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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 16, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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little bit because temperatures will start to ramp up, hotter tomorrow as we see triple digit temperatures for our inland valleys and for the weekend, the warm weather will continue but coming out of those triple digits into the 90s, a closer look at this map shows the heat advisory includes san jose up and down the peninsula, it does not include the immediate coastline and where you see pink, where we could reach up to 108 degrees. we'll talk more about this and the fire danger coming up in a few minutes. thank you. starting tomorrow, people in santa clara county will have access to cooling centers. several locations will open from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for any residents vulnerable to the heat. this map shows a few of those locations including cupertino library, gilmore and milpitas library. for a full list head to and as the weather heats up, our nbc bay area app is great to have on standby, you can check the temperatures, in your
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neighborhood, download it, it's free on the apple and google play stores. developing right now, president biden is wrapping up a week of meetings in europe, at this hour, with a summit with russian president vladimir putin. now the high stakes meeting comes at a time when tensions between the u.s. and russia are at their highest in years. susan ma begin sis live in washington with what's at stake. susan? >> good morning, marcus. it's about 3:00 p.m. in geneva the talks about been under way for a while, expected to last for several more hours, as you said, it's considered a high stakes meeting. however, it is also considered to have very low expectations. >> translator: mr. president and the russian federation, the president of the united states of america on behalf of the swiss government i would like to welcome to you geneva, the city of peace. >> reporter: the first face-to-face meeting between president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin.
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among the agenda items nuclear arms, election interference and recent ran someware attacks on the u.s. gas and meat supplies, which the u.s. blames on russian hackers. the president says most of america's allies support the meeting, scheduled to take four to five hours, including a bilateral and expanded meeting with other u.s. and russian officials present. >> i hope that our meeting will be productive. >> thank you. as i said outside, i think it's always -- >> reporter: on capitol hill lawmakers on both sides pushed for a strong stance. >> the u.s. must approach vladimir putin with a firm hand and demand accountability in a way that president trump never did. i expect president biden will do exactly that. >> until he acts with strength and with vigor, then vladimir putin is going to know he still has the upper hand. >> reporter: former u.s. ambassador to russia mike mcfaul says for putin the stakes are low. >> vladimir putin didn't ask for
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it. all he has to do is show up. >> reporter: president biden seeking a more stable and predictable relationship with a man he called bright, tough and a killer. there will be no joint press conference after this summit. each president will address the cameras separately. marcus >> it will be interesting to hear how they describe that meeting. thanks, susan. coming up, our own scott mcgrew will have more summit coverage at 6:45, and be sure to join the "today" show. peter alexander, keir simmons and former u.s. ambassador to russia, michael mcfaul, is actually going to weigh in on the historic talks. that's at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." developing this morning, israel is launching a new air strike against hamas targets in the gaza strip. so israeli leaders are calling it retaliation for hamas strikes. explosions could be heard in gaza city limits throughout the night and this is the first
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major flare-up since the nearly two weeks of missile strikes last month that ended with the cease-fire. after two shooting rampages in the bay area in recent years, there's a lot of talk about gun reform, and new this morning, if you're planning on buying a firearm in san jose, be prepared to be recorded while purchasing it. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live at city hall with more on that late night vote. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, cierra. the measures continue to be controversial, these measures stem from 2019 after the gilroy mass shooting. >> jones? >> aye. >> losar do? >> aye. >> reporter: the measures proposed in 2019 resurfaced after the vta massacre. it requires retail gun sellers to record video and audio of all firearm and ammunition transactions.
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the goal is to deter so-called straw purchases in which a gun buyer has someone else enter the store and pay for the weapon. the new law also bans the sale of firearms and ammunition from a home within the city limits. mayor sam liccardo reminded the public these measures have been considered for quite some time. >> it was focused on narrowing the flow of guns to those which are clearly legal and hopefully doing something to deter the flow of guns that should not be as well, they're unlawful to own, that is the person to not legally entitled to own guns because of prior convictions or other reasons. >> reporter: according to the gifford law center there are 30,000 attempted straw purchases in the u.s. each year and inconsistent regulations vary from state to state.
