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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 12, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PST

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as we make love an you're on my skin ♪ ♪ you are changing me you are changing ♪ ♪ ♪ stars bloom on a warm summer night they have a clear view without the bedroom light ♪ ♪ i just want a place with you i just want a place ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you for watching, everybody. stay safe, wear a mask stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers." amy poehler. grammy-nominated musician, phoebe bridgers. an all new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with john herndon and now seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers and this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight yeah i get that it's been a really hard year it's totally normal that you might feel that way. we're very happy that you chose to be with us tonight, and if you stick around there's a really good walt disney joke in the monologue.
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let's get to the news. well, it's been exactly one year since we've had an audience, and i've got to say, i really miss the laughs, the energy, and of course, keeping the lost wallets. president biden delivered his first primetime address today to speak about the past year and present a hopeful vision of america's return to normal and then republicans were given 30 minutes for a rebuttal. the senate yesterday confirmed judge merrick garland as attorney general and so merrick garland's long con finally pays off "all i've got to do is wait for a supreme court justice to die, get nominated or replace them, but mitch is never going to let that happen during an election year so then i'll just wait for hillary to win but what they don't know is she loses, so then i wait four more years while some idiot appoints three more justices, but then when he screws up the pandemic and loses, i get a pretty cool job. not as good, but pretty cool from the next guy. merrick, you're a genius." senator minority leader mitch mcconnell said yesterday
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that the enhanced security around the capitol in the wake of january's attack reminds him of his, quote, "last visit to kabul. you mean kabul, afghanistan, where the democratic government had to be protected from the terrorist faction whipped into a frenzy by misinformation and a twisted view of their own religion yeah, i guess i can see that president biden signed the $1.9 trillion -- we got million up there i don't think that would have done it. [ laughter ] i think, wally, let's take a shot of wally there with the 1.9 million. that's what the republicans voted for. >> yeah, yeah. that's what i was hoping for >> seth: president biden signed the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill today. finally. those dudes in "uncut gems" didn't have to wait this long for their money. "it's coming it's -- i just need a couple more days. i got syria breathing down my neck apparently my dog bit a guy. it's been a rough week." in response to a reporter's question, britain's prince william said that the royal family is very much not a racist family. then he clarified, "we hate all of you equally."
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in a new statement released yesterday, former president trump said that americans likely wouldn't have the vaccine if it weren't for him, and added, quote, "i hope everyone remembers." but the one he released today was even sadder. former president trump's son-in-law jared kushner is reportedly planning to write a book about his work in the trump administration look for it in bookstores sometimes after the statute of limitations runs out according to the latest numbers, the world's largest theater chain, amc entertainment, lost $4.6 billion in 2020 and experts say it could take up to ten large popcorns to make it back former first lady michelle obama said in a recent interview that she and former president obama, quote, "never want to experience winter again." said a woman in florida, but what can you do when the winter is inside you? [ laughter ] and finally, the streaming service disney plus this week made several classic movies unavailable to children under 7 years old because they depict racist stereotypes, but adults can still find them under
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"walt's favorites! [ laughter ] told you it was worth sticking around that was a monologue, everybody. oh, man, we've got just a great show for you tonight two of the coolest guests i can possibly imagine my dear friend amy poehler will be here to talk about her great new film "moxie" that she directed and stars in. and later on i'm going to be talking to one of my favorite musicians, phoebe bridgers she's nominated for four grammys this weekend including, best alternative music album for "punisher," which is an incredible listen. but before we get to all that, president biden signed his $1.9 trillion -- oh, now we're on it, wally [ laughter ] president biden signed his $1.9 trillion covid relief bill into law today, exactly one year after the world health organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic and the country started to shut down and republicans tried to both lie about the bill and claim credit for the bill at the same time. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look."
