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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 13, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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♪ and no one hear a word they sa has the memory gon are you feeling numb ♪ ♪ not a word they say but a voiceless crow isn't backing down ♪ ♪ when the air turns re with their loaded hesitation can you say my name ♪ ♪ has the memory gone are you feeling numb have we all become invisible ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my thanks to kit harington, miranda cosgrove, duran duran and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania [ cheers and applause 1,500 shows down thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight everybody and thank
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you! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers," ethan hawke, star of "free guy," actress jodie comer, an all new "closer look, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. and this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? that's so good to hear let's get to the news. incoming new york governor, kathy hochul, appeared this morning on the "today" show, and so did cuomo the white house announced yesterday that the biden
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administration will send more than 800,000 doses of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine to caribbean countries. not on purpose ron desantis just keeps chucking 'em into the ocean officials in philadelphia announced a new mask mandate, yesterday, due to rising coronavirus cases, which is going to be tricky for any philly residents who have no discernible mouth and only one huge nostril [ light laughter ] amazon opened a new billion dollar air hub in kentucky, yesterday, that will serve as the central location for amazon air. coincidentally, amazon air is also what makes up most of their packages in a new interview -- a new interview, rudy giuliani said that disgraced new york governor, andrew cuomo, will, quote, "resurrect himself in some way." and i'd take rudy's word for it, because it looks like he was just resurrected rock band maroon 5, announced yesterday, that attendees of their upcoming ohio concert must show proof of vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test, because they need to make
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sure nothing bad happens to maroon 4 i mean they're not for everyone, but some people love maroon 3 and want to keep them safe there's just something special about maroon 2 "oh, my god! run, adam! today was national middle child day, but don't worry if you forgot everyone did [ light laughter ] astronauts aboard the international space station recently held their own version of the olympics, and it really spooked the dressage horse [ laughter ] and finally, as the u.s. continues to fight the outbreak of the delta variant, doctors are now raising the alarm over yet another strain of coronavirus spreading across the country, the lambda variant. so what exactly do we know about lambda, and will it be as dangerous as delta let's find out, now, in a segment called "getting to know the lambda variant." ♪ >> seth: was first identified in peru, in august of 2020. has officially been classified by the w.h.o. as a global
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variant of interest. is definitely a virus, and not that new john grisham novel your dad is reading originally rushed delta, but didn't get in. will be in provincetown on labor day weekend if you want to go in on an airbnb together. this was the sound the space dressage horse danced to [ laughter ] ♪ already visited brazil, colombia, ecuador, france, spain, chile, argentina, the uk and canada, and it's only halfway through its gap year says the johnson & johnson vaccine tickles. is considered a cousin to the alpha variant, so don't tell anyone they kissed that one time at a family reunion. just rsvp'd "yes" to 3,000 august weddings. already an early favorite for governor desantis' vp if he runs for president in 2024. just got cast in the next three seasons of "grey's anatomy." and finally, said it would f moderna, marry pfizer and kill unvaccinated people.
