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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. right now at 5:00, helping the aapi community, a unique gathering in chinatown hopes to better lives, also better protect them. plus, more than 100 people still unaccounted for in florida after the coastal building collapse. what the rescue team is telling families tonight. but first, scary waters off our cost. a man bitten by a shark while surfing. how he got out of the water and how he's doing tonight. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. an exceptionally rare attack off
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our coast a surfer in the hospital after a shark attacked him off san mateo county this morning. here's a map showing where it happened. gray whale cove state park, south of pacifica. beach is now closed. signs are posted to warn people about what happened. christie smith has the very latest for us. >> we had a victim in the water. he was bitten by a shark. it was a younger great white. >> reporter: just after 9:00 saturday morning, the emergency call came in about gray whale cove state beach. >> he was surfing. so he was relatively close to the shore. and he was out surfing and the great white came up and took one bite out of him and released him. >> reporter: the shark bit the man in the back of his right thigh. he was able to make it up to the shore and witnesses helped get him up to the beach and get help. >> it was a serious injury. >> reporter: people who came to the beach right after the attack
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were shocked to learn what happened. >> fairly surprised to hear that. we've been coming here since we were kids and never encountered something like that. >> the white sharks out there are sharks, people are not on the menu, you occasionally have a shark incident like we did today, but it's generally very rare. >> reporter: we spoke by phone with david ebert, program director. >> they probably can't quite make out exactly what it was. they know there's something there, but it doesn't have the same sort of vibe that a seal does. a lot of times you see a bite where the shark will grab the surfer and let it go, it's more of an investigatory action. >> all very to suggest is to practice safety, for individuals to know their limitations. be aware that there is wildlife in the sea. >> reporter: in san mateo count, christie smith.
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>> we can't stress this enough. shark attacks after the coast here are very rare. we did cover a shark attack in 2013 in pacifica, about three miles from today's attack. luckily, he survived to tell the tale. you might remember in santa cruz last year, 26-year-old surfer attacked and that man died after the attack. we're continuing to update everything we learn about this shark attack. go to and click on surfer bitten by shark. just after 8:00 p.m. in florida. rescuers still sifting through the rubble, trying to find anyone alive after that condo collapse. moments ago officials telling us five people are confirmed dead, an increase of one. but that number is expected to be much higher. as the search continues, the
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search continues for what caused the collapse as well. >> reporter: as the search goes on, the agonizing wait continues, families hoping to learn the fate of their loved ones don't know much more now than they did then. >> no further victims have been find, as you've heard. the numbers are the same as they were yesterday. >> reporter: officials insist search teams are going as fast as they can, but smoke from a fire growing under the rubble has been showing the effort. >> at this juncture, it's dealing with those fires. >> reporter: late friday, surf side city officials released an inspection report prepared for the condo board three years ago which revealed cracks in the parking garage and pool deck. so far none of the findings have been linked to the cause of the collapse. >> we are very interested in all of the evidence coming to light,
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and we are including it in what happens after the rescue, and in the meantime, we are taking actions to make sure other buildings are safe. >> reporter: despite the news, families of the victims are trying to stay optimistic. >> my mom is the best person in the world. her name is judy siegel. we are not giving up hope that she's there and alive. we are praying and praying. >> reporter: they haven't heard any voices or tapping lately to suggest survivors are trying to call for help. >> tomorrow miami-dade mayor will be on "meet the press." you can watch that interview right here on nbc bay area. "meet the press" is on at 8:00 a.m. an engineer working on the millennium tower trying to ease concerns about a similar situation in san francisco, as our investigative unit has reported, the tower has sunk 18
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inches over the past ten years. equipment is set up around the building to fix that situation. ron hamburger says i will say that millennium tower was built to stringent earthquake standards. i can say with confidence the settlements of millennium tower have not compromised safety. jaxon van derbeken has been following the events with the millennium tower. a live look at dublin, temperatures reaching into the high 80s today. not bad compared to last weekend. a heat wave continues to bake much of the west coast. >> you know, right now we are seeing records in the pacific northwest. but for us in the bay area, near seasonal, at least for the bay and coast,re supposed to
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be. of course we kept the cloud cover, the marine layer expected to remain in the 50s overnight. and we do have the sea breeze. there's a wind-chill factor there. if you're going to be out and about late tonight in san francisco you definitely want to take your coat. especially if you are from out of town. layers are necessary. pretty comfortable overall. take a look at the temperature trend. into the late hours we're going to dip down into the 60s. as we head into tomorrow, expect to see warm temperatures again. 93 degrees in walnut creek. things are going to cool off just a little bit heading into sunday. right now we're noticing it's a little warmer into livermore, fairfield and concord. about five to six degrees above normal. i'm going to talk about the changes for sunday and the latest drought monitor, how that's doing and the impact it's having in the bay area. i'll have the full forecast in a
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few minutes. >> so many colors behind you. hundreds of people gathered to stop asian hate in san francisco today. the goal of the aapi care fair was to arm people with pepper spray and whistles as well as offer information and wellness services. new york-based soar over hate organized this thung. the co-founders were compelled to do it in light of recent attacks. >> this past year has been inspiring for us to see how many people are speaking out against asian hate. we have attended several rallies, but we knew we had to step up and take additional action. we couldn't stand watching the news and see more and more people shoved to the ground where they couldn't get up here in san francisco. >> they partnered with several local organizations to offer everything from self defense demonstrations.
