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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 14, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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next at 11:00, mayor of a north bay town facing heat. in windsor, the mayor facing accusations of sexual assault. hear from him and public. make a vaccine appointment, everyone is eligible starting tomorrow. right now at 11:00, in just about an hour, every californian 16 and older will be eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. but are there enough to go around right now? if you still need to book appointment, hear what we've learned tonight. also got a vaccine but still got the virus. >> it's not surprising at all. i actually expected many more
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documented cases of breakthrough infections. >> not surprising but is it worrisome, what you need to know about the so-called breakthrough infections. facing growing calls for resignation, mayor is speaking out tonight. >> i know the truth of the experiences. >> what will happen next? emotions running high. in just an hour it is on. all californians 16 and up will be eligible for covid vaccine, 18 million more people will qualify to get a shot. however the governor's office says some may have gotten vaccine because of job or health condition. either case, will we have enough for everyone? here's where the supply stands. received 1.9 million doses of vaccine this week. moderna and pfizer. next week 1.8 million doses.
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for now may be a little difficult to get an appointment. look at vaccination rate so far. 39% of adults in california have received at least one shot. 23% fully vaccinated. so with the big rush to get a shot, what will it mean tomorrow? as sergio quintana shows us, counties are struggling to keep up with demand. >> reporter: at stanford covid-19 clinic at emeryville, like rush hour. jeff and sheri got their first dose. >> feel relieved. emotional thing to decide to get one, glad i did. >> happy to have first, can't wait for the second. >> kathryn drove here from san jose for her shot. >> relieved, didn't think i would get it this early. >> reporter: once santa clara county opened eligibility on
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monday, kathryn hopped online and booked appointment here at emeryville, couldn't find one closer to home. santa clara health officials say just got 300,000 doses from federal government but appointments were snapped up immediately. freeze on johnson & johnson vaccines and relatively small shipments from the state has caused shortfall for this week and next. >> bay area is doing well. >> point man says the department of public health will be using some of the limited supply to reach underserved communities so will be tough to book shots through the county. >> trying to move vaccine quickly as possible but supply is limited. encourage people to be patient and try every option you have. >> reporter: check out stanford and kaiser and pharmacies for availability. logging in, word of advice.
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>> hit refresh, keep going, be persistent and hopefully get it soon. >> reporter: in emeryville, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. a big milestone for santa clara county, health department says more than half of adults received one vaccine. marin county, 70% of population partially vaccinated. solano county is trailing with only 46% receiving a shot. state's vaccine website is getting ready for the rush. new version of the my turn site will go live before midnight. preview, first asked questions, including age and where you live. then select a site and time slots for first and second appointments. more ways to schedule, can be a
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test of patience, but in less than ten minutes, chris chmura will show you strategies to help you get that coveted shot. two breaking stories in south bay, crash with chp officer in cupertino. another car crashed into chp suv. officer was not hurt, driver of the other car taken to the hospital. also break, shooting investigation on san jose, 4th and heading, near middle school. one shot and suffered life-threatening injuries. closed lanes. resign now is the message for north bay mayor accused of sexually assaulting six women but he says he's not guilty, staying in office. terry mcsweeney watched the
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wildly emotional meeting and has more. >> demanding that mayor resign. >> reporter: most bizarre sight at special meeting of the windsor town council, mayor reading the resolution he resign immediately. he won't. >> reason i'm not stepping down, in this case i know the truth of these experiences. don't blame those angry and seeking justice, they don't know what i know. >> reporter: but the accusations of six women were enough to sway the numbers. >> if you love windsor as much as you say, you need to resign tonight so we can move on and start the healing process. >> reporter: accusations began in 2017 with a woman detailing assault by mayor in 2013, said would not cooperate with investigation and only wanted to inform the council of his character. story blew sky high when four more women came forward in "san
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francisco chronicle" article. it was powerful. >> resign you rapist. allegations are credible, multiple and been corroborated. >> i've have my butt grabbed by him, and i have seen some of the things that people are referring to. >> reporter: windsor council woman did not attend because she's one of the accusers. he accusers her of sexual misconduct. council voted to demand his resignation but carries no weight. only way to remove the mayor from office is if he's convicted of felony or voters recall him. nbc bay area news. new at 11:00 tonight, marching for justice. demonstrators hit the streets for roger allen, shot and killed by police in daly city april 7th. police say he picked up what
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turned out to be a fake gun in struggle. officer said he feared for his partner's life. allen was shot and killed. protesters are gather outside police station in minneapolis as officer kim potter was released from jail after making bail. police officers pulled wright over. video appears to show him getting back into car and potter fired gun instead of a taser. national guard troops are on the ground trying to keep the peace. reignited conversations about racial injustice. "race in america," daniel dae kim, christine chang, miko
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marks, and michael mcbride we unpack minnesota and the bay area. more fallout from the problems with johnson & johnson vaccine. federal committee wants more data before it decides on the future of the vaccine given to over 7 million people in the united states. emergency meeting called less than 24 hours after recommended a pause in giving out the vaccine after reports of rare and severe blood clots in six women, one died and another in critical condition. >> wonder if it's going to set us back, by how long and will communities be more hesitant now. >> will reconsider the recommendation next ten days. there's a small fraction of people with breakthrough infections, test positive for covid-19 even after vaccinated. contra costa county has
