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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 27, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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as of this weekend, 80% of north american theaters are open. another welcome piece of news for movie lovers. thank you for watching. "nightly news" is next. we're back at 6:00. hope you can join us. breaking news tonight, the u.s. carries out air strikes on militia targets in iraq and syria, while in florida, the teth toll rising grieving families seeing the wreckage up close for the first time the new push to find survivors rescuers digging a giant trench below the rubble. >> we're going to continue moving and moving and searching as hard as we can. >> while some resides of nearby condos now evacuating could more buildings be at risk? dangerous heat 25 million facing extreme high temperatures out west. many in areas without much air conditioning and with the heat, the drought forcing towns and
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er cities to cancel fourth of july fireworks reopening america, a huge pride parade in new york, bruce springsteen reopening broadway and fans racing back into movie theaters and on board the first cruise to leave the u.s. before the pandemic began. >> i love it and feel out of jail. police search for the sign holding spectator who caused this epic tour de france crash the charges she could face >> and one graduation made to order. how the staff of a waffle house banded together to make this teen's dream come true >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow good evening we're going to get to the ongoing resccue efforts in southern florida in a moment, but we're learning the u.s. military carried out air strikes tonight against iran-backed militia groups in iraq and syria. let's get right to monica alba at the white house what do we know? >> late word tonight the u.s.
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carried out defensive precision air strikes against iran-backed militia groups in the iraq/syria border region. the militias are believed to bebehind drone attacks against u.s. military personnel in iraq. president biden ordered the military action according to a pentagon statement which says the predhas been clear he will act to protect u.s. personnel and given the ongoing series of attacks by iran-backed groups targeting u.s. interests in iraq, the president directed further military action to disrupt and deter such attacks returning here to the white house moments ago from a weekend in camp david, the president ignored our questions on the strikes, indicating he would have more to say tomorrow. the air strikes were carried out by manned aircraft, air force f-15s and f' 16s and a u.s. official tells nbc news they don't expect any additional strikes tonight. kate >> monica alba at the white house for us >> now let's go to florida where there was confirmation today that more people have perished inside that high-rise condo
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building that collapsed. the death toll now at least nine with more than 150 people still unaccounted for. morgan chesky reports from surfside >> tonight, a pain-s pain-stakig search in a pile of rubble more than 150 people still unaccounted for, and today turned even more deadly. >> we recovered eight more victims on site, so i'm confirming today that the death toll is at nine. >> the search and rescue effort nonstop. with hundreds on standby and now, global re-enforcements. israeli teams arriving on site this morning flying in at the request of victims' families, to work alongside fema specialists >> have you encountered any signs of life? >> unfortunately, we have not. we have heard taps, we have heard falling, we have heard twisting metal we hear sounds all the time. >> the pile so unstable, crews are now digging a more than 100-foot trench beneath the
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rubble, hoping to find survivors, and give answers tathose growing more desperate by the day >> they ask questions like, have you checked apartment 803? and there's no way to explain to them that there is no apartment 803. >> four of the nine confirmed victims have now been identified stacey dawn fang and manuela, pictures of those still missing covered nearby blocks. nicky and luis engaged and excited, both silent since early thursday morning >> they both had big plans for the future they had just moved to that apartment. they were going to start a family of their own. unfortunately no one has heard from them. >> this afternoon, families of victims allowed to visit the site for the first time. there on a nearby sidewalk, a growing memorial firefighters placing toys recovered from the memorial next to hopeful notes from loved ones >> we have to hope and pray
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we're going to get lucky we're going to pull some people out of there, pull all of the people out of there, actually, and i'm looking forward to miracles we're expecting miracles >> morgan, we know the fire under the rubble caused issues yesterday. are there any concerns now over possible exposure to smoke or chemicals? >> yeah, kate. fema tells me the fire is no longer a threat, but because they don't know what was burning, anyone on the rubble is asked to wear respiration protection, and anyone downwind is having to mask up kate >> morgan, thank you as investigators try to determine what caused the collapse, residents in nearby condos want to know if their buildings are safe some are making the difficult decision now to leave. antonia hilton has that story. >> tonight, growing fears that the buildings around champlain towers south may also be at risk of collapse. >> personally, if i were in that building, the sister building, given all the circumstances, i would probably want to be out until somebody told me safe. >> charles burkett announcing
