. the second round of rain that's going to be spread out over the course of a few days may bring in anywhere from one to possibly over two inches of rain. that's going to be great to see that. we are making some progress while the sierra will see possibly over two feet of we've also been missing out on
5:51 am
some of the snow only getting about half of our normal amount. as we go through the forecast we are going to continue to see sunshine today as well as the warm temperatures that continue into tomorrow. notice how much cooler it's going to be between friday and the upper 60s, to saturday in the upper 50s. so make sure that whatever you're planning to do, you keep on that jacket and keep it close by because that's the kind of weather we'll see with the off and on showers into early next week. looks good for the weather department as of now, mike, how is it looking in the traffic department. >> first, i got to give you a shout out for what you were showing on tiktok, she has her forecast musical style voice in "can you stand the rain." over here as we look out to the roadways we have a smooth drive right now. this is the bay bridge and westbound does pick up the volume on the incline and towards treasure island. on our map you see the orange there. no metering lights just yet.
5:52 am
no problems getting away from the bay bridge. two indents, both blocking the slow lane but no slowing on our sensors although you should move to the left if you can through that area. i will move out of frame for a bit to reset one connection i have to move and show you the bigger view get out of the altamont pass, a little more slowing a few more cars and still the chp says it might be gusty at times. moving to the rest of the bay, a smooth flow of traffic from the south bay along the peninsula. san jose, 101 at 680 starts to move better on schedule. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, prince philip is recovering this morning after undergoing a successful procedure for a preexisting heart condition. he has been in the hospital for 15 days now. this is due to an infection not tied to covid. the 99 expected to remain in the hospital for at least the end of
5:53 am
the week. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay" including governor gavin newsom's dealing with another positive covid test. whether the governor had close contact. are you looking for work? we'll talk about the unique way two usc grads are working to help others find jobs during the pandemic. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:55. welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." new video to show you out of venetia, a person caught breaking into the tannery building and robbing several businesses inside. it happened yesterday and you can see in the surveillance video someone appearing to pry something open. police say the thieves managed to get away with thousands of dollars in cash. new this morning, a new gunshot detection system coming to one san jose neighborhood. according to the mercury news a pilot program set up for north of downtown campbell. cameras and microphones will alert police if gunshots are fired. police say last year they responded to 64 shots fired calls in that area. another member of governor newsom's office has tested positive for covid-19. according to a spokesperson the person didn't have direct contact with the governor but alsoontact
5:57 am
with anyone in the office more than 15 minutes. in december governor newsom quarantined for ten days after a staff member he had been in contact with tested positive for the virus. san diego judge says restaurants and gyms must remain closed and businesses have sued the city to reopen but the judge denied them saying even though businesses are hurting, by the closures the state and county need to stop the spread of the covid-19 virus. san diego county in the purple tier. you have to be in the red tier to reopen for indoor activitys. new this morning, searching for jobs. can be a daunting task. >> especially in the pandemic. it can be tough for people. two usc graduates are gaining attention trying to help others find jobs now. they developed a podcast. they graduated last year, masters in communication, but during the pandemic they didn't have job prospects so the women took to social media and talked
5:58 am
about those struggles and then started a podcast called "opportunity unknown." it really took experts, how to job world, teach, how to write cover letters and prepare for zoom job interviews. >> talking to the class of 2020 we're not only competing with each other, we're competing with people who have had 10 to 20 years of work experience who may have gotten laid off or looking to do a career change. >> pretty competitive out there. the two grads land on their feet and have jobs now, but they say they're going to keep the podcast going for anyone out there trying to find a job during the pandemic. 5:58. happening today, new school is opening in the east bay. the pittsburgh school district getting a new elementary school with a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony for the new parkside elementary school. funds from two tax measures helped to pay for this. the 85,000 square foot building is built on the same site as the
5:59 am
previous school, but students in that district are still completely distance learning. no kids in the new classroom or building for now. boy, when they do come back everything will be nice and shiny and new. it's quickly approaching 6:00. overnight developments on the threat of a p breach the u.s. c today. this is all playing out as lawmakers try to reach a deal on covid relief. >> cannot accept this epidemic of injustice. how the changes being made to the proposal may keep you from receiving your next stimulus check. more bay area teachers and staff being moved to the front of the vaccine line. the vote in sacramento to get more teachers back in the
6:00 am
classroom. look at all those people. remember what it was like? fans in the stands by opening day? there's new signs that moment may actually become a reality for both bay area ball clubs as the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. that's football. we'll be talking about baseball this morning for you too. good thursday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. our top story to push to get more injections into the arms of teachers and school staff across the state. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live at the levi stadium mass vaccination site in santa clara with more on that and this key vote on school reopenings happening in sacramento today. good morning, kris. >> good morning. teachers all around the bay area are starting to get their vaccinations this week and we know that the funding measures in sacramento might


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