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tv   Today  NBC  August 11, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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local news update. >> our midday newscast at 11:00 today. hey, a live look out at walnut creek. good morning to you over there. and good morning to the rest of you in the bay area. thanks for making us a part of your morning each and every day monday through friday at 4:30. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ good morning good morning triple threat. brutal heat coast to coast more than 130 million set to swelter today. severe storms leaving hundreds of thousands without power in the midwest and bracing for another round. and overnight, tropical storm fred forms near puerto rico al has it all covered this morning. stunning fall. >> my resignation will be effective in 14 days >> under intense pressure and collapsing support, new york governor andrew cuomo announces he will step down in a speech part apology, part defiance, he
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shocked the political world. >> i truly believe it is politically motivated. >> just ahead, the reaction from his accusers >> he brought it on to himself through his own action >> the legal trouble he still faces and the woman set to replace him as new york's first ever female governor southern discomfort, four states reporting the largest spike in daily covid cases since the pandemic began nationwide, anger and frustration mounting over mask requirements in schools. >> i would rather be safe than sorry. >> and this morning, a new concern. fake vaccination cards where people are buying them and what is being done to crack down breaking overnight, trillion dollar deal. after months of wrangling, the senate approved a sweeping plan to repair and replace the nation's roads, rails, bridges, and power grid >> this still shows that we can work together. >> what it means for you and your state all that, plus you cannot
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over alleged sexual abuse. will he be forced to testify and it's electric. >> the throw by hartford is not in time. >> the play at the plate delivering what is already being called the coolest slide in baseball history today wednesday, august 11th, 2021 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> hi, everybody good morning welcome to "today" smack dab in the middle of the week hoda is off. craig, we have a lot of news to cover including that stunner in new york >> a lot of folks surprised yesterday. the state is going to have a new governor 13 days from now. that's when andrew cuomo will officially step down after that surprise announcement that he will resign amid a barrage of
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sexual misconduct allegations. meanwhile, several states across the south are reporting an alarming number of new covid cases, their most ever in a single day and that is adding to the heated debate over whether masks should be required in schools kerry sanders has the latest >> we're going to start this morning with extreme weather from coast to coast, including 133 million people now under heat advisories this morning conditions that could cause some severe storms in a number of areas. and overnight, tropical storm fred forming near puerto rico and putting florida and other parts of the south on alert. al, we said you have a busy one, and you sure do. let's get to kristen dahlgren first who is in central park under a rare excessive heat warning this morning kristen, good morning to you >> reporter: good morning, savannah some new yorkers getting in their early morning workouts before the heat gets too oppressive that alert was issued for today and tomorrow
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temperatures could feel as hot as 105 degrees, but it's not just here in the northeast this heat expected to stretch across the country this morning, sweltering conditions threatening millions from coast to coast. >> this is dangerous heat and humidity >> reporter: in new york city, a rare excessive heat warning in effect >> the next few days are not just your regular hot summer day in new york. they will be extremely dangerously hot and people need to take precautions. >> reporter: boston's acting mayor declaring a heat emergency through the end of the week. >> please stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids, especially water >> reporter: and it's not just the east out west, people from washington state to northern california are expecting scorching temperatures soaring into the triple digits some cities are already dealing with conditions 10 to 20 degrees above average. cooling centers and misting stations are open in oregon. the governor there declaring a state of emergency the dangerous weather also
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ramping up new concerns for wildfires across western states. california's massive dixie fire, which has burned hundreds of thousands of acres, is already decimated entire communities with even more in its path this as brutal extreme weather leaves its mark on the midwest hundreds of thousands without power after storms hit michigan and wisconsin. and in rural illinois, residents picking up the pieces after dangerous tornados touched down monday >> it's scary how quick it can happen >> megan believes tornado alerts on her phone may have saved her family's lives >> we may not have been watching for it and may not have known it was there. >> reporter: and officials want to remind people, this heat can be deadly. stay cool, stay hydrated and while it's not that hot out here yet, i can tell you, it is super humid. i feel like my hair has grown three sizes while we've been standing here. al and savannah can use that as a new forecasting tool if you'd
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like >> good idea, kristen. we all have that a little soupy out there for more now on the severe weather, the tropical storm overnight and the heat, mr. roker. >> guys, we're talking literally coast to coast, we have a triple threat a lot of heat. temperatures in the triple digits for parts of the pacific northwest into northern california then we go into the midplains into the northeast, 133 million people heat indexes up to 110 the hottest days are going to be tomorrow into friday look at these heat indexes cincinnati today, 101. 111 in st. louis and memphis shreveport, 106. d.c., 105. and look at over the next three days, we cool off by saturday, but in the meantime, temperatures mid to upper 90s. you factor in the humidity and it's going to feel like triple digits for charlotte, cincinnati, nashville, on into little rock, even into new york and washington, d.c. we will see some cooling, but we
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also have severe weather today 27 million people, damaging winds, hail, tornados from the upper midwest into the central midwest and then for tomorrow, a severe threat from burlington, pittsburgh, on into kansas city for damaging winds fred right now, 40-mile-per-hour winds moving north-northwest at 16 the track brings it over puerto rico and by saturday into the gulf but look at the cone of uncertainty. miami, key west, orlando, tampa. we are talking about the possibility of an intensification once it gets into the gulf. tropical storm watches and warnings rainfall amounts upwards of 6 to 8 inches as you get into puerto rico but look at the heavy rain as we get on into florida and on into parts of southern georgia. this could be even more as this thing starts to develop and get into the gulf. we'll continue to track it another major story this morning, the dramatic fall of one of the country's most
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prominent politicians. new york governor andrew cuomo resigning apologizing while denying any wrongdoing anne thompson is in albany for us this morning. anne, good morning, what's the latest >> reporter: good morning, savannah increasingly isolated with lawsuits and potential criminal charges looming, governor andrew cuomo is resigning august 24th it is a stunning downfall for a man who just a year ago was lauded for his leadership during the pandemic, the recipient of an international emmy and a $5 million book deal, now leaving office in disgrace this morning, andrew cuomo, new york's politically pugnacious governor, calling it quits after an investigation by the state attorney general documented multiple sexual harassment allegations made by 11 women >> given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i
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step aside >> reporter: cuomo apologized to his accusers but argued his actions were misinterpreted, acknowledging that times have changed. >> in my mind, i've never crossed the line with anyone but i didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. there are generational and cultural shifts that i just didn't fully appreciate. >> yet albany's bare-knuckle crawler admitted no wrongdoing >> my instinct is to fight through this controversy because i truly believe it is politically motivated. >> reporter: cuomo's accusers welcomed his resignation, but they say his other statements fell short brittany comisso, who accused the governor of groping her breast, says it is not enough. >> he didn't take responsibility he didn't apologize. he almost still had the attitude
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that he is the victim. >> reporter: despite cuomo's final last stand, he faced few options. one democratic insider telling me everyone the governor respects told him to resign, including president biden, a longtime friend. >> i respect the governor's decision >> reporter: when asked to assess cuomo's track record as a governor rather than his personal life, the president saying -- >> he's done a hell of a job >> reporter: facing potential civil and criminal actions, cuomo's attorney building his defense in remarks just before the governor's bombshell announcement >> this was not about an independent review from day one, this was about building a case. against governor cuomo >> reporter: the resignation paves the way for lieutenant governor kathy hochul to lead new york state she will become its first female governor now, despite the resignation, cuomo still faces many hurdles,
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including an uncertain impeachment process. investigations by five district attorneys into the sexual harassment allegations, a federal investigation into how nursing home deaths were counted, and the attorney general is looking at whether state workers were used to help write that book for which cuomo got $5 million cuomo at this point has not been charged with a crime and he denies any wrongdoing. savannah >> anne thompson at the state capitol, thank you now to the new covid crisis in the united states worsening by the day parts of the south are experiencing a record surge in cases. the highly contagious delta variant now tied to 93% of cases nationwide and with schools reopening, the showdown is intensifying in several states where governors are banning mask mandates. nbc's kerry sanders joins us now from one of those battle grounds, florida kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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craig. florida reports just in the last week a 24% increase in the number of kids testing positive for coronavirus. so while nationwide children represent a small portion of the overall covid cases, the concern, of course, is that they are seeing these increases and these increases are happening, as you noted, as governors are ordering no mask mandates. it's why some states have decided, despite what hospitals are saying, which is they're needed, they're saying there must be a mask mandate and kids must wear them to protect themselves this morning, the covid crisis accelerating across the south. florida, texas, missouri, and arkansas seeing their largest single-day spike in hospitalizations since the pandemic began still, republican governors in seven states have banned mask mandates president biden calling that counterintuitive >> do you have presidential powers to intervene in states like texas and florida where they are banning mask mandates
