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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> okay. taking on the vta, the union, and san jose's mayor. the widow of one of the mass shooting victims is calling them all out. >> we are being treated like our husbands quit their jobs. and it is beyond frustrating. >> what does she want to happen? we have the exclusive interview. also as san francisco's reputation for crime and homelessness, is it keeping tourists away? the chamber of commerce thinks so. the new poll showing how many people think crime is getting worse. i'm scott budman. travel is back not just personal travel but business travel. coming up are bay area employees ready to hop back on planes?
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remembrances, tributes and gatherings, but a widow of up victim says the vta and workers unions are remembering the victims but not necessarily the victims' families. nbc bay area's robert hanada joins us from the vta rail-yard after talking to the widow of alex fritsch about what she says is happening and not happening on the family's behalf. robert? >> reporter: well, she first posted her complaints in an online post to friend but now says she wants to make it more public bus the families are grieving and need more support. >> my husband was a government worker on government property and was not protected. >> reporter: the words of tar blunt, coming from a place of grief and anger, her husband alex was one of the nine vat workers killed in the may 26th mass shooting at the san jose rail-yard. tara is furious about the
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actions of the vta and the transit workers union and various government officials in the days since the shooting. in an online post she told friends i truly don't understand how people can be so heartless and cold to people who worked for you and died on your watch. >> people believe that our families, the nine of us who have our husbands no longer with us are being cared for and that's just actually not true. it really is not. >> reporter: tara says she keeps getting different answers from the vta and that the union significant nothing her when it comes to trying to get benefits or promised financial help for her husband's funeral. >> now the union is not returning our calls and is treating us as if we either enemy now, are. we don't have anyone in our corner. we have no one in our corn sneer fritsch ended her online post saying my husband didn't quit his job so stop acting like he did. >> we are being treated like our husbands quit their jobs, and
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it's -- it's beyond frustrating. >> reporter: now we have not heard back from the union, but in a statement given to us by the vta it says in essence we want mrs. fritsch to know we hear her an are doing everything possible to help her through this extremely difficult situation. they acknowledge much of the resources and benefits require paperwork that no one should role very to deal, especially while grieving and they emphasize that they are heartbroken for the victim's families and will make every effort to provide clarity and support. live in san jose, robert hanada, nobodies bay area news. >> robert, thank you. >> tonight there's growing frustration in the beast bay from the family of a man killed at a mass shooting at a juneteenth celebration in oakland. police said the shooting was the result of two warring gangs from san francisco and that many so of the victims were intended targets, but the family says their loved one was not part of any gang and they want to erase that stigma from his name of the family of 22 yearly desean
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rhodes says he was an aspiring hip hop artist and devoted father to his baby boy. we did a quick search for his name in alameda county and san francisco court files and found no criminal record. the family says rhodes moved to oakland from san francisco ten years ago and was simply at that juneteenth gathering to celebrate being black. >> he's a young black man. they have already put a stigma out there. >> the narrative should never be that he was anything less than a black father. >> who lost his life. >> who lost his life. >> reporter: the oakland police department is not releasing any new information about the search for multiple shooters involved. there is a $40,000 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest. >> well, as san francisco begins to reopen, most businesses say a rebound in tourism is key to their survival. but a new poll is giving everyone a reason to worry about how the city is perceived and what effect that's having on the city's most important economic
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ea's kristi smith. >> oh, i love it. it's fantastic. >> along fisherman's wharf this couple from florida was pleased with their post-pandemic advice tote san francisco. >> we love it. the hills, the -- the parks. everything is beautiful. we've had the best time here. >> reporter: they haven't heard anything about the city's checkered reputation for safety. this man in washington is enjoying his time, too, but he's heard warnings >> the hotel, they just said when we park, you know, to go to our room, to take everything out of our car because, you know, people break into it and stuff like that. >> reporter: just weeks ago we saw one of the biggest issues for ourselves, car burglaries are spiking in the city's tourist hot spots. each year the chamber of commerce conducts a poll to get a glimpse of how people see the citich the full results come tomorrow but the headline is that residents' concerns about crime continue to climb. >> i don't think it's just this pandemic that has caused this concern on the streets for san francisco and our save.