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it says when law enforcement cracks down on retail sellers for bad business practices, failing to keep records or making false entries the flow of new guns into the black market usually decreases. gun advocates are vowing to fight these in court saying they are unconstitutional. reporting live in san jose, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> sharon, thank you. nbc news is taking an in-depth look at the vulnerability surrounding the security of america's drinking water. the federal cyber security agency says at least half of america's water utilities are facing either critical high risk. jacob ward has more. >> reporter: good morning. in recent weeks we've gotten used to the idea that fundamental systems of american life are under attack by ransomware, including our fuel supply, includes our food supply and experts are worried about this, our water supply. these systems are very old and
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traditionally we really only worried about their physical security but now we need to start worrying about their digital security. why? well, here in california for instance, it takes more electricity to move water from the mountains to a reservoir like this than we use in this state for any other purpose. we're going to be looking at this fundamental threat to something we all need coming up on the "today" show. state water leaders have reportedly approved a new central water release plan some fear may jepize future salmon runs. "the chronicle" reports the plan involves water flows from lake shasta into sacramento river, because that water would be released earlier in the season, computer models suggest that river may be lower and warmer when salmon run during spawning season. despite approving the federal plan, state water leaders admit there may be increased risk of extinction. this morning we have to tell you about the heat, it's coming.
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a look outside a beautiful sunrise shot in the san bruno mountains. it's cool out there now but we know afternoon those temperatures are set to rise across the bay area. we want to bring in meteorologist kari hall looking at this and tracking what we can expect today, kari. >> it already looks hot just looking at that sunrise this morning and we know it's going to heat up quickly, as we go into today. at least now we do have the milder weather, and some upper 50s as we go toward early in the afternoon, here is where we're headed, we could see some low 90s for parts of the north bay, with some mid-90s for the inland east bay and the south county reaching into the mid to upper 90s today. it doesn't cool off as much tonight as we get ready for an even more intense heat for tomorrow, with some more widespread triple digits for the east bay, north bay and south bay. i'll be tracking this, we'll also talk more about what's ahead going into the weekend, before you make some plans. mike, we're planning to head out
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the door and you've been watching breaking news. >> tracking this up in the north bay, better news, less than ten minutes before this recovery, pretty much just cleared from southbound 101, the crash major damage to the suv and big rig they all cleared up and 101 now basically at speed, traveling south through petaluma down through novato and san rafael to the golden gate bridge, an easy drive right now. as we remember, the typical pattern is summertime breaks for colleges and elementary schools, they get off and traffic flow lightens up a bit what we are seeing. there are more cars out there, we'll continue to track that. no major issues including contra costa, although we have seen that concord drive a little slower here, a couple minutes added here. vasco road sees more traffic headed out of brentwood and discovery bay to 580. back to you. >> thanks, mike. working out on a peloton bike, listen up, next on "today in the bay" we'll tell you about the all new privacy warning you need to know about before you hop on one of the popular fitness bikes. silicon valley ought to be
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sweating a little bit because there's a new head of the ftc and she doesn't like big tech very much. taking out to the futures, not a lot of movement. we have a fed meeting that's got to wrap up first. plus, what would you do if this unexpected visitor showed up at your doorstep? more must-see video of this curious gator ahead and we'll show you what happens next. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:12, we're under a microclimate weather alert. i want to show you how fast it will warm up in a spot like dublin, mid-50s right now. nice and comfortable but you can see this trend and by 1:00, we're at 93 degrees. it's going to be even hotter tomorrow, more on that as well and video i got out of canada, coming up in a few minutes. this is a warm looking live shot here, the sun definitely coming up over the bay. the backup slowly forming as we take a summer vacation for a lot of schools and universities, lighter traffic volume right now, we'll see that really kick in, in the next hour. good morning and happy wednesday to you. u.s. authorities charged a bay area science teach we are insider trading. saying he got inside information from his best friend who worked at a tech company and made stock trades based on that
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information. in their filing the prosecutors say the best friend, nathaniel a. brown worked as a senior revenue manager at infinera. theurities and exchange commission also filed charges. we'll follow up with attorneys as their offices open up. you could always use publicly available information to make investment decisions, that's legal and we can say we don't expect much movement on the stock market until the fed concludes its meeting today around 11:30 this morning. we don't expect a committee to raise interest rates but may indicate when that happens in the future. a lot of news out of washington. president biden appointed and the senate confirmed lena khan as the next director of the federal trade comission. both democrats and republicans like her because she's tough on silicon valley tech companies. at 32, the youngest person to ever run a federal agency. the president has appointed hero pilot sully sullenberg to represent the united states on
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the international aviation safety board. he has not yet been approved by the senate, some republicans may remember sullenberger was very hard on donald trump, calling him "totally unfit for office." let's talk about jonathan abrams, he more or less long with some other people, long before facebook, now at venture capital funding the next generation of entrepreneurs. we'll go over the early days of social networking and the future of silicon valley on this week's episode of "sand hill road." see why i really enjoy talking with people on podcasts. on television you have a certain amount of formality. on the podcast we made fun of how old we got. we met 20 years ago and neither of us have as much hair, a certain, just a certain fun to it that i really enjoy. >> and you don't have the time crunch, oh, break. >> that's true, too. >> a long conversation.
