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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 16, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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sites still available this weekend. see you in 30 seconds. ing it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox. and taking on more with silverado. whatever you do, there's a perfect chevy to take you anywhere. find your perfect chevy and get up to 17% of msrp cash back on select 2021 models. that's over fifty-four hundred dollars cash back on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. right now at 11:00. anger spilling into the streets. protest taking a violent turn in downtown oakland. fires lit, windows shattered, businesses tagged. this following a peaceful demonstration, a march for daunte wright and adam delado,
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in brooklyn center and chicago. tom fill us in on what's happening right now? >> reporter: as you know, one of the cities during the black lives matter movement after the death of george floyd where we've seen protests. a few clips from target floor, 27th and broadway, fires set, windows smashed. protesters there displaying a lot of emotion you're talking about. and also not far away, broadway and piedmont, a honda dealership, more fires set, windows smashed on the dealership and several vehicles. we don't know how extensive the damage is but a lot at the honda dealership. also peaceful protesters out there. oakland pd saying about 200,
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photographer on the street saying closer to several hundred. protesting for racial justice and reform in time of reckoning going on for some time. there is a strong police presence on the streets of oakland as they try to disperse the crowds. as we passed opd tonight, there are barricades back up outside the police department itself. trying to keep people back because the police department has been one of the areas in oakland and other cities as well, as they call for police reform, departments have also been targeted. we'll keep eye on all the protests. opd is expecting them to continue now for possibly several days. live in oakland, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> stay in your place, keep us posted. not just oakland but protests around the country this evening as well.
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chicago, thousands marching in the streets calling for justice for adam toledo, shot by police in march. this evening protesters walked to the mayor's house, by and large mostly peaceful. sixth night of protests in brooklyn center, minnesota, the crowd expressing frustration and anger over the shooting of daunte wright. city under a curfew until 6:00 in the morning. stay with us, our camera crews are on the ground in oakland keeping eye on things. we'll keep you updated. switching gears, floodgates are open. anyone 16 and older is eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. if you're planning to book this weekend, be patient, supply is going up and down weekly. ian cull with where people are getting vaccinated and how you
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find the dose for yourself. >> reporter: tonight the state says half of all californians 16 and up have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine, thanks in part to large vaccination sites. levi's stadium now the busiest in california, giving up 15,000 doses a day. >> feels good, to get out and do stuff again. >> it's more of a relief. >> reporter: 16 and up is eligible and floodgates have opened, question is will supply keep up? >> seeing a lot of interest, demand is high, luckily we have more vaccine now. >> reporter: but santa clara vaccine officer says it's hard to predict how much they'll get each week. 300,000 doses from the government this week, but next week expecting different numbers. >> if there's not one today,
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will be appointment tomorrow or in a few days. >> reporter: if you can't find one, acts full gospel church in oakland is hosting a vaccine clinic this weekend. no appointment necessary, hope a smaller setting will be more inviting to people hesitant to get the shot. >> want to be a beacon of hope and light to encourage people to come down and get vaccinated. >> reporter: and two pop-up clinics in antioch and richmond have more than enough. veterans hall site can do 500 doses a day but only gave 224 yesterday. spent the night searching for appointments. levi's stadium here, also checked at moscone center in san francisco and oakland coliseum, should be able to book an appointment soon. nbc bay area news.
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>> how quickly is the state of california getting vaccinated? chart you're looking at shows number of vaccines given per day. in january giving out less than 100,000 a day, since then it's gone up consistently. gave out about 400,000 shots today. how does that stack up to rest of california? this is the percent of the pop laying in each county with at least one shot according to "l.a. times." areas in dark green best. alpine county has the most, 71%. marin county with 59%, second place. most of the bay area around 50%. santa clara county lagging a little bit at 45%. down south, san diego at 51%, much of the central valley in light green, and los angeles only at 39%. nationwide almost 128 million people have received at least one dose but there's a problem. even with the johnson & johnson vaccine temporarily out of the
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mix there is now more supply than demand in some areas. much different situation than we're seeing in the bay area. in fact across the u.s. tonight, upwards of half a million vaccination appointments went unfilled. in georgia alone, 300,000 openings. even new york city has availability. some medical experts fear it may be due to vaccine hesitancy. adding to the concern the pause of the johnson & johnson vaccine, cdc committee won't meet until next week to discuss the reports of rare but potentially dangerous blood clots associated with the vaccine. >> numbers on my mind are rising cases and hospitalizations around those not vaccinated. >> not just in the u.s. the concern about the johnson & johnson vaccine, it's
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complicating europe as well. eu is not receiving the 50 million johnson & johnson doses expected in june right now. german chancellor had promised a shot by end of summer but not likely. >> chancellor merkel is promising in the summer everyone would get vaccinated and back to normal life. that is nothing that's going to happen. >> european union has been plagued by supply shortages and lots of logistical problems. we're constantly updating the home page. if you haven't gotten shot yet, start your research at they now know who he killed, not why. releasing names of eight people gunned down at fedex facility in
