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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 5, 2021 11:30pm-12:05am PDT

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long shot for luis. now that he is there, his best friends and coach are beyond excited, saying he is a winner in their hearts before he even runs the final olympic race. >> he is not backing down from who he has to face he wants to run againstn fairfi nbc bay area news. >> very cool. team luis, we are rooting for him. here are the rules. because of covid here in tokyo, as soon as an athlete finishes his or her competition, they have 48 hours to get out of town, and that's leading to a lot of joyous home comings back in the united states. take a lock at the scene in houston. the international airport there. we say hello to simone biles and jordan chiles. a big crowd, a loud crowd to greet the two gymnasts, including biles' parents. there was also a small parade soon after. i got to tell you, speaking with all the athletes here, almost each one has said it's been so difficult at these games.
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whether they win the medal or not, it's been so difficult to be here without their support system, without their parents and extended coaches and friends and family. so it has been emotional. not just for simone biles, but for everyone here coming back home. guy, we'll send it back to you. >> that team is really, really hard to do. >> for sure. i'm sure they couldn't wait to get back home. i know they have to leave tokyo in 48 hours. they're probably happy about that. celebrate with their families. >> or if you lost, you just want the comfort of your family. >> for sure. >> thanks, raj. well, yes back in 60 seconds with a burning question. will we need a covid booster shot? the announcement moderna made late today. also -- >> a teacher tells us his mortgage company deserves a gold medal in dropping the ball because it saddled him with 3/4 of a million dollars in phantom debt. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. we are looking at a little bit of fog tomorrow morning near the coast, also the bay, and we're tracking the haze and the
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smoke from wildfires off to the north. i'll have that update in just a couple of minutes. the bay a part of who i am. and like you, i always want to know more about what's happening here in our home. >> this shouldn't be so we crea designed to get more answers, more context, more solutions. welcome back to our new 7:00 newscast. so you know more about our community. join us for nbc bay area news tonight, week nights at 7:00, following "nightly news." so you can fly to more places around the world. now alaska mileage plan members can easily earn and redeem miles worldwide. that means up to 1,000 worldwide destinations, and elite priority check-in and boarding, and elite international lounge access. that's a big deal for a big world of travel. go global with alaska airlines and oneworld. learn more at
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well, nbc bay area responds to a bay area homeowner who got a $3/4 million shock. >> he asked consumer investigator chris chmura for help. hi, chris. >> good evening. it's especially a lot of money for a teacher like john salvern. he's owned his house for about ten years, but this spring his bank blew him away when it said he owed double what he signed up for. move over, stocks and bonds. >> now is kind of an unprecedented time. >> reporter: home prices are up at the same time interest rates are low, south of 3%. >> which historically speaking is absurdly low. >> reporter: some finance experts say cashing in on your home's equity might be a savvy investment. >> to pay off more expensive types of debt. credit card debt for example. >> i bought it about ten years ago. >> reporter: teacher john tried to pull the trigger with his
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home. zillow says its value increased a couple hundred grand. in january john applied for a home equity line of credit. it found he already had two mortgages on his home. >> i don't have two. i know for a fact i only have one. i just refinanced in december. >> one mortgage for $765,000 that john knew about and was paying. other, also for 765 grand, but he had no clue. >> shocked. i didn't understand why there would be two mortgages on my record. >> reporter: the bank wouldn't give him his credit line until he accounted for the extra 765 k mortgage. long-term, a problem like this could prevent john from selling. so starting in march, he tried to fix it. >> conservatively, 15 to 20 phone calls and the phone calls lasted 45 to an hour each. >> reporter: john got his mortgage from change home mortgage. he needed change to delete the fan tam mortgage, but he says the service staff didn't take action.
