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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 28, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, brought to a standstill by tragedy. vta light-rail service may be getting closer to rolling again. but an important funding decision still hangs in the balance. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. well, more than a month after the vta rail yard mass shooting, rail yard service is still halted. but today it could move forward, this is through funding package in sacramento. this is aimed at assisting workers, riders and the agency who depend on mass transit. looking at the possible money
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involved and that impact. kris? >> reporter: well, hi there. we're talking about $20 million in state funding to help the vta start to move forward. it will help repair the infrastructure so that those trains can once again start running up and down the rails. the state assembly bill and senate bill will be voted on today. in total they are $20 million. this would mean mental health support funding for the hundred employees who witnessed the mass shooting in person as well as the other vta workers who have continued to show up for work day after day over the last month since it happened. the funds would also help to pay to repair light rail infrastructure which was also damaged in that shooting so that light-rail service can resume. and there would be funds for training too. the board declared an emergency in order to lease temporary space and move some of the operations and address safety
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concerns as well. the state funding could help with that, too. >> we think the funding will assist vta workers and their families in a profound way. it will allow vta to work toward resuming essential light-rail service sooner rather than later. we know how important that is to keep our community running. >> santa clara county supervisor talked about how it will get back on track financially after operating for more than a year under covid shelter at home orders. the light rail train has been stopped since one month ago on saturday.
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emotionally and financially of the victims. the coast line between pacifica reopened after the great white shark attack that happened over the weekend. a six-foot shark bit a leg. the victim is now out of the hospital. news of the shark attack hit close to home for one woman. she survived her own shark attack in half moon bay back in 2013. >> i was okay. i'm one of the extremely lucky ones. but had it come from the side my left knee down would've been gone, and that would have been it. i would have bled out on the beach. >> wow, i can't imagine living through that. shark rare, but because sharks feed o more sharks as the warm. developing in the pacific
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northwest, cities including portland and seattle are set to experience what may well be the hottest days they've ever recorded. how about 150 degrees in portland, and 11 in seattle. kari joins us now and a little bit of a warmup here. nothing like that thankfully. >> yeah, thankfully. but this is really just a sign that climate change is affecting these extreme weather events that we are seeing, and some of those extreme temperatures that they are seeing across the pacific northwest. it could be the bay area at any point this summer. look at those high temperatures. we are going to see it gradually cooling off for our inland areas. we are going to see highs in the 90s for today. we do mostly have 70s and 80s as we get that ocean breeze helping
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to keep some of our coastal areas much cooler. and as we go through the week, only some minor changes. we will talk more about that as well as when we are going to see some slightly cooler temperatures as we head into the fourth of july weekend that's coming up a little bit later. fireworks can be sold in some locations ahead of the fourth of july holiday. despite the dry conditions making things pretty ripe for wildfires. nbc bay area's cierra johnson is live in san bruno, one city where you can actually get those fireworks, but certainly not the case everywhere. >> reporter: good morning. exactly, laura. well, you know fourth of july is upon us when you start to see these trailers behind me popping up in some of those bay area communities. today is a big day for some of the nonprofits here in san mateo county. that's because it's the first day you can officially sell fireworks here in san bruno. there's a couple of booths set up at the parking lot of this mall. now, we've made a map for you just to let you know where it is
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legal, in fact, to sell or purchase those fireworks just to give you an idea in addition to san bruno, sales also start this week in pacifica, dublin, newark, union city and gilroy. they will also begin selling their fireworks just a couple days leading up to that big holiday. the booths are all run by volunteers of some of the local nonprofits. the products are all considered, quote, safe, meaning they don't fly or explode. and although these booths are only open for a few days leading up to the holiday, they can be big moneymakers for these nonprofits. >> well, we start selling today at noon. and we have to close by 9:00 on the fourth of july. and i'll tell you that the fourth of july, the third and the fourth are the biggest sales day. all of a sudden they realize, oh, i want to party tonight. well, go get fireworks. >> and while fireworks are legal in some communities like this
