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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cvs is in the yellow. as people blook, it dropped to 18 this afternoon. the opposite at rite aid n green, a bot we showed on twitter, doubled throughout the day today from 227 to 459. >> i noticed a lot of my friends went on at 5:00 p.m. and appointments opened up. i don't know if that is a good time frame. you never know. you don't have to find and get your appointment in the bay area. appointments are booked fast. can you go outside the area?
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>> you can. the question is where. lots of opening in the central valley, if you're willing to drive. that is the same we have seen for a couple weeks now. yeah, if you're willing to get in the car, you might get a shot soon. the same day. here's the thing. new appointments might continue to go to these locations. heerp is why. pharmacies are using a social vulnerability target. and cvs said it's okay to cross county lines. >> they are going to kmounty clinics, thanks very much. travel outside the area and keep refreshing your computer. >> yeah. >> thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> vaccine hunting and what to do with your vaccine card. we have tips for you, on our platform. look for the how-to play list. >> in the 5:00 news, theren with
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plenty of appointments at the oakland coliseum. all those appointments are taken up. which arm should you get injected in and how can you minimize the soreness and what an't a third dose. let's bring in dr. hong. let's begin with pfizer. we will likely need a third shot, a booster shot if you will. when will we need that shot? >> pfizer is predicting a booster shot. but i think given the spector of variants, they want to be prepared and have us prepared and the system prepared for that prospect. it will be a year after you get your shot as a proposal. time will tell. we have tens of thousands of folks in the original trial who
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are followed. we know it lasts at least six months and maybe longer. that group of folks will give us the information before the rest of us have to react to it. >> in theory, it could be like flu shot. any skepticism this is a business move? >> no, you know, personally, as an infectious disease doctor, many people think the shot will last a long time. a year or more, two years, three years. but given the variants, i think that is why people are bringing it up. who knows what the true motivation is. it's not a bad idea to put it in our minds so at least we have the preparation mentally. >> a couple questions. which arm should people get
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injected with. does it depend? >> yeah, the idea is, you shouldn't get your vaccine in the dominant arm. the arm used with writing and throwing a ball. for me, the right arm. but the fact you move the arm more throughout the day is why some people think it's the right arm. it gets in the muscle, and inflammation cells go straight to where the shot is. there is no blood supply. the blood supply is slow. but if you move your arm around, you can get the blood supply going and mitigate that symptom. because it's a dominant arm, you are moving it around any way. >> thank you for your time and insight as usual. >> you're welcome. >> we are more information online. head to nbc bay click on how to get a vaccine appointment at the top of the page. a video circulating among san jose police is raising
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questions and concerns. the video shows a police sergeant throws a series of martial arts moves, with two batons, and in full uniform. only on nbc bay area, damian trujillo explains the video. >> reporter: at this point, it doesn't appear to have made it to social media, and many are worried about the message it sounds. the video was sent to me anonymously. it shows sergeant edly chan showing his skill with two police batons. batons are not issued by san jose place. >> i thought the video was irresponsible. >> reporter: a retired san jose lieutenant who used to supervise officer chen, he said this is
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never in his lesson plan. >> not even in the warmup stuff. >> reporter: when i reached tout sergeant chan, he referred to the department for comment. the department says it's conducting an internal investigation. some of his colleagues worry what example it sets for the rookies he supervises on his shift. we shooed the video to rev rant moore from the naacp. he is concerned about the message the video sends. >> i think it's a sad place for him to be if he feels he is going to work -- in combat with someone. >> reporter: a police union can't comment because it's an internal affairs matter. nobody believes there is any crime here. but many sferps tell me privately, this is not the image they want the public to have of their department.
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nbc bay area news. up next at 6:00, stuck in the red. the only bay area county to be still in the red tier because of high positivity rates. we will hear about what needs to be done. plus one of the south bay's largest school districts welcomes back students. the money you needed to get everyone on campus back safely. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we will take a look at la nina and our r5i68 season. something you conditioned final on the apps and i will show you in a few minutes.
