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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 27, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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coming up next, local news and we're three weeks and five days from the opening ceremony. for the entire team, mike tirico, good night from st. louis and the olympic trials right now at 11:00, incredible new video that may make you stay out of the water. the eerie images we are seeing from the same beach where a shark attacked the suffer yesterday. east bay city is gearing up for 4th of july celebrations. not all leaders are on board. with more company going back to work, we investigate the biggest concerns of people having going back to the office. the air we breathe. what to ask your boss to make sure you are safe on the job.
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i am terry mcsweeney, this time next sunday, the bay area's 4th of july celebrations will be whining down. marin is moving forward with plans of parades while surrounding cities have cancelled it. >> reporter: a small time field with big time patriotism. drawing crowds up to 5,000 people some years. last year the parade did not happen because of covid. this year, the city council voted to move forward with the event. >> it is good, i used to go as a kid. i think it would be nice to see everybody out back to normal. >> reporter: with the 4th of july event cancelled, council members inga miller expressed concerns that orinda will limit
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more crowds this year. in a statement tonight, "it is important that we exercise care and caution. any special events need to be organized to reflect that so participants stay safe." >> bill waterman believes the event can be held safely. >> the parade route is about a mile long so people can spread out here. and secondly, we suggest that people wear a mak only because unvaccinated people should wear a mask even though it is outside, especially to protect unvaccinated kid. >> the association also made changes to help keep people safe. no pancake breakfast or food and beverages will be sold at the
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event. >> there will be live music at the gazebo. >> if people use common sense and distance should be fine. >> reporter: people who don't feel comfortable watching the parade on 4th of july can watch it online. in orinda, nbc bay area news. the threat for fireworks about to skyrocket. set to begin sales of fireworks tomorrow for many celebrations going hand in hand for 4th of july. many are concerned because of the extreme fire danger. >> i hear illegal fireworks going off all time. i don't believe any fireworks should be controlled. >> i don't think fireworks should be legal, they should keep them small.
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>> firefighters reminding everyone with fireworks, anything that could spark a flame should be treated with caution. in the east bay, you will see dublin and union and pacifica along the coast and gilroy in the south bay. in the north bay, rio vista and rover park. >> crews are going to stay on the scene to monitor hot spots. a big sigh of relief for people who live in the area. again, 40 acres burned and no one hurt and no structure were threatened. the great whale on a shark attack at a 39-year-old surfer.
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this video a shark spotted swimming pretty close to shore. the shot with the drone. we talk to the man who took that video. >> reporter: benjamin holmes could not believe what he was seeing. a couple of weeks ago saw in the clear water of a shark swimming closer to shore. >> they didn't know what to do so i went down and warn themselves in the water. >> reporter: yesterday a gray white flown happens to be fishing at that time. >> help may be on its way but let's get you taken care of. >> the sufferer was released
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from the hospital hours later. he hopes to meet them again. >> reporter: hearing about yesterday's attack have hit close to home wendy who survived her own attack in 2018 in half-moon bay. >> i was okay. had it come from the side, my left knee would have been gone. and, that would have been it. i would have bled out on the beach. >> reporter: the trauma hits months later. >> six months later, i woke up and all the cold sweat came in. all the what ifs? >> the gentleman when he was speak yesterday, when he's ready to talk, i want him to know there are somebody in the bay area are ready to listen. something that keeps surfers
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still wanting to get those waves. >> we have been spoken with an expert. the adult shark population along the coast have grown and there are a few reasons why. >> white sharks are protected. that's about to catch adults. they feed on seals and sea lions. the population of seals is likely increasing and you have more prey, you will have more predators. >> is it a great danger? no. >> you heard it there. because sharks feed on seal and eat fish of warm water, you will see more sharks as the ocean continue to get warmer. we'll track all the development in yesterday's shark attack and find the latest information on
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our website. head to, click on "shark attack." here is something you don't hear often, blistering hot in settle. temperatures well over 100 degrees for some people heading to the beaches trying to cool off today and tomorrow expect to be hotter. things are supposed to heat up in california this week, too. these grid operator expects there will be enough energy to keep up with demand. not giving up hope, tonight's search and rescue team continues to dig into the rubble. four more victims have been identified. lee on oliwkowicz, 80-year-old. global re-enforcement survived at the collapsed site.
