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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. breaking news, a 200 plus acre brush fire lighting up the sky over east contra costa county, sending a lot of smoke and prompting evacuations happening on bradford island next to bethel island in the delta. >> let's bring in bob redell, he's in this very remote area. tell us about those evacuations you're hearing of, bob. >> good morning to you, marcus and laura. i'm on the northern end of the island and as i look north for a good mile to a half mile of my view left to right i see fire on bradford island. you can see flames and smoke. our understanding after talking to the fire department and somebody who lives there, there's about 15 to 25 people
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who live there. the fire department went out to rescue these people. only two people chose to be rescued. we believe there's maybe three to four others who got off the island on their own, from a ferry or boat access. there's about 15 to 20 people still throughout. the fire department has left the scene. i asked why are you leaving? they said these people are not part of any fire protection district. they showed up to offer rescue but they're not there to fight the fire. the people who remain on the island are trying to fights the fire. the winds, it's very windy out there. the battalion chief i spoke with, his understanding on this island if you look from above, it's not very developed. there's a lot of cattle and pot farms. his understanding is out there and that's why the people are staying. there is a ferry. a ferry arrived back from the island. i saw one truck get off the ferry, but it's not like a mass
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exodus of people. not many live out there, but that fire which has lasted for 220 acres continues to burn. reporting live here on bethel island, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right. bob is going to stay there and get more information for us as we continue to monitor the breaking news. >> let's bring in kari hall, monitoring some of the wind conditions there as well. >> the winds are picking up this morning. we've seen those winds out of the west/southwest at about 17 miles per hour. pretty gusty coming through the delta but temperatures are low. right now at 60 degrees and the humidity is high at 71%. it will heat up today so we'll continue to monitor that. as we look at our temperatures headed towards the low 90s around concord, san jose reaching 80 degrees and we still have the low to mid 60s near the coast. our microclimates and talk about the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. 5:01. if you are waking up it is breaking news for you out of tokyo this morning. fans of simone biles have something to look forward to this morning.
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>> here we go. we want to send it out to raj mathai. big headline as the world has been following every step of her journey at these games. >> you want a smile on this monday morning for everyone back in the bay area, hello from monday night from tokyo and it is all about simone biles. she has opted in. she is going to compete in the balance beam final which is tomorrow. this is the final individual event. simone biles has opted out of the past three events but she is in for tomorrow, the final in the balance beam. and throughout this whole ordeal of her mental health, she has appeared and just really good spirits in the sense of she's supporting her teammates. today walking from her hotel to the gymnastics center where she cheered on jade carey who won the floor exercise final. jade carey from phoenix wins gold. later on nbc. and here is your monday morning jolt before you have your cup of coffee, here you go.
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team usa soccer loses to canada. the canadians in the red jersey, the lone goal on the penalty kick, canada advances to the gold medal match. the americans will play for bronze. meghan rapinoe from northern california telling everyone the americans, the team has been off this entire tournament. they haven't found their mojo here but there is still a chance to medal here in tokyo. coming up next hour, marcus and laura, we're going to take you behind the scenes of the world famous fish market here in tokyo. it might get a little smelly, but it's okay. we'll see you at 6:00. >> good thing it's at a distance. >> as long as it's fresh fish we'll take it. >> whaefl check back with you. let's take a look at the medal count. u.s. leading wait with 61 followed by china and the russian olympic committee. china continues to have the most gold medals with 28. the u.s. is coming in second with 21. switching gears for you this morning, a live look in san
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francisco, one of several bay area counties where millennials are leading the way when it comes to new covid cases. a graphic we want to show you, shows those new cases in sf among young adults 25 to 39 jump to 50% in july. this is up from 35% in march. we checked around overnight, the same phenomenon happening in other bay area counties including santa clara and contra costa county. san francisco bars proof of vaccination requirement now reportedly catching on elsewhere. some san jose bars are starting a similar thing. there's no city bar alliance like the one in san francisco, so in the south bay, bar owners are doing it on their own. customers can also show proof of a negative covid test. it turns out, marcus, it's not just the bay area, bars and restaurants across california are rethinking their vaccination requirements. that includes some places in l.a. and san diego counties. more businesses are following the lead of san francisco bars which recently started requiring proof of vaccination or a
