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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  August 9, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> coming up at 5:30. a lot going on. a bombshell report warning us about the future and the major reason our planet is heating up. ? recent changes in the climate are widespread, rapid and intensifying. >> what experts say need to happen now. >> what you have to do to go north for a final summer vacation. and you may soon get a recall ballot in the mail. what governor newsom. whats you to focus on when you get it. the news at 5:30 starts right now. i'm janelle wang. >> it is a dire report from the u.n. scientists warn the effects of
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climate change are unavoidable. >> the consequences could be worse if the world fails to respond. >> reporter: as wildfires scorch the u.s. and the east prepares for another punishing storm system, climate change is accelerating. >> recent changes are widespread, rapid and intensifying. >> reporter: a warmer climate is inevitable. >> if we're able to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions and eventually lower warming in the years to come, i'm hoping i get a chance to see this in my lifetime. >> reporter: the report lays out the strongest case yet for human-caused global warming and
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urges international effort starting now to sharply cut emissions and head off the most devastating effects as one of the world wildfires in california's history is raging over an area larger than los angeles. >> you want evidence? come to california. yet another year of record-setting wildfires. why? because of extreme heat and drought, climate change is happening. we must act now. >> reporter: president biden has pledged to cut u.s. carbon emissions in half by 2030, but the path to that target is uncertain. and today's sobering news makes clear even that ambitious goal may not be enough. alice barr, nbc news. >> we are committed it moving you forward, especially when it comes to helping you understand how our climate is changing, and our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri plays a big role. you've done lots of especially reports and are here with a
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deeper look. >> we've been covering the changing climate for months. we wanted to show you a hill little bit more about that report. warming, it looks like it's going to continue to happen unless we make substantial changes. what you're looking at here, i showed it to you about 30 minutes ago. it's future temperatures. we need to keep the warming that we're seeing to two degrees celsius and below. if we make substantial cuts in emissions we could keep it at two degrees celsius and below. if we don't make substantial cuts there is the fear that we could see it go up to four degrees celsius, and that's where things would get more drastic, more dangerous across the united states. here's a look at the impact map. across the eastern and western
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u.s. we are looking at increased snow. increased temperatures, sea level rise. drought and of course wildfires. when you think about every single one of these, we have experienced all of those things over the past decade. so we're looking at that continuing and maybe getting worse if there's no change that happens. let's focus in on wildfires. this year-to-date we've her seen 912,000 acres burned just this year alone. where last year at this same time we were at 274,000 acres burned. we're already getting severe weather. what can we do? it's all simple, small stuff. if we all do the small things it adds together and can make a big difference. buy local food, recycle, solar panels, carpool if you can and l.e.d. light bulbs >> those are good tips.
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among the stories you'll find, new ways experts are dealing with the current drought at in crisis. a military mandate for the covid-19 vaccine. the pentagon plans to require members of the military to get vaccinated. top military leaders say it's a necessary step to maintain military readiness. lloyd austin wants president biden's approval or as soon as the fda makes it approvaled. canada opened its borders to fully-vaccinated u.s. citizens and permanent residents going forward. they need their passport and evidence of vaccination or pcr test within 72 hours. if it's vaccination, you need to submit that 72 hours before
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arriving in the country. unvaccinated children 12 and under can enter with a vaccinated u.s. no pass, no service. today france extended its covid-19 health pass to include restaurants, trains and commercial centers, requiring them to check for proof of vaccination before allowing people in. health passes are also required at hospitals, pools, museums and nightclubs in france. over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people protested across the country, accusing french president macron of treating citizens unequally. vaccinations rose after his plans were announced last month. a preliminary study from israel, it started to offer booster shots already to those over the age of 60.
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4500 people were studied nearly a week after they received the third booster shot. 88% said they felt similar or better than they felt after the second shot. with soreness at the injection site being the most common. about one third sought treatment due to side effects. we are close to a recall election. keep an eye on your mailbox. you could see a ballot arriving where you live. they were starting to be sent out last week. it can be confusing. real ballots will be mailed out closer to the election, and the election is set for september 14th. the recall ballot has two questions. the first, whether to recall newsom, the second on who should replace newsom if he is removed. let's bring in larry gerston to discuss this. thanks for being here.
