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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 7, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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right now gold again. the women's basketball team just won their seventh straight gold at the olympics. this is just the beginning of tonight's highlights. raj going to join us live from tokyo. >> smokey skies and poor air quality for the second day in the row. rob breaks it down. and can you pet give your covid? researchers are looking into that question. our investigative unit gives an upclose look. and why some pets are more likely to get covid than others?
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thanks for joining us in this special edition of the nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. and i'm ja nell wang. the closing ceremony starts at 4:00 a.m. our time. that's just six hours from now. but before that happens, there is still some gold up for grabs. >> let's check in with the man himself, raj joining us live from tokyo. how are you doing, raj? >> reporter: we're doing fine. smokey skies where you guys are back in the bay area. gray skies and rainy skies here in tokyo. three big headlines on this sunday afternoon here, japan time. the rain, the closing ceremony, which is still good to go six hours from now live here on nbc bay e gold. take a look. you might have seen this game just a short while ago. we showed it to you live. team usa women's basketball.
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just like the men, the women win gold. usa against japan. megan rapinoe and some soccer players there. so school to see this. american legends, they ended their careers in style. the u.s. beats japan 90-75. this team, this program, you think about it, over the years, has inspired a lot of people, especially a lot of little girls. all right. just about, what, 15, 20 minutes ago, look who we were hanging out with. water polo star. we've seen her grow up. i remember when she won her first gold medal at the london olympics. here we are in tokyo. u.s. beats spain. she's the team leader. also a big congratulations to the head coach of this team, adam corian from mountain view. amazing what he continues to do. >> i had my like best friends from high school, all these people reaching out to me, stanford and sending me the
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love, sending me their support. to me, it just gave me extra wings. it truly helped me fly through this adversity in knowing we're not alone, even area very loud. >> danville, she feels the love. such great energy with maggie. congrats to her. three gold medals she's bringing home. let's talk allyson felix. this story never gets old, even though she's continues old in the world of track and field. when we say old, 35. that's pretty young to me. she's the oldest gold medalist in american track history. she was part of that rock star dream team four by 400 relay squad. capturing her 11th medal.
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that surpasses carl lewis. talk about a legend in terms of american track stars. felix has done so much for women's rights, mother's rights and the black community. team usa baseball, congratulations for winning the silver medal. japan wins gold. here is the final out. japan in the white uniforms there and the japanese are celebrating. this is where the lack of fans really is evident. baseball is america's past time. but here in japan, they love the game. during normal times, the fans are wild. it is like going to a party every night. great moment for the host nation as they win gold. a big congratulations to joe ryan for winning the silver helping lead team usa. well, not just medals. we discover this and we talk about this so many times at every olympics. it is not just winning the medals. it is all about hometown love. and in this case, a lot of pride. we chatted with damian lillard
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and draymond green, and, yeah, we're talking oakland and diapers. >> oakland, brookfield, to be specific, my neighborhood. a lot of my family been staying up to 5:00 a.m. to watch these games. you know, i have been through a lot of things for my community and for my family. so to be able to add this to the list is an honor. >> my six-year-old baby girl, she's accustomed to the travel. but leaving my ten-year-old was nearly impossible. i brought two diapers with me just to smell the diapers and have some just being able to smell something that she wears. i mean, it's -- they're clean diapers. >> yeah, so they are clean diapers. by the way, to draymond's three kids and his wife in the bay area, your dad, your husband is coming home. team usa baseball on their way home as we speak. as we wrap it up, yes, we are talking the weather.
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take a look. my commute to work this day. this is my second to last day here, so i'm not going to be commuting much longer in tokyo. this is my nbc van heading over the rainbow bridge. it is gray. it's been raining all night and it's been raining all day. you can hardly see the tokyo tower there. but terry and janelle, i'm loving it. i wish i could bring this rain back to the bay area. it's so cool to see, such a great reminder of, gosh, we need the rain. we'll send it back to you. we are ready for that closing ceremony. >> do you have any idea how many people have picked up on that diaper comment from gray monday green? >> that was a great interview, raj. >> yeah. he's getting a lot of razzing. thank you. it is all just a lot of love he showed. he talks about so much of his family love. >> yeah, the personal side. great job over there. we can't wait to have you back and enjoy the closing ceremony.