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>> i don't believe that i do thus far we're checking that. >> reporter: this as infections continue to grow among kids. in mississippi, nearly 1,300 students and staff have tested positive for covid just days into the new school year now some districts are fighting back in texas, where the governor banned mask mandates, dallas schools are requiring them, anyway >> there are no more beds in dallas public hospitals for students that may have the virus. i would rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: in florida, governor ron desantis has threatened to cut the salaries of any superintendent or school board member that defies his no mask mandate order in collier county, masks in schools are optional >> if everyone in my class is wearing a mask, i will wear a mask >> reporter: but with pesesurgis largest school districts are
7:14 am
obligation >> reporter: as for vaccines and kids, only a fraction of eligible teens have gotten one florida mom pilar was going to get her daughter vaccinated last week on her 12th birthday, but just days before, sophia tested positive for covid, quickly developing pneumonia and coughing up blood. >> i felt like i was going to lose her that was my worst fear, that i didn't know what would happen next >> after spending six days in the hospital, sophia with a message for other teens. >> i think that if you can get vaccinated, you should because what i went through, it wasn't fun and nobody wants to go through that >> i mean, kerry, it's troubling on so many levels. and here is the thing. with these increasing cases among kids, there's still a lot we do not know about the long-term effects of covid on children, right? >> reporter: yeah. in fact, several medical centers are studying what they call long
7:15 am
covid cases in teens one study showed that in teens about one in ten have long-term effects of brain fog, memory loss, and fatigue and perhaps most troubling is in those numbers there, many of those people had a mild case of covid and still had those impacts, craig. >> kerry sanders for us there in florida. thank you. also this morning, president biden is hailing the senate's bipartisan passage of a major part of his agenda, a $1 trillion package to upgrade the nation's infrastructure. so what is in it garrett haake is on capitol hill after a marathon all-nighter voting session in the senate that went into the wee hours before the august recess good morning >> hey, savannah, good morning the senate finished up their work for summer around 6:00 this morning after voting on nearly 50 amendments for their next big bill but it's that massive bipartisan infrastructure bill they passed earlier in the day that will touch the lives of every american this morning, the biggest infrastructure bill in history
7:16 am
is one step closer to becoming law, following a bipartisan senate vote to overhaul the nation's roads, rails, pipes and ports. >> after years an years of infrastructure weak, we're on the cusp of an infrastructure deng aide that i truly believe will transform america >> reporter: the bill will fund major products affecting americans from coast to coas from pipes in homes and schools to broadband internet access to transportation spending $66 billion on rail, club $30 billion on amtrak's heavily traveled northeast corridor, $110 billion goes to rehabbing roads and bridges like the troubled bridge spanning the ohio river into kentucky, and it spends billions above and below the roads, as well $55 billion on water replacing every lead pipe in the nation and $50 million each to modernize the nation's power grid and wi-fi across the country. >> this will deliver $1.2
7:17 am
trillion over eight years and create 650,000 new high skill, high wage jobs >> reporter: moments after passing the infrastructure bill with 69 votes, democrats introduced their $3.5 trillion budget bill focused on massive investments in social programs and climate policies the start of a partisan process that could take months and faces unified republican opposition >> they're just throwing every liberal idea and hope it sticks to the wall. >> reporter: republicans are attacking the breadth of this. you see it as a virtue >> of course it is maybe just maybe governments should work for the middle class, not just the wealthy and campaign contributors. >> reporter: that infrastructure bill still has to pass the house before it can get to president biden's desk speaker pelosi says she won't hold a vote on it until the senate also passes that other bigger bill. that's a process that could take months >> garrett, thank you very much. we welcome in sheinelle, that volatile situation in afghanistan.
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>> it is, good morning the president is now doubling down on his decision to withdraw u.s. troops and end the nation's longest war even as the taliban seizes more cities in afghanistan. kelly cobiella is on the ground for us in afghanistan. >> reporter: good morning. the taliban took more territory overnight. thousands of families are trying to escape the violence and the fighting has spread to 24 of the country's 34 provinces this morning, a small win for afghan forces. reports of commandos retaking the provincial capital of farah captured just yesterday by the taliban. but reports of a devastating setback. the taliban claims thousands of government troops under siege at the airport have surrendered taliban video shows weapons seized from afghan soldiers. they say they are now firmly in control of the strategic northern city that is a major commercial hub
7:19 am
the violence escalating just three weeks before americans finally withdrawal from the country. those lucky enough to escape kunduz says taliban are terrorizing women and anyone healiban took a woman she worked with captive, set her hair on fire and killed her. the lab is taking names of widowed girls forcing them to marry fighters most fled with nothing but the clothes on their back. 68-year-old esma arat proudly showed me her teaching certificate trained by nato in 2006 she said she's lost her husband, her children, and fears for her grandchildren's lives. all these kids, she told me, don't have a future. the taliban also targeting afghans who worked for the u.s. and nato, like this former navy s.e.a.l. interpreter >> we are not safe
7:20 am
we are in super danger >> reporter: u.s. war planes are still carrying out limited air strikes, but president biden, who ordered american troops out, says it's now up to afghans to win the war. >> they've got to fight for themselves, fight for their for a cease-fire here in afghanistan, some critics accuse him of trying to legitimatize the taliban >> all the war in this country, belongs to them. >> reporter: the state department insists a negotiated peace is the only way to end this conflict. but this morning, there's still no sign that the taliban is ready to talk. guys >> thanks, kelly we want to turn back to the weather, the rest of the forecast we have a lot to talk about. >> let's show you what's happening across the rest of the country. that heat continuing to build in the pacific northwest. moisture coming up out of the south causing monsoonal flooding in partings of the southwest. hot, very humid throughout the south from texas into the southeast. severe storms along this cold
7:21 am
front will fire up we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are still looking at a wide range in temperatures, some upper 60s in half moon bay, 70 for a high today in san francisco and 91 in martinez and 99 in concord. morgan hill 94 degrees and 90 in napa. with our inland temperatures in the mid to upper 90s it's still going to be very hot and then the humidity increases with a
7:22 am
few more clouds over the next few days. it's also going to be a hot weekend. while we keep it cool in the city. and that is your latest weather. guys weather. guys coming up, a lawyer for the woman now suing prince andrew for alleged sexual abuse opening up about the case in a new interview and delivering a very direct message to the royal. the latest in a live report from buckingham palace. also ahead, a new covid concern with businesses and colleges reopening an inside look at the alarm now being founded over fake vaccination cards. how easy they are to get and what is being done to stop them from spreading but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead this morning, the overwhelming support for beloved actress christina battling ms after beating breast cancer >> a lot of questions about ms we're going to get to the answers people are asking about
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new milk-bone dipped. a treat so tasty, everyone will want to be a dog. coedatn idelicious peanut butter-flavored yum. dog life's more fun with new milk-bone dipped. . a very good wednesday morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. today's top stories including possible vaccination requirements looming for school workers. >> good morning. i'm cierra johnson in mountain view. governor gavin newsom expected to make a huge announcement that would involve educators and teachers in the state of california according to the "l.a. times." the governor expected to make an announcement in alameda that would require teachers to get vaccinated if not vaccinated and subject them to regular testing to prove they do not have coronavirus. this happening as lots of districtses across the bay area
7:27 am
begin their first day of school. i'm bob redell here in contra costa county. as the delta variant sends more and more unvaccinated people to the er, some hospitals are now running out of icu beds. take a look, right now napa county is reporting zero icu beds available with six covid patients in the hospital, solano has only 8 icu beds, marin at 10 and sonoma and san mateo in the teens and the remaining counties have plenty of icu beds available. time to check the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. another hot one by the afternoon? >> yeah. it's going to crank up as we go into late morning into the afternoon with our valley temperatures reaching up to 98 degrees. that's what we'll feel in gilroy and concord and brentwood as well as farther to the north like ukiah. then going into the rest of the forecast for the end of the week, it's going to feel much more humid and the weekend also looking pretty hot and only a slight cool down for early next week while san francisco still looking at more of the same weather.