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♪ >> seth: everyone's been reflecting on the fact that it's been exactly one year since the start of the pandemic and the shutdowns, and while most normal human beings have looked back solemnly at the staggering death toll and all of the suffering and pain and misery caused by the economic crash, "fox & friends" is wondering, what if we just like didn't do anything? >> you wonder where we would have been a year ago had they said, okay, these are the things to protect yourselves, but they had not closed down the whole planet and then just given people the choice where would we be one year later? because today marks the one-year anniversary of the pandemic. >> i know, can you imagine where our economy would be today, where our health care sector would be today human beings are capable of making good decisions if you provide them with the right information. it's a thought experiment unfortunately, steve we don't get to do in reverse. >> seth: i don't know, guys, it seems like the thought experiment falls apart when you talk about providing people with the right information since you work for a network that might as
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well be called the wrong information. let's not forget last year's hits like "it's basically the flu," "masks don't work," or "the doctor said hydroxychloroquine is the answer," the same doctor who also believes demons have sex with men to collect their sperm. you know how hard comedy writing is when the real thing is demon sperm? you can't heighten it. here, i'll prove it. trump's touting a doctor who believes in demon sperm. what's next, demon sperm see, there's nowhere else to go. sure, i guess i could say unicorn [ bleep ] but they're just going to bleep [ bleep ]. i can't believe the question these guys are asking, after a year and half a million deaths, is what if instead of helping people we just like, did nothing. you sociopath. do you guys not understand like the germ theory of disease, microorganisms spread from one person to another so in order to stop the disease, you have to keep people apart. i can't believe i have to explain this to you like i'm some 19th century biologist. you don't understand, diseases are caused by microbes okay, louis pasteur, come on guys, let's go drink from the fountain outside the asylum.
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i can't believe it's been a year since everything shut down and by that i mean it's only been a year. i feel like these last 12 months we've all aged at president speed. remember how obama went in looking like a cast member on "my so-called life" and came out looking like he had just seen mitch mcconnell's ghost. that's all of us now in fact, i feel like obama's the only one who has somehow gotten younger in the last year he's hanging out on the vineyard doing podcasts like a 20-year-old stand-up "bruce, i got a sweet new audio set up just bought a yeti and pot filter." but it's true, it's been exactly one year since that surreal cascade of events led to the shutdown of the country, from the nba shutting down to tom hanks getting covid. and then of course, as we all solemnly remember, the late-night shows one year ago i was here in my studio alone after sending our staff home and canceling our show, doing "a closer look" for youtube. and now a year later, i'm here in my studio alone doing "a closer look" for wally i hope you enjoy them, wally >> i mean, i wish they could be a little shorter
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>> seth: not now, wally. >> it's really heavy to hold, seth >> seth: not now i remember that day like it was yesterday. everything was shutting down, people were scared, grocery stores were ransacked, so i got up on a chair in the office and gave and inspiration speech where i said to my staff, "gang, i know you're terrified but this is our moment. people are counting on us. so let's get out there and put on the best god damn show of our lives. then i looked down and the room was empty, except for a tumbleweed, that rolled past, stole a bottle of purell off my desk, and then left. [ wind blowing ] and it was even worse than that because i was standing on top of my chair and the crew guy who helps me down from chairs had left [ laughter ] i don't know how to do it. i used to. anyway, the point is it's worth stepping back reflecting on everything the country's been through over the last year, all of the pain, the suffering, the joblessness, rising poverty, food scarcity, so much of it needless thanks in large part to the sociopathic incompetence of an administration and political party that simply did not care that a deadly virus was rampaging through the country
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and often did everything it could to help spread the disease. it's also been one year since we all trapped ourselves inside our homes with stockpiles of gin and red wine, watching "tiger king" and "love is blind," while clinging to our last shreds of toilet paper like a plank floating in the water after a shipwreck. remember that? when there was a deadly, mysterious virus rampaging through the country and instead of face masks, everyone thought the one thing they'd need was toilet paper i have so much residual anxiety from that, that when i see a guy walking down the street with a 12-pack of charmin from the grocery store, i still can't help but think to myself, [ bleep ] you! [ laughter ] you better have 12 [ bleep ] buddy! [ laughter ] also, remember "love is blind? i know it was a year ago, but we still have to talk about jessica. mostly regards to how she was showing us our own futures everyone thought it was insane when she gave wine to her dog, but then quarantine happened and we all ended up doing much, much weirder things to pass the time. i, for example, developed a
