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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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the jury finds derek chauvin guilty on all charges. from that murder to the trial, it's been an emotional journey. cheers, cheers, lots of hugs in minneapolis. here in the bay area this
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evening, the only people gathered downtown oakland, you see them there, police officers. it has been a quiet night in the bay area. a feeling of calm here and really across the country as well. >> this is a shared experience for many of us who marched in the protest later year. tonight though the march forward. nbc bay area is in oakland for us on what could be a seminole night for racial justice and policing. >> reporter: last night we didn't know what to expect when the verdict came down in the chauvin trial. tonight we're feeling a sense of calm and relief. and i'm learning that a lot of people will have a lot to look back on. >> reporter: downtown oakland the only people gathering tonight are police. the verdict leaving behind a blanket of relief. that felt relief was felt in
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east oakland. >> i feel justice is served, but it's not one of those things where you can celebrate. >> reporter: a moment for people here to digest that a former minneapolis police officer was found guilty on three counts of murdering a black man. >> i tempered my emotions. it's a matter of time before the same thing repeats itself and the outcome won't be the same. >> reporter: we're still on the back of daunte wright and the taser. >> reporter: justice was served in this case. >> we, the jury in the above and entitled manner on count one, unintentional second- degree murder find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: guilty on this count and two others which include third-degree murder and second-degree murder. some family members from their
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emotional reaction. emotions for this family because of history. >> donnie king wasking was just the start, but floyd was caught on video. >> we saw some reform after rodney king. we're pretty much off the grant moment right now. >> reporter: that moment, according to grant's uncle, johnson, needs to bring about change. >> we need to move forward to really about some changes concerning policing, use of force. >> reporter: history has shown those changes are happening slowly as we see black men and women like brianna taylor being killed or beaten by police. for many people today's verdict was like a wake up call. >> the entire american's use of system these in minnesota
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were on trial and it >> reporter: now a lot of people are wondering what will happen next time if justice is served next time? according to a lot of people i have been talking to, they would be more optimistic about change. reporting live in oakland cheryl herd nbc bay area news. community organizers who protested george floyd's killing since the beginning came together tonight in san jose. some family members held up piaculars they had police loved by police. but more on accountability. >> what we want people to remember, there's thousands of families that haven't gotten this level of exposure. i mean the world makes more
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momentum. derek chauvin is spending the night about 25 miles east of downtown minneapolis. his new booking photo will be available tomorrow. this verdict is opening old wounds for families of police violence. we spoke to three of those families in the south bay this evening. here is nbc bay area ian cole. >> reporter: tonight a group of families gather outside for an event. to hear from those wearing shirts. families sold take power. all had a loved one killed by police. they were in constant contact leading up to and after the derek chauvin conviction. >> very encouraging. it's just one. it's just one, but maybe it's the start. >> reporter: today's verdict shows if you keep pushing, things can change.
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>> to me the world, people have opened their lives. >> reporter: i spoke to three of them. police shootings in their cases were ruled to be justified, which they argue against. laurie valdez's partner was shot and killed by san jose state police in 2014. today emotions were mixed. >> and that made me cry because so many of us, like okay, we never got to a courtroom. >> it's very emotional. we've been searching for this justice here in san jose. we haven't gotten it. >> reporter: all three say their verdict is a small step forward. they're a part of silicon valley diva, which is comprised of families like theirs pushing for police reforms. they hope in the future more of these cases will go to trial and be decided by a jury. >> it's not about anti-police.
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>> we live through it every day. but again, we stick together. we just push for change, so other families are not faced with this. >> reporter: in san jose ian cole, bay area news. >> we appreciate them reaching out speaking to us tonight. as the floyd family gathered inside the courthouse after the verdict, they took a call from president biden. though in tears they've lightly asked him how he was doing. >> pretty mucher now i think they will start to change the world and now. >> a few hours later the president and vice president both addressed the nation from the white house. brings us a step closer. the fact is we still have work to do. we still must reform the
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system. >> reporter: vice president harris urged senators to pass the george floyd justice and policing act saying racial injustice is a problem. obama releasing a statement reading in part while today's verdict may have been a necessary step on the road to progress, it was far from a sufficient one. we cannot rest. we will need to follow through with the concrete reforms that will reduce and ultimately eliminate racial bias in our criminal justice system. governor newsom tweeting george floyd would still be alive if he looks like me. that must change. no conviction is hard to repair, but today's verdict applies accountability. now we must continue our work to root out the racial injustice from haunts our society. it took two hours to find derek chauvin guilty on all three charges. let's take a moment to understand what those charges
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mean and the accountability of them. the most serious charge unintentional second-degree murder, also known in other parts of the country as felony murder. prosecutors argue chauvin was assaulting george floyd when he died. it doesn't mean he had an intent to kill, but he was assaulting him, carrying a maximum sentence of 40 years. however in minnesota sentencing guidelines for a person with no criminal history carries a maximum of 12½ years per charge. the third-degree murder charge says he caused floyd's death and that it happened when -- the issue of presumptive sentencing in minnesota. second-degree manslaughter means chauvin could be punishable by up to ten years in prison. under minnesota's sentencing, it's a maximum of four years.
