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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the community wants a space to heal together. >> right now at 5:00, a strong show of support, rallies across the bay area today as communities stand up to stop aapi hate. >> also, the effort to vaccinate californians continues. the milestone governor newsom says we just hit. >> and the effect of the vaccination. we speak to doctors behind the vaccine at ucsf. >> thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm a nicea rafta. a massive show of solidarity in
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san francisco. hundreds of people gathered in chinatown standing with the asian-american community as violent attacks continue. >> nbc bay area sharon katsuda live in chinatown. they weren't just talking about the attacks in chinatown, they were talking about the huge one in georgia. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, terry and they said it was not only a time to express grief. it is also a time for healing. they painted on the sidewalk messages of respect and solidarity in chinatown's square and numerous speakers heard stories of sadness and worry over the elderly and the need to make the community feel safe again after even more attacks in the city. families came out to support each other. >> my condolences to the family of the shootings in atlanta, and then i see in the news every day, every week in the bay area. >> i was kind of scared to come
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out because i didn't know what was going to happen, but i decided to come out. >> we're coming together as asian-americans, as women, as communities of all walks of life to grieve. >> reporter: they also wrote messages of piece for display on the bridge. organizers say it's important to keep the younger generation out. and on a personal note i have to say that it was heart warming to see the big turnout, people whoi who i talked to said this is the biggest event to support asian-americans. nbc bay area news. >> sharon, thank you very much for that. not far away, people turning out for a similar rally in daley city 24 hours after an attack surfaced. community leaders gathered outside city hall to show support for not only the victims killed in georgia, but all of the victims of crimes against
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the bay area and beyond. many held signs called asian lives matter calling for an end to hate. this called after the attack yesterday. it's sickening to watch. it happened near serra vista outside from the serramonte avenue. >> you can see a 69-year-old woman, take her bag while shoving her to the ground. the mayor called this event a safe place to heal together and called on people of all races to unite. we cannot be silent. not at the hands of what's happening at the lives of community members and the violence towards our elders and so that's why you see around the nation this support to stop aapi hate. >> the mayor says more than half of the population of daley city is of asian descent. >> in atlanta, hundreds rallied in support of the asian
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community demanding justice for the victims of this week's deadly attacks. demonstrators gathered in a park near the state capitol. many asian americans at that rally say they feel like second-class citizens in the united states and that crimes against them are not taken seriously. although the gunmen in those attacks told investigators that race was not his motivation, authorities have not ruled out charging him with hate crimes. mayor london breed is joining the growing chorus of people calling for a san francisco school board commission tore resign. this all stems from some tweets posted in 2019, and they were posted to allison collins account and were dug up by a group working to recall members of the board. one tweet states many asian-americans used white supremacist thinking to get ahead. mayor breed says she does support calls for collins adding that, quote, students in the api community deserve better. hours later more than a dozen
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aapi collective community leaders asked collins to resign. today collins tweeted a link to a post on medium that says in part, quote, the number of social media posts have recently been highlighted. they've been taken out of context boethd of that specific moment and the nuance of a conversation that took place. remember, our coverage continues online. make sure you check out our website, nbc bay if you'd like to find a rally supporting the aapi community, we posted a link on the website, just go to the training bar, just go to nbcbay turning now to the fight against covid, the state is showing progress of getting shots into the arms of californians. governor newsom says the state has now administered more than 14.1 million vaccines and nearly a million of those were given in the last two days alone and it's been a record breaking week of vaccinations for the state and looking at the bay area this map shows the percentage of people
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who have received at least now shot. marin doing the best at 45%. san francisco not bad at 37%. santa clara county lagging behind at 27%. the county hasn't suffered from a vaccine supply shortage, but overall you can see most of the bay area over the 30% mark. if you're looking at information on how and where to get your shot go to plan your, put in your state, age, occupation and it will pull up the vaccination site to where you are. >> new at 5:00, one of the biggest school districts in contra costa county is getting ready to get students back for in-person learning. in a letter to parents late last night, mount diablo unified said the students will return next week. it will start next thursday from preschool to second grade students. march 29th, students in grades 3 through 12 will be able to return. schools are stocked with ppe.
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classrooms are ready for distancing and special air filters have been installed. locking down the party, a curfew took effect minutes ago in miami beach as spring break celebrations turned into a state of emergency that comes as the nation's top health experts warn that another surge of cases could be on the horizon. here's numbers's chris pollone. >> reporter: in miami beach, florida, where scenes of huge crowds went viral friday, the threat of lawlessness and the spread of covid-19. >> we do not want to wait for something more terrible to happen. >> the city leaders taking action in instituting an 8:00 p.m. curfew and restricting outside traffic after thousands of spring break revelers packed the district, many ignoring the cdc guidelines and drawn to south florida for its weather, cheap flights and lax health restrictions. it's like we've been overrun. it's crazy.
