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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 14, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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dinner out. dream vacations, enticing new offer, next. introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. [announcement on pa] how far would you go for a togo? right now at 11:00, in one hour you can walk into safeway without a mask. but will you? what you need to know as california fully reopens. is this the right time to ditch the mask and stop social distancing? we'll ask the experts. and what about kids, 12 and under crowd who can't get vaccinated. >> it's a concern because
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they're not able to be vaccinated yet. >> concerns parents have has the state throws the doors back open. clock is ticking, we are an hour away from california dropping most restrictions and fully reopening. >> we've been doing this 64 weeks now, masks, color-coded tiers and social distancing, most comes to end. biggest change, if you're vaccinated don't need a mask most situations. team coverage as we move forward, ian cull in santa clara. ian. >> reporter: yeah, raj and jessica, at midnight if you're fully in the car and walk into the safeway without one. many businesses are making this change as california moves forward. masks have become as normal as wearing clothes. and tomorrow if you're vaccinated, won't need yours in
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most cases. california aligning with the cdc guidance from a month ago on masking. fully vaccinated people don't have to wear them inside stores, restaurants on the other businesses. unvaccinated people are required to mask up indoors. governor newsom talking about reopening with john legend. >> move beyond masking but mindful of the variants and not everybody has been vaccinated and what is going on around the rest of the globe. can't spike the football, not announcing mission accomplished but full throttle turn the page. >> reporter: some people shopping hours before were mixed. >> i'll test the waters first, see if everyone else is wearing masks or not. >> i'm ready, yeah. it's been more than a year. at some point we have to go back to normal. >> reporter: the drastic change will be difficult for some. psychology professor at santa
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clara university said give each other time. >> be gentle and respectful. people if they want to wear masks great, if not, great. be open and tolerant. >> reporter: there are a few places where everyone will still have to keep face coverings on, even fully vaccinated. public transportation, planes, busses, muni and b.a.r.t. hospitals and nursing homes and k-12 schools. each business can require you to wear a mask inside regardless of the new rule. might be okay inside safeway, a small business across the parking lot might need you to wear one. keep one in your car or in your pocket still. live in santa clara, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. you have to wear a mask at work for now but could change later.
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thursday cal osha is expected to take another vote. state's workplace regulator proposing mask-free inside your office if you're fully vaxxed. unvaccinated, still wear a mask but many companies it's honor system, no proof of vaccination required. governor newsom said if all works well, could start thursday, but work has the option to require a mask if they so choose, regardless of the state guidance. many business owners are putting last-minute touches on reopening plans. theaters can reopen every seat and don't be surprised to see the gym packed. not everyone is ready for the big change. tomorrow is going to be a mixed bag for a lot of people. >> reporter: that's right. this pandemic and the state's shutdown has been difficult and
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rules often confusing. so shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the reopening will be just as confusing. we found family and friends enjoying a pre reopening dinner at la tapitia. >> ready to go back to normal. >> not the word restaurant owner guerrero would use for tomorrow. >> we need employees. can't get bartenders right now, can't find them, servers. can't find them. it's really difficult. >> so difficult that dining rooms in his multiroom restaurant will continue to be limited seating. >> if you got free time, let me know, we've got a job for you. >> employees not a problem at 24 hour fitness in san ramon. 50% capacity today, tomorrow no
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limit, and masks optional. >> saunas and steam rooms fully open, hot tubs, basketball courts. >> misha has a reopening clock in his head. >> going to feel like lot of freedoms and liberties are reinstated. they've been suspended. >> until everyone else is vaccinated or see, start taking off slowly. >> reporter: bar and grill will be closed tomorrow. wednesday the owner says he will have to make a decision on his mask policy. he still isn't totally sure what he'll decide. outside is 100% seating, inside maybe 75%. >> i feel like we should be able to move forward comfortably and take masks off, but also want my customers to feel good, employees to be safe, and there isn't great guidance. >> reporter: guidance he's hoping to get from the county
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and state soon. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. big cities like san francisco are hoping the changes jump start tourism. governor newsom was gearing up for the reopening. tourist hot spot open for dinner first time in a year. city leaders excited to welcome tourists back to restaurants, hotels and museums. >> other fun stuff. if plans include a trip to amusement park or concert, also new rules for you. great america at santa clara, park reopening at full capacity, roller coasters fully loaded, social distancing not required. still need online registration and have to wear a mask. employees will keep the mask on. >> you have to click to say you understand that and people vaccinated do not need to wear a
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mask. covid test within 72 hours of coming to visit, don't need a mask. >> big name concerts like guns and roses at shark tank in august? protocols will come closer to showtime. disneyland will be different tomorrow, masks not required for fully vaccinated visitors and will stop taking temperatures at entrance and will once again allow guests from around the country to come in, not just limited to californians. it's become a great habit to wear the mask. lot of us plan to celebrate ditching masks, not everyone is ready to jump in. lots of people are wearing masks when they don't have to. jean elle is live with the difficult transition to decide to take it off. >> reporter: it's going to take some time. here in colma, san mateo county supervisor is hosting reopening
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celebration, hundreds planning on attending and ucsf doctor being honored says the data prove it's safe to take the mask off and reopen. >> opportunity to look back at 1 1/2 years, stressed us so many ways. >> reporter: supervisor is looking forward to bringing people together to celebrate california's june 15th reopening. masks haven't been required outside for weeks for people vaccinated, but majority of people we saw in south san francisco were wearing one tonight. most are ready to take it off. >> would be good to see walk around normal. >> about ready to get rid of this thing. >> reporter: dr. gandhi says it's safe to drop the mask. >> we've had low cases and hospitalizations for a month.
