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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 22, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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swaze park, that played out around 9:00 last night. now fire crews said the wind played a factor in how quickly the blaze spread. before crews were able to get it under control, it damaged about ten homes and consumed about ten acres. so far we're not hearing any reports of any injuries. but firefighters at this point aren't able to pinpoint what started the fire, but neighbors we spoke to on scene last night said they heard what sounded
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like fireworks and shortly after sirens in the grassy area. >> i could hear everything on the scanner, and that was probably the most, you know, bert talking didn't evacuate when i saw it come over the hill, they didn't send out the evacuation. but this time they did, and so that was a little concerning because i'm, like, i really need to get to sleep but i can't. >> and that neighbor i spoke with says she's nervous because about two weeks from now it's july 4th holiday. the city of vallejo has created a psa to share the danger of fireworks as well as sparklers. all fireworks are illegal in the city of vallejo. that neighbor said it's something that she hears a lot around here. sparklers she can see the fireworks over the hill behind her home. so fingers crossed that slows down especially given how dry the ground is and how warm it's been the last couple of weeks.
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we're live in vallejo, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> we all have to do our parts to prevent wildfires. thank you, cierra. in fact, happening now south of the bay area, the willow fire in big sur still burning. it has torched close to 2,800 acres since last thursday night. it is burning in the ventana wilderness. it's still burning out of control. hundreds are under evacuation orders. in fact, happening today, the orinda fire, firefighters are doing a live fire training center. today's training session was scheduled to start at 10:00 in the morning near st. mary's college. it's supposed to wrap up by 5:00 p.m. cal fire is conducting a prescribed burn in napa county that'll take place about 7:00 this morning off snell valley road. fire crews plan to burn about 60
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acres of grass as part of vegetation management project. they're doing whatever they can to try to prevent fires. in the meantime, taking a live look outside san francisco from emeryville. fortunately, conditions a little more wild this week. you see with the fog kind of hanging around let's get a first look at our weather with meteorologist kari hall. >> hey. and efficiency with seen a lot of those clouds near the coast line, even some mist and drizzle near the coastal areas. so with that staying around, we are keeping the cooler weather and the higher humidity, and that's helping to cool us off even for areas that are clear right now as we head toward noon, san jose seeing a clear blue sky. and temperatures from the low 60s near the coast to the mid-70s over toward the east bay. so we are starting to warm up but still feeling very nice as we are getting ready to head out, and also enjoying that sunshine for some of those spots. taking a look at our
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temperatures with the strong ocean breeze we'll continue to see our temperatures very nice for the next couple of days reaching into the upper 70s but it'll heat up again this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. a new honor coming today from san jose leaders for the men who died in the vta rail yard mass shooting. city council will adopt a new resolution to remember the victims. four weeks ago tomorrow on may 26th a disgruntled employee shot and killed nine of his co-workers. vta light-rail service is still suspended. it's not clear when it will resume. a follow-up now on the father's day party shooting in richmond that left three people dead. police say the gunman still at large, and they're still not talking about possible motive. the shooting late sunday also injured five others. police say there were about a hundred people at the party when people approached and opened fire. more police officers are needed
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to prevent future tragedy. the city will soon to be down to 145 officers, 50 fewer than in 2014. he says higher staffing levels allow for more community policing. >> it builds a relationship between the police and the community. and it's especially important in richmond where we have a large immigrant community. >> some richmond city council members disagree. they have taken millions of dollars from the police and spent them instead on community programs. they say it's resulted in the city seeing a decrease of 66% of gun violence. developing in san francisco, the search is on for this car allegedly involved in a hit-and-run near fisherman's wharf. the driver struck a woman and then took off. it happened about 5:00 p.m. yester car burglaries in the same area right before the crash.
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if you know anything, you're asked to call san francisco police. in the east bay, possible relief for tenants who have struggled to make rent during covid. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us from san ramon. you've been monitoring a meeting of the contra costa county board of supervisors. any decision from them just yet? >> reporter: not as of yet. you can see the live stream where the contra costa county board of supervisors is still meeting virtually because of covid rules. and what they are considering this morning is an extension of the moratorium on evictions of people who have been behind the rent during the pandemic. that moratorium is supposed to expire june 30th. well, this morning the board will consider extending an additional three months to september 30th. this is something that the city of san jose is considering as well as the state of california. california looking at extending its moratorium also until september 30th. the press democrat reports that california lawmakers are likely to go along with that extension.
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governor newsom has proposed using federal coronavirus aid to pay off all the unpaid rent that the people owe due to the pandemic. but it will take time to distribute that money. some tenant advocacy groups want the nation's most populated state, i'm talking about california, to extend eviction protections until the unemployment rate for low-wage workers gets back to what it was pre-pandemic. but the california department association says landlords can't afford to wait much longer because many have gone without rent checks for more than a year. you can see the information we put on your tv screen. about 758,000 households in california, they're behind on the rent by a combined $3.5 billion. the terner center, they surveyed around 8,600 families who are renting from one of the state's largest nonprofit affordable housing developers. that survey found that the number of families who fell behind on rent more than doubled
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during covid with black and single-parent households being the ones who were hardest hit. reporting live here in san ramon. in the meantime, rents everywhere are going up, along with home prices. scott mcgrew continues our numbers. >> home sales affect rent. as for these sales, the number of homes sold is down for the fourth straight month. you might think more people are out there touring and buying homes after the pandemic, but it's the price that's slowing things down. prices are up all over the nation, not just here in the bay area. and people are getting priced out of houses. the latest data show that we're just about 1.25 million homes for sale across the entire united states last month. so, you've got low inventory, but you have high prices. mortgage rates are very low.