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this morning residents of champlain towers north can evacuate voluntarily, adding he's not aware of any current issues there philip and his wife have lived in the north tower for six years. and he says they're not leaving. >> your building was made by the same builder do you feel safe living there? >> same builder. same architect more or less the same design a little bit different as far as the number of units. so yes, i'm concerned. >> the 2018 report from morabito consultants citing an abunding cracking in various degrees examined in the columns and walls and noted a major structural damage around the pool deck, suggesting it be removed. >> this is not unique in terms of having concrete problems. there was nothing in there that screamed to me, you need to get out of the building. >> but some don't want to wait for answers. monica lives in a building right
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across the street. >> you see the families of the victims, like, crying in front of your building because now, the families come i don't think it's a good idea it doesn't make sense to me, but i guess they were requesting to see the site you can see them, like, breaking in front of you pretty much. >> do you think you're going to feel comfortable moving back here after some time >> i have to at least for a while i have to >> monica plans to check into a hotel until then >> so tough. how soon can residents expect some answers >> it could frankly be many months before we know exactly why the south tower came down. miami-dade's mayor has announced that all buildings over 40 years old will be audited within the next 30 days, but still, residents want answers now >> of course they do antonia, thank you now to the dangerously hot
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weather scorching the west 25 million are at risk the temperatures are shocking, in portland, oregon, today, a forecast high of 112 that's 35 degrees above normal and the heat is putting july 4th fireworks at risk across the region quadvenegas is in portland >> a dome of heat is punishing the pacific northwest. >> 107 at portland international right now. that equals portland's all-time record high ever >> at least 25 million people remain under heat alerts in the western u.s. with residents doing what they can to escape the hottest areas. >> never seen it here before a little concerning. >> in idaho, the ironman competition moving forward under an excessive heat warning. >> it will be difficult, a struggle, but we're going to get it done. >> most restaurants in downtown portland closing for the day this owner who decided to open removing dining pods >> yeah, you bake in there we're going to close at 1:00 today so our employees don't
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have to die of heat. >> in seattle, the all-time record high of 103 expected to be broken. shoppers waiting in long lines for ac units and fans as stores ran out. >> i apologize >> meanwhile, states across the west are facing danger drought conditions >> when the weather gets over 100 degrees, we start getting really busy really fast. a lot of heat-related calls. fires, our big concern is going to be brush fires. >> with 44 active large fires burning from new mexico to oregon, many cities are canceling fourth of july fireworks as a precaution. while the temperature keeps rising under a scorching sun >> guad is with us from portland it's going to be even hotter tomorrow >> kate, that is the forecast. we have already established all-time record highs here, and tomorrow, we're expected to have even higher temperatures before it finally cools down later in the week with temperatures in the 90s. kate >> okay, the 90s
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thank you. there was a lot to celebrate this weekend in many parts of the nation, emerging from pandemic restrictions. there were parades, broadway openings, packed movie theaters. but there's also growing concern over the dangerous new variant some countries are even bringing back restrictions. kathy park has details >> this weekend, a big step forward as the nation bounces back to life new york city's pride march, which usually draws tens of thousands, primarily virtual, but in-person celebrations stretched across the street. >> having a virtual rally is not the pride we know, but we have pride in ourselves every day of the year >> and after staying dark for 15 months, the first broadway show opened up to a packed, fully vaccinated audience. starring bruce springsteen >> we were waiting such a long time for this, and we're excited to pioneer coming back in the safest way possible. >> with movie theaters
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reopening, early numbers point to a blockbuster weekend debut for "f9," the ninth installment in the fast and furious franchise and the second to bring in close to $70 million, shattering pandemic records. >> hold on >> while things are looking up, the fight against covid isn't over the biden administration says it likely won't hit the president's target of vaccinating 70% of americans with at least one shot by july 4th. and the more contagious delta variant could bring new dangers. >> what is your biggest concern about the delta variant right now? >> it's so infectious that it will dominate through unvaccinated individuals every time it infects somebody, it offers opportunities for the virus to mutate. and it could accelerate a mutation that could escape immunity >> with outbreaks of the variant spreading around the world, israel is reimposing indoor mask requirements, and sydney, australia, is on a two-week
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lockdown new restrictions to prevent reversing the progress made so far. >> we know a lot of fireworks displays are being canceled out west because of the drought, but a different story in new york. >> kate, that is right the iconic fireworks show in new york city is moving forward. it will be live and in person, but we're told there would be designated areas for poeople wh are designated and unvaccinated. >> when we come back, kerry sanders onboard the first cruise sailing out of the u.s. with an inside look at their new covid precautions. thank you. when we come back, kerry sanders on board the first cruise sailing out of the u.s. with an inside look at the new covid precautions. ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700.