7:28 am
clouds and fog and highs near 70 laura. >> another local news update in a half hour. have a great morning. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast.
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we need to get it done right and right on time. it's a win-win. now that's shopping like a pro. explore floor & decor, in person or online at it's wednesday morning, 7:30 11th of august, 2021 it's going to be a hot one today. and i'm not talking about the weather, i'm talking about the crowd. we have an awesome crowd >> yes, and we have some folks wearing the olympic rings. >> excited to see katie ledecky in the flesh in a minute but let's get to your headlines this morning in greece, officials say they are doing everything humanly possible to fight hundreds of wildfires there. 20 other nations, including the u.s., have sent in firefighters
7:31 am
and engines for support. nearly 600 fires have ignited across greece as the country is in the midst of its worst heat wave in four decades, increasing heat and drought have fueled massive wildfires this summer in the western u.s. and northern russia meanwhile, in texas, the ongoing battle over an elections bill is reaching new heights this morning house democrats who refuse to show up for the latest special session could soon be detained by police and brought back to the state capital. the all-republican texas supreme court on tuesday voided a judge's temporary restraining order barring their arrests. the democrats fled the state back in july to block the passage of a republican bill they say would restrict voting rights they avoided attending a 30-day legislative session that ended friday, but texas governor greg abbott immediately called for a second special session now to an amazing move in major league baseball last night. trey turner of the los angeles dodgers is known as one of the game's fastest base runners and now he may also claim the title
7:32 am
of the smoothest take a look at this. turner was on second when teammate will smith stepped up to the plate >> line drive, base hit to right field. turner is around third heading for home the throw by hartford is not in time he slides in and taps his hand on the plate >> that is so cool >> was that the coolest move ever look at it again turner avoids the tag with the slides, nonchalantly taps home plate and seamlessly glides back into standing position >> that's another reason the nationals should have never let trey turner go >> do you think that's a move he practiced? >> i don't know how you practice that >> he popped right back up as if it was no big deal meantime, fallout is growing this morning over the new lawsuit filed against prince andrew by a woman who for years
7:33 am
has accused him and jeffrey epstein of sexual abuse. >> the palace is not commenting but others are >> molly hunter joins us now from buckingham palace good morning >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. that's right very strong words from her lawyer overnight we still haven't heard any comment from prince andrew's legal team, but we have seen him for the first time since monday. take a look. this morning, prince andrew is on vacation with the queen arriving at her castle with his ex-wife, sara ferguson but his accuser, virginia giuffre, is not letting up .her high profile lawyer turning up the heat >> prince andrew is going to have to now speak. he can't ignore court process. he can ignore me, he can ignore victims and their lawyer webs but he can't ignore the court. >> the long time my client, he can ignore other victims and their lawyers,b but he can't ignore the court. >> reporter: the long time accuser of jeffrey epstein is now suing prince andrew in
7:34 am
court. alleging monday she feared death or injury all while knowing she was a sex trafficking victim when she was 17 years old. and even though the allegations are decades old, her suit is still timely in the state of new york under the child victims act. >> whether or not the court has jurisdiction over prince andrew is going to be a very hot issue in this case the plaintiff alleges that print andrew's conduct in new york is the basis for jurisdiction over him. but serving a defendant with a complaint who lives in the uk is not that easy do. >> even still, her lawyer is optimistic the big question will prince andrew be forced to testify in the united states. >> if he's ordered to appear and doesn't appear, he can be held in contempt. a judge can excuse his appearance at court and a judge might do that in this particular case however, he would still have to give evidence. that would be taken in the form
7:35 am
of a deposition under oath >> reporter: overnight, the palace telling nbc news this is a matter for the duke of york's legal team his lawyers declined to comment. prince andrew has denied the allegations, speaking to the bbc in 2019. >> i have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever >> reporter: in the same interview, he suggested this photo at ghislaine maxwell's house in london was doctored in a statement, virginia giuffre says she hopes others will see it's possible not to live in silence and fear but to reclaim one's life by speaking out and demanding justice. >> molly, you mentioned one of the challenges in the lawsuit getting prince andrew to appear in an american court, but also this issue of immunity and whether a royal could be named in a civil lawsuit like this >> reporter: yeah, savannah, a lot of challenges. we know the queen, for example, is immune from civil lawsuits, but as you go down the line of succession, the immunity doesn't necessarily continue to apply.