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♪ this has been "getting to know the lambda variant." we have got a great show for you, tonight [ light laughter ] he is one of my favorite actors and a great friend of this show. his new graphic model, "meadowlark: a coming-of-age crime story," is out now ethan hawke is going to be back with us. and you know her from her emmy-winning role in "killing eve," and her newfilm, "free guy," is out tomorrow. jodie comer will be here but, before we get to all that, well, a lot is going on in the world of trump adjacent weirdos. a judge has ruled that a series of major defamation lawsuits against three trump allies who lied about the election can move forward. a cyber expert admitted that my pillow ceo mike lindell has no proof for his election lies, and a damning new transcript from a separate case has emerged, in which rudy giuliani told federal agents it's okay to lie during a political campaign for more on this, it is time for ♪ >> seth: the lie that donald trump won the
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2020 election is the central animating belief of republican politics today that's why gop state legislatures in states like georgia and texas have been racing to pass voter suppression laws despite zero evidence of any widespread fraud in fact, according to vox, georgia republicans are already putting their new law to use i mean, damn, that was fast. the next election's 15 months away, and they're already trying to undermine it. i never think that far ahead about anything every single year i say to myself, "i'm going to get my wife something great for our anniversary," and then the next time i think about it, is when my wife says, "happy anniversary. and you know how they say, "it's the thought that counts? well, it turns out that's bull [ bleep ] because i assure you, i thought about it like, i can show you the reminder i wrote for myself in my notes app, although the notes app is a trap. you only open it to write stuff down you never open it to read anything it would be just as effective to write your reminders on a rock and then drop it in a pond go ahead, open your notes app right now. i guarantee all that's in there is the wi-fi password to some airbnb and a phone number you've never called besides, my best gifts are my impressions. why waste money on a physical present when i can just give my
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wife the joy and delight of a mike lindell "happy anniversary, honey. i thought you'd enjoy this impression more than some earrings from da bears where you going? i got more bears fun for you oh, god, no! oh, she's leaving me oh, no here comes the tears!" by the way, we focused a lot on voter suppression aspects of these laws, which are definitely bad. but even worse, these lays also give republicans the power to subvert election outcomes they don't like for example, in georgia, the most ominous provisions of this new law allow the state election boards, which is dominated by republicans, to seize control of county election boards those boards can disqualify voters, move polling precincts and potentially even refuse to certify an election count. well, thankfully, you know, there's no danger of that. i can't recall a time when republicans ever refused to certify an election count. what's that? in january well, i wasn't here. i was at impression camp, remember i came back, and you asked if i
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worked on my liam neeson, and i said, "no, only a very few people can do neeson, because it requires a 'very particular set of skills.'" misdirect. classic. anyway, remember how trump called the georgia secretary of state and tried to badger him into magically finding enough votes to change the outcome? well, basically republicans in georgia made it easier for him to succeed next time, by allowing republicans to take control of the county election board in, say, fulton. that where we're at right now. republicans saw a guy possibly commit a crime and decided to make it easier for him to pull it off it's like if there was a rash of car break-ins in your neighborhood and the town council responded by outlawing the club this is a true story sal wrote that joke, and mel, who makes the graphics, is so young, she didn't know what a club was she thought it was a nightclub, and the easy way for mel to remember moving forward is when sal says "the club," it's always the one you put on a car and not the one that sal is too old to get into [ light laughter ] "i'm the guy who writes 'a closer look!'" "just keep it moving, buddy.
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[ light laughter ] i'm gonna write a clo -- "a closer look" about this club [ light laughter ] and, yet, even as republican voters and lawmakers continue to codify the lie that the election was stolen from trump, the people who push that lie are facing major legal and financial consequences for it. on wednesday a judge ruled that a series of defamation lawsuits brought by the election technology company, dominion, against three trump adjacent crazy people can move forward. >> a federal judge will allow three major defamation lawsuits to go forward against some of former president trump's most loyal supporters, rudy giuliani, sidney powell and my pillow ceo, mike lindell, are all being sued for billions of dollars in damages by dominion voting systems, which is the company that they falsely accused of election fraud >> dominion, which makes voting machines used in the 2020 election, wants billions of dollars in damages the judge who issued the ruling was appointed by donald trump. >> seth: okay. so there are only two plausible explanations for what happened here either a federal judge appointed by donald trump ruled that unfounded claims of election
