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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Kids Edition  NBC  March 6, 2021 6:30am-7:01am PST

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visit right now or call during business hours. comiing up, leadin the way, we'll introduce you to some kids who may be key ending the pandemic. in new pictures from mars, what you need to know about mars and whether there is life up there around t globe, come along as we head to iceland just how cool this place is. we'll get an up close to dolphins and introducing you to the harmony at the aquarium you will meet this 13-year-old boy turning his love from
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crow crotchet into helping in need. >> this is nbc "nightly news" kids edition. >> welcome to "nightly news" kids edition hope you are having a great day, i am lester holt, we have a great lineup ahead, we'll take you to iceland and go all the way to outer space and we'll put you into the test in honor of women's history month. plus, they are back. >> i will introduce you to my enforcer >> legendary frenemies reunite with an important message. first let's get to our top story this week and that's the pandemic as you know it is
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nearly a year since the pandemic hit finally we are seeing good news, cases continue to decline and there are now three vaccines available of the united states for adults and soon there could be a vaccine for some children. our friend kristen dahlgren explains. >> reporter: it is a question a lot of you are asking >> when will kids get a vaccine? >> we love kids edition. bye. >> reporter: we love your questions today we want you to meet caleb chung like many of you he's a typical kid. he may be key in ending the pandemic. >> i am excited for that >> reporter: he's one of more than 2,000 kids age 12 to 15 taking part in pfizer's clinical trial for the covid-19 vaccine. that's a company's test to make sure the vaccines are safe for
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kids when none of the kids taking part know which one they're getting. >> it was not bad. it was like a normal flu shot doctors test the kids to see if they are tested from covid. >> it is important to see in this particular age range, how does the vaccine affects the kids and are there any serious side effects that we thneed to monitor and watch for. it is important for a clinical trial >> his sister audrey is also in the trial >> in the end is really helping science. children are smaller than adults, the trial helps doctors know how much vaccines to give them if children is protected without side effects, the vaccines should be available for children >> from kids 12 to 17, looks like they can get their shots
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starting this summer for younger kids, looks like the fall or early 2022 people under 18 make up a quarter of the population, so you are all important to ending the pandemic. >> it is really devastating seeing what's been happening and if we can do anything to bring that end closer, ill would like to do it. the kids in vaccine trials are now being called heroes for signing up >> it is a way to impact people. >> reporter: this could have a big impact in ending the pandemic >> i thought it would be something cool to say to tell like my grand kids and my kids that oh i was part of creating this covid vaccine like 50 years from now when this is
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all in the past >> reporter: that day would be nice thanks to these children. >> i know you guys have some questions. joining us now is dr. john torres. our first question is from pennsylvania. >> i am in philadelphia my question is what happens to the coronavirus gets on us thank you, kids edition is awesome >> that's a great question dr. john i was thinking about this the other day, i passed somebody on the sidewalk and they coughed and i was worried of what's happening on my mask >> you want the mask two or three layers. it is an obstacle course for the virus to get through the virus is going to try to get through it is going to get stuck in the first layer or the second layer that's there it is not going to get inside your mouth and nose you have to realize the virus can get nz your mask.