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152 people are still unaccounted for. >> they both had big plans. they were going to start a family of their own. >> we need to start pulling people out of the rubble and reuniting them with families. >> the pile is so unstable. rescuers are working to dig a trench more than 150 feet below the rubble. emotional moment for family missing in florida. you see the buses they took. this comes after family expressed frustration. they asked if they are allowed to access to site. here is a look at the white
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house. militia groups behind the recent drone attacks in iraq. president biden returns to the white house. the president did not stop to talk about all this so reporters shouted questions about those air strikes. no official pride parade in san francisco but there were plenty of things going on. a lot of people taken part. >> polk street. >> people carry signs and stood in solidarity with a unified message. >> the event is focused on the voices of black, brown and indigenous people. >> generally in our career spectrum, we get lost. we decided to do the people's
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march in order to get her grou center for a rally. >> the focus was on transgender justice. golden state warrior hosted a pride month. rupert bourdon, they discussed a variety of topics including advocacies for the lbgtq. >> i had people around me who are supported. there is no blue blunt of wow people are and the more people who are willing, and brave to share their story, it makes sports a better place for everyone. >> in addition to the pride panel. the warriors donated $25,000 to
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the house. the debated issue of the fla market feature faced an important vote on tuesday. the flea market have been around for 60 years. the flea market would be moved to a smaller site. small companies are returning to work and many people are concerned of one big thing. that's the air we breathe. also, a new pandemic trend. why people are buying wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers.
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and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
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. in the midst of the pandemic, our expectation of the workplace are changing dramatically. we explain what questions you should be asking your employers before heading back to the office. >> reporter: when the tech firm git hub decided to under go a multi million dollars renovation in the middle of the pandemic, it created a space for a new work force. >> you need to be able to support the way people want to work and give them flexibility. flexibility is the key. >> reporter: erika is chief operating officer at git hub. the company fits more meeting
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rooms. there are bigger screens so those not in the room appears just as large. >> the person working remotely feeling just as connective as the person in the conference room. >> absolutely. they're not going to feel the sense of belonging that everybody else does. >> reporter: there is a new amphitheater and stage with their own control group that streams to other employees that work remotely. >> how long do you think american offices should embrace this hybrid model, months or years? >> the way people work is changing forever. companies don't understand that are going to fall behind. those who want to come to the office still can. new national guidelines suggesting workplaces upgrade their air filters.
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merv 13 or higher. >> if they don't feel safe, they're not going to do their best work. what's the point. 92% of building owners expect demand for healthy offices to continue to grow over the next three years. >> teresa keenan is an engineer and expert on filtration system. >> imagine we have a swimming pool and someone dumped a bunch of glitter in it. you can dump some of the pool water and bring fresh water. >> if you are not vening aresol continues to
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build up. for example, offices don't have to prove they regularly in expect their ventilation and filtration system. 85% of companies do not have adequate ventilation. she now suggests adding carbon dioxide monitors in all buildings from schools to offices. they run about $100 and high level of 2 co 2. that's an indication of poor ventilation. >> air quality in a lot of buildings could be harming people's health and i don't even know it. >> if we dealt with all these problems before the pandemic, we may have had less closures or walk down or less people die? >> if we have poorly ventilated
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buildings, we are increasing the infection rate. >> reporter: for more than 20 years, the u.s. green building council offered its leed certification. it expanded to pandemic inspired recommendation. >> new protocols for disinfecting the office and maintenance checks with your heating and cooling system. >> we may see some of those practices become part of billing code. >> reporter: melissa baker is the president of the building. for now it is up to individual businesses to decide what kind of protection they want in place at the office and how much they're willing to pay for it. >> all these people depend on the work we do. >> erika brusha says it is too
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costly not to buy the changes. >> with all the additional measure we put in place, will keep them healthier during flu season and other ailments. >> on the kinds of safety changes, you want to talk to your boss about, >> call 888-996-tips or visit our website, call it a pandemic past time, the uage of zillow have skyrocketed. >> it went from $1.5 billion up to 9.6. some even say they are addicted. >> i will sit down at night
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instead of goung on facebook or instagram. >> a woman doing weather here tonight is addicted. we'll talk to her later. many strolling there is not willing the buy. more than half of those survey reported using an app to snoop on a friend or a neighbor's home. >> the latest bay area stadium opening up in full capacity on tuesday, every seat in the place available for the a's rangers game first time for the coliseum. they are welcoming anybody who wants to go all the way up to 100% capacity. they are eligible for buy tickets now. >> the friday is going to host a fireworkshe red sox.