7:36 am
how far it goes, though, is going to be up to the court according to legal experts savannah >> molly, thank you. when we come back on a wednesday morning, a new frontier in the battle of covid vaccines now we're going to take a closer look at the growing market for fake vaccination cards and how it could all impact our return to work, school and travel but first, these messages. in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody bu niletworks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back this morning, on in-depth today, new concerns when it comes to monitoring for proof of vaccinations >> that's right. we're talking about the rise of phony cards that are being sold online with many universities and colleges requiring those vaccination shots now, there are growing reports that some students may be trying to game the system nbc's tom costello has been checking this one out. tom, what did you find, buddy? >> reporter: hey, guys as you know, some college students know how to get the fake id, right, to buy the beer. the concern is now they're applying that same know-how to get a fake vaccine card. we have warnings from universities and from the fbi. so now the issue is how do the universities police that there's growing pressure to make sure that this vaccine mandate that some schools are adopting, that they can enforce it and check it this fall, getting back to normal includes college students going back to campus
7:42 am
with nearly 700 universities and colleges now requiring proof of vaccination, some administrators are worried about a new black market counterfeit certifications, some going for as much as $200. >> the students who have spoken with me have been clear that they know exactly how they would get fraudulent vaccine cards and that they know students who have submitted these fraudulent vaccine cards. >> reporter: the university of north carolina at chapel hill, one of the schools requiring students to submit their proof of vaccination as an alternative, some like unc also offer the option for students to undergo regular testing. junior simon palmari says he believes most of his classmates would not upload a fake card, but -- >> it's distressing to think that students sitting behind me in class could be both unvaccinated and not be tested >> reporter: unc tells nbc news it conducts periodic verification of documents and no fraudulent entries have been
7:43 am
found so far it also notes that lying could result in disciplinary action. but fake vaccination cards have been advertised online, like this instagram user offering $25 per card and this telegram account with the tag line protect yourself from the poisonous covid-19 vaccines. the fbi used a public service announcement earlier this year to be on the lookout, warning against making or buying a fake card >> the unauthorized use of a government agency seal is illegal and it is punishable by a hefty fine and/or up to five years in prison. >> reporter: to airline passengers entering canada from the u.s. were recently fined nearly $16,000 each for using fake vaccination cards this comes as cities and businesses are implementing their own proof of vaccination requirements for activities like dining indoors, going to gyms,
7:44 am
or seeing shows. >> we're trying to entertain folks. so i'm not saying anybody has to get a vaccine or a negative test, but if you don't, then you don't get to come to the show. >> reporter: but for some in the restaurant industry already hard hit by the pandemic, frustration over having to police their customers' vaccination status. >> to me, it seems like the government is trying to get around it by having small business do the enforcing that the government should really be doing. >> reporter: back on campus in chapel hill, professor chapman is hoping everyone takes the lessons learned from the pandemic to have a safe semester >> it means thinking about what those health care providers have gone through over the course of the last 18 months and not wanting to be a part of stressing them further >> i mean, tom, here is the thing. this could become quite the hurdle in verifying vaccination status and based on the cards you just had in your story there, it would seem that they're pretty easy to fake >> reporter: i mean, look, this looks like a library card. right? everyone who has one of these
7:45 am
has thought oh, my goodness, how easy is it to forge this and that's the problem these were not meant to be permanent, long-term records and to underscore the point that the fbi agent made, if you falsify that logo at the top, that cdc logo, that automatically is a $5,000 fine and, get this, up to five years in prison just for doing that. so the stakes are high and they're hoping that alone is a deterrent to tell the people, listen, don't do that, just get the vaccine, it's free >> tom costello, thank you let's head over to al and get another check of the weather. >> there are 113 active fires -- 108 active fires across 13 states, 11 in california alone the dixie fire, largest fire in the u.s. today it's the second largest fire ever in california almost 500,000 acres burned. it's only about 25% contained. and the smoke forecast, you can see it bringing across into the rockies, denver, it's their 37th
7:46 am
day with air quality alerts out there. that's crazy stuff temperatures out west, another big problem. portland, triple digits thursday and friday medford, triple digits through friday same in fresno and las vegas, as well we're not going to see anything really cooling off until sometime next week hot and humid down to the gulf coast. severe storms in the upper midwest.. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be hot today and hazy as our temperatures in some of our inland val lees like brentwood and gilroy reaching in the you were 90s and slightly cooler tomorrow. it's going to feel muggy tomorrow into friday and saturday. after that, we're looking at more sunshine. san francisco keeping it foggy for the morning hours, afternoon sunshine, and highs reaching into the upper 60s and lower 70s. >> and that is your latest weather. still ahead, the woman considered by many to be the
7:47 am
greatest female swimmer of all time >> katie ledecky >> she is here and added to her legacy in tokyo with more medals, this morning she has made her way here to our plaza to talk about that historic run and what's next for her. good morning, katie. ow. in fact, subaru has won most trusted brand for more consecutive years than any other brand. no wonder kelley blue book also picked subaru as their best overall brand. once again. it's easy to love a brand you can trust. it's easy to love a subaru. mmm. he's been here since december. you left him that mug of dunkin' with his cookies that night. i'm gonna say something. you should. i'll do it. it's refill time! santa's not leaving. the home with dunkin' is where you want to be.
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a very good wednesday morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> i'm bob redell here in contra costa county. as the delta variant sends more and more unvaccinated people to the er, some hospitals are running out of icu beds. napa county is reporting zero icu beds available with six covid patients in hospitals, solano has only eight icu beds, marin at 10, sonoma in the teens, the remaining counties have plenty of icu beds available. good morning. i'm cierra johnson in mountain view. governor gavin newsom expected to make a huge announcement that would involve educators and teachers in the state of california according to the "l.a. times." the governor expected to make an
7:57 am
announcement in alameda that would require teachers to get vaccinated if they are not vaccinated it would subject them to regular testing to prove they do not have coronavirus. this happening as lots of districts across the bay area begin their first day of school. >> and hopefully those kids wearing shorts maybe today. it's going to be hot by the end of the school day. >> in spots like pittsburgh where we're headed towards the 90s today and first day of school there along with a lot of other school districts. as you're getting ready to head out keep in mind it will be hot in concord reaching 99, but 75 in oakland, still nice and comfortable there, 87 in santa rosa, palo alto reaching 84 degrees. as we go through this forecast some of our hottest spots in the valleys will stay hot and have an increase in humidity. we're looking at a few more clouds and some mugginess for tomorrow as well as friday into saturday and there may be some storms over the sierra. for san francisco, we're holding steady here, no changes, highs near 70.