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san francisco closing another mass vaccination site because of low demand. today was the last day people could get a covid shot at city college of san francisco. the city's health department is reminding people there are still places to go. small centers, clinics, pharmacies. san francisco was the first major city in the country to get more than 80% of eligible residents at least partially vaccinated. san francisco is also closing the moscone center vaccination site next month. it's going to close on july 14th because of san francisco's high rate of vaccinations and low covid case numbers. a terrifying accident, a hot air balloon falling more than 100 feet, landing on a house. we'll bring you the latest from the scene. plus, a power pole comes crashing down, sending a live line into a swimming pool. we'll investigate what's putting power poles at risk and what pg&e is doing about that. before we go to the break,
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it's been one month since the vta shooting. the bay area continues to mourn their lives. today it is roped off with yellow caution tape. no word on when service will resume.
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[announcement on pa] introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. [announcement on pa] how far would you go for a togo? just a terrible tragedy in new mexico. a hot air balloon crashed this
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morning and all five people on board are dead. the balloon hit power lines and fell about 100 feet, crashing into the ground. the balloon floated above a house nearby. there's a new threat to pg&e's grid as we head into peak fire season. the danger emerges after a wooden power pole fell in danville last year, sending a live line plunging into a back yard swimming pool. >> they did say that it's not uncommon, they said, because these poles are very old. >> reporter: when bob first saw the power pole tilting in his back yard, it was leaning about four or five feet. >> we thought it was normal for an old pole like that. >> reporter: a few days later he heard a crash. >> the whole pole fell over and the line fell into the pool. >> reporter: you have grand kids that play in the pool?
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>> this was the middle of summer in a weekday. obviously, you don't expect something like that to happen. >> reporter: fortunately, nobody was hurt. undetected dry rot near the base of the pole caused it to fail and prompted the company to acknowledge a safety concern for more than a half million similar-vintage power poles across its system. >> that's a lot of poles. >> reporter: former commissioner sandoval focussed a lot on safety. >> this is a massive safety problem affecting over 500,000 utility poles located god only knows where in pg&e's service territory. >> reporter: the danville pole along with a half million other at-risk poles all date back to before 1989, when pg&e stopped using cellon, a
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highly-pesticide-laced gas. they opted to use more-environmentally-friendly methods. in 2007, pg&e field engineers warned the aging poles wouldn't survive more than a decade. but rather than replace them, the company decided to leave the at-risk cellon poles in place, checking for rot using sounding hammers and injecting them at their base. but they admit that the efforts failed to detect significant internal dry rot in the pole that led to the failures. crews used old test holes to keep from weakening the poles with new ones. but that meant not finding as much rot. in a statement, pg&e told us it's revamping its testing, inspects and training as it works to assess which of its aging poles should be reenforce the or replaced. but it's running short on time. nearly three quarters are four
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decades old, that's the threshold where they're known to break from rot. and more than 200,000 are in high-fire-risk areas >> they keep running past failure. and, in the case of what happened in danville, pg&e's just lucky that they didn't kill somebody. >> reporter: sandoval says pg&e stockholders, not ratepayers, should have to pay the cost of belated fixes to the aging system. chase said pg&e told him the fallen line would have only been live for a few seconds, but he thinks that would have been long enough to do serious damage to anyone in the pool. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a
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call,888-996-tips. nice temperatures around the bay area right now. >> it's been really nice, right, terry? it is a little cloudy around the coast. that's all right. it's pretty typical to see these temperatures along with the summer fog. such a sight. right now, 60 degrees. overnight lows dipping down into the 50s. keep in mind that even though it was cool and breezy around the coastline it did manage to warm up. in san jose it's about 75 degrees. such a nice day. light winds from the north-northwest about 13 miles per hour. great afternoon for a walk. or into fremont and livermore area, well, look at concord right now, 93 degrees and it's already 5:00. we are noticing the heat in the interior portions. for tomorrow we are going to
