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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 25, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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like, if it is just a dream, wake me up. i don't get it. >> right now at 4:30, a desperate search for life. family and friends waiting for any answers as rescuers comb through that rubble hoping to find survivors of the condominium collapse near miami beach. good friday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we'll get to more on that in just a little bit. and traffic . we made it to friday morning. what's the forecast look like?
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>> it looks pretty good. checking out dublin where temperatures are in the upper 50s. another cloudy start and that means a slow warmup today. we will see slightly warmer temperatures in a few spots as we go around the bay, we'll see a high of 69 degrees in san francisco, santa rosa reaching 79 and 86 in brentwood. a warmer weekend coming up in a few minutes. how is it looking for the commute. >> the speed sensors look fine over here but a fire around the island bridge off highway 37, smoke is visible. we'll be checking on that. chp might give me more information. if there's anything to worry about for that drive. meanwhile the rest of the bay looks great. i think they've cleared 84. speaking of fires, a bigger one in the south bay. >> that's the breaking news we're following out of north san jose. crews there at the scene of this
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old warehouse. we're getting the first images of the scene. the thick cloud of smoke as well as those flames right there going on near gold and moffett street not far from the guard lupe river. we are working to learn what led up to this fire. to the desperate and dangerous search in surfside, florida. nearly 100 accounted for, after the building partially collapsed thursday morning. authorities say there is one confirmed death from the really horrible tragedy. >> it is a horrible tragedy. more than 100 people have been located and connected with their loved ones. dan scheneman has more. >> reporter: rescuers working through the night going through the rubble of a south florida residential building. >> they are so motivated to bring people out safely and restore them to their loved
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ones. >> reporter: search crews aided by dogs scouring every inch of the disaster. >> there's a parking garage that's beneath the building that's given us a better access to gain basically tunnel ways to the different floors. >> reporter: it was around 1:30 in the morning when the structure began to fall. >> this is going to be an entire building, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12 -- 12 to 13 stories. most of the building is gone. >> reporter: in a few moments, 12 stories, a cloud of dust and a pile of concrete and steel. >> when the dust cleared there was the back half of the building or the back two-thirds of the building was gone. it's down to the ground. >> reporter: nearby, families missing loved ones could do little but wait for news. >> like the cell phone is ringing but they don't pick up. >> reporter: while rescuers comb the rubble authorities are looking for clues. >> we're looking at what might be concerns with the construction or the condition of the building. we do not have any information
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at this time to really say. >> reporter: rescuers hoping to find survivors, investigators determined to find out why this happened. dan scheneman, better idea of how much of this building collapsed. take a look at this. that entire section in red, we also have that before and after look and the entire section in the northeast corridor next to the pool is really just no longer standing. the big question many people are asking, how did this happen? that building near miami has been sinking for years. is that the problem? or part of it anyway. we spoke with an engineer. here is "today in the bay's" jean elle. >> reporter: while rescue crews searched the rubble for survivors investigators looking for answers about why the building collapsed will be searching the same debris. the american society of civil engineers says there are clues in the pile. >> the way it's piled up, the
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way that trained eye about how the failure initiated, where it might have initiated. >> reporter: there are many other factors for investigators to look into. built in 1981, the champlain tower was due for a required 40-year inspection. ongoing roof work and building movement will be considered. according to a recent report from florida international university the building began sinking in the 1990s, about two millimeters a year. >> was there a settlement that caused instability? was there deterioration of some of the foundation numbers, were there changes to the structural building? >> reporter: the president of the structural engineers association of northern california says building movement will be investigated, but is often expected and planned for. >> we do design our structures to incorporate the recommendations of the geotechnical engineer who helps
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inform us what types of settlements we can expect and types of foundations we should use. >> reporter: in the bay area there are buildings that are settling and still standing. as our investigative unit has reported, the millennium tourre inches in the decade after it was built. equipment is set up around it for the foundation fix. a resident we talked to says she feels safe. >> i believe whav they're going doing, they're going to do a good job. >> reporter: as experts look for answers in florida, structural engineers say the results of the investigations could lead to changes industrywide. rescue teams are currently working to try to find survivors. for the latest information head to this is the top story on our website. some are calling it a historic budget amendment and it comes as some people across the nation are calling for cities to defund police. last night oakland's city council approved the budget amendment that takes money away