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negative covid test. all due to the most recent surge in cases. the owner of one san diego night spot says most customers agree. >> looking at the numbers and what's happening with the delta variant we thought it would be safe for our guests and staff and our community that we actually make dance area where our events are to be vaccination proof only. >> san diego county recently saw its highest number of new cases since early february. if you're planning to go to bottle rock in napa next month you'll need a proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. staff members will be checking all festival goers during the three-day event from september 3rd to the 5th. masks will be recommended but not required for the outdoor event. vta is bringing back temporary bus service along a portion of the light rail system shut down from the tragic mass shooting. the busses will operate along first street from pass see yo de san an tone no to bay point and
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milpitas transit center. ride for free. light rail service has been suspended since the rail yard rampage may 26th. vta says it still doesn't know when the train service will resume. it is 5:06 on your monday morning. let's see what we have in store weather wise for this week. no changes here really. we've seen still some nice weather. it's been cool and foggy nears the coast and sunshine and also warming up for the inland areas. as we check out pleasant hill, you're stepping out to temperatures in the upper 50s. a few clouds. we'll see some high clouds throughout today as our temperatures head for the mid 70s at lunch time. i think you should take it outside. here's a look at our highs ranging from 62 in half moon bay to 82 in santa rosa and 91 in concord. it's still going to be hot in some spots like morgan hill reaching into the upper 80s and 90 in livermore. more about what's ahead for the
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rest of the week coming up. >> the first one in bradford island that bob redell talked about that. bradford island, bethel island, more known as far as the names go in the north bay, that is to the south and just off 160 where there was a new crash that was reported in the area. note the flames were visible for some distance so that will be a distraction. the roadways themselves across the antioch bridge and highway 4 into our out of antioch not reportedly having any problems as far as the traffic flow. there is another fire reported here just off 880 at a street. usually those are overnight warming fires and nothing more than that reported on the system. we're tracking anything like that in the area and we're looking at no problems as the commute just starts to build. back to you. >> thank you, mike. are you cooking up your morning breakfast? coming up next on "today in the bay," you may want to savior your bacon. prices are expected to skyrocket soon. we'll talk about the reason for the spike and the added costs you may want to plan for. we should be in the dog days of summer but wall street rearing to go for this.
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it is 5:11. as you're heading out the door in the east bay, we're taking a look at our temperatures that are starting out around 60 degrees and we're seeing a clear sky, breezy winds and overall a really nice day ahead as it slowly warms up. we will talk more about a fairly wide range in temperatures that continues and what's ahead for the workweek coming up in a few minutes. >> workweek, yep.
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bay bridge shows you that. folks are heading to work into or out of san francisco. the flashing lights, the crew that was working on the decline eastbound, those are cleared. we'll watch for other flashes lights. happy monday to you. a couple of pandemic-related stories for you. we all hit zoom pretty hard over the course of the pandemic. you may remember some people were victims of zoom bombing where some unwanted and sometimes very crude guests joined our meetings. zoom has reached a settlement in a class-action suit over zoom bombing. if you pay a subscription you will get money back. san francisco square over the weekend said it made record profits and growth as people used cash less and less. it's buying the buy now pay later company afterpay for $29 billion in stock. buy something on credit through square and not use your credit card. the senate made a major move towards approving first infrastructure bill.
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we'll talk more about it as we talk politics in a half hour. but one of the ways they're going to pay for it is by cracking down on taxes on cyber currency. you always had to pay big taxes if you made money on things like bitcoin, but now the feds will make double sure that you do. out to the futures this morning, looks like we'll have a good start to august. the s&p 500 very close to its all-time highs. and marcus and laura i know you've seen this in downtown san jose. it was created by george rhodes who passed away at the age of 95. his sculptures which features balls rolling down ramps and making music are all over the united states. it's the american airlines terminal in san jose as you go down that long hallway. >> i stopped and played it. >> a little one right there. it's cool. he has them all over the country. >> i stopped with my kids. thank you to him. >> that's what we do. california bracing for a
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possible bacon shortage. that's due to new animal welfare rules set to take effect next year. most pork producers are unprepared to comply with the new rule that will require more space for breeding pigs. experts say the farm modifications may cause bacon prices across the state to jump by 60%. trending this morning, disin i's "jungle cruise" took in $34 million. >> here we go. >> sometimes it needs a bit of a -- >> nobody touches my engine but me. >> what did i just say? >> she didn't touch it. she kicked it. so the movie stars duane dwayne "the rock" johnson, made $92 million when you include $30 million from people who paid $30 to watch it on disney plus. johnson has publicly endorsed the hybrid release strategy. >> there you go. you get your movie in.