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>> exactly. >> i'll be on one day. >> waiting for the invite. >> thanks, scott. all right, new this morning, before you get on your peloton for your morning workout the popular bike and treadmill may be vulnerable to hackers. mcafee says hackers can get access to user's data, even the camera or microphone on the bike or treadmill. the security flaw may be problematic in gyms, hotels or shared residential communities where users share the peloton cardio machines. >> there is a map that tells you where every bike is located. a cyber criminal can locate a bike, install malicious software and access it over the internet. >> peloton has developed a security patch to fix that problem. a florida man got an unwanted visitor, visit from a scaly stranger.
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>> you see him down there? uh-huh. an alligator styed to visit this home in parish, florida, south of tampa. this happened over the weekend around 4:30 in the morning. can you imagine seeing that? the security camera caught it off the door and turned and walked off. it came right back moments later for a second visit before disappearing into the night. hmm. what did it want? that's the question. trending for you this morning, a stunt you have to see to believe. red bull showcased its formula 1 car across the czech republic and slovakia as a plane flew inverted above the car. the car driver had a tilted mirror installed to see where the plane was flying above. the pilot couldn't see the car either and they had to look ahead of the runway to judge the distance from the ground so that was a scary situation there. look at that. i mean that's cool to watch, but to be involved in that? >> hmm. >> i'll pass. >> you know, i know the very
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basics about how a wing works, but with the wing upside down, now i'm confused. >> hmm. >> hmm. i'll stick to the car. >> you just go fast. the bay area is set to heat up this week but kari, you're also following video of a tornado up in canada. >> yes, so check this out. cool video out of saskatchewan, canada, of this unusual tornado that touched down and it was pretty big, though. take a look at all of the deprix that's spinning up. thankfully wasn't too much damage, mostly over rural area. we call that a rope tornado, kind of there in the distance how it flows along. that is really cool to see that. and we've had a little bit of spectacular weather here as well, kind of in a different sort. we are getting ready for some heat here and as we start out
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this morning, we have a clear sunrise and at least here in san francisco, this is where we can go to cool off and along the coastline we're in the upper 50s right now. we do want you to take care as our temperatures heat up, and even if you don't feel thirsty, drink lots of water for today, and set the thermostat to 78 degrees. we don't want to put a strain on the power grid. use those cooling centers and we've got a list on or if you are unable to, call up a friend. if you don't have a way to get to the cooling centers, and we always warn you of the hot car danger so we'll talk more about that in a bit. taking a look at what to expect, checking on the kids and the elderly with those temperatures reaching 100 degrees, and we do want to make sure we can take care of the in-house people if you can provide a cold bottle of water or provide the information on where to go or provide some shelter. let's take a look at how hot it gets inside a vehicle and we
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always, never for a few minutes leave your kids or pets inside of a car, even at 70 degrees, it could jump up to 90 degrees inside of a vehicle within a few minutes. then when it goes up to 80 degrees, it's more like 99 degrees within ten minutes, up to 123 degrees and then we see those temperatures reaching 90 degrees, it could be as hot as 133 degrees inside of a vehicle. look at this seven-day forecast. it's going to be not only today but the next few days and we need to keep all of those tips in mind, even going into the weekend, as we come back to the upper 80s. but we will find some relief in the forecast and early next week as our highs come back to the upper 70s and low 80s. that is going to be much welcomed and looking at san francisco, mid-70s today, but then some upper 60s for the weekend so we keep the cool air there and along the coastline. mike, you've been watching the breaking news. what's going on right now? >> all fully recovered for
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petaluma. lighter volume of traffic. around the bay right now it's typical of summertime months, now starting to kick in a little bit for san jose after a short break for 101. there's a new crash may be on the freeway in san leandro so we'll check that in a few minutes, give it a couple seconds to update there. looking at a slower drive across the bay bridge, highway 37 up there into the north bay and also highway 4 through concord. let's talk about highway 4 first slowing through pittsburg and bay point and concord westbound and we now have the build, just in the last couple of minutes where we've seen the speeds start to build up there and still a great option for you cutting down through kirker pass and another live look out there, we'll see the traffic flows up to the bay bridge toll plaza and it's just the middle lanes starting to stack up, this is a little later than we've been seeing for the last month or so but still we have the build, it's smooth into the city. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds."