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ed i. that what's the problem in solano county? it's the only local county still in the red tier. part of the problem, officials say, a lack of vaccines. here is nbc bay area's jodi hernandez. >> reporter: they have to get out of the red tier. now that vaccinations are open to over 16 and older, they hope it changes. the hernandez family saps they are grateful they can get protection as a family. >> this is a relief of getting vaccinated. and just having it done. >> the family came out to the fairgrounds to get their second dose today. 19-year-old luna hernandez says
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it's something that she thinks everyone old and young can do. >> if you do care about your family in particular, to just please get vaccinated. it's not only safer for them. it's also safer for you too. >> vaccinations help because they help blod the spread of disease. >> reporter: solano county health officer says along with other safety measures, vaccinations are key to the covid count. the county saw a spike in cases after easter, preventing it from moving out of the red tier and easing restrictions. >> it's not rocket science. people know what to do. we need to do it and we can as a community move in the orange tier and hopefully the yellow tier. >> they have struggled with getting enough supply of vaccine. but he is confident everyone who wants one will be able to book an appointment in the next week.
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they hope they can do their park. >> everyone to get vaccinated and be safe and get out of the red tier. >> nbc bay area news. >> some excited students in the south bay got to return to class today. the allen rock unified school district reopened its 28 schools. opportunities third through fifth grade are back part time. desks are socially distanced and other protocols in place to make sure it's safe. >> i feel really happy to be back at school because when i was home, the first few weeks, i was doing okay, and the more i spent inside my house, my grades stop started dropping. so i wanted to come back to school so i can get my grades back to my level. >> the district received $3 million from the state to get
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the school ready to reopen. let's turn to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. how you doing, jeff? >> yeah, a breeze picking up. we have hotter weather coming your way this weekend. we have a sneak preview coming up. take a look at la nina. it had to do with the lack of rainfall, this rainfall season. let's start with the la nina. it's the cooling of the pacific waters, and it can keep the rain to the north. that is what we saw. el nina is the warming of the pacific waters and it can bring california a bit of heavier rain. we look to the equator in the
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pacific to see what it signals. and we have cooler temperatures and things are starting to equalize. it looks like it's starting to fade. that is the dig headline. what it brought is a huge ridge of high pressure that just blocked our chances of getting rainfall for much of the season. weapon la nina fading, any rain chances? this weekend, it doesn't look good for that. warm temperatures in the 80s. there is a chance for rainfall in here. we're seeing, la nina is starting to fade. as far as the weekend goes, a broad look at the seven-day forecast, we are warm. 86 sunday, monday, we are at 80. we will have more looks at the warm weather this weekend. raj, and the beach forecast. we will let you know how warm it's going to get coming up. >> yeah, i saw it. coming up, that is beach and
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barbecue. thanks, jeff. >> yeah. we have much more to come in 40 minutes. are you fed up with zooming? why it's more tiring for women than men. plus, the defense rests. derek chauvin does not take the stand. we will tell you where it goes from here. first, a federal probe in corruption widens. we investigation the new person called with bribery. come experience floor and decor's grand opening in pleasant hill!
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new criminal charges tonight in the on going public corruption scandal in san francisco. the latest is the trash department. san franciscoans overcharged $100 million to have their garbage picked up. >> former recology john porter
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is charged with money laundering. the company had been paying to the tune of $100 million. as far as 2013, porter used city nonprofits to funnel more than $1 million in off book accounts, which they used to give perks to city workers. separately, he signed checks for annual parties. the intent, keep dpw director happy. federal prosecutors say that he reveled in his role. dictating that sushi was on the menu. he relied on the steady flow of money from recology and others, that help was, as hit twitter
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handle suggested, mr. clean af. he sought help in getting fee and rate increases. in cleezing the one in 2017 that contained $100 million overcharge. it's time to change how they do busy with recology. just yesterday, san francisco's controller talked about the monopoly, since 1972, lets them bid for the trash contract. they had no comment and neither porter nor his attorney could be reached for commend. up next at 6:30, walk up and
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get the vaccine. no appointment needed. we will show you where you can get a shot on the peninsula. and a special day in baseball today. we chat with david stewart about jackie robinson day and racial equality in the sport.