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you cannot go out at night. >> you work hard and play harder. >> the new restrictions come as the cdc releases new guidelines for re-opening school which is call for three feet of space between students instead of six if everyone is wearing masks and as the white house issues its goal of 100 vaccine schotts in the biden administration's first 100 days. fears the nation could experience another surge in hospitalizations and deaths in the coming months. >> i'm actually concerned that that is the case. >> top white house covid-19 adviser dr. anthony fauci says it's not time to relax just yet. >> if we can just hang on a bit longer, the more people get vaccinated, the less likelihood that there's going to be a surge. >> 12% of people in the u.s. have been fully vaccinated so far. chris pollone, nbc news. first the pandemic and now a burglary. a popular san jose restaurant is reeling. earlier this week someone stole cash, a laptop and paperwork
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from the breakfast place. the entryway was also trashed. two women have owned that restaurant and they struggled to keep the doors open in the past year. christina gonzalez tells us support from the community is hoping to bounce back once again. >> it's been overwhelming the amount of support that we've gotten from the community and it's amazing. i mean, it brought us to tears and all of the support from the community customer, friends and i don't think we realize how much people liked us and that was, you know, that was the good side of this, you know? >> the community is not just talking the talk. they're walking the walk. a go fund me page has raised $2500 for that restaurant. all right. coming up, can your nightly routine affect how well your vaccine works? some san francisco researchers are trying to figure that all out. we'll speak with one of them. >> also fans in the stands in the olympics. the big decision about the
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upcoming games in tokyo. >> it's the first day of spring and we have lingering clouds, but what can we expect for the first week of spring? i'll have details on that coming up in just a bit.
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oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ how about this? your sleep routine could impact how effective your covid vaccine is. that's what researchers at ucsf are looking into. they launched a study looking
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into how things like sleep and stress will affect the long-term response of the vaccine. it's one of the first and largest studies to look at how those things factor into vaccine efficacy. joining us now is dr. eric prather, a professor at the department of psychology. that for being here today. >> thank you for having me? last week, you probably heard we were talking to investigator dr. eppel, and she was talking about the stress side of the study more so. talk us to about the sleep side and how a lack of sleep could impact the vaccine efficacy. >> absolutely. so there's been a lot of work done to try to understand how sleep impacts the immune system and in particular it's been shown both in experimental studies and out in the field that when people don't get the sleep they need they just don't seem to mount the vaccine response that is clinically
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protective and we're trying to learn more about that through this study. >> so what kind of sleep routines are you seeing now? i'm thinking that the fact that the people are concerned about covid, it can cause some concern and it can interfere with the sleep pattern, right? >> absolutely. the pandemic has really impacted people's sleep in a number of ways. obviously people who are worried about it and who isn't, you may have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep ask then on the flip side because there have been changes to routines and commute times some people are actually sleeping more, but when we kind of spread out our sleep opportunity, sometimes our sleep becomes a little bit more fragmented anyway and it may not feel as restorative. >> how is the study going? do you have all of the people you need and how is the process going? >> yeah, no. we are so grateful for all of the outreach and participation that we've had.
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up-to-date, we have had 200 people come through our study and we've had 200 more that are already enrolled and are awaiting appointments, but we still have 200 more to go and we're hoping to recruit over the next 10 days and in particular because we want our sample to be as representative of the bay area as possible we're looking for participants of color to engage with us and anyone interested in this study it's for people who have not received the vaccine. you just come down to mission bay and ucsf and the rudder center. we provide free parking and as a thank you, people get paid up to $300 for participating. >> really? >> real quick, if you could, when you get this information and you see that sleep -- let's just say it shows that sleep dramatically impacted, what can you do at that point with the information? >> i think, you know, the reality is vaccines will be around for a long time and it's possible that we may need covid
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vaccine boosters and if we learned that sleep is such a critical piece, it has clear policy implications, right? everybody needs more sleep and everybody needs better sleep, but if we can do it in a targeted way around when people get vaccines and we can amp up that antibody response, i think everyone will be better off. >> fantastic, dr. eric praider, thank you for sharing that information with us this evening. >> absolutely. thank you. that's some really interesting stuff. a major announcement today about the olympic games in tokyo. if you were planning on going, wait up a minute. the international olympic committee announced that fans from outside japan will be banned from attending the games this summer. that's right. leaders said because of the pandemic, the risk is just too much of a risk, too great. so 4.5 million tickets have been sold to people who live in japan and another million have been sold to people who live abroad and those tickets will leakly be
