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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  May 12, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: tonight, on "late night with seth meyers," amy adams, author of "while justice sleeps," founder of fair fight, stacey abrams, music from ashe, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers and this is "late night," how is everybody doing tonight? that is so good to hear. let's get to the news, according to reports president biden has yet to have a medical checkup since taking office, but only because the doctor has been too busy treating bite wounds.
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that's right, president biden has yet to have a medical checkup since taking office. all right, let's relax, it's been four months besides, at his age a medical checkup is just, you show up, you pass mcdonald's released new mccafe cups later this year that include vaccination information and federal health slogans to promote vaccine confidence something like, what are you worried about? you eat here federal investigators have reportedly asked a former capitol hill intern who dated florida representative matt gaetz to cooperate with their investigation in to allegations that gaetz was involved in sex trafficking. and apparently he still has not learned his lesson the u.s. mint yesterday announced it will release a new series of quarters honoring 20 women, including poet maya angelou, and astronaut, dr. sally ride what an honor for those women to be bounced into a solo cup at a college party. [ light laughter ] the fda announced yesterday that teenagers from 12-15 years old
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can get the pfizer coronavirus vaccine, but only if they can figure out how to sign up for an appointment on the internet -- oh, and they are all signed up okay the new york post published a list of the quote, seven craziest over the top things amazon founder jeff bezos has purchased. coming in at number one, a comb. [ laughter ] nbc announced yesterday it would not air next year's golden globes, but only to make room for their newest program, "chicago: the golden globes. starbucks added a new strawberry funnel cake frappuccino to its menu today, which features strawberry puree and pieces of powdered sugar funnel cake, all for the low, low price of your foot [ laughter ] actress gwyneth paltrow revealed in a new interview that every night during the coronavirus pandemic, she would drink two quinoa whiskey cocktails stars, they are just like nobody according to a new study, the best way to regain your smell after having the coronavirus is
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to sniff at least four different odors twice a day for several months, or ladies, just move in with him and finally a woman in italy was released from the hospital over the weekend after she was mistakenly given six doses of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine well, she wasn't released, so much as, she blasted through the nearest wall and that, you guys was a monologue. we have a great show for you guys tonight she is an incredible actress we're always so, so happy when she many comes by, amy adams will be here her newest film "the woman in the window" is on netflix friday, and i can't wait to talk to her and she is a voting rights organizer, former georgia state representative, and best-selling author her new book "while justice sleeps" is available now, stacey abrams will be here and her debut album, "ashlyn" came out friday. we will have music, excuse me, from singer-songwriter, ashe which it has been weird all day because ashe is also my son's name
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and let's just say, we are a lot better off having music from her. [ laughter ] unless you love the wheels on the bus. [ laughter ] but before we get to all that, i was on youtube this morning when i came across this fascinating video about migrating tree frogs who -- [ sniffing ] [ laughter ] wait, i -- i could be wrong here, but i think i smell some smoke and that could only mean one thing, it's time for "ya burnt! ♪ >> seth: welcome to the burn zone we got a lot of topics to sizzle through and not a lot of time. over here is the burner. let's turn on the gas and load her up whoa snoochie-boochies first up, vaccine cards. vaccine cards! i waited a year to leave my house, and all i get is this lousy off-brand flash card
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this is more anti-climactic than this year's oscars side burn oscars >> side burn >> seth: here's your proof of vaccination. and since it's so important, we made sure to print it on the same paper as a bagel boss punch card >> buy ten, get none free. >> seth: but don't worry, we made sure the card was just a little too big to fit in your wallet without folding and flimsy enough that, when you fold it, you're pretty sure it will fall apart. and now i guess i'll just carry it around in my wallet of forever, like that free condom i got in high school health class. >> seth, you should throw that away >> seth: never it reminds me of the first time i didn't have sex. and what if i lose the vaccine card will i die even worse, will i get turned away at trader joe's vaccine cards it's a good thing i got my second dose already, because ya burnt "citizen kane," you recently lost your ranking as the number one movie of all time on rotten tomatoes to "paddington 2. how does it feel to lose to a dumb ass british bear in galoshes >> technically he's from peru.