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for real protection ask your doctor about breztri. tonight we're getting an inside look at the future of cruise vacations with covid. our kerry sanders is on the celebrity cruise ship edge right now, there first to leave the u.s. he's had a great vantage point to show you what it's like to be back on board. >> reporter: tonight the celebrity cruise ship "edge" is in the gulf of mexico. day two of a 7-day real world test can the cruise ship industry operate in a world still with covid. >> you have 62 ships when do all of the other ships start carrying passengers? >> we're bringing them on reasonably quickly we're anxious to do it right, not fast we think by the end of the year, we can have the bulk of the fleet up and operating. >> reporter: on board "the edge" cruse blogger stewart, this is his 278th cruise >> when somebody calls a cruise
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ship their floating petree dish, their credibility is out the window they've obviously never been on a cruise and they don't understand the concept of how much space is available per person on these cruise ships >> reporter: on this voyage there is more space than ever. it can hold 2900 passengers but to ensure social distancing, only 1100 tickets were sold. as the ship departed ft. lauderdale saturday, the noise makers on shore included travel agents hopeful a multi-billion-dollar industry is finally back long furloughed crew members showered paying passengers with gratitude as they boarded. how does it feel to be back on board working? >> i feel like i'm finally home. >> reporter: cruise lines report advanced bookings for this year and 2022 are breaking records. a sign america is returning to a post pandemic normal. >> it feels like i'm out of jail >> reporter: out of jail >> out of jail because of covid.
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this is the first time i've been on a boat since covid ended. >> reporter: do you feel you're on vacation? you're not wearing masks. >> oh my god, i feel like i'm on vacation, total vacation. >> reporter: the captain plans the first stop in mexico any passengers getting off on a shore excursion will be on a bubble working with a tour operator that is also following strict health protocols. kate >> kerry, thank you. still ahead, the major comeback story of a community devastated by covid and the stunning progress they have made at fidelity, you get personalized wealth planning and unmatched overall value. together with a dedicated advisor, you'll make a plan that can adjust as your life changes, with access to tax-smart investing strategies that help you keep more of what you earn. and with brokerage accounts, you see what you'll pay before you trade.
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it was a dangerous crash at the tour de france after a spectator stepped into the road in front of a cyclist now, french authorities are trying to find her melanie hunter has details >> reporter: as cyclists took off again today in pursuit of the yellow jersey, police are in pursuit of the woman in the yellow jacket. there she is holding up a sign for her grandparents for the cameras. >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: she's leaning into the road, looking the wrong way, and doesn't see the leaders approaching. >> it was the sign the rider in front hit. >> reporter: then german cyclist tony martin clips the cardboard sign and from there it's one after another total chaos caused by one woman. >> i don't know what happened there. maybe they clipped. >> reporter: from up above you see her on the side of the road and a few minutes later she appearess to have folded her sign, watching the aftermath police said she then fled the scene. authorities are asking for help finding her. they plan to charge her with
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deliberately violating safety regulations and causing injuries, and one tour official says they plan to sue her. at least one rider involved in this crash has ended his tour completely, and tonight reports several others were injured. molly hunter, nbc news, london. now to one community's triumph, sections of queens, new york, were the hardest hit early in the pandemic, often considered the epicenter of the epicenter. but one year later, they've bounced back gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: for julie and her husband, life is different now what has been the biggest change in this neighborhood over the past few months? >> i said like people love each other more, you know. >> reporter: at the height of the pandemic, the coffee shop they owned in queens, new york, shut down. it seemed everyone here either had covid or knew someone who did. >> the first month or so, all we heard was the sirens and we were all in our apartments and all you heard were sirens. >> reporter: across the city, that sound was haunting.
