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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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pnchlths right now, at 11:00, headed in the wrong direction. covid case on the rise. and tonight their leaders are sounding the alarm. and why isn't governor newsom talking covid, one political analyst weighs in. >> most counties are asking you to put your mask back on, even if you are vaccinated, is it a
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increase in transmission when we went back to 2019 behavior, we didn't think it would be this high. >> we talk to the ucsf department of medicine and he said, everything has changed. >> a mix of excitement and concern as the opening ceremony approaches. we begin with a trend no one wants to see. coronavirus cases on the rise, here in california. >> you can blame delta, it's driving the numbers higher. here is a break sdoun of the countys and transmission rates. napa, marin, santa clara county is moderate. others are under the substantial county category. it's essentially a concern in contra costa county, health officials say the average daily number of people hospitalized
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with covid has grown 50% in the last 30 days. we look at what the county is doing and why the recall race may be muting the governor's message on the rising cases. >> the pandemic that is happening now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> tom butt said he is worried about the spike in covid-19 cases in his county and he is taking a stand. >> i'm joining a ground swell of legislators and other leaders who are advocating for mandatory vaccinations. >> reporter: in california, 20 million people are fully vaccinated. contra costa county has good vaccination numbers butler county supervisor john joya saiy residents over 12 are vaccine mated. getting that last 20% is difficult. >> reporter: the state department of public health said during the week of july 7, there were 13 per 100,000 covid cases
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involving unvaccinated people in the state. compare that to the case ratity involving vaccinated people. only 2 per 100,000. governor gavin newsom has not changed state policies when it comes to covid protocol, leaving that up to county health departments. san jose state political science department, said in her opinion, it's by design because he is facing a recall. >> my sense is he is looking not to hand his opponents in the recall any new ammunition and by that, i mean any new man -- mandates that may be unpopular. >> reporter: they say he is running out the clock until the recall votes are counted. >> the urgency of the message is now. >> if you want to stay out of the hospital and stay healthy, get vaccinated. >> nbc bay area news. >> statewide, the numbers are
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inching up too. tonight's positivity rate is 4.5%. now, for some perspective on that. the last time it was above 4.5% was in mid february. before the state reopened that number was below 1%. hospitalizations barely starting to creep up. that is some pretty good news. you can see since mid april for the most part, the number of people hospitalized with the virus has held steady. tonight we have about 2600 californians battling the virus in hospitals. >> now, when you got used to being maskless, you are being told to put it on again. most counties even if you are fully vaccinated. you may wonder why? nbc area spoke with a top doc who said, even if have your shots it is best to mask up in doors. >> we were told it was mostly the end of masking on june 15th. but now, the majority of californias population is
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hearing that masking is recommended again. some are not pleased. >> if you are not inside, definitely not. it's like too long, it's time to make a change. >> but tonight, i spoke with dr. bob walker, chair of ucsf department of medicine in one o mask again in doors and said, you should too. >> because the vaccines still work well. but the virus that i'm likely to be exposed to is this delta virus, which is twice as infectiouses as the original and it's far more likely that i will be exposed to it than a month ago. >> he has three factors, the delta variant is circulating more widely. he does not want long-term symptoms to be spread, something you can get even after a mild case of covid. >> two months ago i would have said to you, i think it will be high enoughwn the cases even if
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take their masks off. but with delta, it's not high enough. >> he said this surge is worse than the bump we expected with reopening. so, does he think an indoor mask mandate is coming back? >> i expect what los angeles did and went back to a mask i'm guessing that the bay area counties will do the same thing in the next couple of weeks. you know, might not, if the cases plateau and start to come down, but i actually, unless everyone starts wearing a mask, without a mandate, i can't see any good reason it's likely to happen. >> ian cole, nbc bayier news. >> how are fully vaccinated people able to still be infected? you can watch the interview on our website on, nbc bay, you will see it embedded in history on the home heoncern continues in ahd. a notable arrival in japan.
