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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 30, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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♪ >> jimmy: thank you for watching everybody stay safe. wear a mask. and stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." goodnight everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers." allison janney representative cori bush an all new "closer look" featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. and this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? good to hear let's get to the news. the second impeachment trial of is that a good idea?
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i mean, who's going to watch a 13-minute video? oh, crap house impeachment managers yesterday played a 13-minute video during their opening argument that included clips of president trump's speech at the so-called "stop the steal" rally and the attack on the capitol. and then trump's lawyers played the same video but with the "rocky" music over it. that's right, the impeachment trial of former president trump opened yesterday with footage of the january 6th assault on the capitol and the room fell so silent you could practically hear ted cruz eating his popcorn. during the impeachment trial yesterday, republican senator rand paul was observed drawing squiggles in his notebook, then he gave it to his barber and said, "give me this. former president trump was reportedly unhappy with his impeachment lawyer bruce castor's opening argument during yesterday's trial yeah, i can't blame him. it's pretty bad when you're the worst defense of the week. this week. six republican senators voted yesterday with the democrats to proceed with former president trump's impeachment trial,
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'cause, boy, did they want to see what this guy would do next. i mean, it's like he forgot it was today. we got to vote "yes. i bet he throws up he's going to throw up in front of everybody president biden's nominee for director of the office and budget and management neera tanden apologized in her senate confirmation hearing yesterday for once referring to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell as, quote, "voldemort." "i forgive you," said voldemort. according to a new poll, just 16% of americans think the country's democracy is functioning properly maybe because 16% of americans works out to about 40 republican senators a 16-year-old dog who was separated from her family after hurricane harvey in 2017 was recently reunited with their owners unfortunately, she doesn't remember them. "what do you want? i'm 112 years old. you seem like nice people though." amd finally, in honor of valentine's day, the restaurant chain hooters will offer diners free wings if they shred a photo
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of their ex-partner. and for those of you that don't have an ex, hooters is a restaurant where the waitresses wear tiny shorts and that was the monologue, everybody. we have great show for you tonight. she's an academy award and emmy-winning actress you know from "i, tonya," "the west wing" and "mom." her new film "breaking news in yuba county" is out on digital and select theaters this friday. allison janney is here and she represent missouri's first district in the house of representatives. congresswoman cori bush will be here but before we get to all that, i mentioned yesterday that we had been -- i had been corrected online by saying "legos" when in fact, the plural of lego is "lego. and some people were trying to be helpful after i made that admission that i was getting it wrong yesterday and said -- helpful thing to say is "lego blocks." but again, i'm not going to change how i do it because i only talk about legos with my kids and i'm not going to go home and sit them down and say, "daddy made a terrible mistake.
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also, a correct word for tiny blanket isn't 'blanky,' it's 'blankwetina.' but turns out it was a helpful time, you know, because people with social media can reach out and tell what you got wrong. i got something else wrong yesterday. i called this fantastic character from "mad max: fury road" "doof" warrior and it turns out, that's the incorrect pronunciation. it's "duf" warrior, or at least i think it's "duf" warrior, 'cause a lot of australians online were giving me really unhelpful advice on how to say it turns out a duf is like a rave it's australian slang for rave which makes sense. 'cause every time there is an australian slang word, it's for something awesome. with, like, oh, duf, it's like an accountant's school but somebody was like, "oh, you say it like duf, like it rhymes with choof, c-h-o-o-f. "i'm like, i don't know choof is." and i looked that up
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and that's smoking weed in a bong [ laughter ] so anyways, it's "duf" warrior obviously, i apologize to him. and now i think -- now i'm not going to embarrass myself the next time i have to say something like, hey "duf" warrior, pick up your lego blocks." i want to start one though for our foreign friends who are watching the singular of cheerios is "cheerios. [ laughter ] you guys, let's move on. the vast majority of senate republicans are sticking with former president donald trump in his second impeachment trial, despite powerful evidence presented by the house impeachment managers, and the fact that trump's lawyers are very bad for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: so, you know how trump is currently facing an impeachment trial for trying to steal the election well, now it turns out he's also under criminal investigation for trying to steal the election