7:58 am
laura? >> thanks so much. we'll be back with another local news update in half hour. joins us at 11:00 as well.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's it's 8:00. coming up, triple trouble. millions from coast to coast bracing for record high temps. >> please stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids, especially water in the midwest, residents preparing for another round of severe storms, and in the atlantic, fred intensifies on a potential path towards the south. al has the full forecast then, love and support well wishes pouring in for actress christina applegate after she revealed she has multiple sclerosis this morning, we'll talk to a doctor about the disease and what you need to know. plus, swimming's golden
8:01 am
girl we'll catch up with katie ledecky live on the plaza after she brought home four medals in the tokyo games. >> katie ledecky is going to win the gold medal >> what's next for the olympic legend and babs and jackie o. barbra streisand on her memoir and the former first lady who wanted to ed ed it it. >> we had tears. she was so lovely. >> today is wednesday, august 11th, 2021 >> i promised my kids i'd get their poster on the "today" show here you go! >> good morning, cape coral, florida. >> good morning. we're the matthew family from chicago, illinois, and i want to wish my mom a happy birthday >> happy birthday, auntie. >> from allentown, pennsylvania. >> we love starting each morning
8:02 am
with "today. >> we're here today to celebrate -- >> my 93rd birthday. >> good morning! someone is celebrating out here on our plaza it's nice to have people here in the flesh. it's wednesday greg and sheinelle here. >> coming up, by the way, tomorrow here on "today," a real treat for baseball and movie fans our guy, harry smith, spent some time at the legendary field of dreams ahead of the first major league game at the site of the beloved movie and the first ever held in the state of iowa. so harry is going to have that for us tomorrow. >> i've always wanted to see that that's pretty cool let's get to your news at 8:00 this extreme heat triggering health alerts across much of the country along with severe storm warnings, too. al has the latest and new trouble brewing in the tropics >> that's right. a lot to get to. let's show you what we've got. coast to coast heat from the pacific northwest. temperatures going to be in the triple digits. we also move 133 million people. heat index is up to 110 degrees from the plains all the way into
8:03 am
the northeast. for today, we are looking at triple heat indexes for cincinnati, charlotte, on into memphis, tulsa, shreveport, kansas city and over the next three days, really, look at this temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s, but we're looking at those triple digit heat indexes for chicago, nashville, charlotte, new york and washington, d.c. severe weather also developing today into tonight for 27 million people from chicago, into michigan, cedar rapids, and all the way into the northeast and we've got tropical storm fred, 50 miles southeast of santa domingo. the path of the system brings it into the gulf by the time we get into saturday, but look at the cone of uncertainty. key west, miami, orlando, tampa, all the way to pensacola this thing could intensify once it gets into the warmer waters of the gulf. heavy rain from puerto rico, up to 6 inches of rain. as we get into florida, you can see 3 to 5 inches and that's right now what we're looking at,
8:04 am
but it could get even worse than that as this system makes its way into the gulf. craig? >> thank you, mr. roker. now to the stunning down fall of new york governor andrew cuomo over sexual harassment accusations. allegations. and it means the state will soon have its first female governor anne thompson is in new york with the latest on cuomo's resignation and what comes next. anne, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. the sense of relief here is coupled with uncertainty over just what's going to happen with those impeachment proceedings, as new york's once powerful governor, andrew cuomo, prepares to leave office. with few options left, new york governor andrew cuomo this morning acknowledging a grim political reality that once seemed unthinkable >> and i think that given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i step aside. >> reporter: the third time
8:05 am
democrat originally defiant in the wake of a bombshell report that he allegedly sexually harassed 11 women, now saying he's sorry to his accusers >> i deeply, deeply apologize. >> reporter: but still insisting he did nothing wrong >> in my mind, i've never crossed the line with anyone but i didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. there are generational and cultural shifts that i just didn't fully appreciate. >> reporter: brittany comisso, who accused the governor of groping her breast, says it's not enough >> he didn't take responsibility he didn't really apologize he almost still had the attitude as though he is the victim >> reporter: in a political twist of fate, cuomo's resignation means new york will get its first female governor, kathy hochul, currently
8:06 am
lieutenant governor. she will replace cuomo august 24th the buffalo democrat, who is not part of cuomo's inner circle, comes with an extensive political resume she has served at all levels of government from a town ward to congress in a statement tuesday, hochul said she is prepared to lead and called cuomo's decision the right thing to do and in the best interest of new yorkers a longtime cuomo supporter told me that in the end everyone the governor respected told him to resign as for lieutenant governor kathy hochul, she will make her first comments since cuomo's announcement later this afternoon. craig. >> anne thompson for us there in albany, thank you. now to a blast off in virginia last nigh supplies to the international space station. and that resupply mission includes a takeout delivery, dropping off pizza for seven hungry astronauts.
8:07 am
the spacecraft is carrying more than 8,000 pounds of supplies, equipment and experiments, but the pizza along with fresh groceries like apples, tomatoes and cheese, will surely be a highlight for those missing the taste of home, including the three americans. they're going to get a real pizza up there, too. >> maybe they have a toaster oven why not? >> and it's not freeze dried pizza. >> how about a boost how fast can a 2-year-old run? well, it depends on where she's going. take a look at nelly may, holding her mom's hand while she sprints towards her daddy's helicopter he's come home after three months aboard an aircraft carrier and she really missed him. >> go, go, go! >> daddy >> oh. >> oh, right into the arms of her daddy. a hug that just goes on forever. love it. >> she's like, mom let go so i can run a little faster. up next, the outpo love and support for christina
8:08 am
applegate after the actress revealed she has multiple sclerosis. plus, a doctor will be here to answer your questions about the disease. but first, these messages. the 2021 f-150 powerboost hybrid with 570 lb ft of torque and 12,700 lbs of max available towing. with 570 lb ft of torque ♪ your whole team can see your upper thigh ♪ ♪ pour that smooth roast and aim that camera up high ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ the new citi custom cash℠ card, a different kind of card that rewards rashida and dan where their spending is trending. just ask fifth class this week rashida... rashida: dan, no pain, no gain. okay?
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shingles? camera man: yeah, 1 out of 3 people get shingles in their lifetime. well that leaves 2 out of 3 people who don't. i don't know anybody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash? and donna next door had it for weeks. yeah, but there's nothing you can do about it. camera man: actually, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? camera man: prevented. you can get vaccinated. baby, call the doctor.
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camera man: hey! you can also get it from your pharmacist! 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles now. (judge) it's delightful. (contestant 1) seriously? 50 years or older? but it's a total train-wreck. (judge) it's obvious that you've put a lot of work into it. (buzz) she's probably happy because she found out honey nut cheerios can help lower cholesterol. (judge) does anyone want to go on a bike ride? we are back with an update on we are back with an update on a story we first brought you yesterday, actress christina applegate announcing she is now battling multiple sclerosis. >> and this morning, she's receiving an outpouring of support. in a moment, we're going to talk to dr. natalie azar about this disease, her road, and questions from our viewers but first, erin mclaughlin is in los angeles with more.
8:13 am
>> this is not christina applegate's first brush with a serious illness. just like her breast cancer diagnosis, she's taking action and moving forward with this latest threat. >> reporter: this morning, well wishes pouring in for christina applegate after the veteran hollywood star announced she's been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease of the brain and spinal cord, now joining nearly 1 million americans dealing with ms. television host montel williams says he struggled with symptoms for years before being officially diagnosed in 2000 he believes doctors and patients often miss the warning signs >> when i was finally diagnosed, i was kind of relieved because i realized i wasn't accuracy >> reporter: m.s. is an autoimmune disease three times more common in women the cause is unknown and there's no cure. but treatment can help manage symptoms applegate's former costar, thelma blair has been vocal about her struggle with disease after revealing her diagnosis in 2018 the two shared the screen in the comedy "the sweetest thing."
