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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  June 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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two-minutes ago, the search continues, 99 people still unaccounted for. after months of optimistic words from president biden -- >> we have a deal. >> how this bipartisan infrastructure plan impacts you and what still needs to happen for it to become a real. reality. suspended for practicing law, rudy giuliani fights back against the state of new york. the reason he's being treated unfairly.
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hoping some of the missing are still alive. in between the collapsed floors. >> they have years of experience. >> the miami-dade police department said 99 people are unaccounted for but cannot confirm those people inside the building at the time. >> i'm encouraging people to remain hopeful. we have seen it in manmade and
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natural disasters where we have found people in a pocket area hours later, days later. >> the champlain towers complex is 40 years old and officials say it was undergoing a safety inspection. an inspector reportedly visited the site wednesday. >> i saw he was on the roof yesterday. what happened today, it's going to take a lot of investigating. we are going to get to the bottom of it because residents need to know. >> as a search for victims, a search for victims. lucy bustamante. >> that entire section in red collapsed. 55 of the 136 units gone in a matter of seconds. we have a before and after. right next to the pool it's no longer standing. janelle. president biden is pledging
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federal resources to help with rescue efforts in florida. >> fema is down there taking a look at what's needed. if the rest of the buildings have to be evacuated, finding housing to make sure they have capacity to both have a place to shelter, food to eat, et cetera. that's underway now. >> president biden said coincidentally he just spoke with the mayor of miami-dade county just yesterday. the shocking sight of the miami bay is resonating here. the head of the local fema task force. he says the miami-dade group is well equipped and very well trained but admits they're fighting against time and the instability of that structure. >> this is dangerous stuff. i want to tell you right now, they're taking risks.
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so you want to calculate what the risk versus reward is and, you know, you want to spend the time and you don't have much to try and figure out where people are. >> the bay area chief says the first 24 hours are critical. after that time it will be hard to find people alive. nightly news is on top of this breaking news story. lester holt will be anchoring from florida tonight. we'll take a hard look at what could have caused this tragedy. full coverage at 6:30. they say they have a deal that could reshape and restore our infrastructure and create jobs. president biden and senate negotiators could pave the way for passage of a massive nationwide infrastructure plan. it's a rare bipartisan agreement reached by a team of 5 republicans and 5 democrats.
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allison barr has the details. >> reporter: a rare bipartisan break through on capitol hill that's good news for the white house. >> we have a deal. >> reporter: president biden and a group of ten senators from both parties visibly happy to announce an agreement targeted oncor priorities like roads, bridges, the rail and water systems and broadband internet. >> this will lead to more efficiency in our economy, higher efficiency, more economic growth. this is about the long term. >> we all take some to give some. what we did is put together the needs of our country. >> reporter: it's a big boost. >> this means millions of good paying jobs. >> reporter: and bipartisanship. >> we have to move and move fast. we have to signal to the world that we can function, deliver and do significant things. >> reporter: the deal includes roughly $580 billion of new spending to be paid for through
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unspent covid relief funds and stricter tax enforcement. senators said there would be no new taxes. progressives slamming the bill saying it doesn't go far enough. democratic leadership wants to invest in social infrastructure. democrats expect to pass that alone through a process known as budget reconciliation. >> there ain't going to be an infrastructure bill unless we have the reconciliation bill passed by the united states senate. >> reporter: bipartisan agreement to get a deal across the finish line but there are still significant hurdles. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. also today house speaker nancy pelosi announced the house of representatives will establish a select committee to investigate the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. she said it's vital the truth of what happened that day be fully explored so it does not happen again.