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>> seth: and if you are at home right now thinking of watching "citizen kane," it's a sled. there, i saved you two hours that you can spend doing something more productive, like watching "paddington 2." "citizen kane" only has two colors, zero bears and not a single hugh grant song-and-dance number "citizen kane" is the kind of movie loved by film snobs trying to look smart to get laid. well, there's only one type of "laid" i'm interested in and that's marmalade and now there's "mank," a new black and white movie about how they made the first black and white movie, no "mank" you >> you're melcome. >> seth: "citizen kane" just like the sled at the end of that movie, ya rose-burnt philly accents hey, philly accents, i hate to with whiz on your hoagie, but you're something we could all do without. you're the grossest regional dialect. you make boston sound like the queen's english. and why do youse talk like dat are you mad you can't get good beggles in philly because of the wooder or, is your tongue burnt from licking the scrapple pan i'll be honest, i hope the mayor of easttown never catches this murder so he can off a few more of you people.
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philly accents, time to get up outta this john, because youse burnt. the cdc, you keep switching up the rules on us. does cdc stand for changes decisions constantly can't decide crap? just tell me, cdc. do i wear a mask outside or not? in a car in a bar in a hat with a cat seriously, cdc, what are the rules here what if i am vaccinated, but my cousin's not, but he's six feet away from me inside a screened-in outdoor porch, but he is a mouth breather and i can still smell that he just ate an onion? you got a pneumonic device for that cdc, you can kiss my a-s-s, because ya burnt hitler's sex life, new reports have come out about hitler's sex life, and apparently he was in to some freaky [ bleep ] so buckle up, hitler, because we finally got some dirt on you, bud. who could have guessed that this guy had unresolved issues? i did nazi that coming >> i see what you did there, and i like it. >> seth: apparently, hitler liked it when women urinated on him during sex and let me guess, cnn can't get ahold of that tape either?
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and from the photos i've seen, hitler also liked being pissed off. [ laughter ] hitler, while you are down in hell getting a hot poker shoved up your ass for all eternality, try not to enjoy it so much. ya burnt graduation caps and gowns. it's going to be 95 degrees and everyone has to sit in the sun for several hours. i've got an idea, let's cover them head to toe in your cheapest black polyester so they can roast in their own juices like an instapot also that cap has four deadly sharp corners on it, so everyone make sure to blindly fling it up in the air when you're done. less competition in the job market seriously, who looks good in a cap and gown i bet the guy who came up with this look was like, "i can't believe they [ bleep ] fell for it?" but seriously, congratulations, graduates. you finished school and it's time to embark on your new life in, i'm guessing, from your outfit, the year 1540? graduation caps and gowns, it's time to go to the back of the closet forever, because ya burnt. people who got covid twice, what is wrong - [ buzzer ]
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oh, that buzzer means we're out of time. i guess i'll have to find fault with some of you unlucky s.o.b's the next time on, this has been, "ya burnt! and we will be right back with amy adams. ♪ (brother) hi sis! (sister) you're late! (brother) fashionably late. (sister) we can not be late. (brother) there's a road right there. (brother) that's a cat. wait, just hold madi's headpiece. (sister) no. seriously? (brother) his name is whiskers. (bride) what happened to you? whose cat is that? (brother) it's a long story. (sister) oh my gosh. (farmer) whiskers! there you are! (avo) the subaru crosstrek. the adventurous s-u-v for adventurous people. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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>> seth: our first guest is an a academy award and emmy nominated actress that you know from films like "american hustle," "vice," and hbo's "sharp objects." her new film "the woman in the window" begins streaming on netflix may 14th please welcome back to the show, our friend, amy adams. how are you, amy >> oh, yeah, i'm well. how are you doing? good to see you again. >> seth: it's great to see you i'm doing well last we checked in was november, we were talking about your quarantine hobbies, the skills you had picked up along the way. >> they were not picked up, you know >> seth: no, right, exactly. i guess that was where we ultimately ended up that you had -- have you improved at all in the last six months >> not on those particular skills no, i actually, my string instrument repertoire is still pretty limited >> seth: gotcha. >> but i picked up some new stuff. i started dancing again. >> all right >> and it's an old hobby but it feels different in my old body so -- so, it's -- it has its own set of challenges.
