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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 2, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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search is on for getting the vaccine. there are signs of promise if you plan to search this weekend. a live report ahead on the boost now expected in the south bay. with three vaccine options, do we even need a fourth? why america's top infectious disease expert now says no, and an inside look at the distribution system now working so efficiently. we're leaving because there's no option to buy any food or drink. >> the boys of summer are back in oakland with people actually there to watch but opening night still had some glitches. the meltdown that left the hole in the stomach for some hungry fans. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. so you have plans this weekend? for a lot of people it's trying to get that covid-19 vaccine appointment. the hunt is on.
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the eligibility is open to all californians 50 and up. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with how maybe it could get a little easier. it's been so tough, kris, tough for folks, kris. >> reporter: what a nice thing to be able to deliver a little bit of good news on a friday morning, but you might have to hunker down with your laptop at your kitchen table, maybe your smartphone on the coach, keep hitting refresh if you want a covid vaccine and if you are eligible. there was a rush of people doing just that all day yesterday, the first day that people over 50 were eligible for a vaccine, checking state, county and retail sites, only to find very few appointments that went very fast, almost from the time you started entering in your personal information to the time you booked the appointment. santa clara county in particular has been struggling with supply. the number of vaccines flat over the last few weeks, but that could change in the next few weeks to the relief of a lot of people looking for vaccines.
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>> we're all thinking about doing a day trip of driving to fresno to go and get it. i feel guilty about that. i don't want to take a shot away from somebody from mire own county when my own county should be taking care of me. >> we are told the vaccine supply should increase by the middle or end of april and well into may. >> reporter: that is santa clara county's vaccine officer who has been in charge of supply. the county is going to get 80,000 doses next week, not counting the doses that are headed to kaiser, which will allow the county to open up to first dose appointments once again. for comparison, 80,000 next week, it's been about 58,000 flat so that is a substantial increase. by the way, you heard from she was able to book an appointment closer to home. you mig county to get a
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vaccine, but it is allowed under the rules at a retail site so if you go to a pharmacy, a cvs, walgreens, safeway, any retail operation that's offering the vaccine, it is okay to do that. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> the thing is i don't know if i want to drive to colinga, kris, but thanks. when it comes to vaccinations, the system must be working. for starters the talk about introducing a fourth vaccine is looking like a nonstarter. this morning an exclusive new inside look at how one vaccine is made showing the process is getting easier. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live in san francisco this morning. cierra, good to hear, with so many people trying to book those appointments. >> reporter: yes, good morning. there's really two big stories right now as you mentioned, the vaccine and the vaccine production. there's one company that is speeding up that production. the other big story is easter weekend for many folks this will be the first holiday where folks are vaccinated in some
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communities where the restrictions have been loosened, but the cdc and some national health advisers really recommending to not let your guard down, despite what else is going on. so nbc did receive an exclusive look at that production of the pfizer vaccine plant. the company says it has reduced the amount of time it takes to make the vaccine from 110 days of production to 60 days, that is very good news, but despite those advancements in the vaccine, national health advisers urging folks to stay safe this weekend, urging folks to not gather in large groups. this is as nbc releases new data on the number of cases. cases are up 12%. hospitalizations also up and the national average of deaths now topping 900 each day. so for those looking to celebrate the weekend, what do experts consider those safe activities? well the cdc is urging virtual church services, outdoor celebrations and for those interested in easter egg hunt
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experts are recommending to limit them to your immediate family. >> this will end. we need to hold out just a bit longer, and give vaccines a chance to really get the upper hand in this. >> reporter: and the cdc as we're hearing stay the course, it's really important to not let your guard down. we all remember that spike right after thanksgiving and the spike right after christmas. folks here are really concerned about a potential spike following easter and the spring break holiday. so we can't emphasize enough, continue to practice those safe habits as well as maintaining your social distance and not engaging in those large groups. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> that's right, can't let our guard down. thanks, cierra. as we've been telling you all morning, everyone over the age of 50 is eligible to receive the covid vaccine here in california. contra costa county is that one exception. it has now more available supply
