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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 23, 2021 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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strict rules though just to >> also johnson & johnson getting the green light to resume vaccinations but has the public lost trust? right now at 11:00, back in the stands for the first time in more than a year and you could feel the energy. >> but for one fan, a covid vaccine card wasn't enough, what you need to know before going to a game. also we need the rain ands
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it coming. i'm tracking a storm system heading our way to affect your weekend. and johnson & johnson vaccine is back in the rotation, will you be able to get the single dose shot here in the bay area? good evening, i'm raj mathai, we begin with smiles and some energy, not just basketball game, a sign of normalcy. real life fans cheering on the warriors and look at steph curry, feeding off the energy, about as intense as we've seen him, only 2,000 fans allowed in, sounded like 12,000, amidst all the hype some problems. cheryl hurd from chase center on lively friday night. cheryl. >> well, covid restrictions made things a lot different aro had vaccination card or prove you've had a negative covid test. a lot of rules that you had to go by, but for some, wasn't
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enough. >> warriors! >> reporter: warriors fans leaving chase center were super excited for team win. >> warriors won tonight. >> reporter: even more excited they got to see that win in person. >> great, first game back. >> amazing, nice to get back to normalcy. >> reporter: it was a party atmosphere for the first warriors fan stepping into the building after covid kept him out 409 days. great for business. >> super excited. feels like a party here. >> really excited, can't you see all the excitement? oakland representing, warriors representing. >> reporter: all of this excitement surrounded by a ton of rules. >> have your i.d.s and vaccination cards out. >> reporter: health and safety protocols in place for close to 2,000 ticket holders allowed in. masks required. everyone had to show they were fully vaccinated or required to
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prove negative covid test results taken within 24 hours of tip-off. people came with every intention of following the rules. bryce and zach had proof of vaccination. >> only problem is mine had a sharpie in, looked different. >> forgot the date on mine, no way to clarify it. >> reporter: had to take a rapid test and once inside, exercise social distancing. sense of feeling normal again. >> everything here seems to be clean, doing good job with masks. we're good. >> doesn't crowded either, it's home game with fans will be on going
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capacity to about wanted to sta small, see how it goes. raj. >> we've been doing this long time. what stood out most for you tonight? >> reporter: what that everyone was so happy. happy to be inside, few hiccups not having proper paperwork but happy, didn't care, just wanted to see the game. >> exactly. what reaction speaks for lot of us. cheryl hurd in chase center san francisco. yep, the warriors won but starting to feel like believe warriors from years ago. anthony flores continues the coverage later in this news cast. also a big change in the weather. clear skies kind of right now, not for long. you can see the green, rain coming our way, might have you rethinking weekend plans.
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chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, happy friday, jeff. what's in store for us? >> hey, raj. well, not going to be wet all weekend long. really think the focus of the rainfall is sunday. really from the morning into the afternoon but we'll see changes, already beginning as you move through tonight and tomorrow. storm ranger mobile doppler radar, showers to the north, a chance of spotty shower overnight into tomorrow morning, see it here. but big thing is cloud cover starting to increase through saturday forecast and much, much colder 50s and low 60s. rain day is on sunday. see it there, starts to develop over the north bay first, and with that the chance of isolated thunderstorms, winds 15 to 30 miles per hour and if we get thunderstorms, could produce small hail. not enough to solve the drought problems but will help to push
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back the fire season a few more weeks, good news there. we'll go over the rain totals and sierra snow, yes, sierra snow this weekend, have that for you in 15 minutes. >> thank you jeff. new at 11:00, the san francisco school board getting sued over admissions policy at elite lowell high school. according to chronicle stems from ending merit based system to get into lowell. lawsuit claims they violated state's open meeting law. did not properly list resolution ahead of vote or give equal time to both sides in public comment. former san jose teacher coughing on baby in yogurt shop charged with assault. last june nancy nordland got
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into argument, then took off her mask and coughed on a baby in the stroller there and left without paying. at the time worked as teacher in oak grove, no longer works there. will appear before a judge next tuesday. third vaccine is back in the mix. cdc lifted hold on administering the johnson & johnson vaccines after rare blood clotting issue was discovered. what does it mean moving forward for the supply of the dose and will people be hesitant to get it? ian cull. >> reporter: tonight the johnson & johnson single dose vaccine gets okay to go back into service. cdc and fda giving the green light after it was paused for 11 days. >> after a thorough review of all available data, fda and cond