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indianapolis, but searching for answers why the 19-year-old former employee went on a shooting rampage. more from indianapolis. >> active shooter at fedex. >> reporter: after that call, steve was one of eight people who didn't come home from overnight shift. >> didn't come home. >> reporter: victims from 19 to 74, gunned down in the parking lot and inside the fedex processing center. >> started shouting, then started firing at random directions. >> reporter: wearing a hoodie, carrying a rifle. police say 19-year-old brandon hull returned to place he was familiar, wreaking havoc before turning the gun on himself. >> fedex officials have confirmed he was a former employee at facility and last employed in 2020. >> reporter: federal authorities retrieved boxes of evidence and computer equipment from the gunman's home. fbi confirms the agents questioned the teenager last
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april after his mother told police she was afraid he would quote commit suicide by cop. >> last night was a devastating blow and its impact will be felt by our community for days and weeks to come. >> reporter: while investigators search for answers, more families, another community and entire nation left to heal. nbc news, indianapolis. the windsor mayor accused of sexual assault is not stepping down but will step back from active role on the council. six women have accused him. members and residents, his own brother called for him to resign. denied accusations but said he will step back as the investigation. i maintain full innocence under
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the law i have decided to step back from active role as mayor until the investigation is complete. don't want presence for participation to create distraction or cause additional hurt for residents. vice mayor will lead the council in his absence. we reached out for comment, we have yet to hear back. in san francisco community groups trying to get word out about a critical tool to remove critical roadblock to reporting crimes against the asian-american community. cantonese and mandarin language. >> we think that language accese community. this is way to close the gap in communication after rising number of hate crimes and other crimes against the asian community. >> tip line is anonymous. organizers remind you though in
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emergency call 911. negotiations between oakland teachers and district have hit a wall. oakland education association declared impasse and called for state mediator. several issues need to be resolved, safe reopening accommodations and work schedules, more students are supposed to return on monday as part of the phased in return to class. this may delay it. kids in hayward will not be in class when in-person learning was set to begin. still working out agreements with the teachers union and other labor groups. then the students can return to campus. returning with more breaking news out of oakland. vandals leaving a trail of destruction downtown. also it's feeling more normal in san francisco, what you can do this weekend you
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haven't been able to do in more than a year. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, check out that area of high pressure, still on the way, going to heat up all the way to the beaches. which is the best day to be out in a few minutes.
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>> we continue to follow that breaking news out of downtown oakland. police say a couple hundred protesters are marching on broadway and 28th, some individuals causing damage. seen windows smashed at target store, a car dealership burnt on broadway. police say most are marching peacefully, just a few outliers. officers are working to disperse the crowd, we're keeping eye on the situation and will update you. jeff, after 175 days in space, she's home, napa native and astronaut kate rubin just landed back on earth. has been on the international
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space station since october. touched down with two russian cosmonauts. seats won't be vacant for long, the four member crew replacing them arrived at kennedy today, preparing for the launch. orange is the fun in san francisco. city ready for new life on the first night of a modified orange tier. that means eased seating restrictions and new closing time for indoor restaurants. as sergio quintana tells us, lots of merchants are not rushing to pack their places with people just yet. >> reporter: on valencia street in mission, plenty out to enjoy friday night, modified rules allow eight people at tables outdoors and indoor restaurants can stay open later. patricia is seeing new faces.
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>> people who have been vaccinated who haven't been out, they're completely new to the game, they haven't been out but feel safer now. >> reporter: says she's not going to be loosen her rules much yet. customers are finally comfortable right now. under the expanded orange tier venues can loosen restrictions further but everyone we've checked in with says they're taking a cautious approach to this. ♪♪ >> reporter: in dogpatch neighborhood event may look like outdoor music venue, only allowed 50 guests but been a restaurant space allowed larger audience and don't expand to expand beyond four people per table. >> it's easier to control the crowding or groups of people or mask wearing with smaller groups like four people. >> reporter: there is a sense of
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optimism among people out enjoying their friday but cautious optimism. >> as long as people keep getting vaccinated and numbers go down, that's what we're looking for. >> even though things are opening up, good to be smart about your actions. >> reporter: sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> turns out lots of people are experiencing mild flu-like symptoms after the second shot. asked ucsf infectious disease expert dr. gandhi what that means. >> usually immune response in any two-dose regimen is boosted, even a higher immune response after the second shot. some feel that, fever, muscle aches and body aches, and some are tired, have headaches. it's common in clinical trials and in the real world population to have these more after the second shot. first shot primes your immune system, and second shot makes all the immune cells burst out.
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>> dr. gandhi mentioned common side effects, ones that include injection site pain, redness, swelling. also fever, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills and nausea. mayor liccardo got his first dose at santa clara fairgrounds. been vaccinating first responders but starting tomorrow it's open to general public, he urged everyone to get it as soon as possible. marshawn lynch is teaming up with dr. fauci on his youtube channel, wants to help members of the black and hispanic community make more informed decision about getting their shots. talked about the level of distrust in his community about vaccine safety. >> anytime we've been told we're in position to have something
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gave to us or put in our community to help us, it seemed to turn out, you know, very bad for us. >> so how do we get past that? and reason we got to get past that is because we don't want african-americans in the community to not have the advantage of the protection of something that really works because of history. >> lynch says he's hoping the discussion will have positive impact encouraging people to get vaccinated. get ready to roll up your sleeves. hosting a star-studded vaccination special, j-lo and more stars. jeff, talking all day how fun it's going to be this weekend, it's going to be warm and jeff is hosting a barbecue.