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close, personal relationship with a sea captain painting. so, jessica, i am very sorry for judging you. it's also been exactly one year since our last president delivered a bizarre primetime address where he struggled to read off the teleprompter and got a bunch of his own policies wrong, and then did this after he thought the feed had cut out. >> we will heal the sick, care for those in need, help our fellow citizens, and emerge from this challenge stronger and more unified than ever before god bless you, and god bless america. thank you. >> we're clear >> okay. okay [ laughter ] when the president reacted to his own speech on a national crisis like you just told him you were getting back together with your ex "she stole your car to go have sex with your brother, but,
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okay!" [ laughter ] although my favorite part of that speech was actually the bit c-span caught before it started, when trump accidentally got a pen mark on his suit and freaked out. >> you have a -- >> a what? oh, [ bleep ]. uh-oh. i got a pen mark anybody have any white -- do you have any white stuff >> seth: that is definitely not what you want to see during a national emergency tune in to c-span early and see the president saying, "oh, [ bleep ]. oh, no." "what is it, mr. president, more bad news on the virus? "no, way worse, guys i got a big old ketchup stain on my shirt oh, you shouldn't have let me have the sloppy joe right before we went on does anyone have a tide to-go stick? tide to-go stick mel? mel, do you have the tide to-go stick? what say it louder, mel
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i should tide to-go --[ bleep ], mel! [ laughter ] "bring down the white stuff! no, not cocaine, mayonnaise! [ laughter ] you know, it's such a relief to have a competent administration that actually cares about governing, and a party that just passed a massive stimulus bill that will deliver urgent relief to millions of people as opposed to, you know, a racist, authoritarian, criminal sociopath who tried to overthrow democracy, but i will still occasionally reminisce about how deeply weird he was. if trump wants to run again, we should just create a second position separate from president and call it white house weirdo or something and let him hug all of the flags he wants, and shake macron's handed for an hour while biden does all of the actual governing and let's not forget a lot has changed in the last year for trump too, and not just because of the pandemic. now that he's lost the legal protections of the presidency, he's under increasing criminal scrutiny "the wall street journal" obtained the audio of yet another phone call, in which trump pressured a georgia election official to throw out valid ballots which comes as the fulton county d.a. investigates trump's bid to steal the state's votes, and his former fixer, michael cohen, who already went
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to jail for a hush money scheme directed by trump, is apparently cooperating with the manhattan's district attorney's office in its investigation of trump's business dealings and taxes. >> cnn has learned that michael cohen, former trump lawyer and fixer, met with prosecutors from the manhattan district attorney's office for a seventh time as their investigation of the former president continues. >> seth: seven interviews? my god, they're going to have to publish the indictment as a multi-part series like "game of thrones. i'm no lawyer, but generally speaking it's not good when the prosecutor investigating you does more interviews with your personal fixer than there are episodes in an hbo mini series when trump heard about the seven interviews with cohen, he was probably as shocked as nicole kidman was when she found out her charming british husband with a mysterious past, who was estranged from his family, had conspicuously left his phone at home during a trip that he was purposely vague about, might have killed someone. when trump got the call about cohen's seven interviews, he probably was like -- >> oh, [ bleep ] >> seth: but trump's bizarre half-hearted speech one year ago is a stunning contrast with the seriousness and gravitas of the speech president biden delivered tonight, exactly one year later to mark the pain the country's endured, while also offering hope for the future. vaccinations are ramping up, cases are headed down, and today biden signed a bill that will
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inject $1.9 trillion into the economy to help struggling americans who need and deserve it the bill's enormously popular, 75% of americans and 59% of republicans approve of it. do you know how hard it is to get 75% approval for anything? i can't even get 75% approval from my crew for my impression of michael shannon playing various "looney tunes" characters "get ready to die [ bleep ] because it's duck season in this part of town you should have made a left turn at albuquerque, mother [ bleep ]. "i say i say, i say, boy, what is the big idea are you threatening me, boy? i am the cock of the walk around here nobody threatens foghorn alfredo leghorn!
