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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 8, 2021 11:30pm-12:05am PDT

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right now. bonjour paris. the 2020 olympic games going out in style. why he says this has been his favorite olympics yet. >> i hope it will be within the next few weeks.
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>> the hopeful tile line from the top doctor about full vaccine approval and what it could mean for you as we move forward in the fight against covid. >> dixie fire the second largest in state history. >> the smoke from the fires impacting us here in the bay area. meteorologist tracking our air quality. >> thanks for joining us on this special edition of the news. we begin in japan. with the 2020 tokyo olympics are officially in the books. a spectacular end to the games. you watched the closing ceremony right here. the olympic caldron slowly extinguished. raj is in tokyo. bringing a final report from the unprecedented olympics. >> can you believe it? we made it to the end. the shadow of the tokyo tower.
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monday afternoon here in japan. this city of 35 million. there's a sense of relief. they did it. this was not a super-spreader event. they were a success. this is my sixth olympics. i get asked what the favorite games. it used to be 2012 in london. tokyo exceeded that. this is not a joy of celebration. this was a joy of perseverance. >> as the sunsets on the tokyo olympics, don't be mistaken. these games were spectacular. the pandemic certainly changed the mood. but not the olympic will. injured johnson thomas of the uk. limping with pride across the finish line. india the first ever gold in track and field. and lee putting the community in the spotlight. our bay area stars were beaming.
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and from the a team. without friends and family here, a warm embrace went a long way. >> i could hear danville very loud. >> oakland. brook field. my neighborhood. >> the people there are amazing. they are all so gifted and talented and always rooting for you. >> i'm like oh my gosh. i was a little girl. just running around in my league. >> there's no such thing as a former olympian. you are for life. mom watching back at home. joe ryan shined bright. and lee lee john. and colten brown. and draymond green. beautifully honest about leaving his baby girl. >> i brought two diapers with me. to have be able to smell
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something that she wears. and it's they're clean. >> as for me, i won't miss the multiple spit tests. i will miss the stuningly beautiful city. and the people. this culture all about respect for yourself and others. >> what an experience this has been. here's what's happening now. major airports are buzzing. we're getting out of town. up next in beijing. and 2024 in paris. one last time reporting from tokyo. back to you. >> what a great job they did. covid protocol meant many were not in tokyo. during the closing ceremony. that didn't stop katy ledecky from celebrating with her medals. more back in the u.s. tonight.
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equestrian coach and track star. who landed earlier this evening. so many great pictures to share. we have posted a gallery of the top moments from the closing ceremony. on our web site. click in the trending bar. no signs of slowing the dixie fire raging on. of the second largest in the history of california. flames scorched 490,000 acres. more than 40,000 from this time yesterday. the 400 homes and structures have burned down. hundreds in greenville. containment is 21%. unchanged from 24 hours ago. let's bring in meteorologist and concern about air quality. here in the bay area. good news in the short run. >> it was friday we saw unhealthy air quality.
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now in the green. from the coast to the bay. you can thank the sea breeze. winds southwest 26 miles per hour. you can see the impact that is having on smoke closer to ground level and around the bay. through the day tomorrow. the smoke gets bloun away from the bay area. still very unhealthy. hazardous air quality closer to the fire. and northwest california. as winds change this week, we may see a return of the hazy skies. moving forward this week warmer temperatures. mid-90s returning. speaking of fire danger, thunder chances increase for parts of california. and getting closer to the bay area. we'll have a look at that. >> thanks. you can track the air quality in your neighborhood on our app. free to down load and will send breaking news and weather alerts to your phone. oakland china town.
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armed robbery in the middle of the day led to gunfire. two people injured and the entire attack caught on camera. calls grow louder for more to stop the violence in asian neighborhoods. some of the video maybe disturbing. >> the violence on saturday afternoon clearly shown here from the security camera. two men appear to try to rob a woman. two jump in to help. there's a struggle. and a gunshot. one of the men who tried to help falls to the floor. the other hangs on and appears to be hit in the head with a weapon. >> people are very angry about what they are seeing. >> oakland china town chamber of commerce president says it's especially shocking because one of the young men trying to help was injured seriously. in another video a police officer holding his arm tightly. to stop the bleeding before an ambulance arrives. police are trying to help.