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the newsom campaign has focused on the first question, why? >> you're right. two questions that you said, terry. the first question for the newsom folks is a critical one. do you want to keep him in office? if you want to keep him in office, vote no. focus on me, the governor and all the things i've done to help the state get through covid. >> this past weekend the state gop showed some unity in deciding not to endorse anybody who was on that ballot and don't endorse anysingle republican. what's the strategy there? >> here's a different story they want as many good republicans running as possible. we have several on the ballot with some notoriety, you've already discussed some of them. and the thinking is, if we don't
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endorse any one of them, we're going to have more people come out for the candidate they like for the second ballot. when you vote twice you don't know when the governor's going to be recalled. that's why the second ballot is there, in case he is, who do you want. if they don't even have people thinking about whatever democrat might succeed, it's likely that the republican may get the go-ahead. on the other hand, republicans have a problem, if the republicans don't center on a candidate of their own perhaps their vote will be split and a democrat might squeak in. you can see how predictable this is. >> a chess game, a lot of fine tuning going on here. >> the reason why is because
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there are so many uncertainties. who's going to come out and vote? we know right now that republicans are much more geared up for this. the intensity of republicans wanting to get rid of the governor is much higher than democrats. but there's one other side. democrats have a 2-1 margin in voter registration. each side is doing its best to game things so its folks will have the better chance of winning. it all depends on turnout in two ways. one, how many people come out all together, and two, which folks from which side are going to come out more than others. and we're not going to know this until the bitter end. >> next time we talk on the show, i'm going to ask for a prediction. just thought i'd give you a heads up on that. >> good luck. still to come, a party with
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hufrpds of people in a quiet sunnyvale neighborhood turns deadly after gunfire erupts. how airbnb is responding after the home was rented out. a viewer gets a call she thinks is from the bank's front office. then, thousands of dollars vanish from her account. then the bank does nothing. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. and we are looking at some fog near the coast and bay tomorrow morning. we'll get you all ready to go for your tuesday forecast in eight minutes.
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whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. airbnb back under a microscope again after a w50ekd house party in sunnyvale ended in violence. a 18 year 0e8d man was shot to death. police estimate about 200 teenagers were at this house, which was not registered as a vacation rental at the city. the party was advertised in
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advance. entry fees were charged. the owner of the home has banned parties. airbnb released a statement, a dedicated safety team is working to help those impacted bit tragedy. nbc bay area responds to a woman whose bank account was drained following a phone call she thought was from her bank. ? a warning for the rest of us. >> those scam calls. >> i get one a day. the home warranty or car warranty. >> lynn's phone call and the man on the other end of the phone said he was with wells fargo. she was pretty much convinced this guy was the real deal. he asked for her pin, debit card
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information and personal details, she unfortunately answered those questions. they hung up, and that's when she discovered at that $5,000 was transferred from her bank account to someone else's, somebody she didn't know. she reported it to wells fargo's fraud department right away, but after three months, she said she hadn't gotten her $5,000 back. so she called us. we called wells fargo. within two weeks the bank sent lynn a $5,000 check, which is good. we asked what happened. in a statement it said due to customer privacy and confidentiality we are unable to comment on specks fraud claims. but they offered advice. never offer your pin or information. if it contacts you, it is not
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going to ask for your pin. keep a constant watch on your account. the longer you wait to report fraud the more you may be on the hook. if you alert your bank to a fraudulent withdrawal within two days, a regulation, regulation e, caps your liability as low as $50 and might even be zero, but only if you act fast. if you fall for a fraud or a scam tell your bank right away. if that call doesn't fix it, maybe we can help. go to, click the responds option from the main menu. or give us a call. 888-996-tips. unfortunately, we have two more cases just like lynn's, and they are for more money. ? >> when you look at that, and
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they know all why information, that's scary. >> there's probably hacking in the background. >> once they get in there, you're in trouble. >> thanks, chris. looks like it's going to be warm this week. >> heating up tomorrow. we're on the steady climb with that heat. let's bring you into the microclimate forecast. i did want to start off with the air quality, because of course over part of the weekend, namely on saturday, we still had some of that smokey haze lingering, and then gradually got better yesterday and certainly a lot better today with all the blue sky. want to give ah current check to show you all across the bay area, even up into the sacramento valley, green, good to go, excellent air quality. fog at the coastline. you can thank the fog for
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helping to clear out the smoke the last couple days. we'll take you outside. in san jose, it's a little bit hazy, but all in all, we're looking pretty good, 78 degrees, dropping off to cooler 60s by 9:00 and 10:00. temperatures definitely on a climb tomorrow. let me show you what we are dealing with, not just one area of heat but this one-two punch for us. we have this smaller system off shore. we're getting this warmer air moving in from the south, and then this unusually high pressure. we're seeing heat move in from the south and also from the north. that's why our temps are going to be warming up as we head through the next couple days. at least we'll be comfortable here, lots of 60s through the south bay, peninsula and tri valley. do watch out for fog near the immediate coastline, and also the bay. that's why it will be cooler here at 57.