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but the judge can opt to change that sentence though. the sentence is not currently back to back since they resulted from the same crime. as they brace for the work and hope for the best. tonight it's the best case scenario in san francisco. but activists say comprehensive reform is what needs to happen next. nbc bay area joins us now from the city. >> reporter: preparing these barricades and their officers for possible demonstrations after the verdict in minneapolis. but tonight it's quiet throughout the city. still activists and experts we spoke to say their work is far from over and the attention now needs to shift and change in policing. >> this is the first time i can ever recall in this nation's history where a police officer was convicted due to primarily to the testimony of other officers. >> reporter: today was a game changer for cordell, a retired judge of california's superior
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court and former independent police auditor for san jose. she believes chauvin's conviction relies heavily on testimony from officers and from the minneapolis police chief himself. something she has not seen before. >> this is big because now people around the country and particularly police officers can get the message that it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: change has been the big cry in protests, sweeping the nation following death. passed at the federal level by two dozen states and more than 100 cities. here in california amongst half a dozen new laws requires officers to be evaluated by a psychologist or potential bias. nevada now requires fellow officers to intervene if witness unlawful use of force. activists say without more reforms and the passage of
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legislation, only what becomes familiar will continue. >> a police murder of a young man or a woman, latino, black in san francisco. it's just far too familiar. >> the fight isn't over. we are still hurting. communities are still hurting. >> ginger, thank you. a show of unity now. san francisco, san jose, and los angeles police unions releasing this joint statement on the verdict calling it, "just." although the verdict will not bring george floyd back, this tragedy provides all of us in law enforcement an opportunity to improve how our nation is policed and our three police unions are committed to enacting reforms that will keep all americans safe. all right, what comes next in the case is a little
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different. likely influencing how much prison time chauvin will serve. again the judge will decide this. the judge needs to determine whether there were special circumstances that justify a sentence longer than the term outlined as mentioned to you before in minnesota sentencing guidelines. another look at the growing memorial at george floyd square minneapolis. we'll have more coverage on today's historic coverage later on in our newscast. you can also check out back in 60 seconds with a new strain of covid discovered here in the united states. why doctors say it could be the most concerning variant yet. >> the problem that put a game on hold. some thunderstorms over the helena. i'm tracking the bigger chance for rain over the weekend. back with that in a few
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breaking news, tonight we learned a danville police officer involved in the shooting death of a homeless man last month is being charged with the 2018 killing of an unarmed man. that's according to the east bay times. andrew hall was a contra costa deputy when he shot and killed vladimir. it happened during a slow speed chase in 2018 ending in danville. last month hall, now a danville police officer, shot and killed tyrone wilson. the 32-year-old was holding a knife at the time, but cell phone video shows wilson stepping back before being shot. the police officer, hall, is on civil lawsuit against the nt. also tonight protests in columbus, ohio after a police shooting that left a teenage
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girl dead. the shooting reported just as the the officer shot the girl as she appeared to try to stab two people. crowds gathered at the scene and at police headquarters. a look at capitol hill right now where the republican effort to censor maxine waters has failed. accusing waters of raising the potential for violence and lawlessness. the resolution was tabled with a 216-210 partly. the judge in the trial called the comments abhorrent and hinted chauvin could win an appeal because of them. is this a turning point or will this verdict simply fade
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away? two notable members in the community may fund up on nbc sports. >> by sitting here watching, i got chills before the verdict was asentenced. as it was announced guilty on all three counts, it was a bit of a relief, a bit of hope, but also some anger. i'm sure you can understand the hope and the relief, but then the anger comes from what it took to get to this point. this is very honest that we could say, we have all been here before and we've it in many differentuations you know, so we have seen this before. the fact they have heard the plea for help.
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hearing him say i can't breathe. that's what it took to get a guilty verdict. so the question is what's going to happen next? because we can't, we live in this moment and there's a sense of release that justice was served. but then we need to look forward because we don't want to be in this situation again and then the verdict is something that doesn't necessarily fit with what we believe should happen. in this case justice was was watching tv, and i saw george floyd's brother speaking about that and the relief and joy they have that justice was served in this case. >> marcus and monty, special programming when it comes to discussing what's happening in our community. marcus will be back with us tomorrow on our morning newscast, which he anchors beginning at 4:30 a.m. other top stories tonight, the fight against covid. we're not out of the clearing just yet. there's a new strain of covid discovered in texas. here is what we know.
