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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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whisperer, if you do what she's doing it could get you a coveted place in line. both topped with slow-smoked bacon. only at jack in the box. now at 11:00, still waiting? is there going to be enough vaccine dose as available what we learned about the number headed our way. plus an embattled school board member stripped of her title the rare move tonight.
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and mystery solved. this is? we know. we'll tell you. several states already opened vaccine eligibility for all adults in california in three weeks everyone 16 and older will be ability to book appointments it's but some counties warn we don't have enough doses to vaccinate people now. >> reporter: as fast at the vials are shipped here california governor gavin newsom said the golden state has been administering them and with more doses on the way it's time to get everyone vaccinated. >> next thursday everyone 50 and older will have opportunity to get vaccine and april 16th
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everyone will 1 and older. we administered last week 2.5 million doses and received only 1.8 million. >> the number of doses shipped to california next week will be more than 2.2 million, a sizable increase from last week, all welcome news for people waiting to get their shots. >> i'm excited. i want to get it. >> i guess because most young people are contributing to the spread it would be good for them to be on board with it. >> lori will book next thursday thanks to the announcement. she hasn't minded the wait. patience is what public officials are urging. >> we have the capacity to vaccinate over 200,000 people a week in our county and we're doing probably a third of that.
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>> in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> come april 15th it could get competitive so you might want to start newing about how start thinking about how you'll secure your shot. register with you can sign up to be notified, and once your eligible you can schedule appointments through and you can sign up to be notified when appointments open up. the cdc's vaccine finder tool will help you find vaccine locations near you and some cities and counties book separately. in california most can go to hospitals, community vaccination sites clinics and pharmacies. it can all sound a little daunting. we met a woman who might be able to help you.
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>> i said i think i'm the vaccine whisperer and then it stuck. it started as a joke but just this morning i booked three more appointments for friends i was able to help. >> coming up in ten minutes, the vaccine whisperer her strategy might come in frnd handy, when you will become eligible for the vaccine. also we're following breaking news, several people have been shotted near 101 and east capitol expressway three have been shot and one with life-threatening injuries the other two non-life threatening injuries. new at 11:00 board of directors of education vice president has been stripped leadership position and this comes after tweets which she
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referenced asian-american community and white supremacy and racism. >> mr. alexander. >> yes. >> mr. -- >> credit. >> and miss collins. >> no. >> -- she's failed to accept responsibility for her words in the event she resigns calls for her removal from all committees effective immediately. a national day of action and heal as communities respond on attacks to asian-americans. the bay area they must now with more. >> he just socked me right here, cracked my molar and my ears is ringing. >> reporter: he's speaking up about being sucker punched in san francisco earlier this month. he said he still has headaches
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and needs expensive dental work and what upsets him most no one >> no one said are you okay? that's the first thing i would do. >> reporter: bay area mayor has released this individual y0e released this video -- >> we are with you and we will fight for you. >> rallies and virtual events are planned in the bay area and across the country calling for an and to the violence on a national day of healing and action. >> san francisco city council woman will be speaking out in a noon rally at city hall. >> it's very important to me because enough is enough. we have reached a crisis point that cannot be ignored any
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longer. >> victims say verbal and physical attacks have lasting impact. >> i'm afraid every day walking through there but i got to stick up for myself as kind of like a pride. you know, you mess with me, you're not going to scare me. >> rally organizers and bay area community wants bay area asian community to know they're not alone. >> you're welcome here. >> bay area news. the search is on for many man who targeted a south bay business on lakeside drive. the santa clara business was vacant at the time but the former tenant with a chinese company, the sign was very visible, not the first time this business was hit, in january the same man left an object with an anti-chinese phrase at the front door. it's just march but appears we're headed for a drought in
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southern california. the state water board are sending notices to those with water rights, could be central valtteri valley farmers tapping a creek to say might need to find other water sources, first time they've got the warning since 2016. marin county is the first to have 50% of the population to have received at least one vaccine dose. in yellow more than 40% are vaccinated including sonoma, santa clarineta and san mateo. and santa clara trailing only 29% of their population has referred a vaccine. a new study conducted in the u.s. shows how protected people are when vaccinated from covid-19, it tracked high-risk hospital work new jersey hospital workers
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in texas during the winter surge. >> reporter: thank you doctor for joining us. there's a study with fascinating facts what can you tell us. >> yes, what this shows how well the covid-19 vaccines work in the real world, in real life. this was published in the jurj journal university of texas southwestern study that all of the health care workers were vaccinated and there was a chance of catching covid after being vaccinated in the middle of a pandemic and the catch was low with only 4,821 employees catching covid after being vaccinated a rate of 0.05% a vaccination of 99.95% effective. that's amazing better than clin