8:14 am
>> so did we have fun last night? >> yes, i did. it was great >> reporter: at the 2019 oscars, blair walked the red carpet with a cane and later spoke about her condition in an interview with abc news >> this is what my particular case looks like right now. and it could be very different in a year, but for the better. >> reporter: applegate is no stranger to battling serious illness. in 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. explaining her decision to cnn >> i just thought this is the smartest thing for me to do. this is my best chance of not having to deal with breast cancer ever again. >> reporter: applegate revealing to that she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after discovering she was brca positive, the gene that makes breast and ovarian cancer more likely. earlier this week, applegate acknowledged it's been a tough
8:15 am
road, tweeting, as we all know, the road keeps going unless someone blocks it what is your message to christina applegate and others who have been recently diagnosed with m.s.? >> so, i would say to christina, please, i know it's tough. you're looking at yourself and thinking, i have something that makes me less. no, you have something that makes you better it makes you better because you understand how much you have inside of you and how much you're willing to fight and how much you're willing to stand up for yourself and do everything you can to thrive with this disease rather than let it take over >> reporter: according to the hollywood reporter, netflix has temporarily paused production of applegate's latest project, season three of "dead to me. the streaming service and studios released a statement sending applegate their love and support. >> erin, thank you we want to turn now to dr. natalie azar interesting about m.s. because
8:16 am
you see some people appearing to be doing well like montel williams others have a more progressive form of the disease. what do we know about that >> it is notoriously difficult to predict how somebody is goin. as erin stated, this is a disease where the immune system attacks this protective sheath called the myelin that houses the nerves and that disruption the communication between the spinal cord and the brain and the rest of the body depending on where that happens and how severe that is, people can present with a number of different symptoms, movement, balance and speech there are many different subtypes where people have a relapse or new symptoms that partially or completely resolve over months to years it's a heterogeneous mixed bag, but there is treatment and people can do okay >> speaking of treatment, i have some friends who take something what is your thought >> generally speaking, we say
8:17 am
that there's no cure for m.s., but the disease can be managed examples of treatment would include, you know, medicines to speed the recovery such as steroids or disease modifying treatments that can slow down progression, monoclonal antibodies, a lot of treatments that involve physical and occupational therapy and drugs to treat symptoms like fatigue and spasm and things like that >> what do we know about who it affects? does -- like in erin's report there, she pointed out that it's more common in women than men. is this also one of those diseases that it's more prevalent now than it was 20 or 30 years ago >> these are typically the risk factors we talk about for m.s. yes, female. sex is one of them age. typically it involves or occurs in women and men who are between the ages of 20 to 50 there's about a million people in the u.s. who have m.s. and about 2.3 million people worldwide. we don't know exactly why. there are genetic contributions
8:18 am
and some environmental trigger that causes the disease. >> thank you i know a lot of people have questions and we're all sending our love to christina, for sure. >> thank you let us switch gears now and get another check of the weather. for that, we turn to mr. roker what are we looking at, buddy? >> unfortunately out west there, we don't have much in the way of showers. it's dry, hot. the fire danger still up there southwest, we're looking at some wet weather developing strong storms will be firing up across the plains and upper midwest. look at these temperatures 90s from the northeast down to the gulf coast, into texas hundreds in the central plains also in the southwest and central california 90s in the western plains and the pacific northwest. that heat is going to continue to build severe storms as this front pushes further to the east hot, humid from the mid to lower mississippi valley into the northeast. those monsoonal storms will continue so we good morning.
8:19 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're starting out nice and cool but it's going to heat up today and we'll see temperatures heading up to 99 degrees in concord, 89 in san jose and santa rosa reaching 87. for the inland spots, you'll be in the upper 90s. it gets cooler tomorrow, but that comes with more humidity and we'll see temperatures reaching into the upper 90s into the weekend as well as early next week. and that is your latest weather. >> al, what time is it >> it's the best time of the morning. >> "pop start. >> so we have some good stuff this morning, some talkers first up, barbra streisand last night, the legendary actress and singer stopped by the "tonight" show and revealed an update on a memoir she's been writing over the last few decades. telling jimmy, back in the '80s, she received a surprising offer to team up with the former first lady to write her life story in a book
8:20 am
take a listen to who she turned down >> in 1984, jackie kennedy came to me and said, i'd love to be the editor of your book, "double day. and we had tea she was so lovely and she -- but i wasn't ready to do that then >> isn't that interesting? >> jacqueline kennedy onassis. she wanted to be the editor of barbra's memoir. unfortunately, as she said, the timing didn't work out by the way, streisand says after all these years, she's finally finishing up her memoir. teasing fans that she'll be releasing it soon. >> i think i would have made it work somehow >> but think of all the life she's lived since then >> very much have to do a part two, anyway. next up, beehive, beyonce is on the cover of "bazaar. the september icons issue. she reflects on her decades long career ahead of her 40th birthday next month and what she's been up to during the pandemic fans will be happy to learn bee has been cooking up some new music telling the publication
8:21 am
with all the isolation and injustice over the past year, i think we're all ready to escape, travel, love and laugh again i've been in the studio for a year and a half. yes, the music is coming >> beehive, rejoice. >> i'm preordering already >> that september icon issue of harper's "bazaar" hits newsstands august 31st finally, "america's got talent," returned last night and back on stage was peter rosalita remember his knockout audition when he performed celine dion's "all by myself." here it is in case you missed it ♪ >> whew. ♪ all by myself any more ♪ >> whew. >> right >> i mean -- well, and last night's performance, the young singer brought the house down again, covering another music icon, whitney houston. take a look at his performance t
8:22 am
of "i have nothing." ♪ don't make me laugh one more time ♪ ♪ i don't want to hurt any more ♪ stay in my arms if you dare ♪ ♪ or must i imagine you there ♪ ♪ don't walk away from me no, don't walk away from me ♪ >> where is his contract >> i know. keep going to hear the whole thing. >> "america's got talent" continues tonight right here on nbc. >> and here is the thing the kid is covering celine dion and whitney. >> powerhouses, right? >> what is a feat. >> and takes it on with intention. >> so good >> and he's wearing the suit you've got >> that's true he has the smaller version of my -- >> straight ahead, she's back from tokyo after adding impressive new hardware to her olympic collection we cannot wait to catch up with katie ledecky.
8:23 am
hi, katie. >> and she's brought four of her new friends with her, as well. how are you feeling? >> good, good. it's great to be here. >> we'll be right back we'll tell you about katie's first appearance on the "today" show about 20 years ago >> yeah. more than that >> but first, a check off your local news and weather make the most of "today" all day. get closer. >> today in 30. >> we give you a mix of everything you love about our show. >> in a mere 30 minutes. >> shop today with jill martin. >> we're helping you shop like never before. >> the latest styles and biggest names. >> things are heating up in "today's all day kitchen". >> cooking up sensation. >> are you ready. >> i'm so ready. >> only on all day today friday on "today" kick off your weekend on a high note with
8:24 am
ben flack, singing hit songs to light up your morning. the citi music series friday only on "today." art your day.
8:25 am
>> and it's available every day. >> your daily dose of news and interviews listen now wherever you get your podcast. a good morning to you.
8:26 am
8:26. i'm marcus washington. a new affordable housing development breaks ground this morning for teachers struggling to make it in the bay. it will be dedicated to those serving the jefferson elementary school district. it will include 56 housing units, surrounded by a courtyard and community living. it's a building and play area for the children. up to 70 district workers will be able to live in that facility. the mayor is among those expected to attend today's groundbreaking. meteorologist kari hall standing by with a look at our
8:27 am
weather. >> some of the valleys will be heating up and looking hazy as well as we clear out later this afternoon and temperatures heading up to 98 degrees in livermore, 91 will be the high in martinez, and napa headed toward 90 degrees and 89 for san jose. san francisco will see highs of 70 degrees. more heat and then humidity in the forecast by the end of the week. it's going to be a hot weekend with our valley temperatures still in the mid to upper 90s, only slightly cooler early next week. highs will continue to reach up to about 70 degrees? san francisco with peeks of sunshine. >> thank you. we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then.
8:28 am
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it is 8:30 on this wednesday morning. folks, our olympic plaza is on fire it's a high-energy group and perhaps it's because one of the most decorated olympians of all time, katie ledecky, in the house. she couldn't bring all of her medals, so she just brought the ones from tokyo. >> she wanted to be able to lift her head she couldn't wear all of her medals at one time then we have diana robert strassi here we have a fashion refresh to take you from the end of summer into fall.