5:52 pm
morgue trucks brought in to hold the dead and doctors sounding the alarm. >> all the patients in this room, they all have covid. >> reporter: the line for testing outside elmhurst hospital grew longer. >> have fever, headache. >> reporter: this man later told us he was sick for weeks covid disproportionately ravaged the region, densely populated, lower income, communities of color. >> this tragedy was a tragedy that did not have to be and we need to now learn the lessons of what happened and recognize that a virus is a real enemy to us. it might not have a gun. it might not have a bomb but this is a war we were in and the only armor that we have is the vaccination. >> reporter: now, a dramatic turnaround, vaccinations in elmhurst have searched, 79% of residents now have at least one dose other areas are also catching up
5:53 pm
here in corona, there's an all-out vaccination effort these buses are here for walk ins. at this plaza, street vendors are back after an agonizing year >> it seemed like a movie. >> reporter: abigail is a community organizer who found a local food pantry. >> this community is resilient. >> reporter: that resilience on display at the coffee shop did you ever expect you'd have to shut down your business for months >> it's like a shock, actually i don't know, wake up and like it's a dream it's a bad dream, you know. >> reporter: and now you hope to wake up from it? >> hope to wake up stronger. >> reporter: after what seemed like the longest winter, this summer a shot in the arm gabe gutierrez, nbc news, new york when we come back, how the staff at one waffle house came together to make sure a teen employee didn't miss his big day. when we come back, how the staff at one waffle house came together to make sure a teen employee didn't miss his big day.
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there is good news tonight about going the extra mile and the team of waffle house employees who made sure their co-worker got to celebrate a major milestone. on a thursday in late may, 18-year-old tim harrison showed up for his normal shift at the waft house in center point, alabama, but it was not a normal day. did you know it was graduation day? >> yes, i did so which is why i was shocked when he came in that morning. >> what did you say? >> my first words is why are you here >> the high school senior told his manager he didn't have his cap and gown, or a ride to the ceremony across town that's when cedric and the rest of the waffle house staff stepped up >> i said well, go home and get the paperwork and call us and see what to do to get the cap and gown and while he was gone,
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we got together, put money together, went and got some clothes. a couple customers pitched in as well >> a brand-new suit for his big day. did you ever have one of those before >> no, ma'am. >> what did you feel like when you put it on? >> feel like a king walking the red carpet the best moment. >> co-worker shantanna drove in and others stepping in to cover the shifts. >> you could see the look in his eyes, the only thing he said was y'all really a family. >> the outpouring of support didn't stop there. when local news stations ran the story, he got a call from the lawson state community college, offering him a full ride >> when we saw his story and he had not even thought about going to college, we just thought this is an opportunity we must put before him. >> was that welcome for you? >> most definitely that was a blessing. >> for cedric, a father of three himself helping tim was second nature you know, a lot of co-workers wouldn't do that.
5:58 pm
>> that's just me, who i am. i don't care how many people don't, he was going to be at that graduation that day. >> a special day and a bright new future, all thanks to a generous portion of waffle house kindness you said before it's like they're your family but even random strangers, customers pitched in that had to make you feel kind of special. >> that felt inspiring to be honest that motivated me to want to be a better person. >> tim says he's interested in a career in business and his manager cedric says he's going to stay in touch with him to make sure tim has all the support he needs to succeed. that is "nightly news" for this sunday night lester holt is back with you tomorrow i'm kate snow. for all of us at nbc news, stay safe and have a great night.
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the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. tonight a massive heat wave is gripping parts of the west coast temperatures so hot in the northwest the olympic track trials have been postponed. in the bay area crews in contra costa county battling flames along port chicago highway. the flames put up so far 30 acres have burned and firefighters getting a handle on that. a scene like that exactly what firefighters are worried about as fireworks go on sale in some bay area cities tomorrow. in most cities fireworks are flat out illegal. in s


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