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identified 88, sonoma county 39. ucsf infectious disease expert has answers for us. let's talk about the new development. how surprising is this? >> not surprising at all. i expected many more documented cases of breakthrough infections. if you look at number of people vaccinated in sonoma county and people known to have the disease, it's lower than the trial percentage. >> something to be worried about? >> no, in fact it's expected. what's remarkable about these people, of all of them, none of them died, none had severe covid. one person hospitalized but for a brief time. it seems that person had mild
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disease if at all. >> does that mean the vaccine is working, even though they got infected? >> it is. and having an infection to clinician doesn't mean as much as having very severe disease. and you know, there's a hierarchy in the way we think of infection going all the way to severe disease. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your insight as always. always bring the temperature down of our concerns a little bit. thank you. >> thanks so much. stanford meanwhile is helping lead the way in determining when we could have a covid vaccine for really young kids. began testing pfizer on kids under five. one of five sites conducting the trial. caught up with one of the families, three-year-old part of the trial. so far so good. >> there's other families with children in vulnerable population waiting for this to
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be a reality. we're happy and proud to have a child willing to participate in this. >> will be back for further tests in two weeks. doctors at stanford say if all goes well may be a vaccine for children under five by end of the year. back to school for hundreds of students in bay area and governor newsom is urging all schools back to in-person learning. visited santa rosa school to applaud reopening, urgent to reopen as soon as possible. back in 60 seconds with pro tips as you search for vaccine appointment. eligibility expands in big way in less than an hour. training for tokyo full-time job, south bay superstar ready to leave it all on the table. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, look, you can see patchy fog near the coast and san francisco. more about that and weekend heat on the way, back in a few
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okay, many ways tomorrow the floodgates open. as we've discovered in last several weeks, next several will be challenging. getting appointment can be tricky. consumer investigator chris chmura has pro tips. >> start with the state's website, don't have to register or prove eligibility, just search for appointment. we found if you do more digging can find another available sites for open appointments. start with the county's public health office and other counties too, might have information about mass vaccination sites, among the easiest ways to get the shot. santa clara had lots of open shots in gilroy, appointments we didn't see on the state website. checking with public health
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offices is key. also search pharmacy websites, they're getting more and adding appointments too. >> goal to be in every store. >> walked us through how it works. federal government sends supply notifications, cvs applies the social vulnerability index, selects locations and updates the appointment system. says it does it regularly. we saw biggest batch open overnight, around 1:00 a.m., people grab them fast. might have to stay up late or get up early to grab one. >> encouraging everyone to check regularly and not feel defeated or feel like there's none left. >> walgreens updates weekly, wouldn't say what day. but pharmacies do not accept walk-ins. >> not allowing anyone to come into the stores and recommending people don't do that. >> you must have appointment to get covid-19 vaccine at
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pharmacy. consider calling nearby pharmacies to see if they're keeping a local standby list for leftovers or cancellations. worked for our person at telemundo. >> call local pharmacies and see if they can put them on waiting list. it was worth the time. >> if you get moderna or pfizer, need a second shot a few weeks later. ask the nurses to set that second appointment. if they require you to book it yourself, don't wait. if you travel a long distance for first shot don't necessarily have to travel back to the same location for the second. good luck. when we learn we'll have it for you right here. from vaccine hunting to what to do with vaccine card. consumer investigator chris chmura has tips on the how to series. streaming platforms, website and youtube channel, how to
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playlist. tokyo's tallest building lit to signal 100 days until the olympics finally begin. last year's summer games were postponed because of the pandemic. ♪♪ not just in tokyo, they were celebrated in san francisco today. overdue celebration for 100 days countdown to 2020 olympics. hosted event in japantown honoring local olympians and community leaders who showed courage in the pandemic. headed to second olympics, i was there for his first in rio. spent the year delay focusing on personal growth, he says. >> it's been a long journey but excited to keep it going and i think will be ready to peak when
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the time comes. >> kristi yamaguchi and mayor london breed part of the big event. we've been profiling athletes all day, now reintroducing you to youngest athlete from 2016 games in rio fighting way back to the top. nbc bay area news's ian cull. >> reporter: spent last ten years perfecting his game, working every angle of the table tennis sport training to be olympian. only 20. >> started playing when i was five years old. i have older sister who was playing and i used to watch her. >> reporter: jha the youngest in rio, now ranked 30th in the world and getting ready for tokyo. >> great help to play in rio and getting experience. i think i'm a different person, mentally and physically more
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mature, feel a much better player. >> reporter: born and raised in milpitas, moved to europe at 15, now spends seven hours a day, six days a week training with club team in germany. >> chinese are practicing six, seven hours a day, just two or three hours a day won't work. >> focused on playing well. >> reporter: working in burlingame to develop others locally like jha. family couldn't be more proud, cherish the time kanak can come home and wish they could go to tokyo but no outside spectators are allowed. >> we'll participate remotely and hope he does well and so does team usa. >> reporter: if you think you're good at table tennis, i volunteered above average player in his neighborhood, myself.