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and 16 and older. a little less than two weeks from now all other counties are expected to do the sail thing. eligibility will expand to everyone over the age of 16, that's on april 15th. now within the hour, the march employment report is out and jobs are now front and center for the white house. with a long-term mission to get more americans back to work. will republicans support this plan? that is the question. "today in the bay's" tracie potts has the latest from washington. >> reporter: today's unemployment report follows president biden's promise to produce millions of infrastructure jobs. >> it is about winning jobs in america. >> reporter: five cabinet members are promoting his american jobs plan and the 28% corporate tax hike to pay for it. >> there are corporations in this country that have made billions of dollars in profits and paid zero, zero in federal taxes. everybody knows that's wrong. >> reporter: the senate's top republican says his party won't support it. >> the last thing the economy
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needs is a big whopping tax increase on all the productive sectors of our economy. >> if you raise the taxes are you going to push jobs out of the country. >> reporter: more people are trying to get into the country. last night the government reported just under 5,000 children still in border patrol custody including two toddlers, sisters caught on video as a smuggler dropped them 14 feet over a border fence in the dark. >> these are unaccompanied children that are showing up at our border, and every day our border patrol agents are out there with compassion and just taking care of these children. >> reporter: senator joe >> sending that message that we're not going to be taking people into this country until we get our ability to make sure we're able to do it and do it right. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc news. an effort by angry parents to remove three san francisco school board members is now
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officially under way. recall organizers this week received petition approval meaning they can now start collecting signatures. the recall targets three board members, including allisonle couldiness who is suing to hold on to her position. the remaining board members have not served long enough to qualify for a recall. organizers have 160 days to collect the required signatures to hold a recall special election. the earliest date for that would be late november. developing this morning, university of san francisco leaders are investigating a possible hate crime. someone left a noose hanging on a campus balcony. the incident happened this week and the university says the student responsible was already removed from student housing, while that investigation continues. it's not yet clear what the student's motives were, but black students on campus tell us they still don't feel safe. >> i do feel like it put me on edge a lot. every time i walk down the stairway, you can sort of just look up and see the balcony in which the noose was placed. >> the school sent an email to
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students wednesday, one day after the discovery was made and the ucsf black student union say that it's not satisfying what the university has done to handle this incident or even others. the group started a petition demanding that the student be identified and expelled, and that the school do more to combat racism. happening today, people in the east bay they will gather for a stop asian hate protest. this is a march that's going through oakland's chinatown. it will start at 2:30. at city hall and end at lake merritt amphitheater. baseball is back in oakland with a great night for a ball game, especially seeing fans in the stands for the first time in 18 months. we're going to spare you the lowlights for now because the a's had a little problem with houston last night but let's just say inside the stadium not everything went smoothly. the apps used to order their concessions crashed and hangry fans left hanging by the surprise curveball cried foul. >> we're leaving because there's
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no option to buy any food or drink. >> i was going to try to order food and now i'm just relegating to order just beer, just to get to my seats. i can't even take money out of my pocket or credit card. it's just crazy. >> think of all the money you saved. well, wasn't the recipe for a perfect first night for a lot of people. 12,000 fans did adapt to the distancing rules. the a's did apologize. not yet clear how or if they can work out those kinks by tonight's game, but no doubt, they'll probably be trying. [ muted ] -- with some big changes on tap. listen to, this for starters everyone must provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test before setting a foot inside oracle park. fans will have to bring documentation. the move announced is creating a bit of a stir but ceo larry baer
