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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 2, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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first it was the colonial pipeline now cyber imnals squoo. blisteringly hot temperatures stirring greater fears over fires. our gaudy schwartz on what's ahead. a show of support for naomi
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osaka. she put her mental health above the sport she loves. the surge in prices at restaurants as americans are dining out more and more "early today" starts right now good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. hackers are targeting another critical link in the global supply chain the world's largest meat processor, jbs, is hoping to reopen the vast majority of its plants today following a crippling cyber attack suspected to be the work of russian hackers. nbc's tracie potts joins us with more good morning this is the second attack on critical infrastructure in weeks. >> reporter: right, phillip. last month it was colonial pipeline that sent doubt the gas pipeline and now it's the world's biggest meat producer. six sites in the united states in australia and canada. beef and poultry prietss were
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hit hard by the pandemic and fears they could go higher after this attack. there's no evidence, jbs says, customers, suppliers or other employee data was compromised. one member of the senate intelligence committee said we are still not taking these attacks seriously. >> i can't overstate how concerned i am we keep having wakeup calls and we keep not waking up. now it was the food supply a month ago it was fuel. it could be energy next. it could be transportation it could be the financial sector and we've really got to scale up our responses. >> reporter: jbs says this attack seems to be the work of a russian criminal organization. the white house saying they've engaged directly with the russian government delivering the message that responsible states do not harbor ransom wear criminals. cyber security experts say the more companies pay these
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ransoms, the more criminals will be encouraged to do the hacking. >> what are these companies to do though? these hackers are clearly one step ahead tracie, thank you. newly released body camera video shows the tense moments when officers responded to a deadly shooting at a san jose rail yard. some may find this video disturbing. >> i've got somebody down in front of me. >> on three. let me see your hands. >> the santa clara police departmentblurred the employee that killed herself and nine people the chief said the shooter was an off duty specialist they traced him to his home which was up in flames the suspect was dead when he was found on the property. over the holiday weekend shootings left at least three people dead and 33 wounded in chicago. nine people killed across baltimore.
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in miami the manhunt continues for the three men accused of attacking a crowd outside a concert. here's nbc's sam brock >> reporter: new surveillance video captures bystanders outside a restaurant at the same time the doors of this suv fly open and three gunmen approach seconds later the crowd scrambles and lives are changed forever. nearly three days after the miami shooting, 23 people shot miami-dade mayor daniella lavigne cava says no expense is being spared. >> do you have any idea? >> these are targeted shootings. this is something we need to take care of and get control of. >> an all out manhunt. they recovered the suv in a miami canal. the massacre a week of nonstop violence in miami.
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three more shootings taking place including two injured in miami beach by famed prime one twelve restaurant. seemingly no area immune from gun violence. >> will this leave a scar on miami-dade >> nobody ever recovers from this kind of violence. all we can do is make sure we make the pledge and do what we can do make sure it never happens again. >> reporter: a pledge to do better with lives depending on it sam brock, nbc news, miami. now to america's comeback from covid millions of americans hit the roads and skies in full force shattering records this holiday weekend. on the vaccine front, 168 million people have gotten at least one vaccine dose our miguel almaguer has the latest. >> it's been so great to hear this again. >> reporter: from the ballpark to beaches and from thpeedway, n track for the kind of summer crowds not seen since 2019.
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>> what a difference a year makes. >> over the holiday weekend 7.1 million flew compare that to last year, just 1.3 million. >> this is the first time it's been packed like a regular vegas. >> reporter: but getting to vegas or just about anywhere else is starting to get more expensive. travel company hopper said in may the price for air travel rose 4% that's after a 12% hike in april still, a good deal for a round trip domestic flight, say seattle to denver, can be had for $157 flying abroad, new york to paris, available for 625 >> if you're planning to travel this summer, now is the time to book. >> reporter: a driving that popular destination is only half the battle >> the camp grounds are full. >> from the sunny rim of theo td crowds filling yellowstone it's not just the views that will take your breath away
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many hotels are already sold out through summer even with gas prices rising, outdoor get aways are in demand especially preparing if you can't get young children vaccinated. >> we're going on a boat and go tubing >> the summer we hoped for may finally be here. my gill almaguer, nbc news. president biden became the first president to commemorate the tulsa race massacre. it was one of the first results of racist violence here's nbc's jeff bennett. >> president joe biden leading the nation in a remembrance and reckoning marking the 100th anniversary. >> mr. biden becoming the first president to commemorate tulsa.