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>> breaking news, "the new york times" is just reporting that prosecutors in fulton county, georgia, have launched a criminal investigation into former president trump's january phone call with the georgia secretary of state remember the one where he told secretary raffensperger to, quote, "find the votes" and also jim, threatened him. >> yeah, to find just enough votes, notably, to overturn the results in that state's election >> seth: wow first he lost georgia, now georgia's investigating him. it's like getting dumped, then finding out your ex blocked your number, filed a restraining order against you, and immediately went to paris with your brother trump was already under, last i checked, 30 different investigations, and he has no plan to get out of any of them i mean, even el chapo had that tunnel built under his jail cell toilet so he could ride a motorbike, on a built-in track, all the way to a safe house where the tunnel went upward, so he could crawl out of another toilet if that were trump, he'd just be found half-stuck in a jail cell toilet trying to download parler
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and by the way, people close to trump have been worried about this happening, not just because he could end up in jail, but because his lawyers, to quote the great clarence darrow, "suck major butt." >> people close to the president have been increasingly worried that he may face criminal charges as a result of his actions. the concern here is that donald trump has largely exhausted his legal options when it comes to representation no reputable attorney at this point was willing to stick their neck out for president trump in this impeachment case. allies to the president, one of them telling cnn that he is effed if he faces criminal charges. >> seth: it's true that trump is "effed," because he's always had very bad lawyers such is the price of being an impossible client who ignores the advice of counsel, and also doesn't pay his bills. no one wants to defend you trump probably got his last duo during a two-for-one sale at lawyer's warehouse "you're gonna love the way i leak!" and it's not like representing trump leads to bigger and better things you know, rudy carried his water, and not only did he get
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stiffed, he also got hit with a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit. and i tip my cap to dominion, because it's very funny to sue someone like rudy for over a billion dollars when you know he doesn't have it. i feel like rudy buys his pants with the pockets pre-turned inside out like a 1930s vagabond "also, do you guys have any of those wallets that moths fly out of?" but, when it comes to embarrassing trump lawyers, it turns out rudy is in good company. trump's original impeachment defense team quit en masse when he demanded that they repeat his election fraud lies during the trial. so, he had to settle for two guys named bruce castor and david schoen, who, i'm assuming, he saw in a local palm beach commercial while he was watching a replay of the 1996 masters on the golf channel "have you inhaled asbestos so have we what was this commercial about again? and this is a fun fact, bruce castor's a cousin of the gop counsel from trump's last impeachment, steve castor. do you remember him? the bumbling doofus -- the bumbling "duffus" who showed up
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to hearings with all of his files in a grocery store tote bag like he was dropping off a delivery order from whole foods? "just make sure you freeze the sprouted whole grain bread." as a client, you know you're in a bad spot when your lawyers don't even have briefcases it's like showing up to a potluck with a handful of loose crab cakes "sorry, i couldn't find the tupperware also, it was pretty hot in the car, so we should eat these now. but we shouldn't judge bruce castor just because his cousin door dashed an impeachment trial. i'm sure he's much more professional and detail oriented, as evidenced by the very first words out of his mouth as the ex-president's defense lawyer >> my name is bruce castor i am the lead prosecutor, lead counsel for the 45th president i ce - juror? am i the judge case dismissed wow, that was easy." i wish he had called his cousin like the guitarist at the enchantment under the sea dance in "back to the future." "hey, steve. steve, it's your cousin,
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bruce castor remember that new stupidity you were looking for well, listen to this." don't worry, though, he explained the slip-up. >> i was assistant d.a. for such a long time, i keep saying prosecutor, but i do understand the difference - >> seth: it's not good when the first thing you say in court is that you know the difference between the defense and the prosecution. it's like your pilot getting on the p.a. and saying, "welcome aboard the crosstown bus -- wait, no, this is an airplane. don't worry, i know the difference i was a bus driver, amigos, so i know what i used to do is different from what i do now man, driving a bus was easier. all right, let's try to fly like a bird now make sure your seat backs are upright and tray tables locked next stop, 42nd street." and then, at another point, castor tried to reference something he saw in the news, and honestly, i had no idea what he was trying to get at. >> i saw a headline, "representative so and so seeks to walk back comments about --"
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the specifics. that was very powerful i thought this guy was a slip-and-fall lawyer, but maybe he just slipped and fell on his head "my compliments to whoever waxes these capitol floors it's like an ice rink in here! this is a historic moment. it's the first time in history a president has been impeached a second time. he incited and cheered on a violent mob that breached the capitol for the first time in 200 years, and injured 140 police officers in an attempt to overthrow democracy you'd think his lawyers would be a little more prepared instead, castor meandered aimlessly like he was auditioning to be on one of those sleep apps >> united states senators are patriots first patriots first, they love their country. they love their families they love the states that they represent. there isn't a member in this room who has not used the term "i represent the great state