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>> yes, that's right. with limited number of people, right? >> of course. of course. >> all right, yeah. barbecue going on, maybe you have a pool or want to get outside for fresh air, exercising, whatever you want to do, a microclimate and day will fit what you want. get you into that forecast. one thing i do want you to know, we have to get over cloud cover to start tomorrow morning before we get into the heat. first map, low clouds over san francisco, peninsula and bay, patchy cloud cover in gilroy. most clear out 10:30 in the morning. san francisco and beaches hang on to it though. as we roll into 1:00 in the afternoon, really everybody except our beaches will get that sunshine. we'll talk more about the beaches coming up and good weather for them too. roll through tomorrow morning have the jacket ready if you're
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up early. 49 in south bay. 48 for the peninsula, tri-valley 47 and warmer. us back to 80 in santa rosa, 81 in napa. low 80s in concord and livermore. 70s in morgan hill, san jose and palo alto. and beaches cool. 62 in half moon bay. what about the beach weather? sunday is the day. want to make sure we're clear on that. sunday is the day when you want to get to the beach. half moon bay up to 72 degrees. if you want warmer, it's all about santa cruz. 80 degrees on sunday. no matter where you're going, uv index is high, ranking nine. wear a hat, get sunglasses and spf 30. not here but sunshine and 50s
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and 60s, still skiing at squaw valley and alpine meadows. back home. seven-day forecast, dry, only slight chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. san francisco cools to 60s next week. and 80s for inland valleys this weekend into monday and 70s as we roll into next week as well. jessica, looks good to have something, you know, bubbly in your glass this weekend. >> bubbly. >> i know you know what i mean. >> i got you. thank you jeff. all right, it's more than a round of golf, look at new experience. open in the south bay, how they're keeping everybody safe just ahead.
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after 20 years of planning, new luxury homes for sale on yerba bueña island, massive redevelopment project. 10,000 square foot amenities club, hiking trails, most of the island is set aside for open public space. condos to custom estates from $800,000 for a studio to of course millions for a full lf blown home. opening delayed a year because of the pandemic but a favorite sports and entertainment venue is open. top golf opened in north san jose, hit in vegas, dallas and uk. 120 hitting bays, big screen
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tvs, wine lounge, games, all high tech. >> microchips inside the golf balls tracking them, you can watch it fly, see how much draw or fade you have, and play fun games. >> or if you shanked it. booking a week out, hiring about 600 workers, need 150 more. ready to head back to the shark tank? what you'll have to do to watch a game in person. happening now, beautiful work of art with powerful message in east bay. mural unveiled in downtown oakland on the marriott city center on broadway, one of six to go up to raise awareness about world hunger and food insecurity. part of the united nations zero hunger program. check it out in person. we'll be right back. russell wilson and ciara,
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and thank you notes, g great show. oh man... let's get you to this moment. is that it? yep, that's it of relief... protection... [joyfully laughs] hope... i just got vaccinated- i just got vaccinated! noah just got vaccinated... so that we can get to all the other moments.
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♪ ♪ let's get you to the exhale you didn't know you were waiting for. ♪ let's get it... together. so we can be together. let's get to immunity. ♪
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after taking two of the three from cincinnati at oracle park, giants hit the road. south florida, marlins, starling marte breaks open a tied game, three-run homer. giants lose. in the east bay, a's taking on
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the detroit tigers. 1-0 lead, and they shut out tigers 3-0. sharks' losing streak continues on the road, fell behind minnesota by two goals early in second period and unfortunately they lose to wild 3-2. good news though, in a few weeks fans allowed back inside the shark tank, limited number of people at home games starting april 26th, you have to wear face covering, show proof of vaccination or covid-19 test. complementary testing will be offered before the game and rapid testing day of the game for $50. >> going to start with a smaller capacity, a few mid-hundreds of people, as we get more experienced we'll grow it over
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multiple games. >> giants and a's have allowed fans back. warriors fans will be back at chase center friday. and san jose earthquakes fans will be back which shows will you be getting into tonight? how about all of 'em. netflix. cuz xfinity gets you really into your shows. when someone burns for someone who does not feel the same. oh, daphne. let's switch. from live tv to sports on the go. felix at the finish! you can even watch your dvr from anywhere. okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch.
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before we go tonight, it is going to be a long night in oakland. demonstrators are marching along broadway, officers tell us they're working to disperse the crowd. we've seen some storefronts with broken glass, smashed windows and small fires set. target and car dealership on broadway. police say most are marching peacefully, just a few bad actors, we'll monitor overnight and update our feeds. tomorrow morning, a special report for funeral of prince philip. live coverage begins 6:30 in the morning. stay safe, have a good evening. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmfa


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