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stands behind the decision. >> we understand the inconveniences associated with this but we also understand and have heard loud and clear from our fans that they want the safest experience possible and the healthiest experience possible and it was a determination of the health officer that this is the way to deliver it. >> about 8,000 fans will be allowed in the stands. the seats were offered only to season ticket holders right now. if you bought a ticket but don't have proof of a vaccine or a negative covid test, you will be allowed to get a refund. but i think only one of the ball parks in the country that's doing that. >> there you go. all right. speaking of baseball, another game tonight, meteorologist vianey arana, look, vianey, how is the weather going to hold up there? >> you know, it's actually going to be nice and cool. you'll notice, though, if you live around the coastline the return of the marine layer as we
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see an onshore flow increase. i want to get started with a look at doppler radar because it shows sort of the building clouds, right. don't worry, though. we'll still see some sunshine into the afternoon. i'll get a closer look at that, fog around the bay down to five miles when it comes to visibility. mike? >> the fog at half moon bay not going to be a surprise for folks driving but you've warned them there. as we look at the roadways, the map shows you i've marked a disabled vehicle at the bay bridge toll plaza. it was reported the live camera shows no problems, same thing for the sensors and in the north bay an issue north 17, i believe they cleared a big rig near idyllwild on the northbound side. a major cyber attack on a bay area university. coming up, the targeted effort to steal personal information and why authorities believe it may be much larger. well that's bad news for students. good news for students, president biden is considering expanding the student debt
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forgiveness. we'll take a look, coming up. let's take a look at this. you see the hair rollers? that's not all that's inside. the unusual surprise for airport security agents and let's say the planes were not the only thing taking flight. and a
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good good friday to you as well. the markets are closed today in
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observance of the holiday, but they quit on a high note. the s&p closed out its best month since november. investors like what they see in government spending ahead. president biden pushing his infrastructure plan as a way to get more americans back to work. we get the march jobs report back in 15 minutes. president biden doesn't know what it's going to say. presidents don't get early peeks but we expect it will be strong. politico reports president biden asked his education secretary whether it would be legal to cancel $50,000 in debt, student debt for each student rather than his original $10,000. we'll talk more about it as we talk politics at the back half of the hour. the rapper known as ice cube is angry at the stock picking app robinhood, the same that caused the controversy in the past. o'shea jackson filed a lawsuit
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saying robinhood used his picture without his permission and it implies he endorses the app. he does not. you can see it here on their website on a newsletter, a still from one of his movies. jackson is not shy about what he thinks of robinhood. he says in his lawsuit "robinhood is the antithesis of everything that ice cube stands for. it represents corporate greed on a massive scale. robinhood used ice cube's image and likeness to promote horrible products and services the last thing in the world which ice cube would attach his image and likeness." wells fargo supports declaring election day in november as a national holiday. marcus and laura, there has been a push for that to increase voter turnouts. critics say it might do the opposite. on a tuesday particular one where it's an offyear election where you're not electing a
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president or senator, people might take the monday off and take a four-day weekend and actually not vote. >> interesting. thanks, scott. new for you this morning "the mercury news" reports stanford is investing claims hackers stole personal data from the school of medicine. it's not clear what information was stolen or how many were affected. the hack is part of a larger cyber attack and universities as well as organizations, all of which use the palo alto based file sharing service. we reached out to stanford for comment but they have not gotten back to us. trending this morning an unusual catch for customs agents at jfk airport. they stopped a man they say was trying to smuggle in nearly 30 finches and look at this, they were stuck inside those hair rollers. agents say they made the discovery sunday in a suitcase belonging to a man from guyana. he said he was just trying to get to new jersey. he was not a u.s. citizen, he
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was fined $300 and also sent back on a flight to guyana. i don't know what they did with the birds. >> that was my question, too. what happened to the birds? >> but also i don't know, i've been to like those pet stores to get dog food and as you pass by all the birds, the finches, they make a lot of noise. i'm wondering how he tried to keep them quiet. >> shhh. >> trying to walk with the suitcase. >> they're trained, click, click. let's get you out to the roadways and see how things are shaping up with the morning commute. our folks are behaving pretty well, click, click, see how things are going with my clicker on the maps as we look at a smooth drive bay area wide, green sensors. most of the cleared out, the summit clear rd for lanes around idyllwild. the arrows show we'll eventually see more slowing. all green, altamont pass.