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of -- fill in the blank. why? 'cause they're all great yeah, but you think yours is greater than others because these are your people. >> seth: i left a voicemail on ecstasy in 1997 that made more sense than this. what are you talking about the house managers just laid out a devastating case against the president with harrowing video footage, and you sound like you're vamping at the end of social studies class "so, in conclusion, rutherford b. hayes was a president. of the united states, specifically and many people don't know this, but 'b' was actually not his middle initial it was more like a verb. like, rutherford be hayes. hayes, of course, being slang at the time, meaning 'president.' and it looks like class 'b' over." [ laughter ] in fact, the house managers' opening argument was so good, and castor was so unprepared, that at one point, he turned it over to his partner and admitted that they had to change course,
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because they didn't expect the democrats' case to be so strong. >> i think that i want to give my colleague, mr. schoen, an opportunity to explain to all of us the -- the legal analysis on jurisdiction i'll be quite frank with you, we changed what we were going to do on account that we thought that the house managers presentation was well done. >> seth: "uh, in my defense, i've only ever seen bad lawyers before. i only hang out with my cuz. tag me out, schoen i'm dizzy and need electrolytes. tell them about people v. whatever, 'perry mason' crap you are always going on about. seriously, what was he expecting? did he think this case was about something else "when i saw that video, i was like, 'whoa! that's what this case is about that is real bad.' and then castor turned it over to his colleague, david schoen, who, instead of bumbling his way through nonsense like castor,
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decided to go the "heinous ass[ bleep ]" route. >> this trial will tear this country apart, perhaps like we have only seen once before in our history. >> seth: i'm sorry, are you threatening a second civil war you know that's basically what trump got impeached for, right this is like if o.j.'s lawyers had said, "you better acquit him, or i will stab every one of you. i mean, seriously, that is despicable impeachment is in the constitution these guys all act like it's some left wing conspiracy. i mean, ben franklin signed on to it, and i'm pretty sure he wasn't some radical antifa socialist. dude tied a key to a kite to find electricity, which we're all taught as like a fun story, but really, it sounds like something you'd make up to get out of the house during a fight with your wife "we just had dinner with your parents last week, deborah." "well, they want to stay over this time, too." "you know what, i'm going outside. "why?" "i need to tie a key to a kite to catch lightning, okay get off my ass." that was a brief excerpt from my rejected broadway musical, "franklin," which was supposed to be the new "hamilton," but you know, covid. and also they said the rapping was bad.
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♪ my name is be and i'm here to sa if you want a penny earned you need a penny saved ♪ schoen went on to claim that the only reason this trial was even happening was because democrats were desperate to impeach trump. >> in this unprecedented snap impeachment process, the house of representatives denied every attribute of fundamental constitutional due process that americans correctly have come to believe is part of what makes this country so great. how and why did that happen? it is a function of the insatiable lust for impeachment in the house for the past four years. >> seth: okay, first of all, when you use the words "insatiable lust" in the same room as chuck grassley and chuck schumer, it makes me want to chuck my lunch. it's just gross. don't do it. second, if democrats truly had an insatiable lust for impeachment, they could have impeached trump 30 times already. no president in history has given congress more cause to impeach than this guy. i'd list every impeachable offense he's committed, but i don't have time. so instead, for a full recap of every trump crime, just flip on over to our other channel, "late night two. it's like espn 2, we have reruns of college curling, minor league
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polo, and every sketch where a writer interrupts me from the audience to talk about themselves now, in a way, it's not shocking trump has bad lawyers, because he doesn't need lawyers. he's been assured that the gop will, with only a few exceptions, pledge total and complete loyalty to him, no matter how indefensible his actions were and that cognitive dissonance was on full display yesterday, when gop senators voted to dismiss the case, and fox news personalities tried to discredit the trial, even as they all complained about just how bad the president's lawyers were >> i thought it started a little meandering, sort of like, if a lot of free associating in the beginning. >> i've seem a lot of lawyers and a lot of arguments and that was -- that was not one of the finest i've seen >> i thought i knew where it was going, and i really didn't know where it was going >> i would be screaming if that defense attorney was defending me he forgot to, i don't know, i put it here somewhere, prepare >> brian, to your point about mr. castor, at one point he compared manslaughter to murder,