8:31 am
and if you are still hanging on to those comfy quarantine clothes, you will like what she has to tell us plus, two words, cheeseburger pasta a family favorite and the comfort food you can get on the table in a flash >> i love how you went from the comfy pants to cheeseburgers >> we get to keep our sweats >> we're just getting started. and later on the third hour, we're going to catch up with actress and singer sara burellis she'll talk about her return to broadway and there's a man behind me very excited about that and she's going the talk about her hit show, as well. what's it called again >> girls 5eva. >> and that's not all. dak shepherd and kristen bell, we're going to be talking to the real life married couple about bringing out their competitive side hosting and taking part in a new game show here on nbc called family game fight >> okay. >> and by the way -- >> that's very 2021.
8:32 am
>> catch it tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central let's get a check of the weather. >> all right >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by honey nut cheerios good goes round. >> let's look ahead to the weekend and see what we've got friday, strong storms through the ohio river valley. monsoonal moisture in the southwest. record heat out west saturday, wet weather from the new england area, northeast in to the mid-atlantic. sunny and nice around the great lakes. unfortunately hot and dry out west rain and wind down in florida. we're dealing with fred and those downpours will continue on sunday, sunday we're also looking at less humid weather through the great lakes. the heat will finally ease in the northwest, but showers continue in the sout go wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. inland valleys, it's going to be hot today, reaching into the upper 90s and then some low 90s tomorrow, but that comes along
8:33 am
with higher humidity and more clouds so it's going to feel hotter, even going into the weekend, with the humidity dropping, and temperatures go right back up and we only see slight cooling early next week. we keep the natural air-conditioning in san francisco, highs near 70s throughout the next several days and into early next week. and u.s. swimming star katie ledecky capturing even more hearts and medals during those tokyo olympics, adding a pair of gold and two silvers to an already impressive collection. >> and this morning, we're so happy she's paying a visit to our plaza. it's so good to see you in person we're used to being able to see you at the olympics. we were cheering you from afar we came to a lot of your meets the ledecky family couldn't be there so we did our best to scheer you how was it, how was your tokyo experience >> it was incredible it was so much fun i enjoyed each of my races, was happy with how i performed i think it surprised me how
8:34 am
normal it felt even without the fans. my teammates were cheering hard for each race and that made it feel more normal >> you've been such an impressive swimmer for so long, but you made a debut at an event at the olympics that i did not fully appreciate until i watched it live. the 1500 that's a beast of an event how long were you in the water for that >> a little over 15 minutes. >> 15 minutes. >> 15:30, yeah >> and you crushed it. winning gold for the first time. how do you train for an event like that? >> i train pretty hard i train three times a week three times in the weight room and putting in a lot of work so team usa, we went 1-2 in that event, which was a great way to start. >> in tokyo, i asked katie what she was going to do after tokyo and she said i'm going take a break, maybe two weeks i just asked her how is your break going? when were you in the pool? >> i like to go to my summer
8:35 am
pool i went and swam a couple laps, very easy. i have to get my exercise in every day or else i feel funny >> katie, you've always got this inner glow, this joy where does that come from? >> i think it just comes from my family and my love of the sport and the people that i'm surrounded with. my teammates at stanford, my coach, so many people that have made this journey so much fun and i feel like each olympics i'm having more and more fun each time. that's why i'm going to keep going. >> you have so much metal hanging around you, yet the weight seems like on you, katie. you really just seem like you have it all in perspective sheinelle, you have a fan question >> we have a lot of fans on the plaza, including lauren from avon, connecticut. what's your question for katie >> hi, katie my question is in ten years when you're holding your olympic medals, what specific memories will stand out to you? >> oh, wow i think i'm just going to remember all of the little moments in between the medals.
8:36 am
i think especially from this past olympics, i'll remember the relay that i was on and being with my teammates for the hours before that relay. one of my teammates, allison s leading up to that relay, she was every five minutes giggling and yelling and excited to be on that relay that really fired me up. it's those little moments that i'll remember with my teammates. >> speaking of the little moments, we consider you family around here, katie we think we grew up with you and there's a reason for that. can we roll the tape from -- well, i think about 1998 >> i was 1 years old >> how old is she? >> 16 months >> katie ledecky and michael ledecky. >> everybody got the hellos. >> wow >> katie ledecky on this plaza >> wow >> it's pretty incredible. >> my grandma is in new york so my mom was just telling the
8:37 am
story to me, she remembers the cab ride that she took over here and that i was up early in the morning and she said let's go down to the plaza. >> that just means we could have olympians on this plaza right now and not even know it >> exactly >> here is the thing about katie, by the way. and it all makes sense once you start talking to her family. led willed is an amazing person. if we can get a shot of her family over there -- >> there they are. >> we love the ledeckys. >> the classiest of acts it all makes sense >> really lovely in fact, they were yelling at me in central park a couple of years ago. >> i saw you biking. i was worried you were going to fall off your back when you heard us yelling al, it's katie >> we love having you stop by. enjoy that break that you're having you already told us you're coming back for 2024, right? >> i hope so >> and maybe beyond. >> i hope so sheinelle. >> okay.
8:38 am
up next, a wardrobe refresh from dana roberts rossi to help you make a seamless transition from summer to fall summer to fall but first, this is "today" on dear ms, from day one you've tried to define me. but i never invited you in. it's my life and this is my journey. i've found a way to do things differently with ocrevus, an infusion treatment that's 2-times-a-year. for adults with relapsing or primary progressive forms of multiple sclerosis, ocrevus is proven effective in reducing relapses in rms and slowing disability progression in rms and ppms. don't take ocrevus if you've had a life-threatening allergic reaction to it, or have hepatitis b. tell your doctor about vaccinations or if you've had hep b, as it could come back. a common side effect of ocrevus is infusion reactions, and some may require hospitalization. it can increase your risk of infections,
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are you ready to go back to are you ready to go back to a more normal routine but not ready to give up your pandemic elastic pants? when it comes to fashion, comfy is the new chic. >> absolutely. we have the latest trends that will take us from summer to fall so good to see you >> hi. >> irl i know, irl. >> right away here, we're ready. >> comfort, like people are not going back to super high heels and stuff? >> absolutely no way after a year and a half of comfort dressing, designers know that we're not ready to go and buy those clothes, but it is time to peel off the tie dye hoodie, retire the quarantine uniform and get into some
8:41 am
clothes that will motivate us to get back to some normalcy. >> first up, we have our model, shivani with the back to work look >> thinking about back to work, and the answer to this is a nontraditional take on the suit. so it's easy wear, loose fitting. and i love the idea of this oversized blazer and these pants have an elastic waste. this thing is as comfortable as any sweat pant >> can we do sneakers? >> there's nothing cooler than a suit with a sneaker. if you can get away with it in your workplace, absolutely i love this color for fall we've seen this trend moving into fall of pastel and light colors i think people are craving color and optimism >> all right let's bring in our next model. phyllis. so you say this is the wear everywhere dress >> that is cute. >> you can wear this absolutely everywhere it's kind of a hybrid dress. the shirt dress, a utilitarian feel to it the shirt feels like a but dress.
