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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 30, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. right now at 4:30, more mask confusion as l.a. tells people to cover up their faces. will we have to do the same thing here in the bay area? experts are weighing in on the delta variant spread. >> driving delays. a live look at san francisco near the top of the list when it comes to the most congested metro areas in the u.s. this morning what a surprising new study is revealing about your daily community as "today in the bay" begins right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a new day here.
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we haven't been here in one year. >> like going to school. first day of school. >> i feel like i should separate you two. >> if you're just joining us, it's because we're sitting together for the first time in a very long time. >> very long time. >> hey, we're back. anything is back to normal as we move you forward and get a look at that forecast coming up for you right now, meteorologist kari hall has been tracking those temperatures for us. kari, what are we expecting today? >> we're back to normal here too with the fog over san francisco and we're starting out this morning with some mist and drizzle, but for the inland areas it's clear in brentwood as you head out the door, the temperatures in the 60s, going to warm up today, but not be as hot as yesterday. we're going to see a cooling trend. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the early morning commute? >> things are calm. i saw a little slowing at the golden gate bridge northbound. the sensors, it's off and on. there's a crew there and fog there. i'll show that to you coming up in a next little bit here. 308 that's one crash we're
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watching around el camino. sounds like the lanes are clear but may be activity, another crash cleared from 273 in milpitas. i'll get the update from chp. back to you. >> we begin this morning with the massive confusion over masks. >> the world health organization and the cdc at odds even as los angeles goes against the state guidelines and says put them on because of the delta variant. "today in the bay's" terry mcsweeney takes a look at the confusion and surprisingly clear message here in the bay area. >> reporter: confusion about covering up, the world health organization and los angeles county strongly recommending masks be worn again outdoors and indoors at retail stores, theaters and workplaces, whether you're vaccinated or not. that because the highly contagious and more severe covid-19 delta variant, that now accounts for 20% of all new cases in the u.s., twice as many as just last week. >> implementing a mask mandate in the absence of, you know, broader spread of the virus is likely to erode the ability to
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implement these kinds of measures when we need them. we need to give the public a breather. >> reporter: los angeles county going against cdc and state guidelines recommending masks indoors and out even though the number of new cases there is down from two months ago. >> the cdc recommendations stand that if, in fact, you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated, you are protected and you do not need to wear a mask outdoors or indoors. >> reporter: locally, there's good news. that's credited to the high vaccination rate. >> we do know that delta variant exists in ma republican, but thankfully, because we're starting to see the signs, the benefits of community immunity where we have seen the delta variant it's not spreading as dramatically as some of these areas are experience because we have such a high rate of vaccination. >> reporter: a sampling of bay area counties shows the seven-day average of new cases down from two months ago, san mateo in late april, new cases stood at 41, now it's down to 27, alameda county, was at 93 on
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april 28th, now down to 58, santa clara county numbers of a seven-day average of 111 back then, now at 32. >> it always seems far behind the bay area. sydney, australia, going into a two-week lockdown, i was surprised to see the vaccination rate in australia just 5%. in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. a south bay mother accused of killing her young son in southern nevada desert is expected to appear in court after extradited to las vegas. authorities returned samantha rodriguez from colorado yesterday where she was arrested earlier this month. she's accused in the death of her 7-year-old son liam houston whose body was found by hikers in a trail in las vegas in late may. investigators discovered a note from liam's dad explain sheg and her son were leaving the bay area but they have not revealed
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how liam died. new this morning we're getting a brand new look at just how much the pandemic changed traffic across the country. for the first time in nearly 30 years l.a. did not have the worst traffic in the country. that title now belongs to newark area, that's according to a new texas a&m report and shows the total number of hours drivers were delayed last year. the new york city area came out on top with nearly 500,000, compared to l.a. with just over 365,000 hours. and san francisco came in eighth with over 112,000 hours for delays for drivers. happening now, in fresno county, crews are racing to stop a fast-moving fire. you can see all the smoke from the cgne camera. the fire is burning northeast of fresno about 14 miles northeast of shaver lake, burning in a rural area, not very many homes there. at last check the fire had burned about 125 acres sparking
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yesterday afternoon. kin tainment is at zero. santa rosa the latest city to impose a water reduction mandate voted to reduce usage by 20%. cracks down on water wastes from leaky faucets, toilets, sprinklers and more and bans water from washing sidewalks and driveways and requires you to put a shut off nozzle on your garden hose. several other cities and counties taking action. do you want to know what the drought drouts restrictions are in your neighborhood? you can check ahead, head to our website to find out how water agencies plan to move forward in the drought at and click on water restrictions. it's in the trending bar. 4:36 this morning. time to get a look at that forecast for you right now. meteorologist kari hall has a look at what we can expect from those temperatures today. kari, one thing i will say, yesterday's temperatures i loved
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and hopefully we can get a repeat. >> just for marcus. >> yeah. but you know what, it wasn't that nice everywhere across the bay area because we had some upper 90s in brentwood as well as farther to the north. i was extremely hot in some areas and that was our microclimates that we're still seeing this morning. we're starting out anywhere from 53 degrees to 75 in clearlake and clearlake was really sizzling yesterday. so we are going to have a cool down for all of us today as that fog lingers near the coast. take a look at our range in temperatures. 63 degrees for a high at half moon bay and 95 in ukiah. antioch today will be cooler with a high of 8 6 degrees. we'll talk about a cooling trend in our forecast. mike, any problems right now for the commute? >> i just wanted to touch on the crash i was talking about over here, milpitas. sounds like it's only affecting the mcarthur on ramp. no major injuries and right by the shopping area getting on to the highway there. 237 itself as well as the rest of the south bay freeways just fine. the peninsula moves smoothly.