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>> nobody is helping me. >> reporter: in june, john turned to us. we saw three clues to solve this mortgage mystery. first, the bank hadn't called in debt collectors or flagged john's credit for not paying the second mortgage. that's fishy. second, the mortgages were dated just one day apart, right around the same time john refinanced in december. coincidence? and third, they're almost the exact same amount, $765,000, and $765,600. with all that, we contacted change home mortgage. its lawyer responded to us immediately. within a month of our inquiry, quick for a real estate transaction, change had the mistaken one canceled. >> my gratitude to you guys. thank you very much. >> change mortgage sent us a statement saying the error in this case was caused by a national title insurance company. when change lending's management became aware of the situation, we immediately worked on behalf
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of the borrower to help get the issue resolved by the title company to the customer's satisfaction. >> i'm still sort of reeling from the double mortgage thing. >> jacob channel called john's case one in a million. >> i'm sorry to say, john, i haven't heard of that happening to other people or at least >> reporter: nonetheless, sheer recommendation any t, or refina. check the court records a few weeks after you close. verify your deed and mortgage are recorded properly. if not -- >> i would act on that as fast as possible. i'd probably drop everything that i was doing and contact my lender. >> john agree, 765,000%. >> follow the trail. just to cover yourself. >> jeantels us he was finally able to get his home equity line of credit. has your american dream been giving you nightmares? maybe we can help. go to and click the responds option or call us 888-996-tips. >> that is a great resolution and a beautiful home.
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>> that's a lot of money. >> it is. >> okay. let's talk about our weather. i saw a beautiful sunset. the haze is creating some nice sunsets. >> it is. >> but we're getting some smoke advisories. >> it's a good product. at least if you're going to look at it in any kind of way that way. but of course the haze, and a little bit of smoke as we roll through tomorrow could irritate you, especially if you do have respiratory problems. so we're going to start off with that forecast and the smoke. and look at all of these fires burning off to the north. now lately we haven't had to worry about any kind of smoke because the fog pattern has been so strong at the coastline. but you had the river complex, the monument fire, mcfarland fire, the river fire, also the dixie fire. so tremendous amount of smoke up there in northern california. and a quick wind shift tomorrow morning. looks like it could bring down some of the smoke right towards marin, napa, sonoma counties. you can see it in the orange and red color. so it may become more noticeable in the way you can smell it in
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the air. the rest of the bay area is in the blue to green color which is that haze. there is also the chance by tomorrow afternoon, we could see some of that go towards the east bay and south bay. real quick window here. for the morning, also the afternoon of that smoke. now as we roll through friday night, also into early saturday morning, we think that fog pattern is going to strike back up again and help to push this smoke off towards the east. and that would also be the same picture as we head through saturday's forecast. so we are going to have hour-by-hour updates on that if needed tomorrow, and we'll give you the latest of course on today in the by tomorrow morning. so let's spring into that morning forecast. and you can see we'll also start off a little fog near the coastline. some patchy fog and some cool 50s here throughout the bay area. we're going here with san francisco at 57. and the north bay at 55. so a cool start, but watch out by the afternoon. i do see temperatures warming up by about 5 to 10 degrees. so it's going to take us back into the hot category here for the inland valleys. 97 in livermore.
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96 in concord. 90 up to napa. palo alto in the 60s. my seven-day forecast in san francisco, we continue with 60s as you roll through the next several days. a and the good news about that trend is any kind of fog we can keep at the coastline will keep us out of a big heatwave for the inland valleys. we are going hotter tomorrow. we'll go down to 90 on saturday, and plenty of 80s as you roll through next week. so tomorrow may irritate some folks. their eyes, maybe a little coughing and breathing issues. up into the north bay, of course we'll keep you up to date on that. >> thanks for the heads up. well, happening now, the hyatt power plant at lake oroville has shut off. the department of water resources says it's because of low water levels. the plant which opened in the late 1960s has never been forced offline by low lake levels before. it has the capacity to power about a half million households. the plant said it was already in
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touch with cal iso in a backup plan in anticipation of this happening. be right back. welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive in the race to succeed, does somebody always have to fail? let's give everybody a fair shot.
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because when that happens, we've all made it. ♪
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well, if you got the moderna vaccine, you'll likely need a covid vaccine booster to protect against future mutations of the coronavirus. at least that's according to the company. it made the announcement today. moderna says its phase 3 study showed a 93% efficacy rate six months after your second dose. however, they say a booster will likely be necessary prior to the winter season because it expects what it says are neutr lels wil. that means they'll go down. they expect full approval of the
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vaccine to the fda some time later this month. he helped lead the team to two world championships before becoming a veteran and well loved sports analyst. now he is stepping away to battle cancer. the a's made this announcement earlier this afternoon that fosse has been fighting cancer. he has been the a's color commentator since '86, working recently for nbc sports california. in a statement, he said, quote, my wife carol and i extend our gratitude to the baseball community and community at large for your thoughts and prayers. dallas braden andkuiper will continue to call a's games.