8:42 am
i love this tote bag with it, as well the tote is the new "it" bag of the season because we're going to be in life outside the house again. work, play, travel, it's all coming back. >> so cute you could wear that with sneakers, too. >> or even a heel for evening. >> how about a day out and about? we have madison this morning as our model. >> this is the t-shirt dress it's underrated. this can be dolled up in any way. nautical vibe. throw in a blazer with a gold hardware for the cooler months and then this rafia shoe, you get the height and also the comfort. our feet are not quite ready to get back in big heels. >> she looks like reese wyther spoon. >> she does. >> have you heard that >> she really does >> what a compliment >> now we're ready for a night out, but i feel like you still want to be comfortable
8:43 am
even for me. >> and no one deserves a night out quite like petra who just had a baby >> oh, my gosh >> 3-month-old baby. >> stop it right now >> and look at this asymmetrical jumpsuit it's very fluid, super comfortable. a built-in bodice so you get the support and structure. i love the idea of the single sleeve and an easy block heel. and then the bag i love it, wearable optimism with a nice orange bag >> really cute we can't forget the color. and we can't forget the guys, especially your guy. camille. >> look, he brought you flowers. >> she's ready for her date tonight. >> ready for date night. and he is wearing this super casual, you've got this plaid pant which is really easy. e lastic waist and then it just sharpens up with this blazer and sharp shoes. and these guys deserve a night out with a new baby like you
8:44 am
would not believe. >> they do >> congratulations >> can we have all of our models come right out one more time to show these cute looks? >> i love that comfort is key. we'll take it. >> you've done it again. >> comfort is key. >> by the way, you can see these styles and more by scanning our qr code at the bottom of your screen or by heading to and just ahead, how about a home made dish that combines everything you love about burgers and pasta. the secrets to the ultimate family friendly feast. family friendly feast. but first, this is "today" on
8:45 am
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whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. welcome. >> welcome back. this morning on "today food," we are joined by the popular host of "tiny mighty kitchen" over on youtube. chef dimon is here with a surprisingly easy dinner recipe that your whole family will love we were standing over and getting a whiff.
8:47 am
i was, like, oh, it's like i'm 7 again. hamburger helper >> it's definitely a comfort food >> much better >> but better. it's definitely a comfort food, but it's super easy to make. first start with your onion. now i'm going to go through and hold it and slice it this way. and it really doesn't matter what size the onion is it doesn't have to be restaurant style slice. but you can get decent slices, about here and then you want to cut it down this way and you see it's already diced, right >> we have our onion >> what else goes on in? >> garlic. i'm a garlic girl so i like to put a few giant cloves of garlic and a great way to do that is to put the pressure on the knife like that. >> and then use the whole clove? >> and then use the whole clove, but you can just open it up and it makes it easier to get that . flesh off. >> onion, garlic chop up the garl
8:48 am
>> okay. ground beef. i suppose you could do ground turkey >> you could do ground turkey if you wanted to, too no shade to the turkey community. no shade at all. >> they'll come for you, too >> and then for the second time, you just add the broth to it >> yeah. you add in your broth and your turkey -- not your turkey. you've got me thinking about turkey add in your tomato paste >> did you use this to hide vegetables for your kids in this >> yes now, if you wanted to do a little bit of broccoli or a little spinach just to put it in the cheese, that would be okay for the children >> what is the both? >> just a beef broth some paprika, mix that in. thyme. and then this beef broth here. while i'm doing this, i would like for someone to grate this
8:49 am
cheese >> i can do that >> he's a great grater >> a really great idea, keep the cutter like this and if you put the cheese over like that, then it fills up. >> keep it horizontal. >> could you finish it up for me, please >> yes >> i like this because it's quick and home made at the same time >> exactly no preservatives >> so mix that in. >> how much cheese do i need >> if i could get the whole block, but i doubt you can get the whole block. >> oh, you don't think so? >> i don't think you can do it >> that pasta was not precooked. >> no. once you put all the liquid in here, it's going to simmer over time then it's going to be done >> so that's going to stay on the stovetop >> that's going to stay on the stovetop close that like that while you're working on the cheese -- >> craig >> i'll be done in the third hour >> whenever the cheese is actually finished, it will look like this.
8:50 am
i think you did a great job. >> when do you add the cheese? >> roker, are you resisted the urge to make a comment about cutting the cheese >> why should i? >> why should i when i have craig melvin to do it. >> i think you're doing an amazing job -- >> you really do want this whole block of cheese.t's okay. >> it's okay you're off the hook. but you would ideally put this cheese into here >> and kia, what do we have here >> that's nutritional yeast. >> instead of cheese >> you add it in addition because it adds an extra punch to the dish. so put a little bit of that nutritional yeast. >> really good >> and you can't beat this 20 minutes >> i appreciate that thank you so very much >> and the kids can help >> and i helped. >> and you helped. >> thank you >> thank you >> no, thank you so much >> this is terrific. that is good >> thank you i appreciate that. >> gobble that up.
8:51 am
>> yes >> i might just take it home, dinner served. >> there you go. thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you. >> be sure to check out her full recipe, >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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it's it's smucker's time. >> let's see who we've got on the label today. first up, happy 100th birthday to laura arlene gipp from morristown, new jersey never leaves home without her set of pearls. everett minard, 100 years old, known as grandpa boots avid musician, 100 years old married to the love of his life for more than 50 years happy 100th birthday to june
8:54 am
diggs, a cross-country traveler from harrisburg, pa, who says the secret to longevity is a little chocolate candy naporano1 that's what we call craig. francis naporano from new jersey is also 100. her family says francis is the essence of warmth, lovshgs and compassion elizabeth worked at the local history museum for more than four decades and happy 100th birthday to cecil smith, a football fan. he's from new mexico his secret to longevity says socializing with the ladies. >> oh. >> oh, well. >> i love that >> reminder to you, if you want the best moments from the show and exclusive content you won't find anywhere else, tune into our streaming show, "today in 30." catch it at 1:00, 5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 coming up, hoda and jenna have some perfect outdoor games.
8:55 am
end of summer fun. >> a deejay there. >> i know. >> crazy >> and on the third hour, a truly golden family. the first american mom and son to win olympic gold. >> and sara burellis >> they'll all join us >> katie ledecky >> she's back. >> you don't want to go anywhere >> after your local news >> and mr. chocolate candy will be back. >> oh, god
8:56 am
good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. starting today, anyone who wants to visit a hospital in california must provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test result within the prior 72 hours. some exemptions will be made for visitors tied to end-of-life,
8:57 am
people accompanying minors and support people considered essential to care. later this morning, governor newsom is expected to make an announcement in the east bay. according to the "l.a. times," the governor will announce new covid vaccination requirements for all school employees. the governor has issued a similar policy for state employees and a mandate with some religious and health exemptions for medical workers. the governor is expected to make his announcement a little before 11:00 this morning. sarah johnson is developing those developments. she's going to have a live report during our midday newscast. we'll post it on our twitter feed. in washington, the rubber is now hitting the road when it comes to president biden's massive infrastructure bill. lawmakers have given the go-ahead and our midday newscast we'll break down what's next from the bill. from our home page, you can find more details. more local weather in an hour.
8:58 am
move-in day and concerns as college kids transition to dorm life in the middle of a pandemic. >> and thousands more kids head back to the classroom amid covid fears. make sure you join us tomorrow
8:59 am
morning 4:30 to 7:00. it's taken a lot to get to this moment. ♪ grew up at midnight - the maccabees ♪ dreams are on the line. you got this. refresh... it all, comes down, ♪♪
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. it's the third hour of "today." wednesday, august 11th. >> we don't want this to go away. >> it is fun. >> we're celebrating lots of birthdays, but we also have two incredibly talented basketball players. >> there he is, nba star javale mcgee and his mom, pamela.


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