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in this year's poll like in previous years the trend, this year's poll, eight out of ten sfriz cans consider crime to have worsened in recent years in san francisco and in the second year in a row 70% of residents follow the quality of life has declined in san francisco. >> we asked the mayor about it. >> part of our response is not just a police response. our response is, yes, making sure that we maintain our staffing levels, that we get officers out there on the beats and then when they make arrests, especially in the caves any of the violent crimes that people are held accountable. >> and everyone understands what's at stake. >> this is all important for our san francisco businesses, the employees and businesses here in san francisco. 30% of the city's ref knew is from tourism so having tourism back in action 100% in san francisco is vital to our economy so we want it make sure that the streets are clean and safe for our residents and tourists alike. >> in san francisco, kristi
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smith, nbc bay area news. >> san francisco will become the first city in california to make covid vaccines a requirement for city workers. the city will require all government workers to be vaccinated. they will have ten weeks after a vaccine is officially approved by the fda. they will have ten weeks to get their shots. right now three vaccines out there will only have emergency aelf pro. they are expected to be fully approved within a few months. beginning money, next monday. workers will have 30 days to report their vaccination status to the city. >> expect more cafes than cars in downtown palo alto for at least a few more months. the city council has voted to keep university and california avenues closed to vehicles through the end of september. now while some restaurants are thrilled to have the extra room for customers, other businesses tell us the closures are actually hurting their bottom line. >> we have recreation spaces for fun. downtown the streets are for cars. it's for business and to bring in sales tax revenue and it's time that we open normally.
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>> the opener of the patio says with the streets closed people fill up all the parking spots near her restaurant on emerson street and dine elsewhere. some retailers also say the closures cut down on the convenience for shoppers. similar debates are going on right now in redwood city, san mateo and san carlos. >> all right. here's something they are getting off the zoom calls and getting back on to planes. business travel is back with a vengeance for the first time in more this a year and for a lot of people that's a bless and a curse. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman who joins us from sjc. is it busy there now, schott? >> yeah, a little busier and it's been busier and busier. one of the ways we've been track the comeback is in fact at local airports like at sjc and it's not just travel for pleasure that's making a comeback but also travel for business as well, up 19% from march to april according to tsa with another jump so far in june.
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people, they say, are more comfortable traveling and coming back to work and sales calls and merger talks are happening in person once again. >> i mean, you saw the -- you saw the relationship building. you can't really have like a three-hour dinner like over zoom. >> there's no replacement for in-person relationshipsin and we've really been finding that the business -- people are getting back to business. >> yeah. we know sjc where you are, ocalan and sfo issic abouting up in a big way. scott, what about people who moved away to work remotely during the pandemic? are those people move back in? >> that's one of the factors in the boost in business travel. tech companies that allow their employees to move away during pandemic now say they want them back at the office at least some of the time so they are hopping on lanes. >> okay, that coupled with all the vacatio that families will be taking the next couple of months. it will be business at the
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airports. scott budman reporting at san francisco international. starting this friday anyone who gets their first covid shot will receive two tickets to attend a giants came and to qualify you must get the shot at up with of the city's designated sites. tickets can be used at select games from july to december. 81% of people in san francisco have received at least one dose of the advantages open this. makes it the first major city in the nation to reach this milestone. up next, we now this was coming, limiting the sproinglers on your lawn, declaring a stage two water shortage. the bay area city forcing people to cut their water usage by 20% and when that goes into effect. >> wonder where the booms you're hearing nightly are coming from? >> take a look at all the affirmative action that investigators have taken off the market in conit a costa county. >> i'm meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. i'll detail all the warmer weather ahead. back in about step months. >> tonight my conversation with the head of the cdc with the delta covid variant quickly taking hold and whether current vaccines are hearing about it and what second gentleman doug emhoff tells us in an exclusive chat with nbc tonight. ight for
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a man who robbed a walgreens in el cerrito. it happened last wednesday and police released a surveillance video. they say the man entered the store and put $500 worth of merchandise into a basket and then tried to leave without paying. when security confronted him, he tried to force his way out of the store and that's when they say he took a patton from the security guard's waistband and he also saw a gun. the man then left the store with the stuff and climbed into this gold-color mercedes driven by someone else and took off. there's a good chance you hear them or see them on a nightly basis, and it's not even the fourth of july. illegal fireworks have already sparked some devastating fires. now investigators are hoping to cut off all of this at the supply. cut off the supply at the source. here's nbc bay area's jodi hernandez in contra costa county. >> my fear is moy house is going, to you know, be lit up in fire. >> reporter: edward perez says he hears and seize fireworks going off in his neighborhood all the time and at a park just up the street from his home we found plenty of proof of