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>> hundreds of thousands of families held funerals for loved ones who died from covid-19. now the federal government is offering help to pay for those funerals, even if they took place last year. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how to apply, next.
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6:24. convicted sexual predator harvey
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weinstein is headed back to l.a. prosecutors want to bring him to california so he can be tried on charges of assaulting five women in los angeles and beverly hills from 2004 to 2013. weinstein maintains his innocence and contends that any sexual activity was consensual. a third dose of the covid vaccine may boost protections for organ transplant recipients according to new johns hopkins research which examined 30 organ transplant recipients who received the pfizer or moderna vaccine. many had no antibodies and six patients low levels. a third of those saw an increase after getting another booster shot and all of those with minimal antibodies also saw an increase. hundreds of thousands of families have held funerals for loved ones over the past year, so because of covid-19 funerals that are typically expensive. >> families are eligible for federal health to cover the cost
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but most people haven't signed up. consumer investigator chris chmura shows you how to apply. >> fema says families of covid-19 victims may receive up to $9,000 in funeral assistance per victim, for funerals as far back as january 20th of 2020. if your loved one was cremated at a cost of $5,000 you might get the full $5,000 back. on the other hand if the funeral was $15,000, your max benefit would be $9,000. when we taped this segment, fema provided $190 million to 28,000 families, that's a lot of people but nowhere near the nearly 600,000 who are likely eligible, because that's how many people died from covid-19. let me show you how to apply. you have to call this number, 844-684-6333. fema says applying takes about 20 minutes.
6:27 am
first you speak with a person who opens your application. then you send fema paperwork like a death certificate or other documents showing covid-19 was the cause of death. plus proof you or a life insurance policy paid funeral expenses. you can upload, fax or mail in your paperwork. after verification, approved families will receive a check or direct deposit. >> good afternoon, chris, thank you. next up, a look at top stories, all new worries over a covid variant coming just one day after california reopens. experts break down how worried we should be about ripping off our masks. plus -- >> it's hot, only getting hotter but before you turn the ac up, the warning and the measures you could be asked to put in place, plus the fire dangers with the heat wave ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, dangerous and excessive heat. right now the bay area is bracing for big changes in the forecast as temperatures are set to climb fast into the triple digits in some spots. concerns for the state power grid the request made to avoid blackouts as "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this
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wednesday. i'm wrn. >> and i'm cierra johnson. laura garcia is off today. we have live team coverage. right to meteorologist kari hall, good morning, kari. >> good morning and it's going to be heating up pretty fast here today. at 11:00 we'll have heat advisoies for the areas shaded in orange including san jose, up and town the peninsula as well as parts of the north bay. it does not include the immediate coastline in san francisco, where we see the pink, those temperatures will possibly reach into the triple digits today and most definitely tomorrow. we'll see our highs starting to ramp up today and we're also watching the fire danger that we'll see as we had dry vegetation, now hot temperatures and low humidity that fire danger gets even higher for tomorrow. cierra and marcus? >> thanks, kari. along with the high heat forecast for the days ahead comes the potential for power problems and fire danger. >> firefighters are still at the scene of a grass fire in vallejo that damaged two homes.