12:46 am
fraud made by three trump allies were not exempt from defamation laws, or hugo chavez teamed up with china and the cia to use italian military satellites to hack the judge's computer and alter his opinion, which was then printed out on paper smuggled in from china covered in bamboo fibers the only way we can know for sure, is if we take the judge's ruling to a cabin in montana, examine it under a powerful ultraviolet light, then bury it in the backyard, wait three days and see if it rains. man, i wish i could have seen rudy's face when he found out. and that's something, because i've wished to see rudy's face i mean, it could have been anything the man has a whole range of expressions. maybe it was this. or this. or this. or this. who knows? he's the man of a thousand faces, and i'm guessing when lindell found out, he was so shocked his mustache fell off. side note, why does lindell's facial hair look so cartoonishly fake he looks like a gambler who changed his look to hide from the mob. he wants to see everyone else's voter id, but there's a good chance if we saw his driver's license, it would look like this now, lindell's been at a
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so-called cyber symposium in south dakota, this week, continuing to spread the lie that the election was rigged, and he's been livestreaming the whole thing. so we got to see him react to this ruling in real-time, and as you may have guessed, he showed his trademark calm and restraint. >> oh, okay. this -- this i found out this is -- i do want to say this before they come out, okay, remember i told you that -- this is -- this is news to me i've read this for the first time this is really bad for our country, everybody they -- everybody needs to really listen up this is just new to me the federal judge just put in, this afternoon, dominion voting systems can move forward with defamation lawsuits against rudy giuliani, sidney powell, my pillow ceo, mike lindell >> are you just reading this for the first time >> i'm just -- can you believe that that is horrible, everybody. your first amendment rights to free speech just got blown out of the water
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it's over. you can get sued for everything now. nothing matters anymore. >> seth: watching someone get bad news, in real-time, at their own symposium, is my new kink. this is like if tony robbins lost it during one of his self-help seminars "you have to push out your negative feelings and take control of your emotions hold on, it's my assistant what do you mean they don't have blue cheese? what kind of self-respecting just salad runs out of blue cheese i will not call don pablo. my whole day is ruined now!" also, i like how lindell suddenly takes on the exhausted energy of a substitute teacher when he's trying to sell everyone how much deep [ bleep ] he's in. "hey, guys listen up, please. oh, come on, guys. if we don't do the lesson plan, we can't watch 'free willy' on laser disk hey, come -- what are you doing on the ca -- come on, guys, you can't type boobs, okay. don't tell me the calculator was hacked by hugo chavez. why? because you're going to get sued by texas instruments." the best part of that clip though, is how lindell involves everybody else in the room by telling them their free speech rights are blown out of the water.
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like, whatever happens to him is happening to america "guys, bad news, the doctor called, and it looks like america has super high cholesterol. no more lunch ribs for america." [ light laughter ] by the way, as the symposium has been happening, a cyber expert who has examined lindell's supposed evidence apparently admitted they can't actually prove any of his claims. it's all, both, very complicated and also extremely insane. but to boil it down for you, "the washington times" reported that the key data underpinning the theory that china hacked the 2020 election unveiled at the cyber symposium is illegitimate. the cyber expert said we were handed a turd. yes, but in fairness, that's what they use to fill my pillows. rock hard, calcified turds honestly, poor cyber experts you go to school to get a degree in computer science, spend your whole career mastering a highly specialized skill that would be actually very helpful in today's high-tech economy, and then a psycho pillow magnate hands you what, i'm guessing, is a garbage bag full of dry cleaning slips and cvs receipts and said, "i need you to switch who the president is."
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so trump's gang of weirdos has these big defamation lawsuits hanging over their heads, and i'm exactly -- i'm guessing it's not exactly going to help rudy giuliani that in 2018, according to a newly released transcript from an interview with federal agents, he basically admitted that he thinks it's okay to lie during a political campaign >> "the washington post" now reporting that ex-trump attorney, rudy giuliani, who took trump's election fraud claims to court and failed, told federal agents back in 2018 it was okay to throw a fake in the course of a campaign "the post" says that during that same interview, giuliani's then law partner, marc mukasey, added that during a campaign, quote, "you're under no obligation to tell the truth." >> seth: that's right. rudy told federal agents it was okay to, quote, "throw a fake during a political campaign. first of all, why did he use the term throw a fake? was he watching a boxing match in the back of a staten island butcher shop "i paid him $100 to throw a fake i told him to make one hit and then make this face.