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first ll it have on the games? let's bring in raj, raj, it's thursday afternoon already for you. right? >> yeah, i'm getting confused, yes, thursday at a little after 3:00 in the afternoon, it's 90 degrees with light 50% humidity. so, those are the kind of things to get out of the way. the lodgistics so to speak. konichiwa from the tokyo bay, this is usually the days that the vips arrive. the billionaire ceos, the celebrities, the heads of state. but that is not happening. all of that pomp and circumstance, the pageantry is being stripped away from the covid olympics. however, you mentioned the first lady, dr. are jill biden is on the way to japan. she left a base, air force base there in alaska and wheels up here. this is all unfolding as the world is tuning in to tokyo
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wondering how it will look for the next 2-1/2 weeks. let's bring you back lye to tokyo. we expect the first lady to arrive here about within the hour at the yokota air force base. she will are have dinnerer with the prime minister and his wife. she will be at the opening ceremony from what we understand on friday. the first lady leaves town, back to the states on saturday. i think it will be a moment of joy and relief when with entering the stadium. >> yeah, that is thomas bach the head of the ioc, what it may feel like for everyone in opening ceremony. people want the games to work. they want people here to be safe and hopefully have a somewhat enjoyable experience even though we are all living in the various bubbles. we hear about the backlash in tokyo, if you talk to the people here on the streets, there's an
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understanding. a reality that there's no turning back now. what happened, how did the most wired futuristic and style issue city in the world get left behind in this race to vaccinate? in a nutshell, tokyo was slow in the clinical trials. a lot of government red tape and vaccine hesitatency, anti-vacciners, a dangerous mix that led to a lot of backlash. >> too many people have not been vaccinated? tokyo and so many people still being infect every day. and they just worry about this situation. and my family as well. they worry about me in the tokyo. >> the latest public opinion poll more than 80% say they are concerned about hosting the games. but concern doesn't mean cancelled. you know there's been a lot of public reaction here in tokyo that we should perhaps delay the games or simply cancel them. how do you feel about it? >> i think, you know, definitely
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we should do the olympics. you know, if you think about the athletes, how they have, you know, to prepare for the event, and you know, if you think about the olympics. i hope, you know, they can do what they do best. >> japanese governments as well, i think they just want to hold the competition, because they are still losing money. if we put it to next year, they will lose more money. i think they are better finish this as soon as possible. >> so here we are, full speed ahead. not knowing how this will turn out. more than 11,000 athletes, and an estimated 65,000 officials, support staff, and journalists. beginning the strangest olympics of our lifetime. why is, indeed. a strange olympics and we should
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note here. by rule, by our 14 day quarantine rules we are not allowed to talk to any citizens here, at least on camera, and have are time with them. we did the one zoom interview with a man who you saw on the street, he is living in our specific bubble. so, how about good news here? as we close this out, team usa softball looking good again. they are now 2-0 in the olympics so far. already 2 games. they played their second game, usa against canada and the pitcher, monica abbott, lights out. she was born in santa cruz, we have been tracking her for years. grew up in salinas, she had a complete game. one hit shutout. usa beat the canadians 1-0, it's nice to see softball back as an olympic sport. okay, that will do it for now, jessica and terry. we keep this very close by cos
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ago, now, it's almost luke warm. >> i have spent summers? florida, i think i know what you are going. men's soccer. mexico verse france. you can watch the match at 1:00 in the morning on our sister station. a lot to keep track of. easy way to do it go to our website and hit the trending bar. and you can get the headlines right out of tokyo. >> still ahead, weighing the options. the a's management just made a decision despite moving forward with the waterfront ballpark. >> wild fire raging not far from lake tahoe on. >> i'm jeff renieri, mostly clear from the view in san jose,
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i will show you where there's fog tomorrow morning. back with it in 6 minutes. featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's.
