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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 23, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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a republican revolt over election reform. the senate gop deals a major blow to the democrats sweeping voting rights bill we're live with what comes next for the legislation. a pandemic milestone miss. the white house admitting it might not hit its fourth of july vaccination goal of one shot for 70% of adults. where officials say the country is lagging as the dangerous delta variant continues to spread britney spears set to speak about her conservatorship before a judge in the first time in
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over a decade. at&t dials up the fight against all of those annoying robo calls it's wednesday june 23rd "early today" starts now good morning i'm phillip mena >> glad you could be with us i'm frances rivera it is a senate showdown over how you vote democrats are vowing to fight on after republicans block a sweeping election reform bill that would expand access to the ballot box the vote was straight down party lines. 50 democratic votes in favor of advancing the for the people act, and 50 nays from the gop. nbc's tracie potts joins us with the details. the bill was a cornerstone of president biden's agenda >> well, it was, frances, but right now it's not going anywhere because of that 50-50 vote republicans successfully using the filibuster to block the for the people act, this version of voting rights, for moving forward even for debate. they argue the federal
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government should not be involved in how states run their elections and that there is not a problem with that. that's what senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said. but democrats argue this is about denying minorities and others the right to vote >> the republican leader uses the language and the logic of the southern senators in the '60s who defended states' rights this vote. i'm ashamed to say is further evidence that voter suppression has become part of the official platform fl republican party >> there is no effort in any state in america to suppress votes based upon suppression of minority participation what this is really about is an effort for the federal government to take over the way we conduct elections >> the white house vowing to fight on, the president said in
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a statement it was the suppression of a bill to end voter suppression. meantime, that trillion dollars compromise on infrastructure still on the table lawmakers trying to get a deal on that. and police reform, democrats and republicans working together on that, and it looks likely they may have at least the framework of a deal within a week before they go on break >> finding at least middle ground when it comes to that thank you, tracie. just 11 days before a deadline, the white house says it will fall short of vaccinating 70% of american adults by july 4th the news comes as the cdc. >> phillip, great to be with you today. president joe biden set an ambitious goal when it comes to eligible americans and vaccines. it looks like he's not going to quite hit that goal, though they
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did reach other ones so we went out to find out why young americans are not getting those vaccines the white house sounding the alarm about the highly contagious delta variant the country will fall short of reaching president biden's july 4th target for adult vaccinations >> our goal by july 4th is to have 70% of adult americans with at least one shot and 160 million americans fully vaccinated >> reporter: the white house hitting the goal with nearly every age group except young adults >> the country has more work to do is particularly with 18 to 26-year-olds the reality is many younger americans have felt like covid-19 is not something that impacts them, and they've been less eager to get the shot >> reporter: sajita from new york's ted and trace corps is working to get young adults vaccinated why do you think young people your age aren't getting vaccinated
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>> i feel like they're just not encouraged i feel like they have good immune system. >> reporter: this queens resident says both his grandparents are vaccinated but he's still not ready >> i'm not actually worried about catching it. i just use my mask for protection and everyone else's protection, but i don't feel like a vaccine is necessary to me >> reporter: nationwide, vaccination rates have dropped as the delta variant becomes the growing threat, accounting for 20% of new covid cases, doubling in the past two weeks. >> the delta variant is currently the greatest threat in the u.s. to our attempt to eliminate covid-19 >> reporter: he says vaccines protect against the variant. but with summer travel starting to heat up, health officials are warning the pandemic among the unvaccinated will only serve to incubate those variants of concern. and when it comes to travel, aaa is predicting nearly 50 million
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americans will hit the skies and the roads. one of the busiest fourth of julys ever the cdc says the risk is low if you're vaccinated. phillip? >> all right, tom, thanks. house speaker nancy pelosi is mulling whether to form a select committee to investigate the january 6th capitol riot she made the announcement in a house democratic steering and policie committee. pelosi is expected to announce her decision this week and happening today a judge is handing down the first sentence to one of over 400 people charged in a capitol riot it happens to be an indiana grandmother of five. 49-year-old ana morgan lloyd has agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge in exchange for three years of probation, 40 hours of community service and a $500 fine. police in portland are making changes in their department to help reduce the number of deadly encounters and cut back on the disproportionate stops of people of color they will no longer pursue