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but the funniest -- can't believe we had another one but the funniest part about the admission from rudy though, is that it was seemingly totally unnecessary. his law partner at the time, a guy named marc mukasey, was trying to gently explain that sometimes people in general exaggerate in political campaigns. not rudy specifically, but rudy couldn't help but chime in and confess. mukasey, in the heat of a political campaign on television, "i'm not saying rudy, necessarily, but everybody embellishes everything." giuliani, "oh, you could throw a fake." mukasey, "you're under no obligation to tell the truth." giuliani, "you could throw a fake." what was the prep for that meeting like "just keep your mouth shut, rudy, and i'll do the talking. "got it. i might jump in a few times to say you can throw a fake." "don't do that." "i won't maybe just a couple of times." [ light laughter ] "don't do it at all. "i'll just do it twice, but i'll wait until they're recording." "rudy! "i promise i won't do it." "do you really promise?" "no, i'm throwing a fake." [ light laughter ] the republican party is busy trying to cement the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen by using it to justify new voter suppression laws that'll make it both harder to vote and easier to overturn results they don't like.
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meanwhile, the people who concocted that lie are facing major legal and financial consequences, because in the court system facts still matter, as opposed to republican politics where - >> nothing matters anymore >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪wk >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. ♪ we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network.
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♪ >> seth: we're so glad we've had fred armisen here all week i feel like we really didn't get to talk, though. i don't think he minds at all. our first guest tonight is an academy award and tony nominated actor, writer and director you know from films such as "training day," "boyhood" and "the magnificent seven." his graphic novel "meadowlark" is available now please welcome back to the show our good friend ethan hawke. hello, ethan, how are you? >> hey, seth how are you doing? welcome to budapest. >> seth: i mean i miss you i don't like when you are this far away on the other side of the atlantic ocean are you enjoying your time there so far >> i am, but i love new york and i love my family and i wish i was there. >> seth: you're there shooting "moon knight" with oscar isaac for disney plus.
12:57 am
and i will say, look, you're indie film royalty, you know that you might not want to admit it you have done some big films too, but i got to imagine this is sort of unlike anything you have done before being in the marvel universe. >> well, one of the first things that made it unlike anything i have ever done before is i had to sign like 10,000 ndas about what i would and would not say, which i have never done, and i don't respect and i don't honor. so i'm happy to talk to you about it completely. [ laughter ] no, yeah i will tell you this about it, i've been acting since i was 13. like i did my first movie in 1985, okay and that's a long time ago and these are the best sets i have ever been on in my life the costumes, the set, the production design, the cinematography, all of those elements are kind of mind boggling interesting. >> seth: i will say this, and i mean if there's an indie film character in the marvel
12:58 am
universe, i feel like "moon knight" might be that character. so i do kind of feel like this is a nice fit. >> well, i heard about it from oscar isaac who lives like, you know, three blocks down the street from me in brooklyn i was at a coffee shop and he came up to me and was like, "hey, i really liked the good lord bird. i was like, "cool, i really like your work, you're amazing. he was like, "hey, want to be in the 'moon knight' with me?" i was like, "yeah. [ laughter ] so it happened the right way, you know >> seth: yeah. born in brooklyn, shoots in budapest >> yeah. as in, you know, we are conjuring ancient gods and we're fighting for good and evil and it is very exciting. >> seth: i thought -- by the way, i should note with those glasses, your long hair and those candles, you are giving off a real david koresh vibe [ laughter ] >> i have based my character on david koresh >> seth: have you really >> yes so i mean i -- i guess it's working. i totally -- i wanted a camaro, you know i want to ride in a camaro
12:59 am
yeah, i can't believe you -- i mean you're good, seth you're good. >> seth: yeah. >> or maybe i'm not out of character yet. >> seth: i should say i was a huge fan of mr. koresh [ laughter ] >> you know, i don't know if we want to be on record saying that i will say that he is the basis of great character inspiration, however. >> seth: yes, i think that is very fair. hey, you talk about the fact -- i want to ask, because we've been talking about how some people now are starting to fake vaccine cards, right that's a very real thing you mentioned your first film when you were 15, and i know you weren't -- you didn't become world famous off your first film, but did ethan hawke ever have to have a fake id >> oh, definitely. well, see, the good news for me was that my first movie that i did was a complete failure and nobody ever heard of it or knew who i was. so i mean i don't know where you -- the fake id/fake vaccine card is very interesting but not only did i have a fake id, i had a backup because i looked really young. you know, i didn't have much
1:00 am
facial hair, anything like that. and i went to 42nd street and i got -- it said ethan hawke they said, where do you live and i said, i had to make up a new york address the only thing i could think of was monopoly, you know i said, you know, park avenue. and i know monopoly is not set in new york but it is what i thought of so i was ethan hawke who lived at 500 park place and -- and people bought it i mean when people want to make money off, you know, kids buying beer, they will generally -- if you got the fake id, it is your fault, not theirs, right >> seth: yes, if you put the work in, they're willing to look the other way. >> also, i had the backup which was a fake rutgers university card, which i happened to really like the photo of myself in. i thought i looked really cool and tough. [ laughter ] and it was largely there to impress girls. >> seth: but like how quickly after "dead poets" could you walk into pretty much any bar?