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raging in two states, new video of the tamarack fire, the flames have now crossed the border in to nevada, crews are trying to keep the perimeter, west of 395. the fire sparked on the fourth of july. it burned slowly. exploded over the past weekend, flames have burned 44,000 acres and there's no containment still. pg&e has a new strategy to reduce the risk of deadly fires. today, pg and e said it will bury 10,000 miles of power lines across california over the next few years. the gl is to reduce the fire risk, make the system safer and the announcement comes as a
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county da and cal fire are investigating pg&e's admission that the equipment may have sparked the dixie fire. a's keeping the pressure on after yesterday's oakland city council vote on the future of howard terminal. this has the city is saying they are ready to do take another swing at the deal but under the city's terms. this morning she joined the council president and other staffers that took part in a back and forth negotiation with the a's. they say they are standing firm on demands, which includes affordable housing and a community benefits fund. but over in las vegas, a's president and the team's lead architect looked at potential sites and they are going to keep scouting tomorrow too. there's a mix of the resort corridor with views of the different casinos and incredible skyline of las vegas. >> this city council, this city,
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this community is going to stand firm on community benefits. that's a core value for us as city leaders. >> they said if congress passes an infrastructure bill soon the city might be able to tap in to federal funds to pay for costs associated with that new ballpark project. the opening ceremony just over 24 hours away, but the action has already started. a lot happen engine japan right now. >> let's on go back to raj, rejoining him from tokyo, he is anchoring olympic coverage there. raj, no matter what, it's going to be exciting to see the athletes finally take, you know, the stage for the first time as we see them officially on opening night. >> it will, and we hear, you know, we talk so much, rightfully so about the health concern and the covid concern here, but when that is all washed away and hopefully it will be a blip on the radar screen, it's about the athletes. so many people reaching out saying, please send our love to the athletes we want them safe and we want them to shine.
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we have been watching their journey. not just team u.s.s, all the countries. the bay area is so diverse is and there's so many countries being represented for the local olympians. let's check in with team usa basketball. they have been prag for the last couple of days. this was the first practice here h that jet lag, it week. team usa checked in a day ago. draymond green among the headliners. damian lillard from oakland and javale mckee was a late add and he was a former warrior. we talk about steph curry not being here in tokyo, bus steph wants to rest the body this summer. and as for draymond green, it's the opposite. steve kerr who is an assistant for team usa here in tokyo said draymond is better when he is grinding and playing. >> i think this will be great for draymond's own personal welfare, but also for the team's. because to me, draymond is the best about defensive center in the world, even though he is not
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really our center. when he does play center, he is amazing defensively. so we will need him in tokyo. >> to grind. draymond and team usa take on france this sunday. that's the opening game in tokyo. the beauty of the olympics, it's not just the big time multi-million dollar athletes. it's every athlete that we admire and appreciate, their journey to get though this level. how about we hit ping pong, table tennis. among our local stars lilly, this is her practice session before her competition on saturday. 25 years old, from palo alto, and i have seen her grow up. this is her third olympics. went to palo alto high and to cal, she is a five-time national champion. >> we have two locals on the men's table tennis team.
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nick on the left side, he is only 18 years old. we wish both of these guys the best of luck. and finally, to the rockstar, or in the case, the goat, simo nempt biles, has her own twitter emoji, you know you have arrived when you have your own emoji, she is the first athlete honored by san francisco based twitter. we have seen brady and patrick mahomes have their own emoji, her emoji pops up when you type in her name. you know what the goat stands for, right, jessica? not a goat -- >> of course, the greatest of all time. >> she needs eyelashes so it's a girl goat. that's my one gripe. >> excellent knowledge. excellent knowledge. >> yes. >> raj. >> all right, jessica and terry, i no you are going to bed but
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i'm staying up and i will be reporting on the morning news indicate beginning at 5:00 a.m. your time. have a good rest and i will hold down the fort for them in the morning. >>ou are the goat too. that's why you have to report in the morning. >> that is pretty nice. >> raj, thanks a lot. >> see you guys tomorrow. >> join us for three olympic specials spr the bay area to tokyo. at 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. and daily opening ceremony at 1:00 in the afternoon. track them through the olympics at nbc bay >> the goat out in tokyo is sweating. >> yeah. >> and it's, it's -- >> it's a sweaty goat. >> yeah, humid. >> temperatures are feeling close to 100 out there with that humidity. >> wow. >> it's really miserable, if you are spending an extended period of time outdoors. we are going to take time for the seven-day forecast forecast and we are going to start it off with the weather back here at home and get you ready for thursday. yes, we are inching closer and
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closer to that weekend. can't wait. right? okay, so, as we get you in to our thursday forecast, starting off with 50s and 60s. and those mid 50s continue over the north bay, san francisco and the east bay. let me get you a better look at the fog and we are starting off with the consistent fog in san francisco, down to about half moon bay, low clouds to the east bay and a few spotty clouds for gill row and then by the afternoon, sunshine returns and yes, it's going to set us up with a nice day. with the increased sunshine, temperatures are going to warm up and i think it will be manageable. >> down in the south bay, at 80 in san jose and to gilroy, 85, right through the east bay, well, some big differences here, closer to the bay, 71 in oakland, and back to concord, 88. probably some of the best weather through the peninsula, and san francisco, no way, no how, you can get out of this chill. widespread 50s and 60s, winds out of the west at 19.