12:51 am
i still think, like, i'm really flexible, i don't know skilled. i'm not. >> seth: do you -- is dance something you do on your own i know you have a 10-year-older daughter, correct? >> i do. >> seth: do you dance in front of her >> not if she can help it. >> seth: right >> i mean, i do dance in front of her i actually -- she loves music and she does a lot of lessons, but i really -- she has these beautiful feet that would have been great for ballet. but i made her take ballet and then i told her she could quit when she was 10, and it was like, 30 seconds after she turned 10, she was like, "are we good have i done it?" >> seth: i will say, nothing would make me want to dance less than if my parents told me i had beautiful feet i think -- i think you might have creeped her right out >> i think i did it wrong, seth. [ laughter ] >> seth: "look at your beautiful feet." >> "look at them." >> seth: "don't waste the beautiful feet." >> exactly exactly. there's a line from a movie
12:52 am
called "center stage," where the actress goes, "you didn't have the feet, i don't have the heart," and i think of that every time i see her point her feet like - >> seth: you are actually in ireland right now. which is very exciting you are shooting the -- a sequel to "enchanted," 15 years later how has ireland been treating you so far >> it's been -- it's been really wonderful. i mean, it's definitely different being places during different quarantines and lockdowns, but it's been great it's been great. yeah >> seth: and how is it to return to, you know, 15-year-old source material, and you are co-starring with maya rudolph, which must be a nice addition as well >> i'm so excited for her to get here i don't want to give too much of the plot away, but she is the baddie, and she's -- i'm so excited for the cast that we have assembled 'cause we have a lot of new talent and a lot offer our
12:53 am
old -- i hate to say the word "old" anymore, i mean, it was fun when we were younger but now, you know, returning favorites as opposed to old favorites. [ laughter ] >> seth: familiar faces. >> familiar faces. yeah exactly. >> seth: this is, you know, slightly lighter fare than maybe some of your more recent work. is it nice to do something like that again especially considering the fact that very little has been light recently >> it is it is so nice to get to do something that really the whole intention of doing this is to create joy and hope and it's something that means a lot to me and i was really reticent to come back to the role because i loved her so but it really felt like the right time, like giselle, i really wanted to -- to sort of embody her and then see where are she's at and spread her joy there we go. >> seth: i know that it was a -- obviously, a limited oscars. you were not at the oscars, but
12:54 am
i had to ask, how did you feel watching your hillbilly elegy co-star, glenn close, a dear friend, doing -- is this a skill set you knew she had? >> i did not know she had this skill set, it does not surprise me >> seth: yes >> glenn close is a woman of many talents and she is, perhaps, the coolest woman i know she is amazing so, it didn't surprise me, but i was delighted. >> seth: i want to ask about your new film which is, slightly less light than enchanted. we will be right back with more from amy adams ♪
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mr. russell believes that you made a mistake >> you have never met my wife. >> she helped me one night, we spent the evening together >> no, no. no, i don't think so >> in fact, he came here looking for her.
12:59 am
>> i was looking for my son. not my wife, and you told me no one had been here. >> i lied. we played gin. >> why would you lie about that? >> why would you lie about that? i was afraid that you would punish her >> for playing gin >> it doesn't matter, the point is, dr. fox, is that nothing's happened >> no. >> hm-mm >> no. i know what i saw. >> nothing's happened to anyone. >> no i was zoomed in with the camera >> did you take a picture? >> no, i did not take a picture. >> she is spying on our house. >> why didn't you take a picture? >> please, please, just -- the important thing is that everybody is okay. >> seth: that was a clip from the new "enchanted" film [ laughter ] welcome back to "late night," we are here with amy adams. so this is a fantastic noir-ish thriller, you play an agoraphobic woman and it should be noted, you filmed this three years ago, very ahead of the times insofar as you are playing a character that is trapped inside >> yeah, trapped inside of her house. yes.