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but can only do so much. >> the legal system has been failing. we have seen that many criminals they got caught. guess what? the next day they would be released. >> because of the shooting volunteer groups like the asian front liner patrol china town. a dozen volunteers escort people to their cars or walk them home. >> i have kids. at the same time enough is enough. we have to step it up for the community. >> patrolling on and off since february. he wore a vest. an extra precaution. the man most seriously injured is expected to make a full recovery. oakland police haven't responded to requests for more information on the incident. >> some stunning violence in the south bay. one man dead another in the hospital after a shooting at a
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house party in sunny vail. 10 last night. neighbors describe the home as a short term rental. advertised on social media. somewhere around 200 teenagers showed up. the city counsel member in the neighborhood wonders what the counsel can do to regulate short term rental properties. >> from the city perspective i want to know what is legally possible. to restrict and require. from a safety perspective. >> police say the second victim is recovering after surgery and expected to be okay. now to the pandemic. and the first drop in weeks for california. the good news. state positivity rate over a few months. today we're seeing the first dip since may. on may 30, look how low we were. less than 1%. it has been climbing hitting a peak of 7% on july 31. now, for the first time in a while.
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dropping off to 6.8%. big week ahead. tens of thousands of students headed back to campus. tomorrow oakland unified welcome students back for in person learning. taking part in a backpack give away. small group of teachers calling for remote learning options. the district says it has appropriate safety measures in place. dr. fauci says he is hopeful the fda will give full approval of the vaccine by the end of this month and predicted the move would spur vaccine mandates. >> so far the vaccine americans received have been granted emergency use approval. today the u.s. government top infectious disease expert is hopeful the fda will grant full
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approval. >> i hope it will be within a few weeks. >> if they grant full approval of existing vaccines, you can soon expect to see private companies issue mandates for employees. >> if that's the case, you'll see the empowerment of local enterprise. giving mandates. that could be colleges, universities. places of business. the whole variety. i strongly support that. >> the owner of a restaurant also supports businesses issuing vaccine mandates. it's something she has already done. requiring her more than 20 employees to be vaccinated. >> it's for the staff. for clients and the customer. they feel safe. we are the staff is vaccinated since april. everybody though it's not
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mandatory. >> only one employee had an issue with the request. the delta variant continues to surge, and across the nation, president biden recently approved rules requiring federal workers to provide proof of vaccination or face regular testing and mask mandates. the biden administration stated that the federal government will not mandate vaccinations beyond the federal work force. >> i think to have a policy is easier. >> new tonight a napa couple among those kill in a sightseeing plane crash in alaska. the flight was returning to a tour of the national monument thursday afternoon. when it went down. five people including two from napa were on board. no survivors. they were traveling on a holland america cruise ship. firefighters on the peninsula trying to figure out what caused a pile of tires to catch fire.
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it started about 4:00 p.m. near etter vans boulevard. right off highway 101. another look at that thick smoke. you couldn't miss it. the intersection was shut down and reopened 7:30. share your thoughts and ask for prayers. a new feature facebook rolled out. a parade fit for a gold medallist. the celebration for one gymnast today. >> watching a warming trend this week. valleys in the 90s and return of thunderstorms across parts of northern california. including the bay area. a look at this coming up. alaska airlines as the bay area's newest global airline, so you can fly to more places around the world. now alaska mileage plan members can easily earn and redeem miles worldwide. that means up to 1,000 worldwide destinations, and elite priority check-in and boarding, and elite international lounge access.
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that's a big deal for a big world of travel. go global with alaska airlines and oneworld. learn more at live look at the nations capitol. the senate made progress on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. moving to a final vote.
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the senate voted 68 to 29 to end a filibuster on the bipartisan bill. that starts up to 30 hours of debate before senators can vote on final passage. expected tuesday morning. unless all 100 senators agree to hold the vote earlier. funding for roads, airports and grid. >> ridership making a come back. transit is moving forward. restoring bus lines today. this is not going to happen over night. over the next 18 months. during the pandemic the agency says ridership went down from 190,000 people a day. to 44,000. facebook wants your prayers. rolling out a new prayer request feature. members create a post other users can tap an i prayed button. respond with a like.