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okay. to wip a division title, you have to win some games along the way that appear to be losses. >> really close. the giants did that this afternoon as they try to win the nl west. the giants wrapped up a four-game series in arizona in dramatic fashion. they scored four runs in the ninth to tie the game thanks to lamont wade jr. single. in the tenth inning, kris bryant
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knocked in the game winner a double. the giants win 5-4, and improve their lead in the nl west to four games now. ten more medaled for team usa. the u.s. has a total of 92 medals, 30 golds. china in second with 74 medals. the russian olympic committee continues to round out the top three. we'll be back. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple. with comcast business you'll be ready... with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere. all on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.99 a month from comcast business. call or go online today to learn more.
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learn more at okay. starting monday, we're returning back to our normal schedule. catch our midday newscast starting at 11:00, and catch california live right after 11:30. and more local news returns in the afternoon. nbc bay area news at 5:00 starts right after ellen and followed by nbc bay area news at 5:30 and then at 6:00. "nightly news" with lester holt is back at 6:30. and join us for nbc bay area news tonight starting at 7:00. >> we're going quiz you on all that next. more happy homecomings. jade carey back home in arizona tonight. she got quite the greeting at the airport. cheer, applause, hugs. carey earned her first ever gold medal for her floor performance.
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some of these olympians are also mommies and daddies who have been away from their little ones. scenes like this were great to watch. >> number two, number three? >> welcomed home by three kiddos. >> and swimmer matt wit lock being surprised by his little girl at heathrow. >> i love these videos. >> so nice. >> it's good. >> that's going to do it for us. have a great evening. we'll be back tomorrow. >> and we're going to quiz you begin on monday. sydney's time a. it's a world rorld!
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♪♪ as the olympic games approach their final weekend, back state side the big names are coming home. a short time ago simone biles returning to texas with two medals. she is not the only gymnast back home. in the twin cities suni lee. and out in phoenix this reception, mykayla skinner welcomed home. the way she should be. in independence indiana, parade for their 3x3 basketball gold medalist jackie young. and in hawaii carissa moore took surfing gold to the birthplace of the sport and was honored at the state capital. more americans are going to be heading home from tokyo with medals, including team usa's volleyball team, april ross and alix klineman, they could make
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theirs gold. women's beach volleyball final is coming up for you live tonight. some of the storylines as we say good thursday evening. it's friday, late morning here in tokyo. mike tirico. glad you are back with us for the olympics here on nbc. some of the biggest names have gone home with hardware. many others still right here with us and they are in action all weekend long. i mentioned april ross and alix klineman. i love their story. this is the final step in a journey that began for them back in the spring of 2017. they ran into each other at a moose pick festival. ross the bronze medalist in beach volleyball in rio was looking for a partner. klineman was an indoor star thinking about making the move to the beach. they took a chance, teamed up, and today they play for gold. that gold medal match is coming up a little later on. and more relays, men's 100, a bunch of events taking place. then diving from tucson, arizona, delaney schnell in the women's platform. she won silver in the synchronized platform earlier in these olympics.
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all that have coming up. we are going to start with skateboarding. the men's park final. final event of the sports olympic debut. for the rules it's pretty simple. the competitors get three 45-second run. only the best score will count. so medals on the line as we check in with todd harris, paul zitzer and tina dixon. >> the men's park final is set. eight membership battling it out. american cory juneau, vincent matheron, steven piniero. 22-year-old cory juneau of san diego, california, the first to drop in in the final. the first of three runs. juneau in his last run of the heat got into this eighth and final spot. cory juneau is a skater's favorite. he has such a casual style. he makes the things look so
11:55 pm
easy. he slows through the bowl like water. look at that front side flip! we saw him fall on that in qualifiers. here he sticks it in the finals. that is a good sign of things to come for cory juneau. >> number two ranked skater in the world, the american fighting to get in the finals. does that. what does he have on run number one with five seconds to go here? >> that run had it all, todd. >> big air, the 540s, and signature cory juneau, super tech lip trick and the massive no-grab front side flip. straight out of the gate it will be a huge score. look at the height on that back side grab. 540. he was struggling on that trick all week in practice, and he has just been nailing it here where it counts.