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nice. >> wondering if you want a guy named "the rock" to be the person running your boat. >> yeah. >> rocks don't -- >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> you know as big as he is, he could hold the boat you. >> pretty strong cookie there. >> holding up the movie. >> let's take it out to the bay this morning checking in with kari. >> we have a nice weekend. hopefully you're able to relax and enjoy and if not the same weather he had over the weekend continues today. a live look outside in walnut creek, we are about 57 minutes away from sunrise according to my watch right now. we are going to start out with temperatures at about 60 degrees. a light wind in walnut creek and then in the upper 50s around sunrise and then into the day we'll see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds every now and then. mostly some high clouds and our air quality has continued to improve and so if you are going to be spending more time out there in the nice weather, the air quality, the smoke really not much of a factor.
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take a look at these temperatures and where we're headed for today. 85 in los gatos, 85 in gilroy, for the east bay seeing the highs up to 90 degrees in livermore, danville reaching 87. while oakland will be in the low 70s for a high and along the coast, still breezy in the mid 60s for daly city. redwood city reaching 76. downtown san francisco up to about 65 degrees. our north bay temperatures in mill valley up to 74 and a high of 83 in sonoma. pretty hot still farther to the north. it will get hotter this week. even though most of the rest of the bay area will have some cooling changes with some fog and even some drizzle off the coast, this as a storm system moves across the pacific northwest and brings some rain there, here we're looking at some quiet conditions. our temperatures still kind of going up and down depending on how strong the ocean breeze is. for our inland temperatures pretty warm today and tomorrow and then cooler for the middle of the week and by the end of the week we're back in the low 90s in some spots.
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you can see our temperatures kind of yo-yo based on once again how strong that ocean breeze is. it carries those cooler temperatures inland while san francisco sees mid 60s up to about 70 degrees on friday. hopefully, mike, the morning commute is not kicking up too much and we'll ease into it. >> easing into our monday and a lot of folks are grateful for that. peninsula barely has any problems. no delays. the tiniest bit of slowing out of the altamont pass. easing into the morning commute as kari talked about. a couple issues, one is that the smoke and fire really the flames, the orange glow visible for some distance. bob redell talking about that over at bradford island. the other issue the crash on 160 near sherman island. bradford island fire crash near sherman island. as far as the chp report clarified no slowing on the sensors. we'll clear that. the antioch bridge is clear. clear drive to the bay bridge through contra costa county into alameda county. a little volume build over the last few minutes but no problems. >> sounds good. hope it stays smooth.
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coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> a hotel guest is double billed then the front desk basically puts out the do not disturb sign. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds. next. don't forget, you can get full olympic and follow with our local athlete tracker found on the trending bar. that and much more right there on the website and much more ahead on "today in the bay." ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a south bay viewer whose hotel bill was almost double what he expected. >> he took the case to consumer investigator chris chmura. they were more hospitable than the hotel. >> good morning. we were glad to open some doors. he paid expedia $127 for a one night stay at quality inn and suites. the hotel took his credit card for incidentals. standard practice. he didn't have any incidentals. when he checked out he says the front desk confirmed the stay was prepaid and he was set. at home he noticed the quality inn charged his credit card an extra $109. he asked the hotel and expedia to reverse it for weeks unsuccessfully. he asked us to help. we contacted expedia and the how tem.
5:22 am
the quality inn rep told us we had a server problem that day. expedia took action. it refunded jorge $109 and gave him $100 vouch for his troubles. expedia told us, we apologize for the frustration mr. romero experienced with his booking. it's our goal at expedia to support our travelers every step of the way and we regret we didn't deliver on that promise in this instance. >> i am very thankful to the nbc response family because otherwise i don't know if i would have ever received my refund back. >> need us to check out a problem you can't solve, go to nbc bay area and click the responds option from the main menu or call us 888-996-tips. >> thanks. today we begin special coverage, moving you forward as your children prepare to transition back to school and with some of those possible anxieties that may come with it.
5:23 am
many will be heading back full time for the first time in a year and a half. >> despite the order to reopen in person before the end of last school year more than half continued to distance learn as of may. a lot of children may be feeling first day jitters. we can understand that. one stanford expert says with the right protocol, school is safe. >> the data that we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic has really indicated that children who get infected are getting infected at home or in non-school activities where they're not practicing distancing or masking. >> so the american academy of pediatrics advises easing your child's transition by returning to the return to campus ahead of time, knowing your school's protocols and to explain it better to the kids and expect some nervousness while watching for extreme anxiety and actually consulting your pediatrician about how to work through it if things are out of the norm.
