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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 2, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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right now at 3:00, the ever increasing risk of breakthrough cases. we speak with a doctor about the likelihood you'll get covid even if you're vaccinated. plus the students were only in school three days and now multiple cases cove individual in a contra costa county school district. how the district is responding and what it will do moving forward. nearly every county calling for masking and it's happening in just nine hours. >> the news at 3:00 starts right now. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm janelle wang.
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we are on early because of the olympics. we begin with what seems like a major step backward, a new mask mandate. >> the message is clear, mask up even if you're vaccinated. here are the counties, alameda, contra costa, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara, sonoma and the city of berkeley. this goes into effect at midnight. napa and solano counties so far the two holdouts. >> some see this as a step back but others say it's necessary to fight the new surge brought on by the delta variant. >> scott budman has reaction from san francisco where businesses say literally hundreds of millions of dollars are now on the line. >> reporter: saying no mask, no ride. this san francisco cable car operator essentially echoed the newest indoor rule, as they started publicly rolling again for the first time in more than a year. the bay area mask mandate is back. >> we don't want to shut this city or this country down any longer than we have to.
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our economy and our livelihood and our kids going back to school and everything in between depends on it. >> reporter: san francisco's mayor explaining the goal is to squash the surge without forcing a lockdown. health officers from every local county except napa and solano say indoor mask rules are the key. >> the goal of these orders is to avoid disrupting our businesses' continued operations and our residents everyday activities. masking is a simple and effective tool to support us in this battle. >> reporter: a tool san francisco's giant industries like tourism must once again adjust to. >> i am a-okay with it. >> reporter: where the visiting family says they have their masks. >> we're vaccinated, but still, this is what we want -- this is what we need to do to get things more back to normal. >> reporter: the rule takes effect tomorrow. the city's small businesses say the challenge now is explaining it to customers who aren't always eager to mask up.
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when asked when the mask mandate is likely to be lifted, health officials say they don't have a specific date in mind. first, they say, hospitalization rates will have to drop. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> got to remember winter is also just around the corner. now, the u.s. has reached a vaccination milestone. the white house says 70% of adults in the u.s. now have at least one dose of the vaccine. the biden administration wanted to meet that 70% threshold on july 4th. here in california the numbers are telling. today our seven-day positivity rate is now 6.7%. a month ago, it was 1.8%. at the highest of our surge back in january, our positivity rate was 17%. let's put it into context, though, right now across the state only 4, 700 people are in the hospital sick with covid. compare that with the more than 22,000 people who were hospitalized during that last
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surge. and fewer people are getting hospitalized. it is a sign that just as the doctors have been telling us, vaccines are working. >> and speaking of signs, this could be a sign of what's to come. the brentwood union schools brought children back to class last week and now it's dealing with a spike in covid cases. sharon says the district expected this and has every intention of staying open. >> we want to be open. this is where kids belong. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed in the happy squeals of masked kids out on school playgrounds in the brentwood union school district today. so far 17 students and one staff member tested positive, and 45 students are showing covid-like symptoms but have not tested positive so far. more than 50 who are believed to have been exposed to someone covid positive. >> we were looking at the numbers last night. she said, mom, we knew this was going to happen. >> reporter: brentwood parents chris and michelle adams say they hope the numbers level off
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and are being cautious with their kids. >> now that back to school started, she's still concerned, still worried because of anxiety, but she knows she needs to be there. she missed a lot in learning last year. >> reporter: superintendent dana eaton says it does not appear the current batch of infections happened at school. unlike some schools that use an app students must fill out before heading to class, attesting they are feeling healthy, the student's 9,000 district students check in daily at the classroom. >> if somebody comes in and all of a sudden they have a runny nose, they'll come up to the office and the office will call their parents and have them get picked up. >> recent high school graduates now hope the current class won't have to go back to online learning. >> i think especially there's a mental strain on students right now. then it will just be unmotivating to go back. >> reporter: the superintendent says the district is doing his part and he'll hope more people
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in the community will be vaccinated to help keep numbers down. sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> download our nbc bay area app tokt all the latest headlines and covid-19 guidance. our investigative unit have learned a south bay hospital is getting a big staffing boost. we told you about dangerously low staffing levels and poor patient care at san jose's good samaritan hospital. now it's parent company says it's reached a deal. the nurses union will increase staffing levels at good sam and its sister facility. according to the california nurses facility, hca has agreed to recruit 80 additional registered nurses and create 43 new nursing positions that can rotate between both facilities. hca also agreed to a 10% wage increase to help retain experienced nurses.