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which both involve culpability which given the fact they're trying to figure out whether or not the president incited it, it was a bad way to go. >> seth: wow, you know it's bad when even hannity, kilmeade, and doocy are saying you were "unprepared. i'm pretty sure kilmeade wears a sign around his neck that says, "if lost, return to 'fox & friends.' side note, trump's lawyers are so lost, they couldn't connect the dots between brian kilmeade's extremely close together eyes. but, more importantly, my question to the senators is this -- if trump's lawyers did such a bad job, then why did you vote with them anyway? lindsey graham sounds like he's describing a movie he didn't understand, but liked anyway "what i liked about 'fight club' is that, at its core, it's about a friendship between brad pitt and ed norton, who play two different people." but, i have to say, that one of the most galling things i heard about the trial yesterday was that as house managers laid out damning evidence of trump's guilt, including harrowing scenes of violence at the capitol, stoked explicitly by the former president himself, several republican senators couldn't even be bothered to pay attention. >> while the democrats were playing their video of rioters
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storming the capitol, a handful of republican senators, including rick scott, tom cotton, marco rubio, barely even looked at the screen, according to reports and rand paul was looking down at a paper in his lap where he had begun doodling with a pencil >> seth: man, of course rand paul was doodling he looks like a doodle that was hit by lightning and came to life he was probably drawing a prototype for a new ultra-weak showerhead to give him even weirder hair but hey, if you were a juror who had already made up your mind how you were going to vote, you would doodle, too. they should all come to the trial with sewing needles and knit turtlenecks that go all the way up to the top of their heads. the president stoked a violent insurrection at the capitol, and when presented with damning video evidence of that fact, republicans looked the other way, not just metaphorically, but literally. they do not care that it happened, and we have to assume they wouldn't care if it happened again they're not even paying attention. if you asked them to recap the arguments, they'd say there were - >> comments about -- i forget what it was. >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪
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♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night. i read online recently that netflix released 70 new movies in 2020. 70 can you believe that well, things like this, they always get me to thinking. i'm getting older, and sometimes, i look around me and don't even recognize the world
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i'm living in anymore. things are changing, and not always for the better. it's time to take a moment to talk about how, well, some things were a bit more simple, "back in my day. ♪ >> seth: so, last year, netflix released 70 new movies in a single year, huh back in my day, netflix wasn't releasing 70 new movies in a year a man was. and his name was nic cage, and he didn't stream, he stole the declaration of independence, right out from under our noses simpler times. back in my day, we weren't waiting for hours in long lines to pay hundreds of dollars for something as silly as a playstation 5. no, sir. back in my day, if we were spending that kind of time and money, it was on something important. like a popeye's chicken sandwich back in my day, people weren't getting vaccinated for
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covid-19 at citi field stadium crackerjack! back in my day, if you were going to citi field, it's because you had a way worse disease. it's called being a mets fan the only cure was the sweet release of death back in my day, andrew yang wasn't running for mayor of new york hell's kitchen back in my day, andrew yang was running for president. he lost, but so did the mayor of new york city, who came in, like, dead last. so, i guess andrew yang did the math and figured, "huh, why don't i run for that guy's old job? back in my day, we weren't all sitting around waiting for a vaccine. hooey! back in my day, if you were waiting for some shots, it's 'cause you were in terminal b at laguardia, and your flight was delayed, so you popped into the airport chilli's to kill time. and that's where you met an insurance adjuster from dubuque who wouldn't stop going on about structural damage liability claims and the only way you could stand to listen to him was to order
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four kamikazes and rip 'em all, back to back to back to back, before stumbling over to your gate and passing out for the whole flight man, i miss traveling! back in my day, you didn't get kicked out of the supermarket for refusing to wear a mask. back in my day, you got kicked out of the supermarket for refusing to wear pants, while squeezing the melons and muttering to yourself, "mm, yup, that's a firm one now. a good'n firm one now. back in my day, every show wasn't getting a reboot. they were all getting a spin-off the fall tv season would begin, and you'd be like, "great news, honey! your eighth favorite cast member from 'cheers' has his own show now! anyways, speaking of spin-offs, it's my honor to announce, coming to nbc this fall, "popsicle schtick: svu." [ "law & order" tones real grizzly popsicle murders. back in my day, matthew mcconaughey wasn't
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considering a run for governor of texas no, back in my day, the only run matthew mcconaughey was considering was a shirtless one on the beach and i wasn't complaining heck, i was storing it right up here in my noggin', for my next trip to the grocery store. "mm. that's a good one. back in my day, the "grammys" weren't getting delayed. heck, back in my day, if we delayed grammy, she'd swat our little tushies for making her late to church [ barks oh, i know you miss grammy rusty, don't worry, she died the way she lived, screaming at cars until they ran her over. [ barks back in my day, there was no "sex and the city" without samantha jones back in my day, there was "sex and the city" without black people, and that's just true back in my day, i wasn't avoiding movie theaters because of covid i was avoiding them because of the floors, which were super sticky, and you told yourself it was from popcorn and soda, but let's be honest, a lot of it was probably piss.
