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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 12, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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in many indoor activities as the nation tries to pull out of a covid-19 surge. the doctors say could have been prevented if more people got their shots. good mud day to you. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. want to get right out live for us. this is nbc bay area's cierra johnson who is in the city and the nation could be watching how
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all of this unfolds. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, marcus. i would imagine that all eyes right now on the city of san francisco of the right now we're waiting for mayor london breed who is expected to give specifics of what this new rule would entail, but what we know right now i can tell you is being reported by "the chronicle." so far a proof of full r one johnson & johnson shot against the coronavirus will be necessary. proof will be required for some indoor activities including bars, restaurants as well as gyms, and this mandate would be citywide. again, we're still waiting to see when this will officially go into effect and learn the specifics. will this apply to outdoor dining? will there be a deadline for the workers at the businesses impacted to receive a advantages own? as we reported before, new york city became the first to require proof of at least one vaccine for indoor activities. this is really monumental as you would be required to show proof of full vaccination. just spoke to an individual and
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asked him what we were doing out here. would a card be okay, a picture, a qr code, what would be required? again, we're expecting mayor london breed to answer all of these questions. a lot of questions that we'll for the overreaching citywide mandate we'll hear more about in a matter of minutes. when we do, we'll pass the information along to you all. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> certainly a lot of eyes on the city. thank you. colleges are welcoming students back to their dorms on campus, with restrictions, of course. nbc bay area's bob redell is live for us at cal state east bay, and, bob what, kind of restrictions are we talking about here? >> good morning, marcus. cal state east bay has started moving in the 850 students who will be living in the dormitories located here behind me. as you can see this is very orderly. students have an assigned move-in time over the next three days of trying to space them out because obviously because of covid. before any student can move in
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they must test negative for covid regardless of their vaccination status. for those who do not test negative in advance they must submit to a test in the parking lot. cal state allowed one person perdue and now they are allowing two per room and have reduced the capacity of the dorm buildings to 80% max so there's extra rooms available if a student catches covid and needs a place to isolate. those with religious exemptions will be tested regularly. everyone must wear a mask indoor, even in the dormitory hallways. can only take off the mask once inside their room. >> if i have to wear a mask it's worth it because my whole entire senior rear was ruined because of campus and going back on campus that's perfectly fine with me. >> after having to spend a whole year in quarantine in high
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school, this is just really exciting for her to be able to move into this college. >> you feel like this will be more normal based on what you've seen so far? >> yes. i'm looking -- other than we're all wearing masks and all that stuff. >> reporter: now with that 86% capacity restriction i mentioned, cal state east pay can accommodate 1,350 students in its dorms. right now we'll well below that. next three days only 850 students will be moving on to campus. reporting live here in heyward, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the mask mandate debate in schools continues as more children are returning for the fall term. that includes thousands of students right here in the bay area beginning the first day of classes. now one new survey shows support for masks on campus but not so much for the vaccinations. the kaiser familiar hi foundation just released a survey saying 63% of parents support masks mandates for unvaccinated students and staff and 54% don't support mandatory
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masks even if the fda grants approval and an overwhelming majority of teacher unions say they support the mandate. last night california's superintendent addressed the new vax or test rules in a town hall at oakland's horace mann elementary school. >> we know that those who have experienced the most serious conditions are those who don't have a vaccine. >> what's very concerning is that the government thinks they can continue with this overreach. we don't want to see that extended to our children. >> now the national group let them breathe opposes mask mandates and are against mandatory teacher and student vaccinations. well, there's no evidencing to back to cdc recommendations against pregnant women to get the covid vaccine so the new survey analyzed data involving 1,200 pregnant women and the
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result showed no increased risk of miscarriage. this also extends to mothers who are breast feeding and trying to get pregnant. covid numbers show how much less at risk you are if you are fully vaccinated. the average case rate. for the unvaccinated it's 51 per 1,000. for fully vaccinated it's a little over 8 per 100,000. about six and a half times more cases for those who are unvaccinated. health leaders in the bay area, they are now starting new campaigns to help get people vaccinated. in the east bay contra costa health services has a new program offering people $100 for each person they get or can convince to get fully vaccinated. that person must complete their vaccination series uses a special promotional code. san francisco's department of public health is creating a
