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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 26, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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shark. starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. we've now learned that surfer is out of the hospital tonight, that's really good news. the shark attack happened at 9:00 this morning at gray whale cove state beach. you see it on the map, ten miles north of half moon bay, actually closer to pacifica. we first broke the story on our digital platforms. nbc bay area's christie smith has the very latest. >> we had a victim in the water. he was bitten by a shark. it was a younger great white. >> reporter: just after 9:00 saturday morning, the emergency call came in about gray whale cove state beach. >> he was surfing. so he was relatively close to the shore. and he was out surfing and a great white came up and just took one bite out of him and release him. >> reporter: the shark bit the man in the back of his right
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thigh. the surfer made it up to the shore and witnesses pulled him to the beach and got help. >> it was a serious injury. >> reporter: people who came to the beach right after the attack were shocked to learn what had happened. >> we've been coming here for years since we were kids. never once did we encounter something like that. we'll definitely keep our eyes alert. >> white sharks are -- people, you know, are not on the menu. you occasionally have a shark incident like we did today but it's generally very rare. >> reporter: david ebert is program director for the pacific shark research center. >> they probably want make out what the surfer was, they know it's something there but probably doesn't have the same vibe as a seal. the shark grabs the surfer and then lets him go, probably more of an investigatory type of action. >> there's going to be sharks in the ocean.
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all i can suggest is to practice safety, for individuals to know their limitations, be aware there is wildlife in the sea. >> reporter: in san mateo county, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> they're not common, but shark attacks do happen, we want to stress. june 2013, a kayaker attacked right at linda mar beach. two months after that, a surfer attacked at pillar point in half moon bay. that person also survived. 2017, just a few years ago, four years ago, at point reyes, a surfer attacked there. that surfer lived as well. you also remember the shark attack in santa cruz last year, a 26-year-old surfer attacked. unfortunately the man died from his injuries. since the early 2000s, there have been exactly six deadly shark attacks in california. not giving up hope.
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search and rescue teams continue to comb through the rubble of that collapsed condo building in south florida. rescuers today recovered another body. the death toll now stands at five. they found human remains. 156 people remain unaccounted for tonight as the agonizing wait continues for families. >> our top priority continues to be search and rescue, and saving any lives that we can. >> firefighters were also able to contain a fire burning inside that rubble. smoke from that fire had been making search efforts more difficult. an engineer working on the millenial tower is trying to ease concerns about a similar situation happening here in the bay area. our investigative unit has reported the tower has sunk 18 inches over the past ten years. equipment is now set up around the building to fix the foundation. the structural engineer of the building says, quote, i will say that millennium tower was designed to trin generate
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earthquake resistance standards and is a much tougher form of construction than typical buildings in florida. i can state with confidence the settlements experienced by millennium tower have not compromised its stability and safety. jaxon van derbeken has been following the developments at millennium tower. you can follow his stories on our website, click on the "investigations" tab. those killed in san jose's vta shooting, it's been one month since the mass shooting at the vta rail yard. nine men died on that tragic day, husbands, fathers, brothers, sons. today the rail yard is still taped off with yellow caution tape. light rail service remains shut down. no timeline for when service will resume. >> people are still grieving. who knows how long it's going to take, that process, to see itself through. it's something that no one ever could imagine, of course. so -- but at the same time, we
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understand that we have a service that we offer to the community, that people depend on. and so we're trying to move forward. >> vta leaders say they're in discussion about getting light rail service back online but there is no firm timeline. san francisco is moving forward, closing another one of its vaccination sites. today was the last day people could get a covid shot at city college. health leaders remind people there are still a lot of places to go, small centers, clinics, pharmacies. san francisco was the first major city in the city to get more than 80% of eligible residents at least partially vaccinated. tonight oracle will have a full house. 18,000 fans are expected at the l.a. galaxy game. nbc bay area's marianne favro is
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live at paypal park. how does it feel out there? >> reporter: big crowds and big excitement, terry. we've got people tailgating in the parking lot, and hundreds of people have dusted off their quakes jerseys and are going through security to get their seats. they've waited a long time. the last game without capacity restrictions was on march 7th of last year. we talked to one man who is so excited about attending a game in person again that he decided to celebrate his birthday here today. he says he's not concerned about safety. >> we're fully vaccinated. so we got our vaccine cards, and we got our masks, and i think it's a great day to open up. >> reporter: before the game, which is the classico against the l.a. galaxy, there will be a moment of silence to honor the vta employees killed in a mass
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shooting a month ago today. at halftime there will be a tribute to the first responders who helped us get through the covid pandemic. just before 7:00 tonight there will be some skydivers who are going to be landing right inside the park. so that's going to be exciting. now, we have been checking, and i would say about 50% of the people heading in have been wearing masks. so it's going to be a fun night. people are waiting to hear the words "goal!" again. back to you, terry. >> i'm tempted to ask you to say that again but i think i'll leave it alone. marianne favro, live, thank you very much. hundreds of people gathered to stop asian hate in san francisco today. the goal of the free aapi care fair in chinatown was to arm people with pepper spray and whistles, as well as offer information and wellness services. the co-founders from the west coast said they were compelled to expand to san francisco especially in light of so many recent attacks.