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yeah. as raj mentioned, it is just six hours away. 4:00 a.m. our time. it is 2:00 p.m. right now in tokyo sunday morning. >> yeah. that closing ceremony. because of the strict covid rules, a lot of athletes won't be there. they already went home. they had to leave, and team usa members who are still there aren't going to be wearing the same uniform. this time they will have a white jacket designed by ralph lauren. what do you think? >> very stylish. carry winger will carry the american flag. she's retiring after the tokyo games. >> want to watch that closing ceremony live? it will be streamed on peacock. it starts at 4:00 a.m. you can also catch it right here on nbc bay area tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. >> okay. let's talk about the smoke that raj was talking about. you could smell it. our air quality isn't so great. smoke is lingering over the bay
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area. it is starting to get a little clearer tonight. on the left, a time lapse of our camera around sunset today. on the right, what it looked like at the same time yesterday. a lot of smoke is in our air coming from the dixie fire. and take a look at the air quality up there. the sky was orange. tonight the fire is picking back up. rob is here to talk about the air quality. we did get a little relief in some areas. but up there where they are fighting the dixie fire, it has been tough, very tough for firefighters. >> that's what aqi of 400 looks like. that's all the way up to hazardous on the scale. but what's helping us out today because the sea breeze. tomorrow morning we will see a little more smoke settling in as the sea breeze weakens slightly for the morning. but as the winds pick back up, you can see it there hour by hour, numbers 15 to 20 miles an
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hour. that will be like a fan turning on and taking this smoke around the bay area for the morning and sending it on out. as you see right there very graphically. the sea breeze starts to pick up. moving forward, we will see warmer temperatures. mid to upper 90s possible in the valleys. for the sierra especially a chance of thundershowers. a closer look at this coming up. >> we'll see you soon. thank you so much. as for the dixie fire, thousands of homes remain at risk as crews lose ground on this fire. it is now the largest wild fire currently burning in the u.s., and the third largest in state history. it will scorch more than 440,000 areas of containment. it dropped yesterday to 21% tonight. more than 180 homes and bids in the greenville area have been destroyed, including the home of the county sheriff. >> we realized, okay, it will
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come through the middle of town, so we went farther down the road. then we got pushed farther out of town and farther out of town and eventually we just all realized that the town was going to be pretty much decimated. >> today governor newsom toured the aftermath and promised to rebuild. he addressed climate change. >> for anyone that's in denial about climate change, you may not believe in the science, you can't help but believe your own damn eyes. >> so far there have been no report of deaths or injuries, but five people still remain missing. >> students at oakland unified school district are scheduled to return to class on monday. some teachers are saying don't do it until all students are vaccinated. here's sergio contana. >> reporter: a small caravan of drivers blaring their horns through oakland over concerns of the start of the school year. >> i am certain that there will
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be students at my school on monday that are infected with covid-19. >> reporter: she says the neighborhood surrounding her elementary school has one of the highest rates of covid-19 infections and one of the lowest when it comes to vaccinations. she's concerned about the lack of protections for teachers and students, and she's not alone. >> and that there be no return to site until there is vaccinations for students and mandatory for everyone on the campus. >> reporter: mark teaches middle school special ed students. he says more distance learning options need to be offered. while there will be mask requirements and improved ventilation in class, the school system isn't requiring proof of vaccination for staff yet and oakland unified is not requiring regular testing for those who opt out of getting their shots. parents who have been pushing for a full return to class are voicing concerns about the way oakland unified is handling staff vaccinations. >> i would like to see oakland
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do what san jose has done, which i think is a really reasonable ask, and that is teachers or any staff show they have been they weekly testing. >> well, as more districts prepare to open up, more clinics are popping up on campuses. this was the scene at sunny qvale this afternoon. it lasted three hours. 20 people, including some teenagers did get vaccinated. the clinic gave away backpacks and target gift cards to students to encourage more people to get vaccinated. >> we told you about wild animals possibly spreading covid. now the virus is spreading to house pets. what you need to know coming up. and later, ran heads to one of the tallest buildings in the world. happens to be in tokyo. we're going to take you for a ride up to the top of the sky
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learn more at can your pets give you covid? researchers are sending a lot of time researching the roles animals play in spreading viruses. >> reporter: last year, we told you many scientists believed covid-19 could have started on a bat, jumped on to another wild animal and then spread to humans. but what about the animals in your home? can they spread it the same way? we investigate. they're cute. they're snugly. and they have given us much needed company during the pandemic. but can your pet get infected and spread covid-19? to find out, we visited uc davis veterinary medicine teaching hospital. here 125 vets treat more than
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60,000 animals each year. everything from dogs to horses. even fish. >> we do know now that dogs and cats can be infected with sars-coronavirus-ii. >> she tracks. data through mid-july show 217 cases in the u.s. so far. more than 40% of those were cats. that's because cats have closer contact with humans compared to other pets. >> they often are very close to people's faces when they're sleeping in beds with people. >> reporter: so you're saying because cats are more snugly. while one cat was euthanized because it got so sick from covid, research shows the vast majority of cats or dogs show mild symptoms or none at all. >> the important thing is the infection is spreading from the people back to animals and not
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animals to people. >> reporter: unless they are wild animals. we told you about chinese researchers identifying early strains of covid-19 in wild bats that they believe mutated and spread to humans. when the virus gets into wild populations, researchers say it is impossible to control. as the infection spreads, the virus mutates, forming new variants, which can spill back to humans. but when house pets catch the virus, the infections were isolated, and the virus has very limited chances to create mutations that pose a threat to people. >> there is not a lot of reason to be vaccinating dogs and cats because it is clear they're not important in spreading the infection back to people. >> reporter: but a new variant, whether it comes from animals or people, can change everything. the delta variant, how is that changing the research right now as we speak? >> i think the concern would be is what if a variant arises that is a lot more infectious for
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people's companion animals and then could be transmitted back to people? >> reporter: right now there is no evidence that the delta variant can spread back to humans. but it is crucial scientists continue to keep a close eye on any variant and its potential impact on all of us. >> let's check in with rob and see what's going on around here. smoke is moving out. that's good news. >> yeah. wind is helping us out. the sea breeze will lead to more fog and clouds for the morning will eventually push out more smoke, kind of the trend we saw today. the worst of the smoke is passed us now. 66 degrees currently in san jose. mostly clear skies. skill 71 degrees in livermore. that's one location with numbers closer to the mid-90s. and our final stop takes us to san francisco. patchy fogs currently. about 59 degrees.
