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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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and will there be another covid surge? why some bay-area doctors say yes. president biden wants you to be eligible for a vaccine by may. but will california's supply issues keep you from getting your shots? plus, you have seen the video of this uber altercation. tonight, what we are learning about one of the women now facing charges because of it. you share a netflix password with someone else. the company seems to be cracking down. the change you might see the
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next time you log in. good evening, i'm raj mathai. the president is changing the rules and a lot of people are happy about it. all states must make the vaccine available to every adult, by may 1st. the big announcement caught health officials in the bay area, by surprise. bottom line? can we handle it? here is nbc bay area's jean elle. >> reporter: bay area counties have set up mass-vaccination sites like this one in san francisco. health officers say they are ready to increase distribution of the vaccine. but, at this point, there are still concerns about supply. >> i'm announcing that i will direct all states, tribes, and territories, to make all adults, people 18 and over, eligible to be vaccinated no later than may 1. >> reporter: president biden's announcement leading to more optimism, tonight. >> it's a good goal to achieve, definitely. it would be really nice to get vaccinated. >> i think, that's fantastic. >> reporter: people who are eager to get in line are all for
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it. but is it realistic? bay-area health officials say there is, still, not enough supply coming in to meet current demand. >> came as a surprise to us. and again, we hope that it -- that it means that they're seeing really promising increases in the manufacture and distribution. that would -- would -- would back that up. >> reporter: health officer matt willis says without adequate supply, increasing eligibility to everyone will create competition. >> we'll have to be much more careful about protecting slots for those people who are more -- most vulnerable. because again, you know, if it's -- it'll be more competitive if -- if the entire community has access to appointments. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom's office issued a statement that mentions the supply shortage. and says he is looking forward to learning more about the president's plan, and working together to make this important goal a reality. a goal, the president says, could deliver the summer people are dreaming of.
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>> we do this, together, by july the 4th, there's a good chance you, your families, and friends, will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and a cookout or barbecue and celebrate independence day. >> reporter: jean elle nbc bay area news. this is a significant and uneasy anniversary. it was one year ago, today, the world-health organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic. the end of this pandemic might be near. but only, if you do your part. that was one of the other messages from the president, this evening. >> i need you, the american people, i need you. i need every american to do their part. and that's not hyperbole. i need you. i need you to get vaccinated, when it's your turn and when you can find an opportunity. and to help your family, your friends, your neighbors, get vaccinated, as well. >> the president urged americans to stick to the rules, and voiced optimism that the u.s.
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could edge its way toward some-kind-of normalcy, within the next few months. so where were you one year ago, this evening? a lot happened on march 11th, of 2020. president trump, in an oval-office address, announcing a ban on travel from europe. nba game suddenly called off, just before tip off. players whisked off the court. fans, ordered to leave the arena. the nba suspending the season, indefinitely. and oakland native, tom hanks, revealing he and his wife rita wilson had tested positive for covid. things were crashing down, and we had no idea what was coming our way. still, ahead. a look at how our daily lives have changed, and how they are changing now, moving forward. what does normal really mean, anymore? that's coming up, in about ten minutes. there are some major developments, now, in this local-uber attack that's getting international attention. the woman in red, the left side of your screen, has been arrested. the woman on the right side of your screen is expected to turn herself in.
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as for the uber driver who was attacked? we were the ones that told him about the arrest, and he was stunned. nbc bay area has the late details. >> reporter: san francisco police say 24-year-old malaysia king, she is the one wearing red in this video, is now under arrest. she's in a las vegas, nevada, jail. the other, unruly passenger seen in the video snatching away the driver's mask and not wearing one herself, will soon, also, be in custody. sfpd saying in a statement, we are glad to hear that ms. kimiai intends to do the right thing and turn herself into the nearest law enforcement agency. we were the first to inform the uber driver of the arrest, tonight. >> i am relieved that they -- they -- they have apprehended those suspects. >> reporter: this whole confrontation happened sunday. he decided to end the uber ride because ms. kimiai refused to wear a mask.