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drop off a few degrees for inland areas. we were running about six degrees warmer in areas like concord and livermore, hence the 90s. but at least no triple digits. in the northwest they are dealing with record-breaking heat. no rain in sight. i wish i could say there was some on the way. but right now we're just going to notice cloud cover sticking around, marine layer through tonight and tomorrow morning. the winds definitely kick up that the wind-chill factor. around 9:30, we can see san francisco at 30-plus miles per hour. but they are expected to pick up a little more heading into tomorrow with onshore flow. winds 20-25, keep that in mind if you're going to be in areas like concord. it brings an increase for fire danger. let's talk about tomorrow's highs. we're going to keep the sea
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breeze along the coastline. pretty similar to what we saw today. temperatures in the 80s, cooling off a bit in concord at 85. san jose a high of 82. up through santa rosa, 84. san francisco in the 70s. it's going to be a little warmer along the coast. i do want to bring your attention to the drought monitor. it's no secret, we haven't seen any rain. there has been no improvement when it comes to the drought monitor. and 100% of california is under a drought and 33% under extreme drought. keep in mind the high pressure is strengthening, especially inland and into the north. they're experiencing record heat, expected to get even hotter tomorrow. if you have friends and family up there, definitely reach out to them, make sure they're doing well. we stay in the 70s for san francisco. take a look at your inland
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areas. we remain in the upper 80s. things remain dry all week long. a couple 90s into the middle of the week. aside from that, overnight lows remain in the 50s. beautiful summer days, a tad bit, almost seasonal for this time of year. we're almost where we're supposed to be at, terry, went for a morning walk, enjoyed every bit of it. >> i was out at the park the other day and saw this little dog with the booties on. >> important. >> you' got boots for your dog, right? >> i do. he's not the biggest fan, but when it comes to the heat, it's dangerous for their paws. you're not walking around barefoot, why should they walk around barefoot. black lgbtq pride.
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pride of course not limited to san francisco. a special partnership was in the spotlight in oakland this weekend. as part of pride month, oakland pride, they organized what they called the queer expo. many of the businesses at today's expo were hit especially hard during the pandemic. they say being back up and running and part of a pride
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event is exciting. >> it's heavy. i went to culinary school. i used to go to pride parades. and now i'm here doing this event. it's very exciting. >> oakland black pride is a new non-profit established during the pandemic. lot of big events canceled for a second time this spring and summer, but, as we showed you here, san mateo county fair was able to open with 35% capacity. we took you there earlier this month, and now we have learned 87,000 people attended the fair. more than 1200 people got vaccinated there. that sounds really good. it was the first urban fair to reopen after the pandemic. get ready for the return of the crowds. fourth of july travel is going to feel like normal. that was quick. what you need to know before hitting the road for your big trip.
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most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪♪ a nerve-wracking morning for families in fairfax, the city sending out a warning that a black bear was spotted in the area. fairfax pd asked people to stay inside. they don't know where the bear went. aaa says to expect this
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fourth of july weekend to look and feel like a pre-pandemic holiday. more than 47 million americans are traveling this upcoming holiday, a 40% increase from last year. comes just behind the numbers for 2019. about 3.5 million people will travel by plane, most vacationers, more than 43 million, will drive, despite having to pay more at the pump. >> traditionally, gas prices have dipped between memorial day and the fourth of july. we didn't see that this year, that's really because of demand. >> where are they going? anaheim and orlando, las vegas, beaches and cities known for tourism. back in a moment.
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♪ ♪ that's from san francisco's maritime historical park. today was the latest in several virtual concerts. their mission is to bring heritage to others. today featured irish fiddle players. tonight, a race against time rescuers at the condo collapse near miami battling fires deep inside the rubble. as a just released report shows engineers warned of structural damage throughout the building years ago. holding out hope more than 150 still unaccounted for. the wall of photos of the missing and the families hoping for a miracle. >> so we have official word we are still trying the hold on to whatever hope remains. deadly hot air balloon crash. five people dead after one hit a power line in new mexico. the terrifying footage of the moment it went down. tornado warnings in chicago


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