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that's in the morning forecast. we will have bay side locations with the low clouds. some spotty drizzle at times and hazy skies inland. highs tomorrow pretty close to what we had today. upper 80s near concord. 80 in san jose. 65 san francisco. 70 in oakland. but the attention is on the wild fire smoke. moderate for areas closer to the inner bay. it will be during the morning hours. it's the sea breeze that slows down a little bit for the morning. as the winds pick up in the afternoon, it is like turning on a fan. that is a welcome sight. but not as welcome, the conditions there. 453 tonight. areas closer to lake day hoe dealing with bad air quality. the chance to see more monsoon moisture which may try to bring thunderstorms closer to the
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sierra by wednesday and thursday. we might see a little bit of those tropical clouds trying to sneak in. san francisco mostly 60s until you hit close to 70 on thursday. and temperatures likely climbing in the mid-90s. by midweek, the chance of the thunderstorms that we think should bring some rain we hope on those ongoing wild fires in northern sear yeah. hopefully keeping the smoke at a minimum, too. >> that will be nice. the giants go extra innings for the second game in a row in milwaukee. one of the craziest games of the year and new people in the nfl hall of fame. every one of us is connected.
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featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. welcome back. the giants are the first team in baseball to win 70 games this season as terry gives a nice fist pump. the orange and black taking on
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the brewers. top nine, 2-1, the giants down to their last out. a shot to right that should have been caught. it is ruled a triple. kries bryant scores the tieing run. the giants would blow a three-run lead in the 10th, but they come out swinging in the 11th. the daily double, his second home run of the game. giants win 9-6. the a's and the rangers. it is a 4-2 ball game in the third. a two-run double as part of a seven-run inning the green and gold have. the a's beat the rangers 12-3. back in the house, the faithful inside levy stadium for the first time since the 2020 nfc championship game. the 49ers holding open practice. get this. more than 19,000 fans showed up to get a sneak peek at this year's team. the fans definitely raised the
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energy level inside the stadium. >> i mean, without me, personally, i hadn't played in front of fans since 2018. so it's kind of, you know, it's been an extended period of time for me. so being back out there with the fans definitely felt good. >> are you ready for some football because it is coming. the niners will play their first preseason game saturday. looking good johnny. 49ers gm john lynch sporting his new pro football hall of time blazer. the class of 2021. he was a hard hitting safety with the buccaneers and broncos. his induction ceremony is on sunday. that's a look at sports. coming up, raj heads to the skytree in tokyo. we're back in a moment. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple. with comcast business you'll be ready... with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere.
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today's medal count is brought to you by alaska airlines. here is a look at the medal count. the united states now has a total of 109 medals. most overall. we're also one gold from tieing china for the most gold. >> wow. >> which is a great hedge. >> i think we just added a gold. i think we're actually tied. >> we're tied! right on. >> good thing we have the sports guy right here. >> i was watching mike tirico earlier. go ahead. >> did you know tokyo is home to the second tallest building in the world? >> raj decided to check it out. >> reporter: this is the skytree, the second tallest building in the world behind only the building in dubai. up the elevator so fast your ears pop. 634 meters. that's about 2,000 feet. twice the size of the salesforce
10:28 pm
tower in san francisco. in every direction, it's a sea of buildings. 35 million people are down below. everything is in the shadow of the skytree. i'm not scared of heights but i was a little nervous up here, especially in the area that has the glass floor. plenty of ohs and ahs for about $30 u.s. >> that is a stunning view. >> it is stunning. and you don't think like that so you're looking down and it is a long way down. >> yeah. he's done a great job in tokyo. >> he really has, and he's got one more to go. >> okay. closing ceremony live on peacock or you can watch it here tomorrow at 5:00. have a great night folks. >> take care. >> bye!
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what does it take to make it? in the race to succeed, does somebody always have to fail? we've got to start lifting each other up.
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and give everybody a fair shot. because when that happens, we've all made it. ♪ the 17th and final day of the olympics is drawing to a close with just a handful of medal events on this rainy, gloomy afternoon in tokyo. now the u.s. women's volleyball team is going for its first ever gold medal against brazil. as if those stakes weren't enough, how about this? we know the united states will finish atop the overall standings but the gold medal count is still to be


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