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>> seth: we brought it back one more time. i promise, that's it for today anyway, point is, the bill is massively popular with voters in both parties and yet, republicans have derided it as a so-called partisan bill and have gone so far as to pretend that it doesn't even do that much about covid, which is a total lie. >> i'm extremely disappointed in nancy pelosi and chuck schumer this is a very partisan bill >> there was no reason for them to jam through this $1.9 trillion bill >> i think we might have a new name for this package that's come over. it's the porky-partisan pricey pet project package. >> it's just unbelievable. this thing is just so corrupt, so costly. and you look at it, it's just so liberal. >> $1.9 trillion of relief that mostly has nothing to do with covid. >> president biden says it's a coronavirus bill, and my response is, right, you know,
12:53 am
and the stripper really likes you. >> seth: what are you talking about? it says a lot about kennedy that he thinks that's an analogy that makes the most sense to people "we've all been there, brian you're at the club and you strike up a conversation with one of the dancers, misty is my favorite, and you make her feel like you're having a real connection next thing you know, you go in for a hug, and the bouncer is throwing you out of the sidewalk, telling you you're banned from the diamond donkey, which is bad news because they got the best shrimp in town. and that's what this covid bill is, it's just the strip club shrimp you can't have it anymore. it's all covid money the $1,400 check, that's covid money. the money to reopen schools, fund state and local governments to pay pensions, and keep services running and people employed, that's covid money too. not to mention the money for vaccinations and public health, but kennedy continued with his deranged analogy >> it's just chock full of spending porn. and if you add up all of the coronavirus spending and then all of the spending porn, there's no comparison. and to me, um, using a
12:54 am
coronavirus bill to effectuate spending porn is like looting after a natural disaster >> seth: jesus, dude, i don't love "fox & friends," but it's a morning show you can't come out firing strippers and porn everywhere. i mean, save something for hannity. what's left for him? "i want to talk about unicorn [ bleep ]! [ laughter ] plus, you're a weird man i can't follow a word you're saying are you trying to sound like boomhauer because that interview would actually make more sense >> are you celebrating the greatest progressive bill in the history of our country [ mumbling ] >> seth: but i have to say some of the most galling behavior came from republicans who actually tried to take credit for elements of the bill while also voting against it >> republican senator roger wicker of mississippi tweeted today after the bill passed the house, he tweeted, "independent restaurant operators have won $28.6 billion worth of targeted relief this funding will ensure small businesses can survive the pandemic by helping to adapt their operations and keep their employees on the payroll." sounds like he's all for it.
12:55 am
>> it does >> and was part of passing it. he actually voted against the bill, as did everybody single republican in the congress >> seth: you voted against it. if you'd gotten your way, restaurants wouldn't have gotten a dime of that money you can't just turn around and claim credit for it. i know these guys are shameless, but i'm still shocked. they're the kind of guys who would run out and try to lift tom brady on their shoulders while wearing chiefs' jerseys. we're like a week away from them going door to door scribbling "courtesy of the republican party" in the memo line of everyone's stimulus check. it has been a surreal and heartbreaking year of pain, suffering and misery for millions of people and while we're at a crossroads right now with a mix of caution and competent governance, we can get to the end of this soon, but we can't forget the lessons of the past one of our two major political coalitions became unmoored from reality, dismissed an urgent public health threat and presided over needless suffering and death, all while throwing to overthrow democracy. and now exactly one year later, the other coalition, whatever its faults, has delivered urgent relief to the poor and working class americans who need and deserve it relief that's massively popular
12:56 am
with the majority of americans of all political persuasions so republicans, most voters may not like you but, hey, at least maybe - >> the stripper really likes you. >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: we'll be right back with amy poehler ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> seth: all this week we've had the drummer for rock band tortoise sitting in with the 8g band he's also played with groundbreaking artists like poster children and five style, among others be sure to check out the latest release from his solo project "a grape dope" entitled "backyard blenders: the remixes," john herndon is here thank you so much for a great week, john our first guest tonight is an emmy and golden globe winning actress. she directed and stars in the film "moxie," which is on netflix now. please welcome back to the show one of the all-time best, amy poehler. hello, amy >> hi! >> seth: you know, i'm going to tell you this, and this is a true thing, because i believe this is the third time we have talked in this past year, you keep looking better and better on zoom. >> oh, my god. well, happy covid -- happy covid-versery! >> seth: thank you very much >> every march 11th, me, you, phoebe bridgers, together let's talk about our year.