1:00 am
so, i -- it was a very different time but it was -- it was an amazing experience to film it. because we really were inside of a studio in brooklyn, and it was perpetual darkness for weeks on end. >> seth: you play a character who feels as though you witnessed a murder and nobody trusts you and it's very nice when a clip comes with a film and you get a sense of exactly how good the cast is and that is certainly true in this film. >> aw, thanks, it was an amazing cast we have so many talented actors in it, and i was just floored that they all showed up to support this film. it was a real honor to work with them all >> seth: you play a character who has some alcohol addiction issues i'm wondering, i feel like you are getting pretty good at acting drunk and i just want to tip my cap do you have any tips i mean, what have you learned
1:01 am
that makes it so believable? >> i'm just going to plead the fifth here no, i mean, what is interesting is, i was a little nervous playing people who were struggling with substance abuse, but they all had a different - you have to understand the reason behind, because it's very different, you know -- >> seth: sure. >> in anna's case, it's a -- it's a form of self medicating from trauma. so she is trying to escape a trauma that she experienced. yes. >> seth: there's also a great deal of stair acting in this film >> yes >> seth: it takes place in an apartment, it is a thriller. there's a lot of running up and down stairs. did you know what you were getting in to when you took this role >> i did not i did not know that it was going to be so aerobic >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. i think one take, joe had me run up and down the stairs about 25 times he wanted it to feel -- he
1:02 am
wanted to get the sense of the anxiety and he got it. yeah >> seth: your character also does some peeping in on their neighbors. i know a lot of actors -- a lot of great actors, one of the reasons they are particularly good at playing different people is they observe the human condition. are you someone that feels like you are a good people watcher? >> you mean, am i a voyeur >> seth: yeah, i mean, voyeur is certainly the fancy way of saying it. "people watching never! i like to voyeur." >> well, no, no, i feel like one implies a bit of -- like, for example, my husband will always get up -- even if we are on a hike and we get like around where you can hear someone's conversation, i will slow down and get really quiet and it's fascinating what you
1:03 am
can pick up from people. >> seth: now, this is interesting. i want to ask, has like a mask, because i'm assuming you are on a hike, you are wearing a mask, is that helpful being amy adams insofar as you can eavesdrop better without the fear of being recognized >> i would eavesdrop even if people did recognize me. i'll eavesdrop anywhere, any time if you are next to me at a restaurant, if we get to go to restaurants again, i will -- i will listen to you >> seth: you're just gonna sit right down and say, "hello, i'm amy adams and i will be listening in." >> it's not that graceful. it's usually something like this and it's not very subtle it's like -- [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, but definitely i have to say recognizably you very -- there's no way that could be -- hey, can you tell me -- i hope i'm getting this right, is it the right way >> yes, it's the right way foundation may is foster care month and i am working with an organization called the right way foundation but it's based out of los angeles.
1:04 am
and they help transition age foster youth kind of move in - out of the system, and in to a successful life. >> seth: that's wonderful. thank you so much for doing that and thank you so much for being here and joining us from overseas i cannot wait to see "disenchanted" and the film is wonderful. >> thank you so much, it's good to see you i hope your family is safe and well >> seth: same to you, and hopefully next time in person. "the woman in the window" begins streaming on netflix may 14th. we will be right back with more "late night. ♪ ♪who can take a sunrise♪ ♪sprinkle it with dew♪ ♪cover it in choc'late and a miracle or two♪ ♪the candy man♪ ♪♪ ♪'cause he mixes it with love♪
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♪ >> seth: we are so happy to have fred armisen back leading the 8g band this week. how are you, fred?