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they're below 3%. but the lower payments aren't enough to offset the increases in prices. so, when people are priced out of the home market, they rent. the more people that rent, the higher the rent prices go. core logic measured those increases found nationwide we're seeing rents rise the fastest they have in 15 years. >> it's tough for people trying to rent especially in the bay area, too. thank you, scott. well, here's something else to be concerned about. recent mountain lion sightings prompting new action along the peninsula. coming up, why wildlife experts say now is the time to take extra measure and a more contagious covid variant is raising some new concerns in the bay area. new warnings from experts and the one group of people they believe may be most at risk. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "california live" followed by "access daily." then "days of our lives" at
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1:00. moving the bay area forward means making our community stronger. >> bringing people together, understanding our differences. we're working to make sure your voice is heard by telling your stories. >> connecting you to solutions on issues like climate change and giving you the resources to take action. >> nbc bay area, moving you forward.
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welcome back. happening now, u.s. senators planning to vote on a landmark bill to make it easier for americans to cast their ballots. it's called the for the people act. today's senate vote is meant to try to bypass a republican filibuster. it's also expected to fail. republican lawmakers do not support it, arguing the bill is a sweeping set of reforms designed to help democrats win future elections. the bill will need ten gop senators to join all 50 democrats to start a senate debate. well, to the pandemic, and encouraging news on the vaccine rollout. 150 million americans are now fully vaccinated. although covid-19 deaths in the u.s. have dipped below 300 a day for the first time since the early days of the disaster in march 2020. in the meantime here in california, over 19 million people are now fully vaccinated. new this morning, the white
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house announcing it will likely miss its goal of partially vaccinating 70% of american adults against covid-19 by the fourth of july. certain age groups, however, will hit the target independence day date. 70% of americans age 30 and older have already received at least one shot. and 70% of those 27 and older will have at least one dose by the fourth of july. the holdouts are americans between the ages of 18 and 26. bay area counties like the rest of the state are starting to breathe a little easier in shedding covid restrictions. but the fast-spreading delta variant is raising new concerns and increasing that push to vaccinate. nbc bay area's kris sanchez takes a look at the evolving picture. >> reporter: the mass vaccination site here is going to shut down on thursday. but it's because the vaccination rate is so high here in santa clara county.
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but there is growing concern over the delta variant first identified in india. there have been 349 cases in california or about 5% of all cases statewide. about 7% of cases in santa clara county and sonoma county are that delta variant. not all counties track the variants locally. that's not a lot of overall cases, but the concern is that the delta variant is showing to transmit more easily among people who are not vaccinated. and that could include our children under 12 who are not eligible for a vaccine yet. the u.s. surgeon general says that's one more reasons for the grownups to get the shot. >> if you're vaccinated you serve as a barrier to the vaccine coming into our home. >> we're now a week past california re-opening, and santa clara county is the latest county to align with the state and will begin phasing out local health orders including that
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requirement for employers to track employees' vaccination status. social distancing and capacity limits now are now, the san jose giants are opening up the stadium at full capacity, so it will be play ball this afternoon in santa clara county. in santa clara, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a follow-up for you this morning, and as promised san francisco mayor london breed has shot down plans to offer three months of free muni. supervisors last month approved that plan to offer free rides between july 1st and september 30th. breed immediately announced her own intentions, saying it would hurt more than help muni. "the chronicle" reports at least one supervisor is now vowing to try to override london breed's veto. new details of mountain lion sightings on the peninsula are once again on the rise. with sightings and encounters increasing in urban areas, the city of san bruno hosted a virtual mountain lion safety meeting last night. a fish and wildlife expert says
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big cats have always been in the area, and as more people get security cameras, we're seeing more images of them wandering through neighborhoods. but biologists say they've had to respond to seven mountain lion incidents in the bay area so far this year. that number typically is about one or two. >> those incidents have been up. and there's no way for us to know exactly why. it could be drought related. it could also be fire related. >> the california department of fish and wildlife says in some cases the mountain lions actually just moved along on their own. in other cases like this one in, the animal was tranquilized and it had to be moved to a little more suitable habitat. new numbers on amazon's prime day's buying frenzy. sales are expected to surpass $5.6 billion.