1:01 am
>> seth: i would like that >> i was just thinking the other day, that yours was the first show i did when i started doing press for "moxie," and now you're the last piece of press i'm doing. full circle. >> seth: and so usually this would be a junket where you would have to be out on the road talking about your movie you have been talking about it the same amount, but you've been at home. have you enjoyed the home press tour >> very much i -- you know, i know it's not as fun and i cannot wait to be back in your studio for sure, and to see everybody and to see you in person but, you know, i -- one of the misconceptions is, i don't really like people so it's great, because i don't have to be around anybody. >> seth: yeah. >> and that's cool >> seth: well, i think that's why people value being friends with you so much, is that from the outside, people assume you're friends with everybody. but we have actually really made it through a gauntlet to be at a place where you're willing to spend time with us >> can literally count on one hand i can count on one hand, how many people i like but you make that list, seth you make that list >> seth: you know who else is on
1:02 am
that hand? is maya, kenan, and tina and you guys, you and tina hosted the globes again. fourth time. and maya and kenan showed up, and what a delight they were >> what a delight. what a delight >> seth: frankly, i was confused because, of course, keenan did "snl" on saturday, but then he was in the l.a. half of the globes >> for people that have not seen the show, they played winners of least original song. and they came up, and tina had written this bit for them, and in beautiful form, maya arrived already -- already dressed and ready to party and keenan had flown in right from new york the evening before, and had not yet read the sketch and we were about ready to go live so, you know, those two are such geniuses they're like stuntmen. you know, like, when you see stuntmen about to do a stunt, and they're joking around, and they're really loose
1:03 am
and they're just kind of like, "oh, you're going to jump off this building? "not if he pushes me first." like, they're just so good at their jobs that they were -- it was awesome to have them around. >> seth: and it should be noted it wasn't just reading lines off a teleprompter >> no. >> seth: there was also prop work a fantastic joke is that maya reached under her dress, and took off three high heels. >> she had three shoes >> seth: and seamlessly did it and you just -- i mean, again, you know me, terrible -- you put a prop in a sketch, and then you basically just see me staring at it the whole scene because i'm so nervous about what i'm going to have to do. where she's just so gentle and perfect. >> yes they're incredible and that night was so strange. and, you know, you're staring at an audience that is, you know, separated and masked so it's -- and you can't really tell when anybody is laughing because nobody laughs like - they're going to laugh you know, like - everyone just laughs like -- like, that's maybe how their body moves
1:04 am
so you can't tell if they're maybe -- maybe, you know, they're tipping over but they're laughing, you can't tell so to be on stage with that weird sci-fi quality, and with those two, it was just like a dream. >> seth: you -- i mean, i have been backstage at globes that you have hosted. it is both really a fun energy backstage, and then there's the additional energy of the after-party. i'm assuming neither of those happened >> no food or drink was allowed. >> seth: no food or drink? >> zero. >> seth: so what was backstage >> i had to sneak in carrot sticks and my own water. and at one point, i checked in with tina on zoom, and she was eating something i was like, "what are you eating?" she's like, "i'm eating sushi. i was like, "where did you get sushi? so, that was it. new york had sushi >> seth: well that, i think, is the real -- you were leaning into the stereotype of l.a. that all you had was water and carrot sticks >> yeah, i mean, we had tons of pills. and we all went for a hike >> seth: oh, so, pills were allowed? >> it's the golden globes, of course pills are allowed >> seth: we'll be right back with more from amy poehler we're going to talk about her great new film "moxie. ♪
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if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at how do you know what to do, like, how to protest something >> we didn't you know, we made a ton of mistakes we argued with each other. we weren't intersectional enough we called our meetings pow wows. >> oh, no. >> uh-huh. >> but you're glad you did it all, right >> of course >> what are you going to do, nothing? >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with amy poehler. the movie is really great, and one of the things you absolutely nailed it with, was this young cast that's in the film. >> yeah. >> seth: they're just incredible >> they're so incredible and, you know, they worked so hard, and i was able to work them so hard i mean, you know, none of them had kids or anything, so i would just -- every time they finished, i would just go, "again do it again! do it better do it faster