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he tells us tonight he hoped the girls would simply apologize after the confrontation. but instead, he says, they took to social media. >> i, myself, believe in second chances. but instead of that, defending what they did made it worse. >> reporter: malaysia king was booked into clark county jail on several charges. san francisco police say when the girls exited his uber, following the confrontational ride, one of them reached into an open window and sprayed, what investigators believe, was pepper spray. he's received an outpouring of support from around the world saying people tell him he is fighting for their cause, too. >> that made me feel like i was doing the right thing. i was just not seeking justice for me. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. we are following some breaking news in richmond. police are looking for two missing, 11-year-old girls. you see their photos here. police believe both of these girls are in the richmond area. both were last seen wearing
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all-black clothing. now, if you do see them, you're asked to call police, immediately. a rare-police shooting in danville. a man is in the hospital tonight. it all happened on sycamore valley road. our nbc sky ranger was overhead. police were initially called out for reports of someone throwing rocks off the overpass onto the freeway. danville police say the man was armed and threatening them and released these photos tonight from an officer's body-cam video. they appear to show that man with a knife in his hand. in a prepared statement, police told us, what they say, happened next. >> the officer ordered him to drop the knife, several times. he, then, advanced toward the officer. he discharged his weapon, striking the man once. >> the police chief there did not take any questions. but one witness told us, she saw the man and the officer arguing, before the shooting.
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>> then, the guy turned around: when he turned around, they start get in an argument and the police get the gun. and the guy said, okay, just do it. like, okay, go! okay, go. and then, he did. he just shot the guy. >> the contra costa county sheriff's department is now investigating this police shooting. we have new details about that deadly shooting in fremont. it happened overnight near bidwell drive in trinity way near fremont boulevard. police say a man was shot and killed in the parking lot of the mosaic apartments. they believe it started when a small group of people attempted a home-invasion robbery. when they tried to force their way into one of the units, the map who lived there fired his gun at that group killing one person. investigators are still looking for the other suspects. well, sad for his family. sad for the community. the 75-year-old, asian-american man who was attacked and robbed near lake merit has died.
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he had his three daughters by his side. tonight, president biden even weighing in. nbc bay area cheryl hurd has more. >> reporter: during president biden's first prime time address, he not only talked about the fight against coronavirus. he also talked about violence against asian-americans, across the country. >> vicious-hate crimes against asian-americans who have been attacked, harassed, blamed, and scapedevoted. >> reporter: blamed, he says, for this pandemic and forced to live in fear. tonight, he made a stand against hate. >> it's unamerican and it must stop. >> one of the latest victims is 75-year-old of oakland. he died at highland hospital, today. just days after police say he was assaulted and robbed while out on his morning walk. china town's chamber of commerce executive director, carl chan, says attention from the white house about this problem is
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encouraging. >> it seems to me that everyone wants to do something. and which is quite encouraging. not only to myself but to the entire-asian community. >> reporter: this man, 26-year-old bailey of oakland, has been charged with the murder. this mugshot is from his arrest in san francisco during an alleged robbery last year. he spent more than 100 days in jail before he was released with an ankle monitor. this happened under the leadership of san francisco da, who is dealing with a recall effort. critics say the city is overrun by criminals. he was asked today why bailey was on the streets. >> it was, from an evidentiary standpoint, a very weak case. we held him from san francisco county jail for 179 days. and given the state of the evidence, we could not, legally or in good conscience, hold him longer than that. >> reporter: oakland police and the alameda county da are trying to determine if the attack was
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fueled by hate or a crime of opportunity. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. all calm tonight at the tesla factory in fremont. this is a live look. earlier today, a fire there at this manufacturing site. firefighters say the cause was molten aluminum and hydraulic fluid. our sky ranger was overhead in the 4:00 p.m. hour. and there, you can see it, the smoke coming out from that facility. again, this is a tesla-manufacturing headquarters there in fremont. the fire sparked in the area that's under construction. no evacuations, and no injuries were reported. change over the last year. still ahead, we look at our new normal and what the future could look like as we try to bounce back from covid. and be honest. do you share your netflix password? the crackdown that may be coming and it could change the way you watch some of your favorite shows. i'm chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. some great weather, tomorrow.
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i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. one year into the pandemic and there is a promising headline tonight. california is making progress. the state department of public health now estimates that 38% of californians now have antibodies against coronavirus. however, herd immunity is actually lowest in the bay area. take a look at the state map here. according to the state's calculation, 29% of the people here, in the bay area, have covid antibodies. only san diego is lower, at 28%. the highest region of herd immunity is la, at 45%. pretty good number there. why is the bay area so low? epidemiologists say that herd immunity, right now, tends to be higher in spots that have seen a higher-covid surge, like la. cases here, in the bay area, have typically been lower than the rest of the state. so, could there be another
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surge? tonight, experts are divided about what could happen to us, next. some worry that college students, who don't qualify for the vaccine, might travel for spring break, which is in the next few weeks. and bring the virus back home with them. but others say, with continued-mask wearing and, more importantly, vaccinations, we're moving in the right direction. >> i hate to be pessimistic. but i feel that, with varying responses by states right now, in terms of reopening and not using masks. that's going to happen. >> we are still maintaining restrictions. we have not released our mask mandate. we have not -- we still have 25% capacity. >> back and forth here. another concern, different variants of the virus. specifically, that uk variant, which could become the dominant variant here in the united states. well, it's back to school in the east bay. at least, back to campus the you see families lining the streets to welcome back students.