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let's move you think the through the afternoon highs. as for the inland east bay, that's where it might be a little too uncomfortable for you. over to walnut creek, 95. east bay hills, 74 in oakland. through the peninsula, 80 in redwood city, moving up to san francisco. 70s in downtown in the mission, 58, probably some of the most enjoyable weather back to napa at 86. go away from the foggy breeze, you're in the upper 90s to low 100s, clear lake to ukiah. low 70s in downtown san francisco next couple days and 60s rolling in this weekend. there's that heat, up, then down and then back up a little bit. so we've avoided an extreme hat
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wave, but it's still going to get hot for us the next couple days. ? it is augment up next, we investigate hundreds of thousands of pg&e power poles that could fall because of undetected dry rot. emergency planning for kids.
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we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you.
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power poles rotting and at risk of toppling over. our investigative unit told you about a half million power poles at risk of falling because of undetected dry rot. one fell and dropped a power line into a danville pool. >> jaxon van derbeken has more about how pg&e didn't do inspections to catch it in time. >> the rot was so thorough, it looked like what was left of the inside of the pole you could crumble with your hands. >> reporter: former utility commissioner sandoval is talking
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about the inside of this power pole that fell in danville last year, hitting a roof and sending live electrical lines plunging into bob chase's pool. >> they said it's not uncommon because the poles are very old. >> reporter: it's just one of more than a half million poles pg&e has told regulators could be at risk of failing because of undetected rot since the utility quit using a preservation method and decided to rely on periodic inspections and spot treatments to deal with the rot instead. but our revie view shows the risks of that strategy. crews kwies declared the power pole had 100% wood strength without digging all the way around the base, because they were blocked by a fence even though they require a full
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360-degree, inspection. they say inspections are deemed complete inspections. >> so they don't just get to incomplete, right? that'sñi gaslighting. that's what isçó down is up. >> reporter: sandoval focussed on power pole safety during her six years on the commission. we showed her other lapses pg&e now admits. the last time it was checked in twit, 2015, they failed to hit it with a sounding hammer. they blame that on apparent human error, and when a neighbor reported the pole was really leaning over, a lineman declared it all safe without checking further. pg&e says it's making science-based changes, bolstering training and quality control. but since replacing the poles
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would cost $10 billion and reinforcing them could take years, the target is to 30,000 poles that haven't recently been inspected. but sandoval says it's not enough. >> there is a rule. the rule says inspect. that pole was by far the worst pole i have ever seen on the inside. and this is why i'm really scared. we've got poles in a mid-life crisis and no plan. >> reporter: pg&e hasn't said how long it expects the thousands of inspections will take. jaxson vander beckon, nbc bay area news. two of america's newest golden girls back in the usa after dominating in the olympics. we'll check in with alex klineman, next. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple.
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the a-team is taking over new york city. >> we're talking about alix klineman and april ross. they're still celebrating their gold medal win. klineman, who was an all-american at stanford and ross, spent the day at the empire state building in new york city. they enjoyed the view on the 86th floor, the first american women's beach volleyball team to win gold since 2012. ?
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a pro football hall of fame welcomed the newest members, among them, john lynch. the hard-hitting safety was a pro bowler, won a super bowl in tampa bay. of a two years, he decided to switch to defense and was drafted by the florida marlins. the late bill walsh convinced him to return to campus and walsh showed him a tape of his plays and why he thought lynch could be an all-pro safety. >> after watching it, i was all in. coach walsh, he gave me the confidence to follow my heart in a nfl career. without you, i'm not standing on this stage today. >> oh. >> tom flores.
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>> all deserving to be in the hall of fame, and pre-seen starts this weekend. >> yes, it does. hard to believe it's here. right now at 6:00, long lines are back. people flock to get tested for the covid virus. >> i am vaccinated. the delta surge did get a vaccinated person infected with covid, so absolutely, it's a different beast. >> the glitch that has them waiting longer than normal to find out if they have the virus. how nervous should you be sending your kids back to class during these uncertain times. coming up, why business being good here in the bay area isn't enough for some companies who say they need to hire a lot more people quickly.
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