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that. >> these are professional fireworks. they are not toys. they are not sparklers. so, yeah, it's dangerous. >> reporter: tonight contra costa fire is cracking down on illegal fireworks and have confiscated thousands of dollarsp dangerous fireworks being sold on the black market. >> our fire investigation unit has made four different arrests throughout this month in the cities of concord, ant works pittsburgh and san pablo. >> this could actually tip over. >> reporter: fire marshal chris bachman say investigators have been searching social media looking for the illegal dealers who then they go undercover to meet. >> we've made contact with them and tell them we want to purchase the fireworks and meet them at the location and make the arrest and seize the fireworks. >> reporter: among the fireworks confiscated, an m-1,000, the kind of fireworks that sparked a complex fire in antioch. >> threw is off his back patio and ignited the field on fire
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and caught the building on fire and displaced 40 residents. >> reporter: perez fears the same could happen in his neighborhood. he's grateful investigators are cracking down. >> i wish people would stop doing it, you know, bottom line. >> reporter: in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> poem in sonoma have until july 1st to reduce their water use by 20%. the city has declined a stage two water shortage due to worsening drought conditions in the russia river basin. that "meet the press" following are banned, refilling pools using city water and using water for decorative fountains or watering your lawn other than monday an thursdays between 8:00 and 6:00 p.m. and using water from fire hydrants for anything but a fire. people we spoke with seem to understand. >> i mean, i think it's a necessary step to have to take. i'm sure it's going to be hard to enforce, but, you know, i they we all know the reservoirs and lakes and everything is just at a level where, you know,
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something needs to change until we get some rains. >> reporter: here is what is allowed in sonoma. irrigation drip systems for yards and athletic systems and watering with a bucket and hose and shutoffs no. the city does not plan to crack down on people who don't follow the restrictions. they hope they will comply on their own and the drought restrictions, they think more cities will adopt them. it doesn't seem like we're getting any rain even though we see green on the radar. that's not moving in, right? >> we're not slowing down restrictions. >> a little bit of drizzle right there, guys. so that's a little-it-before good news at least in the short term. we have managed to get fog in here with some drizzle in the morning and that's helping to import humidity and with the fire danger especially at the immediate coastline. as you start it off tomorrow morning at 7:00. we get the widespread cloud cover back there for the north by and peninsula and also through the east bay and down towards the south bay with some that have spotty drizzle so maybe, just maybe, it will help you to sleep in tomorrow morning
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just a little bit. possibly got a four-day weekend coming your way, and as you roll through the afternoon the sunshine returns but the beaches do continue to see that fog linger in the forecast, so as we start it off tomorrow morning it's going to be chilly with the foggy breeze moving in out of the west at 10 to 20 miles per hour. drops down to 56 and the tri-valley is 55 and then we've got more of the 50s coming back for you over the north bay, san francisco and at east bay. now the daytime highs tomorrow aren't really going to warm up a whole lot. it will stay very comfortable across the bay area. a huge difference from last week where we had the 100s, so 5, 106, 107. nothing like that on the map here as we roll through tomorrow. 77 in san jose and 8 in morgan hill and 78 in concord and 78 in nap ark and 47 in santa rosa and closer to the bay 60s from san francisco to oakland. now we are looking at some changes though for parts of northern california as this cooler system we've been telling you about for days continues to
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move over northern california. the counterclockwise circulation around this tomorrow afternoon is going to spin up some thunderstorms right over the sierra and to the north so if you're traveling to tahoe or up near reading, do be red for some thunderstorm activity. let's go ahead and put this into motion and you'll see for the bay area we're expected to stay dry at this point with all of this again to the north and the east of us, but thunderstorms are rogue. this is within 150 mile radius so we'll have our eyes glued to the radar. anything that gets close to us, of course, we'll be tracking it for you. again, best chances off to the north and also to the east. on my seven-day forecast in san francisco, it eventually does warm up if you're looking for that perfect day out at delores park with temperatures in the 70s. sunday, monday, tuesday and into wednesday and across the inland valleys we're seeing it warming up as well by saturday, saturday 91 and sunday 94 and low 90s as we head into next week's forecast. looks like some great weather coming our way guys this weekend. >> we like it. >> a little bit of a warmup.