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one, some other communities have already shared that they plan to step up patrol this holiday weekend with the drought-like conditions and some of those warmer temperatures. it could be down right dangerous to set off fireworks. cierra johnson took to twitter to remind folk there's that fireworks are in fact illegal in that community and lighting them could result in thousands of dollars in fines or even jail time. so back out here live we have seen some folks coming in. the sales do not technically begin until noon. you have about another hour to wait at this particular location in san bruno. it's not just the bay area where they're limiting the sales and the lighting of fireworks. some other states across the nation, colorado, arizona, are limiting some of those bigger fireworks displays because they've already seen some wildfires. it's best to check and doubleed in your jurisdiction. we're live in safe. thank you, cin the tragic
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condo collapse near miami beach. 10 people have died. 150 people are listed as missing. >> sadly, we're learning more about those victims. nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: teams are still pulling away pieces of the crumbled high-rise. >> as they pick up those large pieces of debris, it allows for a whole 'nother round of the dogs that make the round that look for survivors and allow those paramedics that are embedded with the team, those surgeons and engineers in order to do their jobs. >> reporter: a job that continues around the clock because these heroes understand time, like the elements, is an enemy. >> we have heard taps, we have heard twisting metal. we hear sounds all the time. >> reporter: the noriega family hasn't heard from their
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92-year-old grandmother since the collapse. >> i fell to my knees just in realization that my grandmother was in that building. >> reporter: but as they rushed in, they did get what they considered a message, finding images and items from her apartment in the debris. >> it would be a miracle to bring her out alive. it'd be a miracle, and if my grandmother's soul is in heaven, then i know that she's with jesus. and either way she's good, so we have found comfort in that. >> reporter: comfort or at least some understanding is what dozens of families search for as they're allowed a closer look at the sites sunday. toys pulled from the wreckage along with messages line the sidewalk, a memorial of sorts cover this fence of pictures of the more than 150 still missing here. a little more now on the investigation, and engineers, other experts really focused on the bottom of this 13-story tower and the possibility of a structural failure either in or
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just below the underground parking garage that may be one of the reasons for the deadly collapse. jay gray, nbc news, surfside. a live look at san francisco this morning where the city is moving forward on trying to get all of its 35,000 workers vaccinated. starting today workers will have 30 days to reveal the vaccination status to comply with cal osha regulations for working without a mask. the city says all employees must get vaccinated once the fda fully approves the shots unless you have a medical problem or for a religious region. for a vast majority of workers if they refuse they could be terminated. the trump organization could be hit with criminal charges as soon as this week. this is according to sources we have spoken with, with nbc. >> scott mcgrew joins us. >> it's our understanding according to people familiar with the matter that prosecutors
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in new york have given the trump organization until today to explain why the organization should not be charged with tax evasion and other charges. as we've reported many times in the past, the trump organization has repeatedly been accused of manipulating the values of its real estate, lowering the value and paying taxes, raising the claim value when putting the buildings up as collateral on loans. even trump's own former lawyer michael cohen said this happened. now to be clear, any criminal charges that come out of the new york state attorney general's office or the manhattan district attorney will be against the trump organization and not trump himself. that's what we understand. as for the potential charges that we think are coming this week, the trump organization's lawyers said, quote, it's completely outrageous, i have been practicing for over 50 years, i've never seen a case like this. he went on to say the organization will plead not guilty, but then again we don't know what the charges are.
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as for donald trump himself, hm accused him of sexual impropriety and the state of georgia is investigating whether he illegally interfered with elections there. laura? >> thanks for following it all, scott. coming up, a big trip now unfolding that may chart the future of the u.s. cruise industry post-pandemic. we're going to give you an up-close look on board the ship that has so much really riding on it. and big changes coming for an app some of us use nearly every day. the new additions to venmo that may make you some money.
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developing this morning, president biden has directed u.s. military forces to carry out airstrikes against iran-backed militia groups. this is video of that military operation.