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pleasanten unified is the first district in alameda county to have all students return for in-person learning. as of now, middle and high school students are splitting their time, in person and online. well, coming back from covid. almost all-bay area counties are all in the read tier. which means things are opening up. we are talking schools, restaurants, gyms, and movie theaters. slowly, letting people back in. but can we even call this normal? not quite. which begs the question, what does normal even mean, anymore? here is nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. >> reporter: sean o'toole is the owner in napa. his customers got the green light last week to dine inside. coming back from another round of the new normal. >> i would say, probably, as we start to enter the next tier and our occupancy goes up, we'll be doing pretty well. >> reporter: to accommodate
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inside dining, tables are far apart. sanitizers are everywhere. and markers, telling people where to stand, are in place. it's what we've become accustomed to. >> i think, for now, i am going to keep wearing a mask. with my job, i'm definitely going to keep wearing a mask. >> reporter: very different how we thought before the pandemic with packed movie theaters, concert halls, and sports stadiums. o'toole is dealing with the change. >> i am not wearing gloves right now but all the staff wears gloves. and you know, hopefully, that can change. >> reporter: but will it? what will the world look like two-to-five years from now? >> i don't think we can really say, exactly, where everything's going to be. say, even a year from now. >> reporter: ucsf epidemiologist, dr. george rutherford says, as vaccines continue to roll out, things might change for the better. >> as a society, with everybody vaccinated, we are going to be doing really well by this time -- by this time, next year. and hopefully, we'll have avoided much of the winter --
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winter surge. but, you know, i think, it will take a few years for it really to kind of establish a -- a permanent -- a permanent pattern. >> reporter: almost 100 million americans have been fully vaccinated. we need 250 million americans to get shots to get herd immunity. dr. fauci says, at a minimum, people need to continue to wear masks and do frequent handwashing to prevent infections. dr. rutherford believes handwashing will stay. bumping elbows may fade away. >> i think we will go back to shaking hands. i think we'll go back to not wearing masks. i think we'll go back to not having to maintain social distance. although, people may be a little ca into a crowds. little more cau have been in the past. >> reporter: for now, we continue to live in a covid-protected world. schools have been forced to pivot. san ramon valley unified students are back, but not full time. >> we really need for the state
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to be clear, regarding what the safe standard is. >> reporter: superintendent, john malloy, says to bring students back full time, they need guidance from the state on what, really, is safe. >> what we learn friday this pandemic for the last, you know, year, is that we learn as we go. >> reporter: the story, now, is our future. >> five years from now, i think it will be back to normal. they are going to -- they're going to come up with something that's going to be a cure all by then. >> reporter: that's the hope since covid-19 turned the world on its axis in 2020. how things will look in the future is, still, a bit hazy. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. jeff ranieri with us and i think we are all having this conversation, jeff, in our own households. what is it going to look like whether it's five months or two years from now? are we going to shake hands? wear masks? are we going to go to an indoor arena or concert? it's going to be just kind of this fluid thing for the next-couple years.