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>> thanks, jeff. >> thanks, jeff. >> up next, kevin hart hand snoop dogg, that's right. kevin hart and snoop dogg, how they will be part of team usa, kind of, sort of. we'll explain. >> tonight my conversation with the head of the cdc about delta covid variant quickly taking hold and hear what second gentleman doug emhoff tells news a exclusive chat with nbc news when we so you tonight.
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today is a big day for the olympic movement, in the only are we a month away from the opening ceremony in tokyo, but it's also the day the international olympic committee was formed in 1894. today is known as international olympic day. olympians around the world urged everyone to take part in a day of sports or fitness. in san francisco people of all ages and soyuzs practiced fencing alongside olympic fencing star alex massialis, ready to take part in his third olympic games. >> when covid shut everything down i was in a fortunate place where i had already qualified my spot for the olympics but the way it changed how we had to
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practice, the time it forced to us take off, you know, it was all very strange. >> he has won a silver and bronze medal in his two previous games and he helps to bring goal, of course, this year from tokyo. this is a family affair. his dad is the coach and his sister is competing in her first olympics. you can read and watch more of our olympic coverage online. one reors is through nbc lx. you'll found a feature there on beach volleyball star alex kliman, the former stanford star is trying to change the way a lot of people think about female athletes. >> guess when made it on team usa, sort of, kevin heartand snoop dogg will be part of these olympics. they are teaming up with next and peacock which is next's streaming service. the two are going to left a series throughout the games to wrap up the most impressive displays of athleticism as well as moments that didn't go quite as planned. that's going to be must-see tv. >> entertaining for sure. do you want to get paid to drink
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wine? sounds too good to be true, but there really is this offer on the table from a sonoma would inry. it's so good i may tell you about it next. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted --
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1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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coming up on our new 7:00 p.m. newscast, the sudden death of silicon valley pioneer john mcafee. we're digging into his impact into the tech world, his infamous lifestyle and the criminal charges against hill.
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we'll also show you an exclusive interview i did lifestyle. it is raw and revealing. we'll see you tonight at 7:00. and next on "nightly news," second gentleman doug emhoff sits down with nbc news chief white house correspondent peter alexander for an exclusive interview. what he thinks about his wife being elected the first woman, first black and south asian vice president. the fill interview can be seen tomorrow on "today." it's come up in about two minutes, and you can watch a portion of it next on "nightly news." >> before you go if you like to drink wine because a lot of us do. >> nodding. >> this is a chance to make a career out of it. >> it's a really good job offer. the murphy winery offered a job where you can pursue your passion in the wine industry. the winery says it received so many applications from its first posting it's now creating a second position. i just read the details of this position. >> what is it?
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>> it's offering $10,000 a month. can you live rent-free for a year and enjoy all the wine you want. >> 120,000 a year rent-free and all the wine you can drink. >> and it's basically -- like an internship. you follow and shadow the wine-maker and learn all aspects of the wine-making process. >> you really researched this. >> that's a lot more. >> it's really, really true. the job search ends june 30th so you have like a week to apply. >> you're not going anywhere. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. lester holt is next. we'll see you again at 7:00. >> good night, folks. tonight the cdc safety panel warning of a likely link between covid vaccinations and rare heart inflammation in young people the panel finding higher than expected heart issues in younger recipients, but still saying the
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benefits far outweigh the risks it comes a the highly contagiou delta variant rapidly spreads already accounting for 20% of u.s. cases. dr. fauci sounding the alarm. how soon he says it could become dominant in the u.s britney spears asking a judge to end her father's 13-year conservatorship over her life calling it abusive. the pop star saying she was forced to take lithium and pleading i just want my life back a pedestrian bridge collapsing on to a washington d.c. highway, multiple injuries what caused it president biden unveiling his plan to combat gun violence as crime surges nationwide the supreme court siding with a high school cheerleader in a case involving a profane message on social immediate media. what it means for the future of free speech. the shocking death of tech tycoon john mcaffe in a prison in spain. vp kamala harris announcing a visit to the border after coming under fire from republicans and the major shake-up at the very top of the u.s. border patrol.


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