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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 28, 2021 2:06am-2:36am PDT

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will a judge release the body cam severe weather sweeping across the country. al roker is timing it out. apple rolling out a major privacy change what you'll have more control over on your iphone and why it's making facebook furious. the cdc also revealing new guidelines for camps what it means for your kids this summer home prices. boy, are they surging. the fastest pace in 15 years. how long will it last? and "inspiring america. the health care worker brightening his city with beautiful surprises for perfect strangers. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt >> good evening. heralded as one of our most important defenses against covid-19, the cdc tonight relaxing its guidelines on wearing face coverings, saying it's now okay for fully vaccinated people to go maskless while outdoors and away from big gatherings the decision perhaps less about masks and more about the robust
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effectiveness of vaccines now in the arms of close to 142 million americans and nudging us toward normalcy president biden quick to embrace the new guidelines today, hoping the good news will entice more americans to roll up their sleeves. miguel almaguer has details. >> reporter: tonight the cdc's about-face changes daily life for all americans, especially those fully vaccinated, releasing this new chart updating guidelines on face masks outdoors. the agency now says whether you're vaccinated or not, it's safe to walk down the street, go for a run or a bike ride without a face covering you also won't need one to attend a small outdoor gathering like a barbecue if everyone else is vaccinated >> if you are vaccinated, it is safe to be outdoors without a mask, and the more and more people who get vaccinated, the more you'll have more people who are safer without masks. >> reporter: for those who are fully vaccinated, the new outdoor guidelines extend further
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the cdc also saying it's safe to gather outside in a small group whether others are vaccinated or not. also given the all-clear, dining outside at a restaurant with friends from multiple households and though the agency says the vaccinated should still wear a mask at large outdoor gatherings like a baseball game or a concert, the risk is low. >> the bottom line is clear. if you're vaccinated, you can do more things more safely both outdoors as well as indoors. >> reporter: while there were fewer changes for the unvaccinated, the cdc says all americans still need to wear a mask indoors no changes for anyone at grocery stores, malls, churches, or gyms >> we know that the virus spreads very well indoors until more people are vaccinated, mask use indoors will provide extra protection >> burn, baby, burn. >> reporter: for over
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a year, face masks have been a divisive issue. but now the cdc says less than 10% of documented covid cases occurred outdoors. >> one, two, three >> reporter: w hopes the new guidelines encourage more people to get their shots. rolling back restrictions even further could continue if vaccinations climb and new covid cases drop tonight, for all americans, a much needed breath of fresh air as our nation comes closer to life as it used to be >> so, miguel, the goal is to encourage vaccinations, but some of those supersites are closing, right >> reporter: yeah, lester, they have in several states so to make vaccinations easier, local pharmacies are now saying no matter where you got your first shot, you can get your second one close to home. lester? >> all right, miguel thank you. earlier i spoke to cdc director rochelle walensky about the timing of the new mask recommendations.
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dr. walensky, what changed in the science that allowed this new recommendation to be made >> so there's both a change in the science and a change in where we are with this pandemic and where we are in getting the country vaccinated we know from science that less than 10% of cases of covid-19 have been occurring outdoors so we have the science to say outdoor transmission is much rarer than indoor transmission that with cases now starting to plateau and come down have really helped us move this guidance forward. >> with the risk so low for outdoor transmission, why not remove the mask requirement for even unvaccinated people? >> because we still believe that there is transmission people are gathering near one another they're coming less than six feet apart, and we know that this virus can trick us so we want to be very careful for people who are unvaccinated. >> you're also encouraging folks, even vaccinated people, to keep the mask on indoors. do you expect that will change?