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>> this past year has been inspiring for us to see how many people have been speaking out against asian hate. both of us have attended several rallies against asian hate in new york city. but we knew we had to step up and take additional action on the ground. we couldn't stand watching the news and see more and more people shoved to the ground to the point where they couldn't get up here in san francisco. >> soar above hate partnered with local organizations to offer self-defense demonstrations. coming up, making more room for local students. the plan uc berkeley is considering. plus the cruise industry moving forward. passengers aboard a ship to set sail from a u.s. port. where they're headed and what the rules are. hey there, summer fog. we definitely have the cloudy conditions, especially around the coastline. what's in store for our sunday? plus a look at your seven-day outlook, coming up. stay with us.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit a nervewracking morning for families who spotted a bear near laurel drive and cascade drive in san anselmo creek. police say this have been no further sightings that have bear. new at 6:00, three top uc schools are poised to raise the number of in-state students accepted and lower the number of
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out of state students. university of california leaders have long hired they need the higher tuition from those out of state students. now under an amended bill, they could all accept more california residents. the system will all except 6,200 more freshmen in total. the state would reimburse the campuses for the loss of out of state tuition. the proposed change comes after a record number of applications flooded the system last year. pride is not limited to san francisco. a special partnership on display in oakland this weekend. as part of pride month, the queer expo gives a chance for black or lgbtq-owned businesses to connect with the community. many businesses were hit especially hard during the pandemic. they said being back up and running and being part of this pride event is exciting. >> it's happy, it's good. i used to go to the gay pride events in oakland and san
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francisco and talk to my friends about doing these events. now i'm here. it's very exciting. >> oakland black pride which put on the event is a new nonprofit established during the pandemic. there's no official pride celebrations happening in san francisco this year, but here is dolores park, packed this afternoon as people celebrate pride and enjoy some gorgeous weather. gorgeous all over the bay area. well, it depends what you like, i guess. >> right. >> i was driving across the golden gate bridge, heading to work, and the fog was waiting for me. >> absolutely, i spotted it right behind you. we've got that fog, very typical for san francisco. it wraps itself around the golden gate bridge, creating that iconic look that you may love or may not if you're visiting us from out of town. it gets nippy in san francisco in the summer, it seems upside down or backwards. it's mainly because of the windchill factor, we have a bit of a sea breeze going on.