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when you get back home if you are out and about, you want to take the mask and wash it and make sure it does not dry out and put a different mask on if you have not been around that many people, you can wear around that same mask all day long, should not be a big issue >> the next question is about playing with your friends >> our question is, is it safe for our friends to play with us outside if we wear masks? >> great question. dr. john, what is about it >> i can understand your friends are going to school and i don't want to get coronavirus, the chance of getting it in school are very low especially if you are wearing a mask whether you are in school or virtually, you want to make sure you can wear masks think of games, have
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jump rope contests or throw a freezbee make sure you can throw a football back and forth. lester, catch. >> how about that? >> just like that. amazing what we can get through satellite these days dr. john torres, thank you. >> you bet nasa has been sharing pretty pictures from the planet mars. it got us thinking what's mars is all about. our friend dylan drdr dreyer takes a look at mars >> reporter: the perseverance touched down on the red planet perseverance is about 10 feet long and gets around on six wheels nasa controls it from
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here on earth as it travels around mars conducts important science experiments. mars is the fourth planet from the sun. it is about half the size of earth and has about a third of the earth's gravity. if you weigh 100 pounds on earth, you would only weigh 38 on mars right now it is a dusty world. scientists think it is once warm and covered with water what did it look like back then? >> that's a great question when you see mars today looks dry and dusty and red, all the red dusts, in the past we know it was warmer and wetter it probably had lakes and rivers >> reporter: that's why they sent perseverance there to search for signs of ancient life >> there were probably little tiny microscopic organisms that started to form we may be able to find
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shows little fossils and see them >> reporter: if scientists do find life on mars, it may mean there is life on tons of planets. it could mean abundance of life here on earth is really unique mars has two moons, phobos and demos olympus mons the afternoon temperature on mars is a freezing 81 degrees. get this, the average mars year is about twice an earth year. because it takes longer to orbit around the sun. >> let's say someone was turning five, how old would they be in mars' year >> they would be just a little over 2.5
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years old on mars. nasa is working on plans to send humans there as soon as the next decade, 2030s mars rover is helping scientists answering our biggest question on universe, is there life on mars >> dylan, thank you very much for that information, for space nerd like me it is very cool. around the globe, we take you to different countries and introduce you to cultures and kids from all over the world our friend keri sanders start us off with our first profile, iceland this one is pretty cool >> reporter: iceland is stunningly beautiful. it lies far north in the atlantic ocean near the frigid arctic circle home to glacials and active volcanoes this country is about the size of kentucky has a population o we are back with our series
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"change makers" and the call to action from one woman, after the death of george floyd. >> that's right. nbc's blayne alexander has more on how her effort has reached all the way to the aisles of some of the nation's biggest retailers. translate that for me what does it >> reporter: rochelle porter has done this a thousand times preparing her design to dazzle potential customers. from jackets and cellphone cases to table runners and pillowcases. bendy. >> the icelandic >> how does it feel to you, to watch your display come to life inside the store >> it's still pretty surreal to me just to be in an actual store is like a dream come true. >> this is rochelle porter designs. front and center in one of the nation's largest retailers not too long ago, she would sell only on her own website. now, she's got a decor collection on
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it's thanks, in large part, she says, to the 15% pledge. a promise for big retailers to allocate at least 15% of their shelf space to black-owned businesses and designers an idea, developed and championed by designer and activist, aurora james, who has worked with some of the biggest celebrities, including beyonce and haley bieber. >> why 15% >> i chose 15% because it's, pretty much, a direct correlation to the amount of black people that are actually in america they said, you know, if black people are roughly 15% of the population they should be entitled to 15% of the shelf space at majo we on? >> you are actually standing on europe if you move, you will be standing in north america. >> reporter: we ask our nbc news friend visiting iceland to take us to the actual dividing line. i am sarah harman in iceland. over here is the north
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american plate and t this each year these two plates drift a little bit apart about an inch each year >> reporter: ice land fills with natural cold the most famous is the lagoon because of where iceland is located on earth, some days in winter only had three hours of sunlight. in the summer the sun is up almost the entire day >> is it different cul sleep because the sun does not go down >> we have curtains so we don't see the brightness in the summer time iceland looks like this green. >> all right, keri,
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thanks very much of all the places i have visited, i would have to say ice land i a top five time now is our "pop quiz" where we have a little fun. the question is who was the first female supreme court justice? a, ruth bader ginsburg or -- we'll have the answer, coming up. inspiring kids, this teenage boy is the king of crafting and he's turning his passion into a way of helping others
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he's about six months of age right now, not only brought joy to us as a staff but she's brought a whole ton of joy to the city of chicago. >> reporter: she weighs 100 pounds and live size dolphin family which you can see is a rambunctious bunch. what's also special is how harmony got her name, from kids. >> report >> i think the students were really excited, we are excited to parter with all fourth grade students in the city of chicago to give them that moment of
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curiosity. >> reporter: grade four students got to vote on what the shed was going to name the newborn and harmony was what they picked these kids think it is great. >> harmony is usually singing or harmony is staying together >> it is a good name >> harmony has a good ring to it >> reporter: did you know march is dolphins awareness month? what a great idea to study up these marine mammals that are fish. there are 42 different types. >> they have different needs, social needs and training needs and mental needs the trainers, all the professionals you see here are experts at meeting all of those needs. your local aquarium is a great place to learn about life under water.