1:01 am
>> well, the trouble was that i was living in new york city after "dead poets," right. >> seth: yeah. >> i moved there and new york city, one of the sad realities of it is those delis don't really card very much >> seth: i see [ laughter ] >> and i was pretty low rent date, seth i wasn't going to bars, you know i wasn't going to studio 54 and stuff. i was, you know, buying a six-pack and taking it back and playing the guitar that was more my thing >> seth: well, you have your - you have your texas roots, and that is you kind of pulled on your texas roots to write this fantastic graphic novel, and greg ruth -- is it pronounced ruth or ruth >> greg ruth >> seth: ruth. >> he's the genius behind the whole operation. i'm kind of the star of the whole graphic novel. i helped write it. he's the director, he's the costume designer, he's the hair and makeup artist. he's you know, i mean -- it's his artistry that really makes it, and i'm so grateful to be on your show even talking about it,
1:02 am
seth, i really appreciate it i'm so proud of this book. >> seth: well, we are big fans of graphic novels here, and you're not lying when you say you're the star. because you're kind of -- i mean, he definitely drew it to be ethan hawke did he know your face enough or did you have to do some modelling work for the book? >> we're pretty good friends we did another graphic novel called "inde" first and after "inde" was over, we wanted to do something -- that was historical fiction. it was about the apache wars, the life of geronimo and that whole situation that happened down in the northwest -- i mean the southwest, sorry and so, this was -- it was born right after i had finished shooting "magnificent seven" and i had this big, long goatee in "mag seven" and when i chopped it off, i had a little kind of fu manchu mustache so to speak and greg, i sent greg some pictures he's like, "that's going to be your -- that's your look for the graphic novel," and he just worked it. >> seth: it is a really great, very exciting book
1:03 am
it takes place over one day, but it is really at its core a father/son story is this based on your relationships, greg's relationship, both of your relationships? >> well, we each had sons that were turning 16 when we first started. and we -- because we're friends, we talked about this strange thing that happens you have a young person, a young boy, and he's growing up and he looks up to you so much and he thinks you're dad, you know. and then this weird thing called adolescence happens and all of a sudden, they stand up and they're as tall as you are and they're looking at you in the eyes, and there's this profound feeling of disappointment coming from them, you know, that they really wish -- you mean this is who i got stuck with [ laughter ] you're my dad? like, couldn't you -- and they're there to call out everything fake you've ever thought, any way that your behavior is hypocritical, and you have this sense of just being such a disappointment.