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minority traffic infractions we're talking about things like expired plates or broken headlights if police do stop a driver, they must receive recorded consent before searching the vehicle and inform that driver that they have the right to refuse all eyes will be on britney spears today grammy winner is expected to see a judge who's been in control of her conservatorship. spears will be heard in court for the first time in 13 years it's a hearing that's been long awaited by throngs of fans in the so-called free britney movement spears is set to appear remotely and wants her father to be completely removed from her conservatorship. the count down is on we are now just one month away from the opening ceremony of the tokyo summer olympic games nbc news senior international correspondent keir simmons spoke exclusively to the president of tokyo 2020 about the games' strict covid protocols
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>> reporter: with olympic trials underway around the world, the president of tokyo 2020 telling nbc news in an exclusive interview the games will be a blessing but there may be difficult days. >> translator: if an athlete is confirmed covid-positive, seiko hashimoto says hard decisions will have to be made, including possibly canceling individual events with just a month to go, the olympic village is ready to house more than 12,000 athletes from all over the world. they will be shuttled in and out to be tested every day, and they will have to dine alone. there's even a fever room. local spectators will be able to attend the games the organizing committee announced on monday. but venues will operate at only 50% capacity no more than 10,000 socially distanced fans per competition you could still decide to have fewer spectators, maybe even no
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spectators >> translator: yes, that's always an option, she says when the games get underway, four new sports will make their olympic debut, including surfing, caroline marks, one of four surfers on team usa >> i'm excited to hopefully put on a great performance to show the world. >> reporter: hashimoto says every athlete deserves a gold medal just for making it to these long-awaited games keir simmons, nbc news, london here we are mid-week how's our weather shaping up let's turn to nbc meteorologist janessa webb janessa, good morning. >> hi, good morning, everybody we do have better conditions for the east coast i know it was a rough start to the week some calm weather making its way back in. a few clouds that are lingering this morning from the mid-atlantic all the way into maine, but they continue to really push offshore the only big weather story we're really watching today are a few storms that are popping up for the upper midwest.
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this will be a prolonged event for at least 48 hours across this area, and it starts to expand and is really a flood threat for tomorrow. just a small area across iowa and the dakotas where could sewet continues to break records in the mid-90s a second heat wave is making its way to the pacific northwest we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right, we'll be ready for it thank you, janessa the harlem globetrotters the touring team sent a letter to the nbc saying they're ready to negotiate for a franchise in the league they say it's time the nbc
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houston hospital that required its workers to get a covid-19 vaccine are out of a job according to "the washington post," the spokesperson for a houston methodist system said that 153 employees either resigned in the two-week suspension period or were terminated on tuesday. earlier this month a federal judge threw out a lawsuit filed by employees over that requirement. according to "the post," more than 24,000 workers complied with the hospital's mandate. now to a california basketball game that is sparking outrage. an investigation has been launched after tortillas were thrown during a post-game celebration as an apparent racist taunt toward the losing team >> what the heck >> reporter: after a crushing championship loss for the predominantly hispanic basketball team from the outskirts of san diego, insult added to injury when several players were pelted by
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tortillas. they say fans and players from the opposing team, coronado high were throwing them >> it's racist, and it was planned. it was not just spur of the moment thing >> tortillas and all that smack talking with the coaches, that's just unacceptable. >> reporter: on twitter, coronado's coach writing, a community member brought tortillas and distributed them which was unacceptable and racist in nature the district's school board also weighing in. we fully condemn the racism, classism, and colorism which fueled the efforts of the perpetrators who the distribute promises to hold accountable but members of orange glenn's team say the sting of defeat pals against the act a reminder that without
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sportsmanship, even the winning side doesn't come out on top since the incident, the video has been shared multiple times on social media, only adding pressure to the coronado unified school district to take action >> guad, thank you still to come on "early today," bumble swipes left on burnout with an overdue break from employees and make way for pronouns. zroom bringing inclusivity to their platform ? they lock in residues like a glue, on your hard surfaces and fabrics. try 9 elements. its vinegar powered deep clean dissolves hard water buildup and releases trapped residues and odors like detoxifying your clothes. made with never more than 9 ingredients. 9 elements - more than a clean, a cleanse. does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus
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in today's "quick hits," the boston marathon will continue. this will mark three years since it was last held that day. registration begins november 8th and closes november 12th zoom is adding new options to share your pronouns they will appear in parentheses next to names on calls and will have the ability to be managed when they are displayed in meetings pronouns will also be visible on users' profile cards the dating app bumble is giving its entire staff a week off to combat burnout. more than 750 employees are getting time to recharge after the challenging past year. they will return to work june 28th at&t seems to be working overtime to shut down those annoying robo calls. and amazon is facing another big union challenge this week. cnbc joins us now with the latest on these stories. jeff, good morning >> hey, good morning, phillip.