11:56 pm
signature cory juneau front side nosegrind. look at this. back nose blunt, all wheels on top of the deck. reverse. >> he is feeling good about that. cory juneau. that's what we expected to see from him. he gets himself into the finals. and 82.15. juneau sets the mark to beat. 18-year-old keegan palmer, he is born in san diego, california, his family moved to queensland, australia. he is representing australia. the number one skater. and in practice, talking practice, he was tearing it up. >> he really was. he won every day of practice. he kind of struggled in qualifying, but it was enough to get him into the finals. if he skates a little looser here, he could very well skate out of here with a gold medal. kale grab 540. that was incredible.
11:57 pm
that's the first one and he is keeping it going. ten seconds left. look at the style. oh! that back side tail slide was just beautiful! that's the finish he needed. wow! okay. keegan palmer dual citizenship and all. we may have a new leader. >> yes. >> that run really had it all. that was beautiful skateboarding. speed, power, control, blasting tricks, doing the lip tricks also. oh, he completely missed the grab on that kick flip and then still able to come up with it. >> still came back for that massive 540. did a kick flip lean. watch. grabbing the tail with his
11:58 pm
backhand. there is no leverage on a 540 when you are grabbing the tail. he sticks it. front truck only right here. this back side tail slide. this should be the run to beat for the rest of the day. alley-oop back three over the hip. there is just too much going on in that run, and that was his first go. >> really put in the replay folks to work on that run. 82.1 five was the mark to beat. and it's a 94.04! keegan palmer of australia vaults himself into first.
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at do? in the race to succeed, does somebody always have to fail? we've got to start lifting each other up.
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and give everybody a fair shot. because when that happens, we've all made it. ♪ after a great opening run cory juneau back up.
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82.15. wants to build on that. the mark to beat is a 94.04. cory juneau with one of the best styles you are ever going to see on a skateboard. oh, that was nice. carving heel flip over the hip. that trick is easier to do straight up and down if you are carving it that far. gets tough. wow, signature cory. front side flip with no grab. that was amazing. there is that front side boardercross that he does so well, gapping straight up into a back tame. see how he finishes this run here. is this one better than his first? he added that carving heel flip indy in the middle of the run. so in that way, yes, but i don't know if that's going to change
12:02 am
his position from third. better than 86.14 to take over the second. >> he did most of the same run, which is -- that's a heavy, heavy run. just gliding that front side tail slide across that box straight into the best front sidekick flip you are ever going to see. and the front side boardercross, he does that trick. both of those tricks, better than anyone that's ever ridden a skateboard every time. so that's impressive. >> current leader keegan palmer appreciates what cory juneau just laid down. what do the judges think? it is an improvement. 84.13. so he secures that third place, but will it hold up? >> australian kieran woolley
12:03 am
now. some issues on that first run. came off, had a 17.03. keegan palmer leads the way with a 94.04. >> and keegan just charges. he does not hold anything back. every time he drops into the park. he won pretty much everything in australia in 2021. including bozila, which is a major australian bowl contest that if you win that, you are a legend. front side grind around the corner, going 20 feet. slip indy over the ship. he is doing a great job of putting it all together here. just needs to finish strong. back side 5-0 off the end of that rail. oh, i love that! that was after time, eggplant reverse.
12:04 am
that was an incredible run. i think we got to start looking at the top three. cory juneau in third with an 84.13. >> you think that's better? >> it's different. i mean, this is apples and oranges. the judges are going to be looking at the amount of difficulty of each trick. where they did their tricks. how much of the bowl did they use? i'm talking too much to be able to pay attention to all of that, todd, but even that front side 50 grind is so good. he gaps up and he is going 100 miles an hour. and it's just, you know, he skates with such power and we compare and contrast him to cory juneau who skates with, you know, this effortless grace. so, definitely an improvement. he jumped up to fourth place. 82.04 for the aussie. kieran woolley now sitting in fourth place.
12:05 am
>> third member of team brazil luiz francisco. 21-year-old. he is another skater who just charges the bowl. got really tech there. 360 flip indy over the volcano. oh, the flip trick game is strong here for luiz. heel flip indy, taking it to the extension. this is a great final. just the display -- this is what skateboarding is all about, just everybody, you can feel them feeding off the energy and pushing each wall, every trick, every run. >> yeah, these guys are all in.


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