1:04 am
you know, you can't lead them any farther than you have gone in your own development, and to greg and i, as we started talking about it, it felt kind of greek to us and we had this idea of what if we wrote a book that was a father/son story. but at its secret subconscious was kind of a greek myth and we set it -- we're both from texas so we're kind of hodgepodging our own childhood with our sons' childhood and our experiences as a father and trying to write great crime fiction, you know, like, to set a myth as if it was crime fiction. which is i think, you know, a lot of the best writing. jim thompson is one of my great crime writers, and so, i had just read a jim thompson book and i was like, "what if we could channel our inner jim thompson and make a really original graphic novel." so that was the thesis behind it >> seth: it was really fun congratulations to you both, and we'll be right back with more after this from ethan hawke. ♪
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♪ you mentioned your son we've talked about it in the past, you working with your daughter, who is also an actor you have two other kids. how do they -- do they respond well to your work? i know they, you know, their ages kind of run the gamut, but do they like watching you on screen >> you know, i don't know what other people's experiences are, but mine is that my kids really don't care about my professional life at all. they're not interested me, me being in a marvel movie to them simply ruins a marvel movie. >> seth: got it. >> they're very excited about all marvel movies except this one. i mean, you know, they're glad i might get a couple of free
1:10 am
t-shirts out of it, but that's as far as the fun meter goes >> seth: i mean you have a nice working relationship with your wife you guys, you know, you produce things together. does that matter at all? do they think that because mom and dad do something together that it makes show business worse or better, do you think? >> i think better. >> seth: yeah. >> i think there's a different kind of -- there's a certain kind of parenting you do by teaching them to play baseball, teaching them to drive, playing with them and all of that, and there's another kind of parenting you do via leadership and showing your kids that you care about each other and you care about each other's work and seeing mom working on something that she's incredibly passionate about. i mean how can you tell your kids to follow their dreams if you don't follow yours, right? it's hollow words. and i think seeing the love we have for each other and [ bleep ] you know my great passion in my life has been my work
1:11 am
you know, i love acting, and for me not to be able to share that with my wife is hard and her getting into producing, it's this whole new thing for me because it is the first time that there's -- it sounds a little corny, but there's love there. you know, when we did "the good lord bird" together or "blaze," some of the other things we have done, they're all rooted deeply in things that we as a family care about and things that we want to put forward. and so, the kids feel that they feel that we're not, you know, we're not just trying to make a buck. you know, we do obviously want to pay our bills and everything like that, but we also want to achieve whatever our little dreams are, you know and i think -- i think -- i don't know what they would say, but i hope that when they're grown, it will have some kind of impact to watch us working together, treating each other with respect, trying to help each other fulfill our dreams. i mean i know it sounds so corny when you say it out loud, but it works for us or at least it has
1:12 am
up until this minute maybe after this interview, it will go badly. >> seth: i see you talk about the importance of, you know, following your dreams and the fact that you've started this at a young age, and obviously, you had a passion for it were your parents supportive early on when you basically said to them, "this is the path i want to take"? >> well, nobody in my family had ever been in the arts, so it seemed a completely foreign idea that, you know, lots of kids say they want to be actors i think that my father was absolutely petrified that i would just be broke, i mean, or turn into some bohemian madman, which you did call me david koresh when it started, so i don't know, maybe my fathers dreams, i mean, his nightmares were justified they instilled in me that if i was going to do it, i had to take it incredibly seriously, and that was of value to me. or maybe their concern about it forced me into a situation of
1:13 am