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overnight lows dipping into the 50s, so a mild night. the marine layer will stick around into the morning hours as well. san jose, a couple of miles inland, further down to the south bay, 74 degrees. right now, plenty of sunshine. we'll keep the clear skies overnight with temperatures in the 60s. light winds from the north/northwest at 12 miles per hour. and we are still seeing hot temperatures in walnut creek. 90 degrees right now. can you believe it? and it's 6:00. man, it got really hot out there. don't worry, though, we'll eventually dip down into the 60s overnight. we're not expecting any record heat locally. we're expecting record heat in the pacific northwest, i'll get to that in a second. running about nine degrees warmer at this hour compared to the past 24 hours. yes, that is that fog, the marine layer you can see right there on doppler radar and satellite. if you do get a fantastic photo of the bridge with the fog, much like terry does, terry is our vip photographer for the
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weather, he's a part of our weather squad, he takes amazing photos. send them my way, i'll repost it across our digital platforms. in addition to the sea breeze, this is why in the city. look at this, winds 30 miles per hour. it makes it feel even chillier, bringing back the fog. then you'll definitely be reaching for your coat. inland areas, we'll see a little bit of a breeze kick up, especially heading into sunday afternoon. so keep that in mind as we head into tomorrow, because my concern, any time we see winds start to kick up, especially for the interior valleys, with how dry it is, all that dry brush out there, people enjoying the weather, maybe barbecuing, be careful, okay? when you set fires, they can quickly spread and just make sure you keep them contained and you're safe out there. microclimate highs tomorrow, afternoon sea breezes remain in the coastline. temperatures in the 70s for san francisco. no huge difference in the daytime highs in the inland areas but temps in the mid- and
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upper 80s for the interior valleys. the long range outlook, we had that low pressure hanging off the coast. look at this high pressure. this is what's been bringing that heat dome which causes record heat, especially for the pacific northwest. they're expected to really see those temperatures bump up into tomorrow. it will be interesting to see, i'll make sure to share some of the highs they saw for the day. you might have family and friends out there. that way you have an idea not just what's going on in the bay, it's good to know what's going on throughout the entire nation. over the next seven days, we'll keep the sea breeze through tomorrow. 70s will remain in the forecast over the next seven days. and we start to really just sort of fall into a little bit more of a seasonal trend heading into the middle of the week. no rain in sight, though. that drought monitor has not shown any improvement. of course we haven't seen any rain. i've been enjoying this weather, great sunshine, fantastic temperatures. make sure you go out. and drink a lot of water, if you're in the interior valleys, it will still be warm.
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>> you're taking care of all of us. >> got to drink your h2o. ahead, an exciting moment as america emerges from the pandemic. the first cruise ship sets sail from a u.s. port. we'll take you there. featuring fresh artisan bread,
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it's been nearly three days since a 12-story condo building suddenly collapsed near miami beach. just about two hours ago rescue crews gave an update on the search operation. the crews pulled another body from the lovable the death toll stands at five. 156 remain unaccounted for. last night surfside officials released a 2018 report which uncovered structural problems on the building's parking garage
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and pool deck. here's nbc's chris pollone. >> reporter: after two days of fruitless searches, officials now say they've discovered the remains of more victims. >> our search and rescue team found another body in the rubble. and as well, our search has revealed some human remains. >> reporter: officials insist search teams are going as fast as they can, and firefighters have made progress in fighting a fire burning beneath the collapsed condo which had slowed the recovery effort. >> we're using the tools we have. with regard to sonar, we've done several sweeps of the debris field with our k9 as well as using any type of video equipment we have as we're establishing these search techniques. >> reporter: late friday, surfside city officials released an inspection report from three years ago which uncovered structural problems including
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cracks in columns and walls in the parking garage and pool deck. so far none of the findings has been linked to the cause of the collapse. >> we're obviously very interested in all of the evidence that's coming to light and we're going to be including it in our -- what happens after the rescue. and in the meantime we're taking actions to make sure that other buildings are safe. >> reporter: despite declining odds and the slow pace of the search, families of the missing are trying to stay optimistic. >> my mom is the best person in the world. her name is judy spiegel. we have not stopped having hope that she's there and alive and we're just praying and praying. >> reporter: but search and rescue teams say they haven't heard any voices or tapping lately to suggest survivors are trying to call for help. chris pollone, nbc news. city officials across south florida are now sending structural engineers to all buildings that are 40 years old to make sure those are safe. former president trump is back in the political spotlight tonight, holding a rally near cleveland. president trump took the stage,
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former president trump took the stage 30 minutes ago. more than 5,000 people are there. the former president addressed gun laws and also touted his support for georgia representative marjorie taylor greene and ohio congressman jim jordan. both are there at the rally with him this evening. another sign we're moving forward, the first cruise ship to sail from a u.s. port since the pandemic brought the industry to a standstill. royal caribbean "celebrity edge" is headed for mexico and the bahamas. the cruise is running at 40% capacity. all crew members are fully vaccinated. the majority of passengers are also vaccinated. the ship will be led by captain kate mchugh, the first american woman to captain a cruise ship. a live look at oracle park right now. game two of the bay bridge series about to begin. a's taking on the giants. last night's game was the first night oracle park was open at full capacity since the 2019 season. if you want to see something else that tells you things are opening up again, there's
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someone right here, he's no longer at home sitting on his couch. >> i'm back! >> anthony flores is back for the first time in 15 months. >> i believe it's been a little more than 15 months. i've watched, like many of our viewers, in my tv at home and talked to you but it's great it actually see you. >> you look great and rested. >> thank you. a fist bump, right? 15 months, compared to our next story. another athlete with ties to the bay area is headed to tokyo. how a former san jose athlete was able to make her olympic dream after a very long time. stick around, sports is next.