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>> this was not a riot, this was a massacre and for too long forgotten by our history. >> reporter: the president announcing new measures aimed a dinners in mom and pop shops that could have been passed down sho shockingly, the percentage of black american homeownership is lower today in america than when the fair housing act was passed more than 50 years ago lower today. that's wrong and we're committed to change that go. >> reporter: in the early 1900s tulsa's african-american district of greenwood was sufficient and self-sufficient until 1921 when a white mob descended on greenwood, shooting and killing hundreds of black residents and burning thousands of homes and businesses. the massacre ended 48 hours
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later. at 107 years old, she testified before congress last month about the horror she experienced a century ago. >> i still smell smoke and see bombs. i hear the screams. >> reporter: during his visit he met privately with ms. fletcher and publically thanked them for their courage. >> thank you. we've got some severe weather brewing down south let's welcome back nbc meteorologist janessa webb good morning, janessa. welcome back. >> hi. good morning good to see you both good morning, everyone we are watching that severe weather today. i know we've been in that up and down weather pattern, but things are starting to stabilize. first let's focus on the severe weather threat very low risk for texas into the lower mississippi valley this afternoon into this evening. nothing on the severe side right
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now but that will continue to pick up. the primary hazard today will be that damaging wind with some hail and then we'll watch the potential for that flooding rain across texas all the way int the easto the great lakes into the northeast today we're into the upper 70s heat will continue to build through the pacific northwest. we'll talk about that coming up. >> talk to you then, janessa. it might be the hottest shot ever by a drone. a photographer piloted this device straight into an active volcano in iceland the drone captured incredible images of the lava but did not survive the flight. >> we thank it for its sacrifice. farmers looking for greener
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it's got to be tide. in honor of pride month, we are honoring ground breakers in 2020 claire, who is bisexual, was voted class president of the university making her the first openly lgbtq position to hold the position in the senate's 102 year history. the san francisco giants are incorporating pride colors into their uniforms the pride caps and patches are to honor the lgbtq community the team will don the hats on field saturday against the chicago cubs the giants are the first ones to incorporate the colors. mike marshall is remembered.
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he was the first reliever to win a cy young award in 1974 that's the season where he set the mlb record for the most games finish, relief innings playing in 106 games that season mike marshall was 78 years old when we return, get ready to eat the cost when you dine out. a show of love for naomi osaka. the outpouring of support for the star after her stunning decision to exit the french open to form a shield that's proven to keep killing bacteria for 24 hours... ...touch after touch. microban 24. we are thrilled we finally found our dream home in the mountains. the views are great, the air is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though. hey boo-boo! we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear! look, corn on the cob! oohh chicken!
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coming up on the "today" show, experts weigh in on how america can prevent another cyber attack on critical infrastructure. as restrictions are lifted, more americans are going to restaurants. but the price of dining out is being driven up by inflation and supply problems. nbc's stephanie ruhle explains. >> reporter: at the blue water cafe on the jersey shore, customers are thrilled to be back. >> we just want to be happy again. if it costs a little bit more, it's okay. >> reporter: even though owner steve zipietro raised prices by 10% to make up for the increased cost in food and supplies and increased wages. >> if you didn't increase your prices at all, would you make
4:18 am
money? >> i would break even. >> we're all going to have to pay for the pandemic one bite at a time. >> reporter: he says the price of food, like lobster, has nearly doubled from $21 a pound to more than 36. a 35 pound jug of frying oil from $20 to 36 his labor costs, up 30%. as people are going out, inflation is rising at the fastest pace in 30 years >> delivery costs, insurance, rent, those are all going up i don't think we're going to see a relief from any of the costs any time soon from restaurants. to save on your next meal out, watch on busy days. check credit cards for special deals and look at the menu ahead of time to know what you'll pay. stephanie ruhle, long beach island, new jersey. you want to support all of the restaurants that slowed down you want to support and tip
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extra with the servers wow, those prices -- >> especially if you're on a fixed income you have to make that decision. >> things are heating up on the west coast janessa has the forecast coming up next. the devastating impact of a year long drought and why farmers are hanging up their hoses. hello, my name is ice t. can you spare a few seconds to learn about cold water washing with tide? hi my name is steve. did you know washing in cold can save you $100 a year on your energy bill. why wouldn't you turn to cold? it helps the environment. what? because stone cold said so. plus, tide cleans great in cold. ♪ this was a cold call! ♪ your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's a medicine specifically made for heart failure entresto. it's a heart failure medicine prescribed by most cardiologists. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive
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pain doesn't care how old you are. or what color you are. pain doesn't care if you live in a small town or in the spotlight. pain has no limits. that means we need care without limits. care like a parent with a newborn. care like we took an oath. care that's strong, fast and safe. that's care without limits. i was totally stranded. care that's strong, fastno tp?afe. so what happened? well... we started buying charmin super mega roll. charmin super mega roll is 6 rolls in 1 and lasts so much longer. enjoy the go with charmin. guaranteed to fit or your money back. the southwest is in desperate need of a downpour much of the western united states is in the grips of a devastating drought.