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good friday as well so many businesses also observe that circle there the dublin interchange a live look at the bay bridge, dublin interchange there may be a vehicle off the roadway nearby. over here hardly any vehicles on the roadway no problem but light clouds drifting through this shot, what's in store for us today? >> yes, we're going to notice the return of the marine layer around the coastline. right now in san francisco, though, if you look in towards the city it looks great. we're going to have a lovely afternoon, gradual sunshine right now, overlooking san jose, we've got similar conditions as well, so even though we're going to cool off it's still going to be cool and comfortable and actually going to probably be a little more pleasant so no 80s, no record-breaking temperatures expected for today. taking a look at satellite radar you can start to notice the cloud cover around the coastline, and current temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. 24-hour temperature change. let's take a look at what the difference is, compared to yesterday. not a huge difference just yet. it will be more noticeable into
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the afternoon, once we hit our daytime highs and this is what it's looking like by the afternoon. we're going to be in the mid and upper 70s through the interior valleys and around the coastline it's even cooler, only in the upper 50s/low 60s. whatever happened to the rain chances? right now, the model runs are showing us that that initial system that we were thinking might have brought us a chance of rain on monday and tuesday looks like it's going to stay out on the pacific and we're not going to get much in the way of rain. we're going to stay fairly dry for the weekend into easter sunday. let's look at your seven-day forecast, because if you notice in the temperature, there is a drop, especially for inland areas, going from 80s down to actually more seasonable and more normal for the month of april, so over the nus, bringin possibility for some showers but we're not expecting a washout of a day or anything like that and
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your san francisco temperatures are definitely also going to significantly cool off so beautiful weekend ahead. mike? sorry, mike just went. >> thanks, vianey. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> we found open vaccine appointments. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you where and help you cover the cost of going the extra mile to get one.
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how far would you go for a covid-19 vaccine in miles? >> consumer investigator chris chmura found many open appointments if you're willing to drive. he actually shows us where and how to cover the cost of getting there because it may be a long haul for you. >> on the first day of people 50 plus being eligible for the covid-19 vaccine appointments dried up fast, but if you expand your search and commit to a road trip, you might be able to find appointments that are available with little or no waiting. take a look at cvs. we found 11 locations with open appointments. bakersfield, chico, clovis, fresno, han ford, kingsburg, madeira, porterville, sangley and weaverville. it's been like this a week. we know because we've been watching. because we're from a different county we called cvs to confirm they'd actually give us the vaccine. they said yes. before you hop in the car, we
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recommend you make the same confirmation call. if you get it. any of these 300 or you serious time off from work, and gas money. it's four bucks a gallon now but let me help with those. first, your boss might pay you during your drive. many companies are offering paid time off to get the covid-19 vaccine. in some cases, it's actually required. listen to this, from the department of industrial relations. if your employer requires you to obtain a covid-19 test or vaccination, then your employer must pay for the time it takes for the testing or vaccination including travel time. ask your boss or hr. that's one part done. now what about gas money? uncle sam might lend a hand. >> if you're driving, you know, to prevent or mitigate a health issue, that's deductible. >> it's 16 cents per mile, for a 394-mile round trip drive from
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san jose to chico that's probably a $63 tax deduction. to try to get it, record your miles and keep proof of your vaccination appointment for your 2021 taxes. >> you want to have accurate records of the date that you traveled and the purpose of the travel. >> one final note about safety. we asked stanford health care about driving a couple hours right after you get the vaccine. one of its infectious disease doctors said this. if you have someone to accompany you to your vaccine it's a good added layer of reassurance in case you have a reaction. so take someone along. >> road trip to porterville this weekend. come up next, top stories we're following today, including enough with the cleanup. a popular east bay destination that's being left a mess. we're going to show you the big crackdown you're likely to notice if you're headed there this weekend. lingering questions about the deadly police shooting and the tactic police say they unsuccessfully tried first before having to use lethal
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right now at 5:30, cracking down on the chaos. the new effort leaders launching after a popular destination repeatedly gets trashed. the live report. making progress. the bold new vaccination promise from san francisco's mayor, and where the city is now focusing their efforts. "today in the bay" continues right now.