1:10 am
do it younger! and it was so great. >> seth: so maybe a bit of a contrast to your directing of "wine country? >> yeah, "wine country" was like, "please don't leave, guys, we only have a few more hours. please, focus. guys, the set is over there. no, we can't go to dinner yet. [ laughter ] >> seth: um, hey, were you -- this is a movie about a daughter who finds her mom's old zines and decides to protest a certain behavior at school we both have educators in our family, and i think that sometimes hamstrung being protest forward. were you a rabble rouser in school >> no, i -- you know, people have asked me this question a lot, "were you rebellious in high school? and i sadly was not, really at all. and i kind of feel like you and i might share similar stories because your mom was a teacher too. my mom was a teacher at my high school she was literally around the corner so i mean, i -- i occasionally, you know, graffitied something, but it was like school sponsored rocks that we were allowed to spray paint. you know >> seth: um, i want to talk
1:11 am
about one of your friends. i know you've worked with her in things like "parks and rec." kathryn hahn just had this incredible moment in "wandavision," and she's always amazing, but has your friendship with her made you think that you would like to find your way into the marvel universe? >> thank you for asking, seth. yes, kathryn hahn is a living legend, and one of the best actresses we have around and she's incredible but i do feel like there's a lot of room in the marvel universe for people who could just be like the helpers and i feel like -- i think i could be brie larson's, like, i don't know, bossy sister who's not in the biz or something. who's just like -- they're like, "gretchen, what do you want?" she's like, "i don't know, what are you guys doing like, you want me to turn on the lasers?" you never see that you never see who's turning things on and off. >> seth: right >> who's closing up the headquarters at night. and i feel like -- and i'm so jealous of all of these mother
1:12 am
[ bleep ] down in australia right now -- >> seth: a lot of movies shooting in australia. >> everyone is like, "i'm on the set of "thor." and it's like, "no, i'm on the set of "thor and it's so nice down here and we don't even care about covid. it's like, keep it to yourself keep it to yourself! so, i propose a small indie marvel thing shoots near my house. and i can play somebody's sister who is in charge of turning on the lasers that's all i'm saying. >> seth: gotcha. so just -- let's say i'm kevin feige at marvel, and you're auditioning for captain marvel's older sister, karen -- >> gretchen. not karen. >> seth: what? >> come on, seth not karen. wow. >> seth: sorry, that's how it was written in the comics, and we're not going to change its ga pass because my agent didn't tell me her name was karen if it's karen, no thank you. okay and can i talk to the manager because nobody told me that her name was karen okay, my agent didn't tell me, so i'd like to speak to somebody
1:13 am
about changing her name. >> seth: this is marvel. we don't have a manager. >> oh, okay, i'll wait until i get the marvel manager thank you so much. >> seth: okay, so you audition for gretchen we would love -- so captain marvel is going off -- she's going off to fight in space, and we would just love, like, what you think an older sister would say on her way out >> be careful, captain marvel, be careful i mean, don't -- don't -- you don't have to go is that good do you -- i mean, you wouldn't tell thor, if they found a part for you in "thor," you wouldn't go to australia? >> okay, if they found a part for me in "thor," i'd be on a frigging plane in 2.2 seconds. but i want to tell you something else about australia, and, you know, this is something i'm going to be excited about, remember a couple years ago, the cave rescue? the boys were -- they lived and i talked about it on your show >> seth: yeah. >> well, the great ron howard is making a film about it
1:14 am
guess who was cast today as some of the cave rescuers are you ready? >> seth: yes >> joel edgerton >> seth: great >> colin farrell >> seth: ah! >> viggo mortensen >> seth: oh, my god! >> and guess where they're shooting it? guess where they're shooting it? >> seth: australia >> yeah. and guess what i'm playing >> seth: who >> the cave. [ laughter ] fingers crossed. fingers crossed. i don't know, my agent has a call in. i'm excited. i'm gonna be like, "what are you guys doing here? [ laughter ] down in australia, i know what's happening down there >> seth: oh, my god, so that's so exciting. mortensen, farrell, edgerton, and you're the cave. >> i knew i was i going to see that film because i love that story, but i didn't know i was going to be excited about that film like, i didn't know i was gonna be in the front row for that film i mean, those three?