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our team coverage continues this morning. thom jensen is live at the scene with a warning for you and a request. thom? >> and immediately there are concerns here on the scene about flames kicking up again, concerns about that because of the heat that's ahead, the 90s here and triple digits farther inland. just no relief in sight but they don't want to see any more damage like this, no relief from mother nature, nothing but heat again in the forecast and even more of it, customers are going to be asked to be on the lookout for possible flex alert, so hot that california's electrical grid operators want to avoid blackouts they could ask everyone to turn the ac down as the temperatures are going up, they could ask for the thermostats to be set at no lower than 78 degrees between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. to conserve power. during a flex alert you're asked to avoid using major appliances and turn off unnecessary lights.
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during the heat wave last august parts of california experienced rolling blackouts so they want to avoid that. that is not expected to happen during this wave of excessive heat but the goal is to keep as much electricity flowing on the state's power grid as possible and keep the power on the immediate worry here as i was talking about for homeowners and firefighters is stopping another fire like this one before it starts. a couple of homes here sustained severe damage and at least four others at least had minimum damage. one of the firefighters last night told us how difficult it was to stop the embers from starting with the winds from blowing to more homes and starting more acreage on fire. there's a lot of deep, dry grass below here and some apartment buildings as well. one person was treated for smoke inhalation, but there were no other injuries. this fire is still under investigation. there's no indication yet from vallejo fire department about the cause of this fire, no indication that it was fireworks but i can tell you that fire
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departments especially with the fourth of july just two and a half weeks away across the bay area fire departments are asking people to just avoid using the fireworks. it's just too dangerous right now and only getting hotter and drier out there. we're live in vallejo, thom jensen, "today in the bay." we want to give you more perspective right now. we did checking overnight. look at this map from the national fire danger rating system. you could see right there nearly 50 weather monitoring sites across the state were labeled as being within the ranges of high to extremely high fire risk. as you can see on this map, much of the north bay including the bay area high risk zones. california has already faced nearly twice the acreage burn this year, compared to last year. there have been more than 2,700 fires so far since january, burning more than 12,000 acres. compare that to the same time last year, we had 2,700 fires which scorched 6,000 acres,
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quite the difference and the outlook not so good right now as the weather heats up our bay area app will keep you updated and really great to have on standby. you can check the temperatures in your neighborhood, make sure you download our nbc bay area app. it is free on apple and google play stores. across the country from california to new york, more states are fully reopening. this means many vaccinated people are starting to head to stores and restaurants without masks. as social distancing goes away there's new concerns about the covid delta variant. here's nbc's miguel almaguer with more. >> reporter: as california officially reopens, there's new concern about the delta variant spreading quickly across the country, just a few weeks ago it was about 3% of all cases here in the u.s., now that number has exploded to 10% and officials are worried it could be the most dominant strain in the nation in the coming months. now the vaccines are said to be highly effective against that
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variant, but the problem? not enough americans are inoculated. coming up on the "today" show we'll have the latest numbers. i hope you guys can join us. back to you in the bay area. >> we will, thanks, miguel. maybe the weekend justin bieber or harry styles can convince more young people in the south bay to roll up their sleeves to get a vaccine. that's what leaders are hoping for, happening today, they're unveiling a new incentive, concert ticket ravels over the next six weeks for anyone vaccinated at any santa clara county fixed location sites or anyone bringing in unvaccinated friends or relatives. s.a.p. center tickets will be raveled off and some of the concerts include bad bunny and marc anthony. in a few hours a danville police officer charged in a deadly shooting heads to court. andrew hall is expected to be arraigned on voluntary manslaughter charges, prosecutors say in 2019 he shot arboleta, when he tried to drive his car between two police vehicles.