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>> good morning to you. good friday as well. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. the weekend should be nice and more people are getting vaccinated. if you're looking for a party this weekend don't go to lake merritt. oakland leaders decided to crack down on crowds which have been creating noise, trash and traffic jams and this morning we have the visual proof. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live for us this morning, just to show us what neighbors are complaining about so much. sharon? >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. neighbors say that it's so bad in oakland at lake merritt they can't get their own cars out of their own driveways. ♪♪ this is video from our own melissa colorado. one neighbor according to the "east bay times" cars are triple parked in front of his driveway
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he needs to walk blocks away to receive anything from delivery trucks and the city says -- excuse me, clearing my throat here -- mmg responders also have this trouble getting down the snarled lakeshore avenue on the weekend so it could be a safety issue. the city called for more police presence at lake merritt on the weekends. vendors can be seen selling alcohol in makeshift underground bars and tents and trash is scattered after nights of partying. the city council discussed ways to try and provide permits for the vendors who sell jewelry and goods on the weekends but for now they want to focus on controlling the mayhem that's going on there on the weekends. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda,thanks, sharon. developing right now in fremont, the investigation into a deadly police shooting happened last night at the hyatt place hotel on west warren avenue. investigators say a special firearm ises task force team was trailing a man with outstanding warrants. two detectives approached.
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police tell us they first released a police dog then it turned deadly. >> the sequence of events i know the k9 was deployed before the shooting and at the time that the k9 was deployed, that's when the suspect produced a firearm and when the officers shot him. >> the man died at the scene. police have not released his name. none of the officers involved were injured. this is fremont's second deadly police shooting in eight days. to the vaccine push and a live look in san francisco, this is where nearly half of all the people there have now received at least their first vaccination shot. now in six weeks' time, it should be more than 75%. mayor london breed expects the rate to reach 80% by mid-may. san francisco is ramping up vaccination efforts for seniors living in chinatown. the city plans to vaccinate 1,000 public housing residents
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through a mobile vaccination clinic over the next two weeks. health leaders say throughout the city, 80% of people 65 and up have received at least one dose of the vaccine, but the vaccination rate is about 65% for seniors living in chinatown. for the next two months, each week teams are holding a pop-up vaccination clinic for underserved communities in the east bay. here's a live look for you in that area around emeryville and north oakland, where the new clinic launched yesterday, intended for people of color. it's happening every thursday and friday in april and may from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. that location 750 eileen street near martin luther king jr. boulevard. this morning, we're tracking a new hate crime investigation. police chief there says a filipino woman was working near los ga toe boulevard when a bicycle came up behind her, pushed her and yelled a racist comment. in a video statement he adds
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these attacks on asian-americans must end. >> as a person of asian and pacific islander descent, i am watching with shock and dismay the continuing acts of violence and hate directed towards people who look like me. it is happening all across our country, but i'm here today asking for your help with a hate crime that occurred in our own town. >> fortunately the victim was not hurt. the suspect was wearing a black or gray bike helmet, had a dark colored neck gator that covered the bottom half of his face, a black shirt and dark jeans. new this morning, one executive order that reportedly may not be going anywhere once the pandemic is over. california's rule allowing distilleries to ship their products directly to consumers. governor newsom issued that order to help keep struggling small-time companies in business. now the "sacramento bee" reports a recently introduced bill would make the order permanent and
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allow craft brewers in and out of the state to ship to california residences. wineries have been able to ship their products in the state for years. happening today, another popular outdoor destination becomes available to visit once again. pacifica pier has been closed since mid-january because of the damage due to pounding surf during the winter storms. crews have had to repair about a 40-foot section of the west-facing deck. when the pier reopens today, that damaged area will still be fenced off. so still have some time to get out there and enjoy but that section not available for you. but you know what? the weather should be nice out there to maybe take a walk around that area. vianey in for kari this morning. what can we expect in that area today? >> well, you know, depending on what you consider cold for the beach, it might be a little chilly especially when you compare it to the past two days because we're dropping back down to a little bit more seasonable weather around here thanks to an
5:37 am
onshore flow that will increase the marine layer. i want to show you some of the current temperatures and also what we're expecting into the weekend. so today we're going to be hitting a high in the 60s, but notice saturday and sunday, low 60s expected on the map, and california the coast is usually a little cooler than everywhere else, so keep that in mind. also notice more increase in cloud cover. i still think it will be a stunning day. beach is a fan of running around the beach -- beach is a fan? binks is a fan of running around the beach. napa valley from upper 70s today down into the 60s for the weekend, so it will definitely cool off significantly by as much as ten degrees in through the weekend, and how about tahoe? maybe you'll head up there. 62 degrees on sunday. saturday 63 and notice on monday we dip down into the 50s. so if you enjoy cooler weather, this is going to be a fantastic weekend to take advantage of that. you'll have a little bit more leeway in terms of hikes and
5:38 am
things like that. you don't have to hurry and go super early because the weather will remain pretty cool all weekend long. i'll send it back to you. >> all right, spreevianey. late-breaking crash update for the north bay. it's in dixon. the bay bridge toll plaza is at the bottom of the screen where it says oakland. dixon is up here. if you didn't know where it was you probably don't need to worry but one lane is blocked eastbound getting away from the area headed up toward davis out of fairfield, gives you a general idea around "a" street the crash involving a truck may be blocking one lane and may be there for a while. chp issued a warning and traffic is light throughout the north bay and the rest of the bay, even the altamont pass shows green sensors, great stuff. back to you. >> thanks, mike. preparing for wildfire season after some of the worst fires in state history. a new tool one north bay city is promising residents to help keep them safe and it won't cost them a penny. the president will speak about the march jobs report we
5:39 am
just got it, it's very strong, very strong numbers for the economy in general. plus the easter bunny coming to popular candy out there. what's your favorite? we'll talk about it. you're watching "today in the bay."