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how do you feel about it? >> yeah, you are so right. i am just ready here in contra costa county to, hopefully, get out of the purple. head into the read tier. as we often say, it's like one step at a time, right? that's definitely going to be feeling pretty good here. once we continue to see a transition to those lower levels. now, when it comes to our weather forecast. i know, the sunshine. it really has been kind of our savior, right? when we get those nice, sunny skies. it's just so nice to get outside. and we have got some perfect weather for ya, as we head through tomorrow's forecast. we have high pressure moving in. it's going to bring some dry, pleasant weather. keep the storm track off to the north. and, look, i also know, very well, we need that rainfall. we are sliding into a drought. the sunshine, definitely, has been kind of the bright spot through some of this covid stuff we have all been going through. as we head through tomorrow morning, we are going to start off chilly. you have to get up at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning and you haven't been up early lately, be
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ready to have your jacket. look at the tri-valley. 39 degrees. peninsula, 44. and a bright start for the south bay, at 42 degrees. right here, over the east bay, 41. and the coldest, to the north bay, 36. also, check out san francisco. no fog. we are starting it off sunny. and as we roll through tomorrow, temperatures warming up a few-more degrees. so instead of those upper-40s and low 50s, we had a couple days ago with that rainfall. we're back up to 66, in san jose. that's going to feel good. little bit of a breeze out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. right here, through contra costa county, i have you at 69 in concord. that's going to be the spot to b. also, antioch, really beautiful. vallejo, 67. but if you are headed to the beaches, it's going to be in the 50s, tomorrow. half moon bay at 59. san francisco, we got a mix here. go right up to the coast line and there is 57 in the marina and outer sunset, 59. head to the mission, 62. going to napa or sonoma, also,
11:22 pm
upper 60s there. maybe not here but you are headed up to lake tahoe. check out our tahoe report. they are open at squaw valley and alpine meadows. morning temperatures in the teens to low 20s. 264 trails to enjoy. 111 runs. covid restrictions, in place. but, they are open. on my extended forecast, dry weather saturday. looks beautiful. then, we get some shower chances sunday night, into monday. right now, 507th inch to quarter inch coming our way. and temperatures as we move through tomorrow, upper 60s. and then, once we get shower chances on sunday, we will be back down to 58 degrees. and, raja, we set the clocks ahead one hour on sunday. so we lose an hour of sleep. but we, technically, gain an hour of daylight. so, sunset coming right around 7:00 p.m. it's going to be really, really nice as we head through the next-couple months, for sure. >> yes, and the seasons are changing. thank you, jeff.
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up next. when will you get yours? just ahead. the timeline for those stimulus checks that president biden just signed off on today.
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president biden marking one year since covid-19 entered our lives. his message to america, as everyone looks forward to a pandemic-free life. >> plus, what's changed most for you in the past year? we are going to talk about it tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. the next batch of stimulus checks could arrive into your bank account, as early as this weekend. that's the first wave. it will, then, continue to come into bank accounts and normal-snail mail over the next-several weeks. majority of people will get a direct payment of up to $1,400. it's part of the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that president biden signed into law, today. all right. do you do it?
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do you share your netflix password? it's okay, if you do, because it's kind of a common practice. so netflix is cracking down. if someone shares your account password, they may see a message when they log on that reads, if you don't live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching. a spokesman for the company says they do hundreds of tests a year with select customers to see if they are sharing accounts. all right. steph curry screaming with passion at his teammates. we will show ya the rare outburst. and happening now. push to convince people that the new johnson & johnson vaccine is just as good and effective as the others. doctors at the oakland coliseum rolled up their sleeves today to get the single-dose shot on camera. hoping to inspire confidence for people reluctant to get it. we're back in a moment.
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the second half of the nba season tipped off tonight. interesting to watch the warriors game. it was nationally televised on tnt. during half-time, the tnt commentator, shaquille o'neal and charles barkley, said the warriors should tank the rest of the season. meaning, just kind of give up
11:30 pm
and just focus on next season. maybe, get a better draft pick. warriors in l.a. against the clippers. rookie james wiseman benched for most of this game. wiseman missed his mandatory-covid test over the all-star break. steph curry not happy with his teammate. rare outburst there, caught on camera. kawhi leonard of the clippers. he finished with 28 points. the warriors were embarrassed, tonight. they lose 130-104. college basketball, now. one of the most storied programs in the country will not be a part of the upcoming-ncaa tournament for the first time, since 1995. the duke blue devils had to drop out of the acc tournament today because one of their players tested positive for covid. afterward, the athletic director said the team's season is over. duke had made the ncaa tournament for the past-24 years. we're back in a moment.
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finally, tonight. the warriors are celebrating women's history month by changing their voice. they'll have an all-female broadcast crew announcing an
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upcoming game. kate scott, seen here doing a little sports reporting for us, in the past here at nbc bay area. and mary murphy will handle the radio play-by-play and analyst duties for the warriors' march 29th game against the bulls. they will take over for the night, just one night only. for tim roy and tom tolbert on 957 the game. also, the pregame and postgame show. all of them are solid. we look forward to that broadcast on march 29th. thanks for joining us on this significant evening. it's been a difficult and emotional, 365 days. we hope you're safe, and we hope to see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪


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