5:24 am
>> like everything, keep the conversations going. happening today, hundreds of low income students in sunniville will receive free school supplies at an event at the community services center. it includes gift cards for families to buy new backpacks and shoes. the 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the supplies will be put in the trunk. next here on "today in the bay," the top stories that we are following including that overnight fire. flames forcing evacuations on bradford island. this is in the delta. a live report on the fire fight that is under way right now and the damage that's been done.
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breaking at 5:30, a growing 200 acre grass fire in the delta triggering evacuation orders. the glow can be seen across the contra costa county area. it is happening on bradford island right next to bethel island. >> the area is remote but people do live there. some have evacuated. some we found out have decided to stay. we want to check in with "today in the bay's" bob redell this morning to tell us more about these evacuations that you know about. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. about 15 to 25 people live on bradford island north of us. you can see it's burning right now. we're on bethel island. bradford island, this is part of unincorporated contra costa county. the fire department did come out here after the fire started around 1:30 this morning and did offer to rescue these people.
5:28 am
they tell us only two people took the rescue opportunity and maybe four or five other people who have gotten off the island. still about 10 to 20 people have chosen to stay on this island to eitherfor whatever other reason. the battalion chief with the east contra costa county fire protection district tells me there are a lot of cattle on this island and pot farms. that could be the reason why people are staying there to protect their cattle and marijuana. the fire department has left the scene. they are not actually fighting this fire for a couple of reasons. one, this is not part of a fire protection district, so the people who live here do not pay for fire protection and, two, it's an island. they are telling us when there's a fire on an island like this they let it burn out. the last number we had was 220 acres. we wouldn't be surprised if that number has grown because you can see from the left to the right side of your screen there's a
5:29 am
heavy wind, we can feel it out here blowing those flames and if you were to look at this island from above on google maps, you'll see that a lot of it is very undeveloped. there's only a few structures on the island and our understanding two of those structures have been damaged. no reports of injuries and there is a ferry to my left so if people did want to get off the island they could call for the ferry to come back. there's still about 10 to 20 people who have stayed on this island called bradford island north of bethel island as part of it burns. live on bethel island, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> lot of smoke going into the air. thanks, bob. >> kari, we all know that weather can affect the fire fight out there. how are the conditions for firefighters right now? >> they've got the gusty winds out of the west/southwest at 17 miles per hour. usually when we have higher humidity it slows the spread of the fire. they may let the fire burn out on its open. it may be a distraction if you're away from that seeing
5:30 am
that smoke coming up and the flames but as we look at the relative humidity, starting out humid now but the air will continue to dry out later today, especially in that area. as we go into this afternoon, drier and warmer and these are the conditions we've seen from the past few days. we'll talk more about this and look ahead to the forecast. it's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. 5:30 right now. to the pandemic, new milestones in the united states, there have been 35 million confirmed covid cases. more than 616,000 people have died. california has recorded nearly 43,000 new cases in the last few days and yesterday alone, nearly 4,000 cases were reported. so far, slightly over 10% of the state's population has contracted covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. california is the first state to hit that marker. in the meantime some bay area counties may be getting closer to reinstating the rules requiring wearing masks indoors.
5:31 am
>> cierra johnson live in san francisco this morning. this is all in the hope of trying to stop that fast moving holiday variant. >> good morning. that's exactly right. when i was out and about over the weekend i did see some folks opting to wear their masks inside, but there are a few counties where in just a matter of days or weeks, it optional. it may be required. that's because leaders in both san mateo and san francisco counties have told nbc bay area that they are exfloerg the indoor mask mandate because of high transmission levels. there's no set timeline for reintroducing an indoor mask mandate but counties are continuing to encourage those who have not been vaccinated to get the vaccination. take a listen to dr. colfax explain where san francisco is in the process of issuing an indoor mask mandate. >>er with we are exploring
5:32 am
issuing the indoor mask mandate and in discussion with surrounding counties and health officers regard to that. >> reporter: taking a look at that county a little further north, sonoma health officials are keeping a close eye on the situation. that's after they've seen an uptick in covid cases. there were a group of high school athletes that came back from an out-of-town trip about ten of them tested positive, this according to the press democrat. there were about 30 inmates in the county jail that also tested positive. again, not only sonoma county but everywhere, folks keeping a close eye on this virus. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> seeing the delta surge. thank you. 5:32 right now. with schools across the bay area set to reopen, a new cluster of covid cases may leave some parents, of course, feeling a little uneasy. one contra costa county school district is reporting 15 new cases among students and staff. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now.