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covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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good morning. it is 5:41 and temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s to start. notice the temperature trend by 11:00 a.m. will still be in the 60s, significant cooling today and even cooler into the weekend. i'll have your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. and monday through thursday we typically see the bay bridge toll plaza only just now starting to show more traffic and it's the same right now. only just now a little more traffic but we might not see metering lights especially because it's good friday. we'll talk about the rest of your build and what we see, coming up. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. 5:42. new details coming to light about the suspect in the mass shooting at afternoon office complex near disneyland. four people died in the city of orange. investigators say gonzalez chained the front and rear gates of the office building with bicycle cable locks, went inside
5:43 am
and killed four people, including a 9-year-old boy. one man lost his mother and father. he says his parents were both loving people. >> just super loving, very loving mom, same with my dad, always put others in front of her and was always a very happy. police now say the suspect knew the victims. he was also injured by gunfire. breaking news coming in and it's good news. the u.s. added 916,000 jobs in march, way over the estimates and the highest amount in months and the unemployment rate dropped to 6%. that's down from february's 6.2%. analysts say that hiring is surging with the economy recovering. >> nice to see. president biden will speak about those job numbers this morning. >> and scott mcgrew, those numbers are just as much a
5:44 am
surprise to him as anyone else. >> that's right. the president does not get an early peek at the jobs number even if he's president. he waits just like the rest of us and normally there's also a pretty long waiting period when he learns about the numbers and when he can speak about it. it's a rule that not every president followed, but the markets aren't open this morning anyway. president biden held his first full cabinet meeting thursday, socially distanced. 'signed some of his cabinet secretaries to take charge of the infrastructure plan and make sure the money america spent to build bridges and roads was spent on american roads and materials. the plan also has money to reinvigorate american manufacturing, including chip manufacturing, the shortage of chips of course a of industries. now to do all this, america's going to have to come up with trillions of dollars, and as you might imagine, mitch mcconnell doesn't like that.
5:45 am
>> with a combination of massive tax increases on businesses and individuals and more borrowing, to add even more to the $2 trillion national debt. >> reporter: now there are a couple of clarifications that need to be made there. the national debt is more like $28 trillion. i think he just misspoke, and the proposal does not include raising taxes on people, individuals. it would raise taxes on corporations. as for that debt, debt is bad, but it's not clear the american public cares. president trump came into office promising he would erase the bt in eight years, but it nearly doubled pandemic. speaking of erasing debt, politico reporting that president biden asked his education secretary whether it would be possible to increase the amount of debt forgiveness for every student from his proposed $10,000 to $50,000. student debt is one of the big drags on the economy, and
5:46 am
affects people of all ages, including the number of people who are able to buy houses because they're still paying off debt which in turn affects older people and their ability to sell that very same house. president biden has been under a lot of pressure from the left to increase debt forgiveness. we'll be watching to hear what the president says about that really, really solid march jobs report, we're talking about it on twitter as well. you'll find me there, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks. new this morning, one north bay city is helping better prepare residents for the upcoming fire season and with the growing drought conditions, it may be more of a challenge. santa rosa received a fema grant to provide thousands of weather radios which can alert people to extreme knsz or evacuations, given away for the next two months for people in the most high-risk areas. the first giveaway is next week. go to the city of santa rosa's website for more information. i want you to think about it
5:47 am
this way in a normal season baseball teams play 162 games. >> not a bad way to look at it especially if you're an a's fan because last night the a's opened the season with a dud. certainly the big highlight was the 12,000 or so fans actually in the stands. on the field, it was close until the sixth inning, when the astros scored two runs to make it 3-0. houston ended up taking that 8-1. but they're back at it tonight at 7:00. giants fans should probably keep the same mindset this morning, perhaps more so because their loss was downright painful. in seattle to take on the mariners, the giants led 6-1 at the bottom of the eighth and that's when the roof caved in. the bullpen gaveoor defense, then the giants tied it innings, seattle won on bases loaded walk. yep, it hurt. but you know what? 161 more so go. at least baseball's back.