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trials. >> are these people vaccinated together or is also in the real world when mixed with unvaccinated people. >> great question. they were at home and in the community, many in the health care center but of course were mixing with patient that's were unvaccinated so they weren't just around those vaccinated they had exposures. >> what's the latest about people fully vaccinated can they spread covid-19 to unvaccinated folks. >> we have really good data that it's hard to spread after you've been vaccinated. safe. we're going to still keep our masks on in public but it's not easy to transmit it once you've been vaccinated. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. new at 11:00, no vaccine, no
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on-campus classes at rutgers university, which will require students to get the vaccine before returning to in-person classes. if you don't get the shot can still do online programs or request exemption for religious reasons or medical reasons. this new video clearly strange and spectacular lights shooting through the sky over the pacific morning west. the pacific northwest. at first a mystery, maybe a ufo, but likely space debris from the falcon 9 starlink launch that's now reentering earth's atmosphere after 22 days in orbit. an astronomer told us it's unlikely much will reach the zbround. spectacular ground. spectacular still waiting for your stimulus check, you're not the only one, some worried their checks may
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have been stolen. meet the vaccine whisperer who could help you secure your covid shot. i'm chief meteorologist check this out, high pressure back, sunny, warm weather for saturday and sunday and show you when wind could return, back in about six minutes.
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hundreds of people gathered at a local high school in boulder, colorado, to honor the lives lost in the mass shooting. it was organized by mom's demand action, to protect people from gun violence. the accused shooter had his first appearance in court. the defense asked to delay the hearing to assess the mental status.
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faces 10 counters of murder 1 count of attempted murder. the three ceos of tech giants today testified virtually on what they're doing to combat issues, appearing for the first time since the january a stack on the capitol. >> how is possible for you not to admit facebook played a central role or leading role in facilitating the recruitment, planning and execution of the attack on the capitol. >> i think the responsibility here lies with the people who took the actions to break the law and do the ins insurrection. >> you have to take into consideration broader ecosystem, it's not just about the technology platforms. >> the company say they taken steps to curb hate speech and extremist content and lawmakers
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question whether more needs to be done. now we know a flood of people seek the vaccine he they may be tough to find, especially when we know supply has been limited. we talked to a woman who helped her friends and her strategy may help you. >> reporter: this is a costume designer by trade. like many of us she has been forced to pivot, now she spends her days on her sewing machine making masks she says online. then she started making them for hospital workers. >> some other friends reached out and said the nurses needed masks and so i thought, well, all i need is to figure out a pattern, i have fabric, i can make masks. >> reporter: then the covid-19 vaccine started rolling out. getting her first shot was no proclamation -- problem.
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the second shot a different story. >> our second shot from moderna wasn't getting to california at petco park they didn't have them. >> reporter: her appointment was cancelled three timeouts. she jumped on her computer and started hunting. >> i said i think i'm the vaccine whisperer and it stuck. >> reporter: she started booking appointments for her family and friends. >> one of the website she uses you put in your zip code hit search then you will see what appointments are available in your area. >> don't be afraid to search all of the different zip codes. >> honestly my biggest source of appointments is through the actual pharmacies because they tend to load their appointments after midnight. >> reporter: another good time
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to find appointments between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. >> because there's a lot of good information and a lot of good people that want to help. >> reporter: not so lucky for gia who went to the bay area hunters facebook group to find an appointment for an 82-year-old in contra costa county. she's been trying for three days an sod far no luck. >> it shouldn't be this hard. it shouldn't be like the hunger games. >> reporter: so vaccine hunting doesn't always bear fruit. janet however is catching a lot of praise for what she's doing. she's helped 30 people so far. >> spreading kindness right now is one of the most important thing we can do. >> reporter: she will continue doing it. she says sewing masks an hunting for vaccines has become her new full-time job. nbc bay area news. california's know when they
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can get the vaccine, big question, when can children get it, pfizer will be testing 12 and under and three different age groups in u.s. and europe, ages 5 to 11. 2 to 5. and 6 months to 2 years. we speak with one of pfizer's researchers. >> we will move to 5 to 11 with a somewhat lower dose. then we'll adjust the dose to get right sort of immune response to protect against the sars coronavirus. >> he adds if everything goes according to plan vaccine for children 12 to 15 years old will be available by the start of next school year. the students in san francisco school district will know when they'll go to back to
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school after a lawsuit demanding the reopening timeline, that lawsuit was rejected. but today, was announced april 26th for middle and high school. elementary school will return april 12th. let's get some nice, spring warming news from jeff, sounds like a great weekend coming up, huh? >>. got that right. tomorrow will be the start of a warming trend. let's get you ready to go for the friday forecast. maybe you have a three-day weekend coming your way and can't travel much in some respects so if you're doing the classic staycation will be good for you. peninsula. 45. tri-valley 43. will need a light jacket.