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family members say he struggled with mental health. hall is under investigation in connection with a separate deadly shooting which happened in march. new details in a san francisco supervisor's public battle with alcohol. aaron peskin apologized for his behavior as he seeks treatment. >> i owe you all a sincere apology. this is not how i hope to come out of this pandemic, but with or without alcohol, with or without stress, i am accountable for my behavior and i am profoundly sorry for and frankly embarrassed by the tenor that i have struck at times in my work. >> supervisor peskin will continue to serve his role on the board while in treatment. other supervisors expressed their support for peskin. now to our climate in crisis coverage. a new warning from the state water board, farmers from the
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being told not to rely on water this year from the delta watershed. smaller rights holders are told the spigot may be shut later this morning. according to "the chronicle" east bay mud may be impacted and the worst conditions, the wider restrictions will expand to include sf puc and it will mean utilities have to rely on other water resources. starting tonight, east bay mud is holding a series of virtual lectures on water conservation. they take place the third wednesday of june, july and august. we've been mentioning it all morning, it is going to be a scorcher. meteorologist kari hall is here to talk about where they're seeing the most heat today. good morning, kari. >> yes, good morning. we know for our inland areas is where the temperatures are hottest. we need to plan around the heat. so if you want to go out for a jog, you have some outdoor activities or just some outdoor work, try to get it done early in spots like walnut creek, where we go from the low 60s this morning, quickly to the upper 70s by 10:00, and then
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we're in the low 90s shortly around noon or shortly thereafter. we're going to see some more hot weather in our forecast, and we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, what's going on right now the morning commute? >> kari, the future influx. more cars on the roadway, places like here the bay bridge toll plaza, we had some slowing. the map will show you the arrow northbound 880, it was really slow for about ten minutes and then kind of cleared up. so everybody made their way there. we're starting to see the slower drive down through richmond, and through berkeley and emeryville, typical build there. 37 also saw a later kick in slow drive through concord, highway 4 out of pittsburg and bay point. 232 southbound direction a little build for the tri-valley. the nimitz slow through san leandro and build through union city. the volume just pushing south into the south bay, silicon valley moves nicely but slowing from tully and story up toward 880. back to you. >> thanks, mike. this morning, many bay area businesses and restaurants are working to bounce back amid the
6:40 am
pandemic. next on "today in the bay" the steps one north bay county is taking to try to help those still struggling to survive. i'm sharon katsuda. live in san jose, the city council has approved new gun measures. i'll show you what they are, coming up. plus president putin and biden meeting at this moment. i'll bring you the latest. the big board the fed's going to announce some sort of decision on interest rates later today, and nobody's moving until that happens, dow down 23. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:had 2, inland valleys heat up to triple digits. along the coast half moon bay we'll stay in the 60s this afternoon so there will be some much cooler temperatures and a wide range across the bay area. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead going into the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. we have a crash on the peninsula, here's palo alto northbound, away from us. it's smooth right here but north san mateo around whipple road -- avenue, i'm sorry a crash. i'll talk about the difference and the misspeak, why that was critical, coming up. after two south bay shooting rampages in just about two years there's a lot of talk about gun reform. if you're planning on buying a
6:44 am
firearm in san jose, be prepared to be recorded while purchasing it. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live for us in city hall with more on the late night vote. sharon? >> reporter: that's right, marcus. there are many controversial measures but these measures stem from 2019 after the gilroy mass shooting. >> jones? >> aye. >> liccardo? >> aye. >> reporter: the measures that were initially proposed in 2019 have now resurfaced after the vta massacre. the key change requires retail gun sellers to record video and audio of all firearm and ammunition transactions. the goal is to deter so-called straw purchases in which a gun buyer has someone else enter the store and pay for the weapon. the new law bans the sale of firearms and ammunition from a home within the city limits. mayor sam liccardo reminded the public the person are measures
6:45 am
have been considered for quite some time. >> really focused on narrowing the flow of guns to those which are clearly legal and hopefully doing something to deter the flow of guns that should not be unlawful to own, that is the persons who are not legally entitled to own guns because of prior convictions or other reasons. >> reporter: according to the gifford's law center, there are 30,000 attempted straw purchases in the u.s. each year and regulations vary from state to state, law enforcement cracks down on retail sellers for bad business practices, failing to keep records or making false entries, the flow of guns into the black market usually decreases. gunad kates are fighting the measure saying they're unconstitutional and will defeat them in court.