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what science are you waiting for to allow you to recommend that guidance >> right what we're really looking for both is an increase in the number of vaccinated people and a decrease in the number of cases. while we're really encouraged by the ongoing trends right now, i do want to remind americans that we had a seven-day average of about 54,000 cases this past week those numbers are coming down, but that's still higher than our summer surge. as the cases continue to come down and people continue to get vaccinated, we're hoping that we can then relinquish and produce more guidance. >> it feels like a lot of the excitement around today's announcement has to do with the masks but i feel like you were also making a point about the shots, the vaccines themselves have they proven in real-world exp >> they're working exactly as they did in the clinical trials. our hospitalization rates are coming down. our death rates are coming down, and they're really working to prevent infection even in those rare breakthrough infections that we're
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seeing, because we anticipated them, we're seeing people with mild disease, with asymptomatic disease, and that's exactly what we were looking for. >> dr. walensky acknowledges some of the hesitancy we've been telling you about but says around 2.7 million people are being vaccinated a day. you can make a plan for where and where to get vaccinated visit for more in just 60 seconds, what an autopsy reveals about the deadly police shooting of andrew brown jr., and will police release the body cams?
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the fbi has opened a civil rights investigation into the police shooting death of andrew brown jr. in north carolina as his family reveals results of an autopsy and the battle over body cam video heads to court let's get more now from kerry sanders >> reporter: tonight the town council in elizabeth city, north carolina, releasing this surveillance video as the pasquotank s.w.a.t. team converged on andrew brown the angle does not show what happened next
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brown's family today -- >> but you need to talk about the assassination. >> reporter: -- concluding he was assassinated by deputies >> it was a kill shot to the back of the head. >> reporter: brown, who was driving his car at the time, was shot to death six days ago as deputies served an arrest warrant for allegedly selling illegal drugs. >> andrew did not get his due process. >> reporter: the county medical examiner has now issued a death certificate, writing, andrew brown died a result of a penetrating gunshot wound of the head. the family commissioned their own private autopsy. it shows brown was first shot four times in the right arm the final bullet that killed him to the back of his head. the pasquotank sheriff issuing a statement today that says in part, a private autopsy is just one piece of the puzzle. an independent investigation is being conducted by the state. on saturday, the sheriff said he supported the release of all the body cameras. >> we want the body
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camera footage made public. >> reporter: but a close reading of what was just filed with the court now shows the sheriff only asks that the recordings be released to khalil ferebee, the adult son of mr. brown yesterday, ferebee and his attorneys were allowed to watch only one 20-second body cam clip. >> and what did you see? >> an execution. >> execution >> yes. >> describe it >> it was horrific you see a person trying to get away and the cops shooting at him. you know, that's not right. >> reporter: brown family attorneys plan to argue in the courthouse here tomorrow that all the body cam and dash cam videos be released it will be up to a judge to determine if all the video can be released and what releasing the video truly means. lester? >> okay. kerry sanders, thank you. we're learning more this evening about a massive spending proposal to aid american families that president biden will call for in tomorrow night's speech to congress
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peter alexander is at the white house for us peter, what's in the plan >> reporter: yeah, lester good evening the white house is dubbing its latest proposal the american families plan with a nearly $2 trillion price tag, focused on child care and education, including calling for a national partnership with states to offer free universal preschool for all 3 and 4-year-olds. it would also extend the child tax credit in addition to covid relief and infrastructure plans for the president, president biden will have called for roughly $6 trillion in new spending, and he plans to ask congress to pay for it by raising taxes on big businesses and the wealthy. lester? >> all right, peter. with that, let's turn our look at president biden's first 100 days and where he stands tonight on some of the biggest foreign policy challenges he faces. among them, russia, china, and iran. here's andrea mitchell >> congratulations, mr. president. >> reporter: president biden promised to reach out to allies and punish adversaries. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: what's