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from the police and invests that money into social services instead. it also takes away additional police academies, freezes several vacant police positions and gets rid of a traffic squad. supporters of the vote gathering in downtown oakland, they celebrated with what they're calling a victim while some expressed disappointment in that vote. >> oakland went through a process to reimagine safety and on this day, june 24th, we actually are doing something about it. we're putting our money where our mouth is. >> mass shootings this year, 60 homicides already. it's very worrying what we're going to -- what's going to happen with even less resources available to tackle that level of violent crime. >> in a statement mayor schaaf says she is disappointed in the vote because it cuts 50 police officers who respond to 911 calls, saying it will destroy the current public safety system. this morning there are stunning new numbers out about the pandemic and the effectiveness of the covid-19
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vaccine. an associated press analysis finds nearly all deaths and hospitalizations have happened to people who were not vaccinated. the analysis crunched the cdc numbers from may. only 150 deaths were reported. and of the 18,000 cases that were reported, they involved people who were vaccinated. as for hospitalizations, that involved only 0.1% of the fully vaccinated. a live look in los angeles where new cases of the highly contagious delta variant are on the rise. of the 123 people confirmed to have been infected, 110 were unvaccinated. three were partially vaccinated. >> those cases increase, state health officials are urging everyone to get the vaccine. so far three in five californians have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. about 57% are fully vaccinated and means millions more doses will need to be administer
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before the state reaches the co fire safety, especially for the oakland hills. o share the steps being taken to boost preparedness for the fire season ramping up and the july 4th holiday approaching. the news conference gets under way at 11:00 a.m. here we are on a friday getting ready for the weekend. meteorologist kari hall has a look at that forecast for us on this fabulous friday. . >> yes. we are getting ready for the weekend that's going to be a nice one. warm in some spots, nice and cool, it will be a little bit warmer as we go through today. enjoy the morning hours while our temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s. we're headed toward the upper 70s by 11:00 and it will once again be a slightly warmer day as we reach up to 88 degrees in antioch, 96 degrees in clearlake.
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compare that to the 79 in santa rosa. a lot of changes here. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike, are you seeing any changes for the commute? >> we had a report of a crash here a while back. this is north 101 at the 85 split. we're hearing the changes, it's gone now, off the grid. that's good as we look at the south bay drive. santa clara county no problem towards the peninsula through the east bay this way is your commute and just a little bit of slowing through the altamont pass. chemical weapons said it was gusty. we expect that. over toward the bay bridge with the span from emeryville it's beautiful. there are low clouds here touchings the tops of the towers. visibility is fine. we can see this clearly. back to you. >> thanks. coming up, instagram giving you more freedom outside its app. the change to post your content from anywhere. the major entertainment star supporting governor newsom in the upcoming recall.
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lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it with jardiance. we are committed to making jardiance available and affordable. with our savings card, eligible patients pay as little as $10. happy friday. it is 4:43 and if you plan on heading outside today, maybe going for a hike in the east bay, our temperatures start out cool, but we'll warm up quickly. i think before noon is your best time for those outdoor activities. during the afternoon we're in the mid to upper 80s. we'll talk about warmer temperatures in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. we showed the span but the
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backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we don't expect it to be there but more crowded as folks head to the giant's game and talk about them and two bay area teams coming up. joining the team is christina. >> good morning. i'm christina from cnbc. wall street is set to open higher after yesterday's rally. the dow jumping more than 300 points while the nasdaq and s&p 500 both closed at record highs. stocks getting a boost as the white house and a group of bipartisan senators announced a deal on an infrastructure package. investors seem to be more enthusiastic after the federal reserve said the big u.s. banks passed the government's latest stress tests. in focus reports on personal income and spending and consumer sentiment. microsoft unveiled windows 11, the first major update to its flagship operating software in six years. it will be available later this year on new computers and other devices and as a free update for those with windows 10. it includes a number of cosmetic
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upgrades such a new start button, overall task bar and sound and designed to boost speed and efficiency. microsoft says it won't force app developers to pay fees to the company for using its app store and google's android app will run on the system. instagram is testing giving users the ability to post to their feeds from the desktop browsers. the first time it's allowed posting from outside the app on your phone. there aren't any major differences for posts that are from inside or outside the app. it's possible to upload multiple photos, edit, apply a zillion filters, however the change is significant as it's a major step towards making instagram's website as functional as the app. maybe who knows what else they will do on that website going forward. back to you guys. >> it will be helpful. >> sometimes when i need something larger i go to the desktop. >> right. >> fine details there. >> thanks. coming up next, we are hours
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thing. that's why. >> you're more than a thing. >> i'm the -- cool. >> you're that. >> all right. >> let's get to weather. >> all that. >> i don't know what you guys are talking about. we're starting out with some clouds and another "f" word, fog this morning in san francisco. we're getting ready for the bay bridge series today, oracle park at about 64 degrees at first pitch later this evening, and then cooling down with a nice breezy wind and the fog returning as we go into the evening. >> we're going to have nice weather for that but in some spots it's going to be warmer. let's get a look at our mifts, santa rosa 79 degrees, compare that the 88 in antioch. downtown san jose will reach the upper 70s and 78 in palo alto.