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or other reaction. leave a comment or send a direct message. it's part of the ongoing effort to support faith communities. some say it leads to privacy concerns on that net work. returning to the conch on covid. cases are exploding and children are being hospitalized at a higher rate than any time during the pandemic. >> tonight cities across the country sounding the alarm. covid cases explode to dangerous levels. austin activates an emergency alert system. the situation is dire. six beds available. florida broke a record for daily cases. as doctors say more kids are getting sick. >> more children in the hospital today. than we have had at any point in 18 months. >> in four days 3,000 kids in
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louisiana tested positive for the virus. due to the health emergency, jazz fest in new orleans is cancelled for the second year in a row. this weekend hospitalization in the u.s. topped 66,000. a grim milestone we have crossed twice in six months. to keep the pandemic under control, indoor mask mandates are coming back. from baltimore -- >> the case count has risen 374%. >> to north carolina. where they declared a state of emergency starting monday in. in arkansas. about face from the governor. who signed a law in april banning mask mandates. >> so, it was an error to sign that law. i admit that. >> the divide is deepening over vaccines too. in texas, a large crowd of healthcare workers protest outside the university medical center. where the requiring staff be vaccinated. >> as a pandemic presses on, the motorcycle rally does too. >> i'm a realist.
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if it's my turn it's my turn. not worrying about it. >> you'll need to get the shot and mask up if you want to see broad way shows in san francisco. including performances of hamilton. those start tuesday. ticketholders will have to show proof of vaccination. or negative covid test. within 72 hours of a performance. kids under 12 will have to have a negative covid test. kids under five are not allowed at the theater. masks for everybody are mandatory. >> a successful and safe olympics. there is no evidence of covid spread between the general japanese population and individuals within the olympics bubble. organizers say 19 athletes were unable to compete. in addition three people related to the olympics were hospitalized by the virus. they have recovered. >> speaking of the olympics. quite the homecoming for lee.
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the olympic gymnast road high atop a fire truck. in minnesota today. huge population there. the first mong american to win a gold medal. >> i'm overwhelmed and i feel the love and support. especially now since i'm a gold medallist. >> the minnesota governor declared friday july 30, suni lee day. >> today we commemorate the closing ceremony in san francisco historic japan town peace plaza. the oldest of the three remaining japan towns in the country. that man right there, the emcee. making us all proud. families came to watch traditional dances and celebrate japanese heritage. >> it's always special to have a japan town in your city. this year because of the olympics it's extra special.
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to be able to celebrate the culture within the olympics as a backdrop. it's a great opportunity. >> we have been to japan. we lived there. we love celebrating. this is the end of olympics. great time to be here. >> tomorrow morning on the today show, stanford alumni and her teammate stopping by. with their gold medal. and sharing what it was like to battle it out in the sand. during the unprecedented games and what it's like to reunite with family in the u.s. watch the today show right here. right after today in the bay. all right. rob joining us. we'll have a cool week. >> in the cooling is actually helping with the air quality. last week we had the hot temperatures and unhealthy air. because of the wild fire smoke. we got a break today because of the sea preez. which will carry into the
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beginning of the week ahead. san jose 63 degrees. hazy skies. air quality still good around the valley. 63 right now. the trivalley. 65 degrees. an orange sunrise tomorrow morning. most of the higher up in the atmosphere. walnut creek 67. southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. walnut creek will be a location that sees your temperatures climb to the low 90s and mid-90s. san francisco 58 degrees. low clouds and very likely drizzle at times. air quality tomorrow. moderate across the board. some particular pollution wild fire smoke for areas up to the inland hills. lake county especially. still seeing unhealthy levels at times. and areas to the east might see wild fire smoke. notice how the sea breeze is helping out. the skies kind of clear through the bay area.