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>>. >> right now 6:30, people jumped in lines on the first day that vaccines are available to anyone
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16 and older. we will show you. honoring a civil rights legend who happened to be a hall of fame baseball player. >> had there been no jackie robinson, the tradition of the game as i know it and the tradition of the game as i learned to play it would never have happened. >> we go one on one with a's legend david stewart. and it's real. zoom fatigue. while women are more impacted than men. the news at 6:30 starts now. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. most of the bay area opened up but today, sonoma, napa and san mateo county joined in. and the mass vaccination sites in oakland and he will vie stadium were packed. and drop in clinics adds well.
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nbc's pete has the details. >> one of any friends me about it. >> and if ar a finally eligible to take the vaccine. the 23-year-old stood in line with his brother at the ravenswood family health center, and one simple goal in mind. >> i am trying to get it done and get it it out of the way. >> and the two college students from notre dame who are taking apart in a study abroad program in san jose. >> i feel like it's going to be weight off my shoulders. >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to keep us safe. >> reporter: with vaccine eligibility expanding, officials here admit to me that providing a shot to everyone can be challenging. >> yeah, with fewer supplies, of
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course more people eligible, there is going to be that challenge. how do we serve everyone. >> reporter: she's the ceo of the network that will administer 300 to 400 shots today to anyone 16 or older who shows up. she says it's no doubt going to be challenging s. however the ultimate goal is to make sure that as many people as possible are vaccinated. in a community hit hard by the pandemic. >> it's great the communities that have had the biggest impact of covid cases and mortality, that they are able to -- the whole family can be vaccinated. >> nbc bay area news. if you have questions or need help setting up your appointment, santa clara county public health has a phone bank happening right now for everyone to call. >> the phone bank is really here to provide community ways of
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getting their questions answered. and anyone can access it. and basically, we're here to provide answers and clarification of a lot of the questions around covid and especially the vaccines and testing. >> we know this is a challenging process. our sister station is partnering with santa clara public health. it's happening right now. it's free in spanish and english. the number on the screen, 408. 970-2999. it's open until 7:00. this week, nbc has a star-studded vaccination special. from russell wilson, j. lo to matthew mcconaughey. they will join president biden and urge people to get vaccinated. the unrest continues in the minneapolis area. two high profile cases.
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first, the former cop who filled daunte wright made her first court appearance. kim potter appeared via zoom. instead of her taser, she fired a single shot from her gun. aaccording to the complaint, the dependent would have to use the left hand to draw the taser. if convicted, she can face up to ten years in prison. potter received on tuesday. we are following the murder trial of derek chauvin. the defense rests without the former police officer taking the stand. chauvin's voice was heard for the first time in the courtroom today telling the judge he could invoke his fifth amendment right. the prosecution brought back a witness today to debunk
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yesterday's witness, who claimed floyd had high levels of carbon monoxide in his blood from the car fumes. april 13th is perhaps the most special day of the baseball season. the sport comes together to honor jacky robinson. every player in the major his n for all the baseball today. april 15th, 1947, robinson break the color barrier when he first played the brooklyn dodgers. i spoke about the impact on the game and him. >> had there been no jackie robinson, the tradition of the game as i know it and the game as i learned to play it would never have happened without jackie breaking that barrier and
6:35 pm
being the first black player in the game. >> if jackie was with us today, what would he be happy about and disappointed about? >> the same things that he would be happy about are the same things that he would be unhappy about. there should be 6% or 7% of american black players playing the game, and more black executives and more importantly, there should be a -- a 51% to 100% black-owned team. and i think those are the things that jackie would be unhappy about at this point in the game. >> were you surprised or in support of what major league baseball did, in terms of getting political, and moving the game, the all-star game out of atlanta. >> you know, unfortunate for the black businesses in atlanta. because obviously, a population
6:36 pm
of 240,000 black people live in the area. some of their businesses are going to suffer. but i think the suffer is clear, that baseball does not want to partner with or be related to a law that's been passed that takes away our basic right, which is the trite vote. baseball has taken away the stance on that position. i support major league baseball. >> for the younger viewers out there, we have to share with them. you used to look mean. you're a nice guy but you used to look mean with the hat down low. you have a look -- do you ever use it? >> i never have to use it these days. nobody challenges me. and definitely, i'm not facing any hitters anymore. so i never have to get to that space anymore. >> help was amazing to watch as a player, a lot of good in his postplaying career as well. stay tuned for the 12th ep
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society of "race in america: the conversation." it begins tonight. daniel day kim, christine change, mikko marks and pos pastor mike. again, in just a few minutes. the state public utility commission put pga on a takedown. regulators demand that pg&e prove that it's cutting tree s that pose a risk. regulators say it's a critical first step but safety advocates say the commission needs to do much more. >> in the major programs, the vegetation management, we are seeing the same pg&e management of deflect, defer, ignore, and
6:38 pm
obfuscate. a warning for tesla drivers the next time they go to start their model 3. we will tell you about it.