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the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. you're going to see some changes here as we get rid of the strong ocean breeze and replace that with high pressure. that's going to really cause a lot of problems to the north of the bay area for the pacific northwest. they're expecting some of the hottest temperatures they've ever had. i mean it's crazy. as we go into the weekend, look at portland, oregon. 107. it's not supposed to be that hot for these areas that are used to highs in the 60s and 70s and so we're going to see numerous records fall farther to the north and still some hot weather across the desert southwest. we're going to warm up a little bit and it's not looking as intense as it originally did and definitely not as hot as it was last weekend. so we do have some good news here. we're going to see our temperatures bump up to the mid 90s tomorrow and come back down a few degrees by sunday into early0s for some of our warmest spots
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san francisco doesn't warm up too much here. we're in the upper 60s to lower 70s and that will stick with us into at least the middle to end of next week. all right. mike, you've been watching the commute. what is going on with that? >> things are pretty calm, kari. 107 in portland, i'm going to write to my friends up there. i don't think they ever had to degree with anything like that. smooth drive, we like to deal with this, but things will change. the altamont pass shows the typical slowing. earlier crash over in byron. highway 4 buzz affected. vassco was your alternate and it cleared and vasco is moving fine anyway, the speed 580, 17, 18 minutes of the drive. highway 4 no slowing, 28 from antioch, to 242 and concord. back to you. this morning the focus of the nation again on the courthouse in downtown minneapolis. later today a judgeofficer and convicted murderer derek chauvin. this comes more than a year
4:52 am
after he killed george floyd. floyd's death sparking an international movement and social reckoning across the u.s. >> "today in the bay" jay gray is outside the courtroom with more on today's sentencing hearing. >> reporter: more than two months after he was led from the courtroom in handcuffs a convicted murderer derek chauvin will learn later today how long he may stay behind bars. >> what's been happening in the last two months is that both lawyers have written memos what they think the sentencing should be. >> reporter: defense attorney eric nelson requesting time served and probation for the former minneapolis police officer writing, chauvin shouldn't go to prison because he was unaware he was even committing a crime. in fact, in his mind he was performing his lawful duty assisting other officers in the arrest of george floyd. prosecutors are asking for a 30-year sentence arguing chau george floyd's family and the community and his conduct shocked the nation's conscience.
4:53 am
state guidelines call for a sentence in the middle of the two requests, 10 to 15 years. judge peter kahill has already ruled that aggravating factor in the case do allow for a stiffer penalty, something george floyd's family is expected to demand in their impact statements during today's hearing. jay gray, nbc news, minneapolis. hollywood taking center stage when it comes to funding governor newsom's recall about battle. a few of entertainers taking roles. donations from public records were listed in the krun cole. reed hastings has given $3 million. filmmaking duo j.j. abrams and katie mcgraph have given about -- have contributed about $65,000. as has film maker steven speeg berg. cia donated $5,000 to newsom's effort. take me out to the ball game for the bay bridge series.
4:54 am
the matchup between the bay area's best and the one service we're launching today to help baseball fans get to the game. happening now, with traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels, san francisco is getting a new dose of reality for its 1500 or so parks. the curbside locations popped up during the pandemic to help struggling businesses. "the examiner" reporting there are concerns about safety and cars damaging space, especially in the late night hours when drivers are less aware and face it more people are rinking. one possible solution may be timed street closures but the rules are still a work in progress. much more ahead. it is 4:54. we'll be right back.
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is it a strikeout or home run? when it comes to the a's proposed ballpark in howard terminal the opinions of candidates now running for the east bay assembly district are mixed. all vying for that seat vacated by rob funtom. only one candidate supported the deal. another four argued against it saying the overhaul of that infrastructure was too costly for taxpayers. three candidates declined to respond. the special election takes place next tuesday with a possible runoff at the end of august. oakland leaders will vote july 20th on the a's stadium term sheet. speaking of the a's, the giants square off in the first game of this year's bay bridge series. oracle reopening for first time at full capacity and starting with tonight's game, north bay fans can get to games by ferries, the special event service to and from oracle for all remaining home games this
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rubble in seconds. headed south, vice president kamala harris going to the border for the first time since taking office. the growing backlash from republican critics wondering why it's taken so long. get ready for the heat. bay area temperatures will head higher this weekend. how it may affect your plans. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you on this friday. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we are following breaking news this morning. new video in of a fire in north san jose. it happened at an abandoned building. a plume of smoke coming from it as well. look at the flames. this is going on near the intersection of gold and moffett streets not far from the guadeloupe river near el veeso. kris sanchez just got to the scene and we're going to hear from her in a little bit. vice president kamala harris will head to the u.s./mexico border. this as president biden will sit down with the president of afghanistan to talk about withdrawing the remainder of u.s.


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