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[ barks what's that, rusty you say nobody does that just me? [ barks back in my day, new york city wasn't dead. it was very much alive it was moving, shaking, slithering 500 million rats, scampering in and out of every crevice rats rats, i say. rats as far as the eye could see. an undulating mass of rodentia, the likes of which one could never escape hissing and nibbling, and squeaking, and grimacing, and scowling scowling, oh, oh, how they'd scowl. oh, how they'd laugh at you. mocking you -- you, with your pitiful sense of superiority, for it is the beast who is truly free and it is you who are the cog in the machine, the spoke in the wheel, the insignificant bit player shouting "buy and sell," gasping every time the man on the screen tells you to gasp, while your eyes pour out your brain to buy baking powder, and
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refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners and where did the time go? how was it spent have i been sleeping have i slept who is this gray-haired man i see. i don't recognize him, i don't -- no. yes. yes. no yes. yes. it is he -- he is me he was always me oh, where has my time gone what has my life become? what has it been for nothing? for nothing at all was it me? was i the one? the one hissing, and nibbling, and squeaking? back in my day, new york city wasn't dead. back in my day - [ dramatic music ] we lived back in my day, we didn't have baby yoda. we had the original -- [ laughter ] [ barks yeah, yeah, yeah it's hard to shift gears [ barks [ laughter ] you know we had the original yoda
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he was old and green, and he talked weird, and, liked him that way, we did i don't know back in my day, we closed with closures [ laughter ] well, i'm sorry to do that sometimes this grumpy ol' gus has got to grab a good'n firm one now. this has been, "back in my day." we'll be back with allison janney we'll be back with allison janney ♪ ♪ tay keith and there you have it: mcdonald's new crispy chicken sandwich. from the makers of the world's most-stolen fries. the juicy chicken sandwich... from the place that offers extra napkins for a reason. the tender chicken sandwich... from the creators of a sandwich phenomenon. so you won't just be biting into a chicken sandwich, you'll be biting into mcdonald's new crispy, juicy, tender chicken sandwich. ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪
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♪ >> seth: i'm so glad fred armisen is here leading the 8g band this week. there he is. and as we've been saying all week, fred spent a month with the balakaku tribe who live a technology-free existence and only communicate via hand signals. fred is the first outsider to master this language and he has been sharing some of what he's learned and, fred, i hope you don't mind, i'd love to just quiz you a little.
1:11 am
how would the balakaku say "i love you?" okay that's great and, i don't know, how would they say "i hate you?" okay it's a subtle difference, but i think i see it i think i'm catching on. all right. let me try saying "i love you" back how is that? jesus, fred. [ laughter ] our first guest tonight is an emmy and academy award-winning actress you know from her work on films such as "i, tonya" and shows such as "the west wing" and "mom." she stars next in "breaking news in yuba county," which is on digital and in select theaters on february 12th let's take a look. >> $23.50. >> oh, i'm sorry excuse me. i think someone forgot to finish the "e."