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the crash 380 at el ka minogue no major injuries. a look at the golden gate bridge as kari was talking about, there's fog in the area. you see the typical drive or don't see part of the typical drive across the golden gate bridge. they're ready for the morning commute and that's about it. coming up here on "today in the bay," pulling out all the stops, southwest hoping more flight attendants get on board as the summer travel spike increases. they're hiring attendants as more customers want to get away. >> the race to replace attorney general rob bonta is entering a runoff. why his household might have much more of a say? state politics. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza as we get started with this wednesday for you. mike always keeping an eye on the roads. more when we return right here on "today in the bay."
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northbound with those lights away from us. towards us the folks are heading towards milpitas. the crash affecting only the mccarthy on ramp. more coming up. good morning. i'm christina parks from cnbc. wall street set to open lower today. stocks are a little changed yesterday, the nasdaq and s&p 500 managed to eek out new record highs. the markets are set to close out a winning first half of the year. the s&p is up 14%, nasdaq and dow up 12% as investors shrug off higher inflation and keep buying stocks on the hopes the economic recovery from the pandemic will continue. a good first half usually bodes well for the rest of the year. go back to 1950 the dow and s&p have never ended with an annual decline when they've posted double-digit gains in the first six months of the year. in focus we have reports on hiring in the private sector, manufacturing increasing overtime pay including offering double time for flight attendants as it
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tries to head off any potential staffing crutches during the fourth of july weekend. southwest has been lit by technical glitches and bad weather. "the wall street journal" says southwest hopes the extra pay will encourage employees to pick up shifts or work additional trips. pilots say the offer is a temporary patch and it doesn't address training issues that's led to not enough pilots being available to fly the summer schedule. facebook launches a newsletter service called bulletin for free and paid articles and podcasts that aims to rival substack. some of the high-profile personalities include arthur malcolm gladwell. facebook says it won't initially take a cut of creators' revenue and they can choose their own subscription prices, but we know how this is, initially they won't charge you. let's see one to two years from now. >> down the road. >> thanks, christina. it's 4:43.
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coming up next on "today in the bay," a look at that forecast with kari. >> if you're heading out to the gym early this morning or going out for a run, we'll see our temperatures in san mateo in the upper 50s, clearing out around 9:00. we'll get a look at always of our microclimates coming up. contra costa county where traffic flow is nicely, the longer drive, i covered up a 580, at speed except for in the altamont pass. i'll show you the maps clearer than that graphic come up. one week since the deadly collapse of the florida condo building. what new documents are revealing about the warning signs dealing with that building months before what happened.
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welcome back, everyone. we were hoping to take a live look outside, but let's get a look of that forecast right now with meteorologist kari hall. mild temperatures across the bay area lately. how are we looking today, kari? >> yeah. we've had a wide range in temperatures, so it's all about where you are and what kind of weather you're experiencing and let's see, it says, okay, we're done with that. looking at the bottom of the screen. let's get a live look outside in san jose as we're starting out all clear, we will see a few clouds for the early morning hours and our temperatures at about 60 degrees to start and it's going to slowly warm up today. at 11:00 we're at 72 degrees,
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still feeling nice and comfortable. let me show you where we're headed. it's going to be cooler than yesterday and we'll drop it about ten degrees for the south counties. morgan hill expect a high of 85 and east san jose reaching into the mid 80s. for the east bay, we're going to see some upper 80s in a few spots but a lot of low 80s from pleasanton to martinez and oakland reaching 72 degrees. near the coast we're reaching 62 for a high in half moon bay, but it's going to stay foggy there but clearing out in redwood city, reaching 76 degrees. san francisco in with the fog again today with the mission district reaching 65 and our north bay temperatures will reach 78 degrees in napa but look at how in ukiah. clearlake still under that heat advisory. we're not not seeing that much across the bay area. 80 in seattle, still pretty warm but not the extreme triple-digit
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temperatures we saw there recently. portland well. montana, 102 degrees today. it's going to be hot in some of those areas and we're going to return to our weather time pattern and summertime pattern where we see the pump of the monsoonal moisture moving over parts of the desert southwest and into the lake tahoe region. so if you're going to be heading there, head's up we've seen these pop-up showers and thunderstorms as well as some dry lightening. we're watching out for the fire concerns as well. our temperatures hold steady, highs in the low 80s and that continues into our fourth of july weekend for the inland valleys. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> all right. we'll take a look at the map, here we go, no major problems, the crash 380 over el camino as traffic flows smoothly through construction zone,. here out of the altamont pass we were talking about basically at speed. it's 21 minutes from grant line road towards 580 and the dublin