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video campaign showing how the vaccine works. one of san francisco's oldest restaurants now going 21st century when it comes to eating inside and outside. john's grill in union square is not requiring proof of covid vaccination, and that requirement is not exactly sitting well with all the customers. while owners say that they expected some pushback, they are really hoping to better protect the employees and customers. >> given the surge, the recent surge in some of our fellow restauranteurs in san francisco having to close because the outbreaks in the restaurants, we just want to keep everybody safe. >> some customers about vent begun it on yelp including leaving one-star reviews and complaining about the policy and there are also five-star reviews supporting it. >> sobering new numbers in the dixie wild fair. karr al fire huts the -- that
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fire hats burned several ikies in northern sierra. it's 30% contained. let's take a live look outside at wall net creek. meteorologist kari hill trekking smoke. >> we've seen some of that settling into the inland valleys across the bay-year and the air quality management district issuing an air quality advisory. i think most of the snow will be in the north bay. this measures how much that have particulate matter from the spoke is seeing some mott rat rare hot every year but if you're sensitive to the noke
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this is quite a few large bikes burning. yesterday we had the glen fire and the monument one which is also a large one. this is coming after way any showers. a few of us had shot xwrer showers in morning ant now we leer ever at all the humidity a changes for our question and pes al the temperatures stay warm. remember the same time last year, remember when several of the wildfires were burning. we had a record number of spare the air days, and we were told to stay inside, and out side you were to wear the n-35 mask to protect yourself from the toxic
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smoke. a new study shows covid inspection rates spiked during the high smoke days in 2020 and that there was a -- a correlation between particulate matter and positivity rates. now, it's an observational study by the journal of pokes you're city and epidemiology but the thought says in pollution makes people more susceptible to -- people most susceptible are people with lunge, heart disease and children with the elderly. keep your homes as smoke-free as possible by keeping the windows and doors closed and running an air conditioner when you can. if you have to go outside use the proper mask and i'm not talking about the ones we're using right now because of covid but the n-95 masks or respirators if you're in that sensitive group and may have to replace the guiltings.
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>> police so far is not saying alalt. this happened near into thehill high school. all we know is that the victim is under the aim of 18. we know that it is being treated as a homicide, but there's no word on possible suspects or a motive right now. a follow-up in san francisco. a second person has been arrested in the 2020 shooting of a 6-year-old. jase young, remember this, he was struck by tray bullets, and on july 4th. a shooting stunned many of the residents. a 19-yard line man was arrested and a secretary suspect was arrested yesterday. happening today. one of the largest school districts in the bay area is revisiting its decision to sever
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ties with police and school resource officers. ton san jose unified will are reapproving the memorandum of understanding allowing the district to hire off-duty officers as private security jobs. in this unthey -- that meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. and include public comment? millenials are buying the most homes across california. what this means for people just trying to make it in the bay. plus, are you getting sticker shock at the store? prices keep soaring here in america as inflation is on the rise. when you could see some relief. and a reminder for you, this friday the number one time, the grints
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[ applause ] >> there you have it. the opening bell of the new york stock exchange where the dow is down 47 points right now, but you know stocks are flat but s&p 500 notch new records. since we're talking about money, let's talk about the growing economic concerns from coast to coast, inflation. oh, yeah. it has taken a big jump this summer, and as the economy tries to rebound from the pandemic, of course, if you ate, you drove or traveled anywhere you know you paid for it. the federal reserve also always looking to maintain the gridlocked economy, not too hot, not too cold. nbc's tom costello has a reality check for us. >> whether you're buying groceries, fill the gas tank, car shopping or vacationing chances are you're digging deep they are summer. prices rose a dramatic 5.4% in
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july compared to a year ago when covid had shut down the economy. >> prices are going every everywhere on everything. >> economists blame exploding president-up demand, fueled by vaccinated americans who are shopping and eating out again. a dozen eggs is about 24 cents higher and chicken breast 30 cents more. >> walking out with less and less groceries and seem to be paying more. >> since i've started, afg, budgeting, take the bus more and public it. it's as the gas pump that americans are really feeling the pitch. $3.18 gallon today compared to 2.17 a year ago when very few people were treefg and new car prices jumped another 1.5% in july after a 5.7% spike in june with a shortage of required
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computer chips. manycasts say a backed-up global sly chain is affecting many consumer gods. >> right now our experts believe and the major independent forecasters agree as well, that these bottlenecks and price spikes will reduce as economy continues to heal. >> reporter: wages are also increase as employers struggle to find another workers were a record 10.1 million job openings nationwide. restaurants, bars and hotels especially. the pad news is that the federal reserve chairman could feel pressured to cool the economy by raising interest rates. >> people know that their inflation is a sign of not good or bad, a sign that we're in a period of economic recovery. >> the economic recovery stunni.