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>> reporter: that concern is blood clots. out of 8 million vaccinations, 15 people developed them, three have died. doses will come with label explaining the possible but incredibly rare side effect. symptoms include unexplained swelling in leg, tenderness in calf or thigh, abdominal pain, headache or mental confusion. >> the american public should feel reassured about the protocols we have in place around the covid-19 vaccine. >> still the risk/benefit clearly favors the vaccine over getting infected. >> reporter:h more likely to get blood clots from covid-19n a million chance with the vaccine. >> as a doctor who has taken care of countless patients with
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covid-19 infection would withou vaccine. >> reporter: bay area counties will follow state guidance and restart the j&j shots as soon as committee of doctors approved by western governors finishes evaluation. santa clara county has many on hand and used at local area pharmacies like safeway. >> for bay area counties, san francisco has 700 doses on hand, planning to administer them next week but wait for the state's final guidance. napa county has 400, waiting state's lead. santa clara, 20,000, no san matr
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the state. more than 1 million people have at least one dose, more than a third of the county's population. health officials are apprehensive, still a lot of people reluctant to get shot. >> we still have a ways to go. as we always say, first million is easy, and next 500,000 is going to be a little tough. >> south bay also seeing a drop in supply. last week -- excuse me, this week contra costa county got 178,000 doses, next week a third, 59,000. other counties seeing increase, san mateo county, 11,000 this week, more than 24,000 next week. that's due to supply coming in from the federal government. in the north bay, majority
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of marin county have at least one dose. no wait appointments for those who live or work in the county. county partnering with health care providers to create more pop-up vaccine sites. firefighters from san ramon set up drive-through site at middle school, working to incre numbers. appointment. major announcement to speed up end of oil fracking in california.
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governor newsom wants to end it by 2024. ban on all oil production in the state by 2045. within minutes of the governor's announcement, western states petroleum association fired back saying they should have been part of the larger discussions deciding the future of fracking. >> looking at ban of energy production in state, hurt workers, families and communities in california and turn our energy independence over to foreign courses. >> they're planning to go to court. another celebrity governor. caitlyn jenner wants to challenge governor newsom, could she win? political experts way in. rescue in the north bay after thisaught fire
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trapping utility worker perched in the bucket. and take a look at this. rain beginning to show up on storm ranger mobile doppler radar, weekend rain forecast in just a few minutes.
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elbow bump, rob bonta, california's first attorney general, first to hold the job. representing oakland and other parts of the east bay. replacing xavier becerra who joined the obama administrationment saying he would be critical addressing recent increase in violence against asian-americans. >> i will not back down when
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people are being hurt. together we can get justice. >> graduated from yale university and law school. caitlyn for governor, transgender reality tv star wants to challenge governor newsom for election. does she have a chance? >> reality tv star, olympian and famous transgender person wants to challenge governor newsom on the recall. >> she's going to be formidable. >> jenner knows how to win. >> enormous name recognition, should be able to fundraise, has heshe needs it. >> always happy when someone from the transgender community
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steps up into position of leadership. >> reporter: first transgender person elected to political office in california. democrat doesn't believe newsom should be recalled and jenner isn't qualified. >> unfortunately ms. jenner doesn't have any government experience and don't believe however laudable hosting a television program and being a success at social media qualifies you to lead the largest state in the union. >> reporter: pointing to recall election of governor gray davis, says celebrity does appeal to voters. >> no qualifications for governor's office other than eligible to vote. it's that simple. saw arnold schwarzenegger with no political experience win handily. >> reporter: voters will know if
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governor newsom will face jenner and others in fight for the job, when county registrars are required to submit the signatures. he's focused on recovery. >> bloomberg came out, number one state in america in innovation and dominant in venture capital and small business starts. this state's going to come roaring back. that's what i'm focused on. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. one of the most beautiful stretches of highway reopened, highway 1 lost road south of big sur in january after mud slide, gaping hole. through traffic not expected to reopen until june but look how beautiful that is, wide open. crosses rat creek, fully reinforced and topped with new pavement. crews wrapped up two months