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you have been on zillow. >> it is a way to dream. i look at potential yard for my dog. so we got a long way to go there. for tomorrow there will be a little bit different than today. right now as you head out the door, we are in the 50s and 60s. take a look. then we got some low 60s down in san jose, how are we going to fair out into the over night hours? >> we'll keep them hanging around the coastline. we are not going to cool off by much. no real change when it comes to the temperatures. 60 degrees in san jose right now and early morning hours, we'll stick to those 60s. it is a mild start for our morning on monday. you will notice the cloud cover even in in land areas.
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let's talk about doppler radar, not a lot is going on. we are continuing the dry weather pattern. how is our monday going to look? we'll see temperatures in the 70s and 80s. concord at 88 degrees. we have seen a couple of spots cooler along the coastline. >> i want to talk about breezy winds expected to head into theover night hours and into monday. further in land, a little gust here around san francisco. this is what i mean when i talk about the heat. we are still dealing with high pressure really all around us. to the north of us, east of us i should say. heat dome causing record heat for the pacific support west.
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>> i want to show you our forecast. tomorrow is monday, you may have some plans. if you are traveling further north, triple digits. in oregon, they saw a high of 108 degrees expected to get even hotter tomorrow. >> that gives you an idea. if you are traveling down to so-cal in southern california. down through palm springs, triple digits are expected there. over the next several days of your extended forecast. >> no real changes here. we may see a little boost on temperatures on tuesday but it will be much more noticeable. upper 80s, we may need some low to mid-90s on tuesday. one thing for sure, we are not expecting any rain and i wish we were. i hope you have a lovely night. i still have another look of the
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they fly in a modified 487 that goes up and up and keeps going up above the stratusphere.
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>> i just hope this shows my students and anybody really that go for your passion and just keep your eyes out and never close any doors or never be upset about a closed door. >> she was supposed to fly this mission last year but it was delayed because of several educators will be up on flights the next few weeks. three of them, matthews and stanford and hildra, all going to be taking flights.
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wow? >>. table tennis fans got a sneak peek of the event. olympians are training twice a day. players and around the world went there to compete in tournaments tune up for the olympics. >> now it is a whole year, a little more than a year since i equal fide. i am feeling focused on the tournament and more prepared to play well in the olympics. i think over there will be a little bit overwhelming. i will be nervous but it will be exciting for me, too. >> among the olympians, palo alto's lily zhang is heading to her third olympics. look at the thermometer there. that's what's happening when it
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is 148. it gets that hot. athletes had to be carded off. you see it there, feeling the effect of the heat. the announcer got word that eugene was 110. the hottest record in the history of that city. >> so, whether blending into sports on this sunday, speaking of sports, anthony flores is here now. >> they were indoors. it was still good enough for a trip to tokyo what simone biles says after winning the u.s. olympic trial. stick around, sports is next. another day, another chance. it could be the day you break the sales record, or the day there's appointments nonstop. with comcast business, you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses, and you can get the advanced cybersecurity solutions you need
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welcome back, i am anthony flores, simone biles is headed back to the summer games after winning the u.s. olympic gymnastic trial. nearly 1,000 fans packed the house. biles was not her best tonight. she was already so far at the field. she wins by more than two-points that'll lead the four-member team but after she was not happy with her performance. >> i was really upset. everybody out here came and gave their heart and i didn't give my best performance. that was what i was most upset about i want. i feel like i have a lot of wisdom. so i just want to keep everybody cool and calm and collected. >> terry is laughing about that
11:34 pm
is comment being old. >> lee -- yes, she fell on her tumbling run. she hurts her ankle, she had to be held off the mat. she finished fourth a few weeks ago. brad fisher has raced his way. he's numb nine. he finished second in today's men's 5,000 meter final. it was a great race and finish. he'll be competing in two events in tokyo, he also qualified for the men's 10,000 meter run. a great weekend of baseball in the bay area. more than 100,000 fans packed to watch the giants and a's in the bay bridge series. >> sammy long making his first bay bridge start. the a's would get to him in the
11:35 pm
top of the first. matt chapman with the single to right center. the 7th, ramirez singles to left. chapman scores, beats the throw. the a's take a 6-0 lead. the giants showing some fight late. bottom nine is steve dugger, it should have been caught. the a's beat the giants, 6-2. >> the last thing you want to do is be swept and i am not saying it was the most important game in the world. our guys came out fired. they were upset that we lost that game. they came out more aggressive. >> i thought it was a good
11:36 pm
series. >> santiago is the first victim of major league baseball of substances. he found something suspicious on his gloves. he was tossed and the first player objected since the league begins to check players for substances. >> they're using something that's called sticky stuff so it does not stick like this but it does add more to baseball. >> there is a lot of talk about it. some of the batters say hey, we want pitchers to have control because if they have throwing in the upper 90s we don't want them to get away. >> you may get suspended by doing that. >> it is just tape. >> that's what he's saying. anyway, thank you, anthony. 'll take you the first ship
11:37 pm
sailing out of the u.s. >> it feels like i am out of jail because of covid. >> and an inside look out of covid precautions. [announcement on pa] introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese.