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reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. president biden at this very minute meeting with russia's vladimir putin. >> putin has gotten the best of many presidents. >> he's been in power since bill clinton was president. battle for five different presidents. the american and russian president started their meeting in geneva moments ago. putin and his cadre accused of poisoning political opponents, harboring cyber criminals, invading ukraine and of course interfering with the american elections at least twice. a live picture outside the hotel which they're meeting. we'll keep an eye on the scene bringing you updates with special reports later today on nbc bay area. president biden has not said much about his planned strategy but it's reasonable to guess he will be talking with putin about things like election interference but not too tough. the ideal situation for biden would be for putin to not be
6:47 am
that much of an issue during his presidency so he can concentrate on the problems at the border, passing new bills. that kind of thing. putin knows that's what biden wants. i don't know if seduce is the right word but there have been some notable moments in the past with putin and our president. president george w. bush said after his meeting he was able to look into putin's eyes to see putin's soul. putin you remember is a former kgb, russian intelligence. one of the most notable thing president trump ever said in a presidency full of notable things was that he trusted putin more than he trusted his own intelligence agencies during this summit in 2018. trump doubled down with that just the other day in a written statement. john mccain at the time called it the most disgraceful thing a president has ever done. president obama and putin with a staredown in 2013. made this picture famous. obama failed to convince the russian president not to interfere with our elections. nbc reporting obama's advisers urged obama to warn putin interference would be an act of war.
6:48 am
the president chose not to say that specifically. during the presidential election of 2012, mitt romney warned obama and the rest of the world russia would be one of the biggest threats to america moving forward. obama made fun of that. >> when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america you said russia, not al qaeda, you said russia and the 1980s calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >>by ma was wrong, extremely wrong. we're of course keeping an eye on all the other things happening in washington, the senate passed a measure to make juneteenth a federal holiday if the house it get the whole thing to the president they can get it done before juneteenth, three days from now. we'll keep you updated on twitter and watch for an nbc special report from geneva. follow me on
6:49 am
twitter i'm @scottmcgrew. biden plans to host the first responders and essential workers and military servicemembers and family on the south lawn for july 4th barbecue. barbecue and fireworks are planned. mr. biden is hoping 70% of americans will be vaccinated by july 4th. don't expect a special recall election to take place before mid-september because county election offices this week asked the lieutenant governor to wait at least that long in large part because the print ballots may not be ready before then. the recall question deciding governor newsom's fate will appear on the balance locale ballot. supervisors approved a $35 million budget including more spending than the last pre-pandemic budget. some of the money will fund loans to struggling businesses
6:50 am
and $6 million will be allocated to fuel wildfire clearance. the final vote will take place next week. we want to turn back to the extreme heat set to move into parts of the bay area, here's a live look outside of san francisco and oakland, it's cool for now but that's changing as soon as this afternoon. let's get over to meteorologist kari hall with more on our forecast. kari? >> good morning. in san francisco and oakland we can get milder weather. here in san jose we're going to be under that heat advisory that starts at 11:00 this morning. taking care in the heat, even if you don't feel thirsty you're drinking lots of water. set your thermostat to 78 degrees. we don't want to put a strain on the power grid and start to see the blackouts and use those cooling centers if you don't have air conditioning, including libraries and as well as going to the mall. we have a whole list on
6:51 am never, never leave your kids or your pets inside of a vehicle. it could heat up so fast even for just a few minutes and check on the kids and elderly people who may not have air conditioning or the kids who are playing outside and care for in-house people even providing a cold bottle of water, some shelter or information on where they can get air conditioning. our temperatures today are heating up in the east bay valleys reaching up to 98 degrees in livermore, 102 in antioch. we'll see more weather like this with livermore tomorrow reaching as hot as 107 degrees and it's still going to be hot, friday into the weekend, we don't get some relief until early next week with our inland areas seeing some hot temperatures for a span of several days, but it will cool off for early next week, it will feel so much better and won't heat up as much in san francisco as well as the coastline. mike, what's going on right now, as the commute starts to get under way? >> kari, still a lighter volume overall and it is kicking in.