5:33 am
they just returned to campus last week. you were covering the story. >> we were just in brentwood on wednesday talking about brentwood union going back to school and so this is really like disconcerting to hear. this is what we know about the outbreak. it's in the brentwood union school district in contra costa county. there are currently 15 cases among students and staff. one of which we know for sure happened at edna hill middle school. the nurse and other staff are conducting contract tracing and may notify more people of potential exposure. classes just resumed last wednesday, july 28th, so it is possible that those 15 people who are testing positive were infected before the return to campus. now we talked with some parents out in brentwood, some of whom did not want to use their name. >> it's expected. it's expected. i just didn't -- kind of soon and early but i understand. we just came off break. people are coming from vacation and getting tested. >> i think they're going to shut
5:34 am
down again. especially with this delta variant that's coming about. >> reporter: now brentwood union has 11 elementary schools and middle schools so most of their students are too young to be vaccinated. as of saturday, just 66% of contra costa county residents were fully vaccinated and 71% at least one shot. a few moments ago you heard from a pediatric infectious disease specialist from stanford to reiterate her point that says that the data throughout the pandemic shows kids who are contracting covid are not getting it at school. they're getting it at home or at community activities where there are not proper protocols. it's important to keep urging the adults in your kids' lives to get vaccinated or to mask up around your kids. marcus? >> more people like you say get those situations where they don't wear the masks at home and things like that. thanks for that report. new this morning, a new report indicating county health agencies focused their enforcement more on businesses ignoring covid protocols than
5:35 am
those experiencing outbreaks. the bay area news group looked at six months of data ending in march and santa clara county 14 of 264 businessesxperiencing the outbreaks were fined.t had outbreaks at all. now in contra costa county no fines were issued to 22 businesses reporting outbreaks. 53 fines were issued to businesses for code violations. a spokesperson says the teams that responded to the outbreaks were not the same as those enforcing the health orders. critics argue businesses serving customers stood a far better odds of being fined than those behind closed doors where those outbreaks were occurring. despite rising covid concerns city hall in san jose will reopen to the public today. all floors and departments will be open. many will require an apartment -- appointment. >> as we get started with the day, meteorologist kari hall has
5:36 am
been tracking the weather conditions coming off the weekend where it was warm in some places. >> where i was it was cool because it was raining. wanted to show you a picture i took in yosemite as we were driving up, you could see that it was like raining really hard and lightening. can you see the lightning strike there. and then that little yellow shirt and shorts that's my son kind of running over to where my husband was and then i was taking a picture of him and captured this lightening strike. so i posted these pictures on @kari hall weather on twitter and so far, the video that i showed of the rain has had over 9,000 views. we've had a lot of activity going on there. and all quiet here. everyone was like send some rain our way. we need it because, yeah, we've had a lot of dry conditions and the unhealthy air quality at times, but it does look good today. if you're going to be spending more time out heading out for a hike it's going to be a really good one. but a wide range in temperatures. take a look at our highs for today. we'll reach into the low to mid 60s near the coast and in san
5:37 am
francisco, across the bay we're seeing some low 70s for highs in oakland and hayward reaching 76 but as hot as 91 in concord today. brentwood reaching 99 degrees for this afternoon. heading over to you, mike. you're tracking a new crash in contra costa county. >> any crash is a concern but one on highway 24, well folks get a little bit ear perk up going on here. green sensors which is great news as far as most of our drive towards the bay bridge. we're looking toward westbound, the crash was reported at westbound chp arrives on scene it was eastbound around happy valley not so happy for one car that's involved there. no injuries reported. a little slowing you see there as a crew arrives. chp must be on scene any second if not right now. we'll continue to track that. again it's counter commute so that's the good news. westbound, that is your commute passing grant line road. we have a crash reported on the shoulder. more volume builds and a little more slowing towards north flynn. vasco at the speed limit, byron, discovery bay, brentwood, the
5:38 am
connecter towards 580. slowing starts up towards the tail end and make your way to the merge or on ramp to westbound 580. smooth flow of traffic south of there but 84 in the last five minutes we've been is seeing the speed sensors slow down. gets congested. pretty much on schedule like this slowing for san jose north 101. your first build right at 5:38, 6:40 for the next slow down and a break in between. here's freemont a smooth drive, easy flow of traffic. headlights show you how much traffic flows through the area even when not congested. this is early in the commute on the east bay. across the bay, palo alto as well. the northbound side starting to show bunching up. it is not, but getting more volume toward what may be a lane lift going on, may be a crew towards san mateo. i can't confirm that from the report. just give that note because that's usually what happens with those brake paths. we'll follow that.