5:48 am
happening today a big step toward normal for san jose's children yes, sir discovery museum. visitors will be allowed inside for the first time in more than a year. the rooftop rubber ducky even got a good cleaning. the backyard area has been open for months but the indoor exhibits they're opening. they've been closed. capacity will start at 25% and grow to 50%. guests do need a ticket beforehand and everyone needs to wear a mask. but always such a fun place to take the kids. here's a question for you this morning. are you a peeps fan or do you crave cadbury eggs? but anyway, whatever your answer is, you might be shocked to find out the recent survey finds out that reese's mini peanut butter cup -- i want to say cup -- peanut butter eggs are most popular, second jelly beans my favorite and third the cadbury
5:49 am
eggs. chocolate bunnies the fourth and to bring up the rear, the peeps. peeps get a lot of flack, though. >> dishing some right there. >> yeah, marcus. >> that's such a staple, but i mean, just not in my taste buds. uh-uh. give me my jelly beans. >> the pepsi peeps. >> out of the question. i should have done that for april fool's, used that yesterday for april fool's. so let's look at something that i think a lot of people like the forecast we've been having recently but today you said a little bit more normal. >> it's been nice to see the sunshine and the warmer temperatures, but i think it's time to get back to a little bit more april-like weather around here and that's exactly what we're going to do heading into the weekend, starting today, right now in san francisco, you could see inside through the
5:50 am
city we're not noticing the fog but around the coastline it will build and we'll get the return of the marine layer. san jose right now waking up to dry conditions again so we will stay dry for the weekend. walnut creek beautiful view there. let's talk about doppler radar and satellite. this paints the picture. high pressure was keeping us dry and extremely warm. that's moving out east and we'll be building onshore flow which is the cloud cover that you're going to start to notice around the coastline and a drop in temperatures by as much as 15 degrees in some spots. so we are seeing some fog right now around the half moon bay area. could you see that visibility down to five miles and also got some fog rolling in through the san carlos area and really just temperatures waking up this morning, 40s and 50s. los gatos 55, san jose 48 and your microclimate highs for this afternoon, let's take a look. san jose 75 degrees. livermore 77.