1:12 am
it should say "happy birthday, sue," not "suc." >> cash or credit? >> seth: please welcome back to the show allison janney. how are you, allison >> seth, i am so happy to see you. i wish i were there with you but i'm -- it feels like it's been years since i've seen you >> seth: it's been a very long time and i also wish you were here in person, but i feel like if you were here in person i wouldn't be able to see this incredible room that you're in right now. what is going on >> well, i tell you, i made a simple request of the set deck crew at the "mom" program to dress up my dressing room. i thought maybe a plant or something. i've been getting very high ratings on room rater. and i thought, "well, let's just get me a plant or something. and i walk in here today and i got a throne and this guy and there is just all sorts of things -- all sorts of things going on
1:13 am
>> seth: well, i will say all of it sort of brings out the best in you you look fantastic so they know what they're doing. >> well, thank you >> seth: tell me, are you enjoying, you know, because i know people are of two minds of it do you like doing press via zoom or do you miss being live and in a studio >> i feel less nervous when i'm at home. because when you're there in your studio and there are all these people and the audience and the energy, i get terrified, so i feel much more relaxed and that -- that feels good to me. but, i do, i mean, you know, it's a love/hate thing i would love to be there with you and see you because i always have a good time with you. so, i'm kind of of both minds. i wonder if people will go back to -- you know, because it's a lot of money productions are saving not having to fly me to new york to do your show and put me up in a fancy hotel and all my fancy requests i need to do, you know, to do things >> seth: right, because you would need like a second plane ticket for your crash test dummy. that'd be a whole thing. >> exactly, i have to take him -- he's my emotional needs
1:14 am
crash test dummy >> seth: how is -- how has the covid-19 protocol life been on set of a show that obviously, you know, you are so many seasons into it. it must be jarring to be so different. >> it was, you know, incredibly strange as actor to have to cover your face to rehearse, because it's sort of counterintuitive to everything that an actor needs to communicate. so that part's weird and it wasn't easy in the beginning. but now we know we just do it and they let us -- we get tested -- i get tested two times a day. and for the rehearsals -- the run throughs, we're allowed to take off the masks and show everyone and they're so great the way they've done it here we all have different zones. now i have to wear a tracking thing so they can tell if i've been in contact with someone longer than five minutes who was outside my zone. they, you know - so there's a lot more things going on now, and the thing's
1:15 am
still up the nose which i enjoy for some reason. i'm just grateful that we're actually able to work during this time. not too many people have been that lucky so -- >> seth: i feel lucky as well to both back to work and also i think i enjoy the thing up the nose as well >> you do? >> seth: i think i do. i first dreaded it, and now it's like a really nice way to sort of start the day >> i do look forward to it and some of them don't do it hard enough. i'm like, "can you do it a little harder? >> seth: right, yeah well, i mean, i -- i do have a safe word with people here [ laughter ] which i highly recommend having. >> what's your safe word >> seth: "no oh, god! [ laughter ] i guess it's three it's three safe words. hey, so this is a fantastic film with just a wonderful comedic cast you play a woman who we saw in the clip who sort of resorts to self help books and daily affirmations
1:16 am
is that something that you've ever tried in your regular life? >> are you kidding me? seth, if you could see the library of books that i've gotten from my mother, from myself, one even from a boyfriend's mother which was slightly disturbing. you know, i was like, "geez, am i that --" you know, so i have delved a lot into self help i always loved looking under my own rock and seeing what's going on there and why i act the way i act. but i don't do the affirmations. i don't know, ever since stewart smiley, i just think they're funny. so, you know, the only one i do is i try to look in the mirror in the morning and say, "i love you. and say it until i really mean it and sometimes, you know, some days are better than others. >> seth: you have -- we talked before about how after "the west wing" you actually went and saw a psychic to find out what was
1:17 am
going to be next and i'm wondering if you have returned because you didn't necessarily think you got the best advice. but that did not turn you off of the idea completely, right >> i love going to psychics. i really love the whole experience i don't know why i feel like sometimes it just puts a seed of hope in your mind when you hear something good i mean, this one woman i went to after i filmed "i, tonya" but before any award thing started happening, she said, "i see a lot of gold in your life i see a lot of gold. and so she also said she saw a man, a very handsome man that was coming into my life and you were going to have -- it was going to be a very sexual relationship and she kept going on about him she said i think i'm going to call him hot pants and so i was so excited. i would go, you know, if i didn't want to go out to dinner, i'd go, "i got to go, 'cause maybe hot pants is going to be there. maybe he's gonna be there and i -- he hasn't shown up yet, so i'm pretty -- so she was right about
1:18 am