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the white house says militias iraq.ehind recent drone these strikes took place in the iraq-syria border region and are meant to deter and disrupt any future attacks. a statement goes on to say u.s. troops are in iraq at the invitation of the government for the sole purpose of assisting security forces in their efforts to defeat isis. state lawmakers may vote on a push to speed up a special election time line. democratic lawmakers believe when it comes to the recall, conditions favor governor newsom right now. their theory follows the longer the wait the more potential the wait. if approved the measure would roll back deliberate steps democratic took four years ago to slow down an effort to out the state senator. wh happens, an election is still not expected before mid-september to allow time for the ballots to be printed. new details this morning as the bay area reopens and more
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people flock to tourist destinations. car burglaries have gone up drastically in one part of san francisco. that's according to "the chronicle" which reports car break-ins in china town and fisherman's wharf are up eight times from the amount last year. more than 2,000 cars have been targeted this year. police warning people not to leave anything of value in your car. [ bell ] and speaking of value, the nasdaq rises to record high as tech stocks climb, the dow falls 150 points. new this morning, venmo will soon let users sell products and services on their personal accounts for a fee. the new policy will take effect july 20th. users will be charged nearly 2% plus a 10 cent fee. this is the latest attempt by paypal which owns venmo to profit from the payment app user base of more than 70 million. last year a rollout of physical
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venmo credit card and a flexible cash rewards program. the re-opening of america is taking another new step for the major cruise ship. >> the voyage is also giving us an inside look at the industry's future. nbc's carey sanders is on board and areas this report. >> reporter: this morning in the gulf of mexico, the cruise ship "edge." but before any paying passengers could be cheered. ♪♪ new rules. vaccine cards not mandatory but encouraged. >> somebody gets on board, they don't want to show a vaccine passport, they're unvaccinated, what is different for them? >> extra testing because we want to make sure that we prevent any kind of spread. it also involves having to wear masks. >> reporter: on board the edge, 99% of passengers and crew vaccinated. grace and 23 other kids are too young to get a vaccine.
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>> how is it that you're on board? >> i got tested. and we had to see the results before i could get on board. >> two adults on board are also not vaccinated like crew members they have to wear masks. among the most visible changes, the self-serve buffets. >> does it matter to you that they serve you rather than you just serving yourself taking as much as you want? >> no. i like much better being served. i don't like touching things that everybody else touched. >> reporter: almost three weeks ago two passengers tested positive on the millennium after a dry run with new protocols. >> our objective is unlike what you see on land in so many places, we can contain it, we can make sure that if there is a case it remains a case and rather than an outbreak. meanwhile on land, the fight against covid is not over. the dangerous delta variant spreading rapidly among the unvaccinated, especially in some southern states. but america is re-opening.