5:39 am
back to you. >> thank you very much. change in store for bart riders starting today. service is returning to near prepandemic levels. among the biggest changes service that lasts until midnight monday through saturday instead of 9:00 p.m. and on saturday, service will start at 6:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m. officials say there will be more trains running on every line. masks are required and sunday closures will remain at 9:00 p.m. happening today, san francisco's iconic cable cars back after 16 month long shutdown. the rides will be free through the end of the month part of a testing process as operators get used to handling the fully loaded cable cars again. the regular service will be back yupd way in the fall. later this morning, mayor london breed will help kick off the service at the turnaround near powell and market streets. coming up next, growing up in size -- growing in size, dixie fire continues to rage in northern california but there's
5:40 am
some encouraging news this morning from the frontlines. >> encouraging news in washington as well, a major break through on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> spotted again, the olympian making headlines not for his sport, but knitting skills. wh you're going to want to tune in to tokyo on nbc bay area, gymnastics, followed by track and field and women's beach volleyball. it all starts at 5:00 p.m.
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good monday morning. let's get you out the door in antioch. 60 degrees and mostly clear. we'll see a few clouds drift big here and there, but it's going to heat up quickly. at noon 75 and headed for the low 90s here. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about our steady temperatures and our week ahead in a few minutes. >> there was some sort of traffic break going on. i'll explain but i want you to sees the backup forming at the bay bridge. no problems reported. we'll give you more. >> thank you very much. developing this morning new progress for firefighters battling the dixie fire in plumas and butte counties. about one third contained. also this morning, more evacuees being allowed to return to their homes. the fire has burned just under 250,000 acres since starting more than two weeks ago.
5:44 am
several dozen structures have been destroyed. this is now the 13th largest fire in state history. happening today a father and son charged with a 1996 murder of kristin smart will appear in court. investigators say 19-year-old smart last seen leaving a party with fellow cal poly student paul flores who offered to walk her back to her dorm. he and his father were arrested after evidence were discovered in their homes. they are set to appear for a preliminary hearing this morning. it's scheduled to last about three weeks. it is 5:44. president biden is praising both parties in the senate for their deal on infrastructure. >> scott mcgrew, it's 2700 pages long. >> i'm on about page 7 but working on it. they reached a deal sunday. this is important, they have details in the bill. likes replacing every lead pipe in america to make sure americans have cleaner water. >> for decades elected officials
5:45 am
have talked about addressing our nation's infrastructure. this infrastructure bill turns that talk into reality. without raising taxes on hardworking americans or adding to our debt. >> you heard romney say no new taxes and that's true, there are no new taxes in the bill. they plan to pay for it by cracking down on taxes already due, particularly from people who have made money on cryptocurrency and diverting unspent funds from covid relief. now it is possible the bill will create new debt. we haven't gotten an estimation on that from the cbo. right behind infrastructure bill number one is the bipartisan or rather that's the bipartisan bill. there's a super spending democratic bill that comes right behind it. democrats can pass this one on their own. it's the old one two. >> a bipartisan infrastructure bill is definitely necessary, but to many of us, it is not sufficient. that's why soon after this bill
5:46 am
passes the senate, democrats will press forward with a budget resolution to allow the senate to make further historic vitally important investments in american jobs, american families, and efforts to reverse climate change. >> other news, there's a primary special election in ohio to fill an empty congressional seat. it will be another test of how much power donald trump still has. he endorsed a candidate in texas who lost last week. he endorsed a candidate for tomorrow's election in ohio as well. on friday the doj said congress can look at trump's taxes and direct the irs to turn them over. new documents surfaced showing how the then president pressured the doj to declare the election fraudulent even though it wasn't. even the attorney general said it wasn't. notes taken during the call with the acting attorney general and the deputy attorney general both appointed by trump show trump told them, quote, just say the election was fraudulent. leave the rest to me and the republican congressmen. the doj did not declare it
5:47 am