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the record show at the 100-day mark as protesters challenge vladimir putin at home, biden is confronting the russian leader unlike donald trump sanctioning russia for election interference, hacking government agencies and u.s. companies, poisoning opposition leader alexei navalny, and he's warning putin against threatening ukraine. still he's invited putin to a summit in a third country, possibly this summer. >> he's testing the biden administration, and then he gets rewarded by having a summit and so that, i think, encourages belligerent behavior. >> reporter: but an aggressive china is a bigger long-term threat, its warships threatening taiwan and other u.s. allies, committing genocide against the muslim uighurs and crushing democracy in hong kong. >> china is the most significant strategic challenge facing the united states. it is a country that is growing in economic clout. it is advancing its military capabilities, and it's acting in increasingly aggressive and assertive ways. >> reporter: the
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president kept his promises to rejoin the paris climate accord and start indirect talks to rejoin and strengthen the iran nuclear deal talks almost sabotaged when iran's main nuclear facility was attacked, the u.s. believes by israel would you prefer if no one were to attack iran's nuclear facilities while you're trying to get negotiations started >> we certainly believe that there are certain kinds of activities that are unhelpful to diplomacy. >> reporter: the president's biggest decision so far, starting the withdrawal from afghanistan, overruling his own generals where has he fallen short? he lifted the trump muslim ban but so far has broken his promise to let in more legally vetted refugees than his predecessor. and while sanctioning saudi arabia for murdering journalist jamal khashoggi, the president failed to punish the saudi crown prince, who the cia says was responsible another example where president biden is balancing his promises versus the reality of foreign policy lester >> andrea, thank you tomorrow kristen welker reports on the president's promise to
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reopen most schools by his 100th day and the new challenge many are facing plus all week our county to county team will be in the key districts reporting on president biden's first 100 days in office are under threat of severe weather tonight. looking at here? >> reporter: lester, as we look at the radar, you can see severe thunderstorms already firing up. we have watches from colorado to texas to oklahoma, and it's just going to get worse as the evening wears on we have currently a risk for 12 million people stretching from chicago all the way down into texas for damaging winds, hail, possibility of tornadoes. and again tomorrow we've got 14 million people at risk from oklahoma to texas for more tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail as well and tomorrow record-setting warmth possible throughout the northeast from chicago up to detroit, new york, all the way down to charlotte. lester? >> a lot on your plate there, al. thanks. for companies like
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facebook, harvesting information about you from your phone helps them make big money from advertisers but now apple is stepping in, making it easier f means a few new emojis, but apple's latest update means a lot more than that for the tech industry and your privacy companies like facebook and tiktok that make apps for your phone will now have to ask your permission to track you. and tracking what you do on your phone helps companies target ads and make money off you. it's more than a $100 billion industry in the u.s. alone. >> what that does is it creates an entire network of data sharing that most people just simply aren't aware of. it's easy to forget how long these companies have been around and how long they've potentially been collecting data about us. >> reporter: facebook argues that small businesses depend on targeted ads to sell their goods to the right people >> your information is for sale you have become the product.
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>> reporter: apple says that it's time to reveal a hidden world of data tracking what could this mean to you well, generic ads and maybe fewer free apps. also exposed, just how much of our data we've been giving away jake ward, nbc news, oakland, california. up next for us tonight, navigating the hottest housing market in years in "the price you pay."