one thing, but no hot pants yet. >> seth: she might not have seen covid coming which obviously makes it very hard for hot pants to meet anybody. >> that's true so he could be as soon as, you know, as he gets his vaccine maybe he'll show up. surely it can't be this guy. [ laughter ] >> seth: you'll be heart broken if that's who she meant. hey, it is always a delight to see you. congrats on the film please do continue to stay safe while you're filming >> i will. and you too, seth. it's really good to see you. thank you. >> seth: you're very welcome "mom" airs thursday at 9:00 p.m. on cbs, and "breaking news in yuba county" is on digital and in select theaters on february 12th we'll be right back with representative cori bush ♪ me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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1:24 am
thanks for being here congresswoman. >> thanks for having me. >> seth: so you have been in office for about a month and obviously not the first month anybody would have wanted or anybody would have expected. your first piece of legislation was, of course, in reaction to an insurrection at the capitol all things considered, how has it been? >> it's been something i could not have prepared for. i had no idea. i thought i was walking into congress and i found a white supremacist attack and i found, you know, some people that were really, really angry about our existence as democrats so we worked through it, though. so we put our legislation saying maybe you shouldn't be here. and so that's why today is super important. i watched all day long the media showing what's happening right now, that impeachment trial, you know, that good white supremacist in
1:25 am
chief is -- it's his day >> seth: it does seem like a strong case. even a lot of trump supporters have acknowledged -- even trump's lawyers have acknowledged a strong case is being laid out and yet, not to be pessimistic, but there is a giant unlikelihood that enough senators will vote to impeach. knowing that, what is the message you want to send with this impeachment trial even knowing the unlikely outcome that you would want? >> what about the people what about the people who don't look like you, who don't believe like you, who may not live where you live don't we deserve, you know, liberty and country? don't we deserve to live here, you know, in a safe environment? don't we deserve to have justice? like, this is about justice. forget whether you're a d or r forget who the president is or isn't. it's about justice for all
1:26 am
people and freedom so i think about that. and, like, these people were elected, seth. that's what's crazy. we're talking about people who were elected, who signed up to say, "hey, i want to serve and represent 700,000 of my neighbors," you know but it looks like they only want to represent a small portion so i'll call them out every chance i get >> seth: you had an interesting and very diverse background of experiences before you joined congress you were a pastor. you were a nurse you were an activist and early in your life, because of having a father in politics, you didn't think this was the path you wanted to take. what led you to make the decision to run? >> i used to say i would never run for office like, those -- i was 18 years old saying, "dad, i'll never run for office." i said it over and over again. so don't ever say you'll never do something and i -- i saw when michael brown was murdered that, you know, this was a baby in our
1:27 am
community. i live six minutes away from where -- where he died where he was killed. and i just wanted to lend my help and i ended up staying out there on those streets we protested more than 400 days even when the cameras left and i just couldn't understand why we weren't seeing, you know, our elected officials who are paid to represent us, we weren't seeing very many of them out there us with. we're out there getting our butts kicked, you know, standing up to save lives that was our purpose, save lives. but the people who were paid to represent us weren't really showing up and so someone asked me to run and i finally decided yes. how do we get the heart of the people out here on the streets every day after getting brutalized, after being arrested how do we get them in congress and in the senate? you got to run >> seth: one of the other, you know, equally if not more important things that is happening now in congress is efforts to pass the covid-19 relief bill you know, there is a lot of discussion now about things like means testing for the checks
1:28 am
the amount of money in the checks the federal minimum wage i know there must be a sort of constant negotiation what are the parts of the bill that you feel are nonnegotiable? >> you know, we have to start with the $15 an hour minimum wage it's the start like it should be higher than that right now but that's where we are. so we have to at least give people that. we, you know, we have people that are making $7.25, $8, $9 an hour trying to live and some are supporting families. so that's unacceptable, not in the united states. and so that is something we have to do. we also have to make sure that there is money for our cities and our counties and regardless if they are a biy or small county, money has to go directly to our cities and counties so those two things aren't negotiable we have to make sure the voices of those aren't at the table are heard.
1:29 am
and help out our people. people are struggling. like, i don't know why that is hard for people to understand. people are struggling. help people. >> seth: we have maybe a friend in common in leslie jones. she has at least said that she befriended you on twitter and now has your phone number. is this true, and have you texted with leslie >> absolutely. leslie is my homie now that is my sister. yes. i will text leslie, like, "hey, we're about to do this." and then she's like, "yeah yeah!" like, she -- leslie is the ultimate hype person ultimate, period >> seth: well, she will be delighted to hear that and thank you so much for making time for us today and keep up the good work. >> absolutely. thank you. >> seth: congresswoman cori bush, everybody. we'll be back with more "late night. ♪ ♪ “crumbs” by jordan den ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ hey, how you doing baby? ♪
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