trying to prove it was a worthwhile profession. the reasons why i act now are different than when i acted as a kid. when i was a kid, i do think it was about, you know, those crass things, wanting people to like you, wanting to be noticed, wanting to be different. and as you get older, you start to see what can be accomplished through the arts and you start to believe in it, and so, i think they're for it now, my father has always -- he was initially very worried for me, and since then, he has been wildly supportive, and my mother is just always negative, you know i mean that's just her you know, basically i have to -- she's the first one to tell me i'm not quite as good as i want to be. [ laughter ] >> seth: does she do this on sort of a project-by-project level? is it, you know, after she watches something like "good lord bird," she's like, "here are my thoughts on this? >> yeah, she watched "the good lord bird" and she was like, "you know, i really like john brown but i don't think
1:14 am
you're doing him justice." i mean i think you're missing an essential intelligence level that he definitely had have you read his letters? i'm like, "mom, i played the guy for, you know, for a year, i read his letters, like give me a break. and i can't make her happyisivi that's already done. like i just feel like you are almost there >> you know what my mother did to me the other day? sent me something really bad on the internet about me with the headline "please ignore this." [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, really good >> i mean like -- but, you know. >> seth: and your dad from the beginning, because i will say i think -- i don't want to like stereotype, but certainly my experience has been my dad is sort of the harder judge and my mom is the one who sort of hand holds the whole way. and again, it is a great team because i feel like you do want some of both, but your dad has
1:15 am
always been just there for it? >> they inverted no, in the beginning, my father was very skeptical i mean incredibly skeptical. i mean i think he said to me "what do you, you think you're clint eastwood?" i'm like, "dad, i don't have to be clint eastwood. it is like saying, like, "i want to play basketball, i want to be michael jordan." like i'm not saying i'm going to be clint eastwood, i'm just saying i want to do this with my life once he observed my passion and my enthusiasm, i just think he was worried i wasn't going to be able to pay my bills >> seth: where -- what was the first pay-my-bills job where they thought, "okay, enough of these have happened, he's going to be okay?" >> well, for my father, it wasn't until i was in a successful western i mean "magnificent seven," i was 44 before my dad was like, "all right, all right, you're in "mag seven," all right, that was a good movie i saw that, i think you're working. and my mother, strangely, they really were the invert when i was younger, she was
1:16 am
super supportive of the idea, you know >> seth: yeah. >> of going into the arts. she was this very -- you know when i first tried writing, she would be like, “you're no chekhov, you know, i mean it is okay, but just so you know, it is not as good as it could be.” i mean that's -- i think she thinks she is giving me drive and i don't know if that's accurate >> seth: well, i want to say this as your friend. i think you have both outpaced chekhov and clint eastwood >> whoo! and what about david koresh though, what about koresh? >> seth: i don't know, wait until i see "moon knight." >> okay, okay. okay, okay [ laughter ] i can handle it. >> seth: all right, come back soon, my friend. it is always great to see you. "meadowlark" is available now. we will be right back with jodie comer. ♪ ♪♪
1:17 am
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is an emmy award winning actress you know best from her work on the critically acclaimed series "killing eve." she stars in "free guy" which premieres in theaters on august 13th. let's take a look. ♪ such a sweet, sweet ♪ >> you know, people say it all the time guy can take [ bleep ] in the face, better than anybody i know i mean when you put it on there -- ♪ but it is just sweet, sweet ♪ ♪ bab when i close my eyes take me on a ♪ >> don't have a good day, have a great day. >> love that song. >> that's a new one. >> seth: please welcome back to the show jodie comer how are you, jodie >> hey, seth i'm good how are you? >> seth: i'm wonderful it's so nice to see you again. this is a really fun movie
1:23 am
very different from what we have come to see from you in "killing eve. what made you want to do this project? >> oh, my god. well, i think the first thing was the opportunity to work with sean levy and ryan reynolds, you know i knew that it was going to be a tremendous amount of fun, and to read the script, you know, it was a new kind of fresh concept. it had a lot of imagination, and i didn't know how they were going to execute it. so it was such a joy to be a part of. >> seth: and really just a face-altering wig, jodie i mean that's as unrecognizable as i could think that a wig would make you >> it deserves its own credit, sir. no, me and that wig, we have come a long way. i remember when we started filming, before we started filming we had costume and hair fittings and there was like five wigs in the running. four of them are great, one i wasn't so keen on, and i was just like, "you know what, guys? there's just no way. we shouldn't photograph this, we should just, you know, send the other four."