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that's nearly 9% higher than all of last year. the first day of spending also blew past the $5.1 billion consumer mark that consumers spent last thanksgiving. [ bell ] all right. taking a look at the markets so far, this morning s&p inching closer to a record as the nasdaq hits an all-time high as bitcoin is recovering just a little bit. dow jones industrial average up 37 points so far at this midday. organizers representing airline workers are asking the federal government to crack down on unruly passengers. they're hoping to prevent situations like this. [ yelling ] the group sent letters to attorney general merrick garland on monday urging stricter enforcement and consequences for violent passengers. they're asking the government to go beyond the signs and lifetime flying bans to actual criminal
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enforcement. the move comes as airlines see a dramatic increase in the number of violent incidents. 100 to 150 formal cases of bad cases. but this has jumped to 1,300 since the beginning of the year. let's switch gears right now. no need to get away. the weather in the bay area is quite nice this week. let's check in with kari. she's got a look at those temperatures. >> it's been great to have the cooler temperatures moving in compared to the record heat we were dealing with last week. in spots like dublin, we can enjoy a lot more time outside as even the sun continues to shine. we've seen some coastal clouds, and that's what's helping to keep the bay area cooler. so it's only 71 degrees. if you'll be going out in the next hour, it'll be at about 75 degrees, and notice the high temperatures hit the low 80s and then come back down, and that's when we'll also see those winds picking up as we get a stronger
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ocean breeze picking up for the bay area. taking a look at our high temperatures for today, reaching into the upper 70s in east san jose and 73 in gilroy. for the east bay we'll see temperatures reaching into the upper 70s here as well. but vallejo, for the most part, stays in the upper 60s. as you look at the seven-day forecast, you will see that we will have some warmer air on down the line. we're going to continue to enjoy this kind of weather for the next several days with our high reaching 74 in palo alto. we'll reach 64 degrees in daly city and mostly 60s in san francisco, downtown topping out at 66 degrees. and our north bay temperatures will reach into the mid-60s for the mill valley area, but we'll see a high of 86 degrees in clear lake. so there will still be some warm spots, and this typical weather pattern that we are seeing is all thanks to a strong marine layer that we've seen continue to keep the bay area cool.
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but high pressure is going to build this weekend and heat up and force our winds offshore. we have some mid- to upper 70s through the end of the week for san jose. this weekend it's more like mid-80s. so it will be warmer and even hotter for the inland east bay as well as the north bay where we could see highs reaching into the mid-90s. and that continues early next week, while san francisco keeps it milder going from the upper 60s to the mid-70s as the valleys heat up. laura? >> all right, thank you very much, kari. coming up, how do you like your music? ♪♪ ♪ i want it that way ♪ if you want a boy band vibe, get ready to sync up on the back street to the future. the all-new grown-man band bringing back all sorts of nostalgia. but first happening now, the state's new digital vaccine record system is not without its glitches. proof of vaccinations can be
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accessed from your home. but according to thef troubleshooting forms of people who need to correct their information. some users have been unable to access their records even after providing all the required information. if that's the case for you, your best bet is to dial the state hotline or check out consumer investigator chris chmura's report under the top video that's on our home page. we'll be right back after the break. we're taking you along with us as we discover the best california has to offer, from food to lifestyle and everything in between, we're covering the entire state on "california live." weekdays at 11:30 a.m. on nbc bay area.
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welcome back. and take a look at this. you know our team's always on social media. nbc bay area's marcus washington honored to once again be a part of the ywca's walk a mile in her shoes event. let's just say he's been getting some practice in. you put on high heels, encouraging everyone to do so as well between now and thursday. it's all to raise money as we work to end violence against anyone who identifies as a woman. look at his walk there. [ laughter ] giving it his best. be sure to follow marcus on facebook, twitter, and instagram, and support really a great cause. san francisco chef is bringing a southern food staple to the bay area. after losing his job during the pandemic, chef john launched gumbo social in san francisco using his grandmother's recipe
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which started out as a way for neighbors to connect and as now turned into a thriving pop-up business. unfortunately, he lost his grandma this year. he says through her food, though, her legacy lives on. >> the company is really based off her. it's her recipe. i just do my little extra touch with it. >> chef dantaye just got a big surprise to help his growing business. find out what it is when you tune into "the kelly clarkson show" today. a las vegas raiders player making history. carl nassib announced that he's gay. >> i'm at my house here in westchester, pennsylvania. just want to take a quick moment to say that i'm gay. i've been meaning to do this for a while now but i finally feel comfortable to get it off my chest. i have the best family, friends, and job a guy could ask for. >> nassib
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announce that he's gay. he says he's a private person and believes visibility and representation is important. he's also donating $100,000 to the trevor project, a suicide prevention group for lgbtq youth. do you remember when you thought you had to choose between backstreet boys and nsync? well, now you don't have to pick anymore. check out backsync. [ cheers and applause ] members of the two iconic groups have created a new super boy band, or maybe it's a grown man band by now. it features aj mclean, nick carter, joey patone and lance bass. this was during an l.a. pride event. a little something for everyone. kari's got the tune of our temperatures this morning. >> yeah, we've got a little bit of something for everyone here, too, with our upper 70s for the inland areas. and we're going to be warming up as we get into the weekend with some 90s in the forecast but not
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too warm in san francisco. we're going to stay milder here with some mid-70s for the end of the weekend, laura. >> all right, it looks like we're all walking on some sunshine. thanks for joining us this morning. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. also the latest at i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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