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let's go to our olympic coverage now. it's day 10 of the games. less than a week left but a whole lot of competition jam packed in the next few days. we'll begin with a major headline today. simone biles is back in. >> usa gymnastics just confirmed that biles will compete in the balance beam finals tomorrow. biles appeared in good spirits earlier today when she walked from her hotel to the olympics gymnastics center. she's cheering on her teammates in the floor exercise final. she won gold in this event back in 2016. competing in the balance beam tomorrow is her last scheduled final at these games after pulling out of many events because of what she called her twisties health issue. another loss in soccer. the u.s. women's national team lost to canada 1-0. they'll now face australia in the bronze medal game. in track and field, now, the olympics more than any
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other sporting event is always more than just about who wins and loses. the stage is so big and it magnifies some of the human drama. >> some of the best drama is those moments before or after. garvin thomas is back to share some more amazing moments. >> you're so right. some of my favorite olympic moments over the years have involved not just the competition, but sportsmanship and compassion. man, do we have one of those to share. it's an all-time great. it takes place in the sport of high jump. the man from qatar has won silver and bronze but never gold. he is going jump for jump with the man from italy. they end up tied. the official says they can have a jump off, ask if they can share the gold. the official says it's possible and look at this celebration. what makes this moment even sweeter, if possible, these two have been friends for more than a decade.
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tamburi even went to barshim's wedding in 2018. that wasn't our only moment of great sportsmanship. just when it happens on this stage it's so magnified. the third heat of the men's 800. team usa gets tied up with the runner from botswana. both hit the track. instead of getting upset the two help each other up. amos said i'm sorry. he said it's okay, man. the two continued side by side to ultimately finish the race together. now, this next story also involves a fall but wait until you see how it ends up. this is the first round of the heat for the 1500 meters. less than one lap to go and runners in front of hassan stumble and she falls down. again, less than a lap to go, she's way behind. watch this. an incredible sprint, she not only catches up to the pack but
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wins. literally on the ground in last place to winning in a single lap. >> like literally, it almost looked real. i know you sped it up. >> we had to speed it up to get it in. >> even more amazing, she's an incredible athlete. this was the 1,500. one of the reasons she was back of the pack because she was conserving energy because she had to race in the 5,000 later that same day. of course she had to expend a lot of energy in the 1,500. what does she do? goes out and wins the gold in the 5,000. >> of course she did. >> and she has a chance to win another gold. >> all of those are so great but the sharing of the gold medal that was so emotional and beautiful. really a beautiful thing. if i get a gold medal, i'll share it with you. we get it for anchoring. >> when you've been in the trenches together training together and you know how much hard work goes into it. >> and how hard is it to say, no, i've been training as a competitor my whole life. to stop and think about the best win-win for both of us. >> because you've been through
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it together and they're besties it sounds like. >> love those moments. >> thank you, garvin. here's what to look out for tonight in prime time. stanford stanford's alix klineman and april ross are in the beach volleyball tournament. if they don't win, team usa draymond green take on spain. and the water polo team take on canada in the women's quarterfinal at 10:00 on the usa network. so many local athletes in tokyo, it's hard to keep up. good thing we have jonathan bloom doing it all for us. just go to and click on local athlete tracker on our trending bar. coming up, social media giant facebook issuing new rules for employees. what they'll have to do when they're in the office. what about breakthrough cases, are you at risk even if you're vaccinated? we speak with our medical expert live and get you answers. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. a nice start to the week. 88 in walnut creek, some low 90s on the way through 4:00 and 5:00. we'll take you through the weather tonight and take you through tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. from tokyo, late details on simone biles returning to competition. also important news for pregnant women about covid vaccinations. plus cancellations and random rebookings causing airlines to run afoul with customers when we see you back here tonight.