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where this island of good air quality. these levels are still extremely unhealthy. to hazardous. numbers above 400. again, sea breeze helping out. keeping temperatures mild. that will change a bit by the time we head to the middle week. morning looks familiar. low clouds and drizzle at times. mostly sunny skies inland. hazy later in the day. upper air smoke moving in. 82 degrees around san jose. low 90s concord and livermore. 60s in san francisco. 72 oakland and 80 in napa. this map the area in green is a change in the wind direction. winds out of the southeast. the monsoon surge a couple weeks ago. might see atist of that wednesday and thursday. the chance of seeing
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thunderstorms. good bet of more of that around the sierra. maybe the dixie fire. high clouds over the bay area. there's a chance we might see the storms try to move further to the west. we'll watch that closely. towards thursday and friday. not much change as we start the week. morning drizzle coastal fog continue for san francisco. trending warmer. valleys have a chance of reaching mid-90s towards end of the week. leading to next weekend and preseason football. into sports. we have football coming back. weather for that and air quality looking good. temperatures on the climb. mid-90s for the valleys second half of the week. >> here comes football. >> there are two jackets in sports that matter. green jacket.
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and the gold jacket for the hall of fame. john lynch owns one. 49ers now hall of famer. who he thanked for encouraging to continue playing safety at stanford.
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what does it take to make it? in the race to succeed, does somebody always have to fail? we've got to start lifting each other up.
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and give everybody a fair shot. because when that happens, we've all made it. ♪ because when that happens, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. welcome back. 49ers general manager john lynch joined football most exclusive club. the hard hitting safety inducted into the profootball hall of fame tonight. one of his presenters his son. nine time probowler spent 15 seasons with the buccaneers and broncos. he won a super bowl in tampa. he switched to defense. he was drafted by the florida
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marlins. but he was convinced to return to campus. and why he could be a safety in the nfl. >> only five plays on the tape. after watching it. i was all in. coach, you gave me the confidence to follow my heart. without you i'm not standing on this stage today. >> i think i speak for all of raider nation. long over due. tom flores is part of the class of 2021. the first hispanic quarterback in the history and the first hispanic head coach to win the super bowl. twice with the raiders. they always thought we were related. because of the last name and the hair. i never corrected anybody. former oakland raiders defensive back. charles woodson. also inducted. nine time probowler also won a super bowl with the packers.
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>> belt to center field. on its way. gop! gone! >> belt with the fourth homer in the past five games. runner on second in the eighth. back up the box. a run scores. giants rally to beat the brewers. at the coliseum. shout it out. a's have won four in a row. brown at the dish. watch as he crushes it to right. solo home run. 448 feet. a's sweep the rangers. green and gold move into first place in the wild card standings. on the pitch the quakes run their unbeaten streak to seven. taking on l.a. fc. kicking it, there to get the redirect. for the goal. quakes add another goal 17 minutes later. san jose beats l.a. you're looking forward to
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football season. we have preseason next saturday. 49ers and chiefs come to town. >> you're watching the battle for third string wide receiver. >> you hype it. i'm excited. >> have you met flores? >> yes, i have. >> no relation. >> you didn't check it out? >> everyone asked me. i would be working. he would have given me a job. especially in l.a. i was growing up. >> all right. >> i hope. i don't know. your hair. >> it does -- we're back in a moment. he was checking out his statue. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple. with comcast business you'll be ready... with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere. all on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses.
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all right. we want to take a final look at medal count from the 2020 tokyo olympics. team u.s. winning the over all count with 113 total. coming from behind to pull ahead in gold. 39 of them. china second with 88 medals. russian olympic committee third with 71. reminder, tomorrow we're returning to our normal programming schedule. it's been a few weeks. catch midday newscast at 11:00. california live. more local news with the three, half hour shows. and nightly news. join us as we dive deeper into the days headlines. that is at 7:00. finally tonight, not athletes but pups taking center stage on the podium. dog olympics. had to happen. it happened this weekend at a
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dog friendly restaurant in virginia. dogs performed stunts and tricks. participated in a costume contest. organizers are donating proceeds from the event to the special olympics. it was all for a good cause. making for great video. have a great night. have a great week. take care. kids love visiting kidifornia. but parents like it to, like a lot. they go bonkers. (wuaahh) totally boom it's an adventure. (sound of playing) you know ,you have to keep an eye on them. you got to let them explore and figure things out for themselves. so hurry up (screams) they're not gonna stay this way forever. kick off your kidifornia vacation at at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military,
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we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. ♪ >> it's not even necessarily th about what happens here on this beam routine it is the fact that in her eyes, she really is doing this for herself.


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