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nbc's gadi schwartz has the details. >> reporter: across the midwest there is a drought from california to utah, arizona, colorado, and nevada and in new mexico on a ranch along the continental divide, cows pass through a pond that has been bone dry for years. >> normally this pond would have water probably eight, ten months out of the year. >> reporter: like most surrounding states, 80% of new mexico is under extreme drought. a megadrought brought on by the changing climate. >> on this ranch it's been nearly six years since they've seen measurable rainfall she and her family have been raising cattle here for over a century. >> when you own a piece of land as long as my family's owned this, they literally came in a covered wagon. everything here they built they developed every water source, dug every well, built every fence so you don't want to be the generation that loses it.
4:23 am
>> reporter: last year the drought forced the family to sell off 1/3 of their herd and this month they may be forced to sell another 20%. >> we've got to talk about that deadline if we don't get rain by a deadline, we have to call it quits. when do you let it go so far the cows aren't worth anything. >> what is that date >> if it doesn't turn around by the 4th of july, it's going to be quits. >> reporter: not just ranches, in new mexico they're asking farmers not to plant if they can afford not to. >> it's not in the farmer's dna to drive by a dry bunch of dirt not to do anything. >> these are baby leafs. that's what we're looking for. >> reporter: but because of the drought he was forced to spread chili seed to sprout in arizona. >> we're going to do everything we can to survive, but it's tough. >> reporter: the drought laying
4:24 am
bare a desperate hope that tomorrow will finally bring the rain sandoval county, new mexico. >> it's synonymous with new mexico those record high temperatures continue out west. let's bring back in nbc meteorologist janessa webb >> yeah. i really want to give them better news, but we have no rain in sight for the pacific northwest. actually, our temperatures are really expanding across this area a change in the weather pattern and that's allowing the heat alerts to really be in place now for 15 million people. i expect that to really expand the next 24 hours. we are talking about record heat for the area first time this season we're in the upper 90s. the feel like temperature across california to southern california going to be in the triple digits, guys. >> janessa, thank you. after a stunning serving
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downy unstopables former first lady michelle obama congratulated the class of 2021 in a special way on tuesday. she encouraged her young followers to post theirs as well the former first lady wrote first navigating virtual learning to finding new ways to develop relationships. you overcame so much this year with grace and humor >> classic photo there. after her french open withdrawal, naomi osaka is receiving an outpouring of support from the sports world. steph curry tweeted his respect to the tennis great saying it's
4:27 am
impressive taking the high road on this matter adding she shount have to make a decision like this it kick started the discussion of the mental well-being of elite athletes. >> reporter: grand slam tennis leaders pledging to enhance the players open >> all the chaos going on around her. >> reporter: osaka said she's battled bouts of depression since this gut wrenching moment. at the u.s. open trophy presentation in 2018, fans audibly siding with serena williams after osaka's win this year she opted to boycott media and was fined and threatened with disqualification after skipping a news conference on sunday. monday, the highest paid female athlete in the world withdraw from the tournament now taking time away from the course. i never wanted to be a distraction and i accept that my timing was not ideal and message
4:28 am
could have been clearer. williams and other tennis greats, even her sponsor nike sending support to the self-proclaimed introvert. >> honestly, the only thing i feel like naomi can do, she has to have some real self-care. >> more than 1/3 of elite athletes talk about depression >> kevin love got candid and swimming star michael phelps battled post olympic depression. elite athletes face unfair expectations. >> we create success with health if they are successful that means they are healthy and can manage this moment. >> reporter: experts say conversations should continue on education and self-care. >> it really is important for us to work to understand the person and not just their performance. >> and sometimes hitting pause to final personal peace, a game-changing decision kalty beck, nbc news.
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>> so glad times changed it wasn't that long ago ricky williams, the running back, had to do interviews with his helmet on. >> they have a responsibility to their sports, fans and themselves it's that balance they need. >> thanks for waking u i'm the boss and it's lonely at the top. [ screams ] you haven't changed at all. you're still a big baby. suck it, ted. -you suck it. excuse me. why don't you both suck it? i'm in the family business. and now you work for me, boomers.
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you want me to be a baby again? [ screams ] what the frittata? i'm sending you undercover. is this some kind of a ninja boy band? whah! -huh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh! what that new piece of the puzzle is revealing as family members continue to grieve the loss of their loved ones. plus the drought doldrums, new water restrictions poised to come to parts of theine. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm cierra johnson. >> and i'm laura garcia. i'm back in studio, and so is mike, and so is scott. we'll get to them in a little


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