1:10 am
>> fred: sorry, i've been on hold for like an hour. hi, is this o'hare airport hi yes, i was there about three years ago, and i left a book at one of the gates um, i just wanted to say that, i don't think it's important to me, so if you guys find an extra book, hang to it it's on me don't worry about it >> seth: okay. >> fred: oh, i forgot, it's something about mazes around thor world or something, but i read the whole thing so i'm all good so thank you very much, and you guys have a great airport. okay thank you. >> seth: all right our next guest is a voting rights organizer, former georgia state representative and best selling author her new book "while justice sleeps" is available now. please welcome back to the show, stacey abrams. hello, stacey. how are you? >> i am well, thank you. how are you? >> i'm very well your book is called "while ju were here, it was right before the runoffs in
1:11 am
georgia, both the candidates you were supporting won and we talked about you sleeping and i'm just wondering if you managed to take a celebratory nap at the end of those run-off elections? >> i did indeed. but i woke up to voter suppression coming back and forth, so i may not do another nap for a while. >> seth: you are a busy person, and while we have greatly appreciate your efforts in trying to stop the tide of voter suppression laws that are, obviously, a huge problem right now. you also have time to write books. this is very exciting, because this is not your first novel, but it is your first novel with your actual name on it you have written under a pen name before. i'm wondering, obviously, you knew you were the author of those books. was it different writing a book knowing that everyone who picked it up would know it was written by the stacey abrams >> no, i think what was different was knowing that people might care. when i wrote the first eight novels, selena montgomery was much more exciting than
1:12 am
stacey abrams and so i'm glad that people will actually pick up a book because my name is on it instead of despite my name being on it. >> seth: this is an idea that you came up with ten years ago and publishers passed on it then, what was it? did the times change did the circumstances change were people just more excited that you wanted to put your name on a book? what changed that made this book a book for today >> when i first proposed the book, and written it, i had a corrupt president who was involved in international intrigue and a swing justice on the supreme court who may decide the fate of the world. and that was dismissed as being too up serviced and not quite contemporary enough. so, you know, we had some intervening activities between 2008 and 2020, and so the book suddenly seemed relevant >> seth: we talked about “queen's gambit” last time you were on the show and how wonderful that television show is there is a chess element in this as well. you want to make it clear. you had your chess element ten years ago.
1:13 am
>> i did, i did. started writing this in 2008, long before i knew of “the queen's gambit.” >> seth: i also want to ask about this you have, i believe, five siblings, is that right? >> yes >> seth: and they work in very diverse fields, professional fields and yet, they all give you feedback on your books is this feedback that you are open to? do you like having siblings like this >> i am grateful to them when i ask, i am sometimes grateful when they answer but they are incredible, smart people and it's cheaper than having to pay an expert to tell you things it's faster than google. you get immediate feedback you can ask more questions, refine the issues and you don't have to press one or two to get to, you know, an operator. they just answer when i call >> seth: and let's just -- you have a federal judge in the family if that's correct? >> i do. >> seth: is it a biologist >> yes so, janine is an evolutionary biologist. >> seth: these are very helpful fields for the kinds of books you are writing.