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researchers have only found one case in a texas a&m student. they say they are concerned because the student tested positive for a month now, which means the variant may cause a longer lasting effect as well. the strain is believed to be related to the u.k. variant. johnson & johnson resuming their vaccine rollout in europe, after the eu drug regulator says the benefits far outweigh the risks. the regulator over there suggested a warning to be added indicating a possible link to rare blood clots. it could be a sign of how the united states will handle its pause on the j&j vaccine. some good news in california. today the state's positivity rate hit an all-time low of 1.3%. not so fast, marin county expected to move into the yellow today, but it's not happening. the county saw a small increase
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likely due to travel over spring break. okay, a bit of a hiccup at the aging oakland coliseum tonight. they stop the game for about 25 minutes. if only we could criticize the coliseum. no one else. they need the work, but it is our coliseum. the a's, by the way, beat the twins. we'll show you later on in the newscast, but yeah, the lights went out for 25 minutes and then they brought it back on. >> did they play the game? >> they played the game. it was fine. you just need to kick the generator on the right side and everything comes back on. >> yes, that's how we play. all right, let's bring in jeff. was it bad wind, possibly that turned off the generator? no, i'm just teasing. >> reporter: yeah, you know, winds, they are not really a factor out there in those ten
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games tonight, but we will be looking at what could bring over a foot of snow. a system moving over northern california today that did bring some thunderstorms to the central valley. we also had a few rogue showers over st. helena and napa. we have since cleared out from that as you can see on the scan, just a little bit of moisture left in the mid levels of the atmosphere. any kind of rainfall has moved out. tomorrow morning, we will start off with the fog near the coast and the peninsula and some chilly 40s yet again, it will be back. 49 in the south bay, peninsula 48. trivalley 46. and we're coming in with more of that early chill over the north bay 44. san francisco 49 and the east bay 48. overall it's a great start here for april standards.
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the system starts to pull away, holding temperatures to push up a few more degrees. this will bring us to 72 at morgan hill. 70 in palo alto looking all right out there in livermore. concord 75 and santa rosa and napa low 70s out towards san francisco. we have 60s. on my seven-day forecast, we are staying with dry weather all the way through friday. saturday, clouds will increase. sunday, rain chance returns. and by monday morning, we will see some of the showers lingering. totals, .10 inches to .5 inches. that's the zone we're in right now with that upcoming rain. look at the temperatures from 75 tomorrow down to 59 degrees on sunday. and check this out real fast. sierra snow, sunday and monday. potentially 18 inches at kingsville. 13 inches at blue canyon. we are not done just yet, you guys. you can go snowboarding. >> okay, because i'm so good at that, so good. >> i'm going to break a hip and die. >> not a good time.
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thank you, jeff. up next apple's next big thing. it's actually small in size. the new gadget revealed today. it's called the browse and bounce program. visitors are asked to browse relatively quickly or pick up items on hold, not linger. that's the bounce part. library computers will be limited to 50 minutes. libraries will start the service on may 3. we're back with more.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. okay, even without the lights, the a's are still shining brightly as we mentioned the lights went out at the coliseum tonight. don't worry it went on well. >> no worries. we're going to do it in the dark. the a's, the hottest team in baseball. a rare double header. a's and the twins, picking up the top of the 4th inning. the a's young star, strikes out former athletic josh donaldson. the bottom of that inning seth brown delivered the only run of the game. matt olson is going to score.
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a's win the night cap 1-0. this afternoon game one of the double header, mitch moreland hits two home runs to lead the a's to a 7-0 victory. so that shut out, shut out in double headers here, they're tied for first place. how about the giants even the most die hard giant fans, i'd be surprised. be honest about how well this team is doing tonight. phillies down 4-0 in philly before rallying back in a big way. buster posey hits two home runs to make things close. then in the 8th inning alex dickerson, the lefty, hits a three-run shot to put the giants up for good. they score six runs in the 8th. they beat the phillies 10-7. the giants are 11-6. the third best record in all of baseball. we're back in a moment. which shows will you be getting into tonight? how about all of 'em. netflix.
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all right, before we go, one last check with jeff and the changes in stored for the rest of the week, jeff? >> yeah, we have some fog coming our way as we roll through tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s to
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start. i see a little bit of warming in that forecast as we move through tomorrow. a couple degrees warmer. then those rain chances ahead. let's show you that outlook and as you move through tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies. 72 in napa. 71 livermore, 70 in palo alto and right up into san francisco we are at 60. my seven-day forecast, look at this. rain chances return on sunday and monday. at any time .10 to .5 inches. 20 inches behind the rainfall season. anything is better than nothing. so don't wash your car just yet, all right? we need some of the april showers. thank you, jeff. thanks for joining us here at 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye. >> jimmy: as you certainly know by now, today, derek chauvin was found guilty of the murder of george floyd. the courts did their j


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