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to return just one serve, just one, with that spin, not a chance. ian cull, nbc bay area news. excitement building, lot of local olympians heading to tokyo and we'll be featuring all of them., tokyo olympics on our home page. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, you've been to olympics, know how fun they are. i've been to rio, the excitement is really building. >> oh, yeah. it does, and it's going to be a different experience out there. i went to beijing and also to turino, but there's always something great to watch every night and we'll bring it to you. looking forward to that here at nbc bay area, going to get you ready for thursday forecast. start off right now. view outside, walnut creek, mostly clear skies. what i want you to see, headed for another cold start tomorrow morning. 6:00 a.m. down to 47 degrees,
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under mostly clear skies but look for a little bit of patchy fog near the immediate coastline and through the santa cruz mountains and clouds towards the tri-valley. more 40s in north bay. san francisco 46, east bay at 45. need a jacket tomorrow morning. but by the afternoon can ditch the jacket. going to be good to go with short sleeves in the south bay. looking mightily fine. cupertino, 70. east bay. livermore at 71. danville, and martinez 69 and oakland 65. 60s through the peninsula because of the ocean breeze, won't allow the 70s but close. palo alto at 68. near the beaches or san francisco, expect 50s expect in downtown and mission, low 60s there. through the north bay, more 60s
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over mill valley but sonoma at 70, clearlake, 72. going to get hotter. don't see a change for the weekend. high pressure will lock in place, keep the rain away and temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. on my extended forecast notice in san francisco we go up to warmest day on sunday, sunny, 70. and tuesday and wednesday, slight chances of showers but much colder. inland valleys, we're going up for weekend to 81 on saturday and sunday feeling that weekend heat, up to 86 degrees. >> woo! >> lot of folks heading back permanently to work, yes, weekend is getting extra special meaning again right? >> totally. gets warm, so much fun. thanks jeff. >> yeah. ready to hop on plane and head out of town? new study on middle seat and if
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leaving it empty really makes a difference when it comes to covid. happening now, city council approved a cluster of four glass towers, tallest 18 stories, it's really one building with office and retail. over the market. we'll be right back.
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okay, live look at san francisco tonight. as of tomorrow you'll again be able to catch a live show or attend a conference. city is going to allow indoor ticketed and seated events like
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sports, live comedy, limited capacity, wear masks and provide proof of vaccination or negative covid test in most cases. >> i've been looking forward to it, we've been sheltering in place for long time. take as many safety precautions as we can but time for regular life. >> outdoor dining expand to eight people per table without limits on households and restaurants can begin accepting larger groups. reservations with precautions. middle seats are filling up on flights but new data shows leaving them open greatly reduces risk of covid-19. found exposure to virus particles could be reduced 57% when the middle seat is not occupied. cdc is recommending all passengers wear face masks to reduce the exposure even
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further. steph curry continues to amaze. you'll hear from him unfiltered next. all new show with allison janney, and it's a great show tonight.
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okay. warriors have been playing nice basketball as they try to secure a spot in the playoffs. in oklahoma city tonight, playing the thunder.
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guess who had it again? steph curry wowed the crowd. warriors won 157-109, have now won four of the last games. steph continues to rewrite the record books. friends at nbc sports bay area talked to steph about staying motivated and enhancing his legacy. >> i don't think anyone on this level needs more inspiration to do what you do. but nationally hear stuff, all right, i get what's going on. >> you can watch entire interview on nbc sports bay area tomorrow at 9:00 or listen to the "dubs talk" podcast. giants continue to look good, beat the reds 3-0, win another series, play the marlins on friday. we're back in a moment.
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finally tonight, a homecoming of sorts on stanford's baseball feel. jackson vaughn plays for university of pacific, played against stanford. tonight's game so special
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because 19 years ago a patient at lucille packard children's hospital. liver transplants. believed to be first division i athlete with liver transplants. >> chances of it happening, i don't know how many have had liver transplants but to be first of any college athletes before me is breathtaking. >> dream is play for major league baseball. we wish him well. that's it for us. thanks for being with me. stay safe and healthy. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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