1:14 am
>> social worker, anthropologist yeah, we run the gamut >> seth: is it true? i believe it was the social worker that talked you out of a car chase? >> yes, he cut my scene. i was -- i thought it was fun. but, he -- he literally thought the scene took too long, so. >> seth: he just wanted you to get to the -- what was happening? >> exactly >> seth: and you are -- i will say, i love a good car chase, but more on film >> yes >> seth: when i'm reading a car chase, i kind of want to see it a little bit i'm going on side with your brother on that one. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: you guys also have a family book club is this a deal where everyone actually reads the books >> we do and we can tell if you haven't so, what happens is we set a deadline for doing the book club, and then someone calls one of us will call our older sister, who is responsible for convening us and somebody has to come up with an excuse for why they didn't get it done this week you don't want to be the person who does it every time, so you will have like this phone tree
1:15 am
of, "well, i did it last time. and then, we get andrea to give us permission to put off the book club for another week [ laughter ] >> seth: your mom, a librarian back in the day, correct >> yes correct. >> seth: does she participate as will >> he does not so it's just a sibling book club and we've heard about the fact that we are just a sibling book club and we don't include my mother so please don't bring it up. >> seth: is this an active choice to not have her participate? what do you think would wrong if she is there >> there are six of us who have robust conversations and we read varying degrees of books and we don't circumscribe our language always in the discussion about plot points. my mother went from being a librarian to being a pastor. so i will let you infer from there why there might be a problem with having her on the call the whole time. >> seth: hey, you know, you have been a guest on this show a lot. and i was very touched by something in the book, because i
1:16 am
know you are not on, only this late night show. you have been on stephen colbert, of whom i'm a great fan. now this is really cool. in the book, it says "nigel rocked slowly, the president wasn't pleased with my press conference, i'm booked on colbert for tonight's broadcast, and also seth meyers." and i just thought it was so cool that you mentioned us as well meant the world to me. i would have been -- because my feelings would have obviously been hurt if it was sort of exclusive to stephen >> you are anticipating. look, there's going to be a show about the book you assumed that i was going to just put both of you in competition. i like to keep thing these separate >> seth: well, this is true. i want to talk about this as well the book is, we just found out today going to be a television show is that something you thought possible when you were first sitting down to write it >> no. i mean, look, i was surprised somebody finally published it. so getting a tv show in this century is awesome but no, i love television, as
1:17 am
you know and i'm just very excited that working title and universal are excited about doing it with me >> seth: i feel like one difference between this visit to you on our show, and previous times is your backdrop now seems very professional to me. >> thank you >> seth: i feel like i have seen you a lot in your home, maybe in sort of a nondescript office and now, this is very show biz it's amazing the minute your book gets optioned, look at your background >> i have also been double vaxxed man, so i can go outside. >> seth: is there any -- can you tell us any reason to not be pessimistic and depressed about how effectively republican state legislatures seem to be passing voter suppression bills? >> i think we should be concerned. we should pay attention but we've also been very effective we have seen some of the worst pieces come out of those bills
1:18 am
and even though they continue to pass, more and more people are aware of it and we still have time for congress to take action we are working on it right now and i believe that we can actually have democracy that is free and pair and accessible to all. so i'm going to keep pushing >> seth: you have been -- we've shown clips of you here, very effective when you have gone in front of senate committees when you have gone in front of house committees how much preparation do you have to put into those appearances and how much of it is just, at this point, you know your stuff and there's nothing to worry about? >> i generally am up to speed before i did the last senate appearance i did ask my team to give me as much detail as they could. luckily, i was able to retain that information in time for some questions that wanted, sort of, a list of challenges but, i am incredibly grateful to the fair fight team, they keep me well prepped. they are like my siblings, only we pay them to do their work >> seth: when you -- now that
1:19 am
you are known as, obviously, not just an advocate for voting rights, but also as an author of fiction. do you feel like people in d.c. are now a little worried that if they behave in a way that is both bad and memorable, they will become fictionalized in one of your books? >> given that my colleagues at the state legislature occasionally found themselves in the book and the current speaker of the house for the georgia house, is in "while justice sleeps. he knew about it ten years ago he is still in there i just warn people you may be in the book and you might die [ laughter ] >> seth: that is very nice but that doesn't necessarily mean now, if somebody is represented in one of your books and they die that is sometimes is just you serving the plot that is not a negative comment on their personality >> absolutely. absolutely or they were in the car chase and they got cut out so there you go. >> seth: yeah, a fate worse than death is getting cut out, which thank god didn't happen to me, because i made it in the book. there it is right there. proof -- yep, see, so great. what -- where do you do your
1:20 am
writing? because i feel like that's the thing that is most interesting to people who can't believe that anyone could sit down and write a book what is your perfect situation >> i have a secretary desk, you pull it out and it lays flat put my laptop on top and start writing or my dining room table. depends how good the light is, whether i can actually get to the desk because it's covered with stuff wherever my computer will fit. that is where i sit to write >> seth: and when you write, do you tend to do a lot at once or are you someone who grabs an hour here or there or i -- because i find i need a lot of uninterrupted time just to percolate >> i usually have a half a day to a day set aside, i will schedule to write. because for me, writer's block isn't that i can't think of it, it's i don't want to do it i don't like words anymore i don't want to write it never mind, and then i have to give myself time to get past that and then to sit down and do my work.