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been growing immunity with the vaccines. >> reporter: and safe for entire state to reopen. >> even though we've been opening up slowly and surely with all the tiers, we haven't seen increases in hospitalizations or deaths. so proves to us we're ready to reopen. >> reporter: jay ortiz says it will be a hard habit to break. >> got used to like wearing a glove. did get used to it. but i'm not wearing gloves right now. >> reporter: reopening, like shutting down, will take getting used to. jean elle, nbc bay area news. okay, y'all, there's a lot going on. lot of changes. if you have trouble keeping track, head to, click on the link at top, june 15th, what to know. comprehensive guide with all the digital original videos to mask or not to mask all on flip side, fewer mask means more concern for families with
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unvaccinated children. coverage continues in five minutes, what is safe moving forward with kids? check in with parents and doctors as california reopens. triple digit heat on the way this week. tonight the fire in south bay is fully contained but was stressful for a lot of homeowners in east san jose. flames erupted around 11:30 this morning near silicon valley road and valley ridge. crews hit blaze from air and ground. 35 acres burned, no homes damaged. sparked by metallic mile mylar balloons. fancy balloons that kids love. you can see the smoke in space. yellow arrow, quick puff of
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white smoke. >> troublesome for sure. dramatic temperatures. >> super hot for a lot of bay area. check out map, over the northeast and south bay under heat warnings, i'll show you where and when we could reach 106 degrees, back in six minutes. also is your mail missing? exclusive video of a postal truck being cleaned out. message the postal inspectors want you to hear tonight. dreaming of a vacation? governor newsom has offer he hopes you can't refuse. back in 60.
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a san jose neighborhood is on edge after thieves cleared out entire postal truck. last wednesday on camera, man opened sliding back door of the
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mail truck, grabbed everything they could and took off. people are worried about credit card checks and other information. postal inspector said yeah, incredibly serious crime. >> stealing mail, possessing unauthorized keys to get to mail, reward up to $10,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction. >> not sure if they pried open truck or left unload. hoping the video leads to arrests. warriors are gone but another basketball team could be moving into coliseum arena. oakland-based development group wants to bring in wnba team. african-american sports and entertainment group is negotiating with the wnba. no normal request yet but idea is generating support in the community. coliseum authority will discuss a lease and license agreement in
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meeting friday. part of the a's grand plan is redevelop the existing site and build new ballpark at howard terminal. tomorrow another key meeting. alameda county board of supervisors tomorrow at 2:00 p.m., the a's and oakland city officials will try convincing the county to finance the enhanced infrastructure financing district. will be asked to support the infrastructure needed for ballpark at howard terminal. say the tax revenue would increase to more than $6 million annually. mission complete, levi's stadium's covid-19 mass vaccination site will be closing. 12,000 shots a day at its peak in mid-april. as cases of covid in santa clara county have dropped one
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shot. closing thursday the 4th. this one is extra special. contra costa where five or more people want the shot, ask fog vaccine van to come to them. businesses, organizations, family or group of friends, fill out online form and van will be there in a week. for parents of young children, less a chance at new freedoms and venture into unknown. 6 million california kids under 12 cannot be vaccinated, they'll still be required to wear masks, and those same unvaccinated kids will be out in public with far more unmasked people. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: it's eve of the california reopening in
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sausalito, yana here with three children, two, four, six years old, oldest would love to toss his mask away. >> it makes me sweat. >> reporter: but masks still required on children younger than 12, she can relax but they're not fancy free. >> not going to be worried when kids don't wear masks around people not wearing masks, might see on the situation, on the moment and time. but i think it will be fine. >> reporter: experts say they favor masks for young children because of the delta variant showing up increasingly worldwide and in the bay area. >> had a number of cases of infection in children, that's worrisome, and children can get long-term side effects. >> reporter: adults can make the world safer for children by getting vaccinated and using common sense. >> when kids are out,
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congregating in close spaces, schools for instance, they should be wearing masks. outdoors, i'm much more sanguine about it. >> reporter: here with two-year-old, all about following rules to stop the spread of covid although it's not always easy to find out the rules. >> three and older required too, including us. >> reporter: pediatric vaccine for five to 11-year-olds expected to be approved in fall with another for younger children to follow. nbc bay area news. as life goes back to somewhat of normal here, lot of therapists are reporting rise in anxiety disorders. you're not alone. simple tips for dealing with uneasiness. click on three tips to cope with reopening anxiety. >> just been a long year, so many changes and stressful
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things, everyone is a little off-kilter right now. jeff about the big week ahead. >> lot of heat coming, this area of hot high pressure located across the desert southwest. clockwise circulation around this is going to pull the heat from the desert across california. little bit of humidity, we had it today, on and off this week. other interesting thing is thunderstorms. all the chances look east of us but little bit of humidity, be watching it closely and let you know. top concern is going to be the dangerous heat. showed you this earlier. as you can see, most of the bay area is covered by some heat warning except for san francisco, peninsula and near the bay, berkeley, oakland, through hayward, not under the heat warnings, everyone else can expect 90s to 100s, temperature
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range is 94 to 108 degrees. humidity down to 10% to 20%, elevating the fire danger. better perspective on the heat, in livermore, up to 101 on wednesday. 106 on thursday, hottest day for everyone, slow and gradual push down. by sunday still in 90s for livermore. next week get back to 80s and comfortable across the bay area through next week. just get through this and things looking better for us. more on that in days to come but get you ready to go for tomorrow morning. i don't see issues here, even with the hot weather approaching, we start off cool, 56 for south bay. peninsula 55, tri-valley 58. patchy fog near the coast and bay. san francisco at 54 and north bay 56 degrees. daytime highs, begin to warm up but not uncomfortable.