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in addition to those new outdoor mask guidelines we told you about at the top of the broadcast, the cdc is also out with new
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recommendations for summer camps vicky nguyen now with what families need to know. >> reporter: with summer almost here, time for some happy campers. the cdc recommends camps emphasize outdoor activities, social distancing, and vaccines for staff since many kids can't get a shot yet, masks are recommended, even outdoors >> we're seeing obesity cases rising we're seeing mental health issues rising, and we are very hopeful that camp can really be the antidote. >> reporter: woodmont day camp in new york operated last summer with zero covid cases. >> we had no pink eye. we had no lice we had no strep throat kids were outside. they were spread out. >> reporter: they'll also continue daily temperature checks and symptom questionnaires and per cdc guidance, all activities including meals and arts and crafts will be outside to stop the spread of an outbreak, campers will be assigned to a pod. so while one pod is here at the eagle's nest, another pod can be here 30 yards away on the climbing wall, or out here fishing with their pod at the lake for kids who ride the
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bus, the policy will be masks on and windows open expect similar changes at sleep-away camps. many will also form a bubble no one in or out once campers arrive after testing negative >> camps will continue to be an opportunity for children to make new friends, be outside away from screens and be children >> reporter: don't wait camps are filling up fast, and ask about scholarships this year more federal money has been set aside to help kids get into summer programs lester? >> helpful information. vicky, thank you in "the price you pay" tonight, home prices surged nearly 12% in february. that's the fastest pace since 2006. stephanie ruhle now on how long this seller's market may last. >> reporter: when daniel maholic checks real estate listings, he almost can't believe it. >> i can swipe down on my phone and see the listing happen literally in real time on one day listed at 7:00 in the morning. off the market at 11:00, and then three days later, it's officially marked as sold. >> reporter: the value of his california
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condo is at an all-time high. but so are the prices of the homes he's interested in buying. >> frustrating, depressing. >> reporter: nationwide, prices rose 12% in february with the biggest increases in phoenix, san diego, and seattle. have you ever seen anything like it >> i have never seen anything like it it definitely is a seller's market. buyers are offering sight unseen, and buyers are paying way above the list price. >> reporter: the biggest reason for the spike in prices, the supply of homes for sale is down 28% at a time when interest rates are at historic lows and the cost of building new houses is up for buyers, experts recommend apps like or zillow to narrow your search and for alerts when houses go on the market also, know your budget so you can make an offer fast and avoid a bidding war. for sellers, multiple offers are great, but know where you're moving to so you aren't stuck looking for a home >> we had too much
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home for empty nesters. >> reporter: arnie and his wife recently sold their miami home they wanted to buy but are renting for now. >> we're just going to wait until we feel that the market is sane. >> all right, stephanie. for folks trying to time this, when might prices start going down >> reporter: lester, it could be a while. experts don't compare this to the 2008 housing bubble it's very different. and with pent-up demand from the pandemic, prices are likely to continue rising until next year lester? >> okay. stephanie ruhle, thank you. up next, how one man's gift of art is "inspiring america."
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finally, i want you to meet a man who's found a way to combine his art and the art of giving. if you're wandering around boston and spot an oil painting propped up against an unusual spot, like a brick wall, go ahead and take it. the artist, nursing student jake garcia, hopes you will >> the art for me, like when i do it, like it's a form of meditation. >> five months ago, jake picked up a paintbrush to help him cope with the pandemic so how did the idea come to start leaving your works behind? >> you know, i walk home with my paintings and they're wet and that's really annoying and so i was -- i sat down on a bench, and i
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was like, i'm just going to leave this painting here. >> soon, leaving the painting for strangers became just as meditative as the brush strokes themselves i mean, you don't get to enjoy your own art once you leave it. >> i get a picture of it i think, you know, what good is art if it's in a box in a closet, you know if nobody's enjoying it, like is it even -- what good is it? >> so far he has left seven of his landscape paintings around the city, posting hints to their locations on social media ralph menzione picked up one. >> it's something that when i end up leaving the boston area, it's something i can always take me. it can kind of brighten someone's day really quick and it's a unique little find. >> you can kind of make somebody's day without saying a word. i can just paint them >> for jake, the makings of a picture-perfect day. by the way, you can watch a special primetime "inspiring america" event i'll be hosting with
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savannah guthrie and hoda kotb this weekend. we'll reveal the 2021 inspiration list featuring stories of some extraordinary people that's "nightly news" for this tuesday thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night ♪ ♪ ♪♪ this was all you none of it me ♪ ♪ you put your hands all over my body and told me umm ♪
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♪ we both know we ain't kids no more ♪ ♪ send my love to your new lover ♪ ♪ treat her better ♪ ♪ we've gotta let go of all of our ghosts ♪ ♪ we both know we ain't kids no more ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: welcome to "the kelly clarkson show," give it up for my band, y'all! playing "send my love"" by the one and only adele, what made you want to hear that song, savanna? >> hi, kelly, so i was really obsessed with the show "glee" and they did a mashup of adele songs so i felt inspired to sing that at my high school talent show, and everything went really well, we practice for like a month before and


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