5:51 am
concord 75, and notice around half moon bay in san francisco, back down into the 60s. that's a 20-degree difference compared to the 80s that we managed to see in san francisco this week. so definitely going to notice that temperature drop, so even though it's not going to be in the 80s, just because it's not warm doesn't mean you shouldn't wear your sunshine. the long range outlook the chance of seeing rain next week, i was excited about it. it doesn't look like it's going to come our way. that system looking right now, you can see that big "l" out on the coast so our rain chances just started diminishing more and more as we head into monday and tuesday. it looks like it's going to miss us, if we even get to see any chance of rain. it will be on monday but it's very slight. the biggest change is going to be heading into saturday and sunday, when inland temperatures go from 70s down into the 60s. that's more normal for the month of april, so a little bit more seasonable around here, maybe slightly cooler. tuesday, wednesday and thursday we remain dry. notice that the icons do show clouds this time around,
5:52 am
compared to the clear, sunny skies that we saw, but it will be a nice drop in temperatures, even in san francisco. look at that, 59. so from 80 to 59. mike? >> all right, vianey. sorry if my audio got in on your report. i apologize. taking care of a couple of things, my dog decided to get vocal and i know binks is sleeping. there is the dog report from our traffic and weather reports. over here san jose i did see a little more traffic flow, hard to distinguish that because of the lighting right now, but if we look at the map, this is north 101, i'vesirk isled it on on circled it on the south bay, traditional spot showing up about traditional time, it's very mi we're about to show that map and so you have very short-lived backups. over here altamont pass also about ten minutes of slowing for 580 and now we're back almost all green there. the arrow for 84 showed a little slowing coming down for
5:53 am
vallecitos but that's also back at speed, or close to it. the bay bridge, the incline shows a little bit of slowing, the toll plaza showed more volume but no backup, no brake taps and the volume we check is the berkeley curve as well. for the tail lights, they're moving steadily over to the right, they're headed to the bay bridge, to the left headed over to the maze, both are moving smoothly and even the folks i see at the top of the screen coming out of the maze as well, moving nicely with slots of spacing. eight friday for a lighter drive. back to you. >> mike, thanks. happening now, more deaths confirmed in taiwan, after an unmanned truck rolled down a hill and smashed into a passing train. at least 51 people have died, dozens more injured. rescuers are searching for several people still trapped inside. this is taiwan's deadliest railway disaster, it happened on the first day of the four-day tomb sweeping festival, annual religious holiday where families travel to their hometowns for
5:54 am
gatherings. 5:53. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back. one week from today the giants play their home opener with some big changes on tap. for starters, everyone must provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test before you can even step foot inside oracle park. fans will have to bring that documentation. the move was announced yesterday. it's already creating a bit of a
5:57 am
stir, but ceo larry baer stands behind that decision. >> we understand the inconveniences associated with this but we also understand and have heard loud and clear from our fans that they want the safest experience possible and the healthiest experience possible and it was a determination of the health officer that this is the way to deliver it. >> about 8,000 fans will be allowed in the stands. the seats were offered only to season ticket holders right now. if you bought a ticket but don't have proof of a vaccine or a negative covid test, you will be allowed to get a refund. the activist groups moms for housing was born in late 2019, when two moms moved into a vacant home in oakland without permission. they're the subject of a new four-part documentary series we posted on our digital platforms called the momless of magnolia street. >> it looks at what caused the housing crisis as well as what's being done and not done to
5:58 am
address it. here's a quick look from our series with one of the moms who started that movement, dominique walker. ♪♪ >> fight, fight, fight, fight, housing is a human right! >> oakland doesn't have a housing crisis. it's a moral crisis. it's a profiteering crisis. it's a speculator's in my hood crisis. >> that's right. >> we should all be outraged. we have become so desensitized to people, children living on the streets. housing is a human right. and today, i'm using that right. [ cheers and applause ] my family has been here since the 1940s. my great grandma there and great grandfather bought a house, in east oakland and still in our family.
5:59 am
after high school, i went to mississippi for school, kind of stayed out there, and what i came back to wasn't what i left. not able to live here. can't afford to live here. i work full time, have a degree, still cannot afford to live here, where i'm from. we were like sleeping in a hotel, some different hotels. it was horrible. we deserve to be here. i deserve to be here. i deserve to raise my children here. this is my home. like i love oakland. i am oakland. >> you can start binging "the moms of magnolia street" today on our website or roku, apple tv, or our youtube channels. quickly approaching 6:00. the search is on, getting a vaccine appointment for some of the newly eligible not an easy task, but there are signs of promise if you plan to search this weekend. a live report ahead on the boost now expected in the south bay.
6:00 am
with three vaccine options, do we even need a fourth? why america's top infectious disease expert now says no and an inside look at the production system. now they say it's working more efficiently than ever. >> we're leaving because there's no option to buy any food or drink. >> the boys of summer are back in oakland, with people actually there to watch, but opening night still had some glitches. a meltdown that left a hole in the stomach for some hungry fans. our third hour of "today in the bay" right now. >> a very good morning to you. happy good friday. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. so got weekend plans? for a lot of people it's going to be tryin covid vaccine appointment, and the hunt is on, now that eligibi and over. >> everybody's trying to get it. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in san


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