1:15 am
>> seth: i mean, that's like -- it's worth getting stuck in a cave for if they're going to show up. >> you know what, you're right and think of how much arguing is going to happen between the three of them. they're going to be like, "we got to go this way no, we got to go this way! >> seth: oh, yeah. there's only one thing they're going to agree on, which is, "we got to get those kids out of that cave! >> right and one of them is going to be like, "or push them in more! they're going to be like, "get out of here! we don't want to push him in more!" i don't know when i saw that, i was like, "i want you to know that when i read that today, i was like -- this is our relationship, i was like, "oh, my god, i can't wait to tell seth on his show that they cast the cave movie." >> seth: yeah, i mean, those are three -- those are three classics for me. i mean, that ticks all of the boxes. >> those guys, come on >> seth: yeah. i mean, it's - >> think of the -- think of just the -- well -- now i'm just --
1:16 am
>> seth: i think there's going to be a lot of like that thing that i know you love guys with like their like scuba masks, but then they have to put them up here to talk >> and their hair flips out a little bit, and -- and -- you're right, there's going to be so much scuba mask -- object work i mean, this is where, no offense, seth, you would -- you'd flounder because you're not good with props. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> anyway, i'm so glad those boys were saved, and i'm very, very excited about that casting. and i think that you should do your show from australia >> seth: i think it would be great. just for, like -- we'll do cave week we're going to do it from inside a cave, and all of the guests are going to have to swim in so the only way on to set is through a tunnel that's full of water. so only really -- only really good swimmers can be on. >> you know, like, in those pools in florida where you can have, like, the table in the pool you have your cocktail in it that's where your desk should be
1:17 am
and then you have people swim in that's actually not a bad idea >> seth: yeah, all right so we would love to have you for cave week in australia to promote your new film. >> i would absolutely love to be i'll already have been there because i'm going to be working on that movie. >> seth: i love you very much. congrats on "moxie." thanks for being here. >> i love you, buddy it's great to see you. i miss you very much >> seth: come back to new york soon "moxie" is available on netflix now. we'll be right back with phoebe bridgers. ♪ first up is this exquisite bowl of french onion dip. i'm going to start the bidding at $5. thank you, sir. looking for $6. $6 over there! do i hear 7? $7 in the front! $7 going once. going twice. sold to the onion lover in the front row! next up is lot number 17, a spinach and artichoke dip, beautifully set in a hollowed-out loaf of sourdough bread. don't get mad get e*trade and get more than just trading investing. banking. guidance. tide pods ultra oxi
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four, five, turn, kick. we got chased by these wild coyotes! they were following her because she had beef jerky in her pocket. (laughing) (trumpet playing) someone behind me, come on. pick that up, pick that up, right there, right there. as long as you keep making the internet an amazing place to be, we'll keep bringing you a faster, more secure, and more amazing internet. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ >> seth: our next guest is nominated for four grammy awards, including best new artist, best rock performance, best rock song and best alternative music album for "punisher," which is available now. please welcome back to the show, phoebe bridgers. hi, phoebe, how are you? >> i'm great, how are you? >> seth: i'm great so this is your third time technically on the show. it's the first time we're
1:23 am
and then you did a beautiful film performance for us during the pandemic is it different as an artist being on a talk show, one, where you get to film it ahead of time and the other where you get to be in studio >> um, yeah, i -- i'm honestly going to be so spoiled after all of this because i love the control. i actually -- when i was on your show with boy genius, i yodeled really loud on accident. and you know, you can't go back and fix it it was a nightmare so i like being able to listen to mixes and make changes. >> seth: is an accidental yodel something that happens to you often or was it just in the moment >> yeah, i have the accidental yodel when i hit high notes and then also an accidental eddie vedder where if i hit a really loud note sometimes i have like -- it's pretty rad. >> seth: i will let you know that i did not notice, i only thought it was a wonderful performance. i'm wondering how weird it is, you have this album and it
1:24 am