1:21 am
>> seth: and are there times where you, sort of, break maybe a plot problem you had or you find a way of saying something that delights you? do you celebrate at all while you're writing or do you know in the moment, "oh, yeah, this is a really good one right here?" >> no, i will get happy. i had one book, not “while justice sleeps.” i had another book where my character was supposed to be going out on to a cliff and she ended up in a cave and i had no idea why she was there, and it took, like, three days to figure it out. and when i realized why she was there, it made perfect sense so i sometimes have to wait for the plot to reveal itself to me in greater detail. >> seth: and how much do they come to you with the cover of a book like how many different versions do you see before you sign off >> this was actually the very first cover they recommended i thought it was -- i thought it was evocative of the story, and it was really awesome to see my name on the book but i really loved the colors and i thought it was a really
1:22 am
well done cover, and the team at double day has been amazing to work with. >> seth: what, on the selina montgomery books was there no author photo on the back of the book jacket? >> oh, no, no. my foot -- my face is in every one of my books. when i say that nobody cared, this was not self-deprecation, it's just nobody cared [ laughter ] >> seth: well, it's a very, it was something like this, but it just right here said selina montgomery. >> yes and then, if you look at the copyright, it said stacey abrams. >> seth: i feel like they are going to pull you in front of the senate for that. if feel like they're gonna have a lot of questions for that. >> i will refer them to this show for answers because that's what everyone should do. >> seth: oh, well, it will be nice for you to talk about this show [ laughter ] >> i will talk about the show so much from now on >> seth: stacey, if that's your real name, it is all ways a delight to see you congratulations on the book. >> seth, thank you so much, and thank you for being so generous. it's such a tremendous show.
1:23 am
>> seth: nice try. "while justice sleeps" is available now, wherever books are sold but please support your local and independent book stores. we'll be right back with music from ashe. ♪ nobody builds 5g like verizon builds 5g because we're the engineers who built the most reliable network in america. thousands of smarter towers, with the 5g coverage you need. broader spectrum for faster 5g speeds. next-generation servers with superior network reliability. because the more you do with 5g, the more your network matters. it's us...pushing us. it's verizon...vs verizon. and who wins? you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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1:29 am
presenting here this coming january. and they are a hyper specific awards show. i don't want to go into too many details, but it's not -- there's no nominees. only winners don't miss this is probably too early to be plugging it. don't miss the globen golds this january. unrelated. i have to keep saying that nbc legal keeps stressing. unrelated! you guys, this is very exciting. she just announced dates for her upcoming "the fault line" tour in support of her debut album, "ashlyn," out now. performing "me without you," here is ashe ♪ red velvet wallpape stained by the cigarette smoke of people more in love than we could ever know ♪ ♪ and it's midnight and i wanna go but you don't
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♪ you let me down down down down down ♪ ♪ down down down down down down down dow down down down down down ♪ ♪ i can be me without you you don't believ that it's true go find yourself ♪ ♪ you let me down down down down down ♪ ♪ i can be without yo you don't believ that it's true go find yourself ♪ ♪ you let me down down down down down down ♪ >> seth: my thanks to ashe the album, "ashlyn," is out now. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> seth: i want to thank my guests, amy adams, stacey abrams and ashe i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for lilly singh stay safe. wear a mask. get vaccinated we love you. ♪


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