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interchange. northbound, away from 580, a crash reported at vasco road at old vasco. car went down on the hillside and there will be a crew there southbound. doesn't show slowing. you're 18 minutes from marsh creek to 580. a smooth drive getting towards the bay bridge. chp called out fog at the golden gate bridge for the last few minutes and the berkeley curve shows you no problems with the flow of traffic. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. new details this morning and looks like mea bonta is headed to a runoff to perhaps fill the seat vacated by new state attorney general rob bonta. voters in alameda county cast their ballots and 40% tallied, mia bonta has 37% of the vote. social justice attorney ramashandran has 21%. mayor vaya has 16%. if no simple majority the top two take part in a runoff august
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31st. the attorney general is expected to release new data on hate crimes in a news conference today. search crews in surfside, florida, are entering the seventh day as they try to find survivors in the rubble following the deadly condo collapse. another 149 are still missing. that scene of collapse, mourners continue to pay their respects. the brother of one of the missing residents says hope still remains among the families. >> i'm truly grateful for everything they're doing as a team, bringing forces from around the world. it's uniting the community and going through this with hundreds of family members all with their own stories makes me realize even though we may feel alone we're not alone. >> we're also learning more about warning signs at the building. new documents show further repairs were needed at the south tower. in an april see the
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concrete cracking that means the rebar holding it together is rusting and deteriorating beneath the surface. the board recommended repairs totalling more than $16 million. jailed immigrants facing torture or persecution in their homelands will not v the right to bond hearings in u.s. courts after a ruling by supreme court justices. the case involved previously deported people who when claimed again would be persecuted if they were sent back. last year the trump administration argued those detainees were more likely to flee if they were released on bond. in a 6-3 ruling from the high court, justices agreed strengthening the government's power to hold them while their immigration cases play out. it's 4:52. coming up next on "today in the bay," another mountain lion spotting in the bay area, the community now on alert this morning. an offer he couldn't refuse. the major director selling his north bay estate and why this
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transaction could be one for the record books when it comes to wine. happening now, the tokyo olympics committee says mothers who are nursing will be allowed to have their children at the games. right now athletes' families are banned from accompanying them but organizers made the change allowing nursing children to be present. we are less than a month until the summer olympics. remember, you can only watch them right here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back. 4:53.
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happening today, bay area air quality officials will hold a news conference warning about the wildfire dangers this fourth of july. the extreme dry conditions across our region are making dry brush extremely vulnerable to fire.
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officials say our drought conditions can deplete emergency resources and cause toxic air quality. authorities across northern california have discovered at least 15,000 pounds of illegal fireworks ahead of the fourth of july holiday. new this morning, police in the north bay warning people about a mountain lion. police in petaluma confirm a cat was seen in the area south of carona road east of 101. the brewing company not far from that area, not clear when the cat was seen. it was not unheard of, mountain lion sightings in the north bay a little less common. none have been captured on camera like among the peninsula where there have been sightings in millbrae and san francisco. francis ford coppola is selling his winery, the director for "the godfather" films began a second career when he launched his own wine label. he's selling the napa bay. the family wines and if the deal goes through, it will make that
4:57 am
winery the third largest expert of wines. he will join the company's board of directors and continue to run other wineries in napa valley and oregon. san francisco symphony is back in full swing and it will be music to the ears of so many fans to make up for last years the musicians have an ambitious schedule for the upcoming season. ♪♪ in all more than 200 concerts are planned. there will be a ballet in september, the start of october they're going to have performances that will increase to four a week with special guest conductors, guest performers and youth orchestra. the symphony's music director will lead several digital products. >> could play that all day. it is 4:57. coming up on "today in the bay," another look at the forecast which marcus has been likely
4:58 am
lately, kari. >> maybe you want to head out for a hike. temperatures in the upper 50s. as you enjoy that sunshine it will be warming up in parts of the north bay looking at highs reaching into, it's hard to see, see upper 70s there. a look at all of our microclimates coming up. >> might be hard to see folks rubbings the sleep out of their eyes, okay on the san mateo bridge. a traffic break, for 30 seconds, looked like everything is okay there. scanning for incidents but traffic is flowing across the bay. we'll show you more coming up. >> they were on the front lines and now they're walking away, what's triggering a concerning trend of firefighters quitting a dangerous fire season here in california as it's ramping up.
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. right now at 5:00, joining forces ahead of the fire threat. the white house and state leaders are set to discuss options before what is expected to be another record-setting fire season. what can be done now to prevent future disasters from spirlg out of control. new gun restrictions coming to san jose. this morning what those changes look like as the city tries to curb gun violence. a post-pandemic transformation and the changes that could be coming soon to more downtown storefronts. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we begin with the new details in the fight to fix


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