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there may be some penguins or a curious beluga whale sneaking over to get a kiss and they'll stand up on their tails and flip and see you >> thanks, kevin let's switch gears and turn to two legendary rivals that are back for an important mission. "tom and jerry" here is our jackson daily who caught up with our actress to talk about the movie and the message what's like working with the pairs of legends chloe, can you tell me about your character cayla in the movie >> cayla is a young woman loses her job and she's on the hunt for a new job, she
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tells a lie to get herself in a high position at a hotel and when she's tested with a very first task, she thinks hiring tom to get rid of jerry is a good idea >> i have to introduce you to my enforcer >> what was it like because tom and jerry was animated >> what was it like acting in front of nothing? >> it was like what you can imagine. it was pretty silly half the time. half of the time i was having to act either op opposite of a tennis ball or a blue x with a name tag that says tom. they are silent characters the more that i would make up what they are doing, the animators can go further in post production
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>> what's the big message of the movie that you want kids to learn about? >> something that i really enjoyed in this movie was the idea of unity. >> i am going to plan an entire day for you two to spend together. >> i grow up with a bunch of siblings, you may pull their hair or trip each other up or punch each other, at the end o f the day, you eat dinner together and you are a family what's important of this story and right now across the world, unity is something we focus on and coming together and cross boundaries and know that you may tear each other's hair out but we are all on this together >> thanks for talking to me. our inspiring kids series, a teen has been using his hands and heart to craft a special way to give back to others >> hello crochet
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friends, it is me. >> the 13-year-old learns how to crochet at the age of 5. >> in about an hour, i made this cloth. i still have this cloth today. >> i make everything when it comes to crocr crochet. >> hats, scarves, m mittens, stuffed animals. >> reporter: he turned his passion into a means of helping others >> i found that you can give back with crochet and raise money and donate to projects that are near and dear to my heart it was also a way to connect with each other and bring the world together one generation at a time >> it is a great basket for beginners
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>> reporter: that's what joana has been doing for years. >> the reason why i make sure to give back because my parents have always taught me. >> reporter: adopted from ethiopia as a young boy, joana has been denoted to help kids in the community where he was born by selling crochet items and leading a successful go fund me campaign, he just helped create a library and science lab for kids in ethiopia which he hopes to visit one day. >> we love you >> report . >> i will be able to see them and know that i have helped and give students a chance to read and dream and be successful but also big for me because it is my first time going back to ethiopia >> reporter: while joana is achieving big, his advise is always start small >> it does not have to be crochet
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it could be any hobby that makes you happy and brings you joy >> reporter: joining us now is joana larson thanks so much for joining us you do that so effortlessly, what are you feeling or thinking when you are crocheting >> i don't have to think about it because i do it for eight years. it is so therapeutic as the yarns glides over, it totally pulls you in >> i know you have not had a chance to visit but you see the pictures of the labor and lab that's created with your help what does it make you feel like to see and help the operation >> it makes you feel proud. what you really makes you feel is the need to do it again because after you help someone and in my case you know that you helped kids getting an
6:57 am
education and library and the science lab, the feeling that you get is greater than what you are giving and it makes you want to do it all over again. it is a really nice cycle of the thought process behind giving back to others >> it is so much fun watching you do it effortlessly jonah, thank you so much, keep up the great work >> thank you very much for having me on crochet away friends >> before we go, e-mail a video to us @nightlynewskids. you can catch a new edition on thursday, thank you very much everyone, remember to
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