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so, blustery in san francisco, that is how it should be in july. and through the north bay, we have 97 in clear lake and as you get closer to the bay, the numbers drop, 8s as we rthrough next seven day forecast. we have not added in thunderstorms yet. but it looks like we will see some develop to the south and east of us. so we will keep a close eye on that. temperatures a here in the 80s to 90s over the next seven days. let's take you out to tokyo, we saw raj there. it is hot, humid as we mentioned, and look at the top row of temperatures. that's the feels like temperature with humidity factored in tomorrow. feels like 98 for the opening ceremony -- >> wow. >> and 96 and raj, probably has a 24 pack of water there for, you know, just a day. >> it melted as we were watching. >> yeah, thanks a lot.
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>> happening now, people down under are celebrating because brisbane australia is the new host of the 2032 summer olympics. besides australia, only the u.s. is hosted the olympic games in three different cities. the last time australia hosted was 22 years ago in sidney. we are back in a moment.
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several people without a place to live after a fire ripped through an apartment complex in antioch, strong winds pushed the grass fire toward the residential area. four units heavily damaged and a neighboring four unit building burned on the outside. two cars destroyed. luckily though, no one was hurt.
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>> the delta variant of the covid virus may penetrate the johnson & johnson vaccine easier than other vaccines. a new lab study of 30 people show the j and j vaccine had a lower antibody response, still that study has not been peer reviewed or publish willed in a medical journal and others are saying it coco still work in a real world setting. all right, sports is next, stick around.
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okay, round three of the heavyweight fight between the giants and the dodgers. >> what a game, the two teams continue to go at it, fis place on the line in the nl west, a nice start for the giants up by a game. top of the 9th, giants down by a run. that is wilmer flores at the plate. last night the giants lost on a walk-off homer. tonight it's the giants with the big blow out, giants that i a 3-2 lead and add on 1 more to go to on win 4-2. taylor rodgers picks up the save tonight. they now lead by two games.
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we know who will carry the stars and stripes. it will be sue bird. she has led the team to four gold medals and she is to lead the american athletes in to the stadium. >> like, it's almost surreal. you know, a lot of times, through the years i have been asked what my favorite olympic is, of course winning gold medals is number one. but to be the one selected is pretty crazy for me. >> bird is going to share the honor with usa baseball player, eddie alvarez. he played with the miami marlins and won a silver medal in speed skating in 2014. >> what? >> yes, we are back in a moment.
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some of the documentaries are pretty good. but no. this is yummy, the list for the top restaurants is released kokkari ranks tenth on the list. well known modern greek food, super good. three from wine country made the lift. valette, french laundry, and
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bistro jeanty. so, i already hit up jeff to take me to the french laundry, he said no. so now i'm up to you. >> help me out,in? >> all right. >> let's get you the seven day forecast. you can see the upper 80s friday and start, a low 90s and sunday and monday, we will dip in the 80 and is back up to low 90s once we hit tuesday and wednesday. i checked out a restaurant, nari in san francisco, amazing. >> that's not bad at all. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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