6:52 am
i did misspeak at a important correction, i said whipple avenue as opposed to whipple road. northbound 101 on the peninsula, whipple avenue is a site of a crash blocking two lanes so slowing coming up in through san mateo. that's on the peninsula, you see 280 which is clear over there. whipple road, this one difference there, on the east bay, it's typical slowing southbound through union city so that's it. the rest of the bay shows a typical drive. there is a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza but no surprises. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, palo alto leaders considering a new business tax to increase revenue. councilmembers are deliberating a square footage tax to change businesses and charge them based on how much space the company uses. it's reported other options like head count or payroll tax are off the table. the push for a business tax was delayed last year due to the pandemic. the earliest voters would decide on the business tax would be next may. next, a quick look at the
6:53 am
top stories including new worries over spreading covid variant coming just after california's reopening. experts break down the risk, plus power grid concerns with extreme heat on the way in some areas, what firefighters are asking you to do, to avoid adding to the fire danger. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56 am
here is a quick look at the top stories we're following, first president biden and russian president vladimir putin meeting at a time when tensions between the u.s. and russia are at their highest in years. >> this is the first face-to-face meeting between the russian leader and president biden since he took office. among the items in this so-called high stakes summit, nuclear arms and election interference and recent ransomware attacks on u.s. supply chains which the u.s. blames on russian hackers. coming up, be sure to join the "today" show for more live coverage, peter alexander, keir simmons all weigh in on the
6:57 am
historic talks that's just minutes away, right after "today in the bay." and across the country, from california to new york, more states are fully reopening, this means more vaccinated people are starting to head to stores and restaurants without masks, but as social distancing goes away, there's all new concerns about the covid delta variant. health experts warn it will likely become the dominant strain in the u.s. new data from the uk suggests covid vaccines helped block severe outcomes. and it may be the weekend, justin bieber and harry styles can convince more young people in the south bay to roll up their sleeves. at least that's what leaders there are thinking. happening today, they'll unveil a new incentive, s.a.p. center concert ticket ravels that will take place over the next six weeks for anyone vaccinated at any santa clara county six location sites. a live look across the bay area, heat coming in the forecast. some parts of the bay area and the rest of the week prompting power concerns even increasing
6:58 am
fire danger. "today in the bay's" thom jensen is live in vallejo where pir fighters are at the scene where flames damaged two homes yesterday, thom.y getting hotter, the fire danger still fresh on the minds of the people who live on this part of skyline drive in vallejo. especially right in this home, one of the homes that sustained the most damage from a fire sparked just after 5:15, it was reported last night, and about 6:30, 20 homes were evacuated here, and as the folks return home to cool down from the heat ahead this week, california's electrical grid operators warning them all of this as the temperatures go up, to does the strain on the grid, they could be asking them and everyone else to raise their thermostats, turn off the ac and turn the them stats no lower than 78 degrees. this fire still under investigation. there's no indication from vallejo fire about what caused the fire but firefighters remain
6:59 am
on the scene watching to make sure hot spots don't flare up, the fire danger only shows just how dangerous it is, getting more dangerous as we get triple digits farther inland. it is just so dry and hot right now, and no relief, as kari said, until next week with cooler temperatures but everyone waiting for rain. we're live in vallejo, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you, thom. temperatures are not too bad but when it heats up, it's going to happen fast? >> yes, and it's going to happen this morning. the heat advisory, excessive heat warnings starting at 11:00 today, triple digits through the end of the week and the weekend is looking pretty hot. mike, the commute? >> peninsula north 101 into san carlos the crash past whipple avenue, blocks three lanes i'm told, three left lanes, 280 is clear headed through the same area, guys. >> that will do it for us. >> make sure if you head out
7:00 am
today stay cool, drink plenty of water e check on your neighbors to make sure they're okay especially the elderly. the "today" show is coming up next. see you tomorrow morning. . good morning, breaking news, face-to-face, president biden and vladimir putin shaking hands in geneva as this morning's historic and high stakes summit gets underway, from election interference to cyber hacking to russian aggression around the world, what can really be achieved as the two leaders meet behind closed doors? we're live in geneva. bouncing back, celebrations as new york and california
7:01 am
finally fully reopen.


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