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some concerning news out of hollywood today. comedian and actress kathy griffin says she's been diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer. griffin announced she's having part of her left lung removed. doctors say her prognosis is good. griffin also said she received the covid vaccine and is urging people to keep up with their medical checkups. two of her three siblings have died from cancer. griffin, who has won emmys and grammys is known for her brash and outspoken humor. a new rule for facebook employees. the company says everyone will
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have to begin wearing masks in the office even if vaccinated. the new rules go into effect tomorrow. it follows the recommendation of a majority of bay area health leaders who now say masks are required indoors starting at midnight tonight regardless of your vaccination status. that is something we keep talking about, these breakthrough cases. when a vaccinated person still gets covid-19. the latest data from the cdc says 99.9% of people who are fully vaccinated have not gotten sick but the vaccine is not a cure-all and it's what doctors have been telling us. joining me now is dr. peter chinhong. doctor, thanks for being with us. let's talk about these breakthrough cases. the cdc gave this statistic, 99.9%, but what is the vaccinated will get the virus and get sick? >> very, very, very low, janelle. so everyone is focusing on this
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outbreak. 900 people infected, 75% vaccinated. you look at massachusetts, 4.35 million people got immunized and the percentage of people who had breakthrough infections, less than 0.1%. to me as an infectious disease doctor, the most telling information is like you said, 99.5% of people with serious disease, of deaths are in the unvaccinated. >> okay. we have heard about these breakthrough cases. i go out and about and i'm like always wearing a mask. now the county health agencies are saying wear your mask even if you're vaccinated and people are like why are you wearing a mask, you're vaccinated. well, it was only 95% effective and the delta variant the effectiveness is not as high. can you explain the science of people getting sick even though they got the shot. it's not 100%. >> yeah.
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no, no. the best way to think about it is the vaccine is an umbrella. you're not going to get terribly sick, but if the rainfall is heavy and delta provides a lot of rain, you can sometimes get wet and that's what an infection is. but the rain isn't going to like soak through your clothes and cause you to like go out and buy new clothes because it's still a really good umbrella. so that's the way to think about it. you go to high-risk environments and someone is breathing and coughing and singing at you and they have covid, you may get it even if you're vaccinated. >> that's a great analogy. now, what if i do get the virus? my 5-year-old is not vaccinated. what do you advise? we have to go back to what we did a year ago, where i have to stay in quarantine? maybe wear a mask at home now if i'm in a crowded area? what advice would you give for that? >> right now many people who believe the people who are
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vaccinated who get covid don't produce virus for that long. we don't have that data yet. but for right now if you are infected, you kind of have to stay away from the rest of society for about ten days. if you're just exposed, that's where the difference is as a vaccinated person. instead of quarantining for ten days or two weeks, you quarantine for three or four days, do a test, if it's negative, you can go back to doing what you're doing in regular life. >> i like that. so let's talk about the positivity rate. it is a little worrisome to see it go up so dramatically just in the last six weeks. do you think this new mask mandate starting at midnight will help curb the surge in cases? >> yes, definitely. remember when you see the positivity rate now, it reflects what we were doing a week or two ago. and, you know, the seminal moment that really changed most of our attitudes with delta was really last thursday because of the outbreak that we saw in provincetown and the recognition that people who are vaccina
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noses. so what i would predictnd this e will hit the pause button. >> fingers crossed on that. dr. peter chin-hong, thank you very much. we appreciate your advice, very helpful. thank you so much. a wildfire broke out overnight in the saun joaquin delta on bradford island. it is still burning. the island only has a couple dozen residents, many of whom divide evacuation orders and stayed to protect their properties. the island has no fire service or bridges either. you can only get there by boat or take the ferry as some property owners hurried to do. >> i have ten acres of landing there basically. it's just a boat house and a little log cabin. >> the island is about 2,000 acres. it's estimated a couple hundred acres have burned along with a few buildings. in the past years fires have smoldered for days since bradford island is a reclaimed peak wetland which lies below
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sea level. turning off pumps could flood the island which is one way to douse the fire. of course they'll be keeping a very close eye on that situation. >> our temperatures are dropping slightly, which could help firefighting efforts. >> we're going to get that foggy breeze each and every night so that will help out near rio vista, bradford island. temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s this week. it's probably going to take a little time to certainly get a handle on that, but at least we're not looking at 105 to 110-degree heat. right now in the bay area i wanted to start off on this monday and take you out to some of the best weather on the map. it's right down here in the south bay. we've got a few high clouds, lots of blue sky in san jose and currently checking in at 79 degrees. this is what we want to see in august. a light wind out of the northwest at 14 go up to 80 the next hour. we're in the 70s here from 5:00 through 7:00 p.m. and then we'll start to drop it off into the 60s through 8:00, 9:00 and