receives all of this praise and these multiple grammy nominations and yet most of it is happening at home for you has it been an even more surreal year than it is for most people because you would have been so out and about i would imagine on the back of this great album >> yes, it's so weird. i hate that like the only connection i have to my friends and the universe is online yeah, it feels super weird the grocery store is where i hang out, that's it. >> seth: another thing that seems, i don't know, fortuitous seems like the wrong word, but you know, again, this is an album that was written and recorded ahead of time but a lot of the issues, you know, grief, family relationships, the world ending, are very much at the forefront of this album. how has that been to know that you sort of wrote the perfect album for a very hard time >> yeah, i feel like i'm always having a hard time so, i'm terrified of everything. i always think the world is going to end so i think maybe even if i released my first record around now, people would have thought
1:25 am
it was about covid but weirdly i think looking back, i will remember the record more from when i released it than when i wrote it it actually kind of does remind me of isolation, i think, because i played the songs so much in my bedroom >> seth: i've heard tell that your neighbors are maybe not thrilled with living next to a musician who plays songs in her bedroom. are they -- have they changed the their tune at all based on the success of the album >> i have one cool neighbor, michael, who says "what's up?" to me and knows that i have a real job, but there's one neighbor that tells me to shut up and then my next, next door neighbor plays slap bass so i feel like i'm suffering from whispering after a whole day of slap bass is just too much >> seth: right, you're the tipping point. >> uh-huh.
1:26 am
>> seth: again, i do think it's really important to look at silver linings over the course of this last year and i will say i thought it was really awesome and cool to see you on the cover of "variety. i don't know if you had told me march 11th last year that you were going to be on the cover of "variety," i would've been like, "wow, what kind of year is it going to be? so -- but somebody got edited out of this photo. >> oh, my god, i know. she really did [ laughter ] >> seth: so you -- you brought her to the photo shoot and they took a bunch with the dog, yes >> yes >> seth: and then they just iced her?>> i know. i think there's like a video of us doing the photo shoot that she's in it but she's super photogenic so i don't understand she's just sleeping on my lap. >> seth: it must be like a weird zoom filter right now because she looks a little weird but obviously she's an incredibly -- we can all tell she's an incredibly beautiful dog
1:27 am
hey, one thing that's really cool -- i would love to finish with this, is you in the best rock category, it's all female artists. that's never happened before it's such a neat thing to be a part of. do you feel a connection to the nominees i know people always say, it's so great to be nominated with this group of people but maybe this year that's even more true than normal. >> definitely, yeah. i'm such a huge fan of everybody who put out records, especially in like the alternative categories i just feel like they're people i would have been -- we call it "tour bidding" when you're like on a festival tour and you see the same people every day because everybody put out a record at the same time. so i feel like there are people that i probably would have gotten pretty close with because we all released music last year, but being ripped away from that it's cool to have something so awesome as the grammys bring us kind of closer >> seth: also you released a
1:28 am
cover of a john prine song, "summer's end," and one of the days that i feel covid most became real to me because i was such a fan of his was when he passed away in sort of the early part of last spring. and i'm assuming he was someone that you're a fan of for you to do a cover like that >> yeah, that was the worst day ever it was just, you know, he'd been struggling with his health for a long time but he pulled through and completely relearned how to sing and i saw him in oslo it was the weirdest. i landed the first day of tour, walked out of the airport and saw this huge sign that was like, john prine tonight and he represents kind of the pinnacle of like american music to me. so i saw him at this like theater in oslo and people clapping very politely and he talked about american politics and was so charming. and i have seen him a bunch, but, yeah, that was a very depressing day and definitely one of the reasons i chose it and he was nominated for best new artist in 1972, which is
1:29 am
pretty cool. >> seth: that is a very nice way to close this. thanks for doing that, thanks for the album, and thanks for being here it's just a delight to see you, phoebe >> yeah, thanks so much, man >> seth: "punisher" is available now. we will be right back with more "late night. ♪ when you buy this plant at walmart, they can buy more plants from metrolina greenhouses so abe and art can grow more plants. so they can hire vilma... and wendy... and me. so, more people can go to work. so, more days can start with kisses. when you buy this plant at walmart. ♪♪ up at 2:00am again?
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