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we're learning more about a shooting and stand off in san jose. we have new video from last night in north 4th and not far from from the middle school. police said someone shot someone. the shooter barricaded himself inside for about six hours before surrendering. he was rushed to the hospital with a life threatening self-inflicted gunshot wound. scary moments in the east bay after someone called in a bomb threat this morning in eldorado middle school in
6:41 pm
concord. the school was evacuated and dogs sniffed the campus. nothing was found. police are looking for a group of people who vandalized downtown walnut creek with an high police graffiti. about 20 to 30 people want downtown and started spray painting anti-police messaging. including walnut creek police kill." police arrested one person. the last fatal police shooting in walnut creek occurred in 2019. if you're a tesla owner, the next recall notice could come from the car itself. the message says that defective seals on the cars would result in water getting in the cabin inside. it's unclear if any u.s. owners have received that recall message. let's bring in jeff ranieri.
6:42 pm
i know it's going to get nice and warm this weekend, jeff. >> yeah, we are still looking that heat coming our way since we hit saturday and sunday, and beach weather mixed in. i will show you which day will be the best day to hit the beachers. there is a good chance you're tired of it also. all the zoom fatigue. a study from stanford says it's worst for women. we'll explain. come experience the grand opening of floor and decor's newest location in pleasant hill! our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside!
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think about it, 14 months ago, most of us had never heard of zoom. now, it's a big part of our lives. but it's always exhausting, and then this. a new study from stanford says zoom, zoom fatigue is worse for women. here is nbc bay area's christie smith. >> reporter: we asked how much time we spend on video
6:45 pm
conferences. we all do it and many of frus tired of it. >> we are forced to do it for school. i tolerate it. >> reporter: nearly everyone we talk to said zoom fatigue is real, and according to research from stanford, it's hitting women more than men. >> it's pervasive but more for women. the question is why? >> reporter: jeff hancock looked at the impact of time on screen. >> the biggest predictor is a digital mirror. i'm looking at myself as well as you, and that digital mirror distracts us. and it distracts women more. they are more likely to attend to that. they worry, how do i come across? >> they can cause negative emotions and anxiety. women feel nor pressure to stay in the frame and have longer meetings with no breaks.