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let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. welcome back. i'm anthony flores. the giants extended their winning streak to four in a row by taking the series. yesterday was the first game with no limits on fan attendance.
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close to 37,000 packed the ballpark. johnny quedo put on a show. how about curt casale? he was a late add for buster posy. he had a home run. both teams said it was so nice to hear the roar of the crowd. >> particularly as the game matured, it seemed like the fans were more and more influential and energizing. i think it was special for the players in the dugout and all of us staff as well. >> this is the loudest we've heard any game, especially there at the end. even a walk or a strikeout gets a reaction that we haven't heard in a while. it was nice to hear. >> game two of the series gets under way tonight, 7:00 at oracle park. for the first time in 15 months, the earthquakes will play a home match in front of a full house. it's the cali classico against the l.a. galaxy. carlos ramirez from our sister
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station has a preview. >> reporter: that's right, anthony, today is a special day here at paypal park. for the first time since march 27, 2020, full capacity. 18,000 fans are expected here today for a cali classico. the quakes aren't in a good mood, they haven't won for six games in a row. since may 7. this team doesn't know what it's like to bring three points home. the galaxy have won and lost, al alternated those results. robin stephens won the olympic trials today. the former san jose state spartan. terry, she's 38 years old, gave up the sport more than a decade ago, turned six years ago. she led wire to wire on her way to victory.
6:27 pm
she's headed to the employments for the first time. after 15 mondays, it is great to say i can still read the teleprompter, no more taping the notes at home, hoping they don't fall off. it's great to be back. that's a look at sports. >> fantastic, anthony. good to have you. we'll be right back.
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finally tonight, about 50 middle and high school students gathering in front of oakland city hall today. not just to hang out.
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they painted murals. you see what they did here. they performed, they made banners about climate change and social justice. the gathering was part of the youth versus apocalypse group. in that battle, i'm rooting for the youths. the teenagers addressed topics like fossil fuels, racial equity, police reform. one teenager won a grant to cover art supplies for the day's festivities. the teenagers are from all over the bay area. they did a heck of a job. that's spending your saturday in a forward-looking way. anthony flores, let's talk some more. >> game two of the bay bridge series, giants and a's, the crowd was electric today. packed in the aisles, and they stayed the whole game. now, it helped that there were fireworks. but it was thrilling to the end. we have highlights from the pitch. olympic trials continue, we'll have highlights at 11:00. >> see you then.
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garvin thomas: thanks so much for joining us. i'm garvin thomas. if your faith in humanity has been running a bit low lately, well, our job for the next half hour is to fill that faith back up. we have a bunch of stories about people going out of their way to help others simply because it's a nice thing to do. we begin with a story about not just one good deed, but two. garvin: there are many out there who are fond of comparing the year we've just endured to a dumpster, most often one that's on fire. but while this story does indeed include a dumpster-- evelyn topper: do you want me to tell the whole story? garvin: it feels, evelyn topper says, like everything the past 12 months was not. evelyn: just a beautiful story. garvin: it begins, evelyn says, at this san rafael coffee shop.
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there she is on the shop security footage paying for her decaf chai latte, then putting her wallet back in her pocket


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