fraudulent. they said there was no evidence of widespread fraud. we'll be watching the progress of this bill in washington and talk about it on twitter. find me there on i'm scott mcgrew scott mcgrew. >> thank you. a possible lifeline for people struggling to make it in the bay. the city of san jose is opening a health center. the center will be located on the first floor of city hall from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. landlords and renters to apply for covid relief go to the state's specially designed application page. there you will see a launch map. it looks like this. designating every county and the type of assistance it offers. applicants in green are eligible for a state program, in yellow have locally run programs. counties in brown including san francisco, santa clara, solano and the cities of oakland and freemont offer both. turning to our olympic coverage and to a fan favorite
5:48 am
catching a lot of attention this morning but not over his skills on the diving board. >> we're talking about tom daly going viral again, this time he was spotted knitting in the stands. the 27-year-old british diver he has pretty much made it clear that it is his pasttime of choice and he was seen doing it while watching the women's springboard diving final yesterday. later on instagram he explained that he's actually making a dog jumper. >> what is that? >> a jumper for the dog. >> okay. >> you see, he's concentrated there and i'm sure he looks up when someone is diving. he loves crocheting and doing that and keeps him same crute the pandemic and the olympics. winning gold, i'm done, it's time to watch and knit. >> there you go. >> what i started knitting during the show. >> just don't get distracted. >> i'm sure our executive producer -- >> look up every once in a
5:49 am
while. >> it's may turn. >> make us all a little matching jumpers. >> or vests or something. >> stay tuned for next week. >> a sweater, i was like they didn't call them dog jumpers. >> he's british. >> oh, yes. now you say it like that. >> now you understand. >> let's stay in tokyo, i want to show you the weather that they're experiencing there because it's been hot and also humid. as we look at these temperatures, some low to mid 90s over the next few days and then we'll have to watch fourth a chance of those pop-up showers and thunderstorms. now when we say 92, 93 degrees, what does that feel like with the humidity? well with the temperature at 92, it feels like it's at least 105 degrees because of the relative humidity. it is definitely dangerous for a lot of athletes out there during the middle of the day. we haven't had any heat like that and let's keep it away. as we're starting out this morning with a live look outside in oakland, very nice start to
5:50 am
our morning. as you're stepping out a start in the upper 50s and seeing a few clouds here and there. the sun will peek out and we'll see temperatures here slowly warming up. it's going to warm up a little bit more quickly for spots in the south bay. up to in gilroy, milpitas will see a high of 76 degrees, downtown san jose up to 82. for the east bay we're up to 88 in walnut creek, hayward looking at a high of 76 degrees and antioch hot reaching 91 today and some low 60s near the coast. in palo alto, expect a high of 78 degrees. we're in the 60s again in san francisco. pretty gusty winds at least we're starting out clear but there will be fog rolling in and temperatures reaching into the low to mid 80s for much of the north bay. looking at our weather setup for the next few days, we see the storm system approaching the pacific northwest that's going to bring them some rain. also it will enhance our westerly wind by the middle of next week and cool our temperatures down by wednesday into thursday. in the meantime we're with the
5:51 am
hotter temperatures in the valleys reaching into the upper 80s and 90 for tomorrow. you can see those temperatures coming down a few degrees from wednesday into thursday. friday, the heat returns. it just all depends on how strong that ocean breeze is, that transport those cooler temperatures to the inland valleys. san francisco not a whole lot of changes here. we're looking at some mid 60s, upper 60s and then 70 degrees by the end of the week. mike, you're watching a note about monday at the bay bridge. >> wanted to tell folks, i forget that mondays we've been seeing for the last few weeks been seeing the metering lights turn on just about 5:45, 5:37 is when they turned on this morning. when they were turned on by the person activating them. usually the indicator on that pattern for monday. it's not an actual volume increase but that's what they do. holding steady, just starting to build a little bit now as that volume builds we expect closer
5:52 am
to 6:00. there's the slowing at the toll plaza which actually eases up the incline and it will ease up the approach to san francisco on the decline as well. that's your pattern again for the monday. nothing unusual for your longer drive out of antioch. we still have this fire over here at bradford island we've been tracking. you can see it for some distance but as the sun comes up a little less of a distraction and may see smoke driving through or from the north bay. highway 37 completely other section of the north bay, your typical slowing towards the island. the tri-valley very light. highway 84 right there still a little bit of slowing as more lanes come together and folks funnel down towards 680. a little more slowing than we expect for a monday morning on northbound 101. from 608 to oakland, slow down for 20 minutes now seeing that but it is finally starting to ease up. i was a little concerned but we're okay right now. then in palo alto, just got brighter in the last few seconds but the slowdown was due to the fact that there was a crew in