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she had hoped the 9/11 style commission would do the work but that plan died when not enough senate republicans voted for it. >> i do think it would have been preferable to have an outside commission. there were those who thought the republicans, god knows who they would appoint, but that had legitimacy. i had no intention of walking away from our responsibility. >> they will now appoint members to serve on the select committee. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is suspended from practicing in new york. suspended after making misleading statements while serving as former president trump's attorney. giuliani calls the move ridiculous. >> once again, these judges take action without giving me a
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hearing. i mean, this is ridiculous. they're doing it based on newspapers. i haven't had a chance to have one minute of a hearing with them. >> giuliani can appeal the decision but cannot practice law in new york for the time being. the tsa wants to help crew members deal with the rise of unruly passengers. the classes are designed to help workers and flight attendants deal with incidents like this one. the tsa said this man tried to open a door from la to atlanta. now that passengers are back tsa plans to resume the unruly passenger classness july. now our investigative unit did a deep dive into unruly passengers. thousands of passengers were banned for not wearing a mask. a big decision for the white
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house if you are a renter or landlord, you want to listen here. the biden administration extended the eviction moratorium. it was set to expire around the corner on june 30th. the cdc recommended to extend it. this will probably be the last time the moratorium is extended. keeping people in their homes is a key step in helping the stop of the spread of covid. the u.s. will begin testing the covid-19 vaccine in pregnant women. a new trial of mommy vax will test any of the authorized vaccines in the u.s. health experts say pregnant women are more likely to be hospitalized and die from
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covid-19. still to come, they survived coronavirus, but that's only the beginning. >> it's very difficult. you don't expect it to change your personality. >> the stanford researchers taking a closer look at covid long haulers. first, lots of people are having trouble getting their vaccine qr code because of errors. we'll show you how to fix them next. i'm chief meteorologist. storms over the sierra. when this could get next to the bay area. i'm back with that in about eight minutes.
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there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp
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as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. according to the associated press, all covid deaths are people who were not vaccinated. they suggest vaccines are highly effective. daily deaths could be near zero if everyone got their shots.
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similar numbers for break through infections for fully vaccinated people. our consumer team showed us how to sign up for california's new digital vaccine records. we heard from a lot who couldn't get it to work. >> we went to work to figure out how to help you get it done. here's how. >> reporter: when we made our first video about california's covid-19 vaccine qr code, we knew there could be difficulties. people who tried and it didn't match. the first dose listed fine but the second dose shows na which means no record of it. what do you do? in the interim, carry your vaccine card. let's talk about how to fix your account. first, contact the state. when you get rejected, there is a troubleshooting link.
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if you didn't click it the first time, try it again and click it. otherwise you can call the state. the number is 833-422-4255. both ways the state will take information about your doses and update your records. when i called in to update mine, it took seven minutes from start to finish. here's the thing, the state says it can take two or three weeks to completely update your record and then get you the qr code. the state ace the other thing you can do is contact your vaccine provider. if you went to a mass vaccination site the state says you have to figure out who was running it, contact them, ask them to update your record and transmit it to the state. lots of people got their shots at drug stores. cvs has done 24 million. wall green is in the process.
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cvs says you can call in now. they can address any issues for the patient's incomplete or inaccurate vaccine records. correcting this takes time that's why we recommend carrying a paper or digital copy of your card with you if you need to prove you've been vaccinated against covid-19. >> thanks, chris. san francisco reopening and that means the return of tore lists and the city chamber's of commerce. the chamber is unveiling something new on the website. street care dashboard. vandalism, overflowing trash cans and theft. they've tracked the changes. they hope the dashboard will address problem areas early before they reflect badly on the city. visiting hawaii is about to get a lot easier. the state is ending the
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pretravel testing requirement for travelers fully vaccinated. the testing requirement was the only way for tourists to by pass the mandatory quarantine. >> that sounds nice, a trip to hawaii. >> very lovely. we have nice weather here. >> staycation, right? >> it's over tahoe. >> not a concern? >> not at all. not for the immediate bay area. there's a chance we could get some rainfall for parts of the north bay. you can see on the satellite picture, that was going to develop over the sierra is currently developing right now. also pushing towards reading. there's only a small chance you may see a little bit of this go towards clear lake and ukia.
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the counterclockwise spin pushing up the activity over the sierra and off to the north. around 9 p.m. we could see a little bit of spotty shower and if we see anything from this, you can bet i'll give you the activity again. right up towards reading. let's get you ready for tomorrow morning. going to be friday. we're shaping up pretty good here. cool breeze in the morning. then as you roll to the afternoon, that clears out and get the sunshine recurring. temperatures will start off cool. over the south bay, peninsula and trivalley. more of the rounds of the 50s. stran and the bay. daytime highs will start to warm up. the cool system will move out. we'll get the hotter weather system starting to build in.