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the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. [announcement on pa] how far would you go for a togo? so how do you all wanna play this? fast. that's another level. we are getting an inside look of the future of cruise ships during the age of covid. we are on board with celebrity edge with more. >> reporter: the celebrity cruise ship edge is in the gulf of mexico. day two of the seven day real world test. can the cruise ship industry operate in the world of covid. >> you have 62 ships, when do those other ships actually start
11:39 pm
carrying passengers. >> we'll bring them on reasonably and we are anxious to do it right and not fast. >> reporter: on board the edge, stewart sheron, this is his 178th crew. they never been on a cruise and they don't understand how much space is available on these cruise ships. >> reporter: ensure social distancing, only 1100 tickets were sold. as the ship departed in fort lauderdale on saturday. the noise maker on shore included travel agents, hopeful multi billion dollars industry is finally back. crew members showered passengers with gratitude as they boarded. >> how does it feel to be back
11:40 pm
on board working? >> i feel like i am finally home. >> reporter: cruise lines report advance booking for this year and 2022 are breaking records. america is returning to a post pandemic normal. >> it feels like i am out of jail. >> out of jail? >> because of covid. this is a first time i have been on a boat, actually anywhere since covid ended. >> reporter: do you feel you are on vacation without wearing a mask? >> yes, oh my god, total vacation. >> reporter: the first stop of the ship will be mexico. any passengers going on a short excursion will be in a bubble with tour operators following protocols. the fight against covid is not over. 4th of july, that's the date that president biden hopes to have 70% of americans partially vaccinated. tonight, 54% americanses as the
11:41 pm
contagious delta variant continue to spread across the country and around the globe. >> it is so infectious that it will dominate through unvaccinated individuals. every time it infects somebody, it offers the opportunity for the virus to mutate and accelerate a mutation that could escape immunity. >> in austria, an outbreak of delta variant sent sidney in a lockdown. the clusters of cases is now grown to 110 cases of that variant. the covid restriction that we have lived with seems to ease every week. nbc bay area shows us how one southbound woman have put those sentiment to music. >> reporter: we endured a long strange 15 months. we missed out on anniversaries
11:42 pm
and family gatherings and trips to the theaters and hugs. it is nothing much to sing about or maybe it is. >> reporter: behind this plain door in mountain view, an in-person gathering we missed during the pandemic. >> reporter: this one is all in service with songs. >> we wanted to send an optimistic message to the world that the day will come very soon. >> reporter: that day is the end of covid. it is the message the south bay's woven the lyrics of the song she calls "the day will come." >> kids going back to school and we'll see each other without a mask. >> reporter: message of hope to reach around the globe. >> reporter: inside in recording studio, she brought together voices of the world to sing it.
11:43 pm
♪♪ >> there are 11 languages in this project. >> the more languages used, the more people can understand and relates. >> reporter: the lyrics recalled some of the things we missed during the pandemic. >> everywhere i go, i just can't wait to hug you again. >> reporter: jimenez singing in italian. >> i was so excited. >> it is simple we crave and want. this song reminds them that it is coming. >> ♪♪ >> so painful to have to do absence of those family members. ♪♪ >> reporter: even just the act
11:44 pm
of gathering to sing is food for the soul. >> hearing someone live singing -- oh, wow. yes. >> i feel that music unites. >> reporter: the video made it around the world through youtube and facebook. still she acknowledges the end may be away in some countries. as the distance to the pandemic ends growing shorter. maybe just the thing we need to embrace is a universal sing along. ♪♪ >> reporter: joe rrosario jr., nbc bay area. it was a nice day today, it was not too hot but hot enough. upper 80s. what can we expect for the workweek ahead? i got that answer for you, stay with us.