5:53 am
san mateo which has cleared from the roadway. they had a slower traffic drive as they moved the equipment. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, san jose firefighters are at the scene of a fire at a strip mall. video just sent in to our newsroom. this is near center and lewis roads. so far no injuries have been reported. a vacant office space and two businesses were damaged. crews say that the fire is out and they're working to determine the cause. much more ahead on "today in the bay" this monday morning, facing an ammunition shortage. impacts on police departments across the country. the rising covid cases among workers at two san francisco hospitals including the many who are fully vaccinated. plus -- >> i'm bob redell. we're live here in east contra costa county where a 220 acre wildfire you can see behind me burning on bradford island. the number of residents who have decided to stay on this island
5:54 am
and try to fight the fire on their own. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:55 am
♪ we can fly where you want to ♪ ♪ we can leave your house behind ♪ ♪ but if your friends don't mask ♪ ♪ and why don't they mask? ♪ ♪ well they won't fly this airline. ♪ ♪ you can fly if you want to ♪ ♪ cause we do safety right ♪ ♪ we have air that's clean and disinfectant machines ♪ ♪ zapping germs like an arcade space fight ♪ ♪ and we dance ♪ ♪ do the dance, do the dance ♪ ♪ hepa filters cleaning commence ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ alaska safety dance ♪ ♪ alaska safety dance ♪ welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." at least 233 workers have reportedly tested positive for covid-19 over the past month at two of san francisco's will
5:57 am
largest hospitals. it included 183 at ucsf, another 50 at least at zuckerberg general. more than three fourths of the cases at sf general were breakthrough cases involving fully vaccinated people. just two required hospitalizations. all of the cases are tied to the fast moving delta variant. we're learning that state spent nearly $200 million to set up and operate alternate hospital sites as the pandemic spiraled out of control last winter. the system has been able to expand enough to accommodate most patients during the surge when hospitalizations topped 20,000 and 700 people were dying weekly. most of the sites have closed. developing now four people dead in colusa county north of sacramento. the robinson 66 crashed
5:58 am
yesterday afternoon. the identities of the victims has not been released. a tiktok star on life support after being shot inside of a southern california movie theater died. 19-year-oldanceny barahas and 18-year-old riley goodrich were watching a they were shot. goodrich died at the scene. the shooting appeared to be random and unprovoked and working with prosecutors to add a second murder count against the suspected shooter. and right now, new york city police are searching for at least four people in a shooting that injured ten people. two men opened fire on a crowd near a laundromat in queens saturday night. the suspects fled the scene on mow peds. police are calling this a brazen and coordinated attack. they believe it's gang related. san diego leaders discussing a possible ban on so-called ghost guns, essentially the do it yourself firearms built at home using untraceable parts
5:59 am
bought online without background checks. a proposal would make it illegal for unserialized gun kits to be sold in the city, on-line or in stores. this comes through months after a deadly shooting in the gas lamp district where a ghost gun was used. for the guns now owned by americans apparently leading to an ammunition shortage. that's already impact something law enforcement agencies. the las vegas police department is making new efforts to conserve ammunition whenever possible. some training instructors say they have actually been forced to cancel classes with no bullets available and the pandemic and the record gun sales are to blame here. right now a team of south bay firefighters and military vets are on a 40-day bike ride. this is across the country. >> their goal is to reach new york city by september 11th in time for events marking the 20th anniversary of that day. the journey is 3,800 miles.
6:00 am
9/11 is so significant for many team members. they remember the smallest details. >> for many of us, we remember what happened on that day. we remembered where we were. we remembered the sounds and smells. for some, they still haven't healed from it. >> understandably. the group plans to ride an average of 100 miles a day while connecting with other fire departments along the way. hard to believe 20 years. >> all right. right now at 6:00, breaking news to tell you about in east contra costa county. a brush fire forcing evacuations near bethel island. it broke out overnight this is on nearby bradford island in the delta and believe it or not firefighters are not nowhere to be seen. this is "today in the bay." good


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