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3 to 7 degrees warmer. 87 in morgan hill. san jose, 79. east bay, hotter. 70s here in fremont and oakland at 69. you know the drill and we get closer to the ocean. right over the peninsula, 78 in palo alto. san francisco, 70 in mission. that's the one spot you want to be if you want milder weather. the coast will be at a cool 61. wine country, 82 in napa, 83 in sonoma. look at the difference it makes once you get away from the ocean. a lot hotter. 96 in clear lake and 97 in ukiah. high pressure moving over for part of the weekend. the change as of today, looks like this cooler system will
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linger as well for part of the weekend and next week. cool system and warmer system. not as hot as originally expected. san francisco forecast, 70s sunday, monday and tuesday. inland valleys, 94 saturday. lots of 80s and low 90s. that is the forecast we can handle. how do we feel about 94? >> janelle is on the fence. >> one day, i can make it. i'll survive. >> tomorrow is your day, 85. >> okay. i won't be here tomorrow then. thanks, geoff. what will happen to them? the last cow captured running through the streets of a southern california neighborhood.
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well, how would you like to see this family the next time you step outside? a massachusetts man spotted a mama bear and her cubs when he was taking out her crash. they were walking around his
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neighborhood. bear sightings are not uncommon. they're often there on trash day. the mama bear, she needs to scratch her back. she has an itch. babies near her. the lone remaining cow on the loose will be spared and moved to a sanctuary to live out the rest of its life. you may recall the story on tuesday. the cows got loose from a meat packing plant. "the herd" quickly made its way through a neighborhood. after the la county rounded them up, they convinced the slaughter house to donate the last cow found and spare its life. >> it makes us think that, you know, in the circle of life it's not just us. it's not just us human beings, there's animals there and we have to be cognizant and take
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care of them. as a symbolic gesture, this last cow will live the rest of its life in a sanctuary. >> the cow is worth $5500 to the plant. the people are trying to buy more cows to spare more of their lives. >> true california story there. we've gone from swimming, track and field and another big ticket event. gymnastics. american gymnasts are trying to earn a spot on team u.s.a. tokyo less than a month away. the men's competition in st. louis. tomorrow the women. that means all eyes will be on simone biles. what will shetime? the four-time gold medalist continues to push the sport forward pulling off moves never done before. you can watch this torm night. they are one of the most dominant teams going to the olympics. the u.s. women's water polo team
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ready to bring home the gold. we have their story next.
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okay. as we mentioned, we're less than a month away from the tokyo olympics. there's a lot happening in the water. >> the powerhouse u.s. water polo team features several players with bay area ties. here's nbc's anthony flores. >> it's been more than 150 days
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since they have played a game and they're eager to get back into the pool in tokyo. 28-year-old maggie stefan is captain of the squad. >> we had a very challenging, tough, and different past couple of years. we faced postponement from the pandemic, what was remarkable, we always came out stronger. >> the two-time gold medalist is one of five stanford cardinals. her sisters, this is their second olympic. they both won gold in rio. >> we've evolved in the last five years. we've gone through struggles with each other out of this process, in this process. recently we've come together as a unit. it's just been really mice to see that. >> there may not be a more dominating group heading to the
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games this summer. the u.s. team is ranked number one in the world winning every tournament since 2014. their real strength, the team work out of the pool. >> there's not anything else that matters. >> together as one they will begin their quest for a third consecutive gold medal next month in tokyo. anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> the good news is they're really good. the down side is, that's a lot of pressure to stay in that level. >> i think team u.s.a. is going to do it. >> that's going to do it for us here at 5:30. jessica has what's up at 6:00. >> right now at 6, they just can't shake it. long-term lingering symptoms from having covid. the new stanford clinic looking for some answers. >> i couldn't remember what some of the words meant, like when i would do word puzzles or even how to spell them. >> how researchers are using
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what they're learning to help you and your loved one. >> i'm scott budman. travel is opening up. good news if you're going on vacation. bad news if you need to reopen your passport in a hurry. tips coming up. >> should funds, money, be diverted from police and over to violence prevention programs? the debate happening right now in oakland.] in oakland. the news at 6:00 tarts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. you may want to move past covid but is covid ready to let you go? there are patients who survived the coronavirus only to find the after-effects are still lingering. stanford is looking to help these so-called long haulers understand why some just can't seem to recover. today stanford gave us exclusive access to their new clinic.


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