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refunded and they run from july 23rd and you can watch them right here on nbc bay area. >> sounds good. >> taking a live look outside and it's the golden gate bridge and that is a shot of shots and a beautiful shot, any time of year and especially on this first day of spring and this first day of spring did not disappoint. >> it really didn't, terry. despite the lingering clouds that are hanging out in the sky it's been such a gorgeous day. current temperatures, let's give you an outlook of what we're expecting in the next couple of hours, 58 degrees in the north bay and it will get even colder into the early morning hours, but comfortable right now. san jose is at about 59 degrees and notice the sunshine sticks around and again, you will see those clouds there, but the last of the rain from the system that brought us rain, much-needed rain on thursday and friday and a couple of early morning showers especially mainly off the coast will continue to make its exit and make its way for a
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drying trend ahead and for san francisco, 56 degrees and how it will be cold overnight, we may see that system and as the clouds begin to clear out early tomorrow morning, expect to see some low 30s in the interior valleys and that's why there is a frost advisory in the north bay and they'll be rather nice and tomorrow they'll be in the mid and upper 50s and mostly clear and the reason for that is we have high pressure that will dominate the forecast and that will keep us not only clear from the rain, but it's also going to warm us up. notice the rain through thursday and safe to the north and we're not expecting any rain and any chance of that will be to the north of us and maybe it will bring more snow, but it will switch up the game heading into tuesday and wednesday as we get the winds shifting offshore and that will bring the chance of seeing windy conditions for the higher elevation areas and 25 to 30 miles per hour and keep that in mind, but i think you're
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going to really like the temperatures because even though it will be warm and dry, thankfully it rained so that brings down the concern for fire and the moisture in the air, but look at the 70s in the forecast and that's a nice welcome sight tuesday into wednesday and a great week to wash your cars if you haven't already done that, i saw a lot of people at car wash. in the valley it will be cold so protect your pipes and your plants especially those in the early morning fog. i'll send it over to you. >> fantastic, vianey, thank you very much. we've loved every minute of it. it's been a great business. >> it is the end of an era. peninsula hobby shop closing its doors for good, but not because of the pandemic. we'll explain next.
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and hobby store in san carlos will close the doors for good by the end of the month. j. & m.'s hobby house has been open for years for arts and crafts supplies and tools. they've decided to retire and they say the decision to close is bittersweet. >> so we have lots of stories from people who were here 50
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years ago, and they're still coming. so it's bittersweet. it's bittersweet for them and also bittersweet for us. we've loved what we've done. we love the people. we've loved the creative energy that people bring to us. >> unlike many businesses that have closed over the last year, covid has nothing to do with this decision. the couple is simply they're ready to relax a little bit. the shop will be missed by many customers who say it's truly a one-of-a-kind store. an upgrade after the outrage. the ncaa posted this picture on twitter today of a fully-stocked weight room at the women's tournament. you might think of course. hang on here. earlier this week a photo went viral showing a single rack of dumbbells at the women's workout facility next to the picture of a spacious weight room for the men. the women's tournament is currently being held near san antonio. the men's tournament in indianapolis. still ahead, it's an unusual way to get to work.
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the warriors star who kayaked -- yeah, kayaked to practice today.
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let's take a live look at the capitol tonight where the fencing started to come down. crews started removing at the complex this morning. there's still fencing and no word when the inner fencing around the capitol building
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tuesday will be removed. okay. some dramatic new video tonight of that dangerous situation involving a man, his daughter and an elephant. take a look at this. you can see the man and his 2-year-old little girl. they were inside an elephant habitat at the san diego zoo. witnesses say they think the man was trying to take a photo, the elephant starts coming towards them quickly. witnesses say that's when the man trips, drops his daughter as they try to run. >> a lot of people froze and didn't know really how to take it in, but immediately everybody was pleading with him and then it became frantic and hysterical. >> thankfully, and incredibly nobody was hurt. the man and his daughter, they were able to get out safely. zoo officials say the man and the toddler somehow made it through multiple barriers to get into the enclosure, he is facing child endangerment and trespassing charges. >> come on, dad.
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not your typical commute. the unusual way one warriors star got to practice today. we'll show you more next. want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile, you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network? sure thing! and with fast, nationwide 5g included - at no extra cost? we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at
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>> finally tonight, usually players get to practice by walking and drive, but one is getting there in a unique way. clay thompson, of course, posting this video on instagram this morning. he's kayaking to practice. in the video he says the weather is beautiful. there's no wind and nice and calm waters as he paddling his way out to the chase center and he's rehabbing a torn achilles tendon and he's part of the rehab. he's looking good doing it, too. he's got the nice blues. it looks very peaceful and calm and it's like his meditation.
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>> he's cruising along and he's known to take his dog to the beach, as well. he's a water kind of guy. thanks for watching. "nightly news" is coming up next. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00. tonight, state of emergency in miami beach after wild spring break scenes like these spark superspreader fears. a curfew announced for tonight. >> our city right now in this area has become a tinder. as cases stop dropping nationwide, some states even seeing a rise, the new record at the nation's airports, and the all-out fight at one over masks anti-lockdown protests turn violent in europe as new restrictions go into place amid another covid wave there plus, international spectators banned from the olympic games this july can the families of athletes still cheer


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