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east bay 47. san francisco 47. dry and chilly in the north bay 44. tomorrow afternoon, we're in for a solid 5 to 10 degree warm up. look at san jose going up to 72. los gatos 61. bit of a breeze at 16 but not damaging winds. at the east bay 75 in concord. oakland looking mighty fine, 72 degrees. down to freemont, 71. on the peninsula, you will see palo alto low 70's. we get closer to the beaches and the bay, and we're seeing those numbers drop off with the typical breeze 63 in daily city. san francisco. 67 at the mission. 62 at the marina. look at the difference in the north bay, more 70's, 74 in
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sonoma. 72 in clear lake. tahoe has four feet of fresh snow. 254 trails. 104 runs open. you're headed that way have a great time. we stay dry for the next seven days. 69 in san francisco on saturday. monday back to 63. a little bit of wind 15 to 20 miles an hour and warmer weather next wednesday and thursday. across theinland valley. 78 sunday and 68 monday. by thursday we're up to 80. terry, i can tell you early guidance is showing second and third week of april we could get more rain chances so enjoy it now. >> do you have any idea how big those star storm shz might be? >> i would say more of a moderate system moving in.
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not completely on the weak side or super strong, in the middle the way things look now. >> jeff, thanks very much. just ahead, nearly 1,000 submissions is down to one. the story behind the state of the art structure that could soon be turning heads in silicon valley. s .
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no marketing budget? no problem. how the san jose convention bureau came up with a creative solution during the pandemic. plus big wins getting money back in people's pockets. a mailbox break in at a south bay apartment building has some people worried their stimulus checks were stolen, in rose dale apartments in san jose, a tenant said she found the back of the mailbox pried open. most of the contents gone and
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some are afraid their $1400 stimulus checks were swiped by the criminals. >> my husband no receive nothing. >> san jose postal service says it is investigating the mailbox break in. investigators can't say sfoor sure if the checks attracted the thieves. >> warriors next in sports. happening now, the free ride ends next thursday on vta, south bay busses light rail will resume fares on april 1st and there's permanent partitions for drivers an freighters and capacity limit for passengers. social distancing and masks still required. back in a moment.
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the nba trade deadline was today. the warriors had no major moves. they did trade away brad
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wanamaker and marquese chriss. the warriors with a close game thanks in part to a nice night to andrew wiggins. kings took control in the second and third. warriors in the fourth, got out of control, de'aaron fox with 44 points, kings outblow warriors 144-119. the olympic torch relay has started for the upcoming tokyo games, they're going to happen, the relay happens in fukushima with devastating earthquake and soon ani hit in 2011. there's nearliempt y streets and the opening ceremony set for july 23 rds rd. w5u67 it
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a san jose park could soon have a state-of-the-art structure that is sure to turn a lot of heads after nearly 1,000
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submissions from 70 countries this design right here has been chosen for a new silicon valley land mark in 10ez, called the breeze of innovation, located at arena green at guadalupe park and garden, designed to light up at night. the san jose city council will vote on approving this winning design in may. so far $2 million has been raised to pay for this project. we'll keep you posted on that. thanks for joining us. have a great night. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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