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[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪♪ [typing sounds]
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i definitely want to have kids at some point in my life and it would be heartbreaking to find out that, you know, there were something in the vaccine that, you know, made it difficult to get pregnant. hi penelope. i want to reassure you that no fertility loss was reported in the clinical trials or in the millions of women who have since received the vaccines.
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a story connected to our climate and crisis series. temperatures in oregon we have been talking about well over 100 degrees this weekend. that's topaz farm. it is pretty much quiet and empty and yes, sweltering.
11:48 pm
you pick areas the bar and the grill and the stores all closing early. many donkeys and cows, all that was cancelled. >> it was sad to me because i love to share that with people especially some kid's birthday if they are excited. luckily we can reschedule them. >> other farms on the island is impacted too. the concern is not only the animals but the crops which could be ruined by this heat. it is that hot. >> it is a high blow for farms who had to shutdown because of fire and smoke. they hope the stretch is not a sign of things to come. here is something popular in the pacific northwest, ice baths. they're being used as therapy in the deserts on the peninsula. probably feels good there. the practice boosts immunity and
11:49 pm
anxiety and stress. any takers on the ice bath? >> i am down. >> i think especially if it helps with the muscle relaxation or all that. >> no triple digits here. further in land, you may want to take a nice bath. temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s. over night lows not a huge change compares to the past 24 hours. we are going to keep some of that cloud cover and the fog early tomorrow morning as well. right now in san francisco, about 60 degrees and check out the over night lows. really no big changes so whatever you are seeing now, probably going to wake up to that again tomorrow morning. right now in san jose, it is about 60 degrees. we are going to keep the 60s in the forecast over night as far as livermore 59 right now. dipping down into just really low 50s as well. doppler radar right now, things are quiet. we got the dry conditions that
11:50 pm
are expected to remain, not just for today but the next seven days. how is your monday going to look. if you are returning back to work early in the morning, expect to see low cloud covers. maybe you can take a nice bath in some of these spots here. we are pretty cool when you compare us to how other spots are doing in the pacific northwest. wind gusts in direction, we saw a little bit of the sea breeze yesterday and today in san francisco. we'll see just a light breeze of 15 or 20 miles per hour. the flow helps keep us normal this time of the year. let's talk about the california heat. we are talking about triple digit temperature. we could see hotter temperatures for tomorrow.
11:51 pm
these are some things i want you to keep in mind. of course about two weeks ago, we had our own triple digits here in the bay area. we are not expecting that the next several days. the high pressure dominating the north here. if you are traveling the pacific northwest, that's where you will see some of that heat. in addition to that, i want to turn your attention to fire danger index. as we get closer to the 4th of july, you know we are in a serious drought and rain deficit and over night typically we see a really nice recovery when it comes to the humidity. temperatures are cooler, look at what happens during the daytime. this is when things start to really kick up when it comes to the concern. we see things dry out. the dew points and the humidities start to shift and once we see humidity drops less than 30%, we are dealing with extremely dry conditions and think of the dry brush out there. be safe and don't light your own
11:52 pm
fireworks. we'll see a boost of temperatures heading into tuesday. probably the warmest day of the week. we go back down into the low 80s heading into next weekend. we have a pretty good week ahead. >> i am excited for monday, it is my day off. >> that's something to be excited about. >> we'll go water my plants. >> thanks a lot. still ahead, breaking post pandemic box office records. how much installment of the new "fast and furious saga" raked in this weekend.
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we are now less than four weeks of the olympic games, the olympic torch relay reaching mount fuji today on her way to tokyo. excitement building, you can watch all the olympics coverage right here, opening ceremony on july 23rd. make sure to tune into the
11:55 pm
"today" show tomorrow morning. fresh off the mat from their competition tonight. hoda kobt will have their first interview with the women of gymnastics. the public still love cars that is are too fast, a lot of people returned over the weekend to see a new blockbuster film. "f-9" bringing in $70 million at box offices across the country. it is the most of any movie release since the pandemic began. the film earned $405 million. 80% of north american theaters are open which is another welcome news for movie lovers. we are back in a oment.
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it is not the indy 500 or the daytona 500 but it is serious raing nonetheless. >> maybe not that serious. the british lawn mower championships are back. they were shutdown for 18 month because of the pandemic. drivers battled it out on their favorite lawn mowers. they take it seriously. for safety sake, all cutting blades are removed. have a great night and a great week.
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