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new york city's pride celebration back with packed streets. the first broadway show featuring bruce springsteen opened up to a packed and fully vaccinated audience. >> the excitement level is at an all-time high. >> that is there. so, look, one east bay city moving forward with plans of the fourth of july parade. these typically draw thousands of people. well, now some are expressing concern over the ongoing pandemic. critics argue that there is no way the city can limit how many people show up. leaders with the orinda association say they've put changes in place to keep people safe, and the parade will be streamed online for people who don't feel comfortable attending in person. let's get a check of the forecast. we're kind of winding down the last few days of june here. and then july comes and so does the heat. how are we looking for today? it's kind of cooler, though,
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today. >> yeah, it's nice and cool. it's all thanks to the fog that's been near the coast. and so far we haven't seen that fog clearing out. take a look at this live view in san francisco as we are going to see the fog continuing for the next couple of hours, maybe a little bit of clearing, but it's all clear for the south bay right now after starting out with some clouds here and the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen as we head out over to dublin. if you're getting ready to head out for lunch, temperatures not too bad. in fact you might want to take that lunch outside. we're in the upper 60s. and we will see our temperatures here jumping up to the mid-80s. so if you've got some out door activities, it's going to be warm. keep the water bottle close by, but at least we're not dealing with extreme temperatures at this point. let me show you what we're seeing across the region. so the coastal areas with the fog are staying in the 60s. we have some 70s for san mateo
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today. san jose reaching the low 80s. take a look at the difference from south l.a. to the south county. headed towards the low 90s. and even some upper 90s farther to the north are kind of on the very southern edge of that heat dome that we have been talking about over the pacific northwest really causing those hot temperatures to continue for some of our valleys and farther to the north. tomorrow will be slightly hotter as we will see some spots like clear lake under a heat advisory reaching over 100 degrees. but then you compare that to some of the coastal areas that will stay in the 60s, half moon bay in the upper 60s. oakland tomorrow reaching the upper 70s and then some 90s for concord and livermore as well as morgan hill and down to san martin. we are going to see some spots that really heat up. a wide range as this high pressure continues across the region. we're going to see the high start to park itself over the
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desert southwest while we get our typical weather pattern. and we'll see the return of the ocean breeze as well as some warm temperatures in the valleys. i wanted to show you the difference in a spot like livermore. just a minor jump in temperatures up to 90. we are going to see a few minor changes here with highs in the 80s. and that continues into the fourth of july. laura, marcus? >> thanks so much. well, coming up, one small step and one giant leap for educators everywhere. the northern california teachers set to go up, up, and away. details on our important nasa mission in a matter of hours and how it benefits students back here on planet earth. but first happening now, more bay area courthouses are taking more steps and a return to normal. starting today distancing will no longer be required in santa clara county.
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but those masks still required. alameda county courthouses lifting the mask requirements provided you're fully vaccinated. and san francisco starting today all courthouse services will expand back to their pre-pandemic levels with mask requirements still in effect. much more ahead for you right this midday. we'll be right back. we're taking you along with us as we discover the best california has to offer, from food to lifestyle and everything in between, we're covering the entire state on "california live," weekdays at 11:30 a.m. on nbc bay area.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. happening today, and this is really cool, liftoff for one
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teacher. >> she's one of 28 teachers who is part of the nasa program that gathers information about universe. they will actually fly in a modified 747 that goes above the stratosphere and 20 feet higher than any other commercial flight. liftoff is scheduled for just before 8:00 tonight. and you know what? some of our bay area educators will also be going up in similar flights over the next few weeks. three of them are teachers at foothill college in los altos. that is pretty cool for your teacher to have that experience. well, something else pretty cool here trending this morning. rapper cardi b surprised fans and viewers at the bet hip-hop awards with a big announcement. ♪♪
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yep, she's expecting her second child with rapper offset. showing off her second time car announced she's pregnant while performing. back in 2018 she debuted her bump when she was a musical guest on "saturday night live." simone biles once again triumphant at the u.s. olympic trials. last night more than 20,000 fans packed the house in st. louis to watch the concluding night of the women's gymnastic trials. biles was already far ahead of the field and won without much of a challenge. suni li, jordan chiles and grace mccallum will make up that olympic team. it all starts july 23rd. less than a month now. >> a quick last look at that forecast. >> it's going to be a little bit warm as we head into tomorrow. we'll be watching our temperatures go up a few more degrees. but not too bad compared to the heat we've had, highs in the low
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80s going into the fourth of july weekend. and we're going to keep it cool and foggy near the coast, san francisco in the 60s. laura and marcus? >> looks good, something cool for everyone. thanks for joining us this morning. next newscast tomorrow morning at 5:00. have a good one.
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right now on "california live," we are coming at you live, and look who's back. hi. plus, malou is taking us out to a place that is picture-perfect up come the bay. and we're going to show you how you can have your selfie a great night. and amber is swinging into action in santa monica. i have a place that you are going to forget all the fears but worry about the addiction. i'm hanging out today. then denny is cracking up with keenan. >> it's all happening right now live on "california live."


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