6:46 pm
what can you do to combat the zoom fatigue? >> well, women can turn off the self-view. >> and companies can help with shorter meetings or not holding video calls on some days. >> my company instituted a meeting free friday. so on fridays, there are no meetings. >> natasha says changes at her job have offered relief. >> i actually started to turn my camera off just to give myself a break. >> reporter: and take a breath. those with a sense of skraum less fatigue too. a come ber occasion for the british royal family. family members gathered at windsor castle for funeral preparations. mourners are laying flowers outside the castle. due to the pandemic, only 30
6:47 pm
people will attend the service, the queen, prince charles and camilla, prince william and prince harry. >> we need to try to help the people in the family get through this extraordinary life of living in the spotlight. >> the prince was married for queen elizabeth for more than 73 years. he lived long enough to see his grandchildren grow up and have children of their ends. jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez have ended their engagement. a month ago, there was rumor but they have officially ended things in a state to the "today" show. they postponed their 2020 wedding due to covid. they will not be tying the knot. they say they hope to remain friends. back here at home. jeff ranieri, we have a barbecue forecast, a beach forecast and
6:48 pm
all sorts of things as we head to the weekend. >> we are going to be in live with the weather that is coming our way. it's going to be warm but not hot. we are right in the middle there. we will take a look at the sky camera network, and this is one of my favorite shots. i tell you all the time. it's incredibly gorgeous. if you are stuck inside on the zoom calls, you want to look at your tv and check this picture out. you can see here, looking right back to the golden gate bridge. we have a little fog towards the two spires of the golden gate bridge, and lots of blue sky. it's more of the patchy fog cover. we are down to 47 in the south bay, and peninsula looking at the upper 40s, and trivalley, 45. we will have low to mid 40s over the north bay. france, 38, and the east bay in
6:49 pm
the upper 40s. a better view of the cloud cover. you see everyone with the cloud cover. north bay, pen lins that, it clears out quick. most areas getting the sunshine. numbers are going to be on a climb tomorrow. not going to be the hottest we will see but it is the beginning of warmer weather for us. you can see, san jose, 71 degrees, morgan hill, 73. the east bay, up to 77 in antioch. you have a good bay breeze coming your way, and 67 in redwood city. 67 in the beaches tomorrow. the mission, 60. still, chilly day there, and
6:50 pm
maybe a three-day weekend, and up to clear lake. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. look at this, we have the 70s tomorrow, but again, this weekend, temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. that will push us in awesome beach weather. best day to be at the beaches. it will be a warm day for us, check it out in santa cruz. i have a little line to show you. we will have upper 70s in santa cruz. super enjoyable for us. the inland valleys. we are going to go up in the 80s. yeah, look at this 81 saturday. 86 on sunday. monday, we're down to the 0 and tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we are in low 70s. so raj, there is also the hope of maybe a little rainfall right around april the 25th, 26th and 27th.
6:51 pm
but until then, we have good weather coming your way. are you going get your surf board out this weekend? >> i haven't surfed since i was a student of the at san diego state and i was terrible. >> oh, man, i would like see you out there. >> thanks, appreciate it. why are so many players from other teams eager to shake patrick marleau's hand? patrick marleau's hand? we explain.
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>>. >> sharks star patrick marleau started playing for the sharks before google was founded. now he is on the verge of history. he is just four games away from breaking gordie howell's record. after recent games, players and coaches from other teams come up to marleau to show their appreciation for what he's about to accomplish. such an incredible class act. today, when gordie howl came up to him and his son in 2009. >> i was playing with lan don,
6:55 pm
and gordie came around the corner, and grabbed a mini stick out of my hand and started playing with my oldest son. i think he might have been two at the time, two or three. so that was pretty impressive that he took the time to -- out of his day to make -- make my young son's day. >> pretty incredible not just for marlow but the entire sharks organization and all of sharks fans in the bay area and beyond to see this special record about to be broken. marlow is set to set the record monday in las vegas. we will break the record in theory wednesday in vegas. he debuted with the sharks in 1997. google was founded in 1998. war yrs in basketball tonight in cleveland, second night of a back to back. kevin love and curry. draymond. the high pick and roll here. and draymond throwing it down for a big deuce.
6:56 pm
warriors trailing early. but the tables turn. this time, draymond green going to pass to steph for a nice hoop and finish. third quarter, warriors lead, 89-79. of tonight's warriors game and postgame, nbc sports bay area. you can watch an in-depth interview with steph curry. one of the topics, does he trash talk during games? >> under the radar. that is my nature, i guess. but it's -- i keep it confined to the game. so i don't have material of life or good one liners of stuff like that. but i keep it to what's happening in that moment. >> yeah, so he kind of trash talks. you can see the interon nbc sports bay area tonight on 9:00 or simply download the dubs talk podcast. always cool to go in depth with steph curry. up next, race in america. we will be joined with marcus
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love, not hate! make america great! >> we cannot be silent. >> this person could be my grandpa, my uncle, my dad. it's scary. >> taser, taser, taser! >> here we go again. weapons confusion. >> yes, here we go again. new name, similar scenario. this time daunte wright, just 20 years old.


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