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the consumer spending jumped nearly 12% bolstered by the nationwide vaccine rollout and after a year of lockdown the demand for travel, eating out and shopping really caught many of the companies by surprise, especially the airlines that have been struggling this summer to keep up with the passenger demand. well, when it comes to making in the bay and buying holes, millenials now making up the sweet spot. that's the generation now making up the largest home buyers. they are something a hard time buying a home that think grandparents did. realtor says millenials are only able to pie those homes because family members are willing to hem pay.
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the effort to israel attorney's chase beaudoin. they need more than 55 var fayed signatures. supporters thought they had enough only to find out another one was of course. >> organizers there have until october to gather enough signature. >> happening now, the. the largest fireworks the dixie fire, is what we've been talking about and this is now being called the glynn fire, but firefighters are already making progress. evacuation orders have now been lifted for some of the people in brownsville and that fire has burned close to 300 acres and it's only about 10% contained and those fires are something we keep talking about because of the conditions that we're having only strengthening those fires. >> it's been so dry and we know they don't have a lot of places
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to go get that water to put out the fires so that's also a big concern as the water levels continue to drop around the state. now, taking a look at our hazy view in eke land as you're feting to ready to watch out. eye the that those has been up in the area. right now there's row gouds with light mist and drizzle and even spotty showers. this because of the surge of moisture that we evil seen rolling across the coast with some showers. that for the most part stayed off the coast but some of us were lucky enough to at least get a few raindrops earlier this morning. now that we're not getting the rain, the inland areas are heating up. take a look at the temperature in brentwood. it's already 77 degrees and it's seven in palo alto.
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it's 79 in conconsider. and let look where we're something -- reaching into the mid-90, that's what we'll fool see in part of the east bay. o land that i had heating up to 8 had 4 degrees. wetty warm there interest. our north bay temperatures are ranging from 73 degrees to 83 in santa rowa and 103 in clear lake. taking a look at a couple of systems and kevin continues to baeken into a tropical bomb but is -- we're watching that's
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because they have -- there will be some chances of vrs showers and thundershowers up from the desert southwest. >> but sort number of that making it inland and that hot hair bring the from humidity. it will be right over the bay area. this time of year moon soon moisture woror could dry up the rain and a lot of that could spark off a new thunderstorm or wildfire if we do get the thunderstorms without the rain. taking a look at our temperatures in our inland spots like liver marx it's just going to be home hand we go from flown the a, phone, really not much of a change. temperatures in the mid-88s.
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each tie it's about with clouds and fashion. looks pretty good here throughout the weekend. >> breaking news we told you about at the tab of the he we'll take you live to a press conference where peeker bread have poke begun -- a new lead veeckry for ffr governor newsom. the state also decline show behe will for a. we'll have more for you right after the break.
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and we're back hive with mayor london breed speaking right now as san francisco becomes the first u.s. major city to mandate full vaccinations for people enjoying indoor activity. let's take a listen. >> and i want to thank a couple of folks here joining us, including rodney fong from the san francisco chamber. thanks for being here. sharkey lagauna from the small business commission and thanks for your advocacy and gloria thomas is here from the golden gate restaurant association, thank you, and we have a couple of other folks joining us. i think ben blyman is going to
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say a few words representing the bar owners here today, you know. it was -- asff is somewhat like a bar. it's a bar, per firm as, food, they have it all so it's like the perfect bar space where you get everything. anyway, pep is here to talk a little bit about that. mary carroll is here from the department of emergency management to answer any questions and i think -- who else is leer? like i said, it was a long night. and right now i'm going to call up dr. grant koufax to talk a little bit about the specifics of our health order, what the plans are and just thank you all so much for being here and thank you all so much for continuing to do your very best to comply with these london breed wrappin up her part of the press
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conference saying san francisco has now mandated full masking indoors. we'll continue to stream this online at and we'll have updates for you at 10:00. yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. . why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together.
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right now on "california live," -- >> l.z. is throwing a huge dance party in downtown l.a. and you are all invited. >> time for, wait for it, three, two, one, dance! >> and then amber has found an oasis in the heart of the city. >> we're transporting you to morocco with some exotic food and refreshing drinks. cheer. >> and laila is getting a little twisted with the shabby


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