1:24 am
they were like, "no, no, we should photograph it and we should put it with the four because there's just no way they're going to pick this when they see the rest of them. so i was like, "okay then. then it was like two days later and they all kind of came to me in the makeup trailer and just gave me a look and i was like, "they chose the wig, didn't they?" they were like, "yeah. so, yeah, we've come a long way, we've come a long way. >> seth: yeah, jodie, you forgot the first rule of show business. never let them take a picture of you in the wig you don't like. >> seth, now i know. this is the last time. >> seth: did you ever use it for the purposes of anonymity? i mean you could walk around i feel like with that wig and get away with being jodie comer. >> i haven't, unfortunately. my friend -- actually, my friend who i spoke to last time, the bruce springsteen friend >> seth: yeah. >> she came in to boston to visit and she had it on in the trailer while she was there, so i've got a few novelty pictures of her
1:25 am
she looks about 45, which is brilliant. yeah >> seth: i think people would assume based on your work as an assassin in "killing eve" that would be the most stunts you would do in a project, but you actually had to do a fair amount of stunt work in this. maybe more intense >> yeah, i think so. like i think people tend to think "killing eve" is very stunt heavy, but it isn't. but no, on this, like, when i went to boston it was like three hours a day with the stunt department, and i was so eager to do as much as i possibly could. of course, i have an incredible stunt double called hailey wright. but, yes, i was desperate to be cool >> seth: but you -- did i hear correctly that you got kicked in the face, jodie? >> i did i did get kicked in the face there was a -- there was an accident in a stunt and i did get kicked in the face, and it was very sobering. and -- but i also do believe that everyone should get kicked in their face at least once in their life >> seth: well, you filmed in boston so you're not the first person
1:26 am
in boston, that's a form of affectionate greeting. >> yeah, it is like in glasgow, a headbutt is called a glasgow kiss >> seth: right that's called a fenway hello >> yeah. >> seth: i would imagine, being from liverpool, that would be a place that is very taken aback when people try to do a liverpool accent and get it wrong. boston, obviously, is very similar. did you -- would you even attempt to do a boston accent after spending time there? >> i've tried, and i failed miserably. >> seth: yeah. >> it is really, really hard to do, and i actually think bostonians are quite precious, like scouters are with the liverpool accent like if someone doesn't do it right, they really -- they really make sure that you know that you didn't do it right. so i found a fair amount of that >> seth: yeah. they're not a coy people >> they're not shy, no, no, no, but i love that. i love that. >> seth: famously opinionated
1:27 am
stock, the bostonians. and i want to ask as well, i know you are doing a fourth season now are you excited about what we're going to see with "killing eve"? >> yes, i am we're halfway through season four i obviously can't say much, but we've definitely got off to an exciting start i think now that because we know that it's the final season, they're definitely kind of pushing boundaries, especially with vinell where we kind of open up with her, is bonkers and kind of brilliant. so, yeah, i hope people enjoy when it finally hits the screen. >> seth: i mean is it -- you know, you mentioned it is the final season you know, this is -- was such a transformative part for you personally like have you been mourning the fact that you are saying goodbye to villanelle? >> not yet, because i can't let myself i have like two whole months left i had a little moment the other day where i seen the clapper board and i had this, kind of lump in my throat and i was
1:28 am
like, "gosh, i've got to hold that, two months to go." it is like a marathon, like you can't think -- if you are at the start line you can't think of the finish though i have never run a marathon >> seth: i think you've got it i think you got it and if you do ever run a marathon, we would like to request that you do it in that wig. >> for you, i will >> seth: thank you >> i will. >> seth: hey, it's always so lovely to see you, jodie congratulations on everything and hopefully next time we will see you in person. >> thanks so much, seth. >> seth: all right be well. "free guy" is this theaters this friday we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪ ♪ [truck horn blares]
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1:34 am
going to record this week's "corrections" where i address complaints from youtube commenters this is a special segment exclusively available on youtube friday mornings. it's nominated for an emmy award, and if that sounds crazy to you, then you aren't watching because the quality is evident we'll be right back. ♪ -great idea. [gasps] look at the little cutie. -he's coming for a visit. -hi. [chuckles] aww! oh! he's leaving! -nice work, guys!
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♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests ethan hawke and jodie comer. i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for lilly - >> hi, seth! >> seth: amber, you're back from the olympics and you'll have a new "amber ruffin show" on peacock tomorrow >> and a studio audience and emmy nomination. and i'd like you to call me miss


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