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early, governor newsom making the trip to formerly reopen the road. looks great. jeff ranieri with us now. saturday we're good, tomorrow, then figure out sunday here? >> yes. yeah. it's one of those just be lazy days on sunday. maybe whole weekend. maybe you had a long week. i think the weather is going to cooperate, much different than the record-setting 80s last weekend. storm ranger mobile doppler radar, only one in the bay area, close to the ground, better scan of what's happening out there. few showers off the northern coastline could bring spotty showers overnight and into tomorrow morning but holding off on better chance until sunday. as we begin you'll see start off with 51 in the south bay. 48 in the tri-valley, widespread clouds filtering throughout the
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bay and more overcast for east bay, san francisco and north bay. get you a look at forecast through tomorrow morning. there's spotty showers near the coastline and overcast. as you roll through the afternoon, see sun trying to break out more towards north bay, spotty showers and cloud cover lingering. it's hard to warm up. 59 in santa rosa for daytime high. 63 in martinez, 66 in san jose and coastline stays in the chilly 50s. move to rain on sunday. see on the forecaste we hit 7:00 a.m., storm system slow to get here but north bay would have best best. bet. as it moves across, isolated thunderstorms, small hail, wind gusts 15 to 30 miles per hour,
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kicks out sunday evening. rainfall totals not extremely high. most of the south bay you're in .05 to .2 inches. north bay, quarter to half inch range. sierra, still good for a foot of snow at pass levels. low as pines on the highway 50. drying out, warming up in san francisco, 60s returning next week. and across the inland valleys, look at temperatures on sunday, 57 for a high, then by next thursday back up to 81 degrees. so yes, raj, looks like as i said good weekend to be lazy, grab a book, do reading or binge watch that show you haven't been able to for past year. >> sounds good. 6:00 news cast, doorbell ringing in weather cast, i loved it.
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exactly what work from home is. had to go food, how was the dinner delivered by the way? >> extremely full, ate way too much, burgers and fries, good time. >> excellent, goo weekend, jeff >> yes. you too. >> still ahead, update from tiger woods himself, seeing golf superstar for first time since his car crash. and jimmy. >> tonight we have anna kendrick, lane fedorman and performance from max wolf. it's a great show tonight. happening now, rangers at big basin state park say redwoods are sprouting new growth after the fire last summer. no word when the park will reopen, lot of cleanup work still being done. back in a moment.
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amazing. tiger woods has been quiet of course last couple of months, but got a glimpse of the golf superstar first time. posted this photo on instagram from backyard, little practice green at home in jupiter, florida, on crutches, cast and of course his dog. suffered serious injuries to legs when suv plummeted off the road, driving almost twice the legal speed limit. detectives say only cause of the crash was speed and losing control but tiger says he's recovering twice as fast as expected. thanks to well wishers. a's plan to build that new, releasing renderings, along wit
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aside $450 million for asking for oakland city council to vote before summer recess. that next to jack london square. back in a moment to show you how the warriors pulled this one off tonight. looked good, anthony flores next.
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what a difference it makes to see real people, yep fans at chase center for first time in 409 days. steph curry by the way, had to make a wardrobe change, changing shoes midway through the game. banged up foot or ankle but he's all right. warriors are making a playoff run and it's fun to be watching this. nbc bay area's anthony flores from chase center. >> reporter: first time in 409 days, live crowd cheered on the warriors inside the chase center. roar of the crowd, it's finally returned. fans attending first warriors home game since the start of the pandemic more than a year ago. dubs giving them plenty to cheer about in the first half against denver. andrew wiggins had 14 points in the first two quarters, warriors
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led by four at break. dubs turning up pressure in the second half. steph curry for three of his game high 43 points. 118-97. >> sounded like way more than 1,900 people, appreciated and needed. >> anticipation of getting fans back in here. hopefully went smooth and can keep the momentum, made a huge difference in home-court advantage. >> reporter: battling for the postseason, 12 games to go, eight will be at chase center. nbc bay area. oracle park, knew this was coming, rabbit fans, more in a few minutes. giants and marlins, mike with r opposite field, giants win 5-3, looking good. a's, hottest team in baseball and some oakland love in
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baltimore there. a's and orioles, fifth inning, ramon laureano with solo shot, a's win 3-0, 12th straight win. back in a moment.
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finally tonight, bunny is a big hit. not just at ballpark. remember this from last night? showed you this, giants fan bringing her therapy bunny to the ballpark, really stealing the show. that's alex the rabbit. we caught up with alex in the city. four months old, potty trained and big hit with just about everybody. his owner, kai cato, used to have restaurant in mission district. >> you know, dog is good, but also a little bit drained, so i needed something a little bit easio of. why not bunny? >> have a
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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