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10:00. i'm confident we'll continue to see weather just like this as we roll through this week, specifically for the next three days. let me show you why. we have this system offshore and there is some cooler air associated with it. but for us, we'll be a little bit on the warm side, overall pleasant. we'll keep that fog at the immediate coastline. this is really helping to keep that fog at the coastline and that's going to be the key to the forecast in order to keep us so comfortable as you roll through the next couple of days. let's focus in on that fog and you see for tomorrow morning we get those clouds at the coastline, spotty areas of drizzle, low clouds in the north bay, patchy clouds through the east bay and south bay. as we move through the afternoon, that sunshine returns, except if you're headed to the beaches. that's where we'll continue to see those clouds linger for us. with the foggy breeze at our back, we will start off on the cool side tomorrow morning. if you're up at 6:00 or seven:00, definitely need some sort of jacket. south bay at 55, tri-valley 56. going down to my chilliest
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temperatures through the north bay at 53 degrees. so we'll start cool. then as we move through the day, it's going to be comfortable. even though we'll have a little bit of heat, it's not going to be something we can't handle. down here in the south bay, this will put us up to low 80s for milpitas, san jose and los gatos. morgan hill at 89. 92 in concord, 90 in pleasanton. a little closer to the water, oakland and hayward in the low 70s. peninsula 74 in san mateo, 77 in palo alto. san francisco stays in the 60s from the marina right down to ingleside. santa rosa 81. my seven-day forecast for san francisco holds with these 60s as we move through the next seven-day forecast with some morning fog, afternoon sunshine. and through the inland valleys we're staying with this trending of upper 80s and low 90s all the way through the next several days, so that is an excellent pattern coming our way.
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nothing like this in tokyo. look at the top line of temperatures, that's the heat index. it's going to feel like the low 100s for the last week of the games. ouch. >> a hot one for track and field. thanks so much, jeff. coming up, the pandemic has hit people hard financially, but now one bay area utility company providing some relief to help people not fall behind on their bills. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ return to rugged. the all-new ruggedly redesigned 2022 nissan pathfinder. ♪♪ >> xander schauffele is an olympic champion.
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some people struggling in san francisco are getting help with their bills. the city's public utilities commission and the tax collector's office joining forces in a pilot program borne out of the pandemic. eligible customers will receive big discounts on water and sewer bills. starting this month those low-income customers can get up to 90% off on their bills for the next six months. since march of 2020 the number of delinquent accounts has grown by more than 250%. back-to-school excitement in the south bay for sure. >> hundreds of excited sunnyvale
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families loaded up on supplies today. covid delays kept the crayons, pencils, supplies stuck on a fedex plane in memphis for two weeks. rotary clubs here and in tennessee negotiated the transfer of the materials to trucks instead, which pulled in last night. fedex covered the cost and the supplies were ready for 1,600 low-income families to pick up today. chances are you've never seen a sierra nevada red fox because there are fewer than 100 in california. it was feared extinct from california until 2010 when a wildlife camera captured this photo of a fox at sonora pass. this fox is protected by the california endangered species act but the federal designation carries added safeguards. other states have red foxes but they are genetically different. >> we'll be right back. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast.
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as we know, tokyo is keeping
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our raj mathai very busy. he's reporting on all the competition. >> and our segment checking in with raj, abby fernandez interviews raj about life in tokyo every day. he is out of quarantine. he got out of the quarantine over the weekend and is getting out and b. >> this is a really cool hip part of town in tokyo. abby, this video does speak to me as well because it just shows you the olympics are here. it's so hard to say that because it's all quarantine, but if you do go out and stay safe and distanced from people, people are out and about and it's such a fabulous city. >> we're checking in with raj every day. you can watch more of these conversations online just go to and that will take you to a page to watch every episode. >> do we have time for a last check of the weather? it's hot in tokyo, like 100 degrees? >> we're looking at low 100s, on
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and off thunderstorm chances. back here in the bay area, it's going to be pretty comfortable. 92 as we roll through tomorrow and upper 80s, low 90s through the next seven days. >> okay, great. nightly news is next. we'll be back at 4:00. tonight, the alarming delta variant surge. the u.s. now seeing more daily covid cases than last summer's peak. the u.s. reporting over 100,000 new cases in a day, higher than the worst we saw last summer before vaccines were available. hospitalizations up more than 40% in a week. deaths up 25%. new york city stopping short of an indoor mask mandate, while louisiana reinstates its in florida, lines for testing stretching for hours. but encouraging news on rising vaccinat


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