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good morning, frances. the team says union are voting on a resolution on thursday to scale up efforts to unionize both drivers and warehouse workers at amazon. you'll recall, of course, a recent effort to do that in alabama actually failed. but jeff bezos has acknowledged there are some issues with terms and conditions and we've had scandals over pee breaks and ultimately how well compensated many of these warehouse workers are. so, the teamsters union says it is hoping to push forward plans to unionize amazon ironically, this is a business that's just talked about $5.5 billion of revenue on the first day of prime let's move on. let's talk about at&t if there is a little place in hell reserved for the originators of
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these nuisance calls, i think they should be sent there quickly. at&t saying it is now blocking about a billion robo calls a month. just a reminder, if you do have the digital phone service from at&t, you do need to go in and activate this system yourself. it is well worth doing those calls are enough to drive you crazy. >> the reason we don't answer them >> yeah. whoever figures this out is going to win the carrier award it's the worst thing you can think of geoff, i appreciate that janessa is tracking the dangerous heat rising out west australia tells the n. tu.o back off its great barrier reef. try microban24 bathroom cleaner. simply spray and wipe away to easily dissolve soap scum, and kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria initially.
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this is annie. will you turn to cold washing in tide. unsubscribe. wait, wait, wait this helps the environment. it saves you money. i will take that money. for the environment. australia is fighting the u.n. over its iconic great barrier reef the new draft report recommends that the reef be lifted as in danger of climate change australian officials are concerned that the potential loss of world heritage status could hurt the tourism industry. several environmentalists groups have praised the u.n.'s report janessa is back with details on a new heat wave here that we're watching janessa, hi again. >> hi, frances and phillip you know, i don't really feel like the first heat wave has backed down just yet we're still seeing temperatures today in the upper 90s but we have another big-time wave that's making its way in for this weekend this is just the beginning
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lactaid ice cream. more americans are hitting the road this summer with plans to travel domestically it's great news for small business owners, especially in beach towns hoping for a summer boost in tourism >> cnbc's andrea day visited three small businesses in moorehead city, north carolina, to see how they're doing >> the one word that best describes this past year is perseverance >> for me it's refreshing. >> for me it's adventurous >> one town and three small businesses finally making a comeback >> we didn't know what was going to happen. >> reporter: the bing of covid and ray was scrambling to keep
4:27 am
sweet bean as float. >> it was just me working every day. >> reporter: his life saver, this drive-through >> there was no indoor seating, it was completely drive-through. and that sustained us through everything there were some mornings where i looked out and i saw the line through the drive-through around the block. and i didn't know how to handle that >> reporter: but he did one order at a time. indoor dining is now back and go going strong from beans to best friends >> i wasn't sure how we were going to survive the year. >> reporter: with staff at home the couple offered free deliveries and split time at the shop to keep it going. >> give each other a break and then we'd come back. >> reporter: but they had no idea how busy it would get >> they would come in here with their dog. it kind of became a destination place. >> reporter: and the covid puppy
4:28 am
boom led to even more business >> oh, my gosh, there have been so many dogs i think we're still seeing it. >> reporter: down at the waterfront, crystal runs the big rock blue marlin tournament, drawing thousands here each year for decades. but when covid hit >> it was very frightening we thought that we would not have a tournament. >> reporter: but instead of giving up she got creative, making events virtual and sending boats out with just families on board. >> and it worked out grand we had 205 boats >> reporter: and one special guest. [ cheers and applause >> we were able to have michael jordan which was fantastic we had 14 blue marlin weighed and he was one of them >> reporter: and out of the chaos major life lessons >> we can endure a lot of things we didn't think we could >> you don't have to do things in ways you've always done them. >> we've had to adapt to change quickly. the future looks great >> every single day we look at the sales and we're like wow
4:29 am
>> the only way we're going is up >> reporter: for cnbc, i'm anned rea day. >> and i get it, so many of us are so anxious to get out there and make those vacation memories >> we lost so many good small businesses during this pandemic. but those who got creative and but those who got creative and who got lucky will be thri why o-cedar ? because when i get home, we like to play crocodile on the floor o-cedar easywring removes over 99% of bacteria, even with just water... easy and truly clean floors
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when that one fateful morning changed all of our lives, and really the lives of everybody here in the city of san jose. >> right now at 4:30, a push for change. new legislation to make sure what happened at san jose's vta rail yard never happens again. the effort under way this morning. >> major concerns as instances of the delta variant ramps up against the bay area. 30 days to go. olympic fever in the air as tokyo olympics one month away. how athletes are coming together across the world and here in the


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