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still think you got tomorrow, really nice outside. 85 in morgan hill, 80 in san jose, 89 in concord. mid-80s toward napa and near the bay is mix of 60s and 70s. 69 in san francisco. sea breeze will kick up out of the northwest 15 to 30, not drying wind it's coming from the ocean, little bit of good news. breezy but not going to bring us to extreme fire danger tomorrow. again we're going to see things really crank up here once we hit wednesday, thursday and friday's forecast. san francisco will be in the 70s once we hit wednesday, thursday and friday, then cooler 60s in the weekend. get you into the inland forecast where it gets uncomfortable. 100 wednesday, 105 thursday, friday 100, then down to 90s this weekend and then 80s next week. always good give you some point of reference, that heat i talked about is coming from
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desert southwest. look at temperatures here. phoenix is going to be one of the hottest, 118 on thursday. thankfully not that hot there, but wanted to show you, if you're headed to phoenix, las vegas or palm springs, be ready. you think it's bad here, going to be brutal, no doubt. >> i'm not going to phoenix. >> used to live in yuma, arizona, 118 degree days i've lived, it's brutal. >> record heat for them. what if you lose your vaccine card, online option for californians unveiled this week. >> southwest airlines getting planes back in the air, had a problem with third party weather data and couldn't get accurate information or operate planes safely. san jose international confirms the planes were stuck on the ground about two hours. back in a moment.
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well, this is big. coronavirus another highly effective vaccine on the cusp of applying for approval. novavax announced results of 30,000 people trial, 90% effective against the virus overall and 93% against variants. novavax works like pfizer, two doses given three weeks apart. plans to file for authorization from the fda this summer. >> california doesn't have plan to create a vaccine passport system but learning the state will offer online option to verify your vaccination. governor newsom says later this
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week office will detail plans to allow you to create a digital vaccine card. handful of other states are considering digital passport programs to use as proof of vaccination. governor is rolling out more incentives to get vaccinated. give away six all-expense paid vacations to vaccinated californians. at least one covid vaccine, entered. trips to various california hot spots from palm springs to san francisco. >> we're confident these vaccine incentives have worked. that's why we want to continue in that spirit. >> tomorrow the governor is set to announce ten grand prize winners for the vax for the win lottery. each will get $1.5 million. that's what i'm holding out for. don't want the vacation, just the money.
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>> we have a chance. up next, scary scene at coliseum. we'll show you what happened at a's game. stay with us.
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life's getting good, school teams are in first place and
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garlic fries are awaiting. >> we got to eat. giants and a's both at home. giants hosting the diamondbacks, belonged to the brandons, belt and crawford. crawford, 15th home run of the season, two-run shot, having one of the best years of his career and his teammates say he's old man of the group. giants beat the last place diamondbacks 5-2. watch carefully at coliseum, a's and angels, scary scene in the bottom of the seventh inning. chad pinder hit in the head. notice the helmet twists around, ball hits him squarely in the skull there. he walked away on his own. that is great news. bob melvin saying just about 45 minutes ago in postgame interviews that pinder is okay but will be monitored thr and i regarding any type of concussion. wish him the best. a's do win, 8-5.
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stanford swimmer katie ledecky graduated from stanford yesterday but in omaha, nebraska, that's the road to tokyo. there's the g.o.a.t., michael phelps. >> wow, with a beard. >> and his wife and son boomer. phelps in retirement, new superstar ledecky wins the 400 free and officially makes team usa. no surprise there. u.s. swim trials continue all week. week. we're
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three, two, one. woo! >> check it out, new to the great mall in milpitas, 31,000 foot playground full of legos. legoland discovery center. atmospheric theater with mist and fogs and all big things in the bay area. golden gate bridge made of legos. super cool, check it out. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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